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Survivor Series "something to talk about"
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Default Survivor Series ,The Thanksgiving Tradition since 1987"something to talk about"

after watching last nights PPV , I just had to post this,

I came to realize is that a lot of interesting and
important stuff has occurred at the Thanksgiving Tradition, so let’s
take a look at some of the top ones:


In 1987, the NWA was planning to air its annual Starrcade show on
Thanksgiving. Vince McMahon decided to run his inaugural event opposite
it, forcing cable companies to choose. Most chose the WWF, costing the
NWA millions in revenue. But Crockett’s promotion would get revenge the
following March, running their inaugural “Clash of the Champions”
supercard for free on TBS opposite Wrestlemania 4, and costing the WWF


The first two SS’s are remembered for the incredible 10-man tag team
Survivor Series matches. Same rules applied, except if a person was
eliminated, so was there partner. In 1988, the heel team was led by
Demolition, the faces by the Powers of Pain. It came down to Demolition
& The Conquistadors against The Powers. Ax and Smash’s manager, Mr.
Fuji “Accidentally” pulled Smash out of the ring, causing him to be
counted out. The Demo’s turned on him and left him beaten at ringside,
and then the Powers helped Fuji up, dusted him off, and took him to
their corner. A double-turn had occurred, and the top tag team feud of
early 1989 was launched, leading to the handicapped title match at
WrestleMania 5.


A moment that was a given for this list. Ted Dibiase’s team vs. Dusty
Rhodes’ team, and Dibiase had a mystery partner. The lights dimmed, the
bell tolled, and the man who would go on to be one of the biggest names
in wrestling, and is still with the company today made his way to the
ring. The crowd was literally in awe as he stared coldly at the face
teams before he chokeslammed Bret Hart, eliminated Koko B. Ware with a
tombstone, debuted the ropewalk to eliminate Rhodes, and then got
counted out. It was a memorable debut for Taker, who would go on to win
the belt from Hulk Hogan at the Survivor Series the next year.

It is also notable that Bret Hart wrestled this match despite his
brother Dean passing away the day before of Kidney Disease. When
you reflect on what else has happened since then, it was kind of an
ominous sign.


Curt Hennig retired due to back problems after Summerslam 1991, and took
on a role as a commentator, which he was fantastic as, and eventually as
the corner man for Ric Flair. Survivor Series 1992 was scheduled to
feature Flair and newcomer Razor Ramon against the “Mega-Maniacs” of
Randy Savage and the Ulllltttiiimmmaaaattteee Waaarrrriiioooorrrr. But
Warrior was gone from the company, as was Davey Boy Smith (and thus the
reason the Bulldog lost the IC title to Shawn Michaels on the final
SNME) due to some steroid stuff, so the WWF had to find a new teammate.
Savage played mind games by inviting Mr. Perfect to be his partner, and
it was accepted, causing Bobby Heenan to flip out and fire him. Hennig
would go on to have a good run as a fa! ce, including ending Ric Flair’s
first WWF run in a “Loser Leaves Town” match on one of the first
editions of RAW, a feud with Lex Luger, and coming close to snatching
the IC title from Shawn Michaels before leaving again right before the
93 edition of Series.


1992 also featured the first ever casket match, as Undertaker defeated
Kamala. It was a horrible match, but it set the stage for Taker’s
gimmick match of choice. Kama, Yokozuna, Goldust and others would all
go on to face the dead man in this type of match.


We’ll get into the final battle in a few moments, but 1992’s Survivor
Series showed that great wrestling could work in the WWF, as Hart and
Michaels put on the first of many classic matches in the main event.


1993’s Survivor Series can be pinpointed as the launching pad for Owen
Hart. Despite his talent, Owen Hart was very much in the shadow of Big
Brother Bret, and was used as a low card wrestler with giant pants.
However when Owen Hart teamed with Bret, Keith and Bruce to take on
Shawn Michaels and the Knights (It was supposed to be Lawler) he took
the first step towards the stardom he would have for the rest of his
career. The only member of his family to be eliminated when he ran into
Bret on the apron and was rolled up; he later came out and argued with
his family. Owen would reconcile with his family, until he and Bret
lost a tag title match to the Quebecers, at which point Owen “kicked
Bret’s leg out from under his leg” and thus began the best feud of 1994.


The opening match of Survivor Series 1994 featured Razor Ramon’s team
against Shawn Michael’s team. The shows were back to 5-on-5 for this
show as well. By this point Big Daddy Cool had already started on his
way, with his impressive Royal Rumble showing and his Summer IC title
run. He eliminated in quick order both headshrinkers, 123 Kid and the
British Bulldog, leaving Razor alone 5-on-1. Shawn Michaels, who had
been sitting on the apron the entire match, finally tagged in and had an
exhausted Diesel hold Razor for the superkick. Razor ducked, and the
then tag champs exploded, with Diesel chasing Shawn to the back, while
Jeff Jarrett, Jim Niedhart and Owen Hart tried to break it up. A few
da! ys later, Diesel beat new champ Bob Backlund at Madison Square
Garden to begin a year long title reign.


It is questionable whether newer fans would enjoy the amazing old school
“Towel Match” that Bob Backlund and Bret Hart had at the 1994 Series.
Running at 35 minutes, the last 12 featured Bret’s cornerman the British
Bulldog knocking himself cold, and Backlund snaring the crossface
chicken wing on Hart for the duration of the match while Owen begged and
pleaded in tears for his Mom Helen to throw in the towel. It was a
brilliant angle and continued making people despise Owen as a heel.


WWF showed some innovation when they featured an incredible womans match
at the 1995 Series. Bertha Faye, Aja Kong, Tomoko Watanabe & Lioness
Asuka vs. Alundra Blayze, Sakie Hasegawa, Kyoko Inoue & Chapparita
Asari. North American fans had never seen anything like the Skytwister
Press before, and were wowed by what the Japanese women did. The plan
was to push Blayze into a feud with Kong over the woman’s title, but
Blayze dropped the woman’s title into the trash on Nitro. Any other
time the WWF has had this style of wrestler, they have blown it. ! It
was mind-blowing at the time.


1995 also saw the debut of Ahmed Johnson, everyone’s favorite master of
indecipherable babble. This guy was seriously as hard to understand as
Dusty Rhodes and ended up spending most of his career injuring either
other people, or himself. The “Wildcard” Survivor Series match was
Johnson’s debut, and he made an impact, slamming the 550 pound Yokozuna
en route to his teams win.


The wildcard match also featured the return of Shawn Michaels. HBK had
been “Assaulted by thugs” in Syracuse, New York in October, forcing him
to forfeit the IC title. Of course, this only made Shawn more popular
as he made his comeback. The next night would feature the infamous
“collapse” off the enziguri from Owen Hart that would in turn lead to
his big comeback and world title win at Wrestlemania 12.


The main event for the 95 show was a brilliant No-DQ World Title Tilt
between Bret Hart and Diesel. As Hart pulled himself onto the apron,
his foe hit him off the apron and sent flying through the Spanish
Announce Table. It was shocking at the time as it was the first time,
but it became a running gag that the SAT was pretty much screwed at any
time. Hart went on to win the title, and Diesel would be in WCW within
6 months as his real name, Kevin Nash.


The 1996 Survivor Series has long been considered a favorite. However
one match stands out not in that it was good, but that Rocky Miavia made
his debut as a bland baby face. The MSG crowd chanted for him, and he
won the match, but fans soon turned on him, leading to the birth of the
most electrifying man in all of entertainment.


Steve Austin had turned his career around from his “Ringmaster” gimmick
by working hard and putting on good matches, combined with the birth of
“Austin 3:16.” But this feud was the launching pad for superstardom.
Bret Hart took a lengthy sabbatical after his Wrestlemania loss, and he
was returning to face the man who in his opinion was “the best technical
wrestler in the WWF.” Austin’s response? “If you put the letter “S” in
front of “Hitman” you have my opinion on Bret Hart.” The match was a
classic, Hart took the duke, and they continued to feud for mo! nths.
Austin was made a star at Wrestlemania 13, but this match was the


Faarooq debuted his retooled look at SS 96, gone was the blue headgear,
and at his side was The Nation of Domination. The match, also featuring
the fake Diesel and Razor Ramon, Vader, Flash Funk, Jimmy Snuka and
Savio Vega would be the last WWF appearance of former World Champion
Yokozuna, who at that point had ballooned to something like 650 pounds.
The WWF tried to help the big man lose weight, but he couldn’t, and died
a few years later.


Fans by this point had gotten tired of the babyface version of Shawn
Michaels. As well, many fans were becoming “smarter” and had tired of
his backstage antics. The New York Crowd relentlessly booed Michaels in
his match with Sid (Sid’s best match ever) and cheered on the big man
like mad as he smashed HBK with a TV camera and pinned him for his first
World Title. Shawn regained the belt at Royal Rumble, but “Lost his
smile” changing plans for the World Title match at WM 13 (Scheduled to
be Bret and Shawn) and basically setting up his heel run.

The 1997 Series was the wrestling debut of Undertaker’s “Brother” Kane.
It was ironic that his brother made his debut 6 years earlier. Kane
faced Mankind, and the match was nothing special, but Kane was born.


We all know the story, we all know what happened, if you don’t, rent
“Wrestling with Shadows.” But the Infamous “Montreal Screwjob” is the
most famous Series moment in history, and launched “Evil Vince” and the
“You Screwed Bret” chant heard to this day in Canada, and basically
changed the business.


Prior to Survivor Series 1998, The Rock had slowly been turning face and
getting huge face pops. With the WWF title held up and a tournament to
crown a new champion, it seemed a lock that Steve Austin would regain
his title. But in Austin’s match with Mankind, Shane McMahon shocked
everyone by counting to two and then giving Austin the double-bird,
allowing for Foley to take the win and face the Rock in the final
match. For the first of many times, McMahon used the “Montreal Finish”
as the Rock put Mankind in the sharpshooter and McMahon demanded the
bell be rung. The Rock was even more of a heel a! s the “Corporate
Champion” handpicked by Shane and Vince, and Foley was screwed, making
his title win at the end of December that much sweeter.


Nobody could have guessed what was in store for Kurt Angle, who won his
debut matchin 1999 against Shawn Stasiak. A hint of Angle’s future
snottyness showed when he got on the mic and said “You do not boo an
Olympic Hero, you don’t!” It was an unspectacular start to a
spectacular career.


By SS 99 Austin was in desperate need of neck surgery, so to take him
out, they ran him down in the parking lot, thus taking him out of the
Triple-Threat main event with champ Triple-H and The Rock. Replacing
him was… The Big Show. Show went on to win the world title. Fans
turned against his title run, yet he is our current US champ and was
World Champ last year. Austin had neck surgery and returned the next
year on fire.


After a series of fantastic Pay-Per-Views, things ground to a halt with
the 2000 version of the Survivor Series. The only thing that stands out
on the show is the main event of Hunter vs. Austin in which Austin
dropped Hunter in a car off of a forklift, causing wrestling fans to
shake their head in disbelief, not at the fall, but at how stupid it
was. The show also marked the first time WWF did the “Angle Switch.”
Undertaker tried to pin Eric Angle, Kurt’s brother, and Kurt rolled him
up. They did the same thing earlier this year against Lesnar on
Smackdown shortly before Mania.


Despite high expectations, the InVasion angle of 2001 was blown, big
time. It culminated in the Winner Take All Survivor Series. Edge
merged the US and IC title with his win over Test and The Dudleys merged
the WCW and WWF tag belts in a cage match over the Hardy Boys. What it
really boiled down to was the 5-on-5 main event. WCW/ECW was
represented by Shane McMahon, Rob Van Dam, Steve Austin, Kurt Angle and
Booker T (Note how only two of those guys actually were in WCW/ECW)
while the WWF had The Rock, Chris Jericho, Undertaker, Kane, and The Big
Show (Who seems to be in the main event of a lot of S! eries.) In the
end, as predicted, it came down to The Rock and Austin, with Angle
turning on Austin and giving the win to WWF, ending WCW and ECW.


Last years event featured the culmination of the three-way feud between
Los Guerrero’s, Edge & Rey Mysterio, and Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit.
After putting on some of the best matches in North America during the
preceding months, the match, although still great, was a let down in the
eyes of many fans, given only 20 minutes. Los Guerrero’s won the belts,
and it looks like their successful year (minus Chavo’s injury) will
culminate in a split this weekend.


After much speculation, Scott Stiener finally made his long-awaited WWE
return. The New York City crowd gave him a loud ovation as he decimated
Matt Hardy and Chris Nowinski. Stiener floundered after the hot start,
with two horrible matches against HHH before being buried in the
midcard. Oddly he is back in the RAW Survivor Match this year.


From the twisted mind of Eric Bischoff was born the Elimination Chamber,
which debuted in the Garden that night. Chris Jericho, Kane, Rob Van
Dam, Booker T and Shawn Michaels all vied for the RAW title held by “The
Game” It was an interesting concept, and a decent match, which lead to
the return of the chamber at Summerslam of this year. Van Dam nearly
crushed Hunter’s trachea with a 5 star frog splash, causing him to do very little
until the end of the match, when he was superkicked and pinned by
Michaels to cap off HBK’s return after 4 years out of the business due
to injury. Shawn would hold the belt only a month, dropping it to
Helmsley at Armageddon. Hunter would go on to hold the belt until
this past Sept, when he lost it to Goldberg, Da'Man he faces in this
years edition.

and last night we all saw what happened
When you say "The World Title" which one are you talking about???

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Dude, that was awesome! Great post! Survivor Series has certainly had it's share of great (and terrible) moments.
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Wow, well worth the read, great poster.
Coming Soon To A Thread Near You...
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