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  1. Does anyone here plan on sighning up for ROH/Indies?
  2. When is Awesome Kong going to debut in the WWE + BQ?
  3. When did NWA become WCW?
  4. what if tna fired oj and?
  5. Wade Barret and John Cena Teamin up?
  6. WWE Hottest Diva of the Decade Tournament Round 1?
  7. How come there is no blood in the wwe anymore?
  8. Do you consider Daniel Bryan at main event level?
  9. who do you think is the raw GM?
  10. Would you like for Big Daddy Voodoo to be resigned by WWE?
  11. 2011, Shock Royal Rumble Winner?
  12. Is it just me, or...?
  13. Who can you think of that has been cheered louder than any other WWE superstar?
  14. What is more important in the WWE, in ring skills or mic skills?
  15. Stone Cold or The Rock?
  16. Is it right for WWE to be asking for photos when filling out the application (Details Inside)?
  17. miley cyrus de push from disney your thoughts could this be selena gomezs time to shine?
  18. Do you know what the turnbuckle and the ring are a representation of for Beth Phoenix The Glamazon?
  19. Jericho's return to save us?
  20. BREAKING NEWS: Awesome Kong did NOT sign with WWE?
  21. Who would win these matches?
  22. Agree or Disagree: TNA Knockouts are STILL better than the Diva's divison WITH Awesome Kong?
  23. What was the best match for each wrestling company of 2010?
  24. On Smackdown Vs Raw 2011 What is the Highlight Reel and how do you use it?
  25. Kelly Kelly and Dolph Ziggler?
  26. Do you think that feud Between CM Punk vs John Cena is getting more and more awesome?
  27. bravo is gunna be gone on saturday so where is tna impact being moved to ?
  28. Yahoo Answers Top 50 Wrestlers of 2010. Who is the best? Eliminate 6?
  29. Who is better Triple H or Undertaker?
  30. WWE Survey! WS Try it out?
  31. Since Cena is injured will WWE's ratings go down?
  32. Need more wrestling moves.?
  33. so when do you think pro wrestling would be at it's best again?
  34. Who do you think would be the best leader for The Nexus?
  35. Is John Cena injured?
  36. Is it true that Awesome Kong is coming to WWE?
  37. Who is the woman wrestler of the year?
  38. Is this true about Smackdown next week?
  39. Who is Awesome Kong and is he in wwe now?
  40. How much longer will The Undertaker's career last?
  41. Cena Injured? What are your thoughts?
  42. was hulk hogan ever really trained to be a wrestler?
  43. Breaking News about John Cenas injury?
  44. What Was the Most Hardcore Match in WWE or TNA This Year?
  45. Who else was ashamed that the top 10 submission specialists of didn't mention Benoit?
  46. Who Is The Best Wrestler In 2004 And Why ?
  47. If there really were a character created called The Ice Dagger in all seriousness what would
  48. wrestling section ya wanna know how I got these scars?
  49. Opinions on Dashing Cody Rhodes...?
  50. Which wwe superstars and divas do you think have the best ring attire?
  51. How is Michelle McCool overrated when no-one rates her to begin with?
  52. What are your thoughts on Sheamus?
  53. What are your opinions on the following wrestlers?
  54. really, his hip????????????
  55. Video of John Cena's speech after his injury?
  56. Evidence of initial WrestleMania plans?
  57. Will the 2011 royal rumble be like this?
  58. Do you know anybody, a company named that has the same name as WWE superstar/diva/stable?
  59. Do you think (former)WWE superstars would've behaved betterly if TNA weren't there as a back up?
  60. What was the best royal rumble?
  61. Do You Think that Jackson Andrews Tyson Kidd Are Trying to Be The Next Shawn Diesel?
  62. Was The Nexus a Successful Group for 2010?
  63. How Do You Think the Morrison/Miz Match Will End on Next Weeks RAW?
  64. Agree OR Disagree: WWE Needs to Hire More Diva's Who Can Wrestle?
  65. So what are your thoughts on CM Punk joining the Nexus?
  66. If You Were a Wrestler, Would You Want to be Loved or Hated by the Fans?
  67. Do you Think that Davey Richards is a Great In-Ring Wrestler?
  68. Are there any girls that want to wrestle or box?
  69. Which Tag Team would Win: The American Wolves or Motor City Machine Guns?
  70. Who will return to the WWE?
  71. Agree or Disagree: We're all jumping the gun with Awesome Kong? +BQ?
  72. If You Were a Wrestler, Would You Create a Winning Streak?
  73. Do you think Awesome Kong coming to the WWE will change the Diva's division for the better?
  74. when will edge and Christian compete in a chair match?
  75. What do you think of this titantron for the new Nexus?
  76. Since Kong is Big and is Sighned to WWE?
  77. What happened to the Boogie Man?
  78. How Would You Describe your All-Time Or Current Favorite Wrestler in 1 Word?
  79. Is it worth my time to watch TNA?
  80. What was your favorite Chris Jericho Match in WWE History?
  81. Why are some Attitude Era fans so bitter towards the PG Era?
  82. Now that Kong joined with the WWE will she feud with LayCool?
  83. What year did you start watching wrestling/All time favorite superstar and diva?
  84. WWE Wrestlemania 27 Card?
  85. I need YOUR help! (WWE Sign Ideas/Opinions!) + 2 WQ?
  86. so is brock lesnar really going back to the wee?
  87. Fill in blank:Smackdown without Undertaker is like_____________?
  88. Agree or Disagree: Brock Lesnar is the HOTTEST free agent that is NOT in WWE or TNA at the moment?
  89. How do you feel about John Bradshaw Layfield, (JBL)?
  90. so where is the miz and lawler storyline going ?
  91. Will the Miz be a a heel forever?
  92. Is anyone happy that Jeff might be goin to jail?
  93. Is the Undertaker dead?
  94. So, who is ready for Justin Beiber to guest host Raw?
  95. What are some real life feuds in the WWE?
  96. instead of a 30 man rumble how about 50?
  97. does michael cole act stupid as part of his gimmick?
  98. How long is John Cena going to be out?
  99. people say Alberto Del rio is a mix of eddie geurrero and jbl?
  100. Did you hear about the main event on Friday Night Smackdown next week?
  101. if you had the chance to improve the divas division, what would you do?
  102. Guess the wrestler 11, 12,?
  103. Quick poll. Best answer goes to the person who justifies their response the best.?
  104. Why do you hate Cena?
  105. When will we find out who the Raw GM is?
  106. Do you like the Miz (wwe)?
  107. if you had the ability to beat up 1 wwe star, who would it be?
  108. How come you set comps to use alternate attires in the Royal Rumble in svr2011?
  109. What Channel/Network would you put Ring of Honor on if you had the choice?
  110. WrestleMania 27 Predictions?
  111. Barrack obama using the rocks theme in this video haha?
  112. Besides The Rock/Stone Cold Undertaker/HBK Matches, What was the Best Match at Wrestlemania?
  113. How many years have you been watching wrestling?
  114. I'm NOT A Troll, Evidence Of Possible Cena Injury!?
  115. Is John Cena Really Injured ?
  116. GREAT NEWS!!Lesnar can't wrestle at Mania.Thoughts?
  117. what is this wrestling move?
  118. (Fill in the Blanks) If Kane Never Took off his Mask Then _______________?
  119. wrestling section poll?
  120. What Curent WWE Superstars could become the next Four Horsemen?
  121. It's that time again!!!! Who's entering 1, 2, and 30 this year at the Rumble?
  122. What's next for Wade Barrett +BQ?
  123. What Wrestler has the worst Mic Skills in WWE or TNA?
  124. If You Were a Wrestler, Would You Want a Reaction from the Crowd?
  125. .. What WWF/E (past or present) Diva did you have a crush on?
  126. Is John Cena just a younger Hulk Hogan in jorts?
  127. Monday Night Raw is about 2 or 3 hours. Why do they spend more than half of there time talking?
  128. What Happen To Chris Kanyon?
  129. If undertaker was a member of the taliban or osama would you still like him?
  130. What should my wrestling name be?
  131. Any one else happy that John Cena is going to be out for a while de to an injury at a...
  132. What match is going to be better?
  133. If Hitler did a ton of work for Make-a-Wish, would you forgive him for the horrible things
  134. Why Mickie James In TNA Is Different ?
  135. Will John Cena be main-eventing WrestleMania again?
  136. Now that CM Punk joined Nexus are you Nexus or against them?
  137. Will John Cena return to WWE?
  138. If Cena's injury is bad, will creative be lazy by rushing HHH back or moving Rey Mysterio to Raw?
  139. hi im 13 years old boy and i love wrestling ...i want to be WWE wrestler can anybody tell me
  140. CM Punk vs Cena feud Who's side are you on?
  141. What is one flaw you see in : Chris Jericho?
  142. Whats worse : WWE Creative Group or Ted DiBease's Jobbing Skills?
  143. hell in a cell matches?
  144. Who Is The Wrestler.....?
  145. What finishing move do you think would hurt in a real fight?
  146. What is one flaw you see in : The Undertaker?
  147. Is this going to be a house show?
  148. Is The Nexus the new S.E.S.?
  149. I heard John Cena was injured till after Wrestlemania is that true?
  150. Do you think Barret will feud Undertaker or turn face(source included)?
  151. Old WWE question (3-5 years ago)?
  152. would you like to see smackdown vs raw invasion just like wcw vs wwf?
  153. If You Were a Wrestler, Would You Have a Manager/Valet?
  154. Who Wants WWE VS TNA Invasion?
  155. How do you unlock Christian's Civilian Attire on Smackdown vs RAW 2011?
  156. Royal Rumble Predictions any one?
  157. Greatest Tag Team Ever?
  158. Who Is Currently Your Favorite WWE Superstar?
  159. Do you think these are Undertaker's Deadliest matches ?
  160. Remember the wrestler, The Genius.........?
  161. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  162. Brock lesnar destroys bigshow at royal rumble 2003?
  163. What's your favorite WWE DVD?
  164. Who Else Thought Last Nights Raw ending was the best in 2010?
  165. Agree OR Disagree: WWE Won't Give Chavo a Push?
  166. Is anyone else a bit sick of the Nexus story line?
  167. Agree or Disagree: Majority of the wrestlers from the Attitude Era were over with the crowd?
  168. i just heard about this: Kaval released? Did you know?
  169. Are\were these wrestlers technical wrestlers or High Flyers?
  170. CM Sucks = lamest joke by Cena?
  171. Wrestlemania predictions?
  172. do you think John cena injury is real some say its not real?
  173. Is anyone else sick of The Nexus?
  174. Can a wrestler become aroused during a match?
  175. WCWE Tuesday Night Showtime (Rate Review)?
  176. Was this a GOOD or BAD decision on WWE's part?
  177. What has been the best Royal Rumble match?
  178. Jim Ross says Lesnar is not joining the WWE soon?
  179. Possible Wrestlemania 27 Match.. Batista Vs.Brock Lesnar Who Would Win?
  180. CM Punk Nexus Question?
  181. Is Stone Cold Steve Austin and Shark Boy brothers?
  182. Do you think Wade Barret was traded for Joey Mercury?
  183. How Many WWE Live Events Have You Been To?
  184. Name every former world champion in WWE who held a midcard singles title after a world title reign?
  185. How many none wrestler celebrities have been involved in a Royal Rumble match?
  186. Who has more moves: John Cena, or Hulk Hogan from the NES version of Wrestlemania from 1990?
  187. What was a better movie: One Night in Chyna or Legendary?
  188. Who was the very first wrestler eliminated from a Royal Rumble match?
  189. Is the WWE trying to make Cena into a Rock?
  190. amazing way Evan Bourne can return at wrestlemania?
  191. can someone tell me who is raw gm the real raw gm.?
  192. Chris Jericho vs. Sgt. Slaughter. Who would have won?
  193. Royal Rumble 2011 Predictions?
  194. Who's a fan of justin beiber?
  195. randy vs triple h: out of the 3 last man standing matches, which one was better?
  196. how come on on the nxt poll, it says S3 was the 2nd most liked season?
  197. which undertaker is better?
  198. out of all 26 WMs. name the best match from each mania?
  199. why can't cena sell anything?
  200. Should Brock Lesnar come back to WWE for Wrestle Mania XXVII?
  201. Who do you think will win the royal rumble next month?
  202. What does CM stand for?
  203. How many times were Roddy Piper's shoulder's pinned to the mat for 3 seconds in his entire WWE
  204. What is WWE pre game pandemonium?
  205. Which match in WWE had the greatest finish of all time?
  206. What match was better?
  207. Bret Hart held every single title that were available in his time in both WWE WCW. True or false?
  208. Is body oil available for the PS2 on Smackdown vs RAW 2011?
  209. What was the shortest match in WWE history?
  210. name as many heel vs heel feuds in WWE history as you can.?
  211. How long was the Undertaker vs HBK match at WM 26?
  212. What was the longest match ever in WWE history?
  213. What do you like better WWE or TNA?
  214. What is WWE Smackdown pre game pandemonium?
  215. When is the next time wwe is going to be in Philadelphia?
  216. What Does the pro wrestling term Screwjob mean?
  217. What do you think is the best submission move in the WWE? +BQ?
  218. BarcaEdge's has been released from hisExtreme Heel Era Contract?
  219. What was your favorite feud from The Ruthless Aggression Era of WWE (2002-2005)?
  220. Who was better DX or Brothers of Destruction?
  221. What does people see in John Cena? Is he the definition of overrated?
  222. WWE Top Ten Submission Wrestlers ?
  223. Will you ever be able to forgive John Cena for what he did to CM Punk's diet soda?
  224. What ever happened to Vince McMahon and when is he coming back?
  225. Extreme heel era says:Owen hart deserved that fall Agree or disagree?
  226. What is the name of the theme song on Raw and Smackdown?
  227. Chris Benoit 22 Years Career ?
  228. Who the hell keeps advertising that auction site thing or whatever it is on Y!A? Plus WQ?
  229. wwe universe mode in SvR2011, whats the point?
  230. Do you know something about the returning's of HHH and Y2J?
  231. Will there ever be another Pro Wrestler like The Undertaker?
  232. Is CM Punk the new leader of Nexus?
  233. Will John Cena overcome the odds vs. the new Nexus, and stand tall with the cenation to end a PPV?
  234. Chris Benoit one of the greatest world heavyweight champion of all time ?
  235. Was There Ever a Time that Your Favorite Wrestler Botched a Move?
  236. Can someone fill me in on NXT season 4?
  237. Who Would Win: Kofi Kingston or Jay Lethal?
  238. Who thinks that it would be cool if this happened with the new Nexus storyline?
  239. Why did CM Punk join Nexus?!?
  240. If You Were a Wrestler and Had to Create a Stable, What Wrestlers Would be in It?
  241. Do you think by the end of 2011 Christian will already be a WWE Champion?
  242. Guess the Wrestler (WWE Edition-Very Hard)?
  243. Nexus vs EX-Nexus at Mania?
  244. what do you think of my wrestlemania 27 card?
  245. Who is current gm of RAW?
  246. so... CM Punk is the leader of nexus?
  247. Am I the Only One Who Found Dawn Marie Super Hot?
  248. Superstar(s) you didn't like at first but then ended up becoming a huge fan of them?
  249. If John Cena never won a WWE title would you fans then think he would be underated?
  250. If You Had to Create your Own Survivor Series Team, What Wrestlers (Past or Present) Would You Have?
  251. Do you think Sheamus should have beat HHH at Wrestlemania?
  252. who is happy with the new nexus leader?
  253. Agree OR Disagree: Season One of NXT was The Best Season Ever?
  254. What do you thinks gonna happen between Cm Punk and Cena?
  255. Do you think there should be a mixed tag championship?
  256. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  257. Are we gonna have a New Champion next week on Raw?
  258. Who Was Hotter in There Prime: Dawn Marie or Miss Jackie?
  259. What did you think of Raw tonight?
  260. Who thinks that it would be cool if this happened with the new Nexus storyline?
  261. who else at first thought that was fan attacking the king for a Second?
  262. How long is jeff Hardy going to have to spend in jail?
  263. What do you think WWE is going to be like in 2011?
  264. If You Were a Wrestler, How Would you Make a Heel/Face Turn?
  265. If You Had to Spend 1 Day with Any Wreslter, Who Would it Be?
  266. Who thinks CM Punk is the new leader of Nexus?
  267. Do you think we'll ever see 3 straight PPVs without Cena standIng tall at the end?
  268. Who am I? Pretty Hard?
  269. Wrestlemania predictions?
  270. So now that CM Punk is the new leader of nexus(+BQs)?
  271. Whats Next For Wade Barret as a singles wrestler?
  272. Guess the Wrestler (WWE Edition-Very Easy)?
  273. - Agree OR Disagree: Dawn Marie was the Hottest WWE Diva of All-Time?
  274. I know I'm late, but why was Kaval released?
  275. Who are your top 5 favorite tag teams of all-time in any wrestling company?
  276. What has been the Best Money in the Bank Ladder Match?
  277. is joey mercury cleared to compete in the ring?
  278. is Joey Mercury ok to compete?
  279. name all the era's in wwe?
  280. why can't cm punk and john cena can't count?
  281. Do You Think Generation Wrestlers Have An Unfair Advantage In The WWE?
  282. Jeff Hardy is guilty for drug charges and he will face time in jail. Is he going to
  283. that was a horrible finisher from miz, who agrees?
  284. Did Miz call the fans a bunch of ducks ?
  285. Who do you think will win next week: Morrison or Miz?
  286. What's Up With The Miz Attacking Jerry The King Lawler On Raw?
  287. What do you miss most from the WWE Diva's?
  288. even thought miz and morrison faced off several times before, r u happy 2 new guys are finally in...
  289. How does John Cena know that Micheal Cole shaves The Miz on his private area?
  290. On Monday Night Raw, it starts at 6 and ends at 8:05, What are those extra 5 minutes for?
  291. Now that CM Punk is the new leader of Nexus what is going to happened to Wade Barrett from WWE?
  292. so the miz undressed alex riley in the locker room moments ago?
  293. Is this a good version of a modified GTS?
  294. is cm punks suprise later nexus or something? +BQ?
  295. When is Wade Barrett coming back?
  296. can anyone help me find a video of cm punk on nxt?
  297. Wade barret Face Turn?!?!?!?
  299. Is it me or is CM Punk getting cooler by the week?
  300. I'm bored of this Cena segment, are you?
  301. Who are your Favorite top 5 Power houses,High flyers,Technical submissioners TNA or WWE?
  302. what do you think about this tag team?
  303. Finally the wwe puts up a half-way decent match?
  304. Did Wade Barrett Leave The WWE?
  305. Extreme heel Era Says:That was the Lamest Segment ever and so obvious agree or Disagree?
  306. Who will become the next WWE United States Champion?
  307. IM Calling it now, Justin Gabriel vs CM Punk will be a great feud?
  308. Why Can't WWE just let Miz Vs Morrison battle in for the title at RR?
  309. which of these two was the more f*cked up WWE moment?
  310. Did Orton just jump on Sheamus and begin pounding Sheamus Like Stone Cold would?
  311. If you woke up one morning and you were in John Cena's body what would you do?
  312. CM Punk The New Leader Of Nexus? What Are Your Thoughts?
  313. Brock Lesnar and undertaker both get destroyed by guys named Kane/Cain?
  314. Why does Alex Riley still carry a briefcase?
  315. In what way is The Miz a must-see champion?
  316. When Ezekiel Jackson debut on Smackdown?
  317. Josh Mathews tells Michael Cole to shut up. Thoughts?
  318. Who Would Be The Weakest Link of This Stable?
  319. (Fill in the Blanks) If Shawn Michaels Marty Jennette never Splitted Up then ___________?
  320. Agree or Disagree:Moving Gail Kim to Smackdown and putting her in a feud with McCool will help her..
  321. how is cm punk is going to change john cena?
  322. Who's Better Actor John Cena or Triple H?
  323. Scott Steiner (Steiner Bros.) vs. Jack Swagger. Who would have won?
  324. If David Otunga won NXT would Nexus of been as sucessful?
  325. What Do You Prefer More: Long Matches or Short Matches?
  326. what is the match of 10 thousand tacks?
  327. what's better. elimination chamber or extreme all weapons filled elimination chamber?
  328. name some really good submission matches?
  329. what is the greatest technical match ever?
  330. who is the next bret hart?
  331. What was going through you're mind when you found out Eddie Guerrero passed away?
  332. In SvR 11, can you start a new WWE Universe?
  333. has there ever been a match that was both technical and extreme?
  334. what is the bloodiest goriest most dangerously violent match ever?
  335. Which wrestler would you choose as the next president?
  336. WILD Wrestling News
  337. in order to win tlc shouldn't you...?
  338. whom is next hhh (20 wrestling characters)?
  339. who is next rvd (20 wrrestling characters)?
  340. Who is HOTTER?!?!?!? i need ur thoughts?
  341. Now that its been a few years now do you think you like it better as WWF or WWE?
  342. Smackdown Stars vs Raw Stars Poll?
  343. Star this question if you are watching Ring Of Honor tonight on Live TV.?
  344. Who is Wynter (TNA)? What is her connection with Angelina Love?
  345. Who Are Your Top 5 Wrestlers?
  346. WWE Raw tonight 2 matches have been announced source in description?
  347. What Was the Worst Ending to a Feud in WWE History?
  348. Raw tonigth with raw superstars?
  349. Who is this Wrestler?
  350. Whatever happened to that wrestler Rashiki?
  351. Will Jericho return to reveal the GM?
  352. BREAKING NEWS: WWE is thinking about cancelling tonights raw because of snow in ny?
  353. Guess the wrestler #1 +BQ?
  354. Do u think it would be awesome if cm punk was in nexus?
  355. Do you see potential in Darren Young at all now?
  356. what happened to the TNA show on mondays?
  357. How awesome is the Miz?!?
  358. What was you favorite feud of 2010?
  359. What did you think about the Bret Hart and Mr. McMahon fued this year?
  360. Is Jeff Hardy clean and does he still have legal problems?
  361. If You Were in Charge of WWE for 1 Night Only, How Would You Run Raw or SmackDown?
  362. (Fill in the Blanks) If Randy Orton Never Turned Face this Year then _______________?
  363. Did you hear the cheers on smackdown?
  364. Guess 2nd My Favorite Wrestler?
  365. Cmpunk and cena rivally?
  366. What do you think is going to happen on Raw tonight?
  367. Guess My Favorite Wrestler?
  368. If You Were a Wrestler, Would You be a Main Eventer?
  369. Why did Crush change...?
  370. Kofi doesn't deserve to be in the main event yet!?
  371. If You Were a Wrestler, Do You think you Would have Good Mic Skills?
  372. What were your opinions on Torrie Wilson, Stacy Keibler, Dawn Marie, Sable?
  373. Why do Wrestling fans want WWE to go TV-14 again?
  374. Who else agrees that The Miz doesn't deserve the WWE Championship?
  375. Top 5 Wrestler of WWE?
  376. If You Were a Wrestler, Would You Have a Long Entrance or Short Entrance?
  377. -Who Is Your Favorite WWE Superstar of All-Time?
  378. Why do people spell it indy wrestling when it's supposed to be spelt INDIE wrestling?
  379. Are you going to order the Royal Rumble?
  380. Is wwe Still with the idea of unifiying the world titles?
  381. When Triple H comes back....?
  382. -What Wrestler Had the Best Moveset in WWE History?
  383. Edge vs. Kane for the World Heavyweight Championship in a steel cage match?
  384. Which WWE Show do you like more? Raw or Smackdown? and Why?
  385. Aside from Kane vs Edge, does anyone know what matches we're gonna see on this weeks Smackdown?
  386. Will Triple H ever come back to the WWE?
  387. What was the Best Worst WWE Diva Feud of all-time?
  388. Pick your favorite finisher out of these+BQ?
  389. How come this pops up on SD vs R 10 (Xbox) when I want to use the paint tool?
  390. What was the best wwe match of all time?
  391. Who is better Randy Orton or Edge?
  392. In your opinion, who is the worst WWE wrestler of all time?
  393. Why does WWE have three shows?
  394. Is WWE Monday Night Raw going to be cancelled due to snow in NY?
  395. What do you think is going to happen tomorrow on Raw?
  396. Who is the Undertaker going to face at Wrestlemania?
  397. if you were a main stream professional wrestler would you listen to the IWC?
  398. Who are the Top 10 funniest Wrestler ever?
  399. Who misses J.R's commentary?
  400. Who will return and win at royal rumble?
  401. Would you be happy if Christian won the Royal Rumble?
  402. How many dislike John Cena and think he should retire?
  403. Who would win? Yuji Nagata vs William Regal?
  404. Who'd Win Cm Punk vs Alberto Delrio?
  405. - Are There Any Current WWE Diva's That could Entertain the Crowd with Good Mic Skills?
  406. In smackdown vs. 2011, how do you put the title on the line? like say rey mysterio is whc...
  407. Wrestlemania predictions?
  408. Who'd Win The Miz (C) Vs. John Morrison Vs. Randy Orton?
  409. Who was your favorite Wrestler from 2002-2006 (It could be from WWE or TNA)?
  410. If You Were apart of the WWE Creative Team, How Would You Fix the Womens Division?
  411. Who Had a Better WWE Career: Undertaker or Shawn Michaels?
  412. What was the Hottest moment in WWE History?
  413. Who'd Win Drew McIntyre Vs Daniel Bryan For Us Title?
  414. If You Were a Wrestler in WWE, Would You Want the Crowd to Chant Your Name?
  415. - What 5 Past Present WWE Diva's Did you Always want to Slap there booties?
  416. What button do you press on the PS2 to throw chairs in SvR 2011?
  417. Who is this wrestler? ( I'm sure he is from Japan)?
  418. Do you prefer Large Stables or Small Stables?
  419. Was There a Time that Your Favorite Wrestler Disappointed You?
  420. Agree OR Disagree: The Women Division in WCW was Underrated?
  421. IYO, What Was 1 Thing that the Attitude Era Was Bad At?
  422. (Fill in the Blanks) Without AJ Styles, TNA Would ____________?
  423. Given that Paul Heyman says he wants 100% creative control, what do you think he will do to
  424. Where was Paul Burchill billed from when he was using his Pirate gimmick?
  425. If You Were a Wrestler, Would You Win a World Title or Tag Team Title?
  426. Why do wrestling fans asks for something new every day and when they get it they still complain?
  427. How many World Heavyweight/WWE titles titles do you think Kofi Kingston will win in his career?
  428. Monday Night Raw matches for tomorrow i got it from
  429. Is Monday Night Raw in new york tomorrow?
  430. Who is a better champion Edge or The Miz?
  431. who is the next Christ Jericho?
  432. who would be a better nexus leader?
  433. How do you add your own theme/entrance song for Smackdown vs Raw 2010? (Xbox 360)?
  434. Was wrestlemania 23 the greatest one ever?
  435. What happened to batista?
  436. why is wwe ruining stables that could have been great?
  437. bryan danielson vs chris benoit and more?
  438. Finish this epic phrase?
  439. john morrison vs sheamus vs bryan danielson?
  440. why does vince like the big guys so much?
  441. when will somebody cash in mitb and lose?
  442. Matt Hardy Facts Please?
  443. How Many Time Triple H vs Chris Benoit 1 on 1 ?
  444. Mickie James TNA Theme Song The Best Diva Theme Song of All Time ?
  445. wrestling section . . . HELP?
  446. Which cities do you think have the loudest WWE fans?
  447. Are there any Zack Ryder Fans?
  448. How do you feel about John Bradshaw Layfield? (JBl)?
  449. Can Any Of The New Generation Wrestlers Replace Yesterdays Wrestlers?
  450. Wade Barrett for President anyone?
  451. If You Were a Wrestler, Would You Have a Manager/Valet?
  452. What Was Your Favorite Incarnation of D-Generation X?
  453. Do the WWE writers smoke crack while on the job?
  454. If You Were in Charge of WWE TNA, What Changes Would You make in Order 4 the Ratings to Get Better?
  455. who would win in this 11 man hardcore elimination match?
  456. Which wwe game is better?
  457. Who would win these matches?
  458. Who is your favorite ECW wrestler out of these guys?
  459. Who would win this match?
  460. why isn't micheal cole doing commentary on nxt anymore?
  461. whoi was the first divas champion to win at wrestlemania?
  462. Hey Wrestlin fans out there (: I have a couple of questions for ya?
  463. Is Nexus going to be on Raw tomorrow?
  464. Random Kofi Kingston question?
  465. who won the first wrestlemania ladder match?
  466. What do you think about The Undertaker's return?
  467. Do you prefer technical wrestling or lucha libre?Why?
  468. Who would win Big Show or Andre the Giant?
  469. Kelly Kelly should get released?
  470. Which company was better this year, TNA or WWE?
  471. Why did WWE release Kaval but not Daniel Bryan?
  472. Who should The Pope feud with Next - Seems like he's out of a storyline?
  473. What's happening in WWE right now?
  474. themes for my wrestler?
  475. What would WWE be like if Chris benoit never killed himself and his family? like what
  476. Rate the Diva's on looks skill (Plus BQ's)?
  477. (Fill in the Blanks) If There was No Montrel Screwjob in WWF for Bret Hart then ______________?
  478. how to do john morrison finisher in svr 2011 backstage?
  479. Who is Better in Mic Skills: Chris Jericho or Triple H?
  480. Would it smart to have a Diva Elimination Chamber Match?
  481. Who'd Win Vance archer vs Jack Swagger?
  482. - If You Were a Wrestler, What Kind of Gimmick Would you Have?
  483. Which member from Nexus has the best future?
  484. How do U exit the Hell In A Cell on SvR 2011?
  485. Can you rate the different wrestling federations?
  486. Who are all the wwe superstars who quit or were fired in 2010?
  487. Will this CM Punk-John Cena feud be any good?
  488. Who Would've Won Dynamite Kid vs Brock Lesnar?
  489. how would you describe this wrestler's career in one word?
  490. Does The New Generation Have a Fair Chance in The Wrestling Today?
  491. Why does the song Eye of the Tiger remind me of John Morrison?
  492. What are your opinions on CM Punk?
  493. What was your favorite Shawn Michaels Match of all-time?
  494. part 2-how would you describe this wrestler's career in one word?
  495. Which is Better Past Or Present Triple H?
  496. Can anyone solve my other question?
  497. Who'd Win Bruno Sammartino vs Ric Flair?
  498. Can you guess the wrestler?
  499. would you be satisfied if the cena/cm punk feud evolved around diet soda?
  500. Who'd Win Kurt Angle vs Rick Rude?