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My two cents.
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Default My two cents.

Hi, it's been awhile since i've make a post, so, here's my two cents of the last month.

First of all, I want to talk about Wrestlemania XX. WWE pushed this show reall hard since a year and, unfortunatelty, what resulted was a crappy show, in my opinion. Apart 4 matches(Cruiserweight Contest, Christian vs. Jericho, Triple Threat, Eddie vs. Angle), this Wrestlemania edition is one of the more boring show I ever saw by WWE. There's been a lot of technical errors, wrestlers didn't seemed to be into it...It dissapointed me a lot. Taker's retrun have been failed, Goldberg vs. Brock was not even pro wrestling...Nah, sorry, i hated it.

Two weeks later, a ''roster lottery'' took place. I've been really happy to see that Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin were seperated to give those two very big talents to grow in single matches. By the way, Shelton Benjamin vs. Triple H was really good and technical, i loved it. Plus, thank god, WWE finally made Rene Dupree a solo wrestler of himself. This guy is gold, no doubt about that. I hope he get the US Championship soon, but getting it too soon could be fatal. Remember when D'Lo Brown arrived in WWE and got the European Championship around his waist as soon he put his foot in a ring. WWE lost a big talent after this(For those who hates D'Lo, look at what he do in NWA-TNA, you'll learn to like him). If i could do a suggestion to WWE, they could make some major feuds with Dupree for rising him slowly but surely. A feud with RVD could be really good for him AND for Van Dam. BUT! This lottery pick created something I hoped it never happen...a Bradshaw(John Layfield) push. My god, what this guy have ever done except playing cards and getting their ass kick(APA) by DX? WWE just proved me Bradshaw is under the boss wing and it blocks young talent's spot, Jamie Noble. I just can't believe they make Bradshaw grow before Rey Mysterio or John Cena.

Now, about Backlash...Am I dreaming or is it an impression of ''deja vu''? The same main-event, Jericho and Christian are facing each others(OH my god, Trish is with Christian! AAA!...Crap)...On his side, Edge faces Kane, which I tought it was a good return, but it looks like the fans are not really into it. In my opinion, they should make Edge's return bigger and a heel turn could be really good. A good technical match between Edge and Benoit?...Damn, could be great.

Oh, a gret thing, altough(and i know some peoples are going to hate it, but...): RHYNO GET A PUSH! YEAH!

But the same questions remains: Where is Matt Hardy?
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Well, I'm inclined to agree with you on Wrestlemania. In fact I would say there were only three good matches. The Cruiserweight match was way to short to represent any type of crediable division. You have 9 of your best and they are getting pinned in under 2 minutes, which to me shot all credibility built up over the last 2 months out the window. Leaving only Eddy/Kurt, Christian/Jericho and The tripple threat match that we willl once again see in a few weeks. To me WWE did a great job promoting Wrestlemania. They were able to get over 800,000 plus buys for the event and since it was overprice to hell, they made a nice bundle at the same time. However as recent events would show you it wasn't exactly anything memerable about the show besides giving Benoit the title. Though I don't see him as real, but more as a surrogate champion being he isn't a factor on the show whats so ever.......

As far as the lottery goes, I truly think it was a disappointment and a bad representation of a 'new' start or 'ground shaken' as Vince had said. When it comes down to it, the draft itself wasn't even needed. No major players from either show were traded, but mainly mid-carders and some lower level guys who no one cares about. Shelton and Booker to me will be the ones who benefit the most from this trade. Booker being put back into a Mainevent picture for some part, and Shelton for getting over on HHH. However I think it is too soon to disassemble the best Tag Team in the WWE, in a time when the Tag Team division is in a very poor state to push Shelton. I have said it from the beginning and I will stand by it. Shelton showed this past Monday that he isn't exactly great on the mic for Raw either at this point, and like I keep saying I don't really see what the rush is as far as him being pushed into singles so soon. Personally I would have enjoyed watching WGTT for another 2 years as a team. The division needs a team that has such great chemistry in there. And as long as I am on the WGTT, I really think that Charlie Haas is on his way out of the spotlight for the most part. Truly I think he got the shit end of the deal here, and though I think Shelton is better I think Charlie is a pretty good talent. Without his brother he showed that he was still able to work well in the ring with others. I don't think at this time he is gonna go any further then the occasional win and a nice little demotion to Velocity.......Agian I say; I don't know why the WWE seperated a nice working formula in La Resistance. I wouldn't have mind seeing all three of them shifted over to SD, that way Dupree could still be able to do what he is doing but be in a stable atmoshpere. Being 20 I really don't see the rush in pushing him either, like I always said he is gold, and just when something was working well they dismantled it. Now Dupree will be a lone wolf, when he could have fed off of his partners for another year or 2.

Maybe the transistion to SD will help Van Dam re-discover his wrestling ability, he already had his best match of 2004 with Charlie Haas, so maybe the spots will become a little more unpredictable, and his wrestling entertaining to me again. It will take a while for me to actually think RVD is good for anything besides spot wrestling.

As for Bradshaw, I think it is great. I think he is the best hell on SD outside of Chavo, I think his mic skills are better then 75% of the SD roster, I think his wrestling is up to par, and I like the gimmick. His heat is insane and he got it all in 3 weeks, better then any other wrestler in the company. I love Bradshaw pretty much.

As for Backlash, it looks like the worse PPV to date. There is nothing about this ppv that makes me want to buy it. With the exception of the freaky forshadow Heavyweight title match, nothing else looks to be slightly impressive. I really don't see how Edge and Kane is worth a dime, nor do I think some semi intergender match with Jericho v. Christain and Trish is worth anything either. What they are doing from the looks of it is replaying Wrestlemania match's over again. So it will be interesting to see the turnout for this sub-par ppv will be.

Some people are sayin the WWE has turned a corner, I havn't seen it yet.....

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Okay My Turn, Oh I can hear you all Cheering and lapping it all up in excitment...

Wrestlemania XX, Well it was a Wrestlemania, It was surposed to be a big show, but of course Wrestlemanias always have something big so we can remember THAT wrestlemania, But Nothing, nothing of major interest happen, no real major heel turn (Trish doesn't really qualify) but other then that they just served up 80% shit! Eddie and Angle was a great Match because of course it is what we all expected to see, technical / submission work, Triple Threat, Although HBK was thrown in to cover Hunter's inexperience with Beniot they made it work, Jericho vs Christian, Meh it was Okay, would've done better without Trish. But Surprisingly Vince made a amazing profit from the show, hopefully he doesn't serve up this high priced shit every year.

Oh Now the Lottery Draft, Now if you cap off a Major PPV disappointment you a semi relivant switch so it may seem like something big happened. Tajiri got screwed, he's Fueding With Coach, sad. Shelton, we;l he's getting pushed but leaving his Buddy in the Dust to rot away on Velocity in future years. Nidia, Who gives a fuck? Edge, Why is he such a big star now, I hope Kane destroys him and sends him down to the minor leagues. Rhyno, well atleast he doesn't have to Job to Cena week after week anymore. RVD to SmackDown! a new begining where he will make every Mid Card job to him and never move up in the Rankings. The Dudleys, Seriously their all old news, I'd love to See Spike hold a Belt, Just for once, maybe just for a week.Booker T, Well he's briefly just entered the Main Status on SmackDown but will he stay there? I say no. Dupree, He's next to Job to Cena .Jindrak, Well Welcome to SmackDown!, First week you'll work on Velocity newbie.

Bradshaw, Well atleast he isn't in the Tag Division anymore and sure as hell I wouldn't like to see a Match against the Upper Mid Carders Cena and Bradshaw (Shudder). Better he stay in the Spotlight, but he better not get that freaking title anytime soon, or ever.

Backlash, Well you could get those Matches from Wrestlemania and pass it off as the PPV, Nothing but old news, No one cares and I dout Vince will be surprised if this Half ass PPV gets no buys.
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