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WWE Smackdown brand House Show from Winnipeg, Manitoba 2-15-03
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Default WWE Smackdown brand House Show from Winnipeg, Manitoba 2-15-03

I just returned from the Smackdown-brand WWE house show in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It was a really great show from where I sit. The arena was 90% full, and the crowd was live for most of the show.

Show starts off with a local girl singing our national anthem, "O Canada".

Paul Heyman enters the ring without any entrance music. He cuts a heel promo on Winnipeg, saying we are stupid etc. He calls out his favorite client, the 500 lbs Big Show. Brock Lesnar's music hits, and the first match is underway.

#1: Brock Lesnar vs. The Big Show

Originally scheduled to be a handicap match between Lesnar, Show AND Heyman, there was no tags made so I assume it was a one-on-one contest. Standard Lesnar/Show match. Show does a lot of slow looking offence, Lesnar hits a few suplexes, and gets the pin sans the F5. The actual finish came when Heyman gave Show a chair to use on Lesnar, but Lesnar blocked and used the chair on Show.

Winner: Brock Lesnar by pin-fall after a chair shot.

After the match, Lesnar leaves and Heyman tries to wake up Show. Lesnar comes back into the ring, and F5's Heyman.

#2: Matt Hardy vs. Kanyon

This match was originally scheduled to be Matt Hardy vs. Nathan Jones, but Jones was not in town, so they took this route. The match wasn't bad for what it was, and both performers are obviously very talented. Unfortunately, I don't think the match really came together all that well.

Winner: Matt Hardy by pin-fall after the leg-drop

Guest announcer comes into the ring. He won a local contest, so he could announce one match. The guy's name was 'Pudgy', and he was quite good for what it's worth.

#3: John Cena vs. Shawn O'Haire

Cena started the match by doing a funny rap. The gimmick may not be the best, but at least it's different, and Cena isn't THAT bad. He got heat by pointing out he was American. Shawn looked very impressive in the ring. My only complaint is he didn't do the Razor's Edge or the Sean-Ton. Oh well.

Winner: John Cena by pin-fall with his feet on the ropes

#4: Cruiser-Wt Title: Billy Kidman vs. Jamie Noble w/Nidia

There was some great cruiser action here that really picked up the crowd. Both men looked really good, and wrestled a good match.

Winner: Billy Kidman after a powerbomb off the top rope

#5: Tag-Team Titles: Team Angle vs. Los Guerreros vs. Rikishi/Rey Mysterio

Originally scheduled to be Team Angle vs. Edge and Chris Benoit, but Edge didn't make his flight into town, so WWE used their favorite kind of tag-team match, the 3-team elimination. This match was actually very good. The crowd just loved Eddie Guerrero. Huge "Eddie" chants to the point that he stopped and gazed into the crowd, obviously enjoying the attention. The Guerreros went out first after Chavo was pinned by Shelton Benjamin. Team Angle gets the win, but I forget how.

Winner: Team Angle (Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas)

The match's aftermath was comic gold. Team Angle gets a stink-face from Rikishi and a bare-ass Rey Mysterio. I was on the floor, so I could see the big cheesy grin on Rey's face after delivering the stink-face. Rikishi is about to leave the ring when Rey pulls him back in. They argue over whom the crowd wants to dance more. At the end, they get two fans from the audience, two eight-year old boys. Rikishi egged one of the little guys to do a worm and....THE KID HIT THE WORM PERFECTLY!!!! Rikishi nearly died of laughter. It was a really funny sight to see. The other kid did some break-dancing. Rey Mysterio did the spin-a-rooney. Then the four of them danced around the ring. Good fun was had by all.


The next match was billed as a Canada vs. USA match.

#6: Albert vs. Chris Benoit

Guess who was the obvious favorite? The two have a pretty good match, but it looked suspiciously like their Smackdown match last Thursday. Albert cut a promo bashing Canada at the beginning. But it seemed recycled.

Winner: Chris Benoit wins by submission

#7: Bra & Panties Match: Dawn Marie vs. Torrie Wilson. Special Guest Referee: Funaki

Funaki cuts a funny promo at the beginning of the match. Same basic match that aired last Smackdown, except they didn't try for repeated pin-falls (which was useless anyways, given the rules). Funny spot came when the girls were clawing at each other on the ground, Funaki got excited and mounted the turn-buckle to a HUGE pop. Torrie gets her shirt ripped off in the match, but alas, the ending was the same as Smackdown too.

Winner: Torrie Wilson AND the fans!

The main-event was also billed as a Canada vs. USA match, but that's not as important as the fact that it was inter-promotion.

#8: WWE Championship: Kurt Angle vs. Chris Jericho

Angle got the "you suck chant" when he came out. He cut a promo saying he didn't like Canadians, and he wanted to cripple the home-town boy tonight. Jericho came out and received a hero's welcome. He completely played-up the home-town hero thing, as opposed to being a heel. The match was fantastic, easily the best of the night. There were great moves, near-falls, and kicking out of each other's finishers. There was a fight in the stands during this that caused Jericho to stop, get on the house mike, and have them kicked out. The crown started chanting, na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na, hey-hey-hey, good-bye. Later on in the match, a drunk guy threw a chair in the ring as hard as he could, from the 9th row on the floor. Security escorted him out, and the crown gave the same chant. Ending came when Team Angle came out and distracted the ref (Jericho had it won), which caused confusion and Angle to get the win.

Winner: Kurt Angle

After the match, Team Angle began a beat-down off Chris Jericho. Suddenly, Chris Benoit emerged to save the day. They did some simultaneous suplexes on Team Angle, and got the wall of Jericho and the cross-face at the same time on Kurt Angle. Jericho cuts a Winnipeg promo, they both pose, and the show ends.

Really really good from where I sit. Lots of good wrestling, and some
entertainment too.

Biggest Pops:
1) Chris Jericho
2) Chris Benoit
3) Rey Mysterio
4) Kid doing the worm
5) Rikishi

Biggest Heat:
1) Paul Heyman
2) Team Angle
3) John Cena
4) A-Train
5) Kurt Angle

Okay, after the show, Fozzy was playing at a local bar, the Coliseum. I didn't know what to expect going into a Fozzy concert. I must tell you, Jericho is phenomenal. He is such a wonderful performer. He puts all his heart and energy into his shows, and Fozzy comes off as a high-energy fun band. They played many popular songs from Happenstance including To Kill a Stranger, Happenstance, Crusify Us, Balls on the Walls and others. Some covers done were the Scorpions, Rock you like a hurricane, and AC/DC's TNT. Jericho was really interactive with the crowd. He would often get audience members to do solos, lots of clapping and games, and he even gave an open invitation to anybody who wanted to join him on stage.

We weren't sure (me and my friends) if Fozzy was for real, or if it was just a big joke. Fozzy proved something to me, as did Chris Jericho. The band is extremely talented, and they REALLY know how to play their instruments. But I cannot stress enough what a fantastic performer Chris Jericho is. If he plays his cards right, and gets the right promotion, then he really COULD be a huge rock star like he says.

For the record, several WWE wrestlers were in attendance. The massive A-Train was drowning them back. Billy Kidman and Torrie Wilson were both there, as was Chris Kanyon. Everyone seemed to enjoy the show, but A-Train was really getting into it the most. I could see several impressed people in the audience at A-Train's "down-with-the-people" attitude.
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Slash will become famous soon enough

Now Chris Jericho Vs. Kurt Angle can be a REAL money match....It hasn't been played out like Benoit/Angle....It's not as plainly obvious as Angle/Lesnar....Could be a classic feud if it ever happened....
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Hopefully this is a sign of a Jericho baby face turn in the near future...
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