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10 Thoughts From No Way Out 2003
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Default 10 Thoughts From No Way Out 2003

(in no particular order)

1. Do me a favor and somebody bitch slap the paint off of Jeff Hardy. I’m beginning to think (considering the quality off his performance) he uses highlighters to paint his arm and then gets high off the fumes.

2. Proven once again that Matt Hardy is the more talented of the Hardy Boyz he pulled off an excellent match with Billy Kidman and I loved the finish with the top rope Twist of Fate. One question though: What happens if Matt gains too much weight back?

3. Sign of the night: a tie between: GREAT WHITE FEARS PYRO and big letters that spell out TOFU

4. Edge needs neck surgery and will probably be out for about a year. That’s a shame, but perhaps it will give the writing staff some time to come up with something new for Edge. Possibly a heel turn. Also, it was kind of a waste to not put anyone into Edge’s spot it would have been a golden opportunity to elevate some new talent (what a shocking idea).

5. Undertaker can still fly over the top rope, which impressed me. (Also Michael Cole needs to use another adjective besides “explosive.” Considering how many explosions there were during that match, the whole arena should be a smoldering ruin.) unfortunately it was the only thing that impressed me about that match. And I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about a Taker vs. Albert feud. On Smackdown there will be a box for Undertaker containing the returning Rhyno singing a Michael Jackson song.

6. HHH vs. Scott Steiner…probably the funniest match I have ever seen, only because of the group I was with. Here was the rundown of the match; Steiner performed 10 moves (excluding punching and kicking) that consisted of different belly-to-belly suplex’s and the top rope Samoan drop. Triple H had 3 moves, 2 neckbreckers and the Pedigree. Between the two, there were 18 rest holds/stalling periods. Steiner was blown-up 3minutes into the match when he nearly passed out while executing the very difficult kick to the leg. Damn, what a stellar performance…(just in case you weren’t aware the prior statement was laced with sarcasm so heavy it would sink a frigate)

7. Kane and RVD, I classic example of two wrestlers that the writers cannot come up with good storylines for. They will have a match at WrestleMania which is a great opportunity to bring back the monster heel Kane. Destroying RVD will cement him in that role.

8. Austin…he’s back, What? he’s back, What? he’s back, What? he’s back, What? Now that he’s back, I have some new merchandise ideas. A wife-beater that reads “Austin 3:16 says I just beat my wife” or “What? I already told you twice woman!” PS-“JR, decaf.”

9. Hogan and Rock, if that was not the most predictable outcome have ever seen. How does this benefit anyone, except to build Vince vs. Hogan at WrestleMania, like that really needs that much more building? Though I have to admit at least the way they came about the screwjob (why do all the screwjobs happen in Montreal?) was creative.

10. Is Vince a face or a heel, damnnit? He’s a face when dealing with Bischoff and a heel when dealing with Hogan, make up your mind.
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