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Mighty Jobber....
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STICK You want to be like DCSTICK You want to be like DCSTICK You want to be like DCSTICK You want to be like DCSTICK You want to be like DCSTICK You want to be like DCSTICK You want to be like DCSTICK You want to be like DCSTICK You want to be like DCSTICK You want to be like DCSTICK You want to be like DC
Default Mighty Jobber....

You wanna run your mouth about backstage politics and you bein held down? Well I got somethin for you punk ass!!

*kicks mighty jobber in the stomach and then axe kicks him*

*picks mighty jobber up in the vertebreaker position and delivers the most wicked vertebreaker in history*

*gets a chair and pummels might jobber in the face and forehead repeatedly*

*grabs him by his blood soaked hair and punches his gushing wound*

*goes outside the ring and grabs a table and sets it up*

*gets another table and sets it up on top of the first one*

*goes back in the ring and picks mighty jobber up in the powerbomb position and powerbombs his candy ass over the ropes, out of the ring, and through the stacked tables*

You wanna keep bitchin about backstage politics and bein held down? Do it, and I won't take it so easy on you your bitch ass next time.

*gets out of the ring and walks up the ramp to the back as Tech N9ne's "Industry Is Punks" plays, leaving mighty jobber bleeding profusely in the broken mess of tables*
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Johnny Blitz
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This should be good.....
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Mighty Jobber is on a distinguished road

*mighty jobber thinks to himself i have jobbed well and hopefully this angle will get me over cus everbody cheers the face which is me and especially when he is out numbered and out power like stone cold he can beat 2v1 anytime cus the crowd fans help him win like hogan*
Gets on hands and knees
touches face and see blood..
uses ropes to get up
ref give him a mic
The jobber says this..... "i may have been beating down but i'm still standing and whatever dosent kill me make me stronger ....."
wait and wonders if thier will be a crowd reaction(i've never gotten one before) THE CROWD GO WILD!!!!!!!!!! mighter jobber thinks it's cus of his speech but it's because _______ came in the ring (the space is for someone to come in and beat me or help me SOMEONE MUST FINISH THIS MAKE IT A PUSH OR A PULL!!!)

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