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WWE Smackdown! *Spoilers* (4/13/04) - Indianapolis, Indiana
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Default WWE Smackdown! *Spoilers* (4/13/04) - Indianapolis, Indiana

Report from:

Michael Cole and Tazz came out to ringside. Chimel called Cole “The
Voice of WWE!”

The WWE video opening aired followed by highlights from last week’s
“SmackDown” regarding Eddie Guerrero, Justin Bradshaw Layfield, Kurt
Angle, and the Great American Award. The SmackDown video opening aired
followed by fireworks. The Tale of the Tape for Booker T V/S Rob Van
Dam was displayed on the TitanTron.

Eddie Guerrero came out for an interview. During the interview, an
anti-Eddie/pro-JBL video was played. Kurt Angle then came out to the
stage and said if Eddie wanted JBL then that’s what he’ll get tonight.
JBL came out via Limo and stated he was sleepy, he hadn’t been to the
spa all week and needed some time off. He told Angle (off microphone)
an idea. Angle then announced at Judgment Day it would be Eddie
Guerrero defending the WWE Heavyweight Championship against Justin
Bradshaw Layfield and tonight it would be Guerrero versus The Big Show.
Guerrero looked worried as a graphic appeared on the TitanTron
advertising a Champion v/s Champion match up next between WWE US
Champion, John Cena and WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Chavo Guerrero.


A preview of an upcoming “Star Trek: Enterprise” was aired.

Kurt Angle and Justin Bradshaw Layfield were backstage talking when The
Big Show came into the room. He asked if his match would be for the
title. After stammering around for a few seconds, Angle said no that
since JBL was awarded the Great American Award, he gets the next title
match. Show said he knew what was going on and tonight he would quit if
he couldn’t defeat Guerrero.

John Cena came out to the ring and gave a usual pre-match promo. Chavo
Guerrero’s music interrupted Cena and the match quickly got on their
way. In the end it was Cena who won the match. Neither championship
was on the line.

A preview of the Chris Jericho versus Christian and Trish Stratus match
at WWE Backlash was shown.


A package was shown, showing highlights from Rob Van Dam and Booker T’s
first day in SmackDown. The purpose of the package was showing how RVD
was happy to be there and Booker wasn’t.


A segment aired with Rene Dupree at a table with French music playing
and him drinking wine with a beautiful individual. The individual
turned out to be Fifi. Most of what Dupree said was in French so I have
no idea what he said. But he did mention he would interview Torrie
Wilson next week on SmackDown. I’m assuming it’s a new interview
segment for the show with Rene as the host. Rene assured Fifi that she
was prettier than Torrie.

A clip from “SmackDown” last year aired that showed The Big Show
attacking Eddie Guerrero and slamming him onto the truck he rode to the
ring. This was a few days before their match at No Mercy.

Charlie Haas was warming up backstage when Jamie Noble came over to
him. Noble said nothing Haas could do would be able to prepare him for
a match with Rico. Haas explained that he’s agile, quick, and a great
athlete, blah, blah, blah. Noble asked how all of that would help him
when Rico rubs his chest. Noble said to be sure Rico doesn’t get him
from behind. Charlie excused himself as he had a WRESTLING match to
attend to. On his way out, he bumped into Nunzio who said “Excuse me
piezon (correct spelling?)” and then slapped him on his butt which
startled Charlie. A graphic appeared advertising the match between Rico
and Charlie Haas.


I’m not sure if this will make it to TV as it was a very long segment.
Haas makes his way to the ring and just jumps up and down for about two
or three minutes. Finally, Rico comes out along with Miss Jackie. WWE
created a very small runway for the two to walk on before getting to the
ring. Once the match started, it was obvious Rico was in Charlie’s head
as he rubbed Charlie’s chest, grabbed his butt, pulled his tights below
his butt, and rode him on all four. After Rico kissed Charlie, Haas ran
outside of the ring, into the crowd and then ended up being counted out.

Backstage Justin Bradshaw Layfield was telling Big Show he appreciated
Show teaching Guerrero a lesson tonight. Show stated he wasn’t doing
this for Angle, for Layfield but for himself. Layfield said when he’s
victorious he’ll buy him a pizza or anything he wanted. He then
reminded Show he gave his word that if he loses, he’ll quit.

The upcoming SmackDown live event dates were announced.


In one of the more stranger moments of the night, a promo was aired
regarding a man named Mordecai. He wears a white robe, all of his hair
is white, and he says he is working for the father. His logo is a
variation of the Christian cross. I really have no idea who the
wrestler is.

In a match made earlier in the night, Eddie Guerrero pinned The Big
Show. Show controlled most of the evening and after he lost the match
he came very close to crying. Guerrero managed to get the whole crowd
to chant “Naa Naa Naa, Hey Hey Hey…Good-bye!” Show was shown saying
“Why are you all laughing at me?”

More footage regarding Rob Van Dam and Booker T’s short history in
SmackDown was shown. This time it was RVD wrestling Charlie Haas and
pinning him in their first match and then the altercation between Booker
and Guerrero in the locker room.

A preview for the WWE Intercontinental Championship Match between Randy
Orton and Mick Foley at Backlash was shown.


A replay from the Eddie Guerrero versus The Big Show match and after the
match incident was shown.
WWE cameras showed the Big Show walking backstage, almost in a trance.
He then heard Torrie Wilson at the make-up area laughing with Jane The
Make-Up Lady. The two were laughing and Show thought they were laughing
at him. Torrie assured him they weren’t. Show then left and Torrie
said since she didn’t have a match, she was going to go to her hotel.

Teddy Long was in the ring for an interview where he brought out Mark
Jindrak, who is now using Lex Luger’s old “Narcissist” theme song.
There was a mirror in the ring so Jindrak could stare at his sculptured
body. Spike Dudley then came out to the ring for a match due to the
incident from last week with Spike and Teddy. Those incidents were
shown on the TitanTron. Jindrak controlled most of the match and then
ended it with a pinfall.

One more look at Rob Van Dam and Booker T’s history in SmackDown was
shown. Sadly, I don’t remember what was shown. The Tale of the Tape
for their upcoming match was shown one more time.

A preview for the new show “The WWE Experience” was advertised. The
show debuts on May 2, 2004 on Spike TV. No time was announced.


WWE cameras showed a live shot outside of the Conseco Fieldhouse which
was then followed by the new weekly “RAW Rebound” segment. When the
cameras returned to SmackDown, Torrie Wilson was at her car preparing to
leave when Big Show came out to confront her. During this segment he
smashes the driver’s window with his fists, the driver’s backseat window
with his boot, the back window with his fists, and then lifts the car
over and turns it onto it’s top by himself. Torrie screams several
times during this segment, then in “horror movie” fashion runs away from
the monster, trips and falls, gets back up and runs away.


A preview for the World Heavyweight Championship Triple-Threat Match
between Chris Benoit, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels at Backlash was shown.

A replay of the Torrie Wilson and Big Show incident before the break was

Booker T came out to the ringside for his match with Rob Van Dam. The
match was a brawl with both men getting several two counts. For awhile,
the two fought on the outside. Booker tried to hit both of his moves
(The Bookend and The Scissors Kick) but failed. RVD tried for the frog
splash and failed. Later in the match, Booker managed to get RVD tied
into the ropes, ala Andre The Giant, and repeatedly punching him in his
face/head/nose area. The referee counted him several times and kept
pushing him back but Booker wouldn’t let up. This lead to Booker being
disqualified which then lead to a HUGE boo from the audience.

Kurt Angle was shown walking backstage when a TV assistant ran up to him
saying that Show had Torrie cornered. Angle told the guy to take him to
them. Show and Torrie were somewhere in the Fieldhouse where there was
a second floor with a huge drop to the first floor. Show kept saying
“You think I’m funny now Torrie?” and told her if she didn’t laugh at
him then he would make her scream. Angle showed up and told Show not to
do it that it would be Angle’s ass if Torrie was hurt. Show stated he
didn’t care so Angle said he would get up to where they were. Show
pushed Torrie to her butt as Angle gets up to location. Show then
chokeslams Angle off of the platform. Torrie began to scream very
loudly. Angle looked completely lifeless with one leg under his body.
The cameras showed Angle from several angles and there were no padding,
no tables, nothing under Angle. Blood began to pour from behind Angle’s
head as the cameras faded to black.

After the cameras faded, Booker’s music began again and he walked back
out to ringside. He stated that he wanted to thank his fans for coming
out to watch him tonight and that he had just been informed he was the
new General Manager. He said that he would be fair and to show it, if
there was anyone who had a beef with him, come out now so they could
settle things. This started an Undertaker chant but it was John Cena’s
music that began. Cena reminded everyone that Booker didn’t like
SmackDown, which meant he didn’t like the fans. He reminded that Booker
admittedly said he didn’t want to be on SmackDown which meant he didn’t
want to be with the fans. He did say that with him, you don’t go home
empty handed so he could be the GM of his nuts and threw a bag of nuts
into the ring. He ran into the ring as a fight between Booker and Cena
began. When Booker had the advantage, Eddie Guerrero came out and
helped Cena. Cena then F-Ued Booker and Guerrero stuck the bag of nuts
in Booker’s hand. Cena’s and Guerrero’s theme songs began at different
times and they walked around the ring and shook hands to end the evening.

All in all it was a great night and I can’t wait to see how this comes
across on the television as the crowd was hot all night long.
When you say "The World Title" which one are you talking about???

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