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MLB Trade rumors
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Default MLB Trade rumors

Sorry that this might look messy and hard to read. But until I figure out how to post these charts better this is how its going to be done.

Tuesday, July 26

Alfonso Soriano
Rangers Twins?
Mets? Soriano price is wrong
Jul 26 - According to The New York Post, the Mets are interested in Rangers second baseman Alfonso Soriano. Texas has let it be known that they want Jose Reyes as part of any deal, and also crave outfield prospect Lastings Milledge, but that price is too high for New York.
Soriano is making $7.5 million this year and will be eligible for an arbitration raise after the season. He will be a free agent after 2006.

Right now, a trade for Soriano appears to be a longshot. Not only would the Rangers' price have to come down, but also the Mets would have to determine whether Soriano would be worth the cost it would take to keep him for next season. After arbitration, Soriano would command approximately $9-10 million next season.


Danys Baez
Devil Rays Mets?
Red Sox?
White Sox? Met life?
Jul 26 - One of the Mets' main targets for bullpen help remains Devil Rays closer Danys Baez, The New York Post reports. Tampa Bay's asking price for Baez is very high, although Mets Double-A right-hander Yusmeiro Petit could be in the mix.
Baez, a 27-year-old righty, is making $3.5 million this year and has a $4 million team option for next season or a $1 million buyout.


Carl Pavano
Yankees Mariners? Starter talks
Jul 26 - In talks with the Yankees about a trade that might involve Randy Winn for pitcher Carl Pavano, the Mariners are believed to have discussed including a starting pitcher in the deal, the Seattle Times reports. New York is seeking mound help, as well as a replacement for center fielder Bernie Williams.
The Yankees seemingly expressed no interest in left-hander Jamie Moyer, so Seattle might be willing to deal right-hander Joel Pineiro.


Mark Redman
Pirates Marlins? Go Fish?
Jul 26 - The Marlins continue to express interest in Pirates left-hander Mark Redman, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports. A key part of the 2003 Marlins, Redman could replace A.J. Burnett in the rotation -- if Burnett is traded. "I had a good relationship with the ownership and with Jack McKeon," Redman told the newspaper. "I wouldn't be opposed to going back."
The Pirates have asked repeatedly for Marlins Double-A outfielder Jeremy Hermida, but they have been rebuffed at every turn. A Redman deal could include a couple of young Marlins arms instead, with Yorman Bazardo, Chris Resop and Scott Olsen among the possibilities.


Sidney Ponson
Orioles Rangers? Let's make a deal
Jul 26 - Phil Nevin declined to waive his limited no-trade clause, thereby negating a trade that would have sent Orioles starter Sidney Ponson to the Padres for the first baseman. What happens now with Ponson -- who signed a three-year, $22.5 million deal prior to the 2004 season -- is unknown, but his days in Baltimore appear numbered, the Washington Post reports.
"We had several teams interested in him recently," a source close to the Orioles told the newspaper. "Now we can go back to them. Maybe another team comes out. It's obvious that we'll trade Sidney Ponson."

Baltimore has spoken with the Rangers about a possible swap for outfielder Richard Hidalgo. Any major move likely won't happen until this weekend, and the chances of a Nevin-for-Ponson trade being revisited are remote.


Los Angeles The heat is on
Jul 26 - According to the Los Angeles Daily News, the Dodgers are searching for a big bat in the outfield and middle-relief help. GM Paul DePodesta proved last year he isn't afraid to shake things up, trading popular catcher Paul Lo Duca to Florida in a deal that brought pitcher Brad Penny and first baseman Hee-Seop Choi to Los Angeles -- and DePodesta hasn't ruled out being just as aggressive this year.

Vicente Padilla
Phillies Yankees?
Rangers? Yanks for the memories?
Jul 26 - The Yankees now head the list of teams that would love to find a way to reel in Vicente Padilla,'s Jayson Stark reports. The Phillies remain split on what they would need back for the right-hander, and they might just decide they're better off keeping him. But they're still open to packaging Padilla and Ugueth Urbina for an impact starting pitcher.

Mike Lowell
Marlins Yankees?
Red Sox?
White Sox?
Orioles? Any takers?
Jul 26 - The Marlins are probably going to keep Mike Lowell,'s Jayson Stark reports. They're no longer telling the A.J. Burnett bidders that they need to take Lowell as part of the package.
Lowell's large contract and poor offensive numbers this season have combined to subdue interest. He is owed close to $21 million for the balance of his contract -- roughly $3 million for this season and $9 million in each of the next two years.


Randy Winn
Mariners Yankees? Winn of change?
Jul 26 - According to's Jayson Stark, Randy Winn remains the Yankees' most likely acquisition, if only because he figures to be gettable at the most modest cost -- and because the Yanks know they need to help in center field. Winn is making $3.75 million this year and possibly $5 million next year.

Jose Mesa
Pirates White Sox?
Marlins? Case closed?
Jul 26 - The Pirates won't hesitate to deal closer Jose Mesa -- if the right deal presents itself. According to The New York Post, the Bucs are ideally looking for position players in return. Mesa is earning $2 million this year and has a club option for next year worth $4 million with a $500,000 buyout.
Mesa would rather continue being part of a rebuilding plan in Pittsburgh than go to a contender, reports. "I want to stay in Pittsburgh," said Mesa. "Nobody wanted me after Philadelphia ... only Pittsburgh. Teams told me I can't pitch anymore, so now I don't want to play for those other teams."

Mesa, 39, also has dreams of playing with his son, Juan Mesa, a 20-year-old outfielder selected by Pittsburgh in the 23rd round of the June draft. He signed quickly and currently plays Rookie League ball for the Gulf Coast League Pirates.

Monday, July 25

A.J. Burnett
Marlins Red Sox
White Sox Will A.J. stay or go?
Jul 25 - With A.J. Burnett producing another dominant start and the Marlins playing better baseball, they are weighing whether or not to trade Burnett by Sunday's deadline, Peter Gammons reports.
"We don't have to trade A.J. If we can make ourselves better in 2005 and for the future, we'll listen," said Marlins GM Larry Beinfest.

The White Sox and the Red Sox appear to be the two top suitors for Burnett. The White Sox would reportedly be willing to part with reliever Damaso Marte and rookie Brandon McCarthy, while the Red Sox are dangling Bronson Arroyo, with the possibility they could also include hot prospect Anibal Sanchez, Gammons reports. Jayson Stark reports that the Marlins may not be ready to jump at a White Sox package headed by McCarthy because they wouldn't get an established starter. The White Sox would either have to include Jose Contrerars in the deal or make another deal for another starting pitcher.


Ken Griffey Jr.
Reds Yankees?
White Sox? Junior partner?
Jul 25 - Griffey's name continues to come up in trade rumors, but he most likely has no chance of being traded, reports Jayson Stark.
Harold Reynolds, speculated Sunday that Griffey would be a fit with the Yankees, Mets or Astros. But the three teams don't appears to be interested.

To make any deal possible, the Reds would have to eat a lot of Junior's salary. He makes a base of $12.5 million through 2008 with $6.5 million more a year in deferred money, with no interest until the contract expires after the 2008 season. Then he makes $6.5 million a year through 2025 at 4 percent compound interest.


Eric Byrnes
Rockies Rangers?
Yankees? Byrnes still hot
Jul 25 - Peter Gammons reports that the Cubs, Rangers and Yankees are among the teams dabbling on Eric Byrnes.
But Rockies GM Dan O'Dowd has said he didn't acquire Byrnes in order to trade him again. And his asking price has apparently dissuaded the Astros and the Cardinals, Jayson Stark reported.

"I would have to be overwhelmed to even consider doing anything," O'Dowd told the Denver Post. "Eric fits in well with what we are trying to do."

Saturday, July 23

Bill Mueller
Red Sox Twins? Randa paves way for Mueller
Jul 23 - The Padres' acquisition of Joe Randa on Saturday might increase the Twins' interest in Mueller, a low-salary veteran who is solid defensively and would be an impact hitter at the Metrodome, Peter Gammons reports. Minnesota preferred Mueller to Randa, anyway. J.C. Romero has been the name discussed in the potential swap.
According to the Boston Globe, the Twins also are considering Kevin Youkilis, and the deal could be expanded to include a Minnesota starting pitcher.


J.C. Romero
Twins Red Sox? Romero headed to Boston?
Jul 23 - The Padres' acquisition of Joe Randa on Saturday might increase the Twins' interest in Boston third baseman Bill Mueller, Peter Gammons reports. Romero has been the name discussed in the potential swap.
According to the St. Paul Pioneer Press, a possible deal would involve the Red Sox sending Mueller and first baseman Kevin Millar to the Twins for Romero and starting pitcher Joe Mays.

"If that's true and they're going to trade me, then you've got to move on," Romero told the newspaper. "Hopefully I can stay here. But if they trade me, I'm still going to be the same J.C."

Friday, July 22

Jeff Weaver
Dodgers Orioles? Dream Weaver
Jul 22 - The Orioles have contacted the Dodgers about trading for starter Jeff Weaver, the Los Angeles Times reports. Weaver is making $9.25 million and will become a free agent after the season. A decision probably wouldn't be made until close to the July 31 trading deadline, to give GM Paul DePodesta a better idea of the team's chances to contend. Weaver wants to sign an extension.

Jason Schmidt
Giants Nationals?
White Sox?
Red Sox? About Schmidt
Jul 22 - According to the San Francisco Chronicle, when Angels beat writers visited manager Mike Scioscia's office recently, they saw Jason Schmidt's ESPN home page on Scioscia's computer screen. The Angels have a deep farm system that would allow them to part with 29-year-old reliever Scot Shields, who has experience as a starter and has held major- league hitters to a .179 average this season
ESPN's Tim Kurkjian doesn't think the Giants will move Schmidt, however. They have an affordable option on him for next year, and if they're going to contend in 2006, they're going to need someone to build around.


Johnny Damon
Red Sox Cubs?
Yankees? Johnny Cub?
Jul 22 - Johnny Damon can become a free agent after the season and admitted that he would have interest in the Cubs, who are having center-field problems, the Chicago Tribune reports. "I'll have my eyes open to any team with interest in me, but the Cubs would have an appeal," Damon told the newspaper. "The fans were not really on me when we played at Wrigley Field in June. They were rooting for me to come to Chicago."
Damon also knows he can expect a call from the Yankees, the Journal News reports. "My first preference is Boston, and they know it," Damon said. "But I know how this works. I am not closing the door on anything. I would listen to what anybody has to say."


New York Center of attention
Jul 22 - According to Newsday, the Yankees have scouted the Rockies' Eric Byrnes and Mariners' Randy Winn, and envision a platoon in which they play centerfield for four or five days a week. Others who could become available include the Marlins' Juan Pierre and Juan Encarnacion, Phillies' Endy Chavez, and Rangers' Gary Matthews Jr.
"No doubt, they're thinking about [a trade]," third-base coach Luis Sojo told the newspaper. "Every time you see people from the front office, you say to them, 'Is something happening?' There's no doubt they want to know.

Thursday, July 21

Eddie Guardado
Mariners Red Sox?
Nationals? Everyday commitment
Jul 21 - According to the Seattle Times, Mariners officials are reluctant to deal closer Eddie Guardado. While they could be talked into a trade if the offer is right, the M's hold Guardado in high regard as a team and clubhouse leader as well as a solid performer.
If the Mariners don't want to part with him, the reliever feels the same way. "I understand how these things work, it's a business," Guardado told the newspaper. "But I don't want to go anywhere else. I want to finish what I started here. They gave me a three-year contract and I want to earn it with them."


Kevin Millar
Red Sox Twins? Bound for Minnesota?
Jul 21 - The Red Sox are talking about expanding a deal with the Twins -- and Kevin Millar would be involved, along with Bill Mueller, the Boston Herald reports. The Sox want starting pitcher Joe Mays and reliever J.C. Romero for Millar and Mueller, but the Twins aren't as willing to part with Mays as they are Kyle Lohse.
According to the Hartford Courant, Millar doesn't want to be traded. "I can't imagine going anywhere else. I really couldn't," he told the newspaper. "I feel like, seriously, I've been here for 10 years. This is it."

Millar, in the final year of his contract, has been the subject of trade rumors since late May. He insists he has never asked to be traded. "You know as well as I know, if I was unhappy, I'd go and tell you I was unhappy," Millar said. "I haven't said one thing. Let me just make it real easy. When I hit, I'm a hell of a defensive first baseman. If I don't hit, I'm below average, I'm a defensive nuisance."


Mike Sweeney
Royals Rangers? Power Ranger?
Jul 21 - The Rangers continue to show interest in Kansas City's Mike Sweeney, but according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, they don't want to give up Kevin Mench. They also want players who will be in Texas beyond 2005. Sweeney fits that mold, but the Royals have not yet reached a point where they are desperate to dump money.
"There are two reasons why people trade players away, either to lower payroll, or to pick up prospects, or younger players," owner Tom Hicks told the newspaer. "We would be prepared to take on the financial part of a trade that would improve us this year or next year or the following year. But we're not going to give up assets that could help us now or in the future."


Alan Embree
Red Sox Mets?
Devil Rays?
Angels? Gone but not forgotten
Jul 21 - The Angels, Diamondbacks, Devil Rays, Mets and Padres are believed to be among the teams interested in Alan Embree, the Boston Herald reports. Embree must be moved within the next eight days after being designated for assignment by the Red Sox on Tuesday. He is 1-4 with a 7.65 ERA in 43 appearances this season.

Bronson Arroyo
Red Sox Marlins? Package deal?
Jul 21 - The Red Sox haven't given up on winning the A.J. Burnett sweepstakes and are still attempting to interest the Marlins in a package of players headed by pitcher Bronson Arroyo, the Boston Globe reports. The Sox are trying to pair their efforts to obtain Twins left-handed setup man J.C. Romero with their attempt to acquire Burnett. Under that scenario, the Sox would trade third baseman Bill Mueller and prospects to the Twins, who need a third baseman, for Romero and right-handed starter Joe Mays.
The Sox would then flip Arroyo and Mays to the Marlins for Burnett. But that proposal has a couple of obstacles. While the Marlins like Arroyo, they supposedly would prefer Twins starter Kyle Lohse to Mays, and the Twins aren't interested in moving Lohse.


Billy Wagner
Phillies White Sox?
Red Sox? White noise
Jul 21 - If the Phillies choose to dump Billy Wagner (and his huge salary) before the trade deadline, the White Sox might make a move for the closer, the Daily Herald reports. The Phils still believe they're in contention to win the wild card, so they haven't made the closer available yet.
The Red Sox also have shown an interest in Wagner and have been keeping tabs on him. But according to, Wagner expects to remain in Philly. "I've heard my name in so many trades," Wagner said. "The way we've been playing, I don't see myself leaving."


Brett Tomko
Giants Angels? Angel on the mound?
Jul 21 - According to the Orange County Register, the Angels are looking at Brett Tomko and the Pirates' Kip Wells to take rookie Ervin Santana's spot in the rotation.

Kip Wells
Pirates Angels?
Devil Rays?
Blue Jays?
Phillies? Wells done in Pittsburgh?
Jul 21 - The Angels are looking to add pitching depth and have emerged as a possible destination for Kip Wells, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports. The Phillies, Blue Jays, Devil Rays, Tigers, Diamondbacks and Cardinals also have expressed interest in the right-hander.
According to MLB. com, Wells is earning $3.175 million this season, and will head into his final year of arbitration eligibility in the offseason. Because the Bucs have depth at starting pitching with Zach Duke and Ian Snell banging on the door at Triple-A, Wells could be dealt to add a much-needed power bat to their offense.


Florida Safe for now?
Jul 21 - Two major-league sources have said that the Marlins do not intend to fire manager Jack McKeon before the end of the season, the Miami Herald reports. There has been speculation that McKeon's job might be in jeopardy because the Marlins have performed far below expectations.
According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, the top candidate to replace McKeon, 74, would be Yankees bench coach Joe Girardi, a National League source said. Other names being considered are former Marlins managers Jim Leyland and Jeff Torborg, Devil Rays manager Lou Piniella, former Red Sox manager Grady Little and Braves third base coach Fredi Gonzalez.

If McKeon, 74, is fired, he'll take it in stride, the Palm Beach Post reports. He has been fired by four other organizations -- as a manger with the Royals, A's and Reds and as a general manager with the Padres. "It's not a big concern," McKeon told the newspaper. "We're held responsible, the managers and the coaches, trying to get these guys to play ... and sometimes you can do it and sometimes you can't."


Dustan Mohr
Rockies Mohr or less
Jul 21 - According to the Denver Post, the likelihood of the Rockies trading Dustan Mohr has diminished greatly with Brad Hawpe's injury update. Hawpe's strained left hamstring is more severely pulled than first believed, pushing his return into August. "It's going to be a while," trainer Keith Dugger told the newspaper.

Odalis Perez
Dodgers On the block
Jul 21 - The Dodgers are shopping Odalis Perez, but the left-hander is owed close to $24 million through 2007 and is 4-5 with a 5.06 ERA.

Jose Contreras
White Sox Giants?
Blue Jays?
Marlins? Adios, Chicago?
Jul 21 - The White Sox continue to look for a front-line starter to take Jose Contreras' spot in the rotation, the Daily Southtown reports. Over the last two weeks, trade rumors have had Contreras being dealt to Florida, Toronto and San Francisco in exchange for another pitcher.
"I don't read the newspapers since I can't speak English, but even if I could, I wouldn't read it," Contreras told the newspaper. "Those things don't really bother me. As much as I think about that kind of talk, it's not in my control. If they're going to make a decision, they're going to make it. All I can do is come here every morning and get ready for my next start."

Wednesday, July 20

Tom Glavine
Mets Orioles?
Red Sox?
Red Sox?
Braves? Trade thoughts
Jul 20 - Tom Glavine doesn't believe the Mets should be selling at the trade deadline, but according to The New York Post, he could be one of the pieces moved -- despite his full no-trade clause.
A Massachusetts native, Glavine likely would accept a deal to Boston. He mentioned he enjoyed pitching in St. Louis and in Wrigley Field, but said although he liked the West Coast, it's unlikely he'd go there. He called Baltimore's Camden Yards a typical AL bandbox but does think he could pitch in the AL.

"From my standpoint, I'm not too worried about it," Glavine told the newspaper. "Having the no-trade clause makes it easier to not worry about it. All I can do is go out and pitch well. And if I pitch well, I enhance my value here or I enhance my value somewhere else."


Shawn Chacon
Rockies Giants?
Yankees? Shifting trade winds
Jul 20 - Shawn Chacon's value has dropped, making a trade less likely, the Denver Post reports. The Yankees don't seem interested even in a salary dump because of Al Leiter's success; the Rangers are eyeing a bigger prize; and San Francisco covets Jason Jennings, with minimal interest in Chacon. Nevertheless, the Rockies right-hander still believes he will be dealt.

Barry Larkin
Reds Nationals? Return ticket?
Jul 20 - With Nationals shortstop Cristian Guzman continuing to struggle offensively, GM Jim Bowden is considering a radical solution, the Washington Times reports. Bowden has called Nationals special assistant Barry Larkin to try and persuade the 12-time All-Star to come out of retirement and play for the rest of the season. Larkin, 41, ended a spectacular 19-year playing career with the Reds last winter.
Bowden, the Reds' former GM, has summoned Larkin twice this season to work with Guzman at the plate, but it hasn't helped. The shortstop is batting .190, more than 100 points below Larkin's career average. "I wouldn't keep calling if I didn't think there was a chance [to lure Larkin out of retirement]," Bowden told the newspaper. "Would I like to see him put [a uniform] on and help us out the last two or three months? Yeah."


Adam Dunn
Reds Orioles?
Dodgers? Dunn deal?
Jul 20 - The Dodgers, Astros, Orioles and Mets all have expressed an interest in Adam Dunn, who comes from Houston and has made it clear he'd love to play there, Insider Jerry Crasnick reports. The Astros have looked at both Dunn and Aubrey Huff as first base possibilities, which would allow them to shift Lance Berkman back to the outfield. Houston management still doesn't know what to expect from Jeff Bagwell, who's trying to come back from shoulder surgery.
Dunn's big appeal lies in his eye-popping, 40-50 homer power. But he strikes out a ton and could fetch $8 million next year in salary arbitration, and some baseball people question whether he, like Austin Kearns, could be in better shape. "Some of those Reds guys have really put it on cruise control this year,'' said an NL front office man.

If the Reds aren't interested in signing Dunn long term, they might be better off trading him, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports. Since they are in last place in the NL Central, there's a good chance their payroll will drop from this year's team record $61.8 million. That would mean someone making big money -- Dunn, Sean Casey, Ken Griffey Jr. or Eric Milton -- may have to be dealt to balance the budget.


Ryan Howard
Phillies Howard's end?
Jul 20 - Until the Phillies have confidence Jim Thome can be healthy for the final two months, no Ryan Howard trade will be considered, the Delaware County Times reports. Howard is the Phils' most attractive bargaining chip when the intent is to make a run at the postseason, but because deals involving Howard are in a circling pattern, the team's primary need -- starting pitching -- must be addressed through other avenues. One of the other avenues could be to deal Vicente Padilla.

Chicago Closing costs
Jul 20 - Even though Dustin Hermanson avoided the disabled list, his chronic back problems have the White Sox weighing closer options both inside and outside the organization, the Chicago Tribune reports. Of the closers who might be available, the Sox are thought to have little interest in Seattle's Eddie Guardado and Pittsburgh's Jose Mesa, and they believe Philadelphia will keep Billy Wagner and Houston won't deal Brad Lidge. Toronto's Miguel Batista, who has a contract for nearly $5 million next season, is somewhat intriguing.

Los Angeles Armed and dangerous
Jul 20 - The Angels might seek pitching depth, with the Pirates' Kip Wells and Giants' Brett Tomko among their top targets, the Orange County Register reports. If the Indians drift away from contention in the next week, the Angels might also take a run at acquiring Kevin Millwood.
Any deal likely would involve some of their prospects, the Riverside Press Enterprise reports. The depth of the Angels' minor league system -- ranked as the best in baseball by Baseball America -- has drawn inquiries from other teams.

The Angels have three of the most exciting young catchers in the game (Triple-A's Jeff Mathis, Double-A's Mike Napoli and Single-A's Bobby Wilson) and some highly regarded middle-infield prospects (Double-A shortstop Erick Aybar and second baseman Albert Callaspo and Single-A shortstop Brandon Wood and second baseman Howie Kendrick).


Juan Encarnacion
Marlins Cardinals?
Yankees? Discover Cards
Jul 20 - The Cardinals might have an interest in Juan Encarnacion now that Reggie Sanders is out a month with a fractured leg, Insider Jerry Crasnick reports. But if the Marlins deal both A.J. Burnett and Mike Lowell -- as has been rumored -- they'll free up enough salary that they won't have to move Encarnacion, who is quietly having a productive season for a Florida team that's lacking in offense. He is hitting .280 with 12 home runs and 52 RBI -- showing more patience than he has in the past.

Alex Gonzalez
Marlins Remember me?
Jul 20 - The Marlins haven't responded to overtures from impending free-agent shortstop Alex Gonzalez, the Miami Herald reports. Agent Eric Goldschmidt told the team last month that Gonzalez was interested in doing an extension. So far, there has been no answer.
ESPN analyst and ex-Mets GM Steve Phillips expects Gonzalez to command $5 million to $6 million annually. If the Marlins can't sign Gonzalez, they could sign a cheaper free agent such as Royce Clayton or Neifi Perez or consider prospects Josh Wilson (.263, 11 errors in Triple A) or Robert Andino (.283, 18 errors in Double A).


Jim Thome
Phillies First things first
Jul 20 - According to the Philadelphia Daily News, several reports have Jim Thome on the trading block -- with the Phillies willing to pay a portion of his remaining contract -- either $54 million or, if he plays in 2009, $61 million.
The Phillies have not confirmed that Thome is being shopped, though several team insiders question the legitimacy of Thome's availability. The first baseman is on the 15-day disabled list (back and right elbow) for the second time this season.


Brian Fuentes
Rockies Angels?
Marlins? Halo planet?
Jul 20 - The Angels like Rockies closer Brian Fuentes, but according to the Denver Post, Colorado management has told the left-hander he will not be traded.

Ramon Hernandez
Padres Mets? Potential catch
Jul 20 - If Padres catcher Hernandez becomes a free agent this winter, the Mets figure to pursue him as Mike Piazza's successor, the New York Daily News reports. Hernandez, 29, has a solid reputation for pregame video preparation, likely the product of his time in Oakland with Mets pitching coach Rick Peterson. He's also reportedly dumping agent Eric Goldschmidt for Scott Boras, with whom the Mets have developed a recent relationship.

Mike Piazza
Mets Athletics?
Twins? Designated bait
Jul 20 - According to The New York Post, the Mets might decide to ship Mike Piazza to an American League contender looking for a DH upgrade -- in return for a prospect. The two contending clubs in greatest need of an offensive boost, Minnesota and Oakland, aren't spenders, meaning the Mets would have to swallow most of the approximate $6 million left on Piazza's contract.
Piazza's best bet to play next year is as a DH, so someone might take him earlier, if the Mets get proactive about picking up the tab. But Piazza's salary makes a waiver claim unlikely, effectively making the deadline Aug. 31, not in two weeks.


Scott Spiezio
Mariners Working for change
Jul 20 - According to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Scott Spiezio talked weeks ago with Mariners GM Bill Bavasi, requesting a trade. "It's not helping the team for me to be here now," Spiezio told the newspaper. "I love everything about being here -- my teammates, the fans, the ballpark. Seattle is a beautiful city. ... [But] as much as I like it here, I don't see where I fit in."
Spiezio, who signed a three-year contract in 2003 that will bring him $3.1 million next year, has just one hit in 21 at-bats this season. The Mariners could eat the rest of the contract, as they did with John Olerud last year, but the Mariners haven't been willing to pull that trigger yet.

"If what I was doing, playing once a week, was helping the team, then I'd be all for it," Spiezio said. "I'd have no problem with that. I like this team. But I don't see that it's helping, so I need to go somewhere where I can play a lot and help somebody."


Minnesota Protecting the prospects
Jul 20 - The Twins still would like to upgrade their offense, but according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press, there's a problem: The players other clubs want -- pitchers Jesse Crain, Francisco Liriano and Scott Baker -- are prospects the Twins consider virtually untouchable. So nothing is imminent at this time. Word is the Reds offered third baseman Joe Randa for Baker, and the Twins said no thanks.
Tuesday, July 19

Toronto In search of pitching
Jul 19 - The Blue Jays are seeking pitching, and GM J.P. Ricciardi has some other options beside A.J. Burnett, the Globe and Mail reports. Kip Wells of the Pirates is being shopped around, and the Blue Jays spoke earlier in the season to the Mariners about right-hander Gil Meche. Matt Morris of the Cardinals and Jarrod Washburn of the Angels are potential free agents who have also piqued the Jays' interest, but with their teams destined for the playoffs, they would exact a high price.
Right-hand pitcher Javier Vazquez of the Diamondbacks has the right to demand a trade at the end of the season and would not balk at playing in Toronto.


Juan Pierre
Marlins Cubs? Cub life for Pierre?
Jul 19 - Rumors have resurfaced that the Cubs are in hot pursuit of Marlins leadoff man Juan Pierre. However, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, Cubs officials insist they haven't been talking to Florida about the speedy center fielder. Cubs GM Jim Hendry has made inquiries about leadoff men but has yet to find one he wants who is available at the terms he's willing to pay.

Austin Kearns
Reds Kearns unavailable
Jul 19 - The Reds continue to field a slew of calls from teams interested in Austin Kearns, who is tearing it up for Triple-A Louisville. But Cincinnati GM Dan O'Brien has told clubs the Reds have no interest in trading Kearns, Insider Jerry Crasnick reports. The Reds might be more inclined to move Wily Mo Pena or possibly Adam Dunn, who's in line make $8 million-$9 million next year.
According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the Cubs keep checking to see if O'Brien has a change of heart. O'Brien might be willing to trade Kearns to the Cubs if left-hander Rich Hill is in the deal. But it seems unlikely that Chicago GM Jim Hendry would go that far, as much as he would like to get his hands on Kearns.


Dmitri Young
Tigers Immovable object
Jul 19 - The Tigers would like to trade Dmitri Young, but his contract makes him virtually immovable, Insider Jerry Crasnick reports. He needs 163 more plate appearances for an $8 million option to vest for next season.

Eric Hinske
Blue Jays Staying put
Jul 19 - The Blue Jays are unlikely to find a taker for Eric Hinske, the Toronto Star reports. GM J.P. Ricciardi rewarded the 2002 rookie of the year with a lucrative multi-year deal in 2003 after one successful season; with two years remaining on that same generous contract, the Jays are stuck with Hinske. And Ricciardi won't eat salary to move him.
Monday, July 18

Jeremy Affeldt
Royals Marlins? Miami nice?
Jul 18 - The Marlins have talked to Kansas City about lefty reliever Jeremy Affeldt, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports. Affeldt had 13 saves in 17 chances last season, and the rebuilding Royals are expected to ask for a top young corner outfielder in return. Florida has deemed Double-A outfielder Jeremy Hermida untouchable, and no other high-level Marlins prospect would seem to fit that demand.
It's possible the Royals could seek to expand a deal to include veteran outfielders Matt Stairs or Terrence Long. Both would fit the Marlins' need for a potent lefty bat, and the Marlins have shown interest in Stairs before. Stairs is making $1.2 million and leads the Royals with a .381 on-base percentage.

At least a half-dozen clubs have inquired about the 26-year-old Affeldt, who is making $950,000 and eligible for salary arbitration.


Mike MacDougal
Royals Marlins? Marlins fishing for relief
Jul 18 - According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, the Marlins have expressed interest in closer Mike MacDougal. The lanky right-hander has a team-high 12 saves for the Royals, is making just $352,000 and won't be eligible for salary arbitration for another full season.

Philadelphia Stocks and options
Jul 18 - If the Phillies start dealing, they would be after pitchers, a young catcher and a young third baseman, reports. According to the Beaver County (Pa.) Times, the Phillies have interest in Pirates catcher Humberto Cota, a 26-year-old .247 hitter who played sparingly until this season.
Don't be surprised if the Phillies are sellers. The team has $78.25 million committed to 11 players next season: Jim Thome ($15 million), Bobby Abreu ($14 million), Pat Burrell ($9.5 million), Randy Wolf ($9 million), Mike Lieberthal ($7.5 million), Jon Lieber ($7.25 million), Jimmy Rollins ($5 million), David Bell ($4.5 million), Cory Lidle ($3.3 million), Rheal Cormier ($2.5 million) and Tomas Perez ($700,000).

"Everybody says, 'How are you going to improve the club?'" president David Montgomery told the Philadelphia Inquirer. "I'm not sure we wouldn't improve our club by bringing some younger players in. I don't know the answer to that. To me, it's making the best baseball decisions: What fits in here?"


Boston Trade winds blowing
Jul 18 - According to the Boston Globe, the Red Sox like Brewers setup man Mike Wise, but Milwaukee reportedly is willing only to trade Ricky Bottalico. Miguel Batista of the Blue Jays is available, but Toronto GM J.P. Ricciardi is believed to have asked for top prospect Hanley Ramirez in return, the same player Tampa Bay GM Chuck LaMar wants for closer Danys Baez.

Tampa Bay Don't believe the hype
Jul 18 - While rumors have Aubrey Huff, Danys Baez and Julio Lugo on their way out of town prior to the trade deadline, manager Lou Piniella doubts whether the Devil Rays will actually make a trade and doesn't pay much attention to all the talk, the Tampa Tribune reports. "Most of [the rumors] are made up, more fiction than fact," Piniella told the newspaper. "They are a figment of somebody's imagination. I think the best way to ascertain interest is to look and see which scouts are in the stands. I sort of doubt we'll make a deal."

Bernie Williams
Yankees Bronx farewell?
Jul 18 - Assuming the Yankees make it through the rest of the season with Bernie Williams, the Journal News reports that the team will face a tough offseason decision: Do they bring Williams back in a reduced, redefined role or throw dollars in the free-agent market? Boston's Johnny Damon will be this offseason's prize.

Milwaukee Staying power
Jul 18 - According to the Wisconsin State Journal, the Brewers are unlikely to trade Jorge de la Rosa. One option would be to put him on waivers to gauge the interest of other teams, but manager Ned Yost said that won't happen. "Somebody would take a chance on him. They know what we know," Yost told the newspaper. "One day, he's going to be a good pitcher."
De la Rosa is considered a prospect, though he hasn't consistently thrown strikes. He has pitched four innings in three appearances since June 17, but doesn't have any minor league options left.

"I'm trying to find a way to use him," said Yost, who admits he doesn't have the confidence to use de la Rosa in anything but mop-up situations -- and those are rare because Milwaukee plays so many close games (49 of 92 have been decided by two runs or fewer).

Thursday, July 14

Javier Vazquez
Diamondbacks Marlins? Desert bloom
Jul 14 - According to the East Valley Tribune, Florida newspapers have reported that the Marlins are interested in Javier Vazquez. But Arizona managing partner Ken Kendrick says the Diamondbacks have had "no communication" with Florida and the team is "not interested in moving Javy."
Tuesday, July 12

Bob Wickman
Indians Wickman closing career?
Jul 12 - Despite enjoying one of his finest seasons, Bob Wickman might opt to retire after this season to spend more time with his family, the Akron Beacon Journal reports. His family has been supportive in his comeback from elbow problems that jeopardized his career, but he wants to be there for them (wife and three children) full time in the not-too-distant future.
"My wife said, 'I'm sure right now you are not going to retire -- I'm sure that's not in your mind.' I said, 'No, it still is my mind.'" Wickman told the newspaper. "Basically, she can say, 'Let's play baseball next year,' and if I say 'No, it's time to be with the family all the time,' I'll just walk away."
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I'm a Mariners fan. Only players to me you don't trade are Ichiro, Sexson, Beltre, Reed, Hernandez(best pitching prospect in baseball), and Campillo(Triple A pitcher). Every other player is movable. I just hope we don't do another one of our famous trades like David Ortiz for Dave Hollins. I could go on with others but they are too painful.
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anyone find it intresting that Red Sox, Yanks and Cubs are listed for just about all of them?
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Originally Posted by Tony Blair
anyone find it intresting that Red Sox, Yanks and Cubs are listed for just about all of them?
I couldn't read it. It was too jumbled together.
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I tried reading it all but got annoyed by seeing "WHO INTERESTED THE SKINNY " all the time.
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Originally Posted by Spear
I couldn't read it. It was too jumbled together.

I'd think Spiezio could work with my Angels again. They need a bat and he always did well here. Even if he doesn't live up to what he did back then, we always have more money and a Loaded farm system so I think we'll end up getting Mike Sweeney or Danys Baez.
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From what I heard the Griffey trade rumor is gone and its now just Adam Dunn that is said to be looked at by the White Sox.

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Originally Posted by Mr. Sexay
From what I heard the Griffey trade rumor is gone and its now just Adam Dunn that is said to be looked at by the White Sox.
Don't expect Griffey to be out of the mix. The Yankees need a defensive Minded CF and they will do ANYTHING to get him.
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