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The Sara Calloway Story
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Default The Sara Calloway Story

(This one is newer then the Stone Cold Story and RVD Story. I wrote this just before I closed my site.)

Sara Calloway worked for a woman whose grandchildren were big Undertaker fans. Sara explains "He was signing autographs in San Diego, so I thought it'd be nice to take her grandkids to see him. He drove up in his limo and he got out. We looked at each other and we've been together ever since."

Undertaker's "Sara" tattoo on his throat (Man that's gotta hurt!) was his wedding gift to his wife, whom he married on July 21, 2000. Sara has "Mark" tattooed on the back of her neck as well as 3 other tattoos.

After getting married Sara would go on the occasional road trip with her husband - about once a month. "I wanted to spend more days with him because he's gone four days a week," Sara told "I only have three days a week, and the three days he gets home might get interrupted by an autograph session or whatever special appearance he has to do. "No matter how good your relationship is, you can't just survive on a couple days a week of seeing each other."

The 5'10" 24-year old blonde, blue-eyed Sara admits that she has quite the temper, which got her into trouble when she was younger. And today, more than ever, you wouldn't want to mess with her since the Undertaker has taught her some fighting techniques, including submission holds.

Eventually she was asked to participate in a high-profile storyline involving Undertaker and Diamond Dallas Page. Sara agreed, but only if she didn't have to act like the proverbial "damsel in distress." "I didn't want to be portrayed as something I'm not," she said. "I am pretty tough and that's the way I wanted to be portrayed. I've never claimed to be a wrestler, but I do know how to fight." Sara said she's always been a tomboy and has worked as a furniture mover since she was 11.

She made her WWF debut on May 28th, 2001 on a video clip shown during Raw. While enjoying the privacy of her home, she was combing her hair before being startled by something or someone moving outside her window. As video footage was shown over the next several weeks it became more and more apparent that a "stalker" was following Sara, and that he was happy tormenting her husband with his off-color remarks

As the weeks went by, it became more and more apparent - via video footage - that she had attracted a "stalker" who had no regard for the fact that she was the Undertakers wife. Eventually it was disclosed that Diamond Dallas Page was her "stalker" which led to a number of matches that usually left DDP on the short end. The feud only lasted 3 months (until the end of August 2001) with Sara just "disappearing" from any storylines involving her husband.

Whats been going on with Sara?

05/14/01 Monday Raw
SCSA began the evening by issuing a challenge. Stating that even though he and Triple H had not defended their tag team title belts in a while, he felt sure that they were good enough to defend them from Kane and Undertaker. Undertaker accepted the challenge for both himself and his brother.

Backstage, after the first match of the night Coach says the police have arrived at the building and they want to speak to Undertaker. A few minutes later we see a plain clothes police officer speaking with Undertaker. Suddenly the Undertaker rushes out of the room with the officer in pursuit, while Coach tries to follow and get a word with the officer. Within seconds the Undertaker is out of the building and rushing off into the night. Coach eventually catches up with the police officer who informs him that Undertaker's wife Sara has been involved in a car accident.

Minutes later we see Austin in the backstage area asking the police officer how Undertaker took the news of his wife in a car wreck. The officer informs SCSA that he didn't take it well at all. Steve heads for his dressing room where Debra says how awful it is for Undertaker's wife. Austin tells Debra not to worry because that will never happen to her. A few minutes later Austin tells Triple H and Stephanie that if Undertaker's wife does make it, she isn't going to look the same again.

William Regal came to the ring and announced that when he became the commissioner he took on certain responsibilities. One of those was to bring the audience quality sports entertainment on a regular basis, and although it was a tragic thing that happened to Undertaker and his wife the show must go on. Needing a main event the commissioner decided that Kane would have to go up against Triple H and Austin in a handicapped match.

During the match Triple H hits Kane in the head with a chain for the second time and the referee calls for the bell and a DQ. Austin and Triple H continue their assault on Kane. Eventually Austin gets on the mic and says he doesn't want anyone to think he is a heartless bastard because he is going to kick the living hell out of Undertaker this Sunday at the Judgment Day PPV. Austin says he has a feeling Undertaker's wife is going to be just fine. Austin smiles at Kane.


05/17/01 Thursday Smackdown
The Undertaker got on the mic and said that he wasn't in a talking mood, so his announcement was going to be short and sweet. Monday night, some sorry ass called the Cincinnati PD and told them that the Undertaker's wife had been in a car wreck. Then this same person decided to call his wife and tell her that her mother had been in a wreck. Come to find out - both Sara and her mother were just fine. He went on to say that whomever had made the calls would wish they had been in a wreck and that what he planned to do to the responsible person was far worse than any damn car wreck.

Then Undertaker said he was no betting man, but if he did have to put money on it, he'd say that it was Stone Cold Steve Austin. Undertaker stated that he had some questions for him and that he better have the right damn answers. He had already warned Austin before that messing with his family would get him hurt. Since Austin had spread rumors Monday night about his wife's face being mangled, the Undertaker wanted Austin to understand that if he didn't have the right answers, rumors about mangled faces and broken bodies would become a reality.

After Debra and Austin arrived they went to the dressing room where Commissioner Regal showed up. He told them that he just seen the Undertaker in the ring, and he had mentioned his wife's accident. Austin asked Regal if she was dead. Regal explained that it was a hoax and Austin replied that it was news to him. Regal informed Steve that the Undertaker was blaming him for the phone calls. Austin got pissed off and said that he was the WWF Champion and that he didn't need to stoop to that level.

Within a few minutes Undertaker charged into Austin's locker room and beat the crap out of him. WWF officials quickly broke it up, allowing Austin to tell Undertaker that he had nothing to do with it - although he knew who did. Undertaker told him that he better talk, and Austin informed him that Triple H was the culprit. Undertaker left and immediately got on a phone, asking the Sgt. if he had found anything out. He was told that the calls were made from Triple H's cell phone.

After being informed that Austin was blaming him, Triple H began complaining to Stephanie. Stephanie told him that Steve must have set him up since she remembered Austin asking if he could use Triple H's cell phone while he was nowhere to be found on Monday night . Triple H was angry that Stephanie had not told him this earlier. Stephanie apologized as Triple H headed towards the ring for his match against Undertaker.

After throwing Triple H around like a rag doll for most of the match, Undertaker was distracted in his mission by Stone Cold appearing on the Ovaltron. Austin said that he didn't need Triple H's cell phone tonight since he had a direct line. He then dialed a phone while the Undertaker looked on. Austin said hello to Undertaker's wife and she immediately asked "who the hell is this." Stone Cold told her and then said that her voice sounded as sweet now as it did Monday night. Sara called him a "son of a bitch" and hung up.

Austin told the Undertaker that it was him all along - but he didn't do the job by himself. While Steve explained that everybody needed a partner in crime Triple H knocked the Undertaker down by nailing him with a steel chain! Triple H followed up with a number of right hands while Stone Cold stormed into the ring to help hammer Undertaker! Kane rushed to the ring, chain in hand and chased Triple H and SCSA off!


05/28/01 Monday Raw
Jim Ross stated that earlier in the evening someone had sent him a letter about meeting the Undertakers wife even though the Undertaker is not scheduled to be at the arena tonight. JR claimshe has no idea who sent him the letter.

Later during the broadcast we view the Undertaker's wife, Sara in the privacy of her own home, combing her hair, until it appears that she observes someone moving outside her window. We then hear a voice telling us that we'll be seeing a lot more of the Undertaker's wife!


05/31/01 Thursday Smackdown
The Undertaker and Sara are shown getting on a couple of quads and going for a ride as someone tapes them while they ride through a field. It would appear that Sara is being stalked. []


06/04/01 Monday Raw
Out back, the Undertaker rode his motorcycle into the parking area of the building. He immediately made his way to the ring. The Dead Man cut right to the chase - he said someone had a death wish by stalking his wife, and that wish was about to come true! Taker said that he chose his life for him, not his family. In fact, Undertaker has gone out of his way to keep his family away from what he did. He had enough with the secret tapes, and he wanted it to stop. Taker has warned people about messing with his family - and there would be hell to pay until he found out was doing the stalking! Undertaker pointed at J.R., saying it all started with him - J.R. was the one to get the first letter and the first tape.

Undertaker wanted to know where the tape came from, and J.R. said he had no idea where the tape came from. As Paul Heyman interjected, Undertaker smacked him in the face! J.R. then told Taker to go ask Vince, since he knew everything there was to know! As Taker was about to go talk to Vince, another videotape played, with the mysterious voice saying that he could get to Sara anytime he wanted to!

Upon seeing the new tape, Undertaker quickly made his way to the back of the arena. He stormed into Vince's office and demanded answers! Mr. McMahon said he had nothing to do with anything, but he thought he knew who might know something! Vince said that the same person who rolled the footage of Sara might be the same person who ran the WCW logo earlier - Shane McMahon! Undertaker walked out of Vince's office, saying that if Vince is screwing with him, Taker would take the whole WWF and stick it straight up Vince's ass! []


06/07/01 Thursday Smackdown
An irate Undertaker paced backstage as his brother, Kane, watched on. Taker then left the locker room, saying he was going to wait for Shane McMahon -- who Mr. McMahon had implicated as his wife's stalker on RAW IS WAR. Later, more footage aired of the Undertaker's wife, Sara, from the mysterious stalker.

As the Undertaker waited in the parking lot, the "WCW 1" limo pulled in. Taker opened the door, looking for Shane. Instead, he found someone else -- who was unseen by the camera -- who he told to come back some other time to become famous. Taker then walked away from the limo and continued looking for Shane. Shane McMahon was walking backstage when he ran into Test. Test congratulated Shane on the WCW invasion, and Shane asked Test if he had seen the Undertaker. The Boy Wonder said he had a few things to clear up with the Dead Man.

Shane was looking for the Undertaker backstage when he ran into Kane. The Boy Wonder asked Kane where Taker was, since he wanted to tell him that he wasn't the one stalking Taker's wife. But before Kane could answer, the Taker ran over and attacked Shane! Kane pulled his brother off the Boy Wonder, and told his brother that he believed that Shane was telling the truth. A dejected Undertaker left Shane alone and punched a wall, obviously irate at not knowing who was stalking his wife. []


06/11/01 Monday Raw
In the parking area, Shane McMahon walked in the building and ran into Kane, and Kane told him that Albert was going to pay. Shane thanked Kane for saving him last week, and then offered some help on finding Undertaker's stalker - Shane knew of one man who interfered in people's personal lives - Kurt Angle! After all, it was Angle who messed with Stephanie and Triple H's marriage!

Kurt Angle then made his way out to the ring and said that he was going to beat Chris Benoit once again, only this time, it would be in a steel cage. Angle said that all his life, he lived by one motto only - cheaters never win. And Benoit is a cheater! Angle said that it was his non-cheater ways that made him a National Wrestling Hall of Famer!

Angle then rolled footage of himself being inducted into that Hall of Fame. The Olympic Hero then added that he was the closest thing there is to a modern-day superhero! He went on to say that he would be the first man to win the King of the Ring two years in a row, and then after he won, he would teach Shane McMahon a lesson. Angle told Shane to not be a coward and come out right then!

Instead of Shane, the Undertaker met Kurt's challenge! The Dead Man told Angle that he wanted answers. Kurt replied that he was sorry that some whacko was stalking his wife, but Kurt said that he had met Taker's wife and he didn't even find her attractive! After the Dead Man gave Kurt a Last Ride, more footage of the sick stalker was shown. The stalker told Taker that he knew he was hiding his wife, in fact, he knew the exact room that she was in! The stalker warned that he was getting angry with Taker, so he was leaving Sara a message that he knew where she was! Back in the ring, the Undertaker ran to the back, and Shane McMahon snuck into the ring and hit Kurt Angle with an Angle Slam! The WCW Chairman ran away before security could get to him. []


06/15/01 Internet Rumors
There are rumors going around claiming Rhyno could be the stalker behind Undertaker's wife Sara. There really isn't any proof behind these rumors except for the fact that Paul Heyman is definitely high on Rhyno and if the creative team have no current plans on who to go to, Rhyno could very well end up the culprit. [Matthew Boone]

----- Although many names are popping up, as of Friday, the WWF creative team still has no idea as to who to make as Sara's stalker. Time is ticking, but the WWF still has four shows to establish as who it will be. Some names that are qualified to be the stalker are Vince McMahon, Shawn Michaels, Big Show, Kane, and Paul Bearer. Tune in on RAW and SmackDown! every week as more hints could develop on who it will be. [Sam Husary]

----- Apparently the stalker has been chosen for Undertaker's wife storyline. Originally and still currently Vince McMahon has been taping the disgruntled voice-overs for the stalker-clips, but he won't be the stalker. The stalker "Won't be a let-down" as quoted. The release date on Taker's wife's stalker isn't etched in stone, but King of the Ring is not what you would call built yet with the first round of the tournament itself finally complete but only 1-2 matches on the show. Undertaker vs. Stalker match very well could happen if we see the stalker revealed before the pay-per view on a RAW is WAR or SmackDown! There is a small possibility the angle could lead up until King of the Ring and the stalker be debuted on the show, if that were to happen you would definitely see some lead-in on RAW and SmackDown's prior to the PPV. [Matthew Boone]

----- A lot of sources are reporting that Stalkerís identity would be revealed this Monday on Raw. Officials have guaranteed that the revelation wonít be a ďlet down.Ē Major sources believe that the stalker could end up being Paul Bearer. However, some sources also believe that Vince McMahon himself would be the stalker, which would disappoint most of the fans. [Damien Bracken]

----- With "The stalker" claiming Undertaker keeps angering him by taking Sara away from him, and the comment about his dreams coming true as well as other hints of a reveal soon, it's expected we will see who the mystery man, or woman, is before King of the Ring on June 24th. [Matthew Boone]

----- At the current time there are no plans to have an Undertaker vs. Stalker match at King Of The Ring. However, it is expected that the identity of the Stalker will be revealed at KOTR. [Fred Cook]


06/18/01 Monday Raw
As Hardcore Holly headed to the ring, footage suddenly came on the TitanTron of the Undertaker and Sara. The stalker said he was in Tampa tonight, and he would reveal himself to the world! He said that even though Taker was away protecting his wife, both Taker and Sara were in a lot of trouble once he revealed himself.

Later, The Undertaker's music filled the arena, and a man wearing a black mask rode to the ring, riding the Taker's bike! The man got in the ring and took off his mask -- it was Diamond Dallas Page! Page grabbed a microphone and said that, like the Diamond Cutter, Taker never saw it coming! DDP said that many were probably asking why. Page said he wanted to make an impact in this business, so he had gone right after the biggest, baddest dog in the yard. DDP said that the way to get the best of Taker was to make it personal. DDP said that Taker had never shown weakness -- until Stone Cold had messed with Sara prior to Judgment Day.

Page said that rang a bell in his head, that Sara was Taker's weakness. Page brought up that Taker once said he wasn't afraid of anything, and he called Taker a liar. Page mocked the Taker. Page said that he had made Sara famous, and that nobody deserved to be more famous than Diamond Dallas Page. Page said he was using Taker to get to the top of the sports-entertainment business, and that he would see the Undertaker at King of the Ring. DDP begged the Undertaker to make him famous. Page then left through the crowd. []


06/21/01 Thursday Smackdown
Back in the parking area, the Undertaker and Sara awaited the arrival of Diamond Dallas Page.

In the parking area, a limo pulled up to the arena, and the Undertaker went right for it. But it wasn't DDP -- it was Vince McMahon, who swore that he had nothing to do with Page's actions. He promised the Taker that he would get security to keep DDP out of the arena, which the Undertaker said was unacceptable! Taker said that if DDP came to the arena, he was to be allowed in, or else Vince would pay!

The Undertaker and his wife, Sara, walked backstage when they ran into Kane. Kane promised his brother that if DDP were to bring any of his buddies from WCW, Kane would have his brother's back. The Dead Man said he appreciated it. The Undertaker and Sara headed to the ring to a huge ovation, and the Dead Man asked who in the hell Diamond Dallas Page was! Taker promised to beat the hell out of Page the first chance he got. Taker questioned DDP's motives for stalking his wife.

Taker then explained why DDP wasn't famous -- because he sucks! He said that Page didn't deserve to be in the World Wrestling Federation, because Page was a half-ass talent working for a second-rate company which had gone out of business. The Undertaker promised to make Page's wish come true -- he said he would make him famous! The Dead Man talked about his Decade of Destruction, and promised to add DDP's name to the top of the list of stars he'd made famous, by giving Page the biggest ass-kicking he had ever given anybody!

Taker challenged DDP's manhood for not showing up on SmackDown!, and then begged him to show up at King of the Ring. Suddenly, Page appeared on the OvalTron, live from the Undertaker's ranch. He gave Taker and Sara a guided tour of Taker's home. Page even laid down on the Undertaker's bed, as the Dead Man seethed in anger! DDP said he would see Undertaker at King of the Ring -- and he begged him to make him famous! []


06/22/01 Internet Rumors
Despite the fact that Diamond Dallas Page was revealed as the stalker on Raw, there are conflicting reports on whether or not Page has actually signed with WWFE. Sources told me that Page was given a deadline to sign a contract with WWFE and up until that deadline; he was allowed to negotiate a release with AOL Time Warner. DDP has been the planned stalker for the past few weeks. [Fred Cook]

-There is now some speculation that as the Undertaker/DDP angle evolves; the Undertaker will get revenge on DDP in a way that involves DDP's famous "wife". The Undertaker once told Austin that if he messed with his family, he'd mess with Austin family, referring to Debra. [Joe D'Ambrose]


06/24/01 King Of The Ring PPV
Diamond Dallas Page entered the arena through the crowd as King of the Ring began! He climbed the barrier and entered the ring and grabbed a microphone.

Page said he came out to let the Undertaker know that he had arrived at the building. He said that Taker should be thanking him for only showing the PG-rated footage, because he had a personal collection of Sara that deserved more than just a thumbs-up! As far as DDP getting the worst ass-whooping that the Undertaker had ever handed out, Page said that he was going to kick Taker's ass all over his own yard! DDP promised to be the first WCW wrestler to ever set foot in Madison Square Garden! Page said that he would be easy to find, because he was sitting in the front row, holding a sign that read "Make Me Famous!" DDP then went to his seat and waited.

As Diamond Dallas Page sat in the front row, Paul Heyman went over to him and told him his actions were a bit brazen. As DDP answered, footage aired of Page while he dined! Page said he didn't think the footage was funny, and he didn't appreciate his personal life being shown like that! Later, more footage aired of Page as he conducted his personal business! DDP demanded for Taker to come out to the ring immediately! Page climbed over the security walls and entered the ring again. He demanded that Undertaker show his face immediately! After more goading, and more footage of Page was shown, and then it was revealed that it was Sara who had aired the footage! She told Page that it was time for him to become famous!

The Undertaker made the long, slow walk to the ring, where DDP stood. When he got there, he stood outside the ring and put on fighting gloves. Page paced and waited. Taker stared at him and climbed the steps. He brawl began immediately with Taker pounding on DDP. With the brawl being just that, there was no referee, and no rules!
After Undertaker cornered Page, DDP knocked the Dead Man down with a low blow. Taker recovered and began pounding on Page, when Sara walked down to the ring carrying a camcorder! She began taping the brawl!

Undertaker continued to take Page apart as Sara watched on. The brutal beating went, and no fan was seated. Eventually, DDP grabbed a steel chair and started nailing Undertaker. The two men then flipped over the announce table and hammered on each other. As Sara taped, Undertaker told Page that he hoped he liked being famous. DDP jumped over the top rope, and then he jumped the barricade and made a hasty exit from the building! Undertaker and Sara celebrated in the ring! []


06/25/01 Monday Night Raw
The Taker and Kane faced off against The Dudleys for the Tag Team Title. After the match the Dead Man and Sara then stood together in the middle of the ring. But once they made it at the end of the rampway, Diamond Dallas Page attacked Taker with a steel char. Sara slapped DDP and challenged him to a fight! But DDP taunted Sara, blocked her punch, grabbed her by the hair and pulled a piece of it out! During the break, Taker consoled his shaken wife. []


06/28/01 Thursday Smackdown
In an interview conducted earlier in the week, Jim Ross talked to the Undertaker and Sara. Sara said it didn't feel too good to have her hair ripped out of her head, and she didn't ask for any of this. She said her husband had always tried to keep her as far away from the business as possible, but Diamond Dallas Page changed all that. She said she would fight if necessary, and said that while she wasn't the biggest, baddest dog in the yard, if you messed with her family, she was the baddest bitch.

She said DDP should be careful what he wishes for -- because everyone is more famous when they're dead. The Undertaker then ripped off his microphone and walked off the set. []


06/29/01 Internet Rumors
The idea of hiring Kimberly has apparently not been discussed by WWF management yet, and so far there has been really no interest to bring her to the WWF as part of the angle involving Sara, DDP and the Undertaker. [Matthew Boone]


07/06/01 Monday Night Raw
Just four days after winning the Intercontinental Championship from Kane, Albert defended his newly won title against Kane's brother -- the Undertaker. The two super-heavyweights shook the ring in the battle for Intercontinental gold. Taker nailed Albert with a chokeslam, and the Badass was about to go for the Last Ride when DDP attacked the Taker with a chair, ending the bout in a disqualification! Page then hit a Diamond Cutter on the Undertaker! As DDP left, Sara ran up behind him and shoved him! As Sara and DDP mouthed off in the aisleway, Kane snuck up behind Page and beat the hell out of him! Moments later, Sara kicked Page where the sun doesn't shine!

Sara and Kane then threw Page into the ring -- right to the Undertaker! Albert ran into the ring to save Page, and the Brothers of Destruction double-teamed the Intercontinental Champion, as DDP ran away like a scalded dog. []


07/09/01 Monday Night Raw
WCW Chairman Shane McMahon arrived at the ring swinging a kendo stick in preparation for his Street Fight with Diamond Dallas Page. But just as ring announcer Lilian Garcia was to beckon DDP to the ring, Takerís music blared from the Titan Tron and the Dead Man Ė with Sara at his side Ė made his way down to the ring! Undertaker said that he understood Shane wanted to get to work, but Taker wanted to get his as well!

DDP emerged from beneath the Titan Tron with a steel chair and immediately came to blows with Taker and not his true opponent, Shane McMahon. Taker took control of the match and was about to hit DDP with a chokeslam when Shane OíMac nailed Undertaker from behind repeatedly with his kendo stick! But Undertaker recovered and took control of the situation while DDP, thrown from the ring by the Undertaker, went for a steel chair. He climbed into the ring and clubbed the Dead Man!

While Shane and DDP beat Undertaker in the corner, Sara sneaked up from behind and cracked Shane with his own stick! But DDP came to the chairmanís aid and sliced into Sara with a Diamond Cutter! While Taker crawled to his injured wife, Shane and DDP exited triumphantly. Paramedics took Sara from the ring on a stretcher.

Backstage, DDP and Shane celebrated their win enthusiastically. Shane, spotting Takerís flashy motorcycle, told DDP to take the night off. Page agreed and rode out into the streets of Atlanta on Undertakerís prized machine! After the break, Undertaker was shown escorting his wifeís gurney into an ambulance and driving off. []


07/11/01 Thursday Smackdown
As the show began, Mr. McMahon tried to convince the Undertaker to be a part of Team WWF, saying that he had given Taker what he wanted -- a match against Shane McMahon and Diamond Dallas Page on SmackDown! Mr. McMahon even said he had given Taker Kurt Angle as a partner. Taker said a deal's a deal, and then Vince asked Taker how Sara was. Taker told Vince never to bring her name up again, and not to screw with him, because someone was going to go for their Last Ride on SmackDown! []


07/16/01 Monday Night Raw
DDP and Rhyno were talking backstage about how the world would never forget their match against the Undertaker and Kane later in the night. Page asked Rhyno to go get some of the boys and bring them back to the locker room because he was going to have a special airing of the unedited footage of the Undertakerís wife, Sara. []


07/20/01 Internet News
The Undertaker Speaks on WWF, New Gimmick, Sara - Reported by: Sam Husary - July 16, 2001

Big thanks to Bruce Williams for sending the following in:
""The reality is I'm getting close to the end of my (in-ring) career. People who have stuck behind me and wanted to see what I'm like, well, what you see now is what you get. If you see me out on the street, you would see me in jeans and cut-off shirt riding a motorcycle. It's just me being me, and people are finally starting to accept it."

From the St. Petersburg Times (Jim Varsallone):
The Undertaker has a new lease on life. Currently, his wife Sara portrays herself on WWF TV. That works well with the veteran grappler. "It's pretty exciting," said Undertaker. "We're able to spend more time together. My schedule pretty much keeps me away from home all the time. That kind of road life was getting kind of old and tiring."

----- The Undertaker's wife Sara has Impressed WWF Officials. For an untrained wrestler she has been very good at taking bumps and setting up spots. Word is she should sign a full time WWF contract very shortly. []


07/22/01 Invasion PPV
As Debra went to get some coffee, she was clearly upset about what happened to her on SmackDown! Sara -- the Undertaker's wife -- told Debra that DDP was indeed a psycho. []


07/23/01 Monday Raw
The Undertaker, accompanied to the ring by his wife, Sara, took on the Man-Beast from ECW, Rhyno and Taker were nearly inseparable until Taker nailed the Man-Beast with fierce clotheslines! When Taker went to hit the chokeslam, Diamond Dallas Page came out to the ring! After pinning Rhyno, Taker and DDP brawled on the outside, until Taker threw Page back in the ring. There, Sara started kicking Page! Taker grabbed a steel chair and went to nail DDP with it, but Page ducked and Taker hit Sara instead! As RAW went to break, Taker carried his wife to the back, where Taker refused to let EMT's check on her.

Later on in the parking lot just as DDP was getting ready to leave, Coach asked DDP how he could put her in that position. Page said that to see the pain in her eyes really turned him on, and that he really dug it. Page then sped off in his car. []


07/30/01 Monday Night Raw
Moments before their match against Taker and Kane, the Dudley Boyz said that they accepted the Table Match with the Brothers of Destruction because of Sara's presence. Bubba Ray said that if the opportunity arises, Sara is going through a table! The Dudleys speculated where Sara may be during the match, and if Sara may actually be safe!

Armed with a table, D-Von and Bubba Ray Dudley walked down the ramp for their Tag Team Table match against the Undertaker and Kane -- who had Sara beside them at ringside. Taker was about to chokeslam D-Von through a table until WCW official Nick Patrick moved it out of the way. Then, Diamond Dallas Page jumped in, hit Taker with a low blow, and set up Sara to go through the table! Sara tried to fight it, but Bubba Ray was about to give her wood, until Taker grabbed Bubba Ray by the throat and chokeslammed him through the table from the top rope to win the match! Immediately afterward, DDP ran for his life! []


08/02/01 Smackdown
Somewhere away from the arena, Diamond Dallas Page was shown in a shrine to the Undertaker's wife, Sara! Complete with candles and a wall full of pictures, DDP said that when he first started stalking her, it was all about getting to the Undertaker and becoming famous, but now he couldn't get her out of his head! He said that he and Sara were soulmates, and showed a wedding picture with his and Sara's head pasted onto the bride and groom! He asked Sara to help him, because he was sick in the head, and she was the cure! []


08/03/01 Internet Rumors
Sara is doing fine after the bump she incurred on RAW from her husband, the Undertaker. The WWF was rumored to be very pleased with how Sara took the bump, her crown reaction is also increasing, there are just another indicators that Sara could be offered a contract by the WWF soon. [Amish Patel]

----- It is likely that either at the WWF Summerslam or Unforgiven pay-per-view we might see a mixed tag match between The Undertaker and Sara vs. Diamond Dallas Page and Kimberly. DDP could take full responsibility for Kim's backstage behavior to let the match go forward as DDP's reputation is very high personally and professionally. This angle could start at anytime, having The Undertaker do what DDP did to Sara on to Kimberly. [Jonathan Siderman]


08/06/01 Monday Night Raw
Kane brought the sold-out crowd to their feet as the show kicked off! The Big Red Machine challenged Rob Van Dam for the Hardcore Championship. Kane got off to a quick start, attacking RVD before the opening bell. Outside the ring, Kane kicked Van Dam into the crowd, but the Hardcore Champion battled back with a series of flying kicks. The Big Red Machine pressed RVD from the outside all the way back into the ring, and threw a steel chair and the ring steps into the squared circle. A drop toehold by Van Dam drove Kane's face into the steps, and RVD then drove the chair into Kane's face for a near fall. Kane floored RVD with a powerslam and hit a top-rope clothesline for a near fall of his own. RVD soon hit a low blow as Diamond Dallas Page headed to the ring, grabbed a steel chair, and nailed Kane twice. RVD then hit the Five-Star Frog Splash to score the pinfall and retain his championship, thanks to DDP! After the match, Page escaped through the crowd.

Later on backstage, the Undertaker and Sara arrived at the arena, and met up with Kane. Kane told Taker about what happened earlier in the evening with DDP. The Big Red Machine told Taker he knew exactly where Page was, and it was right in the arena. Taker told Kane to tell him where the shrine was so he could take care of business, and also asked him to take Sara to the APA, and then meet up with him at the shrine so they could kick some ass.

Taker entered the shrine, but DDP was nowhere to be found. He looked around for a moment, and then tore everything to shreds! Suddenly, maniacal laughter was heard, and Taker attacked the man -- but DDP attacked Taker from behind! The maniacal laughter had come from Kanyon! Kanyon and DDP double-teamed Taker until Kane came for the save. []


08/13/01 Monday Night Raw
Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire entered the steel cage in an attempt to regain the WCW Tag Team Championship from Undertaker and Kane. The Brothers of Destruction began taking care of business early. Kane slammed the cage door on O'Haire's head and then chokeslammed his opponent. DDP and Kanyon surveyed the action from the top of the entrance ramp, which elicited a strong chorus of booing from the crowd.

Blood gushed from Palumbo's forehead as the Undertaker jammed his skull into the steel fencing. DDP and Kanyon, meanwhile, inched closer to the action. kane and Undertaker seemed to be making an example of their opponents. They looked straight at DDP and Kanyon and pounded on Palumbo. Suddenly, Kanyon and Page started chasing Sara! Sara eluded her pursuers by climbing the cage to safety. Kane put and end to the match pinning Palumbo as DDP and Kanyon retreated. []


08/16/01 Smackdown
Coach interviewed Kane and the Undertaker about their cage match at SummerSlam against DDP and Kanyon. Taker said he had been pissed off to this point, and he felt like he needed to make an example out of Diamond Dallas Page.

He said Page had him puzzled, since Page said he wanted to be famous, and then stalked and assaulted Sara. He said it seemed that Page wanted to be famous by having Sara kick his ass! he said that if DDP would have studied his Federation history, he would know what Taker did to people in cage matches -- and it wasn't pretty. Taker then asked why a young man like Kanyon with so much promise would want to be locked in a cage with Kane -- cuz who badder than Kane? He said that at SummerSlam, they would get an old-school beatdown, and that inside the cage, there was no place to run and no place to hide. He said it was going to be ugly. []


08/19/01 Summer Slam PPV
The winners of this contest - which could only be won via pinfall, submission or escape by both team members from the cage - would be the first to unify the Tag Team Championships from the World Wrestling Federation and WCW.

After both teams entered the cage, the Undertaker's wife Sara locked the cage door shut. As soon as the bell rang, DDP and Kanyon both made a run up the cage walls. The Brothers of Destruction caught them, however, and pulled them inside the ring. Late in the match, Undertaker grabbed a chain and jumped back down into the ring and the brothers started pounding on DDP! There was no escape for Page as Taker went after him with a vengeance!

Taker set DDP up and told Page to go and not come back - and to never look at Sara again! As Page climbed out, Kane convinced Taker to grab DDP! Taker pulled DDP of the ropes and chokeslammed him, and then set him up for the Last Ride! After the huge powerbomb, Taker and Kane celebrated the unification of the WWF and WCW Tag Team Championships! []


08/20/01 Raw
Backstage, Michael Cole interviewed Diamond Dallas Page about his match with Sara on RAW. DDP said that even though he was hurting from his cage match at SummerSlam, it was all worth it because itís obvious that Sara made this match with him because she wanted to be with him. Sara was preparing for her match against DDP when Taker asked her if she was sure she wanted to go through with it. She assured her husband that she definitely wanted to face Page, and the duo made their way to the ring.

Next up, DDP took on the Undertakerís wife, Sara. Page grabbed the microphone and told Sara that he knew she wanted to get physical with him. DDP gave her the first shot, and Page retaliated by pushing her to the ground. Taker, who was at ringside, pulled Page outside the ring and began to pepper shots on his wifeís stalker. He ended up slamming Page on the ground before throwing him into the ring, which allowed Sara to cover the fallen Page for the win. []


08/24/01 Internet Rumor
Right now, Sara is on a show-to-show basis with the WWF. She gets paid per performance, and obviously does not have any sort of prominent role right now. Sara has been training a big now and then, and she doesn't show much interest in signing a long-term, full-time deal with the WWF. She likes being present at WWF events in order to spend more time with her husband, the Undertaker, and she likes acting. Sara is expected to stay on her current paid-by-appearance deal for quite some time, but if she continues to appear at WWF events on a regular basis, a contract deal may be reached. Only time will tell on this issue. [Joe D'Ambrose]


08/31/01 Internet Rumor
Now that the Undertaker-DDP storyline has expired, Sara is expected to remain off WWF television. She didn't serve much of a purpose aside from being the bait in the DDP "stalker" angle and now that the program between himself and Taker has run its' course, Sara is not needed on WWF television. Despite this fact, Sara may continue to travel with husband the Undertaker and be around in-case the WWF can use her for a role. [Matthew Boone]


09/03/01 Internet News
DDP has stated in an interview that appeared on his web site that working with the Undertaker and his wife Sarah upon entering the WWF has been an enjoyable experience for Page. He describes the Undertaker as having, "this presense about him" while Sarah is "a natural at what she does." []


09/04/01 Smackdown (Special Tuesday Night Show)
In a match stemming from Monday's RAW, Steven Richards took on the Undertaker. Prior to the match, Steven said that many wondered why he Stevenkicked the Taker on RAW, and why he challenged him to a match on SmackDown! He said many people thought he was crazy for doing so, but he had one thing to say to the Undertaker -- he hates you! He said he blamed Taker for the disbanding of the Right to Censor. He said that although the people had no faith in Steven Richards, he had faith in himself. He challenged Taker to come out and get some, which Taker did. The American Badass went right for Steven, who made Taker chase him. Steven then grabbed a chair, and challenged Taker to come after him.

The Badass stalked Steven up the ramp, and punched him in the face. He then turned around, and Brian Adams of Kronic kicked Taker's motorcycle over! As Taker went after Adams, Bryan Clarke -- also of Kronik -- attacked Taker from behind, and the duo double-teamed the Badass! With Steven directing traffic, the duo tossed Taker in the ring and gave him the High Times double-chokeslam! []


09/05/02 Thursday Smackdown!
Stephanie sat between the Undertaker and Brock Lesnar during a promo for the main event between the two at the Unforgiven PPV. Paul Heyman told the Undertaker that if anything happened to him in the upcoming match and he couldn't provide for his family, that Paul would definitely take care of his lovely wife Sara, but that he refuses to take care of the Undertaker's unborn child! With that, the Undertaker shoved Paul down and he and Brock stood face to face as Heyman pulled Brock away and the two left together as the Undertaker showed no fear! []


09/12/02 Thursday Smackdown!
The Undertaker and his pregnant wife, Sara were shown arriving backstage.

Awhile later, Marc Loyd was shown knocking on the door of the Undertaker and the Undertaker came out and Marc said that people are surprised to see that the Undertaker brought Sara to the arena, especially after Paul Heyman's comments last week. The Undertaker replied by saying that not that it's anyone's business, but she has friends in the area and she wanted to see them.

Matt Hardy, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman made their way out to the ring for the match with Matt Hardy against the Undertaker. Paul Heyman got on the apron and attempted to tick the Undertaker off but was unable to and Matt laughed as Lesnar looked on. Paul Heyman slid a chair into the ring and the referee grabbed it and tossed it and then Matt and the Undertaker locked it up and the Undertaker shoved Matt right down to the mat and then he gave him a number of elbows in the corner.

Michael Chioda eventually got frustrated at Paul Heyman and sent him back to the backstage area but Brock Lesnar remained at ringside. Chioda later kicked Brock out, leaving it Matt Hardy against the Undertaker with no outside interference.

Matt went for the Twist of Fate but the Undertaker shoved him into the ropes and knocked him down with a vicious clothesline. As the match was going on, Paul Heyman was shown on the Titantron entering the Undertaker locker room and he saw Sara there. Paul hit on Sara and Sara told him that he needs to get out, right now. The Undertaker quickly got out of the ring and stormed after Paul Heyman and choked him and then Brock laid the Undertaker out with a steel chair.

Brock then backed Sara against the wall and said "life's a bitch" and then he left and Sara went down to attend to the Undertaker as the show went off the air. [] WebMaster's Note: Sara is now a brunette.


09/19/02 Thursday Smackdown!
Paul Heyman entered the a room backstage and told Stephanie that they needed to talk. Paul said that he's so worried about the Smackdown! main event at Unforgiven that he's hired security for Brock incase the Undertaker decides to do something stupid tonight. Stephanie brought up the fact that Sara went into false labor this morning and she went into the hospital and then Paul said that if she's in the hospital, the Undertaker won't be here on Smackdown!. Stephanie pointed out that Sara was in the hospital this morning but ever since she was released, the Undertaker has been trying desperately to get here tonight so she suggested to Paul that he keep that security real close. After that, Paul left the room and told Brock that the Undertaker is on his way and as the two walked through the hallway, Paul told the security to keep their eyes out for the Undertaker. []


10/25/02 Internet Rumor
In case you were wondering, yes, Sara Calloway, wife of WWE Superstar Mark Calloway (The Undertaker) is about to give birth to their first child any day now.

Sara Callaway is legitimately about to give birth, and her pregnancy wasn't written into Undertaker's current storyline to make his battle with Lesnar more dramatic. How the "injury" situation surrounding Undertaker's heavily braced elbow will be handled in storyline is largely going to be determined by when she goes into labor.

Right now it's touch and go whether he is going on the European tour this weekend, which includes a PPV on Saturday night in Manchester that he is scheduled to be in the main event of. If she does indeed go into labor, no doubt WWE will pull him from the PPV, easily claiming an injury or the admit his wife is in labor. []


11/29/02 Internet News
The news that most people have been awaiting has finally happened. There's two new additions to the WWE family that have been made known to the public? Who are they?

Mark & Sara Calloway are the proud parents of a baby girl, who was born last week. Kurt & Karen Angle also welcome a baby girl who was born just yesterday. There has been no "official" word from either the WWE, Calloway or Angle families on the birth of their children, or what they have named their babies, but you can be sure we will be hearing about it very soon. [Daniel Bradshaw,]

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What is up with all these story threads???
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its a nice way to learn stuff about some wrestlers
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Originally posted by ReddDragon
its a nice way to learn stuff about some wrestlers
I agree,I like them.Thanks for the Taker story.

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Yeah i like them aswell...But at the end put a little something of your own in.
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Yea for sure, Dragon. Your stories are interesting. Some cool facts that are good to know.
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thanks to all.
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Good stuff. Keep it coming. Maybe they will give you a forum specifically for this kind of thing
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hey good idea
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