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WWE Weekly Thread April 20th - 26th
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Default WWE Weekly Thread April 20th - 26th

Well let's light the fire and kick the tires for another WWE Rundown, starting with RAW.

Recorded RAW so the Rundown starts a little late... as usual.

Jericho comes out with his classic routine of painting himself out as some do Gooding benevolent saint that is misunderstood by the fans. I don't think I could ever get sick of his misanthropic attitude. Maybe he could start limping around with a cane and start popping pain killers to complete the picture. But then something really stirring happened, Ricky Steamboat came out and Thanked Jericho because of his selfish drive to prove himself better than everyone a faded star was given a brief moment to shine once again and I'm actually rather grateful to have seen Steamboat come back and put on a wrestling clinic, flying off the top landing cross bodies and various other moves that some men half his age would never dare attempt. Then Cena comes out and ruins the moment by challenging Jericho to a match, my eyes immediately rolled into the back of my head thinking the match would be horrible and end up with Jericho being bitched out again.

However I'm glad we'll be seeing a Steamboat vs. Jericho match at Backlash; let's see if Steamboat can work a 20+ minute match for old times sake.

After that we're treated to this whole Santina Marella charade about kissing the Great Khali which they have gone to great lengths to drag it out over 4 ****ing weeks. But never the less Santino and his rehearsed video conversation with himself was fantastic. I wonder how the WWE will no doubt tastefully depict possible a homosexual kiss at a PPV.

Melina vs. Beth Phoenix - Women Championship Match:
Your basic divas match, slow paced with a few sloppily executed holds and the occasional decent looking move that gets sold rather stiffly. Then you got the Women unique offence that is the only real highlight of these matches, Beth beating Melina's foot over her head again is just ungodly that and that Torture Rack at the start of the match where Beth Wrapped Melina around her shoulder's like a Holla-hoop, still amazed with Melina's Flexibility. Then Melina wins from using a distraction of Rosa Mendez against Beth and hitting the Ace of Spades... I think she calls it the California Dream. On a side nite WTF is Rosa Mendez doing? Is she actually going to do anything now or just stand around and look dumb all the time until she eventually gets released?

Chavo vs Batista:
Chavo loses straight away with a Batista Bomb as the opening and finishing move of the match.... YAY I love it when they treat one of the few actually gifted Wrestlers as garbage. I pray for the day Chavo turns face and goes Solo taking on the old "Cheat to Win" moniker. Be better than being the Wheelchair pushing jobber... Poor Chavo

CM Punk vs. Kane:
Yeah, pretty much the kind of match you'd expect from Kane and CM Punk, both seasoned professionals not all that much to note besides the ****ed up ending. I heard they had to redo the ending... Well if that was the redo I don't want to know what the ****ed up one was because the redone one still looked like ass. Weirdest Small Package roll up I've ever seen...

Chris Jericho vs. John Cena
I didn't actually expect all that much from this match but to my surprise it was actually really damn good. PPV quality good, the crowd was into it, I was into and I'm pretty certain both guys were working hard to put on a great show. The Crowd was split, maybe favouring Jericho over Cena slightly because everyone is over the whole Super Cena crap but still they put on one really exciting match. Jericho flips out of the FU to hit a Codebreaker and Cena kicks out, (**** the Attitude Adjuster, stupid name) then Cena on the Counter attack goes and hits the FU but Jericho kicks out, Jericho counters the flying Fameasser into a Wall of Jericho, Cena rolls through and slaps on the STF and Jericho locked in I expect to tap immediately but he wormed his way out and hit an enziguri. Then as both men were on the top rope fighting for a Superplex Edge comes out and ruins the ending... I was actually rather upset because the calibre of the match deserved to have a result and ****ing Edge comes out to attack Cena the week before Backlash.

However the assault was needed to make it look like Edge was a chance of winning and he delivered a classic psycho Edge-esque promo as he counted Cena out after a Conchairto. Fantastic match never the less with a decent promo afterwards from Edge, just upset it had to come at the cost of the end of such an epic match.

Big Show vs. Rey Mysterio
Well Big Show knocked Rey the **** out, Held him in his arms from blocking a 619 and punched him, its difficult to describe but Mysterio sold it like death, maybe they're using this as a way to give Mysterio some time off, either way Show did stand by Mysterio after the match assess the damage, not sure whether that was for concern for Mysterio's well being or part of his "I don't give a ****" attitude. Either way Big Show is on a ****ing rampage lately, I don't remember Show being this dominant in the past, sure he's always been the Giant but never this Dominant that he KOs mother****ers and they aren't seen or heard of from weeks after the match.

Orton vs. Triple H No DQ
Was an alright match, started off at a furious pace then kind of evened out as they kind of went from spot to spot at a steady pace afterwards. Was really hoping to see that Elevated DDT onto the Stairs but hey there is always Backlash. Match ended in a cluster**** and Orton took advantage as expected to hit the RKO for the win, all in all the result of the match made sense going into Backlash... If Triple H does loses the Title at Backlash I'd have good money on Shane for being the reason he loses.

A pretty good RAW to start the week
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Default Re: WWE Weekly Thread April 20th - 26th

Yeah most of what you touched on I agree with Dante. I'll add a few points of my own though to keep this thing alive.

1) Orton won't DDT anyone on the steps at Backlash cos that would be a DQ. The tag match at Backlash is going to be a travesty. Orton should win it and if they do that then you have to wonder why he didn't just win in the singles match at WM. They had a similar thing at the last WM as well if i recall with Orton maintaining when Trips should have won and then Orton dropping at Backlash. Stupid. Again they are going in this direction. Bad WM main event title match booking 2 years in a row now.

2) The Orton vs Trips match this week was better than their WM match with the no DQ stip. It so should have been that match at WM with ref bumps and better thought out run ins. But what can you do, at least we got to see some on the animosity that should have been unleashed at Mania.

3) Santino was on fire tonight. Laughed pretty hard with his video stuff. But he has no place at a PPV in a proper segment.

4) The Draft does not take place till after Backlash now? ****ing ridiculous.

5) Edge is a god. That counting to ten on the mike was great, the way he delivered it was psychotic. Shame it ruined a great match between Jericho and Cena though.

6) I want Punk as champion and I want it soon and I want him to get given a decent reign. I always like his in ring work and I don't think he's that bad on the mike either. I thought aside from the botched ending the Kane vs Punk match was quite a good little match.

7) If Shane heel turns in order to cost Trips the title I'm going to scream. I don't want to see that and I think it will lead to an even more stretched out feud between Trips and Orton and I am over it. If Orton is going to end up winning he should just take the title at Backlash and have a rematch on RAW in a cage match that Orton wins and that should be that.

Props to Sly as Hell for the banner.

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