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complete Smackdown results w/ Velocity *SPOILER*
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Default complete Smackdown results w/ Velocity *SPOILER*


The crowd was way hot, and the night was full of great happenings, especially the main event ending.

The show started with Kurt Angle's Coldplay video, followed by local radio guys sending t-shirts with cash out, and another set of local radio guys doing a Mr' Puniverse competition. It warmed up the crowd.

Dark Matches:

(1) Ian Harrison and Travis Toto (sp?) defeated Norman Smiley and an unknown wrestler whose name I did not catch due to the pop Smiley got.

(2) Ultimo Dragon defeated Jamie Noble via tap out submission with an STF. Good 5 minute match, full or mat and chain wrestling.


(1) Spanky defeated Chad Collier with a surprise rollup at around the 6 minute mark.

They then did the opening pyro for Velocity.

(2) Orlando Jordan defeated Shannon Moore with some kind of move I haven't seen before, kind of a downard spiral look to it. Good match, Orlando has a great look to him.

(3) Bill Demott defeated Chris Kanyon with a roll of the dice looking DDT. Little heat to the match, and Bill Demott opened with a knock knock joke of all things. Knock knock, who's there? Dontcha know? Dontcha know who? Dontcha know I'm better than Kanyon... erm. Ugly match, but survivable.

(4) Rikishi defeated Crash with the Banzai drop. Squash match. Crash laid out some type of magazines all around the ring though. Rikishi, as always, is a good act to see live.

Smackdown time!

Show started with a video tribute to Rey Mysterio and his rise to become Cruiserweight champion.
The the show opened with the new title, and of course pyro's.

(1) Rey Mysterio Jr defeated Matt Hardy V.1.0 via pinfall with the West Coast Pop. Good 6 minute fast paced match.
Mysterio was way over, and Matt drew good heat.

Next segment was Piper's Pit. The pit was set up with a table full of various Mexican and Japanese food/drink items and had a little Mexican flag and Japanese flag. Roddy Piper and Sean O haire called it their first International version of Piper's Pit. Piper cut to the chase and called out the tag team champions. Eddie and Tajiri arrived in a hydraulic laden lowrider, as has been there wont over the past few weeks. Piper tries to get Eddie to let sean O Haire hold his tag title belt, Eddie says no way. Piper bribes Tajiri with sushi and Tajiri lets O'Haire hold his tag belt. Of course, O Haire wouldn't give it back, and things were about to come to blows when Piper offered a toast of tequila with Tajiri. Piper drank it, but Tajiri sprayed the tequila in Pipers and O'Haires faces ala green mist. Belt shot by Eddie, and Tajiri got his belt back. I guess setting up a tag title defense?

Backstage video of Sable in Steph's office, being confronted by Steph. Sable explains she was looking for Zach Gowen's contract. Somewhere in all of this (it was loud in my section, I was right next to three guys with a huge Sablicious sign), but Steph said she was bringing back the United States Title to Smackdown. Cool! Steph eventually says she doesn't need Sable, and she doesn't trust Sable.

Commercial Break time. Castrol GTX and Smackdown will be presenting Smackdown's "Fastlane". As there were no announcers for me to hear, I don't know if this is the title of Smackdown's upcoming PPV or what. I'll find out on Thursday with everyone else I guess. Good video of smackdown action to the theme of Linkin Parks newest song.
A promo for Confidential and the Hell in a Cell was played.

Torrie Wilson came down to be the special guest ring announcer.

(2) Billy Gunn defeated A Train via pinfall with the FameAsser. Billy Gunn is back and is definitely doing the Assman gimmick once again. Quick TV match,about 4 minutes. After the match Torrie slapped Billy on the ass, and invited him to do the same to her. He did, very lightly of course. They left together.

A video of Brock Lesnar arriving through the outside crowd into the building then played. That was pretaped earlier in the day around 6:30 PM.

Smack of the Night: Fbi vs Undertaker from last week.

(3) The Undertaker defeated Johnny Stambolli via pinfall with the Last Ride Powerbomb. Good 6 minute match, Taker was way over and definitely energized tonight. typical numbers game interference throughout the match. Taker got Stambolli into the Last Ride (on the first try no less) to end it. After the match Chuck Palumbo attacked Undertaker , only to get chokeslammed. Undertaker was attempting to Last Ride Palumbo when Nunzio nailed a solid chairshot to the Undertaker. The FBI then left to their music.

Backstage video: Hogan giving Zach a pep talk.

Badd Blood promo for Jericho/Goldberg then aired.

Next up was the arm wrestling challenge. Steph came out first to oversee the match and make sure it is fair. She starts to introduce Zach when Sable comes out. Steph pyas no attention to Sable, and introduces Zach. Out comes Zach and Hog...Mr. America. Vince is out next in his pumped out workout outfit, getting a huge asshole chant. Hogan tries to get McMahon to arm wrestle him, Vince at first refuses. But when Sable whispers to McMahon, he then accepts with 2 stipulations: 1) that the arm wrestling match will not be for Zach contract. 2) IF Hogan loses he has to leave the building.

Hogan and Vince arm wrestle, as Hogan is about to win, Sable grabs their hands. Steph says she DQ Vince if Sable touches either competitor again. Hogan and Vince lock up again, and as Hogan is about to win again, Sable drops her top and goes full top nude for about 3 seconds! Hogan immediately let go. Thank God SD is a post production show, they'll definitely have to use a different camera angle.

Ring announce Vince as the winner as Hogan let go.

Vince then tells everyone but himself and Zach Gowen to leave. After much talking, Zach almost wins the arm wrestling match, but Vince kicks him under the table and wins. Much evil Mr McMahon after that. Good promo's though.

After the segment, they played the Castrol GTX FASTLANE promo again. And after the break, did a recap of the previous segment. Yep, they used a different angle, one that also caught Zack expression when Sable dropped her top. Priceless!

Backstage Hogan gives Zach a pep talk about how you live to fight another day ,etc etc. Big Show walks by and says Zach had no chance.

(4) The Basham Brothers defeated Chris Benoit and Rhyno via pinfall. Okay match, crowd wasn;t into to it much. The Basham Brother came down with a new manager/valet. A tall lean muscular black woman named Shannequa (Sp?). She was lean muscular to the point that our section was trying to figure out if she was a guy or a girl. Seriously! End came when Rhyno inadvertently hit Benoit with a stiff punch allowing the Bashams to pick up the win. Benoit faced off with Rhyno after the match, but the two did not comes to blows.

Breaktime again. Coming back from break, Chris Benoit and Rhyno were engaged in a heated argument backstage over Rhyno costing Benoit a match two weeks in a row. My words won't give it justice, but these guys were intense.

(5) John Cena defeated Funaki via pinfall with the F.U. Death Valley Driver. Great thuganomics by Cena, and a total squash of a match. Cena beat him in about a minute.

Next segment was Kurt Angle coming out to a huge pop. Kurt calls out Team Angle. He says he understood why they didn't call him or visit him at the hospital when he was out. He understood that because they were trying to make a name for themselves. He does want to know why he wasn't welcomed back by them last week, but instead they called out sick. Shelton Benjamin responds by saying Team Angle was sick, sick of being overshadowed by Angle.Team Angle goes to explain that Kurt wasn't their for them when they were getting beat in a ladder match. Etc. etc. Kurt eventually calls them whining little bitches and Team Waaaangle. Hass then says Kurt is all talk and no action. Team Angle eventually names themselves co-captains of Team Angle, over Kurt. Kurt, then as the founding member, kicks both of them out of Team Angle, even doing an umpire like "You're outta here" on both of them. Kurt then leads the crowd in the Nah-nah-nah-hey-hey-good bye song as team Angle leaves.

A Tale of the Tape then plays for the World Title, Big Show's career highlight was being the only man to pin Brock Lesnar twice.

Bad Blood's Hell in the Cell match video is then promo'd.

Coming back from the break, Kurt and Team Angle are discussing something backstage (There was no sound at this time) led to a Team Angle beatdown on Kurt. Brock Lesnar/Big Show history is then shown.

(6) Brock Lesnar wrestled the Big Show to a no contest. good match, but the ending was surreal. At the 9 minute mark, Brock Lesnar managed to superplex the Big Show off the top rope. When they hit the mat, the entire ring rope, all four of them, collapsed ending the match. The arena went "banana"..holy sh*t chants abounding. It was surreal. I can't really explain this visual, you'll just have to see it. Do not miss Smackdown! Trainers flooded out the now destroyed ring , as both men didn't move after their fall. 2 stretchers were brought out, but Brock Lesnar managed to get up and leave under his own power after about 10 minutes (he did have that look of being knocked loopy for a few minutes). Brock raised his belt high, and about 5 minutes later the big Show managed to get up, stumble over a stretcher, and also leave under his own power.

Wow, this was one hell of a show to see live, and I hope it comes across as well on TV. With the US Title being brought back, Sable doing her boob exposing, Billy Gunn returning, and of course, the amazing end to the main event...this has the feel of a must see show. No great long matches, but the end more than made up for that. You know those commercials that the WWE airs about people describing their experiences live at a show, well this one was mine.

Biggest Pops:
1) Main Event Ending.
2) Kurt Angle
3) Billy Gunn
4) Rey Mysterio
5) Mr America

Most Heat:
1) Matt Hardy
2) Big Show
3) A Train
4) Vince
5) Bashams.

Just a great event.
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I cant wait to see the SD! ratings for this week.
Coming Soon To A Thread Near You...
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