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  1. What can make WWE relevant again?
  2. No Cena in new SD intro, a hint he's off to Raw next year?
  3. Why does the WWE make wrestling vets start in NXT at the bottom?
  4. Who is the most handsome guy in wrestling?
  5. Why is Becky not pushed as much as the rest of the Horsewomen?
  6. How Fortunate Have We Been?
  7. Who else likes Breezango?
  8. A+ Players On The Current Roster?
  9. Kenny Omega shades Seth Rollins for using his Knee
  10. Sean Waltman Arrested For Weed And Meth
  11. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW
  12. Vince McMahon biopic in the works
  13. Why are people up in arms about both Alexa & Charlotte?
  14. Does the Rematch Clause not apply for The Universal Championship?
  15. Who is your favorite member of The Shield now?
  16. Does WWE have any issue with Matt Hardy holding onto his broken character?
  17. How many guys in WWE can fight in real life?
  18. JBL is a Scumbag Discussion Thread
  19. Kane On The Undertaker Retiring, When He Will Return To WWE
  20. Brutus the Barber Breet cake Ottowa Ontario May30th
  21. MITB pre show
  22. Is Dolph Ziggler from Cleveland or Hollywood, Florida?
  23. Which of these are your favorite match of WWE Royal Rumble 2008?
  24. WRESTLING : Who are the top 5 UGLIEST DIVAS of all time in wwe history?
  25. Why is every face deemed "overrated" to the iwc?
  26. How long will it take until there's another wrestling boom period?
  27. Does WWE Wade Barrett have a broken nose?
  28. Was WWE better when they had Jack Tunney as President compared to having egotistical heel...
  29. who is your favorite Manager of all time?
  30. Why is the IWC whining about Cena winning at MITB?
  31. Is Vince McMahon firing everybody because he lost so much money? Who is next?
  32. who else got goose bumps when your heard eddies theme song?
  33. For WWE fanboys what make WWE PG so good?
  34. Why do people think that just because WWE is PG, that it sucks?
  35. I just got out of jail, couldn't find WCW Nitro on. What time & channel does it come on?
  36. Who are the top 5 hottest divas and the top 5 most beautiful divas of all time?
  37. who is your most fav wrestler and diva?????
  38. What do you think the company will be like under Stephanie's control? What so non wrestling
  39. Who do you think has the worst WWE theme song?
  40. Agree Or Disagree: HHH Will Screw Roman Reigns In The Money In The Bank?
  41. Summerslam custom match card what do you think?
  42. What do you think of JBL saying hopefully Cameron will leave the building now that she left
  43. What do you think of the black guy, Big E. beating up Abraham Lincoln since he freed all blacks?
  44. WRESTLING : Which wrestler from this generation reminds you of a wrestler from past generations?
  45. How do you think Triple H feels about Stephanie McMahon being put in that pool of mud?
  46. WRESTLING : Who do you find more entertaining as part of the authority between : STEPH or HHH?
  47. What do you think of JBL saying he and Ron Simmons played Badminton?
  48. True or False fans who cheer for Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt are just riding the bandwagon?
  49. Which of these are your favorite WCW (World Championship Wrestling) video game?
  50. Your MITB predictions?
  51. WRESTLING : Who's theme do you think is better : STONE COLD or CM PUNK?
  52. What do you think of Sheamus and Roman Reigns sharing the same locker room?
  53. What do you think of Jerry Lawler thinking the smell of what was in that pool was Michael Cole?
  54. Is Seth Rollins responsible for Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose's success since he broke up
  55. What do you think of JBL saying when he heard Eddie Guerrero's music he would hide?
  56. Do you think if JBL helped out Stephanie McMahon get out of that mud he would get that raise he...
  57. Have you moved on from Seth Rollins breaking up The Shield?
  58. Do you think Stephanie Mcmahon will be humiliated again next week seeing as she is the new "Vince"?
  59. What do you think of Jerry Lawler saying Paige is cute?
  60. WRESTLING : Do you think being a WWE CHAMPION doesn't really matter anymore these days?
  61. Who would you rather see more on tv; Stephanie or Triple H?
  62. What do you think Sin Cara, Emma, and Santino, were talking about backstage?
  63. Who do you think will win the contract ladder match at MITB?
  64. Did Eric Rowan and Luke Harper Wyatt's create their own entrance music?
  65. What do you think of Jerry Lawler saying Michael Cole must not be near women a lot of the time?
  66. Rate these wrestlers charisma?
  67. Do you think Jerry Lawler is getting excited sitting next to Paige?
  68. What do you think of Stephanie McMahon saying they wanted to make Vickie Guerrero a Diva but
  69. Can someone please explainl what is so great about Roman reigns and why he should be the face...
  70. Do you think Vickie Guerrero had a good send off by getting revenge?
  71. What do you guys think of Stephanie competing in her first match in years?!?
  72. don't you think roman reigns face & hair kind of looks like 90's undertaker?
  73. why did HBK quit wrestling in late 1990s, does he have beef with the rock?
  74. Do people understand how wrestling works?
  75. why did bnb retain?
  76. why are they giving stephanie the whole "you're fired" gimmick?
  77. Jack Swagger?
  78. Honestly. What is the point of Rusev?
  79. Would you want to see Stone Cold open a can & stunner Rusev?
  80. Does anybody else agree that the current steel cage in TNA looks boring?
  81. My name is Joey and I'm having trouble figuring out what my wrestling name is I like when the...
  82. who will win stephine or vicky?
  83. Germany -vs- United States. If you had to wager, which team would you put your money on?
  85. Do you guys believe that once Vince is dead that the WWE will be better with his idiotic...
  86. Wrestling: Can someone confirm this?
  87. Which rivalries do you prefer, Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero or RVD vs Jerry Lynn?
  88. when does jeff hardy -willow contract will end?
  89. WS: Which is your favourite wrestling move?
  90. Do you think Alberto Del Rio is one of the best wrestlers in the WWE its just his character sucks?
  91. WRESTLING : Who's the better technical wrestler between : DANIEL BRYAN vs SHELTON BENJAMIN?
  92. Cena to win MITB?
  93. If you were Fandango, who would you choose?
  94. Who is this Diva?
  95. Who is this Diva?
  96. What do you like about ROH wrestling?
  97. Could Summer Rea be a champ?
  98. What you think about Cody as StarDust?
  99. Do you agree that Kane deserves better in WWE?
  100. Who is the better Wrestler the Rock or Triple H?
  101. Do you think the MITB match for the title will be the worst in history?
  102. How famous is Trish Stratus, Lita, and Stephanie Mcmahon around the world?
  103. Wrestling: what do you think of this video?
  104. i need some info about all the wwe superstars fired?
  105. Who is John's Cena Girlfriend 2014 ?
  106. Strongest WWE Wrestlers of 2013?
  107. Do you like Ambrose fonzy look & Rollins looking like X-Man?
  108. CM Punk vs The Hulk......who will win?
  109. Who is your pick for the winner of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship ladder match at Money...
  110. wrestling section who do you think is better?
  111. Are wrestlers considered famous or celebrities?
  112. What was your reaction on smackdown when Bo Dallas gave Fandango love advice and hugged him?
  113. Professional Wrestling: What problem do people have with Cesaro being with Paul Heyman?
  114. Do you think this can be MITB final card?
  115. Was Seth Rollins really the creator of the Shield?
  116. Professional Wrestling: In The People's Opinion where should Christian and R-Truth be
  117. Professional Wrestling: Are these perfect examples of why the Internet Wrestling
  118. What do you think the future holds for Cody Rhodes as Stardust?
  119. Which wwe diva has the greatest entrance of all time? why?
  120. What do you think about Total Nonstop Action setting it up for Tommy Dreamer to
  121. WWE: What do you think about people who say Extreme Championship Wrestling, World...
  122. Professional Wrestling: Who else is getting tired of Kathlyn's obsession with Stephanie
  123. Wrestling: what match was this?
  124. WWE live event help?
  125. IYO Who is Chris Benoit's biggest rival?
  126. WWE: What do you think about people who say Extreme Championship Wrestling, World Championship
  127. Total Nonstop Action: So, is TNA going to just drop Willow O'The Wisp for the New York
  128. Did John Cena tell you to do your thuganomics?
  129. Will Shane Mcmahon ever come back? Also if he wanted to be the next owner, do you think Vince will..
  130. Who do you believe should be in the MITB match alongside Seth?
  131. Who do you want to win that Championship Ladder Match?
  132. did you think the tommy dreamer and dixe carter segment was good last night?
  133. What do you think of JBL Tweeting the wrong name of Kevin Hart's movie Think Like A Man 2?
  134. How and when did 'You Can't See Me' Start?
  135. Is CM Junk the best jobber in WWE?
  136. Is it true that Triple H always been jealous of Austin and The Rock?
  137. WRESTLING : As of now....what improvements do you see in the wwe so far since the past 2 months?
  138. WRESTLING : What do you find more important in the wwe these days.....having more : MIC SKILLS or...
  139. When was the last time you were excited to watch WWE?
  140. Agree or disagree: Christian's biggest rival is Chris Jericho?
  141. Professional Wrestling: WHY Are/Was these African American Professional Wrestlers
  142. Professional Wrestling: HOW many times can Total Nonstop Action directly slap the fans in the face?
  143. do you think we will ever see stone cold confront triple hhh as a segment about being authority?
  144. Remember the last time Bray Wyatt was in the ring with Randy Orton he was Husky Harris and
  145. Is Curt Hawkins an idiot for calling Mark Henry an idiot on Twitter? Would he say it to his face?
  146. backyard wrestling help?
  147. Did Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns go solo now?
  148. If You Could Make A Hollywood Movie Of The Life Of A Wrestler, Who Would It Be?
  149. Are the whole Mcmahon family including Triple H Repulicans?
  150. Why is technical wrestling so important?
  151. Who do you think is the most underrated and overrated wrestler in the indies?
  152. DID JBL'S hatred for bunnies start in 2003 when he was being interviewed by Funaki at Vengence?
  153. Is Big E. in cahoots with Lana?
  154. Would Miochael Cole be a good Rosebud?
  155. Why did Summer Rae say she loves Fandango if on Total Divas she kissed him and said there was
  156. i like to be wrestler in the wwe universe?
  157. If Summer Rae told you she loved you what would you do?
  158. Do you agree with JBL, what Roman Reigns did to Stephanie's drink is a criminal act?
  159. Was the company at an all time high when Randy Orton was champion?
  160. When people think of Kofi Kingston do they think spectacular moments especially in Money In The
  161. Question about WWE wrestling...?
  162. Who do you think will win the Money In The Bank match ladder match for the Vacated WWE
  163. Does this look like Lillian Garcia/the ring announcer?
  164. Three questions for my WWE fans?
  165. Should Lita do one more match before she truly retire since she's already in the hall of fame?
  166. Do you think Daniel Bryan will return at MITB?
  167. Trish (prime) vs Lita (prime)? Who would you choose and why?
  168. Should Bully Ray's family be concerned for their lives?
  169. Why do you think Layla jumped to conclusions?
  170. do you think the rumors of AJ Lee being pregnant are true?
  171. Is Fandango a face or a heel?
  172. what is your favorite feud going on right now?
  173. Why doesn't Randy Orton do The Punt anymore?
  174. is Triple H's team called The Athourity or Evolution?
  175. why don't the NXT fans or announcers like CJ Parker?
  176. who is the John Cena of NXT?
  177. Wrestling: Who would you swap?
  178. What are your thoughts about the current SummerSlam plan?
  179. Does Bobby Lashley deserves to be TNA Champion?
  180. Wrestling: What are your thoughts of WWE turning Naomi Heel?
  181. What are your thoughs of TNA having their first black world champion?
  182. So are Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose lone wolves now?
  183. Do you think they teased a Roman Reigns heel turn?
  184. Are some cena haters bullies/cyber bullies?
  185. Out of the shield, who do you think will be the biggest superstar?
  186. MITB WWE Heavyweight titles contract.
  187. Is the WWE Party Gimmick the worst WWE gimmick or what?
  188. What do you think Earl Hebner is going to do now that he got fired from TNA?
  189. What do you think of Taz saying Rockstar Spud is the one card stud named Rockstar Spud?
  190. What do you think of Taz being proud Jeremy Borash got kicked out of the arena?
  191. What do you think of Taz blaming New York City school system for his difficulty in math?
  192. Why don't the Knockouts date MVP since he's the Director of Wrestling operations instead of guys
  193. What do you think of Taz saying he never had girls like this in his junior prom or senior prom?
  194. Is Bobby Lashley's pipe bigger than Kenny King's?
  195. Did Austin Aries and Eric Young collude so Eric Young wouldn't wrestle Bobby Lashley?
  196. Do you think Earl Hebner's social security check came and spent too much time in the strip clubs?
  197. Do you think Dave Hebner is happy Bobby Lashley won the Championship since he can keep his job?
  198. Why are Christy Hemme, Taz and Mike Tenay still out there if MVP said everyone would be
  199. Is Tommy Dreamer a has been, publicity grabbing, piece of crap?
  200. When Tommy Dreamer said he was embarrassed to be a professional wrestler after watching every
  201. Is the WWE real or fake?
  202. What do you think of Tommy Dreamer saying he's almost embarrassed to be a professional...
  203. How do you think JBL feels after MVP said he is a wrestling god?
  204. Do you like Ethan Carter's nickname, Hardcore American Icon?
  205. Who would you of rather faced Shawn Michaels while he was in his prime at Wrestlemania...
  206. Do you think Trish Stratus should wrestle one more match so her name can be remembered and not...
  207. Do you think M.V.P. should have beaten Eric Young for the TNA World Title instead of Bobby Lashley?
  208. Names for two tag teams?
  209. Could you say he deserve to be on the cover of the game WWE2k15?
  210. WRESTLING : Why didn't the wwe allow Goldberg to face the undertaker when he was around?
  211. Best Ruthless Aggression Era WrestleMania (18-24) match: Which WrestleMania match is better?
  212. WRESTLING : Who IYO has a greater legacy in the sport of pro wrestling so far between :
  213. Why is some already hating on Bobby Lashley?
  214. WRESTLING : Who would win in a ironman match : UNDERTAKER vs GOLDBERG?
  215. i think if i wrestled in the WWE id be the first GAY wwe champion?
  216. does steph mcmahon have the best pair of puppies ever?
  217. did racist WWE ever give Shelton Benjamin a shot at the title?
  218. WS: How to pass the road test?
  219. WRESTLING : Which brand do you think throws better matches currently between TNA and WWE?
  220. Why did Tommy, and WWE Chairman block me, I am new to this section?
  221. WS Poll: Do you watch ROH or TNA?
  222. WWE VS TNA?
  223. Create your own wwe paper view?
  224. who is your favorite NXT wrestler currently on NXT?
  225. Did you know that Saturday Morning Slam beat TNA in ratings?
  226. who is the greatest only highflyer of all time?
  227. Men,women,gay guys:Who would you rather sleep with?
  228. Agree or disagree: John Cena and Brock Lesnar are rivals?
  229. Is Roman Reigns The WWE Version Of Super Android 17 In Dragon Ball GT?
  230. TNA Bound for Glory 2014 Card Predicted, What do you think?
  231. why did Kaval not stay in WWE?
  232. What song did Kelly use for Kelly's Expose?
  233. did you think the streak was over when Shawn Michaels superkicked Taker into a pedigree?
  234. Did they just chant ECW on TNA?
  235. What if CM Punk returns at Money In The Bank? Would you like it yes or no?
  236. How to deal with Kane's pyro?
  237. Professional Wrestling: How much press did The Undertaker, Kane, Ect do as Major Champion?
  238. would you like to see Roman Regins vs Alexander Rusev 1 on 1 singles match with regins winning?
  239. How come Naomi did not help Cameron?
  240. What do you think about Seth Rollins's new gear?
  241. Who is the best wwe champion ever?
  242. Who do you think will win WWEWHC at MITB?
  243. list of NXT winners?
  244. WRESTLING : If you were to choose a theme for STARDUST...what would it be?
  245. WRESTLING : Can you give me the name of 5 current wwe superstars that you don't think is a main
  246. What do you guys think of this idea for Summerslam?
  247. Professional Wrestling: What is The People's Opinion on Current 'The Mad Scientist' Eric Young?
  248. Re:Professional Wrestling: Why do people have such a high opinion of Bret 'Hitman' Hart?
  249. Who's hotter Trish or Torrie Wilson then and now?
  250. Re:Professional Wrestling: Why are people saying it's 'Too Soon' for Bray Wyatt?
  251. Professional Wrestling: Why are people saying it's 'Too Soon' for Bray Wyatt?
  252. Has The Undertaker Ever Beat Brock Lesnar?
  253. what happend to the new age outlaws? they have not wrestled in weeks?
  254. Do you believe Sable was the most over diva in WWF/E history?
  255. Does anybody have any funny Wrestling stories/rumors?
  256. Is Stephanie McMahon really that dumb?
  257. Which show was better in 2002. Raw or SmackDown?
  258. what happened to wwe?
  259. In WWE 2K14 did they exaggerate a bit with Hulk Hogans character model or was he really that huge!?
  260. Where does Triple H rank in the all time great?
  261. The best glutes: Stephanie Mcmahon or Trish Stratus?
  262. is Adam Rose's charecter gay?
  263. Professional Wrestling: In-Ring Psychology, Microphone/Promo Work and Evolving: Triple H or...
  264. Professional Wrestling: Why has it become a trend to Dodge a question?
  265. Is ruthless aggression era better than the Attitude era?
  266. In your opinion what makes HHH a Legend?
  267. If Roman Reigns didn't betray the shield..?
  268. Would you say Bret Hart is a better heel than HHH?
  269. Wrestling section How is Bret Hart overrated?
  270. WRESTLING : Which top 5 superstars is on your list of best wwe champions of all time?
  271. Professional Wrestling: IF Bill Goldberg had Ended The Undertaker's Streak at Wrestlemania...
  272. What do you think about Scott Steiner saying Ric Flair is a candy ass?
  273. WRESTLING : Isnt it sad that the wwe don't realize that letting CENA get involved with new...
  274. Professional Wrestling: What is 'Championship Material' Exactly?
  275. Professional Wrestling: What do you think of Golddust's New Tag-Team Partner?
  276. Professional Wrestling: Why does it seem Triple H's Stock as Professional Wrestling...
  277. Would Leo Kruger have been a good choice to end the streak?
  278. Professional Wrestling: Who would you rather believe The Undertaker or Big Poppa Pump Scott
  279. Would Triple H be jobbing to Santino if he didn't marry Stephanie?
  280. The Wyatt's should sweep at Money in the Bank?
  281. Rank who you want to win the title from first to last?
  282. Why do people get mad at wrestlers acting like superheroes today but not back then?
  283. Who's worse: John Cena or Triple H?
  284. Why do some people dis Hulk Hogan?
  285. Professional Wrestling: What would your reaction be if Rob Van Dam gets into the CONFIRMED
  286. Professional Wrestling: What happened to World Wrestling Entertainment's Monday Night RAW!?
  287. Which feud was better: Stephanie vs Sable or Trish vs Mickie?
  288. Professional Wrestling: Who else should be in the CONFIRMED Money In The Bank Contract
  289. since stephanie puked in vickie is she pregnant?
  290. is Ray Leppan too old to get Adam rose as a gimmick?
  291. Who is the better Japanese wrestler, Masato Yoshino,KENTA,BxB Hulk or Taiji Ishimori?
  292. What is the difference between tackling and wrestling someone?
  293. Is Lesnar coming for a championship match at Summerslam?
  294. 2nd ladder match at MITB?
  295. Does the championship belts have a curse on them?
  296. True or False Attitude Era masked Kane is better than Hybrid Undertaker?
  297. Where is Master William Regal at these days?
  298. WRESTLING : Whats your biggest #1 upset of 2014 in pro wrestling (SO FAR)?
  299. Which LayCool pic would be better to get autographed?
  300. Did Cena bury Daniel Bryan hopefully accidentally?
  301. Is Triple H and Stephanie one of the couples who will truly last forever?
  302. WWE: Now or Then?
  303. Which of these are your favorite WCW Wrestling match out of these list?
  304. WRESTLING : What are your thoughts with the head writer of the wwe creative team getting...
  305. WRESTLING : Who do you think have better mic skills between rollins & ambrose?
  306. How much money do you think The Rock, Stone Cold, HHH, Mankind, Undertaker, Trish, and
  307. What to expect of WWE in the next weeks to come?
  308. are there any more pictures showing "rivals" together backstage?
  309. why did alot of the fans turn there back on Bray Wyatt just because he beat up Jerry Lawler?
  310. WS: Question for the ladies?
  311. Do you think Brock Lesnar BOlieves?
  312. anyone else tired of JBL & His boring dull stupid commentary?
  313. h e l l yes! finally rusev loses! & to roman regins so awesome?
  314. What would have happened if the World Cup started at 8 during WWE? Which one would have
  315. WRESTLING : Do you think the wyatts can still become successful if they split like the shield...
  316. Has any wrestler ever died in CZW?
  317. what do you think Roman reigns put in that coffee?
  318. Why did Cody Rhodes mount the wall last night during his entrance?
  319. WRESTLING : Do you know these tag teams that I have initialized?
  320. WRESTLING : Who would you rather see as wwe champion : ROMAN or DANIEL?
  321. WRESTLING : Whatdo you think is the most shocking moment throughout KANES carreer?
  322. Who is better,Eddie Guerrero or Jushin Liger?
  323. What do you think are some of Eddie Guerrero's best matches?
  324. Do you agree with Michael Cole, is JBL's commentary propaganda?
  325. What do you think of JBL saying Kevin Hart mentioned Michael Cole by saying his Autobiography
  326. What do you think of Kevin Hart not mentioning Michael Cole when he talked to Jerry Lawler?
  327. Do you think The Total Divas hate each other, themselves, and Michael Cole?
  328. What do you think of JBL wanting a shirt like Kevin Hart has to watch Think Like A Men 2?
  329. What do you think of JBL saying he's going to go To Think Like A Men 2 but is going to sneak in for
  330. Did Kofi Kingston eliminate Jack Swagger to get back at USA for beating Ghana?
  331. So Seth Rollins left The Shield and "sold out" to Triple H and isn't even in the Money In
  332. Do you think Vickie Guerrero is going to get fired for putting Roman Reigns in the Battle Royal
  333. Do you think it is frightening that Jerry Lawler is talking to little girls?
  334. What event is more important: Wrestlemania or World Cup?
  335. Did anybody think John Cena wasn't going to actually be in the ladder match for the
  336. Do you think the WWE universe would do what Seth Rollins did if given the opportunity?
  337. Is something wrong witrh Dean Ambrose? Is he from another planet?
  338. Is the thing that makes Daniel Bryan a B plus player his heart?
  339. WRESTLING : How would you rate the current state of the wwe : 1 to 10?
  340. Which of these are your favorite match of WWE Royal Rumble 2006?
  341. Isn't it about time the WWE gave John Cena a push?
  342. Since Zack Ryder survived WWE's 2014 "spring cleaning", can we expect more of him on television?
  343. What wrestlers would you like to see have an honest biopic film made about them?
  344. Trish Stratus or Paige?
  345. What do you guys think of Cody Rhodes debuting as Stardust?
  346. Who is more of a Jerk HBK or Bret Hart?
  347. Whats beem happening in the WWE since Seth Rollins betrayed The Shield?
  348. How would you feel about a DDP vs CM Punk feud or would a Raven vs CM punk feud?
  349. Why has the Wrestling section been so dead?
  350. A future John Cena match?
  351. which WWE superstar relates the most to the song: Let It Go?
  352. The fans spoiled Seth Rollins VS Dolph Ziggler's ending for us?
  353. Which Storyline sounds better?
  354. Does Kofi Kingston know that Ghana lost?
  355. Will whoever wins the ladder match at MITB, be added to the list of Money In The Bank winners?
  356. Would Cena last in ROH, CZW, NJPW, or AAA?
  357. hey guys i am sure as hell john cena will become the next wwe worldheavyweight champion at money...
  358. Did Jim Ross no sell the Owen Hart death?
  359. What do you think of having a gay WWE champion?
  360. Why is the Honky Tonk Man such an ass?
  361. should the wwe get two heel commentators?
  362. what move is more effective: Yokozuna Bonzai Drop OR Rikishi's move where he jumps up and sits on
  363. are there any wrestlers that remind you of a cartoon character?
  364. who's better: Eve Torres or Teddy Long?
  365. Should Trish Stratus return to WWE? Or No?
  366. So do you consider Corporate Kane a monster?
  367. who do you want to return to WWE more, out of these wrestlers:?
  368. Do you prefer WWE to call themselves a Pro wrestling Company or a sport Entertainment?
  369. Total Nonstop Action: Impact! Wrestling better sell hotcakes in New York City, New York
  370. Professional Wrestling: Remember a period of time when Professional Wrestling Fans understood...
  371. Professional Wrestling: What makes Professional Wrestling different?
  372. are you surprised Roman reigns didn't get jumped?
  373. WRESTLING : Who IYO by measure has many more fans around the world : ROCK vs CENA?
  374. Was Ken Shamrock better wrestler or MMA fighter?
  375. I need wwe help?
  376. Why did CM Punk feel he should have main evented Wrestlemania when he hadnt been in the
  377. do you think Stone Cold laughs every time he hears the fans say WHAT?
  378. Who was the "IT" diva in the Attitude Era?
  379. Why do people doubt Andre the Giant's height so much?
  380. Does anyone miss seeing the adult and sex content in WWE from The Attitude Era and...
  381. Professional Wrestling: No surprise, Dixie Carter doesn't eat wood. Can Total Nonstop
  382. Will the Miz enter the MITB ladder match?
  383. Total Nonstop Action: Impact! Wrestling better sell hotcakes in New York City, New York or they...
  384. How would you rate TNA Slammiversary?
  385. Which Superstar would you like to see fill one of the remaining two slots in the WWE
  386. Should WWE fire these wrestlers?
  387. What is triple H's logo?
  388. Should Mark Henry go back to being sexual chocolate?
  389. Professional Wrestling: Who else remembers a period of time when Minor Titles where
  390. Do u agree tht black people cant wrestle?
  391. Why doesn't YA put Fake Wrestling under Entertainment & Music where it belongs?
  392. Will Kurt Angle ever return to the WWE?
  393. Are Any black wrestlers in WWE today WWE Champion material?
  394. WWE not pushing Dolph Ziggler because he is injury prone?
  395. What is your opinion on the Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Undertaker match at Backlash 2002
  396. During the early months of 2002 when it was still WWF and Hogan and Steve Austin where
  397. Mickie James are Victoria who should enter the Hall of Fame first?
  398. Will Cm Punk ever come back to the wwe?
  399. In Ivory's shoot interview, do you think she was lying about The Rock asking if she had a
  400. How popular is the WWE? How does the media portray the WWE?
  401. Analyzing Potential of Recently Released WWE Stars in TNA?
  402. In 2014 WWE RAW or TNA Imapct is better?
  403. How can I be the General Manager of Raw?
  404. I'm currently watching the WWE Network's Greatest Trash Talkers, and they said that Macho Man
  405. did chris beniot actually killed his family???
  406. Professional Wrestling: So, what the hell happened to Montel Vontavious Porter Vs Eric Young?
  407. Is Rey Mysterio better than Mil Mascaras?
  408. Ultimo Dragon, Sin Cara, or Rey Mysterio: Who's better?
  409. Professional Wrestling: What do you think about reports saying Vince McMahon went over
  410. Drew McIntyre headed to TNA ?
  411. WS: Has Santino Marella trained in any martial art?
  412. Who's better: Rusev or The Great Khali?
  413. Who do you think is Ms./Mrs. SummerSlam?
  414. Was Matt Strikers leaked pics the reason for PG?
  415. Assuming Cena gets the 6th spot in MITB, who wins?
  416. Anyone else sick of YES movement?
  417. has any wwe superstars ever done nude pics or porn?
  418. does Pat Paterson have a boyfriend?
  419. Drew Mcintyres push?
  420. Who's better: Lillian Garcia or Renee Young?
  421. Who would be in your dream 10 man battle royal - pin and give up?
  422. Do you agree that the development of Alicia Fox's character is "too little, too late"?
  423. All of the problems with the WWE that CM Punk cited in the Pipebomb still exist. True or False?
  424. Professional Wrestling: Crazzy Steve Vs Original Heel Doink The Clown (Matt Osborne)?
  425. Professional Wrestling: Does World Wrestling Entertainment put to much focus on 'Putting...
  426. why are they making most of the NXT superstars undefeated for a while?
  427. Why did they make Paige wrestle in a bikini alot in FCW, but still call her the anti-diva?
  428. John Cena or Stone Cold Steve Austin?
  429. Should I become a Pro Wrestler?
  430. Lol of the Day: Who sings better - JoJo of NXT, or Did I Do Dat of WS?
  431. John Cena or Lex Lugar?
  432. Professional Wrestling: Why do people constantly whine about Tag-Teams?
  433. Who was Big Show's best tag team partner?
  434. Professional Wrestling: What do you think about Total Nonstop Action's Slammiversary card
  435. Professional Wrestling: How is World Wrestling Entertainment exempt from being like any
  436. Do you miss the red and blue ropes on raw and smackdown?
  437. Now that Kharma lost weight.Would she be interesting when she comes back?
  438. Professional Wrestling: Why don't people suddenly think Dean Ambrose is 'Main Event Material'?
  439. Professional Wrestling: Why is Naomi suddenly a 'Racist Steroetype'?
  440. Why do Bret Hart Bash so many wrestlers?
  441. Professional Wrestling: Should Darren Young be WWE World Heavyweight Championship to give WWE Press?
  442. Why is WWE Chyna so corrupt now?
  443. Taryn Terrell in TNA hurt Drew McIntyre Career?
  444. Should Brock Lesnar face The Rock or Cesero at WrestleMania?
  445. Is Naomi portraying a bad stereotype of black females?
  446. When should Jeff Hardy return to WWE?
  447. Is Booker T the best black wrestler ever?
  448. why was shawn michaels difficult to work with in the 90s?
  449. What other WWE superstars deserve their release?
  450. What grade would you give these wrestlers,when it comes to performing in the ring(Happy Fathers
  451. Did the unmasking of Kane in 2003 hurt his career?
  452. Will Kurt Angle ever return to WWE?
  453. Is Dean Ambrose Main event material?
  454. Does Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart like each other?
  455. Do you think WWE made a mistake aligning Cesaro with Paul Heyman?
  456. Why is aksana leaving wwe!?!?!?
  457. Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose or Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns?
  458. Is Bill Goldberg The WWE Version Of Nappa In Dragon Ball Z?
  459. If WWE Split The Two Titles would this be rather named?
  460. Why WWE Releases 11 Superstars?
  461. is FCW on the wwe network?
  462. Do you see the 3MB faction continuing after McIntyre and Mahal's release ?
  463. are there any websites where i can watch old FCW episodes?
  464. will Goldusts partner be Damien Sandow?
  465. Professional Wrestling: Is CM Punk really 'That Big' of a loss for World Wrestling Entertainment?
  466. WRESTLING : Do you think ROMAN REIGNS has a lot of charisma?
  467. didn't Dolph work with GM Vickie Guerrero for a time in his career?
  468. Why doesn't World Wrestling Entertainment have a Best Of RAW, RAW Flashback and Best Of
  469. Professional Wrestling: What do you think about these Comments/Complaints about World...
  470. More releases as of today?
  471. What is your favourite catchphrase in WWE history?
  472. can you guess my favourite wrestler and diva????
  473. Who are 5 wrestlers you wished faced Shawn Michaels?
  474. Was there any point .................................................. .....?
  475. Which WWE superstar am I?
  476. Who is this Deceased WWE Superstar?
  477. On an ascending scale of 1-10, how would you rate the current quality of WWE?
  478. Professional Wrestling: Which match was more impressive: Cesaro Vs Sheamus or Bray Wyatt Vs Dean
  479. Professional Wrestling: What do you think about the possibility of a return of Elijah
  480. Professional Wrestling: True Or False: Aksana looked ten times better then Alicia Fox on
  481. Professional Wrestling: Who else was impressed by Roman Reigns on Friday Night Smackdown!?
  482. Professional Wrestling: Why is Mick Foley acting like the loss of 3MB is a major loss for...
  483. Should there be a Divas main event match?
  484. What do you think of JBL saying the WWE Universe says Bo Dallas is as inspirational as Hellen
  485. Does JBL have Leporoiphobia, a fear of rabbits?
  486. What do you think of Michael Cole saying he gets scared every time Eric Rowan walks by the...
  487. Do you think it is admirablre of Triple H giving Dean Ambrose a chance to be in the Money In
  488. Do you think Zeb Colter was distracted by what Lana was saying?
  489. Do you think Triple H is upset at Dean Ambrose because Dean Ambrose called him "kiddo"?
  490. Would you like to see JBL get up from the commentary desk and punt the bunny in the head?
  491. What do you think of JBL wanting a bodyguard to protect him from Alicia Fox?
  492. Is Seth Rollins not the face of the WWE but the as$ of WWE?
  493. Is Rey Mysterio in Brazil?
  494. More WWE releases debate?
  495. Is Summer Rae a face now? should she join Adam Rose party bus?
  496. Do you collect wrestling merchandise?
  497. What is your favourite WWE match ever?
  498. Do you think Brock Lesnar can actually do this?
  499. WWE 2K15 Ideas?
  500. Is Bill Goldberg The WWE Version Of Omega Shenron in Dragon Ball GT? and Brock Lesnar Version of