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Put yourself in Vince's shoes.
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Default Put yourself in Vince's shoes.

Who would you fire? Who would you hire? Who would you push? Who would you revolve your company around? What changes to the product would you make? Personally, if I was running the show, I'd bring back the Hardcore and Intercontinental belts (NOT European), I'd fire Al Snow, Bradshaw, Chris Nowinski, Rikishi, Maven, Jackie Gayda, Linda Miles, and Raven. I'd bring back Austin, The Rock, and give Scott Hall one (just ONE) more chance. I'd start a brand new stable, instead of constantly rehashing old ones like the nWo, DX, Horsemen and Hart Foundation-Canadian heel rip-offs. I'd give Booker the title, and also give Edge and Kurt Angle fair runs with it. I'd de-push several people, like The Hurricane, and I'd instead push someone like Shelton Benjamin. I'd appoint Vince Russo and Shane McMahon as the head bookers, and I'd continue with the brand extension, giving each brand their own PPV. I'd do all that, and hopefully, the ratings would turn around.
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see......everyone has opinions....I personally would get rid of TE b/c I dont think it is any good...I thought so at first, but then it is like same ole shit....I would promote from the schools people PAY to go to and work their ASSES off for who WANT to be in seems like ppl on TE wanna BE on **TV** and thats it....I personally like Maven and given the experience he will get better and better...but these others....Im not so sure.

I think they should stop brining ppl in who are 40+ years old and making us THINK they were doing something...I loved Ultimate Warrior...IN HIS TIME ....not now & not next year...

I would get with the talent I had hired and work with them and make something of the compnay and take some of the BULLSHIT storylines out..I do like it when they are interesting OR even SEEM real....but come on when the wrestlers themselves say it sux.....HELLO?!?!?!

I wonder if we the fans were to BOYCOTT one night of each RAW and SD would anyone care or pay attention? I dont think so...It then becomes all sad to me...

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