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  1. Which wrestler do you think got coal for christmas?
  2. Do you think the divas are weak?
  3. Can you Create Betls on SVR 2011?
  4. What period in Pro Wrestling history did championships loose it's prestige?
  5. WTF is wrong with WWE?
  6. Do you know who this wrestler is?
  7. Would there be any WWE today if Buddy Rogers never defended his title against Lou Thesz?
  8. Can you guess the wrestler?
  9. About how much do Royal Rumble tickets cost?
  10. What does it mean that Shawn Michaels will serve an ambassadorial role with WWE from now on?
  11. Guess the wrestler 9?
  12. Of the underrated wrestlers in wwe, i.e. jobbers wrestlers not in big storylines, who would you...
  13. Who was the second biggest draw in WWWF after Bruno Sammartino?
  14. What happened to MosesX i heard he got suspended?
  15. What is the song that WWE Raw/Smackdown is playing as a theme currently?
  16. Wrestling Section. Merry Christmas!!!!?
  17. Why is Alberto Del Rio's announcer gets booed, Isn't he not announcing right ?
  18. Are there any legends left in the WWE when Triple H, Chris Jericho and The Undertaker retires?
  19. Can you guess the wrestler? new game.?
  20. Guess The Match In 2010 - #2?
  21. Can you guess the wrestler? Revisited?
  22. What does the pro wrestling terms Worked ShootPut Over mean?
  23. Summerslam 2000 - What Do You Think?
  24. Of all the ecw wrestlers, other than RVD, who would you of liked to see become a wwe main eventer?
  25. What was the Attitude Era about?
  26. Quiz: When Shawn Michaels Superkicked Teddy Long, Which Superstar Caugh Him As He Fell?
  27. Can you guess the wrestler?
  28. If You Were a Wrestler and You Had to Get Yourself Disqualified, What Would you Do?
  29. What kind of hair cut is John Cena's or Randy Orton?
  30. Can you guess the wrestler?
  31. What do you think about John Cena vs JBL's feud in 2008?
  32. (Fill in the Blanks) The Tag Team Division in TNA is ____________________?
  33. Will Triple H return at Royal Rumble 2011?
  34. If John Cena offered you to hang out at his house would you go?
  35. wwe releases top smackdown superstar?
  36. Couple of Random wrestling questions?
  37. What would you do if WWE announced that in 2011 TV-14 will return+EWE Sign Ups?
  38. Who would win these matches?
  39. Can you guess the wrestler?
  40. If Randy Orton were to include a submission hold in his arsenal, which would do you think...
  41. Guess the wrestler 8?
  42. Should I get WWE Smackdown vs. RAW 2011 for PS3 since I have it for PS2 (More Inside)?
  43. What are your thoughts about Angelina Love Winter being the TNA Knockout Tag Team Champions?
  44. Is Big Show better as a Face or Heel?
  45. Which WWE Diva is Hotter: Kelly Kelly or Layla?
  46. If you were in Charge of TNA, Who would be your Champions?
  47. Who would win: Stone Cold (Prime) or AJ Styles?
  48. Is Kurt Angle's mic skill underatted?
  49. How is it a bad thing that Kaval was released?
  50. Since I miss Chris Benoit?
  51. How do you feel about the Divas Division?
  52. Did You like Chris Benoit?(about his wrestling ability not personal life)?
  53. If you woke up and Undertaker was by your bed...?
  54. What legends would you like to see in SVR2012?
  55. Which wrestler you rather return to the wrestling bussines?
  56. Original Wrestler Names?
  57. To all you NO MERCY fans..............?
  58. Smackdown fans: What has been going on ever since it switched to the new channel?
  59. Trish Stratus as a heel or face ?
  60. who is most underrate wrestler of all time?
  61. Does anybody think Heath Slater actually looks like a girl?
  62. What WWE Story lines would you like to see?
  63. Can you guess the wrestler?
  64. When did Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio get into the championship match?
  65. Which Tribute to the Troops was the best?
  66. WWE and John Cena are TOTALLY trash now?Anyone Agree?
  67. Describe your favourite wrestler in FEW words only a FEW... without taking his name!!!?
  68. Describe the worst wrestler in FEW words only a FEW... without taking his name!!!?
  69. Would you rather get coal, or Cole for Christmas? +BQ?
  70. Why are all Miz fans equally as gay as the Miz, Alex Riley, and Michael Cole?
  71. Can you guess the wrestler?
  72. I do like the Miz but don't you think he is a weak WWE Champion?
  73. Rey Mysterio (vs) Goldberg, who would win?
  74. Who would win these matches?
  75. wrestling fans do you think Low ki/senshi/kaval is too cocky?
  76. Is Trish Stratus the greatest women's champion ever?
  77. Am I obsessed with Beth Phoenix + WQ?
  78. In your opinion, who deserves to hold the WWE Championship the most?
  79. Are these going to be the matches at the Royal Rumble?
  80. Is Chris Jericho heel or face?
  81. WWE's Mark Henry was impressive at tribute to the troops?
  82. Are Mike Knox and Austin Aries similiar in your opinion?
  83. Is Chyna a legend? Did you like chyna?
  84. Who are your Top 5 female wrestlers of all time +BQ?
  85. Who would you rather see return Triple H or Undertaker?
  86. Who is your favorite Wrestler that is a High Flyer?
  87. If I ever get to meet Chris Jericho or Shawn Michaels what should i ask them?
  88. What other matches will be at the Royal Rumble?
  89. Is it just me or that Ironman match sucked?
  90. What were you favourite things of each month in 2010?
  91. Why does Vince book his wrestlers to lose to the celebrities at Wrestle-Mania?
  92. What one of my wrestling cards is the best?
  93. If you had to pick 1 Superstar from TNA to release, Who would it be?
  94. what has happen to the wrestling section since i been out plus BQ?
  95. why does undertaker bury so many people?
  96. My Wrestlemania Card [Rate and Choose Winners]?
  97. who is the most overrated wrestler and who is the least overrated wrestler?
  98. Would any one like to see The Great Khali go heel again when he comes back?
  99. Why did WWE let Kaval go yet Alex Rilley got a DUI and still has a job?
  100. Was Edge vs The Undertaker TLC match a good match?
  101. Beth Phoenix or Chyna Who was better at the Royal RUmble?
  102. If Kaval goes to TNA will people label him as a WWE ''reject'' or washed up superstar?
  103. Is WWE Changing their Logo?
  104. Why does WWE insist on PG programming?
  105. What if the raw general manager is not a person but a bunch of people?
  106. Is tonights Smackdown the same thing as tuesdays?
  107. (Fill in the Blanks) If There Was No Attitude Era then the IWC Would _____________________?
  108. What is Austin 3:16?
  109. (Fill in the Blanks) If Triple H Wasn't Injured During the Invasion Angle then
  110. Do you think John Morrison is arrogant like he was as a heel?
  111. Who Had The Worst Week?
  112. Who else is f****** tired of The Extreme Heel Era group?
  113. What is Desmond Wolfe (Nigel McGuinness) doing right now?
  114. Awww come on! 2 more users joined The Heel Era?
  115. Is it stupid of people to start a petition to get Kaval back into wwe?
  116. What was the reason of Kaval being released?
  117. Wrestling Trivia Question #1?
  118. WWE Smackdown 24th December?
  119. What Was The Worst Result in a Match in WWE History?
  120. (Fill in the Blanks) Without the Undertaker/Mankind Feud in 1996 then ___________________?
  121. If You Were a Wrestler, Which Company Would You Join: WWE, TNA, or ROH?
  122. When was the Last Time, Chris Jericho used the Walls of Jericho in WWE?
  123. Who's Going to Watch WWE Superstars TNA Impact tonight?
  124. With Morrison vs. the Miz coming up, how many times has a champ lost the title to his
  125. WWE Raw (Rate Give Opinions)?
  126. William Regal vs Danial Bryan at wrestle-mania sounds like a good match?
  127. (Fill in the Blanks) Mr. McMahon is a ____________________________?
  128. Ok since this day is coming to an end I have a question...?
  129. Merry Christmas Wrestling Section :D?
  130. Who'd Win Rey Mysterio vs Daniel Bryan?
  131. I am the newest member to one of the?
  132. What Wrestler inspired you to become a Wrestling Fan?
  133. Agree or Disagree: Rosa Mendas has a good booty?
  134. Can you guess the wrestler?
  135. What do you think should be feud of the year?
  136. What is the best storyline so far?
  137. Who do you think from WWE will jumpship to TNA?
  138. What wrestler has the best moveset?
  139. What are you expecting from WWE or TNA next year?
  140. Who do you think will be the first superstar to be eliminated from the royal rumble?
  141. Who do you think is the superstar of the year?
  142. Who'd Win Tiger Mask vs 2002 Chris Jericho?
  143. Who do you think is rookie of the year?
  144. Who do you think will face Edge for the WHC at the Royal Rumble?
  145. Did WWE make a BIG mistake for releasing Kaval ( + BQ)?
  146. Who would've Won Dynamite Kid vs Chris Benoit?
  147. What are your thoughts on Kaval being released?
  148. What were the best Holy *^% moments in the year 2010 for the WWE?
  149. Name 20 wrestlers from the attitude era?
  150. Who do you think is the heel of the year?
  151. Why does WWE bury talent?
  152. What does it take to be a WWE wrestler?
  153. What are your opinions on Kaval getting released?
  154. Who is the highest paid superstar of the WWE roster?
  155. What WWE superstars do you think will be the final 4 in the royal rumble?
  156. Why is TNA arena is so small?
  157. Which wrestler do you think is better?
  158. What is your favorite wrestling finisher?
  159. Which Divas/Knockouts of all time was sexier poll?
  160. How come most WWE fans are like 99% little kids and 1% guy who live with their 2 dads?
  161. Who do you think deserves to be the next WWE Champion?
  162. Who is a better wrestler? John Morrison or The Miz?
  163. Do You Think That The Only Reason WWE Did Not Give Kaval A Push Was Because?
  164. Who Had The Worst Night-Superstars?
  165. Is Kaval Going To TNA?
  166. Do you think that the Tribute to the Troops lose some of its prestige by not going overseas?
  167. Should the WWE recreate the Right to Censor, except with new members?
  168. isit me or wrestling is? way better in the past?
  169. Now that Kane isn't World Champion anymore, do you think he is going back to being a jobber?
  170. What matches should i do on Smackdown vs Raw 2011?
  171. Can you watch WWE Superstars online?
  172. What is the biggest lie the WWE has told us?
  173. How do you feel about Kaval being released?
  174. Does this guy take wrestling way to much?O.i?
  175. MosesX wants me to join his group, so we could have a truce +BQ?
  176. Is there a way to unlock everything on SvR 11 for the PS3?
  177. Am I the only who sicks when people chant Santino when he doesn't do anything?
  178. do you think extreme heel era is better than ever and WQ:?
  179. Did you like Tribute to the Troops?
  180. If Drew McIntyre turned face....?
  181. I'd like to thank the extreme heel era group...?
  182. wwe what was the last good year wwe every had to me 2006?
  183. Wrestling Section I have joined the Extreme Heel Era + WQ?
  184. Which wrestler currently off the radar will have a big impact in WWE or TNA in 2011?
  185. Anyone else glad Kaval has been released from the WWE?
  186. wrestlemania 27 going to be the best in years?
  187. How many times has John Cena Been Champion?
  188. Do you think Melina Should be Heel or Babyface....?
  189. John Morison better than the Miz?
  190. Guess the wrestler 6?
  191. WEF ? (Wrestling Extreme Federation) 1st Episode (Not An E-Fed)?
  192. John Cena Never Gave Up ?
  193. TNA fans do you think Aj Styles is currently being treated fairly by TNA Management?
  194. Do you think the Miz will be WWE's leading Person in the future?
  195. What do you think of this?
  196. WWE and TNA Divas Questions ( 5 Easy Questions.)?
  197. What wrestlers are nicer in real life?
  198. Who do you think are the Top 5 Worst WWE Divas?
  199. Do you agree with this list?
  200. Why people watch the WWE...?
  201. What is your opinion for that?And why?
  202. Why did Paul Bearer's return end so fast?
  203. For fans of today's wrestling themes,why don't u try listening to these that blow your...
  204. When will Michael Cole learn that a Scoop Slam and Powerslam are two different moves?
  205. What happened on ECW last night?
  206. Who sold these chair shots the best?
  207. Will Edge return at the Royal Rumble and Win?
  208. Is Annie Social a good wrestler?
  209. Where can I watch indenpendent wrestling shows online?
  210. Which Divas on the current WWE roster do you think could take this same punishment?
  211. wrestling section, why did MosesX block me?
  212. Can you believe Sheamus won the WWE Championship at TLC?
  213. What's your role in the wrestling section?
  214. What's the name of the song at the beginning of WWE Tribute to the Troops?
  215. Why do people hate so much on Chris Jericho?
  216. Is The Miz gay because he looks gay?
  217. How gay is the miz really?
  218. should melina take some time off to get tan again?
  219. Any thoughts on The Three-Way Balls Count Anywhere Match?
  220. was 2010 the year of the worst wwe crowd chants ever?
  221. Whats up with my wrestling dreams?
  222. Who else is tired of the Extreme Heel Era?? + Wrestling bq?
  223. how much would it cost to get my dog's leg fixed?
  224. which of these songs fits this wrestler best?
  225. Guess the wrestler 5?
  226. May i have your attention please i just received an e-mail from the gm?
  227. what are the actual measurements of the wwe ring?
  228. What is this game and why do I have to play it?
  229. Almost Christmas Wrestling Section! Answer these questions?
  230. Is Wesna Busic a good wrestler?
  231. wwe pay per view who wins you decide?
  232. WWE Thursday Night SmackDown. Please rate the show + Should WWE Bring Back the PPV Armageddon?
  233. Do you think this tag team would be good?
  234. What 5 superstars from raw would you draft to smackdown, vise versa**?
  235. At the Slammy Awards, CM Punk promised to get his revenge on someone in the WWE- is that
  236. what is your opinion of me as a wrestling fan?
  237. Who has been the best WWE Diva in 2010?
  238. What do you think of my WWE 2011 ROYAL RUMBLE Fantasy Participants?
  239. Tables vs Ladders vs Chairs + BQ?
  240. will john cena ever lose a match at tribute to the troops?
  241. Who would be a good opponet for BIG VAN VADER.?
  242. How much Do you like Wrestling +BQ?
  243. December Favorite: WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders Chairs 2010 or TNA Final Resolution 2010?
  244. you make the matches?
  245. Why did The Miz stop using The Reality Check?
  246. In svr 2011, how do i unlock christian's civilian attire?
  247. please can someone tell me what a e-fed is?
  248. Who do you think the hottest WWE Diva is?
  249. Who has been the best TNA wrestler in 2010?
  250. Who would be a good opponet for 1989 Ricky Steamboat?
  251. kofi kingston is really respected in wwe?
  252. tna, best sports production of 2010?
  253. Do you think John Cena will face CM Punk at WrestleMania?
  254. Do you think the wwe should fire michael cole ? ?
  255. What would you rather have?
  256. Who has been the best WWE wrestler in 2010?
  257. How do you feel about The Phenominal One A J Styles?
  258. Who has been the best TNA Knockout in 2010?
  259. What was the best TNA PPV of 2010?
  260. Will you be annoyed if Kane faces Undertaker at Wrestlemania 27?
  261. The Miz or John Morrison?
  262. Do you think Undertaker will return before Wrestlemania 27?
  263. For how long do you think The Miz will stay champion?
  264. agree or disagree wwe fans?
  265. (Fill in the Blanks) If Beth Phoenix Was In the Attitude Era then __________________?
  266. WWE Forget Remove This About Chris Benoit?
  267. Very, very confused about Tribute to the Troops...Help?
  268. i thought WWE was suppose to show DX?
  269. Who Had The Worst Night-Tribute To The Troops?
  270. Which wrestler is the biggest sin not to like?
  271. The MIZ is ????????????????????????????????
  272. What was the best WWE PPV of 2010?
  273. Who would win: Wade Barrett or David Otunga?
  274. If wrestling is fake, then why do people watch it?
  275. Manor West Nightclub
  276. What is Zack Ryder's favorite color?
  277. What kind of bugs do firemen really dislike?
  278. Could WWE remake the Undertaker's tables fall in 2008, but when they are PG?
  279. Are spot monkeys bad?
  280. How can i watch the WWE TLC 2010 live stream online?
  281. My WCW Nitro Presents Starcade (Rate Show) + Who was your favorite member from the Four
  282. Eliminate 5 Superstars?
  283. Why did the Undertaker...?
  284. When u saw this Didnt u think?
  285. Chuck Norris vs John Morrison?
  286. Can there be stacked tables on a PG Show!?!?
  287. How to watch WWE Tables, Ladders Chairs 2010 live stream online?
  288. What did WCW stand for?
  289. Who'd Win The Miz vs Daniel Bryan For Us Title Guest Ref Alex Riley?
  290. Would this be a dream match for Wrestlemania: Rob Van Dam vs. CM Punk?
  291. WWE Tournament Part 9: Eliminate 1 person?
  292. Who'd Win Jay Lethal vs Heath Slater?
  293. Where will Rhyno go now that he isn't on TNA?
  294. best wrestling poll ever?
  295. Are you sure that when i watch wwe tlc 2010 ppv on,it wont stop ?
  296. Would Randy Orton vs Mr Anderson Be a Dream Match?
  297. WWE TLC Predictions pick who wins?
  298. If the wwe were to go in a different direction, which wrestler would you prefer to be the
  299. Do you think Kevin Fertig aka Kevin Thorn should be re-signed by WWE?
  300. Why do wwe fans think RVD copied Shane McMahon?
  301. WWE TLC 2010 Predictions !!!!!!!?
  302. You have to give Vince Mcmahon props guys?
  303. Who won at TLC (just testing)?
  304. What do you think of Naomichi Marufuji?
  305. Is it time for a change to a heel character for Cena?
  306. Do you guys know who might be the raw general manager?
  307. Why the hell is The Miz still carrying around the MITB breifcase?
  308. your prediction for WWE TLC?
  309. Allow me to introduce myself wrestling fans?
  310. Who won at TLC (just testing)?
  311. Dosent it really get on your nerve?
  312. Is WWE going in the right direction now that it has a Tables Ladder and Chairs Fatal 4 Way match...
  313. Where do u see The Nexus is a few months?
  314. Do yuo think that WWE in 2011 is going to be awesome?
  315. wwe vs dragon ball z who will win?
  316. WWE or UFC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  317. Why don't Michael Cole just ask The Miz out?
  318. What's up with Drew McIntyre and Kelly Kelly?
  319. What's the most bad@ss debut of all time?
  320. Who invented the move Codebreaker?
  321. How would you rate and compare the mic skill between John Morrison and The Miz?
  322. Who's the biggest douchebag in WWE/TNA right now?
  323. When will Christian Return?
  324. will triple h return at tlc?
  325. WWE TLC will:Fail agree or disagree?
  326. Do you think AJ styles could make it in wwe?
  327. Who is better Hogan or Austin?
  328. I was watching Jim the Anvil Neidhart in his matches and I just found out he got arrested?
  329. Who would win these matches (6 matches)?
  330. Is Serena Deeb a good wrestler?
  331. Ok I know they are both very talented but Be Honest and tell me who is better?
  332. Could the Miz be the next person to hold the WWE Title for the longest time?
  333. What is the WWE Tribute to the Troops this Wednesday?
  334. I thought DX was going to be on Tribute to the Troops?
  336. will TNA ever be as big as WWE?
  337. can someone tell me any free live stream to watch wwe tlc 2010 ppv ?
  338. Who Had The Worst Night-Tribute To The Troops?
  339. WWE Tournament Part 8: Eliminate 1 person?
  340. WWE elimination round 5? (FINAL)?
  341. Which of those roads to wrestlemania was the best and the worst.And why?
  342. how do i make a wwe stream site?
  343. WWF Monday Night RAW. Please rate the show + Should WWE Bring Back the PPV Breaking Point?
  344. Please arrange Edge's gimmicks of the best to the worst?
  345. Other than Sting, name other popular wrestlers/superstars who have never competed in the WWF/WWE?
  346. Am I making a name for myself? + Wrestling BQ?
  347. Pick the supertsars on this list who you think is overrated and explain why?
  348. Do you like Ring of Honor?
  349. What wrestler impresses you the most when it comes to performing in TLC matches?
  350. My Wrestlemania Please Rate And Comment ...?
  351. Last night's Tribute to the Troops special...?
  352. Who was the palest WWF/E wrestler before Sheamus?
  353. How would you describe yourself as a Wrestling section user?
  354. What happened to Stephanie McMahon?
  355. Do you think it was cowardly of Chris Benoit to take suicide after he killed his own family?
  356. where i can watch chris benoit vs triple h iron man match ?
  357. Do you care if your answers get a lot of thumbs down?
  359. Buying WWE iPPV trouble?
  360. Agree OR Disagree: TNA should Hire Wrestlers from Independent Promotions?
  361. Do you think the WWE should've enforced a camo dress code for Tribute to the Troops?
  362. Where is Lita-I know I saw her!?
  363. Takers streak in jeopardy?
  364. Apparently CM stands for Caring Man?
  365. Daniel Bryan, Awesome or boring?
  366. What do WWE fans think of my Edge/Christian storyline?
  367. Will Evan Bourne ever win a championship?
  368. Do you think John Cena will start becoming a full time actor by next year like Rock?
  369. What would WWE fans think if Alberto Del Rio wins the World Heavyweight Title on Sunday?
  370. i watched a little bit of tna impact, what happened after jay lethal won the x div champsionship?
  371. What year was it whean the rock vs mankind in a empy area match?
  372. Does anyone else find Melina unattractive?
  373. Who Wrestles better: Kelly Kelly or Rosa Mendas?
  374. Which member from DX was funnier: Triple H or Shawn Michaels?
  375. christain vs jay lethal ladder match x division championship match?
  376. Have today's WWE fans been dumbed down to watch just ANYTHING?
  377. SPOLIER ALERT: George Bush has a message at Tribute to the Troops?
  378. SPOILER ALERT: Mark Henry wins a battle royal at Tribute to the Troops?
  379. SPOILER ALERT: Kofi Kingston and Big Show beat Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger at TTTT?
  380. SPOILER ALERT: DX reunites at Tribute to the Troops?
  381. what was kavals name in....?
  382. Has nexus ever heard of a RESTRAINING ORDER?
  383. Wwe the slammys of 2010?
  384. SPOILER ALERT: Team Cena defeats The Miz team?
  385. this is for true wrestling fans if you get all 3 ill give you 10points?
  386. WWE Tournament Part 7: Eliminate 1 person?
  387. WWE elimination round 4:?
  388. What day does Friday Night Smackdown! air?
  389. When does Tribute to the Troops start?
  390. What is better? Attitude Era or Ruthless Agression Era?
  391. where can i watch free episodes of raw?
  392. Who do you think is more overrated? John Cena or Hulk Hogan?
  393. who do you think will face undertaker at wrestlemania 27?
  394. What is the worst storyline in 2010?
  395. what do you perfer? WWE OR TNA?
  396. Guess the wrestler #4?
  397. why did stone cold leave the wwe?
  398. Agree or Disagree: Hornswoggle is a waste of space.?
  399. who is your favorite wrestler?
  400. in wrestling there will be NEVER be a next!?
  401. WWE Tournament Part 6: Eliminate 2 people?
  402. Agree or Disagree: These are 9 ways to fix TNA?
  403. What do you think of Youtube User PSPower's videos?
  404. Are Youtube users Bill Doug(rvdtito4life) the Jesus Christs of the youtube IWC?
  405. Should this be the New Years Eve 2010 edition of Smackdown?
  406. Join my E-Fed called WWI!?
  407. Was Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit feud underatted?
  408. Attitude Adjustment vs The Cobra: Which move is dumber?
  409. Will wwe be getting its own network?
  410. Will Triple H ever become World Champion again?
  411. wrestling section how would you feel if this happened at the royal rumble?
  412. Why do wwe always big up cena 8(?
  413. What was the most devastating in 2010 Wrestling Section?
  414. Did you notice in TNA's Impact .......?
  416. True or False- Wrestlers go to TNA from WWE because TNA gives them more freedom with the
  417. How does TNA make any money?
  418. When Chris Jericho comes back, would a CM Punk and Chris Jericho vs Christian and Edge be great?
  419. For The People Who Watched Raw?
  420. Who thinks John Morrison is Finally getting to big push he needs?
  421. if John Morrison is the next HBK then what is HBK...?
  422. why do devout HBK fans hate John Morrison?
  423. Who'd Win John Morrison vs Max B?
  424. Does your significant other watch Wrestling with you?
  425. WWE elimination round 3:?
  426. Im planing to get a wwe replica belt...?
  427. What is this movie called that Edge is in?
  428. 2 WWE questions in one?
  429. WWE Tournament Part 5: Eliminate 2 people?
  430. What are your big predictions for 2011?
  431. WWE Or TNA Your Favorite?
  432. If you meet Scott Hall in real life and he was sober, how surprised would you be?
  433. WWE Tournament Part 4: Eliminate 2 people?
  434. What do you think of CM Punk's announcing skills?
  435. question about dynamo pro wrestling?
  436. Please rate my Tribute To The Troops 2010 match card for tomorrow's event:)!!!:)(Also give...
  437. What happened after Smackdown was over?
  438. Is Chris Jericho going to come back to the WWE or is he actually gone for good?
  439. Why can't you people just wake up, take a deep breathe and just respect John Cena...?
  440. What Shall I Call My high flying superstar?
  441. Anyone know when Triple H is coming back?
  442. What is the best Road to Wrestlemania on SmackDown vs. RAW 2011?
  443. If you had a chance to wrestle in either TNA or WWE which one would it be?
  444. Which two retired wrestlers would you like to see return for one day and have a match?
  445. Was it Just me or did anyone else see The 14+ Logo on The Smackdown Intro Plus BQ:?
  446. nexus vs fortuane who would win?
  447. nexus vs fortuane who would win?
  448. Was it Just me or did anyone else see The 14+ Logo on The Smackdown Intro Plus BQ:?
  449. Justin Gabriel angels and warriors,do you guys think he could be a maineventer in WWE one day?
  450. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown(contains spoilers)?
  451. Choose the Winners: Please rate my Tribute To The Troops 2010 match card for tomorrow's...
  452. How do you feel about John Bradshaw Layfield, (JBL)?
  453. Should the wrestling school John Cena attended be closed down for false advertising, as it only...
  454. What wrestlers are more attractive?
  455. According to your wisdom, what 3 reasons caused Triple H vs Randy Orton at WM 25 fell flat...
  456. Sick of all the whining?
  457. In what capacity u want to see WCW at Wrestlemania 27?
  458. do u like the idea of edge turning heel in the next couple of month?
  459. should kozlov teach santino sambo wrestling more inside?
  460. What is the cena nexus storyline?
  461. How come nobody didnt talk about TNA show last night, if TNA is so great?
  462. Does Alberto Del Rio own the cars that he drives in , or Vince just rents them from somewhere ?
  463. What are your thoughts on Teddy Long making the TLC match an Fatal 4 way or triple threat?
  464. Why isn't anyone else getting concussions or comas when Rey does the 619?
  465. Are the rumors actually true? is the game returning at the tlc pay per view on sunday?
  466. Does anybody know what John Cenas gang sign means when he throws up 3 fingers in the air?
  467. why did the announcer announce Chris Victor when his ring name is Chris Masters?
  468. Your thoughts on JBL might be on Tuesday's night edition of SmackDown?
  469. Is Drew McIntyre turning face...?
  470. Why is Moses receiving so many thumbs downs LOL!?
  471. wrestling quiz for anyone bored person who wants to take it?
  472. Why did my mom Stunner me?
  473. how long to u think the miz should hold the wwe championship?
  474. why is the wrestling section so boring?
  475. Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 question for PS2?
  476. Is the WWE tribute to the troops tomorrow night and Next Wednesday the same thing?
  477. is svr 2011 on the ps2 how do you drag your opponent towards the fire in an inferno match?
  478. This is a question to TNAation Monday Night War?
  479. WWE Tournament Part 3: Eliminate 2 people?
  480. If wrestling is fake, then why do people watch it?
  481. Best And Worst Elimination Chamber In WWE History?
  482. Overall Wrestler of the year Tourny?(TNA and WWE) Part 6?
  483. Will WWE NXT ever be cancelled?
  484. Mickie James TNA OR Mickie James WWE ?
  485. Who got smashed in the head with a coconut?
  486. Do you smell what the Rock is cooking?
  487. Usually how long does the good PPV tickets last?? Extreme Rules 2011 Tampa, Fl?
  488. Do you John Cena haters hate him as a person?
  489. WWE Tournament Part 2: Eliminate 2 people?
  490. Why do you people watch this stupid crap?
  491. What Wrestler Invented/Created the move The Chokeslam?
  492. Who'd Win Amazing Red vs Dolph Ziggler?
  493. Who else thinks Wayne Barrett's character is anti-black and hopes Cena beats him within an inch
  494. WWE Tournament Part 1: Eliminate 2 people?
  495. 60 Man WWE/TNA Battle Royal Finale?
  496. What was the most Shocking Moment in WWE History?
  497. Am i the only one anooyed about how much people know nothign about the miz?
  498. In your opinion who's the greatest heel in wrestling history?
  499. Agree or Disagree: The Attitude Adjustment is the WORST Finisher of alltime?
  500. What network is ROH and AAA on?