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  1. WWE elimination round 2:?
  2. When will John Morrison rise to the top of WWE?
  3. If wrestling is fake then why do people watch it?
  4. CAN YOU explain why bret hart and macho man savage hate hulk hogan?
  5. Rate this weeks Smackdown! w/SOURCE?
  7. Will Melina turn heel this sunday?
  8. Why is Hulk Hogan in commercials but not in WWF?
  9. If you could switch lives with a WWE Superstar/TNA Superstar/WWE Diva/TNA Knockout, who
  10. what would you do if triple h wins the royal rumble?
  11. Who is your favorite superstar on TNA?
  12. Do you think that Daniel Bryan would ever be a World Champion in WWE?
  13. How do you Make certified WWE Ring For Home Training?
  14. is wwe wreslter john cena a male?
  15. WWE Friday Night Showdown (Rate Give Opinions).?
  16. When did CM Punk ( 2008 ) and Mr.Kennedy ( 2007 ) cash in their MITB contracts?
  17. (Fill in the Blanks) If WCW Never Beat WWF in the Ratings for 84 Weeks then ________________?
  18. Why did Wade Barret not help David Otunga while Cena beat him with a chair?
  19. Guess the Number? How many Superkicks?
  20. can i buy the wwe tlc ppv right now on ? because it says wwe survivor series in the buy...
  21. My WCW Thursday Night Thunder Episode # 34 (Rate Show) + Which Company was better: NWA or AWA?
  22. does technical wrestling really matter for the main event.?
  23. WWE/TNA Battle Royal Round 5?
  24. which songs fit your favorite wrestlers?
  25. Are you a RAW fan for a SMACKDOWN! fan?
  26. how old do you have to be to be in florida championship wrestling?
  27. what is the weight limit for heavyweight before you become superheavyweight in wrestling?
  28. Do Randy Savage and Bret Hart still hate Hulk Hogan?
  29. Who Had The Worst Night-Superstars?
  30. Answer please!? wwe question?
  31. (Fill in the Blanks) Without Steve Austin, the Attitude Era would ____________________?
  32. As a WWE fan how do you feel about having 2 undertakers after all these years?
  33. How many WWE fans hope WWE Champion The Miz retains this sunday?
  34. WWE elimination round 1:?
  35. What is CZW? Is it unscripted?
  36. WWE Triple Threat Round 2 Finals: Pick who wins?
  37. Will WWE ever be TV-14 again?
  38. ***** WRESTLING QUESTIONS *****?
  39. TNA fans: How do you feel about Rob Terry's heel turn?
  40. 6 Man Battle Royal Eliminate 2?
  41. Who else left or was fired from wwe?
  42. Stone Cold-Greatest Of Alltime?
  43. Who would win a unscripted street battle? Chris hero vs John Cena?
  44. Is Jeff Hardy married or have any kids?
  45. what wrestler do you have the closest birthday to?
  46. Chris Jericho or Christain?
  47. Who pulled the fire alarm? Seriously, you damn kids! This isn't funny...?
  48. WWE/TNA Battle Royal round 4?
  49. I just notice to things from Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez?
  50. I invented a new finisher so tell me if it is good or not?
  51. How do you feel about John Bradshaw Layfield, (JBL)?
  52. WWE Triple Threat Round 1: Pick who gets eliminated first?
  53. what was your favorite undertaker match?
  54. if santa clause were to ring you one superstar or diva/knockout, WRESTLER for christmas who
  55. 60 man WWE/TNA Battle Royal round 2?
  56. Who would win the WWE match?
  57. Do you like Micheal Cole?
  58. Will or do you think Jeff Hardy will come back to WWE/raw?
  59. What tag team you thought was great but WWE ended up destroying it?
  60. How selfish is Batista's daughter?
  61. What happen if Lucha Libre invade WWE?
  62. Who'd Win Mankind vs Evolution Batista?
  63. How many times did TNA go/went to Chicago?
  64. Who'd Win Kane vs Yokozuna?
  65. omg randy orton da ish?
  66. Who'd Win 2003 Randy orton vs Cm Punk?
  67. WWE Fatal Four Way Round 3 Finals: Pick who wins?
  68. How many are you watch Lucha Libre?
  69. Who'd Win Brock Lesnar vs Yokozuna?
  70. Why do fans contiune to chant?
  71. Will We ever Witness a Stable Like Evoulution?
  72. who'd Win John Morrison vs Jackson Andrews?
  73. did wrestling swection top contributer i caught cm punk drinkin a beer get suspended again?
  74. What would you consider the most underrated year for the WWE?
  75. Would you like to see Goldberg return for just Wrestlemania or longer?
  76. Creating an nWo faction?
  77. When was the last time their was a first blood match in WWE?
  78. Who is the likely opponent for Wade Barrett at Wrestlemania?
  79. How do you feel about John Bradshaw Layfield, (JBL)?
  80. How good of a wrestler is the Portuguese Princess Ariel?
  81. if you became a wwe superstar or diva?
  82. TNA iMPACT Question 4 Sided Ring Vs 6 Sided?
  83. Police stopped fight at Hulk Hogans Wedding?
  84. whos gonna win on sunday.?
  85. So what are your opinions of the following matches?
  86. What do you think of my custom Smackdown!?
  87. What do you think about WWE in 2009?
  88. what are the wwe spoilers for?
  89. When did Vince Machman become chairman of the WWE?
  90. Who would win this match at WM? I know it won't happen but just tell me what you think?
  91. if you were a wrestler, you guys would have a body like John Cena or John Morrison? which
  92. Would this be a great storyline when CM Punk returns from injury?
  93. Would this be a great TNA stable and could it be the Main Event Mafia 2.0?
  94. Which is oldest, WWE or Lucha Libre?
  95. Which side of Tyler Reks did you like the best?Surfur side or bad guy side?
  96. Who in your opinion should be the Superstar Of The Year?
  97. No US match on Sunday?
  98. wrestling fans i make a deal. i stop making fun of the dead if you don't take trolling seriously?
  99. I'm a dreaming or TNA is out of business in sooner or later?
  100. TNA fans did you know that the 6 sided ring has returned
  101. Who was CM Punk talking about in his Slammy Award speech this week on WWE Raw?
  102. Who'd Win Chris Masters vs Daniel Bryan For Us Title?
  103. Why WCW let the wrestlers from Lucha Libre?
  104. Master Lock or Bella Lock?
  105. What are your thoughts on WWE not having Diva tag team belts?
  106. 60 man WWE/TNA Battle Royal round 2?
  107. Do You Think Randy Orton Will Lead Another Stable?
  108. Girls, if you had a choice to sleep with either Jack Swagger or the Miz, who would you sleep with?
  109. wrestling fans why do you watch wrestling when you know is fake. and why do you get upset with
  110. WWE Fatal Four Way Round 2: Eliminate 1 person?
  111. On Raw, who do you think C.M. Punk was referring to when he said he'll get even with
  112. Wrestling fans what do you think is your IQ?
  113. Who'd Win Chris Masters vs Sheamus?
  114. PVP Episode 12 Rate Overall Show and Pick Winners 3BQ's?
  115. Was Right to Censor a good stable?
  116. Is CM Punk still a Heel?
  117. Has Arguing with the referee ever worked?
  118. WWE Fatal Four Way Round 1: Pick who gets eliminated first?
  119. Would you be surprised if John Cena wins Superstar of the year again for 2011?
  120. WWE Champion Vs TNA Champion Who'd Win The Miz vs Jeff Hardy?
  121. what match between any past or presant wwe supertars would you like to see?
  122. Which available former WCW World champion would you have preferred to see over David...
  123. wrestling fans why do you act so serious?
  124. Why do wrestling fans continue to allow John Cena's TVPG era ruin the WWE?
  125. True or False: Michael Cole only received 1 RKO?
  126. Guess the wrestler #5 of 5?
  127. True or False: Triple H tapped out to John Cena once?
  128. True or False: John Cena lost at wrestlemania only once?
  129. Guess the Wrestler: Final?
  130. True or False: Shawn Micahels only beat John Cena once?
  131. What was the most tragic moment in WWE history..?+ Wrestling Chit n' Chat?
  132. True or False: Shawn Michaels has superkicked Randy Orton more than 15 times?
  133. If WWE had a poll to pick the Undertaker's for Wrestlemania XXVII, who would you pick (list
  134. True or False: Jeff Hardy beat Undertaker?
  135. So far now, who's your favorite in win NXT Season 4? Why?
  136. Who Had The Worst Night-Superstars?
  137. Who thinks the NXT crowd is dead as a Zombie?
  138. Can you remember when people where saying the Nexus Invasion was better than the Attitude era?
  139. im the only one that falls asleep in the main event in raw especially when randy orton is in it?
  140. Agree or Disagree: WWE Diva's division sucks compared to the TNA Knockouts?
  141. True or False: Cm Punk is better than micahel Cole on commentary?
  142. To all the Michael Cole haters.....?
  143. Wat do u think of these 2 teams?
  144. Has Any one eva seen The Sandman sober?
  145. Would you like to see...?
  146. Name 50 of the Best ECW wrestlers?
  147. Who do you think would've won if Giant Gonzalez didn't get dq at Wrestle mania?
  148. Undertaker is wrestling less than any one in WWE...?
  149. What wrestler do you think always has the best return promos when they come back from an injury?
  150. Guess the wrestler #2(20 Characters)?
  151. TNA World Champion found dead in his North Carolina Home... Drugs Involved?
  152. What is you're all time favorite feud and why?
  153. Gregory Helms going after HBK Fans?Read On!?
  154. I'm asking for Todd, Did YOU get your flu shot this year? +BQs?
  155. What diva's and superstars are married to on another?
  156. Should DragonGate USA get a TV deal?
  157. Which NXT rookie impressed you the least last night?
  158. Could I be a WWE Diva?
  159. What do you think is the best WWE finisher today?
  160. What WWE programming do you miss?
  162. What would you consider the WORST feud of all time?
  163. Are you with Nexus or........?
  164. Do you miss MVP and what do you think about alberto del rio and nexus?
  166. Why are all WWE tag teams breaking up?
  167. Do you agree with Wade Barrett?: You're either Nexus or against us?
  168. Is swaggers soaring eagle vs hornswaggle a candidate for match of the year?
  169. Do you agree with CM PUNK?: Straigh Edge is the way?
  170. Why is Vince McMahon willing to recognize Ric Flair as a 16 time world champion?
  171. Do you think Ricky the Dragon Steamboat, Ted DiBiase Sr. and Roddy Pipper would be main...
  172. Is there any mid carder from this era you can think of that has a shot at the hall of fame?
  173. how do i earn. . .. . . . ..?
  174. How can I have DLC for SVR2011 into my PSP?
  175. Who would win this Money in the Bank Ladder match?
  176. Guess the Wrestler: Final (remake)?
  177. What would you change about wrestling WWE?
  178. What do you think was the most shocking moment of 2010 in TNA?
  179. Was Phonenix Plash Kaval's finisher or just a normal move?
  180. Guess the wrestler #3 of 5?
  181. Who was that tall guy that was with Tyson Kidd on Monday Night Raw?
  182. ***Warning: Contain's a slight spoiler about iMPACT tonight.***?
  183. After the circumstances with Owen Hart's death, are you surprised that the Hart family still work...
  184. When was the first time a heel beat a face without cheating?
  185. WWE Judgement Day. Please rate the show + What is the best Feud in WWE Today?
  186. Can Kevin Thorn do the moonwalk?
  187. Who was the best General Manager of RAW?
  188. wcw deadly venom the best of sting?
  190. Who was the first Wrestler who Invented/Created the Power Bomb?
  191. Did you know that today is TNA pro wrestler Kurt Angle's 42nd birthday (yes or no)?
  192. Is Randy Orton the best Mexican wrestler since Jack Black?
  193. how did the wwe choose there 1st world champion +bq?
  194. WWE diva set to turn heel soon?
  195. When It Comes To Backstage Politics, Who Is The Most Hated Man In Wrestling, Hulk Hogan Or...
  196. should i go see wwe smackdown house show live?
  197. if im planning to go to a wrestling school, ring of honor, or florida championship wrestling?
  198. Is Jamie Noble the biggest draw ever?
  199. Where is John Cena from? (Answer = west Newbury, Massachusetts)?
  200. How is this? (My Custom Smackdown!) ... This isn't a troll question!?
  201. Do you think that UFC fans are just an extra chromosome away from becoming WWE fans?
  202. Why did Matt Hardy eat Rhode Island?
  203. Why does Kaval eat cornchips?
  204. If you were a Wrestler, Would you Form a Stable or Tag Team?
  205. Will Chris Benoit make his WWE return to win the 2011 Royal Rumble?
  206. Is WWE wrestling fake or not?
  207. Tripple H coming back?
  208. Who is/was your fav heel wrestler?
  209. Why did Justin Gabriel Looked homeless on Raw?
  210. PLEASE ANSWER!!! wwe raw event question?
  211. What wrestlers have left the WWE this year?
  212. Why are wrestling internet marks so annoying?
  213. which wwe wrestler current or a past one would be a.................?
  214. What is the difference between a physical battle and a spiritual one!?
  215. Where is WWE going with this Kane vs Edge feud?
  216. Would you enjoy wrestling as much if you weren't on y!a? +BQs?
  217. where's wrestler amazing red?
  218. How hard is it to become a wrestler? 10 points?
  219. what finisher for any wwe or tna wrestler past or current would you...............?
  220. Top 3 moments that made your eyes water (with laughter or sadness)?
  221. Ever notice how TNA haters always want WWE talent to go there? + WQ?
  222. Why do people think TNA is better then WWE?
  223. Who was the most succesful african-american in WWE history?
  224. will wade barrett be force out of nexus? wasnt he? surprised when they walked out?
  225. what happened to mmm?
  226. Does Trish Stratus have kids or babies?
  227. Funniest wrestling entrance botch ever?
  228. Do you think undertakers streak will live?
  229. Do you agree with the Miz?: I'm the Miz and I'm Awesome?
  230. My WCW Monday Night Nitro Episode # 92 (Rate Show) + Will Drew McIntyre win the World Title one day?
  231. Do you think Jack Swagger would be perfect for the King Of The Ring title?
  232. Who would win - AJ Styles or Daniel Bryan?
  233. Is there a single person who respects Jeff Hardy as a person?
  234. Would you like to see a Kurt angle return ?
  235. Here Comes The Pain At WrestleMania?
  236. WWE Elimination Chamber Your Predictions...?
  237. Wwe basic but effictive manuvers?
  238. If Shawn Michel Could Come Out Of Retirement For 1 Night ONLY...?
  239. Can i order wwe and tna ppvs online on and tna if i am not in usa or...
  240. what the freak does turn?
  241. Who would win - The Hardy Boyz or Motor City Machine Guns?
  242. What would your list (1-15) be of the superstars listed here?
  243. Anyone else miss Umaga?
  244. what is the relationship between goldust and cody rhodes +bq?
  245. What is your all time favorite wrestling PPV poster?
  246. With WWE shuffling announcers this week, what should be the permanent announce teams?
  247. What would you do if TNA and WWE became a cross promotion?
  248. why did wwe wait so long to grant matt hardy his release?
  249. Does WWE have enough star power for Wrestlemania this year?
  250. Who really is the Best in the World at what they Do?
  251. Which Wrestling Legend Deserves A WWE-Style 3 Disc Set?
  252. Would this be a way to humiliate Sheamus completely?
  253. My parents don't think I should wrestle?
  254. who is your favourte wrestler in tna or wwe 2day?
  255. Are we seeing the end of Nexus?
  256. What is up with WWE RAW?
  257. can you help me price these wwe mattel action figures?
  258. What do you think of my Wrestlemania 27 match card?
  259. is Ezekiel Jackson the next Goldberg and is Jack Swagger the next Brock Lesnar?
  260. Does TNA wrestler Shannon Moore have a facebook account?
  261. What will be your out come?
  262. can wwe make a promo for a wwe ppv or wwe show with a tv pg rating and switch it to tv
  263. How old is Mae Young ?
  264. Who do you think is the sexiest wwe diva?
  265. Who has the best pro-wrestling Hall of Fame?
  266. If you were creating your own pro-wrestling HOF, who would be your first ten entrants?
  267. In 2003 if you were told Cena would be the big star of the WWE in the near future, what would...
  268. What does the pro wrestling term Kayfabe mean?
  269. is roh on tv in australia nsw?
  271. In the WWE, Why Does Alex Riley still carry around the money in the bank briefcase if Miz...
  272. If you could see Michael Cole really beat up by one wrestler, who would you pick?
  273. What is the Most Effective and Most Weak Finisher of all-time in WWE History?
  274. Agree OR Disagree: Santino Marrela Was Better Off as a Heel?
  275. the user Amatura Rahman what is your problem +bq?
  276. does anybody watch right after wrestling?
  277. First Wrestling match!!! Need some help fast!!!!?
  278. Which Tag Team would make a better Paring: John Morrison Evan Bourne or Evan Bourne Kaval?
  279. Vince telling people about Lesnar?
  280. Who's hotter: Eve Torres or Aylen Alvarez?
  281. Do you agree that Bret Hart is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will..
  282. favorite wwe wrestler?
  283. What is the greatest match to never happen?
  284. Agree OR Disagree: Kelly Kelly is the Next Stacy Kiebler?
  285. I have a dilema, please help me?
  286. Would Evan Bourne vs CM Punk be a great match at Wrestlemania 27?
  287. Which Road To WrestleMania (Smackdown Vs. Raw 2011) is your favorite?
  288. Do You Prefer Your Favorite Wrestler to be a Face, Heel, or Tweener?
  289. What will hapen after john cena is gone from the wwe ?
  290. Is there any escapes for a cradel in wrestling? ?
  291. Is CM Punk going face?
  292. What was the better WCW album? Slam Jam or Mayhem?
  293. The miz is awesome John cena need to be heel who agrees?
  294. Do u think Lilian Garcia derserves to b in ducted into the HOF?
  295. In this list, who would you turn heel and who would you turn face?
  296. When was the last time WWE Raw got a 4.0+ rating?
  297. Who will the Undertaker take on at WM27 and WM28?
  298. You think Chris Benoit would've been the guy to take on the Undertaker's Wrestlemania Streak?
  299. Who's the better announcer on commentary, Todd Grisham or Josh Matthews?
  300. why do you think the Miz still carries the MITB briefcase?
  301. Would this be a good John Cena/Edge/Undertaker storyline(starts at Royal Rumble and
  302. what's more annoying BQ?
  303. LOL :-) WWE:Sheamus, is this Funny?
  304. Will non-US-born wrestlers take part in the show for the Troops?
  305. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  306. Would you like to see Chris Jericho as a face world champion?
  307. Should Shane McMahon be inducted into the WWE HoF one day?
  308. what was more of a racist company?
  309. Rehire Cena or you out of Nexus?
  310. Randy orton should get suspended for what he did last night?
  311. What is your most favourite Evan Bourne/Matt Sydal's finisher?
  312. How's this for a potential WWE Tag Title storyline?
  313. Look at the card for WWE TLC 2010: Tables Match AGAIN!!! FOR THE WWE Championship?
  314. If Punk was to read the emails out the exact same way as Cole does?
  315. The little girl on RAW when Miz cashed in the MITB at Orton, was that Satan's minion?
  316. Do you think letting Edge win the RR 2010 was a mistake?
  317. Considering the size of Khali, do you think it's weird that he's being defeated all the time?
  318. Who's with me on this?
  319. Rate These superstars as Overrated , Underrated or Legend?
  320. How much did you enjoy Michael Cole being RKO'ed last night?
  321. Who would you say is more famous outside wrestling? Sylvester Stallone or Hulk Hogan(Terry Bollea)?
  322. Why is Randy Orton so popular, considering his mic- and wrestling skills are terrible?
  323. What is your favorite John Cena moment?
  324. Assuming Big Show was never a pro wrestler and instead?
  325. Is the reason why alex riley is still holding the money in the bank briefcase +bq?
  326. Agree or Disagree-If Undertaker manages to make a comeback in time for Wrestlemania, should...
  327. Guess which superstar by their accomplishments?
  328. why did this fagit evan bourne steal jason bournes name?
  329. Who's better Tyson Kidd or David Hart Smith?
  330. Who can name the wrestlers who have held more than one version of the WWE title?
  331. who is a better role model?
  332. Who do you thing deserves a push in the wwe?
  333. What'ya think of this match at TLC?
  334. Has any wrestler been in the Tazmission and not tapped out?
  335. Who made up the tag team called Head Cheese?
  336. Which former WWF superstar made up the sky scrapers along with the wrestler who became
  337. will you ever were a wrestling shirt to school high school or middle school?
  338. should even bourne and kaval youst go back to tna wwe treats them like crap?
  339. will you laugh if micheal cole die or will you be sad?
  340. why is kaval a jobber?
  342. Do you agree that the next MITB winner should be a quite one?
  343. how long do you expect until alberto del rio becomes a jobber?
  344. What's happening with Maryse?
  345. Who is your favourite NXT rookie in the season 4?
  346. When is triple h coming back?
  347. Is Wade Barrett going to rehire john cena next week?
  348. Who started the group Nexus?
  349. What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear Triple H vs Scott Steiner?
  350. What would you do if John Cena got fired for?
  351. WWE Monday Night Raw. Please rate the show + What Was Your Favorite Match from Wrestlemania 24?
  352. If You Had to Pick any TNA Knockout and any WWE Diva to Go to the Company, Who Would you Pick?
  353. should i kick randy orton's @ss because he rko my best friend micheal cole?
  354. Can you guys check out my Undertakers Attitude remixes I made plz?
  355. Do you miss the Monday Night Wars?
  356. Who is the Hottest WWE Diva TNA Knockout?
  357. On WWE Monday Night RAW, is Tyson Kidd's manager name Jackson Andrews?
  358. do john morrison or sheamus have great chemistry?
  359. Why can't they have two TLC matches at the TLC Pay per view?
  360. Who would Win: Natalya or Lita (Prime)?
  361. Do you see Tyson Kidd being released during 2011, and who is the new big guy he was with?
  362. CM Punk automatically an adorable puppy to the crowd again just because he made a
  363. Like him or hate him, do you think Sheamus will be a stronger player once The Game is
  364. Are you happy for Vladmir and Santino? Vladimir's tears made me wants to cry :( lolol?
  365. i wanna meet kofi kingston so bad he is my fav?
  366. How does Cena get to celebrate in the ring with his theme music if he's fired?
  367. Why is Miz and A-Rod still carrying around the MITB briefcase?
  368. Which Past WWE Diva Was the Queen of Bikini Contests: Sable or Torrie Wilson?
  369. Will Chris Jericho return as a face to feud with a Miz? and make fun of michael cole as well?
  370. What signature wrestling move would you allow on YOU?
  371. who is the best african american wrestler of all time?
  372. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  373. Is WWE asking for forgiveness by spoiling us? +BQs?
  374. Just a random quotes guessing game?
  375. what does everyone thinks of jim cornette?
  376. Edge continues to look like crap. Opinions?
  377. Why does David Otunga always look like a concerned mother when he's on screen?
  378. Do You Think WWE Diva Natalya Should Have Her Own Entrance Theme And Moves? Stop Copying Bret
  379. Why is it that when Cena jumps out've the audience security don't chase after him but (more)?
  380. I Demand that Randy Orton Apologize to me?
  381. Who is that new dude on Raw?
  382. Why is NXT keep changing and getting New t-shirts?
  383. What do you think of your new tag team champions?
  384. How good of a wrestler is Nikki Roxx?
  385. Is it just me or did Cole walking down the entrance ramp at the start of Raw remind you of Vince?
  386. WWE Royal Rumble.......?
  387. Why does WWE continue to split real tag teams?
  388. What did you think of this weeks Raw?
  389. What is a average amount of feuds for a brand at a time?
  390. poor michael cole he did not deserve what happened to him last night?
  391. Did Melina just turn heel?
  392. What WWE division is more destroyed: Tag Team or Womens?
  393. Wade barret the raw gm ?
  394. sex, wwe and tna wrestling, junk food?
  395. Were Michael McGillicutty and Dolph Ziggler switched at birth?
  396. I like what you're wearing. why dont you slip into something more comfortable like a coma???
  397. So how many mph did Wade Barrett run?
  398. Cena just disintegrated NEXUS!?!?
  399. Please help really need it know what it is?
  400. What are your opinions on these controversial wrestlers?
  401. What was the most shocking moment of 2010 in the WWE?
  402. Would any other fan in the audience get escorted out?
  403. Who's glad that Kaitlyn won,and who's not?
  404. Can the ppl in the crowd hear the announcers?
  405. if these wrestlers/luchadores come to WWE which brand do you want to be their on?
  406. How many WWE World Title reigns do you think your favorite wrestler will have by the time he is
  407. Who does the following moves the best?
  408. If you were to make Team Canada vs Team Usa?
  409. well wasnt that nice of john cena?
  410. Who is the better big man Vader or Bam Bam Bigelow?
  411. What is the best wrestling videogame and why?
  412. Who is the youngest person to ever hold any title in the WWE?
  413. Which PPV was better?
  414. Uh oh, a Morrison promo?
  415. Orton can do an Angle Slam? huh?
  416. Is Michelle McCool's voice audio Nyquil?
  417. who's the guy with tyson kidd today at raw12/6/10 is that eli cottonwood?
  418. Is it almost time for Triple H to come back?
  419. So Matt Morgan attacked David Hart Smith?
  420. Which kind of wrestling do you prefer?
  421. And I Quote, Jerry Lawler is going to face the wrath of me, Michael Cole tonight!?
  422. Who was the big dude on raw tonight that was following tyson kidd? is tyson a heel?
  423. can you unscramble the names?
  424. Do you like the bella twins?
  425. Smackdown vs Raw 2011?
  426. why is the hurricane helms jealous of shawn michael's +bq?
  427. Micheal Cole admitting his real feelings for The Miz??!! Awesome!?
  428. And I Quote, Daniel Bryan is a Vintage Nerd!??
  429. which wwe finisher is the most dangerous?
  430. I believe Santino and Vladimir earned the tag titles, what do you think?
  431. really? really? wwe? santino marella and vladamir koslov as tag champions seriously? why wwe? why?
  432. What are some of your favorite storylines?
  433. I was just hearing RVD's TNA theme and wondering if you guys preferred another theme?
  434. And I Quote, Kentucky is a dump! I can't believe I have to announce here tonight!?
  435. Does anyone else think the WWE is trying too hard to bring back old characters?
  436. Why do people keep saying Jeff Hardy Is going to Prison did he break a law recently?
  437. Who is better:Sheamus or Drew Mcyntire?
  438. Undertaker's Streak Question.?
  439. Thoughts on Gregory Helms trashing HBK?
  440. why is rowdy roddy piper calling out ric flair on twitter?
  441. And I Quote, Stop being mean to me!?!?
  442. tna vs wwe, who is more talented overall?
  443. WWE SvR11- do you play on hard or normal mode?
  444. Fatal4Way tag match for tag belts TONIGHT..(+WQ)?
  445. What does the Terms ShootOver mean?
  446. Am I really clueless when it comes to wrestling?
  447. Girls: What WWE wrestlers do you think are cute?
  448. Is Kurt Angel coming back to WWE?
  449. What do commenters do when they need to use the bathroom?
  450. What is your favorite WWE show?
  451. The he you were talking about is not Stone Cold, then who the hell is the he you were talking about?
  452. Why does Pro Wrestling fans make fun of Owen Hart's death?
  453. Hannah montana in her bare feet vs undertaker in a fight to the death...who would you want to win?
  454. Is The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase really a millionaire or is it just his gimmick?
  455. Who said these famous words?
  456. Who would win in a fight: an american Bad@ss or an Olympic gold medalist?
  457. Tune in Every Friday on SmackDown to watch me DashingCody Rhodes?
  458. Royal Rumble Question?
  459. What does pro wrestling fans have against HBK? I don't get it!?
  460. Who was more dominating in WWE: Brock Lesnar or Goldberg?
  461. Need help kind of/sort of fast- Popcorn bag oversell story?
  462. CAUGHT A CHEATER in the WS???? T4?
  463. OMG That was awesome?
  464. When do you think Triple H is coming back?
  465. Is it true that Pro Wrestlers put their lifes on risk everytime they step into the ring?
  466. What did you think of roddy pipers speech on the old school episode of raw?
  467. Is any one ready for The Motor City Machine guns as tag team champions?
  468. If you had to create new WWE titles?
  469. Did TNA just copy wwe with the ending of RVDs first BLood Match in FInal Resoulution?
  470. im going to ask this question b/c alot of ppl are dissing people over this?
  471. How much of tonight's paperview will Hogan spend on himself and his ego?
  472. My WWE Monday Night Raw Episode 2 (Rate Give Opinions) +WQ is Inside?
  473. kofi kingston is on his way to the top?
  474. Do you think Edge will ever go to TNA?
  475. My WWE Monday Night Raw Episode 1 (Rate Give Opinions)?
  476. My WWE Friday Night SmackDown (Rate Give Opinions)?
  477. Is Tonight's TNA paperview going to be any good?
  478. How was the TNA ppv tonight?
  479. do you think wwe 2011 hall of fame?
  480. Guess the 6 wrestlers? (1st right answer gets BA)?
  481. Who would you say the ugliest 3 female wrestlers(Divas) to ever be in WWF/E?
  482. Who are your top 3 favorite Canadian wrestlers of all time?
  483. How would you feel if the wwe did this to the undertaker +bq?
  484. wwe problems?
  485. I am taking a hiatus from the WS?
  486. What was your favorite Pay Per View moment of 2010 in the WWE?
  487. What do you think of this? It explains the basics of pro wrestling?
  488. IN BOTH TNA AND WWE what match do you thinck was the best in 2010?
  489. Is Prince Nana a good manager?
  490. Was XXX one of the best groups in TNA?
  491. Wwwe Raw Episode 1(PLEASE READ)?
  492. Does this song not make you think of rhino's old wwe theme song?
  493. The blood in wrestling?
  494. WHAT WRESTLER AM I?????????
  495. Are these the top 5 WWE superstars of all time?
  496. Why are there so many negative hater type fans here in the WS?
  497. Old school wrestling fans, please tell me your experience watching Ric Flair during his
  498. November Favorite: WWE Survivor Series or TNA Turning Point?
  499. When is Matt hardy's 90 day's up?
  500. Who will win............?