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Victory Road 2007
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Default Victory Road 2007

* Match of champions: Team 3d (Tag Champs) Vs. Joe (X-Champ) and Kurt angle (TNA and IWGP Champ)
* Ultimate X Gauntlet
* Rhino v. Storm
* Cage v. Harris
* Sting & Abyss v. Styles & Tomko
* Young & Kim v. Roode & Brooks
* Lynn & Backlund v. Sabin & Shelley

i'll be here with the results via gerweck.


Rhino vs Storm: Storm via cheating/Use of beer bottle
Kim/Young Vs Roode/Brooks: Roode/Brooks.
Sting/Abyss vs Tomko/Styles: Abyss/Sting Clean.
Backlund/Lynn vs Sabin/Shelley: Sabin/Shelly
Christian vs Harris: Christian via Cheating
Ultimate X: Black Machismo
Match of Champions: A fucking no contest ending where nobody loses a single belt.

* TNA Promo Airs: "We Are Wrestling!"

- Opening video package airs with pre-recorded comments from wrestlers on tonight's PPV. Angle, Joe, and Team 3-D talk about being a world champion. Angle is dressed up with both belts (IWGP and TNA titles) over his shoulders.

- So Cal Val blows us a kiss at ringside; pyro goes off; Tenay and West open the show hyping the card.

(1) Ultimate X Gautlet match: Christopher Daniels vs. Black Machismo for the first minute. Puma enters the match next. After another minute, Homicide enters next for the next 60 seconds. Fifth man is for the next minute is Sonjay Dutt. Petey Williams enters the match at number six, coming out to chants of "Petey, Petey." Puma thrown out by Petey Williams, and then Williams is eliminated. Shark Boy enters the match. After another sixty seconds, Elix Skipper enters the match. Skipper eliminated Shark Boy and Sonjay Dutt. Kaz enters next. After another sixty seconds, Senshi enters the match, thus the Ultimate X phase begins with the X hoisted over the ring. Senshi climbs across, but is pulled down by Homicide. Daniels climbs, but is pulled down by Kaz. Kaz, Daniels, Homicide and Skipper all climbed across in opposite corners, but all are pulled down at the same time. Daniels hung upside down, and Kaz jumped off the top rope and pulled him down. Great spot! Triple suplex by Daniels! Fans chant "TNA, TNA." Kaz and Skipper climb atop on either side. Kaz reaches for the X. Skipper and Kaz face off from a top of the scaffold. Both crash and burn at the same time. Daniels climbs up, but Lethal pulls him down. Daniels climbs the opposite the side. Skipper pulled down Lethal. Daniels grabs the "X" at 18:48 to win and earn a x-division title. Daniels, Senshi and Skipper re-unite in the ring, Triple X is back!

- Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviewed Team 3D. Devon says tonight is the opportunity of a lifetime. He has waited fifteen years for this. He said he'll pin Angle tonight to become the TNA champion. Brother Ray tells Devon that he won't become the world champion. He said tonight he'll win the X-division title. Why would he go after the X-division instead of the TNA title? He said he's 300 lbs. plus, but will become the X-division champion. Devon says he'll do what he has to do, as Ray will do what he has to do. Ray says "fine."

- Cline interviews Samoa Joe. He said he can't trust Angle, but he'll pin a member of the Team 3-D to win the world tag team titles. Joe said after he wins the world tag team titles, he is coming after Angle.

- Backstage, VKM said tonight they have a surprise. BG said Hemme doesn't have any talent, and tonight we'll see a new member of VKM from New Orleans. Gunn talked about sticking his boot up Lance Hoyt's butt.

(2) The Damaja and Basham (with Christy Hemme and Lance Hoyt) vs. VKM. Before the match, in the ring, VKM cut a New Age Outlaws type promo. BG brings out Roxxi Laveaux, the "voodoo queen." Fans chant "what is that" at her. She comes out and stares down Hemme. Hemme comes in with Gunn, but Laveaux enters the ring and is stopped by Earl Hebner. On the outside, Hoyt pushes BG into the guard rail. At the five minute mark, fans chanted "boring." This feud is rather dull. Hoyt big boots a chair into Kip with Earl not looking, but Kip pinned out. BG hits a chair shot, and Kip scores the pinfall victory at 7:03. After the match, Roxxi plasters Hemme on the mat since they can't do male on female violence. Hoyt takes Hemme to the back.

- JB interviews Kurt Angle holding both belts. Angle said he is sorry that Joe is jealous of him. He said it won't be on 3 on 1 match. He said tonight its "shake and bake."

- They recapped the Rhino and James Storm build up centering around drinking.

(3) James Storm (with Jackie Moore) vs. Rhino. Referee Rudy Charles ejected Moore before the match began. Storm came out drinking a beer bottle. Rhino goes after Storm on the outside to start a brawl. Rhino brawl into the crowd. Rhino shoves Storm into a wall on the outside. Rhino grabs Storm's beer bottle, and tosses into the crowd. Rhino and Storm brawl outside of the ring for three minutes before the match officially begins. Fans chanted "Rhino" to encourage him as Storm worked over his opponent. Storm found a beer bottle from under the ring. Charles warned him not to use it, and he set in down in the corner. Superplex by Rhino, but could only get a two count. Rhino accidently clotheslined the referee. Belly to belly suplex by Rhino. In the corner, Storm grabs the beer bottle and smashes it into Rhino as he went for the gore to win the match at 7:26. Rhino was busted open.

- Backstage, Cline interviewed Mr. Backlund and Jerry Lynn. Lynn said they aren't hanging on to the past. Lynn said the "rookies" have been disrespectful. Backlund said they are going to fight for the "family." Backlund flips out cutting his promo and finally says "I'm done."

- They showed highlights of the feud building up tonight's match.

(4) Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley (with Kevin Nash) vs. Jerry Lynn and Mr. Backlund. Nash showed his team a page from the book he is carrying. Tenay said Backlund is 56 and Lynn is 44 years old. Backlund tagged in Lynn, and fans chanted "Jerry, Jerry." Nash big boots Lynn with the referee distracted. Sabin pinned Lynn at 8:44.

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Shitty show except the X Division match

Thanks to Monica for the banner and the avatar

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Yup pretty much a crap show. Joe winning was nice though.
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Tom Hanks With-A the Aids
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rest of the results:

- Backstage, Leticia was with Jerry Lynn and Bob...sorry Mr. Backlund. Lynn called Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley a bunch of disrespectful rookies. Backlund said the veterans want no drugs, no cheating, no lying and especially no swearing. Backlund went crazy saying they were going to teach Sabin and Shelley a lesson tonight. Backlund screamed, "I'm done!" and walked off as Lynn smiled.

- Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley w/ Kevin Nash defeated Bob Backlund & Jerry Lynn. The match started off with Chris Sabin and Bob Backlund. Backlund with a few quick takedowns on Sabin early on and Sabin stalls a bit. Alex Shelley and Jerry Lynn get the tags next. Lynn handles Shelley easily and Shelley runs back to tag in Sabin holding him in fear of Lynn. Sabin and Shelley then take out Lynn and Backlund with some quick double-team kicks and celebrate. They put Lynn in the tree of woe and hit two big jumping dropkicks to the head. Backlund comes in to make the save and goes after Sabin. With the referee distracted, Kevin Nash comes in and takes out Lynn with a big boot. Sabin and Shelley then double-team Lynn again with some massive kicks to the head and body and then get the pinfall on Lynn for the win.

- Backstage, Kurt Angle is looking for backup tonight for the main event. He goes into the men's bathroom and finds Jay "Black Machismo" Lethal. He asks Lethal if he can watch his back tonight. Lethal, in his Black Machismo voice, responds, "Wash your back?" Angle corrects him and puts his world titles on his shoulders saying he could be that some day if he helps him. Lethal then turns Angle down and Angle attacks him in the bathroom.

- Eric Young & Gail Kim defeated Robert Roode & Ms. Brooks. Early on in the match, Eric Young took out Robert Roode with tons of quick offense. Young with a big belly-to-belly suplex on Roode. Kim took out Ms. Brooks when she came into the ring. Young with a quick rollup on Roode, but Roode kicks out. Young takes out Roode on the outside with a suicide dive. Kim follows that up springboarding over the top rope onto Brooks. Back in the ring, Kim hits Roode with a big right hand. Roode and Brooks grabs Young and crotch him using the steel ring post. Kim with a big dropkick off the top rope on Brooks. Young and Kim hit Roode with a double-dropkick and Kim covers Brooks to get the pinfall. After the match, a frustrated Roode goes crazy. He then blames Ms. Brooks for the loss and pushes her a few times. She leaves the ring and Young returns pulling down Roode's trunks to reveal a thong. Roode flips out and tries to pull up his shorts as Young runs away laughing.

- Backstage, Jeremy Borash was with Christian Cage, AJ Styles and Tomko. Cage said the difference between himself and Chris Harris is that he has been on top since he came to TNA and that Harris is still crawling his way to the top after being here for 5 years. Cage said he would make Harris a star tonight. Kurt Angle then walks up and asks Cage if he can borrow his guys tonight. Cage said he would like to, but they have a match later and are a little busy with his stuff tonight as well. Sonjay Dutt walks up as Cage, Styles and Tomko leave. He asks for some donations. Angle then attacks Dutt, throws some money for a donation, but then comes back and takes it back.

- Christian Cage defeated Chris Harris. The match starts off with Cage pushing Harris away. Harris comes back with a lockup and then gives Cage a long vertical suplex holding Cage up for a while before slamming him on the mat. Harris with a back body drop on Cage on the babyface ramp. Cage then crotches Harris in the corner using the steel ring post. Cage applies an abdominal stretch on Harris in the middle of the ring. Lots of reversals between the two and then Harris hits an Unprettier on Cage. Harris covers, but Cage kicks out. Cage tries to run at Harris, but Harris hits him with a big Spear. Cage somehow gets back up and then exposes the top turnbuckle. Harris then catapults Cage into the exposed corner, hits a full nelson slam, covers, but Cage kicks out. Cage then catches Harris with a steel chair shot through the ropes with the referee distracted putting the pad back on the corner. Dustin Rhodes then appears at the top of the ramp. Cage has a confused look on his face as Harris rolls him up. The referee is distracted by Rhodes, makes the pinfall count, but it gives Cage enough time to kick out. Cage then calls for backup. Tomko runs out to distract the referee. Harris tries to give Cage a Catatonic, but Rhodes hits the ring and hits Harris over the back with handcuffs. Cage then rolls up Harris and gets the pinfall. The finish came off very slow and bad in this one. Cage celebrates his win with Tomko.

- Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Sting and Abyss. Sting said Abyss is now a free man. Abyss gets the mic put in his face and says, "Tomko, Styles, your blood, my hands, tonight, click...Doomsday."

- Sting & Abyss defeated AJ Styles & Tomko. Early on in the match when it was AJ Styles and Abyss, Styles attempted lots of offense on Abyss, but Abyss couldn't be taken down or moved. Sting gets the tag and takes out Styles and Tomko with Stinger Splashes in each corner. Abyss comes back in with Styles and almost gives him a Styles Clash when Styles attempts a huricanranna. Abyss takes out Tomko on the outside when Styles kicked him off the top rope. Styles rolls to the outside only to see Sting take out all three over the top rope. Sting takes out Tomko with a steel chair on the outside. All four brawled back into the ring. Lots of quick spots took place. The finish finally saw Abyss hit the Black Hole Slam on Tomko for the win. After the match, Sting and Abyss celebrated. James Mitchell's voice then comes over the PA system. He appears at the top of the heel ramp. Mitchell tells Sting and Abyss to enjoy the win while it lasts because the Doomsday clock is ticking. Mitchell laughed and headed to the back.

- We go to Mike Tenay and Don West at ringside. They hype up the "Match of Champions" main event that is up next. When they showed the graphics of the TNA titles on the line tonight, they were still the old graphics of the "NWA" belts.

- Team 3D was out first with the TNA World Tag Team Titles in hand. Samoa Joe was out next. He had samoan fire dancers for his entrance.

- We then go to a shot of Kurt Angle backstage leaving his room. He spots Havoc and Martyr (Johnny Devine and Matt Bentley). Angle asks them to back him up tonight. Both laugh and then Angle attacks them.

- TNA X Division Champion Samoa Joe won the "Match of Champions" pinning Brother Ray to become the holder of the TNA World Tag Team Championships. The match kicked off with Samoa Joe and Brother Devon. Both exchange some elbows and chops. Kurt Angle and Brother Ray get tagged in. Ray takes out Angle in the corner and Angle responds with a german suplex on Ray. Lots of frequent tags between Angle and Joe at this point in the match with both taking out Ray and Devon quickly and then tagging each other in to stay fresh as worded by Tenay and West. Angle and Joe take out 3D with some double-team moves including a big double-hip toss on Ray. Devon comes back with a spinebuster on Angle, goes to cover, but Ray breaks it up. 3D starts to argue as Ray tags himself in and hits Joe with a modified Rock Bottom. Ray covers Joe and Devon breaks up that pinfall. Ray pushes Devon down to the mat, yells at him and then looks to head to the back up the ramp. With the referee distracted, Joe attempts a suplex on Devon, but Devon blocks it. Ray then slides back in and low blows Joe. 3D then smile and hug, telling the fans they tricked them. Ray takes out Joe when he goes to tag in Angle. Angle finally gets the hot tag, gives Devon a big back body drop and then gives Ray a big back body drop as well. Before Ray takes the back body drop, he yells loudly, "I hate you Kurt!" Angle goes for Angle Slam on Ray, but Devon breaks it up. Devon looks to headbutt Angle from the top rope, but Joe breaks it up. Angle takes out Devon with a huge superplex off the top rope. Joe with a powerslam on Ray and Angle with a german suplex on Devon. Angle connects with a moonsault on Devon, covers, but Ray breaks it up. Angle and Joe then apply ankle locks on both Ray and Devon. Ray is the first to counter. Angle takes out Joe by accident. 3D on Angle. Devon rolls over Kurt and goes to cover him when Rick Steiner comes out and pulls the referee out during the pinfall attempt. Devon sees this and goes after Rick. Scott Steiner then hits the ring and takes out Ray with a lead pipe to the head. Joe covers Ray, the referee comes back in, counts the pinfall, but Angle breaks it up. Angle kicks Joe on the ground. Angle then goes for the Angle Slam on Ray, but Joe cuts Angle's leg from out under him. Joe then pins Ray and gets the win. Samoa Joe is now the holder of the TNA World Tag Team Titles along with the TNA X Division Title. After the match, Joe celebrates with all three of his title belts.

- A promo airs for the Hard Justice PPV on August 12.

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