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  1. What are some good wrestling schools in alabama? [10 points]?
  2. Were can i download old smackdown shows?
  3. What do you expect in the year 2011 for wwe?
  4. Riddle:What does Rey Mysterio,Jeff Hardy and Edge have in common?
  5. Anyone think they can do a bettr job than the current WWE script writers ?
  6. how come people are complaining more with john cena and randy orton than the rock and austin?
  7. If you were a WWE scriptwriter for WWE whats one good storyline you would make ?
  8. Another Dashing Tip you can all benefit from?
  9. describe your favorite diva with out saying her name?
  10. Is wrestling getting boring ?
  11. Who Watches Shimmer and Ring of Honor Wrestling?
  12. If you were a Wrestler, How Would You Win a Match?
  13. I think this song could of fit Curt Hawkins who else Agrees?
  14. What Was The Most True Tag Team of All-Time in WWF/E?
  15. Who was the first ever paricipant in the royal rumble?
  16. Randy Orton vs Stone Cold'Steve Austin in a Hell in Cell Match Who Wins?your Opinions?
  17. Who Are Your Top 3 Hottest WWE Diva's Today?
  18. Why can't TNA keep a consistent storyline or feud?
  19. I notice that Smackdown doesn't have a major face to be wwe champion other than Edge, what should
  20. who is the better westler and why?
  21. Would Chris Jericho be a good opponent for The Undertaker at WrestleMania?
  22. Where can i watch TNA Final Resolution 2010 online?
  23. My Wrestlemania27 match card (+WQ)?
  24. 1st one to answer correctly?
  25. What's the highest cable rating WWE ever got?
  26. 10 wrestling and non wrestling questions?
  27. Who'd Win Rob Van Damn Edge vs Chris Jericho Christian BQ?
  28. wwe day of reckoning glitches?
  29. What does WWE?s imPACT testing consist of?
  30. what do you think of Chicago Knight?
  31. Can any one point me in the direction of the video where Sheamus injured Triple H?
  32. Which feud do you think was better and why?
  33. Where is Triple H now?
  34. How do you feel about John Bradshaw Layfield? (JBL)?
  35. 2007 John Cena/CNN Interview: Can you help me?
  36. How would you improve Smackdown?
  37. I need help please!!!! Help me help me help me?
  38. shelton benjamin is a future hall of famer?
  39. Was it inevitable that MVP was gonna get released?
  40. rip umaga +bq gone but not forgotten?
  41. After the car incident is Justin Gabriel out?
  42. Angelina Love or Trish Stratus?
  43. who is the miz's opponent at tlc?
  44. Which is the best character of Mick foley?
  45. is Jerry Lawyer vs. the miz for the wwe title raw's pathetic attempt at a tlc match?
  46. Are you Nexus or Against us?
  47. wrestling fans: is hard to suspend your disbelief when you watch watch wrestling?
  48. Why doesn't anyone read my questions carefully?
  49. Who would you classify as the top 10 managers in wrestling history?
  50. Stone Cold Stive Austin or Degeneration X.And Why?
  51. Which WWE years do you think was better.And why do you chose them?
  52. How many times will the Miz be a WWE or World champion?
  53. What would be a good name for a male version of the glam slam?
  54. Where was the William Regal, King of the Ring/Raw GM angle meant to end up?
  55. Will WWE ever bring back their juniors division?+BQ?
  56. Kurt Angle..............?
  57. What is the story behind the episode of Raw where Steve Austin walked out back in 2002?
  58. what time do TNA ppvs start ?
  59. Why do the writers at TNA think it's a good idea bombard there show? (more inside)?
  60. which of the following feuds would you. Like to see +bq?
  61. describe your favorite legend with out saying his name?
  62. describe your favorite wrestler with out saying his name?
  63. what was all the eras in wwe since 2000?
  64. How many times have groups like NWO, Four Horsemen or DX joined together and disbanded?
  65. did the wwe explain how paul bearer came back from the dead?
  66. What happens if you wrestle in the wwe and you get seriously injured in the head?
  67. Why Am I The Voice Of The WWE.?
  68. Is CM PUNK better on Commentator then me.?
  69. John Cena Should Go To SD! Agree are Disagree (more inside)?
  70. Who do you think produces better and more entertaining feuds, Jericho or Edge? +BQ's?
  71. who would win and how?
  72. wwe day of reckoning 2 glitches ?
  73. Who would you say makes the better heel GM, Vickie Guerrero, Eric Bischoff, or Paul Heymen?...
  74. Should WWE Push Chris Masters again (More Inside)?
  75. does micheal cole have a secret crush on me is he cheating at the miz?
  76. what the point of voting for the next NXT superstar if we know we will see them sometime in the
  77. Which was the better feud Y2J vs HBK (2008) or Edge vs John Cena (2006)?
  78. who do you like better???????? Jeff Hardy???????????? or John Cena???????
  79. Who is better Hulk Hogan or Ric Flair?
  80. Should WWE Push Rosa Mendas?
  81. What are the top 20 TNA wrestlers?
  82. Who would win: Evan Bourne or Rey Mysterio?
  83. WHO DO U LIKE BETTER???? AJ STYLES??????? OR JOHN CENA????????
  84. Should WWE help get attention for other wrestling companies like they use to?
  85. out of the following gimmick matches which one is your favorite +bq?
  86. Which current WWE TNA star could do the best in MMA?
  87. who is more underrated gail kim or Natalya +2 BQ's?
  88. How many MizFits does it take to change a light bulb?
  89. Which wrestler has the most annoying fans here in the WS?
  90. If Daniel Bryan beat Miz became WWE champ what would you think of it?
  91. At this point, should Taker retire for his health?
  92. Doesn't it seem that WWE is trying so hard to go tv 14?
  93. Poll: Heel Rock Or Face Rock?
  94. Where can I watch the Kofi Kingston PPV BOOM!?
  95. I think i found a Ps2 Glitch in WWE SVR 2011?
  96. Who would like to see Michael Cole being owned by?
  97. If you could trade 3 wrestlers from 1988 with some wrestlers from 2010?
  98. Who is the most improved wrestler of 2010?
  99. Why doesn?t Yukes or WWE beta test their games before releasing them on the PS2?
  100. Who has the largest and most varied moveset in the WWE currently?
  101. why cant you understand that the undertaker is better than you and is the best of all time?
  102. What is the undertaker best feud of all time?
  103. IYO, what is The Undertaker's best feud ever since his return as The Legendary Deadman
  104. can we all agree that the undertaker is more popluar then any indy promotion?
  105. What has been the best match in wwe this year?
  106. does anyone else agree that the undertaker should be name the greatest wrestler of all time?
  107. did you know that the undertaker makes pro wrestling worth watching?
  108. Will anyone else cry their eyes when taker hangs up his boots?
  109. Why Is Michael Cole so..... DASHING!?
  110. did you know that without the undertaker you would have to watch indies?
  111. Does anyone else agree that The Undertaker is the best wrestler of all time?
  112. Turns out MVP wasn't released and is still in WWE. Your thoughts?
  113. Why doesnt the wwe have triple threat tag team tlc matches anymore?
  114. If Undertaker and Stone Cold got into a real life fist fight, who would win?
  115. Do you think Edge is getting a bit..annoying?
  116. If WWE were to Take over TNA?
  117. WWE Discriminating Against Black Wrestlers?
  118. My brother watches wrestling could he possibly be gay?
  119. Do you remember a guy named Mordecai?
  120. How long have referees been wearing those ear pieces and what exactly is fed to them?
  121. How do you feel about John Bradshaw Layfield? (JBL)?
  122. Does Cody Rhodes deserves a title shot?
  123. sice kofi kingston is so popular in wwe as a midcarder for now?
  124. Should CHIKARA Wrestling get a tv deal?
  125. Where do you ROH and CHIKARA in 10 years?
  126. Which is a better push for a wrestler? Turning them heel or face?
  127. Would Big Show VS William Regal be a interesting match BQ?
  128. Who Had The Worst Week?
  129. How is WWE better than TNA?
  130. When will Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel and David Otunga be available for download on PS3?
  131. Who Did You Want To Win WWE NXT Season 3?
  132. kofi kingston and jack swagger put on another great match?
  133. I think i know who will win the royal rumble this year!!!!!!!!?(+BQ)?
  134. Do You Think We Will See MVP In TNA?
  135. what would u think if this happen?
  136. Who'd Win Trent Baretta vs Daniel Brysn?
  137. Why is Samoa Joe always wearing a t-shirt now?
  138. Haha Did you guys see how Beth Phoenix did the Glam Slam on that Eagle?
  139. Does anybody think that Cody Rhodes..?
  140. WWE Thursday Night SmackDown. Please rate the show + Shelton Benjamin or Kofi Kingston?
  141. If WWE was to go out of business, what do you think would happen to pro-wrestling in the US?
  142. Who remembers Marcus Cor Von (Monty Brown)?
  143. Who do you think should win the 2011 Royal Rumble+ WSW Thursday Night Chaos Results Part 1?
  144. Triple H vs. The Undertaker comparison...?
  145. Should WWE bring back Deuce n' Domino?
  146. Who is the better in ring performer: John Cena or this guy in video?
  147. What would your reaction be if Chris Jericho won the Royal Rumble?
  148. Who Had The Wost Night-Smackdown?
  149. I am a proud Cole Miner, what do you say to me?
  150. Do you think WWE shows and storylines are getting better?
  151. who is the best upand coming cruiserweight?
  152. Who is the actual monster Kane or Edge?
  153. who would win????????????
  154. What was the best heel turn in TNA for 2010?
  155. @midnight prodigy i think i just sent the links for 1998 and 1999 raw is war torrent?
  156. Would this save the tag-team division and the diva divison?
  157. WWE have great mid-card competitors competing on Superstars every week but..?
  158. Could this save the tag-team division and the diva division?
  159. Do you agree with Curt Hawkins?: I'm a future main-eventer?
  160. Do you agree with Triple H?: He's the King of Kings?
  161. Do you agree with Chris Jericho?: He's the best at what he does?
  162. who do you think miz will defend the? title against? at TLC?
  163. The Rock Bottom or The Book End?
  164. does Cody Rhodes the first ever wrestler who give grooming tips?
  165. If you want to see Suicide character return who do you want to portray him?
  166. Using the wwe and tna roster make your own dream wwe money in the bank match?
  167. What has been Kanes best match in 2010?
  168. Did you guys see Chris Jericho's highlight reel in the UK? (Hilarious Video inside)?
  169. why superstars are going from WWE to TNA?
  170. Among this ,which one the best match ?????
  171. Favorite wrestler's ? ?
  172. How Many superstars are going to return in WWE quickly?
  173. did you ever think this would happen?
  174. Best Stunner sell: The Rock, Scott Hall, or Linda McMahon?
  175. Who else think WCW Championship won by WWE wrestler back in Invasion shouldn't count?
  176. Is this the future HBK of the WWE diva's division?
  177. Wait a minute he's climbing the rope, he's pointing up to the heavens, is that who we think it is?
  178. agree or disagree..................?
  179. Should the WWE sign this girl wrestler (video included)?
  180. which all time female wrestler in wwe and tna is better(poll)?
  181. Why are LayCool doing more in WWE now then the Diva's champion is?
  182. If Shawn Michaels came back next year and challenged Taker to a rematch at WM 27 what would...
  183. When does SvR11 DLC come out?
  184. Do you think Mcintyre should turn face?
  185. new wwe released very shoking?
  186. is Hornswoggle your favourite wrestler?
  187. Which one do you like better TNA or UFC?
  188. Why do you like or dislike Mcintyre?
  189. W/e happened to the push...?
  190. Does Eric Bishoff honestly think he is going to take down WWE by this?
  191. which one of these wrestlers would survive in a 3 on 1 bar fight?
  192. Who is your favorite to win NXT Season 4?
  193. What would Mark Henry do if he went to KFC and bought a 30 piece bucket of chicken but...
  194. Whats you favorite wwe quote?
  195. Should WWE replace Bragging Rights with Breaking Point (More Inside)?
  196. Who Is The Heart Soul of WWE TNA?
  197. If You Could Bring Back Any Diva in WWE, Who Would It Be?
  198. Did anyone see How Quick Jeff Moved after Anderson Came in The Ring AND BQ Included?
  199. LOL! Guess what Stone Cold Steve Austin HIMSELF is selling?
  200. WWE Replica Belt Engraving question?
  201. Who Had The Worst Night-Superstars?
  202. Juan Cena : Fake Or Real?
  203. what happnened last week and this week so far on tna impact?
  204. Is Angle better as a comedic or serious character?
  205. A good song for rated rko?
  206. Dont you think Daniel bryan keeps hurting himself?
  207. Why can't the WWE Divas be treated just like the WWE Superstars?
  208. Which Diva Is More Dominant in WWE: Beth Phoenix or Natalya?
  209. If You Could Bring Back Any Superstar in WWE, Who Would It Be?
  210. full raw is war 2000?
  211. Who Has Held the WWE Championship the longest in Wrestling History?
  212. Was There Ever A Match Where The Result was Shocking to You?
  213. My WCW Monday Night Nitro Episode # 91 (Rate Show) + What was your All-Time Favorite Eddie...
  214. Agree or disagree that WWE commentary would be boring without Michael Cole?
  215. My WCW Thursday Night Thunder Episode # 33 (Rate Show) + What was your favorite match
  216. What's the best version of the DDT?
  217. Who thinks Daniel Bryan should go with his other look?
  218. what do you think Daniel Bryan will lose first?
  219. Why do we only get fan booking ideas or predictions for WWE but not TNA?
  220. Why did Jerry Lawler assault Michael Cole on Raw....?
  221. is it true spieboy was fired from?
  222. who else is sick of tara?
  223. Does winning the WWE title make you an automatic Hall of Famer or not?
  224. AJ Lee is most likely going to be with WWE?
  225. Who Would Win: Shawn Michales or AJ Styles?
  226. Favorite and Least favorite?
  227. What would be some good TNA vs WWE Match's if it ever happened?
  228. Which Match is better: Last Man Standing or I Quit?
  229. Do you think Mr. Anderson will have a heel turn at Final Resolution?
  230. Did Michael Tarver get fired from Nexus, or is his injury the only thing keeping him out?
  231. So you think you are a WWE Fan?
  232. why do you think only new heels recieve pushes never new baby faces?
  233. MVP Released, now what?
  234. So im watching TNA for the first time...?
  235. A question about Goldust?
  236. What is so bad about liking The Undertaker (from wwe)?
  237. So I was watching TNA the other day and I have a question?
  238. Who'd Win Dudebusters vs Rey Mysterio Christian?
  239. Who's a bigger legend overall Stone Cold or Undertaker or Hulk Hogan?
  240. Who'd Win 2004 Edge vs AJ Styles?
  241. You guys have been voting and these 5 superstars are the final 5 in the Royal RUmble?
  242. Who's Better Nexus or Fortune?
  243. Who is the John Cena of TNA?
  244. How would you design your very own themed pay per view?
  245. What was the first match you've ever seen?
  246. Rate my WrestleMania 27 card?
  247. Who was your favorite wrestler in WCW?
  248. so when will they finally reveal why the Nexus helped Kane at Bragging Rights?
  249. Devon stole that line from cena don't you agree?
  250. Agree or Disagree: Jeff Hardy is starting to sound like Randy Orton during his promos?
  251. Will Jerry Lawyer Pass The Torch To Matt Striker?
  252. If Michael Cole was the leader of Nexus how would you react?
  253. What is/was a wrestler that no one seemed to like but you?
  254. Eliminate ONE more superstar from the Royal Rumble match?
  255. was that a fast count?
  256. Why do you think Mr.McMahon choose Ric Flair among other legends to put over many young stars?
  257. Does Zack Ryder act just like he does with his gimmick in real life?
  258. Who do you think should be #20 on Undertaker's streak?
  259. Who is the first WWE wrestler you think of when you hear these words?
  260. What would you reckon my wwe poster is worth, in money.?
  261. It's the 80s Hogan is upset at MachoMan for shoving a finger up his no-no place, what would...
  262. Eliminate TWO more superstars from the Royal Rumble?
  263. Im wrestling on Saturday at 145 pounds, my current weight is 146.4, there is a 2 pound
  264. top 10 superstars and top 10 moments of 2010 + bq?
  265. What Championship do you see Alberto Del Rio winning in the future and B.Q?
  266. What's the favorite catchphrase?
  267. would you like this to happen at finale resolution in the world title match?
  268. Will there be a better, much darker class of a pro wrestler?
  269. What Should My Wrestling Name Be?
  270. wwe smack-down vs raw 2011 ps2 please help?
  271. Why is Alex Riley walking around with the briefcase?
  272. Why did Mr. Kennedy drop the MiTB briefcase to Edge?
  273. Elminate TWO more superstars from the Royal Rumble?
  274. if you could say something to a wrestler in wwe and tna?
  275. Who'd Win Christian vs. Edge vs. Chris Jericho?
  276. Does The Undertaker Need To Pass The Torch 2 Randy Orton?
  277. what happened to sabu of ecw?
  278. breaking news mvp realesed?
  279. Is it true that the great kali does not speak english?
  280. If a storyline makes sense could you at least forgive the company even if who you wanted to go...
  281. How long are Hulk Hogan Eric Bischoff under contract with TNA?
  282. Who noticed Miz's face after his TLC match with Jerry Lawler?
  283. Is the Wwe going to end?
  284. How long do you think Immortal will last?
  285. How to start a title match for Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 for wii?
  286. Do you think Nexus will help Wade win the Royal Rumble this year or do you think they may...
  287. WWE: What do you think will happen with Kaitlyn?
  288. CM Punk, Jack Swagger, and Daniel Bryan are all horrible, talentless wrestlers with no...
  289. If these WWE superstars were to fight, which ones would win?
  290. TNA Releases Lacey Von Eric?
  291. if you Wear a wrestler what would be your theme song?
  292. was wwf brawl for it all real?
  293. Where is Chris Jericho?
  294. Why can't WWE give Vickie a break?
  295. WWE Announcers Pushing for Jim Ross to Be Brought Back?
  296. Have you noticed that the NXT rookie divas are wearing skimpier outfits?
  297. Is Booker T, Underated or Overated?
  298. who else is injoying the yoshi toshu push?
  299. do you think naomi would have won nxt if she was white?
  300. Who's your favorite Wrestler in TNA right now + BQ?
  301. if batista whent to TNA should this be his theme?
  302. What WarGames matches have been released on DVD?
  303. Is the Steamboat vs. Flair from the NWA Chi-Town Rumble on 2/20/89 available on DVD?
  304. d you think wwe needs a lot more versatile superstars?
  305. why is honky tonk man feud with bubba the lovesponge?
  306. os naomi from wwe nxt like the ugliest thing that walks the planet?
  307. what is the name of this black wrestler?
  308. OMG Moment of the Year and Shocker of the Year?
  309. If Undertaker misses Wrestlemania 27?
  310. What was the Loudest Pop in WWE History?
  311. What was the most Underrated Stable in WWE History?
  312. Was there ever a Match in WWE that made you Cry?
  313. If CM Punk were to leave the WWE, could he keep using the name CM Punk?
  314. What was the most Overrated Stable in WWE History?
  315. King Of The Ring 2010.....Who will win?
  316. do any pro wrestlers have asthma?
  317. Can you give me the wwe smackdown spoilers for next week 10 points best answer?
  318. Who has more in ring talent: John Cena, Batista, or a jar of barbecue sauce?
  319. It's only been one week, and I'm already tired of WWE Champion The Miz?
  320. poll: wwe smack down vs raw 2010 or 11?
  321. Do you like this storyline?
  322. guesse the wrestler (easy)?
  323. who's the best wrestler?
  324. Who can name every wrestler who Ric Flair dft for his 1st recognised 16 world titles?
  325. Who can name the wrestlers Edge was tag team champion with?
  326. TNA six sided ring or the traditional looking ring?
  327. Which WWE PPV was the 1st to have 2 WWE title matches in the same night?
  328. Are house shows any good?
  329. Whats the story behind Robocop being at a WCW PPV?
  330. Which happened 1st Hogan's Nash's finger poke of doom or HHH's HBK's shove of death?
  331. Who did the Dudley Boyz or Team 3D dft for their 23 tag team title reigns?
  332. who would win in this match?
  333. who is the first ever WWE triple crown winner?
  334. How would you react if Natalya (Divas Champ) gets attacked by...?
  335. Would Ricky Steam Boat Have Been Good On Smackdown or Raw?
  336. Bret The Hitman hart possibly in TNA someday?
  337. Who'd Win Ricky Steam Boat Jr vs Daniel Bryan?
  338. Eliminate TWO more supestars from the Royal Rumble?
  339. If your cat was hired by WWE?
  340. dolph ziggler in for a face turn??? (why else would wwe let downstrait do a cover of his theme)?
  341. Who Would've Won Matt Morgan vs John Cena In A Table Match?
  342. What finishers or moves are a instant K.O.?
  343. Who would win these SD vs. RAW matches?
  344. Eliminate two more supestars from the Royal Rumble match?
  345. How much of Big shows weight pound for pound is actual muscle?
  346. What is your favorite stable in wwf/e or wcw of all-time?
  347. Is John Cena dropping Gabriel through a car window PG?
  348. Who was the oldest WWF/WWE Champion ?
  349. How long will Natalya's title reign last?
  350. Is Randy Orton dull and predictable?
  351. TNA Fantasy Show Help? Vote For Champs?
  352. *Daily Wrestling quiz* WAnna test your skills?
  353. why are there only 6 rookies on WWE NXT now?
  354. I'm in Pain after Wrestling practice, need help why it still hurts?
  355. What Kind Of Shorts Do Motor City Machine Guns Wear?
  356. What brand should Kaitylin go to?
  357. Should TNA have Beer Money vs Generation Me vs MCMGs in a Full Metal Mayhem for the titles?
  358. When I say the word Jobber. What is the first thing that pops up in your head?
  359. Guess the Wrestler (WWF/E Version)?
  360. witch team was a worse rip-off of the NWO?
  361. Guess the Wrestler (ECW/WWF/E Version)?
  362. it is time to teach you WWE marks about TNA and even the WWE/F?
  363. I still don't see what's wrong with the PG era, are you weird like me and actually don't mind
  364. Who Would Win: Santino Marrela or Randy Orton?
  365. Agree OR Disagree: Cody Rhodes will be a World Champion one day in WWE?
  366. am I the only one that likes The Miz's in ring ability and wrestling style?
  367. which of these wrestlers would win in a real fight?
  368. Where do you see Alberto Del Rio one year from now?
  369. With all the religious wrestlers of today's industries, who else wanna see this match?
  370. How do you feel about John Bradshaw Layfeild? (JBL).?
  371. Who will win in this matches?
  372. Was the girl in the pictures that The Miz showed is a real fan or a cast member?
  373. In your view, while Jerry Lawler was active wrestler in WWE, should've the WWE give him the...
  374. Too predictable? (The Miz's Reign)?
  375. Did WWE really think that Yoshi Tatsu and Mark Henry can make a good tag team?
  376. What is this thing called (its a type of weight Pic included)?
  377. Who should I take to Smackdown?
  378. How would Kenta do if he wen't to WWE or TNA?
  379. wrestling section why is the iwc upset sheamus won KOTR?
  380. Which season of NXT do you think was the best?
  381. If you were a wrestler in wwe or tna, what kind of gimmick would you have?
  382. Why do you like wrestling if it is fake?
  383. Agree or Disagree:This would be better pro's for the rookies?
  384. Do you think they could make a non-PG wrestler a heel vs the baby face PG a good stoyline?
  385. Why is Daniel Bryan a pro?
  386. I think i know who will win the royal rumble this year!!!!!!!!?(+BQ)?
  387. Who would win: Abyss or Kane?
  388. when is that idiot, alberto del rio?
  389. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  390. Who would win: john morrison or evan bourne?
  391. WWE Raw Episode 1 (Rate Give Opinions)?
  392. How come I cant sign up for WWE Universe?
  393. should sheamus use this as his new theme?
  394. Who is your favorite wrestler in wwe right now?
  395. Alright im offically a cole miner after tonights nxt he's halarious how many of you hate him?
  396. Have you lost interest in Wrestling?
  397. Who will win in this matches?
  398. Which will be your best night as wrestling fan : choose 1 + Reason?
  399. (details inside) Who would you keep?
  400. How is it possible Ric Flair billed as WWE Legend?
  401. How do you guys feel about me as a user?+BQ?
  402. What is the best WWE programme ever?
  403. What is your favorite move of Mike Quackenbush?
  404. Is Michael cole most annoying ring announcer?
  405. Who is your WWE 2011 dream roster?
  406. Who is the worst user here in the Wrestling Section?
  407. Will Awesome Kong ever come back to TNA go to the WWE?
  408. What is the more annoying of the Wrestling Section questions?
  409. Which 2 wrestlers not in the WWE, do you think will be signed will be the future of the WWE?
  410. How long will it be until Mason Ryan and Byron saxton will join either smackdown or Raw?
  411. saving the tag team division?
  412. Can I have your attention please....i've just recieved another email from the anonymous Raw...
  413. Why doesn't Goldust do the Shattered Dreams anymore?
  414. What do you think of this card for Wrestlemania 27 (The we're sorry for so many bad years PPV)?
  415. would mr perfect curt henning vs shelton benjamin make a great match?
  416. has this ever happened to you on wwe smack down vs raw 2011?
  417. SHould i get the Randy Orton Viper T-Shirt?
  418. why do some users is the wrestling section this its cool to hack a persona dn impersonate them? +bq?
  419. is seth rollins/tyler black gonna be part of nxt season 4?
  420. Eliminate two more superstars from the Royal Rumble match?
  421. What would you say to Fav. superstar if you met him/her for only thirty seconds?
  422. wwe smackdown vs raw 2011 just called mickie james fat?
  423. Isn't the car Alberto De Rio is riding the car JBL was using for his entrance?!?
  424. How do you guys think about this angle in the wwe....?
  425. who won wwe nxt tonight?
  426. Spoiler Alert Abyss Jeff Jarrett vs. Samoa Joe The Pope will be the Main Event for Impact this
  427. Does Michael Cole have a drivers license?
  428. Who thinks that Naomi is going to win NXT Season 3?
  429. WWE SmackDown Episode 1 (Rate Give Opinions).?
  430. do you think john morrison should turn into a crazy heel like edge used to be (when he actually...
  431. Who thinks that the user CDMAX is AWESOME!!!! + WQ?
  432. Who's happy that Mr. Anderson will be making his return to Impact this week?
  433. Do I have to wear my seat belt when I take my driving test?
  434. What happened to WWE RAW on Telemundo?
  435. Who will win in this matches?
  436. Wrestling Section .... What are your opinions on Jack Swagger?
  437. how do i play smack down vs raw 2011 for the ps3 how do you insert the blue ray disc 10...
  438. WS : Do You Remember this ?
  439. Why was the XFL a failure?
  440. WWE Backlash. Please rate the show + Who Would Win: Evan Bourne or Paul London?
  441. What Wrestler from then and now do you think deserved a title Reighn?
  442. Rumor and kinda spoiler on Season 4 of NXT?
  443. should i be a troll in the mma section plus bq?
  444. Eliminate Two more superstars from the Royal rumble match?
  445. So it looks like most people are saying RAW KOTR was bad...Why? I thought it was great!?
  446. Is John Cena back since he was on raw last night and he said he will be back next week?
  447. Do you still like wrestling even though its scripted?
  448. Do Miz and Michael Cole date?
  449. Did you notice CM Punk's T-Shirt on Raw Last Night?
  450. What was the most disappointing thing in KOTR John Morrison Loses to Sheamus or Sheamus wins KOTR?
  451. Which stable is more intimidating?
  452. What is your Wrestlemania 27 Dream Card?
  453. If the Big Show held the World Title, and you had the MITB case?
  454. is wwe turning tv 14 havent you notice that there tacking pg to there limits?
  455. So this is the message we send to little kids now and days?
  456. Who should have never been a wrestler?
  457. are shoumuse the celtic warrior ancestors rabbits he looks like a rabbit?
  458. is the king of the ring crown fake or real?
  459. isnt prdectible that tripol h is coming back now that shemouse won the king of the ring?
  460. Is CM Punk going to quit being wrestler but be a table announcer?
  461. didn't micheal cole deserved that punched in the face?
  462. True or False: CM Punk is the only superstar to win the Money in the Bank Ladder Match Twice
  463. Who else loves CM Punk's I Love Colt shirt?
  464. What WWE trend is worse: every MITB becoming champ or heels winning the KOTR?
  465. I love heels, but am I the only one who thinks heels winning all the time is bad for business?
  466. why is kofi kingston respected in the wwe?
  467. What was your favorite CM Punk line of the night?
  468. What is your SVR 2011 Roster + YQ?
  470. 2010 is a great year for the Miz, who agrees?
  471. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  472. What do you think of Michael Cole's biggest heel move to date?
  473. How do I know if I order went through on wweshopzone?
  474. Where do you think RVD was at his best?? +2bq's?
  475. Can I get a link or King of The ring. My cable is down. idn't pay the bill.?
  476. Who do you think is a better in ring performer; Matt Hardy or Jeff Hardy?
  477. John Cena is Batman now?!?
  478. Would it shock you if The Miz left the WWE for Jersey Shore?
  479. Is The Miz Michael Cole the GAYest WWE couple in history?
  480. Do you think Gail Kim is pretty?
  481. Why do lots of people underestimate the Ultimate Warrior?
  482. Did Vince McMahon sell out for the PG Era?
  483. If Hulk Hogan had his final WWF match with Bret Hart at Summerslam 1993 for the title?
  484. Predictions for tonight's RAW?
  485. POLL: Who's Doing Better Miz or Morrison?
  486. Do you agree with me that John Cena is like Hulk Hogan?
  487. So,do you think this is a good start to the 'era of Awesome'?
  488. Winners of King of the ring?
  489. Wade Barrett: Underrated?
  490. Don't you like heel Michael Cole so much better than face Michael Cole?
  491. Would this save the diva tag team division?
  492. ALL HAIL THEN NEW KING OF BURGER KING SHEAMUS! Doesn't he look like it with the royal crown on?
  493. The Miz vs CM Punk: Who is better?
  494. Michael Cole costs Lawyler WWE Tittle on Raw?
  495. So John Cena's the anonymous general manager?
  496. Do you think Ezekiel Jackson takes steroids?
  497. who is better Brock Lensar vs Roy nelson?
  498. What's to come after what Cole did last night to Lawler?
  499. Top TNA Star Suffers Injury During Abu Dhabi Events.This shouldn't keep him out of action...
  500. Why the hell did cole do that?