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  1. Is Wrestling fake or real?
  2. Royal rumble winner of 2011 ?
  3. Can anybody link me to where I can buy WWF/WWE Wrestling Chairs from? PLEASE!?
  4. - What Was the Most Disgusting Moment/Match in WWE History?
  5. Sheamus #1 Entrant at the Royal Rumble 2011+BQ?
  6. what match sounds better for wm 27?
  7. How would you end the PG Era in WWE if you were allowed to?
  8. Which Wrestler had better matches in there career: Shawn Michaels or Bret Hart?
  9. Be honest was anyone else surprised when C.M.Punk joined the Nexus as the leader?
  10. What are the chances this happens at the Royal Rumble in the Edge, Ziggler match?
  11. has any fan or former wrestler successfully sued the wwe?
  12. the wwe really failed mvp agree or disagree?
  13. What wrestler do I look like?
  14. Do you prefer Christy Hemme in WWE or TNA?
  15. Who agrees with me that Terri Runnels was the?
  16. Which wrestler has the best entrance of all time+BQ?
  17. What Past WWE Diva had the hottest body IYO?
  18. If You Were a Wrestler, Would You Want a Short Title Reign Or a Long Title Reign?
  19. WWE Hall of Fame 2011?
  20. Is The Whole King Sheamus wwe's clever little ploy to set up Triple H's Grand Return to wwe at...
  21. What are your thoughts on WWE going 3D?
  22. Why are there so many championship matches on smackdown right now?
  23. how can i become a wwe superstar?
  24. Which one of these names is best for a site?
  25. Is this sign I'm bringing to RAW too mature for WWE?
  26. If you've ever gone to a wrestling match?
  27. Whats up wrestling fans?
  28. randy savage vs mr McMahon what is the go why do they hate each other?
  29. Why do you watch wrestling when you know its real? +BQ...?
  30. Top Wrestlers of 2010 based on Yahoo Answers. Eliminate 4?
  31. Who were your 2 favorite WCW jobbers/enhancement talent, either from Worldwide or WCW
  32. Which WWE wrestlers currently remind you of a generic CAW from a wrestling game?
  33. Edge's Road to Wrestlemania Part 3. With BQs...?
  34. WWE Fantasy royal rumble part 5 ( The Final ) Eliminate 5?
  35. Here's the link, who else wants to see Sting come to WWE for Wrestlemania?
  36. Am I the only one who loves the TNA camera angles during Knockout matches?
  37. Why do we hate cena?!?
  38. WWE Tag Team Champion vs TNA Tag Team Champion ?
  39. Do you think that Morrison would make a great heel now-a-days?
  40. Who do you think Ken Anderson (Mr. Kennedy) should wrestle in the WWE (past, present, future)?
  41. Which 2 Superstars are your two favorite mic match-up's of all time?
  42. wrestling section does the cut down movesets thing bother you?
  43. BREAKING NEWS: Matt Hardy MAY appear at TNA Genesis this sunday on PPV--Your thoughts?
  44. Who in your opinion is the best WWE Superstar on the mic right now?
  45. Alphabetical Order game?
  46. Whatcha gonna do brother?
  47. What is the best wrestling game ever?
  48. What is the greatest match of all time?
  49. Is Angelina Love A Face Now?
  50. how awesome is lita and do you think she should come back to save the woman's Division?
  51. Big Show vs Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match, who would win?
  52. Why don't they just strip Jeff Hardy of the world title i read he's being sentenced for prison
  53. wrestling poll who is better edge or chris jericho why?
  54. question about wade barrett?
  55. what happened to bobby Lashley?
  56. santino marrella or vladimir koslov???
  57. who is your favorite?
  58. Does anyone else think WWE is lacking in truth?
  59. WWE or WWF or ECW?????
  60. Could Kofi Kingston,Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins qualify as cruiserweights?
  61. Do you like Chris Jericho as a Face, Heel, or Tweener?
  62. Did Triple H invent the Triple Threat match?
  63. Who Had The Worst Night-Superstars?
  64. Which Big Show Finisher is better: Chokeslam or Knockout Punch?
  65. Can we please give Undertaker vs Barret a chance?
  66. Jesus vs Batista vs Triple H, who would win in a wrestling match?
  67. Is Torrie Wilson really injured? If she was injured, how did she get it?
  68. What we gonna do if mark henry and great khali have tag team?
  69. WWE vs TNA matchups. you pick the winners?
  70. Question: Can you see John Cena?
  71. is randy orton nice in real life?
  72. i once tried to hit a rko on my friend but hearts like hell!!!it hurts to my back more than...
  73. is wwe wrestling real...? if not why do they get injured!?
  74. dont you think if the wwe brought more mexican wrestlers..?
  75. Your Predictions of 2011 more inside?
  76. what is that white stuff that randy orton spits when the rko taunt?
  77. What is your Favorite Wrestlemania moment?
  78. Who was the number 1 entrant into the 2004 Royal Rumble??? BQ?
  79. what is that weird sound that th wwe ring makes?
  80. Are Cena fans the most annoying wrestling fans in history?
  81. Does Robert Roode look like Triple H?
  82. Who would you like to see in a match? And in what kind of match?
  83. Isn't it funny? I'm watching TNA and there are no kids in the audience..?
  84. Does anyone here know of the YWC?
  85. (Fill in the Blanks) If Bret Hart Was Never Injured by Goldberg in WCW Then _____________?
  86. Do you think Awesome Kong will be LayCool's bodyguard?
  87. Which Chris Jericho character do you like?
  88. Wrestlemania 27 Match Card + Results?
  89. So what really happened to the tna president dixie carter?
  90. Who would you rather face Undertaker at Wrestlemania:Sheamus or Wade Barret?
  91. (Fill in the Blanks) If There is 1 Thing the PG Rating Cannot Have That the TV-14 Rating Did, It Is
  92. My ideas for good Wrestlemania?
  93. Why out of nowhere did WWE make Melina become heel again?
  94. What on earth happened to Hernadez? i don't watch tna that often but i decided to watch
  95. Who'd Win Tyler Black vs Jack Swagger?
  96. agree of disagree: These triple threat title defenses need to go?
  97. My idea for a good Wrestlemania?
  98. Which show do you like to watch the best? RAW, NXT, WWE Superstars or SD! Why?
  99. If they can cooperate, would this be a good stable in TNA?
  100. Connecting Online To Smackdown Vs. Raw 2011 just got the game like a week ago help please?
  101. Who'd Win The Miz vs Tyler Black?
  102. What was ECW's most hardcore match ever?
  103. in your opinion what is your favourite wrestlemania them song ever?
  104. Which is better TNA or WWE and why?
  105. WWE right now full of heels?
  106. Does anyone know ALL the secrets to S vs R 2011?
  107. Where exactly do these wrestling rumors get their rumors from?
  108. WWE vs TNA!! What do you think?
  109. Will John Cena be main-eventing WrestleMania again this year?
  110. (Fill in the Blanks) If There Was No Four Horsemen Then _______________?
  111. Do you think Awesome Kong will be a major help to the diva's division?
  112. Why do you think both WWE TNA's ratings fell 8% last year in ratings compared to 2009?
  113. Who would make the better lawyer, Big Show or Kane?
  114. Look how crappy they treated the boogeyman in the WWE - They gave him a horrible...
  115. What makes you be a fan of a wrestler?
  116. (Fill in the Blanks) The WWE Diva's Division These Days Are ___________________?
  117. Who are your top 5 possible winners of the Royal Rumble?
  118. Who is one wrestler you have always disliked?
  119. Who do you think would be able to break the Undertaker's Wrestlemania streak?
  120. What was the greatest match Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar ever had?
  121. Is It Time For WWE To Push John Morrison vs Miz?
  122. Pick a wrestler for each theme?
  123. MosesX is awesome! I even dedicated this acount to him! Anyone agree? NO HATERS!?
  124. Is Andrew Jackson The Future Kevin Nash?
  125. What's your favorite WWE PPV theme?
  126. WWE Tough Enough returns April 4th. Anyone excited?
  127. Best way to cut wieght for wrestling?
  128. How do you advertise an E-Fed+Guess this wrestler(Hard)?
  129. Question about NXT(contains spoiler)?
  130. Who, in your opinion, is the best wrestler never to be champion?
  131. Am I a stalker or a really really big fan?
  132. Do you think Jerry The King Lawler should be taken off the Commentary Booth?
  133. Question about Smackdown VS Raw 2006.?
  134. Has the ''attitude era'' in way ruined WWE?
  135. Possible SD card for 1/14/2011?
  136. What is you opinion about this WWE Superstar?
  137. Since Vince talks bullsh*t always whats the biggest bullsh*tting moment he's had?
  138. is anyone hoping aj styles loses to douglas williams this sunday ?
  139. Do you see John Cena defeating Undertaker at WrestleMania?
  140. Who is one wrestler you've always hated?
  141. What exactly is a blindfold match?
  142. Who'd win this Fatal Four Way match?
  143. What's your favorite match to watch?
  144. When is the WWE going to drop the pg rating?
  145. Favourite tag team ever? BQ?
  146. Name 3 wrestlers that made their debut after sitting in the audience and getting picked out?
  147. How do you get wrestlemania cards?
  148. Does anyone else hate spoilers?
  149. WWE Fantasy Royal Rumble Part 3 eliminate 6?
  150. Do those of you who followed WWE in the 1999-2005 era still do? ?
  151. why do people say a wrestler cannot wrestle if they are boring?
  152. Will awesome Kong dominate beth phoenix for a long feud like how khali dominated taker?
  153. Awesome Kong Heading To WWE...Your Thoughts?
  154. Extreme Heel Era has disbanded so know way am i that Wrestling Section user+BQ?
  155. If Wrestling Is Fake Then How Do You Explain Wrestlers Getting Injured?
  156. Which one did you like better Smackdown vs Raw 2011 or 2010?
  157. Why does Chicago knight keep Starring questions+Who is the most underated star?
  158. Why do so many people want or think Christian will win the RR?
  159. Which WWE Show Do You Think Is Better...Raw Or SmackDown?
  160. Who thinks Shawn Michaels should be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?
  161. Did you know that CZW has managed to outlast ECW?
  162. Tell me: does anyone really care about professional wrestling anymore?
  163. WWE in 2011...Who are going to be the top 3 Breakout superstars?
  164. How much does Big Show weigh?
  165. What do wrestlers like Big Show eat to keep them full?
  166. Was Rey Mysterio ever a Heel in his Wrestling career?
  167. Why does the IWC feel once a wrestler passes 35 they need to retire?
  168. What do you think of Wrestling Podcasts?
  169. Worldwide Wrestling Fantasy Federation... BQ's?
  170. Who else laughed at this?
  171. Is there any point to drafting diva's anymore?
  172. Is This A Good Knock Off of Evolution?
  173. Who is your current favorite WWE Superstar and WWE Diva?
  174. What would you like in WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2012?
  175. which theme song is better?
  176. Is Edge the best World Heavyweight Champion ever?
  177. Would this be a good theme for Randy Orton?
  178. What was the best era in WWE history besides the Attitude Era?
  179. What is your Royal Rumble card?
  180. Who is the most overrated female wrestler of all time?
  181. What was the best match your least favorite wrestler has ever been in?
  182. question.WWE: raw roster?
  183. WWE Fantasy Royal Rumble Part 2?
  184. what happened to the glory grandure and magnificence of wrestlemania?
  185. Who Won Monday NWars?
  186. Brock Lesnar (vs) Goldberg II, who would win?
  187. Whats gonna happen next?
  188. What SvR game has been the best to date?
  189. Indiana Man Suing The Rock, HHH WWE Over Alleged Injury...Your Thoughts?
  190. Wut wrestler do I look like?
  191. Wrestlemania 27 Match Card [-- hate that question mark --]?
  192. Do you think this would be a good theme for Jeff Hardy?
  193. Well, what's next for Kane?
  194. guess the wrestler(easy)?
  195. Do you think the WWE is getting better or worse?
  196. Should Mark Henry main-event WreslteMania?
  197. If you want to see....?
  198. Shouldn't these WWE superstars be using their real names?
  199. Yahoo Answers Top Wrestlers of 2010. Who is the best? Eliminate 6 Please?
  200. Where did The Rock go to high school?
  201. Why is Cody Rhodes getting buried?
  202. Would Edge defending the World Heavyweight championship to Christian and Undertaker at WM...
  203. Whats so good about randy orton?
  204. I am going to a WWE Autograph Session with Sheamus and i need an idea of what to get him to sign?
  205. The words of the Technical Messiah: Do you agree with these statements?
  206. Where is smackdown next week?
  207. WWE Royal Rumble PPV live online for free?
  208. I'm Broken Dreams official spokesman and I say?
  209. wrestling section why don't you like to debate?
  210. Heya YA Guys + Big BQ?
  211. WWE: Stephanie McMahon?
  212. Is there a webcam software that makes webcam videos?
  213. The user Technical Messiah is the greatest user EVVA?
  214. wwe is undertaker ever gonna come back?
  215. why do people watch pro wrestling for the company?
  216. Tap that butt game part 1?
  217. How do you get WWE Superstars autographs?
  218. WWE Superstar of 2010: Round 1: Eliminate 3 people?
  219. (Fill in the Blanks) If Sting Went to WWE Then ______________?
  220. ???Guess this wrestler of the day????
  221. (Fill in the Blanks) If The WWE Never Pushed Edge Then _____________?
  222. What if Awesome Kong made her debut in the RR?
  223. why is chris masters no longer byron saxtons pro?
  224. How should TNA use Hulk Hogan?
  226. Yahoo Answers Top Wrestlers of 2010. Who is the Best? Eliminate 6?
  227. Why is it that if a fan has a good opinion about John Cena?
  228. What are your Overall opinions on Velvet Sky?
  229. Which current member of the Nexus do you think is the next big thing in WWE?
  230. (Fill in the Blanks) Without _______, The WWE Would ________________?
  231. will triple h be the last one to enter the royal rumble?
  232. who will face the winner of the royal rumble at this years wm?
  233. why dont wrestlers go threw the crowd during a falls count anywhere match?
  234. If Melina became a knockout?
  235. will the main event at this years wrestlemain be triple h vs shamus?
  236. Which of this young superstar do you think will most likely get a push in 2011?
  237. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  238. how much do PRO wrestling schools cost +bq?
  239. IS THE WWE?......please give me your opinion?
  240. Is William Regal really posh?
  241. Not saying WWE is ALL about looks.............?
  242. Yahoo Answers Top Wrestlers of 2010. Who is the best? Eliminate 6 Please?
  243. How do they fake the blood in wrestling?
  244. Why doesn't WWE have some sort of Fued for the US Title?
  245. Do you think CM Punk will do a better job as leader of Nexus than Wade Barrett?
  246. wwe fantasy 30 man royal rumble eliminate 6?
  247. if i was to make the first smackdown card of 2011 this is what itd look like?
  248. Where to download wwe legends (WWE RAW) mode?
  249. WWE tries to hard with Cena and Orton?
  250. Royal Rumble 2011...?
  251. What wrestlers do you share a birthday with?
  252. What do you think WWE would do if this happened at the Royal Rumble?
  253. WWE Royal Rumble Question?
  254. Do you think that The Ultimo Dragon could have been Cruiserweight Champion during his WWE Run?
  255. Whatever happened to the John Morrison vs The Miz championship match?
  256. I need a wrestler name. What do you think?
  257. Did you know that.....?
  258. Do you agree that Alberto Del Rio is a future World Heavyweight champion?
  259. Which Randy Orton Finisher is better: RKO or Punt Kick?
  260. Rate Last Night's Raw in Phoenix, AZ?
  262. Is WWE Tough Enough going to replace NXT?
  263. Is Mr.Anderson Cursed he had the last match of Eddie guerrero and Umaga (Eddie fatu)?
  264. If You Have Bad Mic Skills Are You a Bad Actor?
  265. SVR 2011 question for PS2?
  266. Is there any wrestling on tonight?
  267. Who wins at the royal rumble Miz or Orton?
  268. If John Cena comes back next week what is he going to do?
  269. Do you think that the Undertaker will win the World Heavyweight title this year?
  270. Brock Lesnar and undertaker both get buried by guys named Cain/Kane?
  271. Who'd Win Chris Jericho or AJ Styles?
  272. What happened a year ago today that shook the wrestling world?
  273. Is it a shameful Day, Lobsterheads?
  274. Who'd Win Austin Creed vs Justin Gabriel?
  275. Who would win daniel bryan or rey mysterio?
  276. Is it okay for wrestlers to eat a lot of junk food?
  277. Who do you think is the most loved and most hated wrestler in the IWC's eyes?
  278. Would You Be Surprised to see Jack Swagger Released?
  279. who would win in a unscripted wrestling match between the undertaker and goldberg in there primes?
  280. Who would win these matches?
  281. - What Was the Most Inappropriate Moment in WWE History?
  282. Who is better overall: John Morrison or The Miz?
  283. What is your favorite Royal Rumble ppv of all-time?
  284. Your thoughts on John Morrison winning the royal rumble?
  285. How would you react if WWE had rehired all of the following superstars and divas...?
  286. Why does everyone like John Cena?
  287. Do you think Matt Hardy will go to TNA?
  288. How come Jazz, Ivory, Jacqueline, or Lita did not enter the Royal Rumble?
  289. Beth Phoenix is unstoppable so when will she get real competition?
  290. Champ vs Champ Edge or The Miz Guest Ref Alex Riley?
  291. Could you really get someone in a figure 4 leglock?
  292. What did you think of this weeks Raw?
  293. What divas in WWE would be able to beat Amazing Kong?
  294. WHo would win these matches?
  295. How Many WWE Pay Per Views Do You Get...All Of Them Or Just Certain Ones?
  296. John Cena might come back next week on Raw?
  297. Who'd Win The Young Bucks vs The Hardy Boyz?
  298. Who would win Present/Future vs Past/Present Matches?
  299. Who would win this Battle Royal?
  300. Hulk Hogan (In his prime) vs Bret Hart (In his prime): Who would win?
  301. did people complain about the attitude era too?
  302. Will Triple H Make His Return At The Royal Rumble?
  303. Jan. 4: One year later, how has TNA changed?
  304. PS2-SVR 2010-Inferno Match...How do I win??? I played same match for 2 hours,kept
  305. awesome raw last night what was your favorite part?
  306. Yahoo Answers Top Wrestlers of 2010. Who's the best? Eliminate 6?
  307. Why WWE Released Mickie James And victoria [ Tara ] ?
  308. What did you think of Raw? + Spoiler for Superstars?
  309. Who would Win: Melina or Rosa Mendas?
  310. Which day and channel show on Lucha Libre CMLL?
  311. I Have Good New Bad News?
  312. Why was Koslov trying to jump over the rope couple of times after the first attemped?
  313. Where is Santina Marella?
  314. Since Undertaker is out now.Do you think this will be the first summer he is active?
  315. Why am I the only one that sees the Bella Twin switch ?
  316. Hey I got a question about the WWE?
  317. Agree or Disagree:Wrestlezone is the biggest lying rumor site out there?
  318. If I say invisible mic which professional wrestler do you immediately think off?
  319. What do you see Wade Barret doing now?
  320. Having John Cena being a no-show,Who was surprised about the RAW attendance,tonight?
  321. Chris Jericho questions?
  322. What current WWE Diva would you spend a day with?
  323. If I sat in the row that Alberto parked on I would take jump in his car and hall ass,
  324. Excuse me but is the myth of?
  325. why do all the wwe superstars walk around in their underwear?
  326. Who can name me every single Hell in a Cell match in the history of WWE in the right order?
  327. So has Chris Jericho actually left or is he just on tour with his band Fozzy?
  328. Who is ready for everyone to whine, moan, and complain about Orton winning again all night long?
  329. Who would Win: Kofi Kingston or Amazing Red?
  330. Was RAW this week totally predictable or what?
  331. What happened on Raw yesterday?
  332. Was Koslov's botch last night one of the worst you've ever seen?
  333. Who else thought that was a really great match between Morrison and Miz?
  334. Ok theres has to be a winner here please vote on this important desicion for WWE Match Of...
  335. Would it REALLY be better if it was either miz vs sheamus or miz vs barrett?
  336. Chris Jericho or Undertaker?
  337. Wrestling trivia 6 5 questions 2 BQ's superstars and divas debuts?
  338. who will win the triple threat number one contenders steel cage match?
  339. How old do you have to be to sign up for WWE Tough Enough?
  340. Wade Barrett Heading To WWE SmackDown..Your Thoughts?
  341. How to install wwf no mercy mods?
  342. Who would Win: CM Punk or Daniel Bryan?
  343. any recommendations for matches from these years?
  344. Omg how much more childish will this be?
  345. WWE Tough Enough returning?
  346. Who won main even tonight?
  347. Does Randy Orton Have To Win The WWE Title to Be Successful?
  348. did we just witness a potential 'screwjob of the year' candidate?
  349. Did you Notice that all the matches on Raw were a little longer?
  350. Was that a good first match on raw?
  351. I know this is a little off from a wrestling question?
  352. Who is Ted DiBiase more likes? The Million Dollar Man or JBL or others?
  353. did anyone else notice any botched moves during the divas' match?
  354. So who's gonna win the Royal Rumble?
  355. What was the funniest Moment that your favorite Wrestler Had?
  356. your opinion and guess on WWE in the future?
  357. Who'd Win The Young Bucks vs Ted Dibiase Dolph Ziggler?
  358. who agrees it will be Fatal 4 Way At RR?
  359. So is Raw not live tonight?
  360. What do you think will happen on RAW?
  361. When will randy orton get a 3 disk DVD set?
  362. Why did CM Punk become the leader of Nexus?
  363. Who would Win: AJ Styles or Rey Mysterio?
  364. Why's R truth sweating from delivering a promo?
  365. agree or disagree: these are Undertaker's top 3 Wrestlemania matches?
  366. Do people hav anything better 2 do other then writing about Raw while watching Raw?
  367. What Is It About Michael Cole That Makes Him So Annoying?
  368. does the WWE have good and bad periods?
  369. Which Kane Finisher is better: Chokeslam or Tombston Pile Driver?
  370. Who'd Win The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels in a Last Ride Match?
  371. (Fill in the Blanks) If WWE Never Created SmackDown Then __________________?
  372. Did The Undertaker ever win the WWE Championship+ BQ?
  373. Which Rock Finisher is better: Rock Bottom or People's Elbow?
  374. Who'd Win Sheamus vs Triple H in a Hardcore match?
  375. Which current wwe divas would make a good wife?
  376. Will Kurt angle ever come back to the WWE?
  377. Awesome Kong signs contract with WWE, apparently!?
  378. Who do you think is going to be the next superstar to be released?
  379. Did you guys see JBL on WWE Raw?
  380. The Nexus is ' the most dominating team in WWE history'?
  381. One hour question. Who is your fav. wrestler?
  382. Why Could'nt it Have Been Sheamus vs The Miz For WWE Title?
  383. How many times is Orton going to keep being put in a title match?
  384. If You Were the Raw GM for 1 Night Only, What Is Two Things You Would Do?
  385. What would you like to see happen on Raw tonight?
  386. Which current wwe wrestler who has never been in the title picture do you think can make
  387. Buy or Sell for the following statements?
  388. Who else will never forget the best of 5 series between MCMGs and Beer Money for the Tag Team...
  389. wwe fans survey.....?
  390. Who are most loved 3 wrestlers from the fans in wrestling history?
  391. who would win in a fight any wrestler or Gilbert arenas with a gun?
  392. if you love or like wrestling star this question!?
  393. What is your favorite WWE DVD set?
  394. do you guys remember when john cena kissed vicki g.?!!?
  395. What was better: Face Triple H or Heel Triple H?
  396. wrestling you have lost take it like a man next time don't take on a channel larger than yours?
  397. Who owned WCW before Mr. McMahon bought it?
  398. What Match Type in WWE Do you Miss the Most?
  399. Why did WWE release this?
  400. Who Got Screwed Worst and More Often...?
  401. Why are some wrestling fans forcing themselves to like The Miz?
  402. Why did Kaval get fired from WWE?
  403. I Want to be a WWE Diva? How?
  404. LMAO Natalya called herself a Piggy?
  405. Eli Cottonwood - potential breakout star in 2011?
  406. when is the next time wwe is coming to albany ny?
  407. Who's the hottest WWE superstar??
  408. why is wresteling soooooooooo gay?
  409. Hardcore Justice - Best PPV in 2010?
  410. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown?
  411. who is more talented overall, angelina love or velvet sky(bonus question inside)?
  412. Why the hell is Michael Cole on Smackdown?
  413. Best technical wrestler?
  414. Is there any wrestling on tonight?
  415. Who was better in their prime? (Molly Holly or Trish Stratus)?
  416. Who is this person on this gif? Its a wrestler.?
  417. John Cena - possibly the most overated wrestler in 2010?
  418. Will WWE ever acknowledge Benoit?
  419. Did anyone care when Kofi went back to midcard status?
  420. who in your opinion is the craziest wrestler out of new jack and sabu ?
  422. Am I the only one that misses MVP?
  423. Who would win The Miz or Alex Riley?
  424. Who is the annonymous raw gm?
  425. If You Were a Wrestler, Would Your Entrance Involve Vehicles?
  426. - Do You Prefer WWE To Be TV-14 or PG?
  427. How would you rank Nexus Fortune?
  428. What did you think about Shark Boy appearing on Impact tonight?
  429. Who is your favorite Wrestler in TNA right now?
  430. Who is your favorite wrestler that starts with the 2nd letter of your Y!A display name?
  431. Who Is Your Favorite Wrestler that Starts With the Letter B?
  432. WWE vs TNA match of the day who would win?
  433. Smackdown vs Raw 2011 question for PS2?
  434. Attitude Era Watchers?
  435. When was that match between John Cena and HBK that lasted like 30 minutes?
  436. Kurt Angle-Atttitude Era?
  437. Yahoo Answers Top 50 Wrestlers of 2010. Who is the Best? Eliminate 6 Again?
  438. What was the most memorable moment in 2010 in wrestling?
  439. Agree or Disagree: TNA is nothing without AJ Styles and MCMG?
  440. has anybody ever told you?
  441. Favorite Raw is War (or Monday Night Raw) main event?
  442. Isn't Nexus copying the Nation of Domination with the raised fist thing?
  443. is this article for real?
  444. Guess the wrestler 15 HARD!!!?
  445. what is booker t's finisher move? wwe?
  446. who wat that that faced jeff Jarret?
  447. Guess the wrestlers 13 and 14?
  448. Who would win Yokozuna or Big Daddy V?
  449. with john cena injured, what will happen to their feud?
  450. Who was your Favorite NXT Season 1 Rookie ? And who is now your Favorite member from the...
  451. What are your opinions on Dolph Ziggler's IC title reign so far?
  452. What happened to the WWE cruiser weight championship?
  453. Is all this Kong in WWE hype just a waste?
  454. Who would win #1....................?
  455. Do you like or hate nexus now Cm Punk is their leader?
  456. Who was the greatest WWE or TNA World Champion of 2010?
  457. The worst celebrity to appear at wrestlemania?
  458. Have the Awesome Kong signing been confirmed yet?
  459. Challenge of the day. Pick only one. What would you say was the match of the decade for the WWE?
  460. Who's the best heel wrestler in WWE at the moment?
  461. What was the Best and Worst Match during the Attitude Era (1997-2001)?
  462. Do you remember the former WWE Diva Kristal?
  463. Who was hotter: Ashley Massaro or Maria?
  464. If You Were a Wrestler, What Would Be Your Attire?
  465. Which would be cooler: Jericho hitting the Codebreaker off a Cell or Gabriel hitting the 450
  466. (Fill in the Blanks) If The Nexus Never made There Debut Then ________________?
  467. Do you remember former WWE Diva Ashley?
  468. What Was the Most Overrated Feud in WWE History?
  469. What was the era between the attitude era and the pg era called?
  470. -What Was the Most Underrated Feud in WWE History?
  471. WCWE Tuesday Night Showtime (Rate Review)?
  472. What were your opinions on the Velvet Sky vs. Sarita Strap Match?
  473. Who will win the WCW Championship tonight at Summerslam..The 5 Time WCW Champion or The Brahma Bull?
  474. Friday night smackdown match john cena vs dolph ziggler?
  475. If LayCool thought Mickie James was fat just imagine how they will pick on Awesome Kong?
  476. What wrestlers from both TNA and WWE do you wanna see face off?
  477. isn't ridiculous how many people got injured this year?
  478. My Wrestlemania 27 Card.?
  479. What do you think of Kaval with a ninja gimmick?
  480. Edge vs Christian CHAIR match?
  481. which WWE employee(s) comes to mind when you hear these words?
  482. is sheamus the next triple h?
  483. When is Kurt angle going to come back to TNA?
  484. Who'd Would've Won William Regal vs Kaval?
  485. Has anyone ever seen this hilarious (yet cringe-worthy) HBK botch?
  486. Awesome Kong vs Beth Phoenix (Will we see that match)?
  487. which girls in wwe have gotten implants and which girls have not?
  488. why do people say sheamus is like test?
  489. how many people got injured this year?
  490. what do you think of these matches?
  491. how many ladders were hanging from the ceiling at wwe tlc?
  492. when there's an elimination chamber, should the participants have matches to decide who get's a pod?
  493. who wants to see Edge vs Christian in a CHAIR match?
  494. Does it sound like Kane is trying to avoid the Taker subject?
  495. What are your Wrestlemania 27 cards?
  496. What do you think of me as a user?
  497. What will happen to the John Cena/CM Punk Rivalry?
  498. Any 2011 WWE perdictions?
  499. DX vs The Rockers, who wins?
  500. Who else think Undertaker's streak will end soon?