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How to Bring back the Hardcore Division...
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Default How to Bring back the Hardcore Division...

8:59 P.M. Star Trek goes off and the Raw Promo comes on.

9:00 p.m. Raw kicks off. The promos go off, J.R. and the King both welcome everyone to the (insert company name) Center, and promise a spectacular show.

9:02 P.M.-The fans are still in a buzz about the kick off of the show, but start to slow down.

9:04-The fans start to fidget under the dead air of the show. They all paid to come see a show full of Long HHH interviews and matches, but instead they are treated to nearly 5 minutes of nothing.

9:07 P.M.- The fans are damn close to a riot, demanding some action.

9:08-The lights turn off, the arena goes dark, the Titontron goes blank, and the tv screen is pure black with J.R. and The King questioning what is going on.

9:10-The Titontron lights up with a picture of a Raven. Then, a two single questions echo throughout the sound system...

"What about me? What about the Raven?"

...and the lights start flickering red and black techno lights as Raven walks down the ramp, wearing his cut off jean shorts, Heavy Metal supporting shirt, leather jacket, long non braided hair, and a scruff looking goat-tee. Raven walks around the ring, grabs the house mic, gets in the ring and speaks to the crowd:

(Crowd is constantly buzzing, wanting to know what is going on, but go silent as Raven raises the mic to his mouth)

"Hardcore is NOT a gimmick match. Hardcore is NOT meant for entertainment value. Hardcore is NOT for the weak of heart. Hardcore is NOT something to laugh about. HARDCORE IS A LIFESTYLE..."

(Audience buzzes with anticipation)

"...Once you enter into your first REAL hardcore match, the thrive of the individual soul becomes unbearable. The individual thinks hardcore when they wake, when they sleep he dreams hardcore, he eats hardcore, he shits hardcore, he makes love hardcore, EVERYTHING is hardcore.."

(Audience's buzz grows louder)

"...I have been hardcore all my life. I have been in some of the most brutal matches and feuds known to the sport of wrestling. I have been a part of WCW, ECW, WWF, i have been to Mexico, i have wrestled in Japan, i have wrestled in Canada, i have bleed, sweat, and shit hardcore all over this planet!..."

(Audience buzz still grows louder)

"...I came to WWE with the promise by Vince to shine. He told me i would make a great addition to the company, and that he would give me the hardcore division as my eternal playground. Well Vince must have a different definition of hardcore than I do, because all i seen from the WWE hardcore division is cookie sheets, and golf carts, and laugh value. Is that what hardcore means to you Vince? Entertainment?..."

(Audience at a near roar)

"...Well Vince, every time you put on a hardcore match and use a cookie sheet, or a deer head then you SPIT on every hardcore wrestler and hardcore fan that has every existed. NO ONE SPITS ON ME VINCE! NO ONE!!..."

(Audience roaring)

"..So Vince, i come to you and tell you about my frustrations over the direction of my livelihood known as the Hardcore Division, and what do you do? You banish me to Heat!"

(Audience boo's)

"...Well Vince, I may dress different, i may talk different, i may act different, i may have a different idea of what hardcore is, but I AM NOT A SIDESHOW FREAK! I will not be banished to the outcast of society. Instead Vince, i will have this..."

(Takes off his leather coat to reveal the ECW Heavyweight Championship)

"...This Vince, is the NEW Hardcore Title. And this Vince, is the beginning of your NEW hardcore division...

(Out walks all the outcast members of the WWE locker room including, but not limited to: Justin Credible, Tazz, Tommy Dreamer, D'Lo Brown, Rhyno...)

"...You see Vince, we are human being just like you are. We want the same things you want: a place to go to have the fun we want to have. Vince, Raw is this place, and the Hardcore Division is that fun..."

(Audience at a deafening Roar)

"...Vince, this division will not be a laughing matter. We will not have cookie sheets as weapons. None of that STUPID ASS 24/7 BULLSHIT will exist in this division, Vince. Instead Vince, We will put on the most brutal, bloodiest, violent matches known to the sport. We will break bones, perform career ending moves, and make you sick to your stomach, Vince. And Vince, We will all do it with a smile on our face, because HARDCORE is our LIFE, Vince..."

(Audience goes wild, with a Roar second to no other in the sport)

Raven Pauses for a few minutes and raises the mic to his hand

"....Quote the Raven: NEVERMORE!"
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Damn....I usually hate when people do these kind of threads.....But.... It was pretty good...Might have to go in Creative Writing though.....
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