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ECW 13/5
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Default ECW 13/5

A pretty average episode of ECW this week...

We kicked off in a pretty sub par match with Miz and CM Punk. I don't even know why the fuck the guys has the Money in the Bank briefcase still. CM lost again and he lost Clean to the fucking Miz. Sure I'm okay with the Miz, but seriously are the WWE trying to continue de-value CM Punk in front of everyone? He is one of the WWE's most market friendly talents and now he's relegated to being a Jobber. It makes no fucking sense. Miz won with the Reality Check (minus the running knee) so in essence it was a Reverse RKO... Which was totally fucking rad

Then they had Diva 6 woman tag match and well it sucked, they've really been working on improving the quality of Women's division matches lately and well this match felt like a step or 12 in the wrong direction. It was short, it lacked any match structure or development and the ending plain sucked, pathetic to say the least.

Now Colin Delany is "Officially" part of the ECW roster his new role on the Brand is the Whipping Boy, a completely different gimmick and entails him with more respect... Not. Colin got his ass kicked by Mike Knox and then Armando estrada announced he's part of the Roster now, which is pretty cool because the dude is super fucking ripped. Armando used a Reverse Suplex DDT as his finisher.

Uhhhhhh well I'm sure something fucking happened in-between this and the Main Event but I can't fucking remember so whatever...

Morrison vs. Kane, This match was well to put it simply... Boring. Very fucking Boring. Morrison's main offense was a bunch of Roundhouse kicks to different parts of Kane's body and Leg locks while Kane basically punched him a lot and picked him up and slammed him a few times until Miz distracted Kane and Morrison hit him with the Tag Team Belt and then did his Springboard Roundhouse... I suppose Kane isn't agile enough to sell Morrison's Moonlight Drive Finisher...

Whatever... Average Show

However Mike Adamle has improve ever so slightly, The fucker still sucks loads but not as much as he did on the first day. He may be improving but he still has a long way to be even half way decent...
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