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  1. Easiest question can you name any wrestler?
  2. Which Wrestler has the best move set??(Past or Present)?
  3. Tough Enough is back...(do you think if you signed up you would have what it takes?)?
  4. Who was that Batista looking guy at the end of Raw last night?
  5. WWE Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, and Wrestlemania 27 Cards?
  6. what wwe diva has the nicest body and face?
  7. Who was that big guy that joined nexus?
  8. why are all the questions already resolved?
  9. Where Can I Download WWE Entrance Videos?
  10. If paul bearer is supposed to be dead why did they bring hime back in a storyline?
  11. Which stable do/did you prefer more: The Midnight Express or The Rock n' Roll Express?
  12. Who is the most athletic and technical on WWE NXT Season 4 and why?
  13. dosen't the new guy from the nexus look like BATISTA?
  14. since the miz was on tough enough do u think he should ba a coach?
  15. have u seen when a wrestler hits a move and it looks like it really herts?
  16. what is ur fav john cena rap/diss?
  17. royal rumble or wrestlemania?
  18. who would u rather fight?
  19. who is more funny..........?
  20. did u know dolph ziggler was in the spirit squad?
  21. Does anyone else think that rob conway had one of the best songs ever and BQ?
  22. Wouldn't that be Daniel Bryans 1st loss since Summerslam?
  23. How Funny was that Mark Henry Commercial?
  24. Are you ready for Mason Ryan?
  25. Top 5 superstars of all time...?
  26. do u think edge/cena/orton can beat ric flairs 16 world championships record?
  27. best superstar in wwe and tna and ufc........?
  28. Who are your top 5 favorite WWE Superstars right now?
  29. Why Are TNA Divas Called KNOCKOUTS!!??!?!?!?
  30. mark henry doesnt seem as strong to me as before.?
  31. I love it, Maryse's ass out again in the sharpshooter?
  32. what happened to KENTA KICKS HEADS?
  33. What ever happend to Bobby Lashley in TNA?
  35. Congradulations to Prince of Phenomenal?
  36. Who do you want to win the Royal Rumble?
  37. when did you realize that vince mcmahon was the wwe president/ceo?
  38. Was that Batista on monday right raw? the man who assaulted john cena?
  39. who would win this wrestlemania 27 match?
  40. will we see the undertaker face hbk at this years wrestlemainia?
  41. Can someone give me a full recap of Raw?
  42. Do you think that dolph ziggler stands a chance against edge at the royal rumble or will...
  43. Did they reveal the 2nd inductee yet?
  44. is it me or is the newest member of nexus dave batista?
  45. Is John cena an a** hole?
  46. Do you miss the way WWE/WWF used to be?
  47. Who agrees that CM Punk is one of the best wrestlers?
  48. Could WWE use this to make Santino Less of a joke?
  49. What do you think of Mason Ryan?
  50. Agree or Disagree:Edge's title reigns have become long and boring?
  51. Do you feel that Cena is actually Underated?
  52. So, Aye, Who's going to Vote for me in 2012?
  53. Do you think Sheamus should be drafted to Smackdown in April and?
  54. I Have A Horrible Feeling....?
  55. Who is your favorite wrestler+THE VERY FIRST USER OF THE WRESTLING SECTION IS BACK!!!?
  56. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  57. WWE Diva's Report Cards?
  58. LMFAO, Why did everyone stop throwing things into the ring?
  59. Should RAW just get rid of Diva's?
  60. Sheamus is basically calling out HHH?
  61. Anyone else think RAW has sucked so far?
  62. Why is the Royal Rumble 40 superstars this year?
  63. Who is your favorite Wrestler that...?
  64. Agree or Disagree: Mankind is one of the scariest wrestlers of all time?
  65. Do you think WWEs Divas are better than TNA's Knockouts?
  66. Who currently has the best theme song in the WWE?
  67. who is Sheamus{WWE} wife?
  68. Who is your favorite wrestler that never lost to The Undertaker?
  69. Should WWE bring back Bikini Contests?
  70. Which WWE Superstar is the better speaker: Wade Barrett or CM Punk?
  71. Does Jeff Jarrett marrying Kurt Angles ex-wife in real life kind of make things a bit awkward?
  72. why won't hulk hogan and eric bischoff leave tna wrestling ?
  73. Does Tyler Reks look like Bob Marley?
  74. Do many other girls watch wrestling?
  75. Did you see the ad for new John Cena game?
  76. Do you think the 2011 Royal Rumble be Better or Worse than the 2010 Royal Rumble?
  77. You think there is a chance at Mania 27 we could see Jerry Lawler Vs Micheal Cole lol?
  78. How great was Cena's debut?
  79. Who would you pick if you could pick who holds every wwe title?
  80. At first did anyone else think that was Batsita just for a second?
  81. Do you think Alex Riley's DUI arrest court appearance will effect his WWE career?
  82. Who is your all time-favorite sumo wrestler and why? And who is your current favorite WWE wrestler?
  83. Who watches WWE vintage collection every week?
  84. Is santino the new closer for all the his tag matches?
  85. Jack Swagger lost a none title match against Kofi Kingston last week on SD! so?
  86. Can you fill in the blanks in a creative way?
  87. I was watching grappling videos and I saw Africa ?
  88. what do you think?? is the stupid guest host for monday night raw finally over?
  89. How long do you think The Undertaker vs Nexus feud will last?
  90. John cena and miz suck on the mic so why make both if them talk to each other come on wwe...
  91. Why Are TNA Divas Called KNOCKOUTS!!??!?!?!?
  92. Silly question but what if a professional wrestler badly needed the toilet through his or her match?
  93. Why do people hate The Miz?
  94. Now that there is a New Decade of Wrestling upon us, will there be More Major changes to Matches?
  95. Doesn't John Morrison seem like that cool guy everyone what to chill with in high school +BQ?
  96. Is john morrison the new jeff hardy and rvd basically the new high flyer on the company?
  97. i have a couple of questions about wrestling. 10 points.?
  98. What are your thoughts on the Royal Rumble now having 40 Superstars?
  99. The Famous or historical buidling in this history of pro wrestling?
  100. wwe 40 man royal rumble who should win!?
  101. Who is your favorite wrestler that begins with the same letter as your REAL name?
  102. Did you know withouth carlito edge would be in the Mid card slot?
  103. When is the next time Daniel Bryan is going to defend The United States Championship?
  104. Did you know that Michael Cole reads The book How to be Annoying for Dummies?
  105. Why does William Regal's costume look like a one-piece bathing suit?
  106. Do you think Randy Orton would have a hard time squashing a watermelon between his thick thighs?
  107. How does John Cena spread for Vince McMahon in those 3/4 jeans?
  108. Who Would Win Samoa Joe vs Abyss Hardcore Match?
  109. What would happen if Randy Orton had KFC in his panties and Awesome Kong found out?
  110. What if one of the veins on Batista's breasts pop?
  111. Why does alot of people think Christian is gonna win Royal Rumble ?
  112. What would Dashing Cody Rhodes rather get, a knockout punch from the Big show or?
  113. WWE Yahoo Federation Raw Ep.2 Nexus Taking Over 3 weeks until Royal Rumble?
  114. Which match has the better chance of getting 5 Stars: CM Punk vs Cena or CM Punk vs a bag of socks?
  116. Is the Undertaker ashamed of showing his nipples?
  117. When will Alberto Del Rio and his announcer Tapeworm Rodriguez stop Annoying us?
  118. Who do you want to win the Royal Rumble?
  119. What are some recent wrestlers that passed away, and due to what?
  120. All-Out WWE Battle Royal: Round 9 (Final Round). Who do you want to be the winner!?
  121. Should Percy Watson be pushed?
  122. Who is on the Royal Rumble poster.?
  123. Who are some look-a-likes of wrestlers?
  124. Question about Tough Enough?
  125. How do you like my Royal Rumble/Interactive Eliminations?
  126. WWE: Who has the best....?
  127. Who was the worst champion?
  128. Should TNA Start doing Royal Rumble Matches ?
  129. Has John Cena ever submitted in his WWE career?
  130. Should the bookers have one win the Royal Rumble if they've already main evented WM and won a...
  131. What is your favorite Chris Jericho promo since his heel turn in mid 2008?
  132. Can you answer my question about entrance themes?
  133. What were the best and worst PPV main events of 2010?
  134. Why is it that in wrestling...?
  135. What is your favorite Chris Jericho feud?
  136. What is the best new entrance theme?
  137. Are there any wrestlers who could return at the royal rumble?
  138. Isn't it time Zack Ryder got a real push?
  139. who thinks that jack swagger should go back to being a main event wrestler?
  140. Does anyone else really like Dashing Cody Rhodes?
  141. Where can I find a Y2J silhouette of him doing the Y2J pose?
  142. 10 question trivia on Shawn Michaels.?
  143. Which Nexus member besides punk or barret has the most potential?
  144. Why do I keep getting beat up in school and thrown in the locker?
  145. haha....check this out best Paul Bearer impersonator ever!?
  146. Haha....check this out best Paul Bearer impersonator ever!?
  147. Will WWE have a PPV not headlined by Cena, Taker, Orton, HHH, or Edge by the end of 2011?
  148. Are the People who Complain about WWE the Most actually WWE Fans?
  149. Agree or Disagree: If Undertaker returns at Royal Rumble it could be his best Return since...
  150. Tell me what you think of this DVD it took me a week to make it up tell me what you think?
  151. Why do you think the WWE is sticking with the PG toned down version of wrestling?
  152. Was wrestling fake back in the 1970's?
  153. wrestling section please take a minute to think about something?
  154. Since the Miz has Michael Cole as his promoter/announcer why doesn't Orton bring his own?
  155. What titles did Bret Hart win in his wrestling career?
  156. What was the first PPV you ever watched?
  157. Is Wrestlemania XXVII going to be the worst in WWE history?
  158. wrestling section topic # 1-Brian Danielson/Daniel Bryan?
  159. who are you top 20 wwe or tna wrestlers of 2000 and up?
  160. Will you watch Fatal Four Way match between Jets, Steelers, Packers and Bears?
  161. Which WWE Diva is sexier: Brie or Nikki?
  162. What's the first thing you think of when I say Stone Cold Steve Austin?
  163. Is Who better between Undertaker and HBK a question that will never be answered?
  164. how did bruno samartino keep the title for 8 years?
  165. how good was eddie gurrero?
  166. what is your fav film with a wrestler in it?
  167. what is the 1 thing u cant live without?
  168. what is ur fav wrestling match of all time?
  169. if eddie gurrero was alive today could he beat ?
  170. how dissapointing will it be if the raw gm is micheal cole?
  171. johncena opinions?
  172. who is ur fav member of dx?
  173. who is better masked kane or unmasked kane?
  174. What are some matches that could happen at Wrestlemania 27?
  175. What do you think is going to happen on Raw tonight?
  176. Who would win CM Punk or Triple H?
  177. How can people say tna is better than wwe?
  178. WWE Yahoo Answers Entertainment Raw Episode 1: Rate my show?
  179. What do you think John Cena's wrestlemania entrance will consist off or be like this year?
  180. what do you think was the best ppv of 2010? and why?
  181. Who would win Undertaker or Big Show?
  182. What do you think is going to be the best PPV of 2011?
  183. Who do you think would have won the Royal Rumble 08 if Cena didn't return?
  184. Which one of these is the funniest (more inside)?
  185. Agree or Disagree: The WWE should bring back bikini contests?
  186. Which Kofi Kingston Finisher is better: Trouble in Paradise or SOS?
  187. when was the last time triple h faced the undertaker +BQ'S?
  188. why tna sucks here's my two cents?
  189. Who do you think is the next inductee of the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2011?
  190. NXT, WWE superstar password game 2, do you want to play?
  191. (Fill in the Blanks) If Shawn Michaels Never Debuted In the WWE Then __________?
  192. Which match do you think should be on last at the Royal Rumble PPV?
  193. Yahoo is currently trending Tom Brady, isn't that former WWE wrestler Salvatorie Sincere from 1996?
  194. Who Are Your All Time Favorite WWE Superstars?
  195. All-Out WWE Battle Royal: Round 7. Who do you eliminate (choose 2)?
  196. I Shawn Michaels a Better Wrestler then Undertaker?
  197. Which of these are more likely for Wrestlemania 27?
  198. Would it be great if this happened?
  199. Which Goldberg theme did you like better?
  200. Who is the best FIGHTER in real life between, The Undertaker, Wade Barrett, and Cm Punk?
  201. wrestling section THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT?
  202. Why do people like maryse so much?
  203. What was your first Yahoo name and did you have any others+BQ?
  204. What are some movies that WWE superstars made recently?
  205. Who would win Batista or Wade Barrett?
  206. This is my Wrestlemania 27 Match Card. Yes?
  207. How long after a wwe ppv does it's DVD usually come out?
  208. Why does eveybody make such a big deal about TNA's tag team division when they only have 2...
  209. Who would be a good opponent for Kane at Wrestlemania 27?
  210. Why is Rey Mysterio's finisher called the 619?
  211. What are some good wrestling DVD's out now i can get?
  212. All-Out WWE Battle Royal: Round 6. Who do you eliminate (choose 5)?
  213. Who is your favorite wrestler to never wrestle for TNA?
  214. Is WWE ever going to switch back to TV-14?
  215. who would you rather see performing at Wrestlemania 27? i mean who's idea was it to for beaver to...
  216. Who is the highest paid TNA Superstar?
  217. what wrestler does this song fit best?
  218. Which was the better pure wrestling match?+BQ?
  219. Why isn't The Great Khali in SvR 2011?
  220. Agree or Not Michael Cole Woke up at the wrong side of the bed to hate his job and become annoying?
  221. is there any diference between a clothesline and a liariat?
  222. Who do you guys want to win Royal Rumble 2011?
  223. Can the Undertaker do Hell's Gate in SvR2011?
  224. do you think the miz will still have the wwe title at wrestlemania 27? i think he'll lose...
  225. Where I can see WWE's Top 50 Superstars lists?
  226. Do you think Mr Kennedy can be the Face of TNA?
  227. When I say slammy which wwf/e wrestler first comes to mind?
  228. why does john cena ALWAYS win superstar of the year at the slammys when their is
  229. Smackdown v Raw 2011 storyline ideas?
  230. O.k if Stone Cold and The Rock Came Back?
  231. How would you put an end to the Anonymous GM angle?
  232. The Undertaker's 19-0 Victim?
  233. Who has been the best in ring performer in WWE modern history?
  234. What do you think of this (Edge Cena)?
  235. Would you like to see the Dolph/ Vickie relationship lead to this?
  236. Were Billy, Chuck Rico the most entertaining Tag Team in WWE History?
  237. Would you -----, If it means ----- (WWE Edition)?
  238. Can You Tell Me Exactly WHY You Like or Dislike the Following?
  239. Who Would've Won AJ Styles vs John Morrison BQ?
  240. What was the last moment in WWE that made you say, This is embarassing to ALL wrestling fans?
  241. What wrestler do you find overrated?
  242. What did you think of the Diva Searches in WWE?
  243. what are the top ten greatest wwe wresltemania matches of all time?
  244. Who else would like to see this match? +BQ?
  245. WWE Yahoo Federation Raw Ep.1 A New Beginning 4 weeks until Royal Rumble?
  246. Check out my wrestling forum + If you were a wrestler what would be your ring name?
  247. Why do you drink rum every time your favorite wrestler loses a title match?
  248. r u watching rr?........?
  249. have u seen 4 lions..?
  250. what is the best usb dongle 4 internet?
  251. brock vs cena vs austin vs the rock vs bruce lee?
  252. how much is a nokia x6 16gb worth?
  253. what is ur fav svr game?
  254. immortals vs mafia who will win?
  255. Wrestlemania AXXESS.............?
  256. what is 1 add 1..........?
  257. Who am I?Take your Best Guess!?
  258. if nexus come to TNA, on whose side do you think they will be?
  259. how many wrestlers can u name off by heart?
  260. fav friends episode and simpsons?
  261. why dave why......................?
  262. is ur fav sport wrestling and y?
  263. fav rocky film.........?
  264. Royal Rumble Epicness!?
  265. Has Dave Batista Joined MMA?
  266. Why do you watch wrestling?
  267. Who will be in the WWE Title Match come Wrestlemania?
  268. I'm a GIRL And want to do Highschool wrestling?
  269. my dream monday night raw?
  270. why would eric bichoff want jeff hardy to be world champion, not for example AJ styles?
  271. out of these wrestlers who can/used to kip up which shocks you more?
  272. Why does john cena make me sick?
  273. What's the most important match drew mcintyre has ever won? :)?
  274. is hulk hogan against or for RVD, Mr. Anderson and Matt Morgan?
  275. Does The Undertaker get the Praise he Deserves, or Too Much or Too Littile Praise?
  276. Who do you think sucks as a wwe wrestler?
  277. can you tell me one random fact?
  278. how many times has orton been the champ?
  279. orton or brock........?
  280. do u think the raw gm is taking the pi55?
  281. do u think matt stryker is a good announcer?
  282. for the 1st time i'm actually excited for TNA?
  283. Who held the most pro wrestling titles at one time? here's my answer?
  284. Would you say there is a Fine Line between Face and Heel in the WWE?
  285. Which Brand Heel is getting More Heat: RAW's Anonymous GM or SmackDown's Vickie Guerrero?
  286. What are the personal information and credentials of Hiroyuki Koga the sumo wrestler? He
  287. In WWE do you become Successful More Quickly if you are a Heel or a Face?
  288. what do u think of this wrestlemania 27 card?
  289. Where do you put The Undertaker?
  290. what do u think of these world title matches leading up to wrestlemania 28?
  291. If WrestleMania is the Show where Dreams Happen, what was the Last Dream to Happen?
  292. Greates feud in pro wrestling history?
  293. Mr.T vs kimbo slice!!!!!?
  294. Which wrestler(s) has/have held the most world titles from different companies?
  295. Who's going to win the 2011 WWE royal rumble?
  296. Did you guys hear how popular Kofi Kingston is?
  297. Who remembers this moment from SmackDown?
  298. Loads of people are loving Kofi now, he is getting bigger pops than anyone....but?
  299. Who is the only wrestler to win the WWF light heavyweight title and go on to become WWE ...
  300. which ppv is better WWE royal rumble or tna against all odds?
  301. Which Trish Stratus Finisher was better: Chick Kick or Stratusfaction?
  302. bring back the good old days of wwf?
  303. Did you think that WCW sucked?
  304. WWE SvR 2011. Create a Storyline Week 3 (Raw)?
  305. Reality Check or Lethal Combination?
  306. Please Tell me HOW cena got in the 50 greastest wrestlers of all time?
  307. (Fill in the Blanks) If _________ Never Won a World Title Then ________?
  308. If Vickie guerrero was younger and slimmer and kept her Excuse me Gimmick could she.....?
  309. Why is every user making a spokes person like CDMAX+BQ?
  310. When a wrestler is mid-card he's labled underrated when a wrestlers main event he's...
  311. What happened on Impact and NXT this week?
  312. would you like to see wee man vs hornswogle? who would win ? who would you like to win ?
  313. Isn't it weird that users in this section can write better storylines then the creative team?
  314. Agree or Disagree:Is it sad when people make fun of Jeff Hardys drug addiction?
  315. what happened to Vladamir Koslov? he used to be this ruthless powerhouse and now hes dancing
  316. Do you think Mr T should be one year inducted into the WWE hall of fame?
  317. does anyone else think The Brahma Bull is the ron simmons of this section?
  318. why doesn't Vickie Guerrero understand that she's being used by Dolph Ziggler for her assistant
  319. Does anyone know why May 19th was so terrible for Kane?
  320. CM Punk's true intentions?
  322. Do the WWE Superstars now start their Road to WrestleMania at Elimination Chamber?
  323. how did kazarian turn heel?
  324. If a Mid Card Wrestler that is ready to be Pushed Wins the Royal Rumble, should Win at WrestleMania?
  325. Music for wrestling match highlights?
  326. So which feud did you prefer?
  327. Which match would have seold out a WrestleMania event, plus which WrestleMania would have...
  328. What is the funniest line you ever heard the Rock say in the WWE?
  329. Survey for WWE fans: Fill in the blanks?
  330. I think I made a record by being suspended 14 times now+Who is the number 1 wrestler?
  331. do you ever think shawn michaels will return to the wwe and reform dx with triple h?
  332. WWE Breaking News!!!!(inside)?
  333. what would you think of these nexus ideas?
  334. is the wwe hall of fame 2011 sold out already?
  335. All-Out WWE Battle Royal: Round 4. Who do you eliminate (choose 5)?
  336. MCMG vs Generation me TNA Destination X Best Tag Team Match in 2010 ?
  337. What happend to Michael Tarver and Skip Sheffield?
  338. Do you think mr.anderson deserves that tna world heavyweight championship?
  339. Should Alicia Fox turn Face?
  340. Does it annoy you when WWE hypes a wrestler then suddenly they disappear from TV?
  341. Is The Kane DVD Any Good?
  342. When did the WWE Intercontinental Championship loss it's prestige?
  343. All-Out WWE Battle Royal: Round 3. Who do you eliminate (choose 10)?
  344. wrestling section what do you think of Evan Bourne's recent twitter comment?
  345. Who do you think should be the 30th entrant at the Royal Rumble?
  346. Would you agree that alot of us WS Users could make better storylines than WWE's current writers?
  347. Would you be shocked if Big Show went to TNA?
  348. What do you like most about John Cena?
  349. Would this make a good heel stable for WWE?
  350. Smackdown vs raw 2011?
  351. Who is your favorite wrestler and why?
  352. What's so great about Randy Orton?
  353. why do you like wwe....?
  354. Raw Nexus vs SD Nexus at WM Agree disagree?
  355. wrestling section i told you so :D?
  356. What do I tell the barber how to cut my hair like Justin Gabriel?
  357. fav rock catchphrase,,?
  358. Does anybody know how to get the Miz theme as my ringtone?
  359. Who Had The Worst Week?
  360. Does your favorite and least favorite wrestler have anything in common?
  361. Who is your pick to win the 2011 Royal Rumble?
  362. fav wwe moment and y?,.?
  363. which 6 superstars would you put in an ultimate elimination chamber?
  364. when did wwe start.....?
  365. How to capture WWE matches to edit?
  366. Do You Think Martha Hart Will And Should Sue The Owen Hart Band?
  367. is wwe leading up to a nexus fight?
  368. My Wrestlemania 27 Main-Event Predictions?
  369. Who would u marry? kelly kelly or maryse?
  370. Who would u marry and ons with out of all the wwe divas?
  371. Who is the favorite to win the royal rumble?
  372. There is now a new nexus on smackdown right or wrong?
  373. Is CM Punk dating Beth Phoenix?
  374. If raw nexus and smackdown nexus fights who would win?
  375. What nexus is better raw or smackdown?
  376. In the top 50 superstars of all time DVD who is number 1?
  377. What will happen to these 2 Nexus members?
  378. Wasnt matt hardy's slogan never give up well guess wat happened he gave up and now hes to recreate..
  379. What did you think of Smackdown tonight?
  380. why does ric flair loves AJ styles?
  381. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown?
  382. which rivalvry of Evan Bourne/Matt Sydal was the best?
  383. Which Wrestler's Theme Songs sound like they are Sung by the Wrestler?
  384. Who is hotter: Layla or Maryse?
  385. Do you think that Chris Jericho is better in Mic skills or Ring skills?
  386. friends or simpsons or wwe?
  387. boxing match? iron mike or muhammed ali (both in prime)?
  388. iron mike or stone cold?
  389. pac or em or mj..........?
  390. Who do you think the new THEY are?
  391. What is The Undertaker's WrestleMania Moment?
  392. Agree or Disagree: John Cena is a Legend and Shawn Michaels is an Icon?
  393. What is Currently Holding the WWE together?
  394. Would you say WWE is Scripted, Fake or Improvised?
  395. Does Matt Hardy live in the Spotlight of Jeff Hardy?
  396. John Cena (vs) Goldberg, who would win?
  397. Was Gail Kim traded for Kaitylin?
  398. What are your thoughts on Val Venis bashing Hardys/Smart Marks?
  400. Do you like Create a Story Mode in Svr 2011?
  401. When Undertaker goes into the HOF who will induct him?
  402. Which Jack Swagger Finisher is better: Ankle Lock or Gutwrench Powerbomb?
  403. Which Match type is better: TLC or Hell in a Cell?
  404. If You Were a Wrestler, What Would Be Your Finisher if You Had the Choice to Do So?
  405. What is the name of the current era in WWE?
  406. Was There Ever a Time Where Your Favorite Wrestler Cut a Boring/Bad Promo?
  407. Which Finisher is better: Power Bomb or Codebreaker?
  408. If You Were a Wrestler, Would You Rather Have a Male Or Female Manager?
  409. Which Kurt Angle Finisher is better: Angle Slam or Ankle Lock?
  410. (Fill in the Blanks) If The Undertaker Doesn't Make It to WM 27 Then __________?
  411. Agree or Disagree: SmackDown's Ending was Pure Gold Work on the Mic?
  412. What was the worst pay-per-view in WWE or TNA this in 2010?
  413. Are you read for our daily fill in the blanks?
  414. Who was hotter: Maria or Candice Michelle?
  415. (Fill in the Blanks) Every Time ________, I _____________?
  416. Is Dolph Ziggler using Vickie Guerrero?
  417. How do you feel about Awesome Kong returning to TNA teaming up with Jeff Hardy?
  418. Who has better mic skills, The Rock or The Miz?
  419. Is it me or does Matt not seem like his own man?
  420. Which SummerSlam was your favorite?
  421. Which Survivor Series was your favorite?
  422. Who thinks Legacy should reform on RAW?
  423. what's wrong with tna? their not using full sentences anymore theythem seriously why does tna...
  424. Royal Rumble survey? :)?
  425. wrestling school match ending help?
  426. All-Out WWE Battle Royal: Round 2. Who do you eliminate (choose 10)?
  427. Why does TNA love to take WWE's sloppy seconds?
  428. Since when did the IWC start liking John Cena?
  429. who wrestles beter? Ken anderson or mr. Kennedy?
  430. how to get someone off you when wrestling?
  431. What would you call a huge Randy Orton fan?
  432. Who is the most attractive and vice versa diva in the wwe?
  433. Who would you like to see come back more?
  434. How come the pay per views Extreme Rules and Over the Limit are so close to each other?
  435. How do you win a inferno match on svr 2011?
  436. How come the wwe pay per view Breaking Point only lasted one year?
  437. What are the 2 main championships in the wwe?
  438. Greatest legacy when its all said and done?
  439. People say that WWE and TNA are predictable yet those same people check spoiler sites
  440. Don't you think that the show WWE Superstars should change channels?
  441. Do you see these fan reactions anymore in WWE?
  442. Shawn Michaels overrated?
  443. Who will be entrant #1 in the WWE Royal Rumble 2011?
  444. Is it ok if you watch wwe and tna or is it bad?
  445. Does Matt Hardy spend too much time Online?
  446. Does anyone remember the reason goldberg quit wrestling?
  447. All-Out WWE Battle Royal: Round 1. Who do you eliminate (choose 10)?
  448. Would CM Punk (featuring Nexus Interference) be better to vs. Undertaker at Mania than Barrett?
  449. Wwill awesome kong join nexus? if so will she make nexus bigger and better?
  450. Should WWE Revive WWE Byte This ?
  451. Shouldn't we use the term Superstar a little more sparingly?
  452. Who else is against Undertaker vs Wade Barrett at WrestleMania XXVII? Why?
  453. If Stone Cold Steve Austin wasn't around during the Attitude Era,would it have been less succesful?
  454. Who, in your opinion, is the greatest wrestler of all time and why?
  455. Should the WWE put John Cena in a triple threat thumbtack scaffold cage of death with New...
  456. Tara of TNA dominated and destroyed by April Hunter?
  457. What is the main event of tna tonight?
  458. Randy Orton and Batista at a basketball game?
  459. Anyone Know Of A Band Called Owen Hart?
  460. Who is the most slutty diva in the wwe?
  461. Wrestling.What do you think and who is the winner?
  462. why come ever since sunday matt hardy has been getting so more publisity then any other wrestler?
  463. Stan Hansen vs Jeff Hardy?
  464. out of these choices why do u watch pro wrestling(NOT TROLLING,only pick 1 please)?
  465. 2010 Top Wrestlers based on Yahoo Answers. Who is the beset? Eliminate 1?
  466. I'm not a WWE mark but is TNA in this much need for ratings?
  467. how come if you type in it goes to Hes not even in wwe anymore hes in tna?
  468. Who'd Would've Won Chris Benoit vs Jack Swagger?
  469. What Tag teams do you have on Universe Mode in SvR 2011?
  470. why don't people take wrestling serious?
  471. WWE Or TNA, which one?
  472. what is the sickest wrestiling injury you have ever seen?
  473. what are your thoughts and reactions to TNA tonight?
  474. out of these people who do you think will face undertaker at wm (if hes back in time)?
  475. Who is/was the better in-ring worker: John Cena or Mass Transit?
  476. AJ styles vs Jeff hardy in the cage?
  477. Should Velvet Sky be given 1/2 of the TNA Knockouts Tag Team championships with Angelina Love?
  478. Thoughts on Matt Hardy's match on tonight's TNA?
  479. Which Nexus is better in WWE?
  480. If you could pick 5 trainers for the Tough Enough show who would you choose(4 men, 1 DIVA)?
  481. Who do you think is the best wrestler to never win the WWF/E or World heavyweight title?
  482. in your honest opinion who is the greatest pro wrestler of all time?
  483. 10 minutes: Selena Gomez vs. Misty Flintstone: who would win?
  484. Do u think this is Kurt angles last year in tna?
  485. What is better? RKO or STUNNER?
  486. How would you rate Jeff Hardy's heel turn out of 10 so far?
  487. Whos better??? Randy Orton Or John Cena?
  488. Did Karen Jarrett just say the F word on live television?
  489. what do you think of the new Nexus cm punk shirt?
  490. Top Diva's of 2010 [ Round 6 ] +1 Reidemption?
  491. Why and what happened to these wrestlers don't wrestle?
  492. Live Tickets for the 2011 Royal Rumble are Sold Out - Should we expect a Good or Bad show?
  493. is this the first time team 3d (dudley boys) break up?
  494. Do you Agree with WWE Calling John Cena a Legendary Superstar and Calling Shawn Michaels an Icon?
  495. agree or disagree aj the best bell to bell performer in tna?
  496. who will replace kaval?
  497. do you think we'll see the return of the age of orton at the royal rumble or do you think
  498. Should CM Punk win the Royal Rumble?
  499. What do you think of Undertaker possibly Hand Picking Wade Barrett to vs. him at WrestleMania XXVII?
  500. What do you think of my Wrestlemania 27 card?