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smackdown/velocity spoiler
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Default smackdown/velocity spoiler

Thanks to Tom Guzik for the following:

I just got back from Smackdown, sounds like a vast improvement. The evening starts on time at 7:30 pm with 2 Dark Matches...WWE looks like they have been stepping up on production, no slow spots or dragging time between segments...taping took 3 hours total...these may or may not be in proper order but everything has been covered...The building was 85% full with about 7,000 in attendance...The crew at the show was moving people to the camera side to fill up shots...They aired 2 Wrestlemania XX "Desire" promos to fill time between segments...kept up a good pace all night long...the crowd also got to watch the part of the elimination match from Survivor Series, when Benoit made Brock tap out...WWE Prompting crowds, cool!...Vince using mind control?

Navajo Warrior over Some Jobber...Native American/Chief Jay Strongbow gimmick over generic guy in about 4 minutes...Slow Opener with the Boise crowd pretty much cheering for everything.

A real little Local Guy, 5' 6", 175 lbs. Vs. Another Dude...Dark Matches suck!...Local Guy gets the roll up with another 3 or 4 minute match.

Velocity may or may not start with Another Jobber Guy Vs. Sean O'Haire...No intro for the jobber guy...O'Haire throws this little guy around for about 3 minutes before killing the guy and picking up the win.

Nunzio Vs. Funaki is next...Good crowd reaction for Funaki and good back and forth action between these two...after 2 or 3 false finishes, Funaki rolls up Nunzio for the win in about 7 minutes.

Next Out was Orlando Jordan Vs. Kanyon...Jordan gets the pop for going to Boise State...Jordan looks good and uses Kanyon for what he's been worth lately, staring at the lights as Jordan gets the win in front of his former college crowd...After match Jordan gets the mic and thanks everybody for their support.

Main event for Velocity is FBI (Palumbo/Stamboli) Vs. Spanky and Paul London...Match was pretty much heat segment on London until the hot tag to Spanky...Good and Fast action that saw the bell ring by accident on a false finish...FBI takes the match after Spanky takes the knee from the top rope/back breaker combo.

Smackdown beings with Paul Heyman in the ring, talking about giving opportunities to people when he calls out the entire locker room...everyone except Brock comes out as Paul props up his plans for this evening...He announces that a 20 man battle royal will go down tonight with the winner getting a title shot at Brock, Tonight! Paul then calls out Brock...Brock says nobody can beat him and he suggests to Paul what to do for him...Paul and Brock sidebar while the crowd starts in with "You Tapped Out" and Brock then says he's not afraid to challenge anybody, points out Big Show and not being scared of him...Brock and Heyman sidebar again, Brock suggests to make in tougher on Cena and Benoit by having qualifying matches to get in to the Battle Royal later this evening...Benoit gets Matt Morgan and Cena gets A-Train...Benoit's match is next...about a 15-18 minutes segment to lead off the program.

Benoit stays in the ring as Morgan comes out and hits the ring during his intro, Benoit cuts him off and they brawl for a while...Benoit takes a good pounding...Morgan is physically impressive but his ring skills need work...Benoit wins in about 5 minutes to qualify.

Cut to backstage where Shannon Moore is with Paul Heyman again, Paul telling Shannon he's got "Big" plans for him and his match is next against Nathan Jones.

After break Shannon is in the ring, ribs taped up...Jones intro then 4 minutes of Jones throwing Moore around like a sack of potatoes...(YES, FOLKS THIS IS IDAHO!) Jones throws him over the top rope on to the floor like 3 times...A couple of really big arm drags on Shannon and he gets pinned...Jones "works" for 4 minutes and no wrestling moves...Nice!

Next up on the video screens we see Jamie Noble and Nidia talking, Jamie not wanting Nidia to come out to ringside, Nidia, in her blind state, says she'll be OK cause she's going to sit with Cole and Tazz.

Noble Vs. Akia or what ever the hell their calling Jimmy Yang...I can see why Jimmy is already on the main roster because he looks real good and polished...Tajiri is out with Jimmy...Good Match that I missed the finish of but saw Tajiri messing around with Nidia and getting the low blow, distracting Jamie as The Yakuza's 3rd member runs in and helps Jimmy Yang get win in about 6 minutes.

Cena cuts a rap on the crew backstage doing the Thanksgiving thing...Funny Stuff!

Next out is Eddie Guerrero Vs. Charlie Haas, both Chavo and Shelton Benjamin accompany their partners...Eddie and Chavo come out in a low rider Suburban, Lime Green...Probably the only one in Idaho...Decent effort for both guys but starts becoming obvious what's going to happen, Chavo selling last week’s leg injury, has a crutch with him, Eddie "borrows" it from Chavo knocking him down, taking the crutch and nailing Haas with it after failed interference by Benjamin who had the ref distracted...Good win for Eddie when Chavo rolls in and asks Eddie what's up taking his crutch...Eddie explains he got the win and Chavo cools down a bit but refuses a ride back stage in the low rider.

During the Break...Eddie's backing in the car and people are still cheering him...Boise crowd will pop for anything...Eddie's the Man!!

John Cena Vs. A-Train is next...Good Match for getting Cena some babyface time...The crowd likes Cena...The match was not bad but just a little slow back and forth action for about 5 minutes until several false finishes that saw both wrestlers hit their finishers...Cena hits the FU for the win...probably the best A-Train match in a while.

Next out is Lamont, Big afro guy and personal assistant to Ernest "The Cat" Miller...but before his segment Hardcore Holly says he'll be back soon and wants to break Brock Lesnar's neck...Nice!...Hope they do this on TV because I don't want to pay and see a "main event" with Hardcore Holly.

Back from Break and Lamont is in the ring for the intro of The Cat...Now here comes The Cat and I'm the only person in the building that has seen this before...Cat hits his dance moves and the crowd has a Luke warm response...Cat then says he needs some one to dance with and call out Boise's own Torrie Wilson..."CHEAP POP!!!"...Cat and Torrie play for a while when Torrie reveals she has a lollipop between her breasts and begins licking it then gives it to The Cat...Cat licks it like the antidote is inside and almost can't contain himself as the segment ends.

Coming out next was the 20 man battle royal...All night long I had a clear view when this kid 2 rows in front starts to stand up on the rail annoying his parents and making people mad all around...I really only got to see the last eliminations but finish goes of like this.

Final 4 is Cena, Benoit, Guerrero and Shelton Benjamin...Cluster finish sees Eddie eliminated after FU from Cena and a sick looking super kick from Benjamin...Benjamin gets tossed by both Benoit and Cena...Down to Cena and Benoit for some action...after a couple of minutes both men eliminate each other with both Benoit and Cena's feet hitting the floor at the same time, 2 refs see the same thing as each man claims victory.

Brock Lesnar comes out and adds fuel to the fire, Heyman's out next to see what the refs’ decision was...He begins to interrogate each ref and they all screw up the script...the ref mistake the stipulation and screwed up what was going on...Cena says "next week" when they said tonight for the WWE title match...someone with a headset at ringside comes up, slapping the canvas, breaks up the segment saying that they screwed all up their lines and were going to re-shoot the segment...Paul covers and goes backstage to "look at the tape again"...every one gets back into place and the re-run the segment...Good Cover and not many people live noticed it.

Segment restarts with a tease of the Triple Threat but Paul backs the crowd down and says Boise doesn't deserve to see it but it's going down next week...This is where they stopped tape...Brock then lays out Cena with the Belt!...Bang!!...Benoit starts in and gets cut off then out of nowhere it's 5 on 2 at Morgan, Jones, A-Train and Big Show are out for the punk out session...Benoit and Cena are left lying...Ends with heels in the ring celebrating.

Next Week on Smackdown!
Chris Benoit Vs. John Cena Vs. Brock Lesnar for the WWE title.

Overall a real good effort by the Smackdown crew...

Your thoughts?
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i don't normally read spoilers, but I did this time. it sounds really good.
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man that sounds like quite a show...
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