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Raw Brand House Show Results From Huntington, Virginia 2-16-03
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Default Raw Brand House Show Results From Huntington, Virginia 2-16-03

WWE Raw House Show
Big Sandy Superstore Arena
Huntington West Virginia
Sunday, February 16, 2003

Show was supposed to start at 5:00 p.m. but because of the snow-sleet-freezing rain the Ohio Valley has been getting for the last couple of days the Fink came to ringside to inform us the wrestlers were running late driving in from Columbus (where they had flown into from Michigan) but they would make it. Twenty minutes later the show got under way with the usual rules from the Fink and the National Anthem. Crowd was actually the same if not larger than the Smackdown show last summer (arena seats about 8,000 when full, probably 4,500 to 5,000).

1st Match-RVD/Kane vs. 3-Minute Warning: Slow start to this match. Crowd popped big time for Kane (introduced first) and RVD, booed 3-Minute Warning big time. Couple of blown spots by 3-Minute Warning but not bad for a first match. End comes when Kane chokeslams Jamal and RVD hits the 5-star frog splash. WINNER-RVD/Kane

2nd Match-Victoria w/Steven Richards vs. Molly Holly for WWE Women's Championship: Good match from both, one of the best matches of the night. Sadly you could have heard a pin drop. Victoria is tremendous in her short time in the WWE and Molly is one of the best wrestlers, male or female, in the sport today. End came when Steven Richards tried to interfere, Molly pulled him in the ring and hit a huracanrana before Victoria hits her finishing move. WINNER AND STILL CHAMP-Victoria

3rd Match-Dudley Boys vs. Storm and Regal for WWE World Tag Team Championship-Great match from both teams. Dudley Boys got one of the biggest pops of the night. Regal took the mic, got booed heavily and decided not to say anything. Bubba took the mic and said "We just drove three and a half hours through snow and ice. One of your @$$es is going through a table. Good match. End came when Regal pulled the brass knucks and hit Bubba for the end. Post match saw Lance Storm bring a table into the ring and attempt to powerbomb Devon when Spike hit the ring. Regal was thrown out and Storm was 3-D'ed through the table. Afterwards the Dudleys brought a little boy into the ring, gave him a piece of the table and all three signed it for him. They also gave a piece of the table to a little girl ringside in a wheelchair. Class act these three. WINNER AND STILL CHAMPIONS-Regal and Storm.


4th Match-Chris Nowinski, Chief Morley and Steven Richards vs. Maven, Al Snow and Tommy Dreamer-Six man tag-Pre-match saw Morley run down some fan at ringside, then taking some kid's popcorn and throwing it at the crowd. Dreamer would later take the same kid's popcorn and throw it at the heels. Comedy match mainly with all three of the heels being thrown into the corner then all the babyfaces doing full blown sprints into them, causing them to fall into a "69" then Morley doing his best "behind Turkish prison style" move. Eh? End came when Maven hit the missile drop kick on Nowinski for the win. Post match saw Morley and Richards first abandon Nowinski before coming back into the ring for a group hug much to the crowd's displeasure. Dreamer also gave his shirt to the kid who lost his popcorn. WINNERS-Snow, Maven and Dreamer

5th Match-Rico vs. Spike Dudley. Hey Rico has one fan in Huntington. A woman who had the same jacket he does. Good match, crowd laughed when Rico flexed for Dudley and Dudley flexed Lex Luger style and screamed "You want a piece of this!" End came when Dudley hit the Dudley dog (Acid Drop) on Rico. WINNER-Spike Dudley

6th Match-MAIN EVENT TAG TEAM MATCH-Scott Steiner/Booker T vs. Triple H/Batista: This was a combination of two singles matches on the card. Earl Hebner worked this match, got some cheers then grabbed his crotch when some woman booed him. Pre-match saw Booker T swing at Batista then get on the mic and tell the crowd "They were going to stay in Huntington and kick these suckers @$$es all night long!" along with his catch phase, which the crowd supplied the "Sucka!". Then Triple H got on the mic and said "Booker don't tell me you drove three hours in the snow to have Batista put his foot in your @$$ so you better calm down. Then he turned on the crowd by telling them he didn't drive three hours in the snow to listen to them so you can "sit down, shut up and watch a real world's champion wrestle" which got the boos he was looking for. Good match from all four guys, Triple H is looking better from his injury.

Signs in the crowd:
"Evolution fears the 4 Horsemen"
Many "Steiner sux" signs including a few at ringside that drew the ire of Steiner

Biggest pops:
Triple H (when introduced)
Dudley Boys
Booker T

Biggest heat:
Triple H (after his remarks on the mic)
3-Minute Warning

Jeff Hardy/The Dawg was on the card but they apparently couldn't make it from Columbus. All in all a good night of wrestling and glad to see all the guys and gals having fun working and most importantly make it safe through some nasty weather.
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