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smackdown/velocity spoiler
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Default smackdown/velocity spoiler

anks to Dean (hunter) for the following results:

We got there and found out that are seats were behind the stage so they moved us 10th row from the floor center ring pretty cool trade, Cena turned babyface and more.

They Started with a legends package to kid rocks Lonely Road of Faith

Dark matches:
1. Orlando Jordan v.s. Bobby Lude?? (couldn't hear lastname girl behind me was screaming bloody murder) ok fans were yelling "we don't know you" to Bobby because he was showing off like he was the man, fans were quick to realize that the match was boring. Orlando Jordan won

2. Rhyno & Horseshoe v.s Local Boys Tyson Duce?? & Trace Gains, fans were behind local boys but they lost of course to Rhyno's spear

they announce Josh Matthews and Bill Demott for the announce team for velocity

1. Worlds Greatest Tag Team (Hass & Shelton) v.s. Kidman & Funaki, Good match back and forth high flying action, crowd was into it many near falls but Shelton and Hass won because ref got distracted allowing a cheat.

2. Shawn O'haire v.s. Eric Young - Shawn won nothing exciting

3. Spanky & Paul London v.s. Shannon Moore & Kanyon, Great match crowd really into it many high flying moves Shannon and Kanyon doubled teamed but still lost to Spanky and Paul

4. Rikishi W/ Scotty 2 Hottie in his corner v.s. Chuck Palumbo with Johnny Stamboni in his corner, Good match one large ass live ewwww man in a thong that's a nightmare. Right away there was almost an stinkface but didn't happen, Back and forth but the end was with rikishi doind a bonzi drop for the will, After the match scotty 2 hottie did the worm

Now getting ready for smackdown

A beautiful woman named Rouge sang America The Beautiful wow all I can say is wow

Tazz and Matthew Cole can out for Smackdown,

1. Ray v.s. Cena LOL funny saying by Cena LOL I can't remember everything but some i can, He said " losing to Mysterio is like the big show at a buffet ordering just one cheerio, and some others you have to watch it, good match back and forth fan were really behind Cena more so that ray, Cena got the win with the FU.

After the match Cena was in the ring and Paul Heymen, Brock, Matt Morgan, Big Show & Nathon Jones came down the aisle to talk to Cena, Heymen said he liked how Cena wanted something and got it and with Brocks blessing Cena is the 5th member to team Brock, Cena Grabbed a mic to decline and said he had a problem with that no one tells him what to do then he got attacked by A- train, then they all hit the ring Big Show choked slammed Cena Jones and Morgan held Cena and Lesner hit him with a chair, then it went to commercial, refs came out to help Cena

After the break it cut to the back were Atrain said he was sorry for getting in their business but he had unfinished business with Cena then Heymen said the exact same thing to Atrain and he accepted the offer and is now the 5th member of team Brock.

Then they show clips of Eddie getting the low rider smashed and destroyed by the Big Show, then losing the US belt to Big Show, then the tag belts and the from last week, then the showed Eddie in the back getting ready and Chavo came up to him and was basically selfish saying he needs to win for him and eddied got mad but he said he would win

2. Big Show v.s. Bradshaw, Ok match Big Show won with the chokeslam leaving Bradshaw in the middle of the ring no Faarooq he must be selling the injury

They cut to the back where Paul was talking to Torie there was no audio in the beginning but then it finally came in and he told Torie that he wanted her to do something and she didn't want to do it but Heymen said she will do it and only has about 3 minutes to do so, then a commercial break

After the break the showed Kurt in his locker room and he was on the cell phone, he seemed upset, Benoit came in and told him to calm down and Angle told Benoit that Faarook will not be able to be on their team at the Survivor Series, then Torrie came in and we found out what Heymen wanted her to do, she told them that they would be facing Brock Lesner & A-Train, Benoit and Angle said that was ok and then she said & Nathan Jones & Matt Morgon in a 2 on 4 match. Angle said great the night can't get any better,

Then There was a video of the Undertaker talking about Vince and many other things to promote their match at Survivor Series

Eddie v.s. The Basham Brothers with Shaniqua by their side, Eddie was in control for a while but then the Bashams got the better of him good match though, Eddie went to do a from splash on one of the Bashams but Shaniqua distracted the ref and the Bashams switched Eddie grabbed the wip and whipped the ref in the ass and gave it to the Bashman and the ref looked and seen the Basham with the wip and yelled at him and Eddie did a roll up and got the win, Eddie went to the low rider and Chavo cane out to celebrate, Incase anyone was wondering the web address on the low rider is

After the break Vince comes out without Sable asking the fans to forgive him and then it went black and a spot light came on him and he got on his knees and was asking to save his soul and was babbling on about how he was chosen to bury the Undertaker alive,

5. Tajari with his crew & Nunzio v.s. Ultimo Dragon (what a wonderful fire display) & Jamie Noble without Nidia (wasn't Jamie Noble and Nunzio cousins in a storyline a while back well not tonight they weren't) Impressive match Jamie gets the pin and quickly gets out of harms way

Break then after the break it was Torrie's desire video

Then A Clip of Cenas attack from earlier

Brock & Jones & Morgon & A-Train vs. Angle & Benoit, Brock went outside the ring and to the announce booth to do commentary before Angle and Benoit came out so if seemed it would be a 2 on 3, Jones, Morgan and A-train were in control Benoit got thrown out of the ring and thanks when Brock Remebered he was in the match so he out up threw the headset down and starting beating the hell out of Benoit, Benoit finally got to tag in angle and it was angle and Lesner and Lesner got his ass wipped and Angle did the Angle slam and got Brock in the ankle lock and big show came out and got in involved causing a DQ and angle and Benoit got the win then Bradshaw came out but didn't help everyone was yelling Cena, Cena, Cena, and Cena came out with a chair and held his own for a while but then was over powered, Smackdown is off the air but then refs comedown to help the faces then the leave the ring and go up the ramp everyone cheers for Cena and then Cena went to mingle with the fans and A - Train attacked him from behind and took him to the ring but Cena countered and gave A-Train the FU, Cena is now a face. Whoo!

Huge POPs
John Cena
Dragon's Fire

Biggest Heat
Vince McMahon
Big Show
Brock, Jones, Morgon and A-Train

I think that it will be an ok show. I wish that Cena would of stayed a heel a lillte while longer though. your thoughts...
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