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Baseball Issues
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Default Baseball Issues

- Barry Bonds is not only the Jesus Christ of baseball, but now he's officially the new Jesus Christ. He is the savior of humanity, with 715 homers to prove it. He has destroyed every single thing Babe Ruth has ever done. Babe Ruth is a piece of shit compared to him, but I will get into that later. For now, back to discussing and analyzing Barry. Barry fucking rocks. And that's why people hate him, because they are honestly jealous of the man. Even commisionar Bud Selig is jelous of Barry Bonds, which is why he chooses to not celebrate any accomplishment that Barry has accomplished. Fuck Bud Selig. I will destroy him if I ever meet him in person. How dare he not respect what Barry Bonds has done for the Major Leagues. He has literally turned this league from a Mickey Mouse league to the professional league which is better than the rest. Without him, MLB would be just another minor league piece of shit with no direction. But Barry hit SEVEN HUNDRED FIFTEEN homers and turned MLB into something special. People tuned in everyday just to see Barry hit a home run, and he did not disappoint. I honestly think it's funny when people insult and crucify Barry Lamar Bonds. He is a true Jesus Christ. He's the next Jesus Christ. He's better than Jesus Christ. It's because of him that these people even watch baseball. It's because of him that they even like baseball. Barry has come into their homes, and shown them the love for baseball and humanity. Without Barry Bonds, most of the Americans would have shot themselves by now. Baseball is America's national past time, and without Barry, there is no baseball.

- Fuck Babe Ruth. He may have ended the deadball era, but the more research I do, the more I find out what a bitch he is. He actually used to drink alcohol in the clubhouse when it was fucking illegal. That's pathetic. The only reason he hit so much home runs is because he drank so much alcohol and took so much steroids. Now yes, it's true, Barry took steroids, but atleast he did them with pride. And shit, atleast he wasn't on two illegal substances at one time. That would be absolutely pathetic. And quite frankly, Babe Ruth was pathetic. He couldn't even hit 1 home run if it wasn't for alcohol.... plus steroids. I am so glad that he died because of alcohol. Fat fuck deserved it. Fuck him. He's burning in hell right now, getting his ass kicked by the devil. He was a horrible person who purposely broke every single rule known to man in the United States. He did everything wrong. Including drinking as much illegal alcohol as humanly possible. He beat, raped, and sodomized women who he didn't even know, then went home to do that to his wife. Whenever you talked to him, he would immediately cuss you out, and he wouldn't stop until you went somewhere else. Then he would still yell profanities at you as you were running away. He got little kids drunk, took them for rides in his car, and purposely tried to drive off cliffs. When fans tried to get his autograph, he would yell at them for hours, and even sometimes punch them in the face. He had no respect for the fans. At all. Sometimes he was being cheered after hitting a home run, but he was too cocky and arrogant, so he would yell and tell the fans to shut the fuck up. When they kept cheering, he would actually climb into the stands and fight them one by one. Fuck Babe Ruth.

Okay, feels good to get that off my chest. I just needed to express my opinions on two baseball players who are being discussed alot lately. Alright, I'm finished...
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