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Spoiler-complete Velocity and smackdown results
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Default Spoiler-complete Velocity and smackdown results

Thanks to Jason Hess for this report:

Pre-Velocity: Long version of Wrestlemania 20 video. Nice job as always by production. Made the event seem special, which it is/will be.


Orlando Jordan beat Kanyon in 6:12

Jeremy Lopez beat Masada in 4:42

Nunzio w/ Stamboli beat Paul London w/ Spanky in 6:49

Sean O’Haire beat Ultimo Dragon in 4:52

Chuck Palumbo beat Funaki in 5:47

Scotty 2 Hotty w/ Rikishi beat Rhyno in 5:06


-Vince comes out with a cast and crutches, plus stitches selling his SS match vs. Undertaker. He also comes out with Sable. Vince goes on about how UT beat him, yet an angel (Kane) from his higher power came to save the day. To thank him, Vince has invited Kane to be a special guest to deliver his brother’s “eulogy.”John Cena comes out, and dices Vince on the microphone. Cena was over.

-Backstage, Brock berates the rest of his SS team for making him tap. He says that they can make it up to him tonight, and he states that Nathan Jones will face Benoit and that he will be in Jones’ corner, and that Big Show will go against John Cena, thanks to Brock’s talking with Paul Heyman before the show. Good promo by Lesnar.

-Rey Mysterio beat Akio with the 619-springboard huricanrana in 6:53

-Backstage, Paul Heyman is looking for Shannon Moore. He asks a guy reading the new Smackdown magazine if he had seen Moore. The guy had not. Behind one wall, he finds Shaniqua beating the Bashams dominatrix style…as a celebration of their SS win over the Guerreros. Heyman finds Moore, and tells him that he is not mad at him for Matt Hardy’s defection to Raw. Rather, he is going to make Moore a star…..against Matt Morgan next.

-Matt Morgan beat Shannon Moore in 2:54 with a sit-down powerbomb.

-A Train beat Bradshaw with the mule kick in 5:52

-Brock Lesnar comes to the ring to second Nathan Jones in his match vs. Benoit. Lesnar receives huge “you tapped out” chants.

-Chris Benoit beat Nathan Jones with the crippler crossface in 5:59 Postmatch saw Benoit get beaten down by Lesnar, to be saved by Hardcore Holly. Holly is then thrown in jail and indefinitely suspended by Heyman.

-Kane comes out to give his brother the eulogy promised by Vince earlier. This segment was hot in the beginning, but died near the end. Basically, Kane said the brother he knew died a long time ago, and this compassionate helpful Undertaker was a fraud of a man.

-Tajiri beat Jamie Knoble in 4:49 with a roll-up made possible by Noble being distracted by a blind Nidia walking down to ringside with a cane.

-Backstage, the World’s Greatest Tag Team tells Heyman how bad they want the Guerrero’s, and what they are going to do to them.

-Guerreros beat WGTT in 3:57 with an Eddy frog splash. Postmatch saw WGTT attack Chavo’s leg with a chair, putting the leg in between the chair, and using the chair as a sort of modified toe hold. Eddy couldn’t save at first, and then got the chair to make the save. They teased tension again between Eddy and Chavo

Cat Video aired. He’s coming next Thursday.

-Recap Eddy-Chavo in the ring moments ago. Cut to backstage, where Chavo is berating Eddy for his mistakes and miscues the past few weeks. Eddy tries to talk to Chavo but Chavo has none of it. When the trainer refuses to give Chavo a shot for the leg pain, Chavo mutters something about hanging with his “real friends.”

-John Cena beat Big Show non-title in 11:04 with a steel steps shot to the head. They did another step shot again, possibly as a re-tape for editing later.

Pops: Eddy (way over, Eddy chants before, during, and after his match)
Cena (more during segment with Vince)

Heat: Vince

Do you think Kane will stay on Smackdown and be the trade for Matt Hardy, or do you think this was a one time deal to set up his match at Wrestlemania with the undertaker? And what did you think of the program?
Your thoughts?
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