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Spoiler!!blood Soaked Survivor Series Review
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Old 17 Nov 2002, 11:39 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Spoiler!!blood Soaked Survivor Series Review

to start off, the crowd seemed to be into the whole show, though not as majorly into the victoria/trish, noble/kidman matches. the whole setting of the night was to top each match. that turned to be successful. albeit, the matches were fast and the big show/lesnar match turned into a big mistake.

Match# 1: tag table action as 3 minute warning took on the dudleys and jeff hardy. every table shot was more brutal one after another. from the jeff swanton off the barricade, to jamal splash from the top rope to the table outside the ring. nothing got a bigger pop than D-Von in Dudley attire aiding bubba with a 3-D through a table. good match through and through.
Rating out of 5: 4

match# 2: noble and kidman would start one of the many title changes throughout the night. kidman and noble put out a decent match, with kidman finishing with the 7 year itch (shooting star press). new music for kidman as well (sounds like DMX).
decent match.
Rating: 3

match# 3: victoria and trish was good as it could get for a diva hardcore match. the battle ending with victoria shooting the fire extinguisher into the eyes if trish proved that this one was going to end here and there. so-so.
rating: 3

match# 4: lesnar vs big show. in many ways, i could sum this match, but the term "big dissapointment" comes into mind. it didn;t even last 5 minutes. with lesnar landing the f-five, heyman's double crossing caused lesnar to loose his undefeated streak, to a man who really didn't deserve the priviledge.
bad choice.
rating: 2

match# 5: triple threat elimination tag match involving mysterio and edge, angle and benoit, and los guerreros. a good non stop match that really impressed me. how do these 6 keep putting on must see matches week after week?? with the guerreros getting the victory and the titles, this proves that the WWE tag division is just going to get better, every week.

scott steiner debut: what a good way to bring steiner in. by taking out the 2 most annoying guys from both brands, nowinski and matt hardy: version 1.0. steiner looks great, and i hope he can bring some big action to the wwe. holla if you hear me.

match# 6: the elimination chamber was off the hook exciting. from rvd landing the five star off one of the chambers, kane putting jericho through a plexi-glass chamber, to the final showdown between HBK an HHH, this match never stopped the momentum for a minute. and the ultimate ending: HBK with the gold once more. match of the night.
rating: 5

the show was awesome, definitely the best PPV in a while.
rating: 4

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Well I agree with you on most points, except for the Big Show/Lesnar match.

Sure it was short, which in reality, I think was a good thing. Compared to the rest of the card, that match would have been the worst work-rate wise had it had gone any longer. Plus the fact that Brock has the injured ribs (which makes the fact that still hit the F5 &#@#$ unbelievable) they really didn't want to drag it out.

I also think that the Big Show really does deserve a run, even if it's only until Armageddon. He's been through a lot - give him the belt and see what he can do. The only down side is that Show looked really weak in there after being pushed as this unstoppable force for 3 weeks, only to get tossed around like a baby, but maybe that was intentional to make Brock look all that much better?

The Elimination Chamber was a great match too, but giving the title to HBK is almost a step back. I mean, lets face it, it would be good if Shawn gave someone like RVD or Booker T the rub and drop the title to them, but we all know that the only guy Shawn will be willing to job to is HHH, especially since HBK as already beaten two times in a row now.

Other than that, a great show - 4/5? You bet.
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Old 18 Nov 2002, 10:43 AM   #3 (permalink)
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Best show of the year hands down.
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Originally posted by sucka
Best show of the year hands down.
It was a solid PPV i'll admit that, But i think that Summer Slam was a beter PPV.

Things that could have been better.

Triple thread Tag team match- It was a damm good match, but i don't think it was up to the standard of the matches these teams have been putting on on Smackdown for the last 3 weeks. Eddie and Chavo winning was a suprise and it's good to see a couple of suprises now and again.

Brock V Show. I understand that Brock was injured, but i still think that it could have gone on for a little longer. Maybe a couple of failed attempts at an F-5, would have made the actual F-5 more special. Plus i would have liked to see Brock kick out of the pin only to get screwed again.

I would have liked to see the 5 minuted in the Chamber added to maybe 7-8 minutes. I would have liked to see HHH stalking HBK, waiting for HBK to come out would have been good. Maybe thirty seconds for the countdown rather than the usual 10 seconds.

Also it was kinda sad that everyone in the elimination chamber got to use their signature move, it seemed like a promotional/gimmick rather than an all out brawl.

Steiners debut was solid but could have been done better.
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