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WarZone This is the fights forum, where all user/user fights should go.

What the fuck is this?
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Default What the fuck is this?

PsychoTaylor: 1st OFFICIAL (and only) King of the Warzone

Fuck you little boy, I was King of this place long before you!!!!!

In fact I coined the name King of the Warzone.

I left cause of little sissy boys, like you, couldnt bring nothing to the table.

Rock, Marble, Truth, StarCrip, CDWC, all of them I took on and u know what they did when they couldnt beat me?

The came up with tap out rules, all they could scream is you tapped, you tapped. So when I challenged them to a duel with no Tap out rules guess what happend. They all cried, they all whined they all couldnt do one damn thing.

they lost thier edge, they couldnt think of one thing to come back with without thier tap out rules.

So any of you bitches want to be King you will come to me, one by one, show me what you have and I shall crown you king. But I am, have and always will be King here. Till I give it up.

Now Psycho Taylor your nothing till you prove to me your something. All the time I was down here kicking ass, making mother fuckers cower to me you were hiding in the WWE forum with the rest of the Marks. Then when I leave you wanna come down and talk shit??? Ok Talk shit mother fucker, but u never came down and came up to me, cause you dont have what it takes. Your scared little Bitch, your nothing but another name to me. You should be honored I even made a thread about you. hell the only reason I did cause of your false claim.

Now Show me your even worthy of being King, that you are even worthy to post in here.

Until then go back to the WWE forums and act tough, cause down here, your shit.
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