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Spoiler-complete Velocity and smackdown results
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Default Spoiler-complete Velocity and smackdown results

Dark Match: Kenzo Suzuki vs. ?

In the first dark match of the night, former New Japan Pro Wrestling and World Japan Pro Wrestling star Kenzo Suzuki defeated an indy worker from the Albany, New York area. We couldn't catch the name, but the match went back and fourth for around four minutes.

Dark Match: Kanyon (Mortis) vs. John Walters

Kanyon defeated local indy worker John Walters in the second dark match of the night. The finish came when Kanyon hit the superkick and Walters got his foot on the rope, and then Kanyon got the pin on Walters with an avalanche-style powerbomb.

Velocity Tapings

Shannon Moore vs. Orlando Jordan

Orlando Jordan beat Shannon Moore in around six minutes with a rollup. Said to be a back and fourth match.

Spanky & Paul London vs. Mike Taylor & Rob ?

Spanky and London defeated the two local jobbers in what was said to be a pretty decent match. Spanky and London used a new double team DDT type move to win, and reportedly the crowd was very impressed with London.

Rey Misterio, Ultimo Dragon, & Kidman vs. FBI

The FBI beat the team of Misterio, Ultimo Dragon, and Kidman in a very good match that went around 10 minutes. The match had a lot of near falls and the crowd was said to be pretty into the match. Misterio missed the 619 about mid-match. The finish came when Chuck Palumbo got the pin after landing a nasty superkick to the face of Ultimo Dragon that echoed through the arena. Reportedly great work from Misterio and Dragon. Kidman helped Dragon to the back after the match.

Smackdown Tapings

Right before Smackdown started Tazz got in the ring and said that tonight will be a huge night, that there will be a new Smackdown General Manager.

Smackdown begins and Vince comes down to the ring with Sable, talking about how he defeated Stephanie, and how he and Sable went home and had sex. Vince announces the new Smackdown General Manager who is currently unemployed - Paul Heyman! Heyman comes down to the ring and shakes Vince's hand. He says that things are going to change and get a lot better around here now that he's the new General Manager.

Undertaker's theme hits and he comes down to the ring. Heyman says that Undertaker can't touch him because he's now the General Manager. He says that TONIGHT it will be Undertaker against Brock Lesnar AND The Big Show in a handicap match. The stipulation is that if Undertaker wins he will be able to pick any match, any time, any place, anywhere, against anybody. Taker will most likely go over in the match, setting up his buried alive match against Vince at Survivor Series.

After the segment, it is announced that tonight Eddie and Chavo will defend the tag titles against Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin.

commercial break..

Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit vs. John Cena & A-Train - Angle hits the Angle slam on A-Train. Benoit grabs a chair from the outside and goes to hit A-Train but misses and hits Angle in the face. Angle and Benoit get into a scuffle in the ring and Angle takes Benoit down. The match ends in a no contest with a brawl between Angle and Benoit, the two having to be pulled apart by several referees.

Noble cuts a promo from Nidia's webcam. He says that Nidia isn't going to be back for awhile.

Benjamin and Haas are talking about the tag team match tonight with Los Guerreros. Haas says that they are going to be three time tag champions tonight. They talk about Paul Heyman's return as GM. Heyman shows up and changes things up a bit. He says that since Haas and Benjamin didn't respect him, they will be going up against Rikishi and a mystery partner tonight, while Los Guerreros will defend the titles against the Bashams.

Vince and Sable are shown up in the skybox looking down at the crowd.

I couldn't really catch the details but that's the jist of it.

Haas and Benjamin come out for their match.. against Rikishi and SCOTTY 2 HOTTY!

Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin vs. Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty - Scotty 2 Hotty and Rikishi defeated Haas and Benjamin in a match that went around ten minutes. Said to be a good match. Scotty hit the worm on Benjamin and then Rikishi backed that ass up on Haas. Following the match Rikishi and Scotty danced in the ring.. while Vince McMahon and Sable danced up in the skybox.

As Vince was about to walk out of the Skybox Undertaker appeared at the door. Undertaker says Vince thinks he's a big man but he's nothing. If he was a big man he wouldn't have to pay that slut Sable to sleep with him. He tells Vince to stay in the skybox and watch his match, and that he better pray that he loses, because if he wins he's coming after Vince.

Eddie and Chavo backstage promo...

Eddie Guerrero & Chavo Guerrero vs. Basham Brothers (Tag Titles) - Los Guerreros come out in a black and white car. Eddie went for a frog splash and missed. Doug Basham hit eddie with a club while the referee's back is turned, getting the pinfall and winning the tag team titles. After the match Josh Matthews came out to the ramp to interview the Bashams after their title win. The Bashams said that they told everyone that they could do it. Shaniqua grabs the mic and tells the guys that they are going to go celebrate.

Tajiri vs. Zach Gowen for the Cruiserweight Title was next. Tajiri dominated the first part of the match and then Gowen started to get some offense in. He went for the moonsault but Tajiri dodged out of the way and hit the superkick to Gowen for the three count.

After the match Jimmy Yang and Ryan Sakoda came down to the ring and aligned themselves with Tajiri and went to the back.

Gowen was apparently hurt after the match, as trainers came down to check on him. Looked like a legit injury. We'll have details later.

Big Show and Lesnar are shown backstage. Lesnar says that Show better be on his game tonight because Lesnar doesn't want to get beat by the Undertaker. Show says that Lesnar is the one who has to be on his game tonight because Big Show would love to take Lesnar's title from him after the match tonight.

Vince and Sable were in the skybox but there was no audio, so we have no clue what went on there..

A pre-taped vignette was aired with Hardcore Holly calling out Brock Lesnar and saying that Lesnar broke his neck, but when Holly comes back he's coming for Lesnar

Main event was next. Big show and Lesnar vs. Undertaker. They come out to the ring. Big show got on the top rope and the Undertaker kicked him down and chokeslammed him off the top rope and pinned him.

Paul Heyman's music hits. He comes out and says that he totally screwed up on his first night and said that the match is now a 2/3 Falls Count Anywhere match. The match continues and they fight on the outside of the ring. Undertaker wins via countout. Heyman says that he messed up again. He turns to Vince up in the skybox and said that he screwed up once again and forgot to tell everyone that the match is no countout, so the match must go on. The match restarts again and Big Show comes in and hits Undertaker with a chair and Paul Heyman comes on the mic and said that Undertaker won via disqualification. Heyman gets on the mic and says that he screwed up AGAIN, saying that the match is now a no disqualification match. The match restarts again and Undertaker hits Big Show and Lesnar with a chain around his hand and knocked them down. They got up and took Undertaker out. Vince got on the microphone from the skybox and says that he's coming down to the ring face to face to the Undertaker and congratulate him. He walks down to the ring and tells Undertaker to get off of his knees, he looks like a little bitch. He asks Undertaker what's its gonna be. Undertaker says that it's going to be a Buried Alive Match at Survivor Series. Vince says "Survivor Series, Buried Alive, Brock Lesnar is going to bury your dead ass six feet under." Undertaker gets up and corrects Vince, telling him that it's going to be Vince McMahon vs. Undertaker Buried Alive at Survivor Series!

Looks to be a good show. Your thoughts?
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I can't wait to see it
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