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  1. if only one match happened at wm27 what would u want it to be +awesome bq!?
  2. Who are the Top 5 Sellouts from WWE?
  3. Why do people say Eddie Guerrero is the best wrestler ever?
  4. Are you read for our daily fill in the blanks?
  5. Is It Predictable that triple h will win the 2011 royal rumble?
  6. what is john cena greatest match?
  7. Who is The Biggest Tool In the wwe?
  8. I just re-watched the 2008 Royal Rumble and realized they forgot HornSwoggle?
  9. Funniest Wrestling Joke Ever?
  10. Are You Interested in the Revival of WWE Tough Enough?
  11. Agree of Disagree:People wouldn't bash Hogan and Bishoff if they went to WWE instead of TNA?
  12. reason why miz is champion and john morrison isn't?
  13. Who would u rather marry? stephanie mcmahon or maryse?
  14. Who else is tired of the gimmick ppvs?
  15. Do You think beth phoenix has gotten implants?
  16. Who won the Match between randy orton n jerry the king waller vs the miz n alex riley
  17. Why does Ric Flair receive a lot of hate for being in TNA?
  18. Your thoughts on this Smackdown Spoiler about Wade Barrett?
  19. what you think the tag team should be called?
  20. who agrees with me that this was the best RKO ever!!!!!!!??
  21. Who's your Royal Rumble prediction?
  22. NXT season 4 is boring without Cole.?
  23. 10 points for the best answer?
  24. What Year do you think this photo is from?
  25. which NEXUS is better in YOUR opinion?
  26. Who is your pick for winning the royal rumble?
  27. Justin Bieber beat me up :/?
  28. Is it true Hurrican signed a WWE contract on his internet show?
  29. Did the WWE forget about Undertaker vs Kane feud?
  30. More TNA Garbage: Scott Steiner saved Angle on the 1/27 Impact, isn't it obvious he's joining the...
  31. What was your favorite Royal Rumble moment?
  32. Is AJ Styles Really Injured or is this kayfabe?
  33. What male wrestlers in the WWE and TNA do you think that Maryse can beat in a wrestling match?
  34. For those who appreciate Lawler. How about this for a match?
  35. how would you feel if this match happened on raw?
  36. Is Ring of Honor coming to Richmond, Virginia permanetly?
  37. are hernandez and kurt angle brothers.?
  38. Which is BETTER? WWE or TNA? WHY?
  39. Top Diva's of 2010 [ Round 5 ] ( special Challenge )?
  40. What is the worst Tag team in the history of the WWE?
  41. how shawn michaels is the greatest wrestler all time?
  42. who is/was the most influential pro-wrestler and why?
  43. If You Were a Wrestler, How Would You Turn Face/Heel?
  44. Spoiler Alert What are your thoughts about the Hardy Boyz defeating RVD and Mr. Anderson?
  45. Do you think WWE could easily solve their PPV problem by reducing the amount of PPV's within a year?
  46. Which Wrestling action figure(s) should I get for my little brother?
  47. (Fill in the Blanks) The Tag Team Division For WWE ____________, While the Tag Team
  48. Yo seriously, what's better than Gangsta music and watching wrestling?
  49. Do you think that John Cena is doing a great job with the Make a Wish Foundation?
  50. What about released Superstars running their own show WWT?
  51. Where is Hogan and Hernandez? Why did Kurt Angle promise to never wrestle again?
  52. Top 3 on RAW Smackdown in your opinion why?
  53. I have some questions about TNA!?
  54. Your thoughts with CM Punk being apart of Nexus?
  55. I don't want to sound ignorant...but?
  56. Do you think WWE will ever have Divas to compete in the Money in the Bank match?
  57. Why is Ultimate Warrior considered as the greatest wrestler by all the people in this world?
  58. Should Sting come to WWE?
  59. Is this the end for ROH?
  60. CM Punk is the best Nexus leader?
  61. Are there no longer going to be MILB Ladder match at wrestlemania now that there a ppv dedicated to
  62. Why are there so many hbk fans?
  63. BREAKING NEWS: WWE SMACKDOWN has a new Nexus?
  64. In sumo wrestling, 4th day of the Grand Basho, what was the best fight for you? Who were the
  65. Did triple h return to wwe?
  66. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  67. If you could for one day be your favorite wrestler. What would you do and why?
  68. What's your favorite finisher?
  69. I am not a TNA fan, but this got me thinking?
  70. Was There Ever a Time That More than 1 Tag Team Broke Up in 1 Night?
  71. (Fill in the Blanks) The Most Degrading Moment in WWE History Was _________?
  72. (Fill in the Blanks) If Steve Austin Never Started the What Chants Then _________?
  73. (Fill in the Blanks) If Kurt Angle Never Left WWE Then _____________?
  74. If You Were a Wrestler, How Would You End Your Stable If you Had the Choice to Do So?
  75. where is icon in TNA?
  76. why did shane helms (the hurricane) get released?
  77. (Fill in the Blanks) Without _____________, SmackDown Would _____________?
  78. Why Did WWE get rid of the managing scheme?
  79. What has been the Most Important Feud for WWE?
  80. Which feud was The Undertaker's Most Important?
  81. Who Do you believe is the best Nexus member?
  82. Who is the better wrestler: Cody Rhodes or Ted DiBiase?
  83. WWE SvR 2011. Create a Storyline Mode Week 2 (Raw)?
  84. How soon do you think Matt Hardy will win the TNA world title?
  85. what are the names of the two songs that play during the beginning of this wrestling highlight
  86. Cm punk nexus theme song tell me what u think?
  87. Should WWE push Rosa Mendas on being Diva's Champion?
  88. Will The Hardy Boyz reunite in TNA?
  89. Fill in The Blanks (Journey to find the BEST!)?
  91. what happened to Triple HHH since 5 month ago?? Be serious answers for 10 pts please?
  92. Which one is LESS of a heel to you: CM Punk or The Miz?
  93. svr 2012 prediction's?
  94. Why Does The Virus Create So Many Accounts and Ask so Many Questions in The Wrestling Section?
  95. omg omg omg did you c that?
  96. Is it true that these wrestlers plan on retiring soon?
  97. who is the best wrestler today out of these pics?
  98. Would this be a good storyline for Smackdown?
  99. I'm in the mood for a good laugh (WWE fill in the blanks!)?
  100. How can I find out what WWE superstars are going to be in Springfield, Mo on March 11th, 2011?
  101. Does anyone else miss HBK? Is there ever a chance of him comming back?
  102. **SPOILER** TNA has another they!?
  103. Who do you think will be next TNA world champ, television champ, champ in x division and...
  104. when will gregory helms STFU?
  105. Have you ever met any WWE superstars in person? Who? What was it like?
  106. Which entrance do you hate more: Alberto Del Rio or JBL?
  107. If u can choose one wwe diva to be your wife then who would it be and why?
  108. Eddie Edwards vs Kaz vs Rey Mysterio ... who would win?
  109. A couple questions about WWE entrance songs?
  111. Seriously i think maryse is the hottest diva in the history of wwe?
  112. Smackdown vs Raw 2011 PS3?
  113. WWE sign for Nexus?!?
  114. In your opinion, who is or was the hottest wrestling Diva?
  115. what do you think of anal sex?
  116. Do you see a new Nexus plus BQ?
  117. What are your opinions about the Beautiful People from TNA?
  118. Do you like Mickie James attire in TNA over the one from WWE?
  119. Do you think john cena should be traded to smackdown?
  120. Best Current Wrestler; Round 4?
  121. Poll: 6 question quiz for WWE fans, +BQ?
  122. WWE Survey: Fill in the blanks?
  123. Some kind of Kliq reunion possible?
  124. If you could have one wrestler from any company train you, who would it be?
  125. Does anyone feel like Jomo is too close to Homo?
  126. why do people think i'm underage for sex?
  127. what wrestlers do these songs remind you of?
  128. What is your opinion of TNA's Immortal / Fortune faction?
  129. 2 raw superstars joining smackdown one sd superstar turning heel (spoilers inside)?
  130. Who is the better technical wrestler...?
  131. Does this mean Paul Bearer will be in the Hall Of Fame?
  132. True or False:The Undertaker is the most popular wrestler this time of the year?
  133. With RoH being dropped from HDNet...?
  134. Chris Benoit OR Eddie Guerrero?
  135. Did you think Matt Hardy did look way better in his debut for TNA than his last match in WWE?
  136. 2010 Top Wrestlers based on Yahoo Answers. WHO'S THE BEST? Eliminate 3?
  137. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  138. Where does HBK rank in your greatest wrestlers of all time +BQ?
  139. When do you see Davey Richards winning the RoH World Title?
  140. Will Mr. Anderson give prestige to the TNA World Heavyweight Title?
  141. Who was the better wrestler in the Von Erich family?
  142. What would Kurt Angle do if John Cena spilled his last milk carton?
  143. What was the point of the whole Barrett Otunga storyline?
  144. gabriel wil do great without nexus right?
  145. Are WWE Rumors an Important part of WWE or Not?
  146. When was the Last Time that WWE have Shocked You?
  147. can all off you do somthing for me?
  148. Does Shawn Michaels only 4 WWE/World Heavyweight Title reigns makes him inferior compared to other
  149. OMG did you hear this wrestler died 2day?
  150. why do ppl always say?
  151. Are we seeing the return of the 'attitude' to the WWE?
  152. Do you think maybe finally the WWE will induct Randy Savage into the Hall of Fame this year?
  153. Cena's Twitter: 'I Apologize if I offended anyone.' after this monday's raw. Your thoughts?
  154. How come the Rock hasn't been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame yet?
  155. Do you think Sting will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame some day?
  156. Do you think wade barrett is better off without nexus and do you think he will get a push ?
  157. Why was it so hard for the idiots in Immortal to get the tittles if I done it....?
  158. Top Diva's of 2010 [ round 3 ] Eliminate 5 ( 20 Diva Mark ) + 1 DIVA?
  159. Top Diva/knockouts [ 2010 - 2011 ] Diva's/ Knockouts ( Round one ) Eliminate 5?
  160. A new Nexus on Smackdown?
  161. top diva's/ knockouts [ 2010 - 2011 ] Round 2; Eliminate 5?
  162. Your daily fill in the blanks...?
  163. Who gets booed by the crowd more: Sheamus or CM Punk?
  164. Which is the Greater Achievement: 20-0 at WrestleMania, or 20 World Title Reigns?
  165. What do you need to do in WWE to be in the Main Event?
  166. What would be More Historical: The Undertaker going 20-0 or The Undertaker going 18-1 or 19-1? + WQ?
  167. Would you block me if I insulted your favorite wrestler?
  168. If you could live with one WWE superstar for life, who would it be?
  169. nobody really knows when the pg era will end?
  170. the WWE in the future?
  171. So... who is your very favorite in the WWE?
  172. Is it worth buying the New Nexus T-shirt now?
  173. Are you disappointed that there isn't a WCW-themed Hall of Fame this year?
  174. Is it true that cena is going to face punk next week?
  175. When is the 2nd hall of fame inductee going to be announced?
  176. Do WWE house shows ACTUALLY have good and more wrestling than their televised shows?
  177. What happened at the raw lastnight?
  178. Who receives a louder pop from the crowd: Rey Mysterio or John Morrison?
  179. How awesome was HBK being on raw last night?
  180. What is Your favorite WWE Rivalry?
  181. Is Heath slater and justin Gabriel out of nexus?
  182. Who could the first inductee be?
  183. R.O.H. - C.Z.W. - Chikara - Dragon Gate USA?
  184. Why did CM Punk destory each of Nexus on Raw?
  185. am i the only person who KNOWS the rock is overrated?
  186. Its HBK. Its HBK!!!!!!?
  187. Its HbK on Raw!!!!! OMG1?
  188. Alberto del Rio got what he deserved, some SCM from HBK!!!?
  189. Do you happy Justin Gabriel is out of Nexus?
  190. Wow, the kiddies are cheering for CM Punk to commit suicide?
  191. Does being single and without a romantic partner or lossing one make you react like Vicki
  192. Is it just me or is HBK still sexy? Was I the only one checking out his butt when he
  193. Do you think the HoF inductee is Shawn Michaels/Undertaker?
  194. AAHHHH!!! Who's going crazy over HBK entering the Hall of Fame and his surprise return?! YES!...
  195. If it's not Triple H, who will induct Shawn Michaels into the Hall of Fame + BQ's?
  196. I support Michael Cole in every conceivable way. Who else thinks the Raw GM is Michael Cole now?
  197. When Cm punk said Who jumps from a Tron Did anyoen think of shane mcmahon?
  198. How can I unlock HBK and CM Punk Hidden Alternative Attire in SvR 2011 if it's on Wii? + WQ?
  199. Wrestling Question: Is Jerry The King Lawyer retiring from WWE?
  200. Why do people act as if it's a sin to bash/hate wrestlers who come to WWE/TNA from the Indy's?
  201. Who's better and would win?
  202. Who Is It That Decides The People That Will Be Inducted Into The WWE Hall Of Fame?
  203. Should John Cena join CZW?
  204. Do you think there is a chance I might be on to something here?
  205. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  206. What is More Likely to Happen at WrestleMania: John Cena winning a WWE World Title or...
  207. POLL: Do you think it was too early or just the right time for WWE to induct Shawn Michaels into...
  208. (Fill in the Blanks) The IWC Can't Let Go of the Attitude Era Because _____________?
  209. Which Wrestling action figure(s) should I get for my little brother?
  210. Does Nexus have too few members now?
  211. Why did CM Punk just hit Husky with a belt and Michael Mcgulity ?
  212. What is your favorite Finisher of all-time (In WWE or TNA)?
  213. Anyone else think it's too early to induct Shawn Michaels into the Hall of Fame?
  214. For the people who hate John Morrison, WHY do you hate him?
  215. Can anyone tell me how the WWE Champion is able to be manhandled by a commentator?
  216. (Fill in the Blanks) The Undertaker's WM Streak Is ______________?
  217. What ever happened to Chris Benoit? I haven't seen or heard anything about him in years.?
  218. Isn't this the greatest? The once great Sheamus is now jobbing to John Morrison I love it.?
  219. Is professional wrestling fake?
  220. If I wrestled Rikishi?
  221. POLL: What do you think of Triple H's latest movie? (Video Inside)?
  222. Does the WWE look at ROH Wrestling?
  223. Why cant Shaemus kick his opponants in the head anymore?
  224. Wow HBK in the Hall Of Fame?
  225. Why isn't there fireworks at the beginning of Raw and Smackdown anymore?
  226. So it looks like the new Nexus is off to a good start don't you think?
  227. Wouldn't it be sick if Gabriel and Slater went back to Wade Barret and they started a
  228. Wrestlezone strikes again?
  229. Prediction awards of 2011(WWE)?
  230. who else thinks pro wrestling would be way better without spoiler websites?
  231. HBK first to be inducted into WWE HOF?
  232. Update on Undertaker's return?
  233. pick your top three imaginary tag teams?
  234. Is CM Punk starting to get a little bit creepy now?
  235. how many years do you think orton has in him?
  237. IF WWE went TV-G .....?
  238. Would you have sex with Vader for $25,000?
  239. Does Matt Hardy had a leg injury in his career?
  240. Who is funnier and why: Santino Marella or Colt Cabana?
  241. Do you miss the old TNA?
  242. Shawn Michaels: official best wrestler of all time?
  243. I wanna create SCSA in SDvs Raw 09?(More inside)?
  244. How does Shawn Michaels' superkick not hurt?
  245. Should TNA make a attempt to get Tiffany, Carlito, Shelton Benjamin, Chris Jericho?
  246. WrestleMania 27 At Chris Benoit Hometown ?
  247. From scale 1 - 10, how awesome is The Miz?
  248. wwe past/presant royal rumble the final eliminate 4?
  249. Would you say Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels at WM XXVI was more of a Fight while at XXV it was a
  250. Should WWE have avoided using Controversial Real Life Stories?
  251. Agree or Disagree: The reason Kane's push Ended was because The Undertaker hasn't Returned?
  252. Is CM Punk leading a Modern Day G/PG Ministry Of Darkness?
  253. Where WWE Monday Night Raw Extreame channel link?
  254. Ahh! Can anyone tell me what has happened on RAW tonight?
  255. Anyone else hoping Macho Man Randy Savage was HOF Inductee tonight?
  256. Which CM Punk Finisher is better: GTS or Anaconda Vise?
  257. how come cena can say @$$ but when stone cold said it when he hosted raw it got blocked out +bq?
  258. If You Could Have Any WWE Superstar Living Or Deceased Inducted Into The WWE Hall Of
  259. is CM Punk actually trying to take out the Nexus?
  260. The WWF (WWE) wrestler that died from bungie cord break?
  261. CM Punk tying to destroy the Nexus?
  262. isnt it obvious cole is the raw gm?
  263. I might be watching my first episode of Raw since like 4 weeks!?
  264. WWE RAW Rebound promo song?
  265. Should Mr. Anderson get a new belt?
  266. question about fcw wrestling?
  267. What match are you looking forward to at the Royal Rumble?
  268. If your could marry one WWE diva, who would it be?
  269. Austin Aries or Jeff Hardy ... Who Would Win?
  270. Guess that Superstar?! Who Am I?
  271. WWE Superstar of 2010 Round 12: Eliminate 1?
  272. Today's Fill in The Blanks!?
  273. Do you think Undertaker wanting to work with Barret is true?
  274. True or False:Undertaker and Mysterio rumors have been around so long people don't even
  275. Am i the only one who thinks that Tazz is in Immortal?
  276. Who wants to see Beer Money vs. The Hardy Boys?
  277. good music video ideas....?
  278. How much steroids has matt hardy taken in the last two months?
  279. Smackdown vs Raw 2006 help!!!!?
  280. Was the Attitude Era as Good as we Think, or do we think that because it was the/one of...
  281. Since Alex Riley isn't good on the Mic or in the Ring, what purpose does he serve?
  282. What do you think is going to happen on Raw tonight?
  283. Are TNA kidding me? Karen Angle?
  284. Agree or Disagree: So far, TNA Genesis = Lame?
  285. wwe past/presant royal rumble please eliminate 6?
  286. Should John Cena be involved in a temporary talent exchange with CZW?
  287. has anybody noticed that?
  288. wrestling section i have an important question?
  289. wrestling section poll?
  290. Which match has the better chance of getting 5 Stars: Samoa Joe vs Cena or Samoa Joe vs a bag...
  291. three reasons why dolf ziggler?
  292. What are some cheat codes for Smackdown vs Raw 2011?
  293. WWE Superstar of 2010 Round 11: Eliminate 1?
  294. Is Vince Mcmahon Good Or Evil?
  295. Out of these WWE cards i just got what one is the best?
  296. Out of these Wrestlemania Cards, which would Vince McMahon like the best and which is the best to...
  297. Can you imagine Beth Phoenix and Chyna as a Tag Team?
  298. What U think Of Matt Hardy's new appearance?
  299. Who Is Deserving Enough To Win The Royal Rumble This Year?
  300. What number is Triple H going to be at the Royal Rumble?
  301. (Fill in the Blanks) If TNA Was Cancelled Then _________________?
  302. Your letter to TNA (Fill in the blanks!)?
  303. Do you think that the Royal Rumble will be better than Genesis from last night?
  304. anybody other than me think tna genises was dumb ?
  305. When Vince McMahon loses ownership of WWE, who do you think would be the best replacement and why?
  306. What Was the Most Disrespectful Moment in WWE History?
  307. who else thinks jeff jarrets is a wimp?
  308. when do you think the gm on raw is going to reveal himself?
  309. when is matt hardy going to show up on tna?
  310. is santino marella a tough wrestler more then he acts on wwe?
  311. If you were a wrestler,and so was your friend;would you ask Vince McMahon to give them a push?
  312. wwe past/presant royal rumble part 3 eliminate 7?
  313. Did TNA execute the Matt Hardy debut correctly?
  314. what is the difference between american pro wrestling and lucha libre?
  315. what do you think of the wwe nexus?
  316. Are bubba ray and dvon really brothers?
  317. Edge heel turn at the Royal Rumble?
  318. Your thoughts on Matt Hardy joining TNA?
  319. i missed it who won hardy or rob van dam?
  320. Who is more talented and will be more succesful in WWE Justin Gabriel or Leo Kruger?
  321. Matt Hardy joining TNA tonight, anyone excited?
  322. What finishers would be funny or cool to see if a other wrestler does it?
  323. If you could put any wrestlers from any era into a different era and/or promotion, where would you
  324. 30 Man Past/Presant Royal Rumble part 2 eliminate 6?
  326. What's been happening in WWE since October - Now?
  327. Who is more likely to Return from Injury and have a Surprise Royal Rumble Victory? + WQ?
  328. In sumo, Baruto vs. Toyonoshima, first day of Grand Sumo Tournament January 2011? What was the
  329. How to unlock steve austin or the rock on s v r 2011?
  330. Matt Hardy is back!!!!!!!! i just saw it but everybodys calling him fat and gay?
  331. just a fun random wrestling survey?
  332. Did they really chantYou can't wrestleto Mickie James?
  334. Huge! Huge! Spoiler for Genesis?
  335. tna genises live stream?
  336. Kane face turn and BQ?
  337. How would you react if Immortal actually captured all of TNA's titles?
  338. i dont know why but people say they hate jbl for what he did to wwe. what was it?
  339. If I buy Fan Axxess now for SVR 2011, do I still get the first DLC pack or do i have to buy it...
  340. What are some exercises to do to get really good at arm wrestling?
  341. Who would Win: Kofi Kingston or Chris Sabin?
  342. What do you think about YOSHIHIKO?
  343. A question about people who want Sting vs Taker?
  344. How long do you think the rumored Undertaker vs Barret feud will last?
  345. WWE Superstar of 2010: Round 10: Eliminate 1?
  346. Do you really think Matt Hardy will debut in TNA tonight?
  347. Today's Fill in The Blanks!?
  348. Agree or Disagree:Edge vs Jericho was the letdown of Wrestlemania 26?
  349. If You Were a Wrestler, How Would You Form a Stable If you Had the Oppurtunity to Do So?
  350. (Fill in the Blanks) If Ric Flair Never Debuted in WWE Then ______________?
  351. If Owen Hart Never Passed Away, How Would the Rest of his Career Be Like?
  352. what is the true one and recognized by wwe shortest match?
  353. (Fill in the Blanks) If Wrestlemania Was Never Created Then _____________?
  354. Do you think Cena will be back on Raw? + Bqs?
  355. Who would win this 2 on 1 match?
  356. is brock lesner the only wwe superstar to ever win the ufc title?
  357. How would you feel if the Streak ended at 19-1 instead of 20-0?
  358. If You Were a Wrestler, How Would You Want to End Your Career?
  359. Who gets a louder pop from the crowd: John Cena or Randy Orton?
  360. - Do/Did You Prefer Your Favorite Wrestler (Past or Present) to Be a Face or Heel?
  361. WWE SvR 2011. Create a Storyline Mode Week 1 (Raw)?
  362. will triple h ever come back?
  363. Best WWE World Heavy Weight Champion?
  364. What is your favorite signature move?
  365. Since most of the IWC uses the illogical phrase PG Era, then shouldn't they call 1998-2008...
  366. Why do people say jeff hardy is the better hardy out of the 2? i think matt is just underrated?
  367. the wwe bringing out another dx dvd +BQ?
  368. Who would win these matches?
  369. When Evan Bourne Returns Next Month Do you think they'll finally give him the united states title?
  370. 30 Man Past/Presant Royal Rumble part 1 eliminate 6?
  371. if you can have an interview with both vince McMahon and one wrestler?
  372. who do you think is the most overrated superstar of all time?
  373. wwe fan trying to sue the wwe?
  374. who do you think will be the next superstar or diva to be released from wwe?
  375. 15 question Survey for WWE fans?
  376. Smackdown vs Raw 2011 question for PS2?
  377. When Stone Cold Steve Austin Taps Out ?
  378. What are your predictions for tonights Genisus? (TNA)?
  379. your top 25 wwe superstars in wwe history?
  380. When is Daniel Bryan gonna lose the u.s. title and when was the last time he actually defended it?
  381. WWE Superstar of 2010 Round 9: Eliminate 1?
  382. Is this wm card good? How whould you change it? ?
  383. Would you like to see this at Wrestlemania 27?
  384. If there's a wwe title match happening live and me and a crew jump the barricade...(new plan)?
  385. Pros and cons of SVR 2011 agree or disagree?
  386. Has anyone heard of Richie Steamboat not Ricky Steamboat?
  387. How would you feel about this if this beautiful chick wrestled?
  388. Who gets more Heat from the crowd: Michael Cole or Wade Barrett?
  389. Is Drew McIntyre making a face turn?
  390. I heard from my bro that Cena is a jerk?
  391. Was the Montreal Screwjob part of a scripted storyline or was it real and Bret Hart knew
  392. if there's a wwe title match happening live and i jump the barricade...?
  393. Is this unattractive for a girl at a wrestling match...?
  394. WWE Superstar of 2010 Round 8: Eliminate 1?
  395. What do you think of this?
  396. what wrestler does this song fit better the miz or Evan bourne?
  397. If the MCMG were traded to wwe would their tag team career(mid card) be over or would
  398. Why are the only people who like John Cena 13 year old boys and girls?
  399. Am I the only one who likes Raw better than Smackdown?
  400. If You Were a Wrestler, What Would Be the Match Type in Your Debut Match if You Had to Choose?
  401. Besides the Trish Stratus/Lita Matches, What Were the Greatest Diva Matches in WWE History?
  402. If You Were a Wrestler, Would You Go to WWE, TNA, ROH, or A Different Company?
  403. (Fill in the Blanks) Without ______, TNA Would ______________?
  404. What makes you sick, perverted wrestling fans obsessed with men in tights wrestling?
  405. WWE Superstar of 2010 Round 7: Eliminate 2?
  406. match the rappers in this song with a wrestler?
  407. Justin gabriel vs Dolph ziggler who wins?
  408. thumbs up thumbs down greatest tag team in history in wrestling?
  409. i saw this video on youtube that randy orton gets pushed when doing an rko on mick foley and
  410. How to watch TNA impact and its PPVs on sky tv in the uk?
  411. Name 10 Current WWE wrestlers who you think have the Total Package?
  412. What would happen if I went to a WWE match and threw a bag of flour over the commentators?
  413. Why does John Cena always win?
  414. Kane Taps Out To Chris Benoit In 2004 ?
  415. This Is The First Time Ever Kane Taps Out ?
  416. Rate My Fantacy WWE United Kingdom PPV?
  417. Kane Never Taps Out ?
  418. Is there any girl users in the wrestling section?
  419. Which Bret Hart Finisher was better: Sharpshooter or Pile Driver?
  420. Why exactly was Candice Michelle release from WWE?
  421. Should Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler form a team?
  422. when will tripple h return?
  423. Poster Ideas For CM Punk, Daniel Bryans, and The Miz **10 POINTS BEST ANSWER**?
  424. Poster **10 POINTS BEST ANSWER** Ideas For CM Punk, Daniel Bryans, and The Miz?
  425. How to put SVR 2011 highlight reels from 360 to my PC?
  426. Why do people hate old talent in TNA but when its old talent to WWE they love it?
  427. Who was that dog that the bulldogs brought out?
  428. When was the last time John Cena was pinned clean no interfence or attack before match one on one?
  429. Mortal Kombat (vs) WWE, who would win?
  430. Which is better, TNA or WWE?
  431. smack down attack ....?
  432. Anyone else notice the word scripted in WWE's tough enough articles?
  433. Who would you like for Undertaker to face at WrestleMania?
  434. How many Monday Night Raw's have there been so far?
  435. What did Scott Armstrong do at Breaking Point that was wrong?
  436. What happened at the Montreal Screwjob with Bret Hart?
  437. What was worse the WWE Montreal Screwjob or the TNA Orlando screwjob?
  438. WWE Questions (More fill in the blanks!?
  439. WWE Superstar of 2010 Round 6: Eliminate 2?
  440. Would you accept Dolph Ziggler as World Champion? + WSF PPV #23 results?
  441. Fill in the blanks (10 Questions!)?
  442. Fill in the blank: ______ Is the best in the world at what he does?
  443. Which Sheamus Finisher is better: Bicycle Kick or High Cross?
  444. Which Edge Finisher is better: Spear or Edgecution?
  445. Which Dolph Ziggler Finisher is better: Zig-Zag or Sleeperhold?
  446. Do people realize how many wrestlers are employed with the WWE? You can't them all! +2 BQ?
  448. Thumbs up thumbs down game the greatest wrestle mania match of all time?
  449. alberto del rio vs daniel bryan who wins?
  450. WWE Superstar of 2010 Round 5: Eliminate 2?
  451. You don't think this is true about the Undertaker (from wwe)?
  452. Can someone give me a link to a wrestling video?
  453. what made you a wrestling fan?
  454. Why doesn't Rey Mysterio ever seem to get stale?
  455. Does anyone miss Chris Jericho like I do?
  456. What Wrestler Invented the Shooting Star Press?
  457. who was a better wrestler Matt Striker or Josh Matthews?
  458. Do you think this Royal Rumble winner will lose at WrestleMania?
  459. @Straright Edge Suicid Can you unblock me?
  460. if you could ask any WWE superstar or diva any random question what would it be?
  461. What did you think of smackdown last night?
  462. Is Wade Barrett on Smackdown now?
  463. How much do tickets cost for TNA Impact And Raw ?
  464. Which taker/kane storyline do you like better?
  465. How can Rey Mysterio be called the Ultimate Underdog?
  466. WWE Superstar of 2010 Round 4: Eliminate 2?
  467. Who Had The Worst Week?
  468. Do you want to see Beth Phoenix in the Royal Rumble again?
  469. Which Booker T was/is better: Book End or Scissors Kick?
  470. Why TNA Tickets For Free ?
  471. Who Is Your Favorite Wrestler (Past Or Present) That Begins With the Letter C?
  472. Who else thinks the WH title match was lack luster but the IC match was good?
  473. What wouldve happend if?
  474. Do you think Nexus will dissolve?
  475. Who thinks Wade going to SD is for the best?
  476. WHY Doesnt John Cena just Eat a Bagle to win WWE Championship?
  477. Why Does Ziggler accually date Vicky?
  478. Who WON At WM 27???..?
  479. Why do people want Sting vs Undertaker so badly!!?
  480. How to make title matches in Exhibition mode in Smackdown vs Raw 2011?
  481. What's your opinion on the bella twins?
  482. Looks like the Matt Hardy fat jokes are coming to end MATT IS RIPPED!?
  483. Did Vince Mcmahon Die?
  484. do you think a superstar should have a proper build up for a new finisher?
  485. Why does Big Show not use his Military Press Slam anymore?
  486. Is it normal that i find those lingerie wwe matches with stacy keibler extremely sexy?
  487. who is richer the owner of wwe or fifa?
  488. Will there still be a MITB Match THIS year at WM27?
  489. Can a wrestlerpass the tourchbefore they retire?
  490. Is Drew McIntyres bad?
  491. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown?
  492. no matter what you think of vickie guerrero, what a great manager/gf she is?
  493. was it really a good time to give dolph ziggler a title shot?
  494. What is better Ring of Honor or WWE?
  495. how great did wwe started 2011 so far?
  496. Have you ever had a drinking section with Stone Cold Steve Austin?
  497. Has the Rock ever cooked a meal for you?
  498. do u think tna will have a chance to beat wwe , if they were to get rid of hogan and bischoff?
  499. Is Wade barret offically out of Nexus?
  500. Which stable will break up 1st(Fortune/Immortal or Nexus)?