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The Rules of the WWE Forum.....please read before posting.
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Oh, you didn't know?
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Default The Rules of the WWE Forum.....please read before posting.

***WWE FORUM RULES *** Read Before Posting


Originally Posted By Stick
A WWE Forum RULE that needs to be reviewed AGAIN....


For the love of god, when you make a ***SPOILER*** thread, don't give away any spoilers in the THREAD TITLE.

If it's a spoiler for a match coming up for a certain show, just say ***SPOILER*** News For ______ ***SPOILER***

If it gives away a storyline, just say ***SPOILER*** News on so and so ***SPOILER***

PLEASE, I beg of you people, to NOT GIVE AWAY ANYTHING IN THE THREAD TITLES OF SPOILER THREADS. I choose not to read spoiler threads for a reason and when the title gives away what is in the thread, I get MAD.

Thank you for your cooperation. It will be greatly appreciated to NOT see threads that spoil things for me.

Originally Posted By Exodus
Special Note 1: Spoilers

Mark all spoiler threads with "spoiler" or "Possible Spoiler" and be carefull about spoiler thread titles. It's very frustrating when you come in the room and see a thread called, "Y2J beats HHH for title!" and you haven't even seen it yet. If it's in a thread, then warn ppl with a "spoilers ahead" or something so ppl don't accidentally read them and ruin the show.

Special Note 2: News

Please mark all news posts with "news" in the title. This is to let ppl know that what they're reading is from some other source and that it may contain rumors, backstage bs or whatever else and that it's not a not a debate topic or an opinion.
Originally Posted By Dre
Hey this is pretty much a point that I think some people either have forgotten about or never knew.

Spoilers are somthing that is a privilege to people who are on the internet. They are nice to have if you like to get the first scoop on things. However though some of you might read the spoilers for different events and upcoming storylines, others of us do not read them. Some of us do like to be surprised and don't want to know what is gonna happen days and sometimes weeks before the event actually happens. It is annouying and takes the fun out of watching the program if things are constintly ruin.

That being said, I ask that if you are a person that reads spoilers, please keep that to yourself, not only is it not fair to the ones like myself who try at least to be surprised, but it doesn't help you out either as far as others may view your regard.

Please try and remember that there are some things everyone doesn't know....


Originally Posted by Slash
I Don't Want To Seem Like I'm Steppin' On Anyone's Toes, But These Are The Guidelines You As WWE Posters Should Follow. I Wanted It All In One Thread For Everyone To Plainly See.....

updated 8/17

all spoilers and news, as you should know, needs to be posted in the Spoilers and News Forum from now on.....if you have news and wish to discuss it further, make a topic thread.....however, if you post news or spoilers here in WWE forums, it will be moved.....
Originally Posted by STICK View Post

Maybe someone swapped your keyboard with Toof's. His always seemed broken too.
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