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  1. Agree or Disagree: Main Event of Raw Smackdown usually ends with a DQ or Interference + BQ?
  2. What do you think is the funniest thing the Rock has ever said?
  3. what was your reaction when?
  4. what do you think is going to happen this sunday in wwe?
  5. So, Is Batista a former women's champion? (more inside, +BQ)?
  6. Use one sentence to describe Sting?
  7. Who is your favorite wrestler that begins with the third letter of your name?
  8. Would Marty Jennety Become World Champion If HBK Never Smashed Him Through the Barbershop Window?
  9. (Fill in the Blanks) If WWE Never Gave The Undertaker The ABA/Big Evil Gimmicks Then ___________?
  10. Which would: A 450 Splash from the top of the hiac or AirBourne from the top of the cage?
  11. If You Were a Wrestler and You Had the Choice to Cause Some Damage to Your Brand, How
  12. If you only watched one WWE brand only..?
  13. OMG I am so happy. Beth Phoenix....?
  14. Old Nexus vs New Nexus vs Corre?
  15. Has anyone ever been to a tna wrestling event?
  16. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  17. Does anyone know exactly when Skip sheffiled is going to return to either smack down or raw??
  18. have their been any wrestlers that have donated money to any local humae societys? if so how much?
  19. Who Would've Won Great Muta vs 2005's Kurt Angle?
  20. Will Christian come out during Miz/Edge match tonight on RAW?
  21. Mma questions about entering?
  22. On RAW and SmackDown should WWE do more Impromptu Main Events + WQ?
  23. Will Awesome Kong debut Sunday?
  24. how many times has the rock won a world tilte?
  25. Do you honestly think?
  26. Rate Predicting game?
  27. Something i always wondered about ?
  28. has anyone else noticed this about the new wwe nexus ?
  29. Will the Nexus and Corre combine tonight?
  30. How will it be a forty man rr with a whole groupe out of it?
  31. What's with the new Nexus salute?
  32. WWE: What do you think of the new Nexus member?
  33. How come jerry lawler keeps getting involved?
  34. If LayCool wins sunday will the McCool haters blame Undertaker dispite?
  35. I thought melina broke her neck on the arm throw thing?
  36. Anyone else think of Hitler when nexus raises their arms?
  37. Cena got killed with the fake laugh props to mix and riley?
  38. Is The Corre going to be a babyface stable?
  39. Would you watch Wrestlemania XXVII if it had this match card?
  40. Which WWE Group Do You Like Better The Nexus Or The Corre?
  41. edge now the number 40 on rumble?
  42. Who's the tallest and heavyest wrestler in wrestling history?
  43. Are you sick and tired of hearing this question?
  44. Who Would've Won Chris Benoit vs. Samoa Joe?
  45. Can you list all of the members who have been in Nexus so far?
  46. Has anyone other than Randy orton peformed a RKO ( jumping cutter ) in WWE ?
  47. Please tell me Michael Tarver isn't the GM!!!?
  48. Why are they doing Laycool vs Natalya again?
  49. do you think if they brought back the attitude era in wrestling?
  50. Who else feels sorry for Vickie Guerrero?
  51. Did you see how morrison landed on that leg?
  52. Who gives a crap about these whores?
  53. It's spelled CORRE not CORE?
  54. Where will Awesome Kong be better used:Raw or Smackdown?
  55. What is Mason Ryan's nationality?
  56. why is the nexus acting like hitler?
  57. Who do you think will win the wwe royal rumble?
  58. Do you think Undertaker and Cena vs Punk and Wade Barrett at Wrestlemania is possible?
  59. Which WWE Superstar is worse: Mason Ryan or Daneil Bryan?
  60. Who Do You Think Will Win The WWE Royal Rumble?
  61. If you were in charge of WWE's new 3rd brand (10 Q? POLL)?
  62. agree or disagree - 40 man royal rumble was only made because WWE are planning less matches than...
  63. WWE who is my 4 favorite superstars?
  64. Which WWE Superstar do you think most often getting screwed out of victory?
  65. Agree or Disagree, Alberto Del Rio could be a future World Champion?
  66. Is FCW Wrestling PG or TV-14?
  67. Did you prefer Chris Jericho being in WCW or WWF/E during the Monday night wars?
  68. Besides the nWo, What stable was the largest in one incarnation?
  69. How could I prepare do wrestling?
  70. What ever Happened to Ink Inc?
  71. Is it True that Triple H is going to be on Sunday NFL Countdown today?
  72. who and when will undertakers win streak end at wrestlemania? or will it ever?
  73. Why is Dashing Cody Rhodes given more priority than Ted Dibiase Jr....?.?
  74. what ever happened to sting and nash in tna wreastling?
  75. (No Bashing) Who should be Diva's Champion first: Rosa Mendes or Kelly Kelly?
  76. Who Is Your Favorite Wrestler That Starts With the Letter R?
  77. Mention 1 thing you like about Hulk Hogan.?
  78. Mention the 1st thing that comes to your mind when you hear the name of?
  79. Mention one thing you don't like about Ric Flair?
  80. Do you think a Diva will ever win a Royal Rumble +WQ?
  81. Name your favourite superstar theme song?
  82. Did anyone else see Michael Tarver on Smackdown last night?
  83. do u guys know that drew mclntyre and shemus are history?
  84. In your opinion who is the most Overrated Wrestler of All Time?
  85. Use 2 words to describe John Cena?
  86. Agree or Disagree, Chavo Deserves at least 1 World Title Reign?
  87. How long do you think the New Nexus will last? 3 BQ's?
  88. Should the Fabulous freebrids be in the wwe hall of fame this year?
  89. Will Kane ever win the Royal Rumble?
  90. Can you name a wrestler who has won World Title most times in a single promotion?
  91. whats wrong with my svr11?
  92. The Royal Rumble is Sold Out, but WrestleMania Isn't: Your Thoughts? Plus Did U know
  93. what if Chyna back in Royal rumble?
  94. what do u think of this?
  95. WWE Royal Rumble------ How many superstars are going to return to wwe in royal rumble?
  96. Who's the one Wrestler you miss the most and why +BQ?
  97. Which Wrestling family do you prefer, The Hart Family or Anoa'i Family?
  98. So, most of the newer Fans think that WCW is owned by Vince McMahon since the beginning?
  99. Does newer WWE Fans think Ric Flair is a great wrestler just seeing him lose a lot in his 50s in...
  100. wow i just checked out raw and smack downs rosters and there are only 15 good wrestlers?
  101. On TNA they keep saying there coming February 3rd, does any one know who they is?
  102. Who would like to see john cena get the stone cold stunner?
  103. Wrestlemania XXVII Card ?
  104. which two superstars do you think will start the royal rumble +BQ?
  105. how would you feel if Vince McMahon enters the royal rumble?
  106. Should i change my user name from The Enigmatic Creature to The Enigmatic Sensation?
  107. how would you react if triple h came back and won the royal rumble?
  108. Who do you think is returning at the Royal Rumble?
  109. Is this why people like Jeff Hardy?
  110. Who will win the Royal Rumble (REALISTIC)?
  111. Who is going to win this years WWE royal rumble ?
  112. Isn't it about time for Laycool to split?
  113. As much as I hate this... (More Inside)?
  114. Would you like it if these were the 4 final guys in the Royal Rumble?
  115. Should I do Freestyle/Greco?
  116. Would you trust Drew Mcintyre if he was to give you a handshake?
  117. What ever happened to the Great Khali?
  118. What comes to mind when watching this Wrestlemania Promo?
  119. Who else thinks that R-truth vs Super Alberto Del Rio is the worst feud ever?
  120. have vince actually been making more money within the pg era?
  121. Would Kane make a good zombie in Doom 4?
  122. What happened to Spike Dudley?
  123. What would you if Kane wins the Royal Rumble?
  124. Does The Miz really deserve to be WWE Champion?
  125. Can someone tell me all wwe releases on 2010?
  126. What Happened to the ulimate Warrior? why did he leave wwe? or was he released?
  127. Which team would win (WWF vs WCW)?
  128. Who is your favorite least favorite stable of all-time in WWE?
  129. So did The New Nexus keep We are One or What happen to the song?
  130. Will Randy Orton ever have his own DVD?
  131. what wrestler of ALL TIME do you prefer(poll)?
  132. Which group will Prevail over the Other in the Royal Rumble: Nexus or The Corre? + BQ?
  133. Could this be the Armband Logo for The Corre? (Spoiler)?
  134. Extreme Championship Wrestling Episode 1 (Rate and Review) + The Nexus or The Corre,
  135. What Would Your Reaction Be If This Happened At The Royal Rumble?
  136. what year of WWE/F did you enjoy best?
  137. Will the WWE ever return to the rated 14 viewing?
  138. Agree or Disagree: This Years Royal Rumble Winner will Lose at WrestleMania XXVII? + BQ?
  139. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  140. What's your favorite tag team of all-time?
  141. Who Is Your Favorite Wrestler That Starts With the Letter S?
  142. Out of these current 25 participants in the Royal Rumble, who do you want to win?
  143. Agree or disagree: Big Show should be released from WWE?
  144. I see big things for Tyler Reks?
  145. How realistic do you think my Wrestlemania 27 Dream Card is?
  146. what channel will tough enough be on?
  147. What do you think of this CM Punk clip +BQ?
  148. Did you like the Attitude Era or not?
  149. Who would Win: Chris Jericho (Prime) or Tyler Black?
  150. What is your favorite least favorite Finisher in WWE or TNA right now?
  151. Who is your least favorite wrestler in WWE right now?
  152. hahaha who else is getting a kick out of swagger's high school wrestling style in a pro atmosphere?
  153. How can I get into the WWE, from the UK.?
  154. why does the wwe and some fans think that if a wrestler is not incredibly muscular than...
  155. Is triple h still on wwe?
  156. I know WWE has Story lines but I truly believe The Miz and Michael Cole are a Couple?
  157. WWE Raw Tournament Round 5, Eliminate 4 Superstars?
  158. Agree OR Disagree: Having Kaitlyn Win NXT Season 3 Was Pointless?
  159. who else really appreciated The glamazon's new boobs?
  160. felt about jeff hardy?
  161. if i ran into randy jackson on the street?
  162. Who else thinks Michael Cole takes his heel role too seriously?
  163. what if zack ryder wins the royal rumble?
  164. (Fill in the Blanks) If You Had the Oppurtunity to Choose 2 Winners for the Royal Rumble, It Would
  165. Was this the best match of Smackdown in 2009?
  166. Which match was the best?
  167. Who were WCW top 6 Superstars before their demise?
  168. Did according to jim have an eposide where?
  169. Agree or Disagree, TNA Sold out for Hogan and Bischoff?
  170. Will the WWE Edge and Lita Drew and Kelly?
  171. Your Dream Wrestlemania?
  172. What did you think of Smackdown tonight?
  173. Do you remember blue world order why did the wwe bring them in +BQ?
  174. Is it me or does it look like SmackDown has More Heels than Faces?
  175. Is WWE going to build this Core thing as only 1(dead)man can stop them?
  176. Why doesn't Triple H use Ode To Joy as his theme song anymore?
  177. Who would win these matches?
  178. Anyone else think the Miz ...?
  179. Agree or Disagree, Jack Swagger's Title Reign was a fluke?
  180. Will Vickie Guerrero cost Dolph Ziggler the match at the Royal Rumble?
  181. Your favorite type of Match????(eg. hell in a cell)?
  182. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown?
  183. Agree or Disagree: Rosa Mendas is the hottest Diva in WWE today?
  184. nexsux and now the corre?? WHY? Is WWE trying to fail?
  185. Who's your favorite wrestler in WWE right now?
  186. Excited about the Rumble ?
  187. Why doesn't WWE give Fin Finley a chance to win Money in the Bank?
  188. Why is there a lot of misconception that Ric Flair has the most World Title reigns in WWE
  189. if it weren't for nexus or the core would wrestlers like?
  190. Best picture of John Cena and Randy Orton?
  191. Will Owen Hart ever be inducted into the HOF?
  192. Don't you miss these days of the WWE (AND BQ)?
  193. I just realized Miz is the only Heel Champion in WWE Currently, Why is that?
  194. Are the new They that will come to TNA on February 3?
  195. Does this suprise you?
  196. Any celebrities going to attend WrestleMania this year like every other year?
  197. Will it take years for the current WWE roster to become great like the past rosters have been?
  198. My WWE Elimination Chamber 2011 Matchard (Rate and Review) + Who do you think attacked Teddy Long?
  199. Only 25 superstars named for the royal rumble match?
  200. who will b the Royal Rumble winner?
  201. the core the most rediculous faction and name in wwe history?
  202. Who would win in a fight?
  203. Which Wrestler has a better moveset: Jack Swagger or Daniel Bryan?
  204. Im not joining the wrestling team again!!?
  205. Yet Another Wrestlemania 27 Card?
  206. ROH and WWE question?
  207. Who else thinks that the severe damage to the back of the head was...?
  208. im in a baby mood becuase my nephew was just born today. So i got some wrestling qustions about
  209. pobbibly kane storylined behind teddys attack (more inside) ?
  210. is it true that even bourne die wwe my friend told me he died in a car accident?
  211. when is super man cena and boreten orten going to get fired they are so boring?
  212. Does anyone remember The user Fizzlama?
  213. Do you prefer Chris Jericho as a Face, Heel, or Tweener?
  215. RAW Episode 85 (Rate and Review: Only if you answer) + Which title should be gone?
  216. Why does smackdown not get the same treatment as Raw?
  217. What are your thoughts about Heath Slater?
  218. The Core Smackdown?
  219. was that thing with teddy long real or scripted?
  220. my top 100 wrestlers what are your thoughts and opinions?
  221. Can I get some cool WWE sign ideas?
  222. Is John Morrison the next Shawn Michaels?
  223. When will Awesome Kong debut in WWE?
  224. Was the ending to iMPACT! this week funny or what + Will Mainevent Mafia come back,
  225. Which tag team do you think will win and would this be a good match?
  226. What was Chris Jericho's best and worst match in WWE history?
  227. What made Eddie Guerrero so Charismatic?
  228. ***SPOILER*** Big returns expected to come back to TNA?
  229. Do u like or dislike Kurt angle?
  230. Why did WWE place Primo on the face team last week, then the next show, put Primo on the heel team?
  231. WWE Superstar MVP was released by WWE on December. Is he going to TNA?
  232. Who would win these matches?
  233. Who Usually Wins in a Mixed Wrestling Match? Guy or Girl?
  234. Would Evan Bourne Kofi Kingston be a great Tag Team?
  235. If you were to book the winner of the Royal Rumble who would it be?
  236. Would this be a good match?
  237. Who do you want to see in the HOF this year?
  238. Will Kong and Michelle be the next Sable and Nicole Bass?
  239. What are your biggest problems with WWE and TNA?
  240. Do you think Undertaker with Kimbo Slice vs Wade Barret with Core is a bad thing or a good thing?
  241. How do you really feel about Matt Hardy in TNA?
  242. Ho will win in an Amateur wrestling match between Kurt Angle and Jack Swagger?
  243. Should Battle Kat have been WWF Champion?
  244. Who else prefers Jeff Hardy as a heel?
  245. As of now, Who are you favorite female wrestlers?
  246. Do you think the WWE has turned The Bella Twins into PG Sluts?
  247. when all of these have retired whos legacy will live longer?
  248. what is ur fav match withorton in it?
  249. how good/bad would it be if undertaker tapped out at wretlemania from hells gate?
  250. what would happen if taker was in a match at wm and he got injured would the ref count to 10?
  251. Is Randy Orton the master of thick thighs?
  252. can orton beat scsa...?
  253. can big show do a kip up.........?
  254. Best Manager Ever (WWE) Round 5?
  255. Goodnight all you WWE fans with thick thighs?
  256. are you excited about the Royal Rumble?
  257. Can someone update me on WWE since December 6th?
  258. What sounds better Nexus or Core?
  259. Did WWE forget about The Womens Championship and BQ?
  260. bobby lashley or chris masters?
  261. name something u cant live without?
  262. Who would win these WWE vs TNA MATCHES?
  263. Best Manager Ever (WWE) Round 4?
  264. Would John Cena make a good Doom marine?
  265. My Wrestlemania 27 Card. Not Fantasy, Could Possibly Happen?
  266. has anyone noticed that John Cena kinda has a block head?
  267. Who is better????????????????
  268. Does Batista look like he had surgery done to anybody else?
  269. Best Manager Ever (WWE) Round 2?
  270. 5 Guys from Raw 5 Guys from Smackdown.... Who would you draft?
  271. If u were a wrestler.What would be ur entrance song? +BQs?
  272. John Cena is being made to be like Hulk Hogan not The Rock right?
  273. Just finished watching RAW. Why the hell is Batista after Cena AGAIN? We've already seen
  274. You Should Know By Now, We Are, The D-D-D-D (Fill In The Blank)?
  275. Weapons Are Not Only Welcomed, (Fill In The Blank)?
  276. We Want The Gold Sucka, (Finish The Sentence)?
  277. Will Tyler Black Make An Impact When He Debuts in WWE?
  278. Go Back To Toronto!!! (Fill In The Blank)?
  279. Has NXT Ran Its Course? + BQ?
  280. Was Demolition suppose to be a rip-off of the Road Warriors?
  281. Ah, Remember The Good Days Of The Wrestling Section?
  282. past vs present speciality wrestling challenge in primes?
  283. What Wrestler did the best Chokeslam (From any company; past or present)?
  284. Best Manager Ever (WWE) Round 2?
  285. Who was hotter: Terri Runnels (Prime) or Sable (Prime)?
  286. If Vickie gets louder boos than John Cena gets cheers, does that make her better at her job than
  287. Whos Your Pick To Win The Super Bowl?
  288. MMA and Boxing are the best sports on the planet while Wrestling is for g@Y?
  289. Who Had The Worst Night-Superstars?
  290. Do U guys think Tamina is attractive?
  291. What do you think about feud between Triple H vs Vince McMahon in 2007?
  292. What do you think about The Undertaker vs Mr.Kennedy's feud back in 2006?
  293. Did any of you see the SmackDown episode where that guy Heidenreich?
  294. Do you think that WWE in 2006 was pretty good year?
  295. What were some of the most exciting WWE rivalries you've seen?
  296. The Big Show - The Superstar, wrestlers are put against to ensure no push in the near future?
  297. Youuuu looook soooooooo good to me.......?
  298. who is coming in tna?
  299. How could WWE use Vickie Guerrero to their Advantage?
  300. What's the Difference between regular tickets and VIP tickets for WWE Wrestlemania Axxess?
  301. Agree or Disagree: Triple H and Sheamus will have a King vs King match when HHH returns?
  302. Is the new guy who just joined Nexus Batista?
  303. Why is everyone thinking Triple H is going to win the Royal Rumble?
  304. With Emily Osment interrupting Misty Flintstone, is she turning Heel?
  305. Who else laughed when...?
  306. who in the crap is they this time?
  307. Do you think Triple H and Sheamus will face each other at Wrestlemania XXVII?
  308. am i the only one who noticed that the kurt,jeff,karenand edge,dolph,vickie storys are
  309. WWE Yahoo Federation Raw Ep.5 The Aftermath 4 weeks until Elimination Chamber?
  310. WWE Yahoo Federation Smackdown Ep.5 The Aftermath 4 weeks until Elimination Chamber?
  311. Can you explain the WWF vs Invasion storyline please?
  312. On Smackdown Tomorrow Night....?
  313. How would you feel if Awesome Kong entered and won the Royal Rumble match?
  314. Will Beth Phoenix be in the Rumble match this year?
  315. since shawn michael's getting inducted to the hall of fame when will the undertaker +BQ?
  316. Kimbo Slice involved with Taker vs Barret?
  317. Top Wrestlers of 2010 Based on Yahoo Answers! FINAL ROUND?
  318. WHo wants to see Beth Phoenix enter the Royal Rumble match Again?
  319. Whats the best tag team in TNA?
  320. What would be Worse for the Wrestler: No Crowd Reaction or being Booed (as a Face) ?
  321. Whats the main event on Impact tonight ?
  322. Twitter Users: Anybody Following the Iron Shiek?
  323. What does it mean when a wrestler sells out and 2 bqs.?
  324. Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michaels vs AJ Styles?
  325. Best Manager Ever (WWE) Round 1?
  326. New strap for a wrestling belt
  327. WWE SvR 2011. Create a Storyline Week 4 (Raw)?
  328. what is randy ortons status?
  329. Will Jake The Snake have a dignified last match?
  330. do u think mason ryan will make a big impact in wwe?
  331. what was the biggest shocker in wwe history?
  332. which 2 wrestling superstars would make a good tag team? (past or present)?
  333. Why is WWE all politics?
  334. what was ur fav wrestling match in wm 26?
  335. who makes the best comentator?
  336. ***SPOILER*** For TNA iMPACT!, What do you think? (DONT LOOK IF YOU DONT WANT TO FIND OUT)?
  337. in wwe who is/was ur fav hart?
  338. the wwe would not be the same without?
  339. Do you think they will do Nexus vs Core at Wrestlemania 27?
  340. When will Daniel Bryan get a shot at the WWE Championship?
  341. Is the bling (used to spin) title belt the ugliest WWE championship ever?
  342. Which Finisher is better: Chokeslam (Kane's) or Power Bomb (Batista's)?
  343. what is the most creative finisher of all time?
  344. what is ur fav orton move?
  345. who is the greatest wrestling family in wwe history?
  346. Who would win: Sting (prime) of The Outsiders (prime)?
  347. Petition to fire WWE wrestler John Cena! your thoughts?
  348. lesnar or batista benjamin or slater undertaker or goldberg?
  349. Edge vs. Ultimate Warrior. Who would have won?
  350. Was the new WWE NeXus Member Batista?
  351. Who are your top 5 guys you want to win the rumble?
  352. Who'd Win Kazarian vs Edge?
  353. Who'd Win William Regal vs AJ Styles?
  354. In all seriousness, do you miss Hurricane Helms?
  355. Could PG-Era Cena vs. Orton ever get the reaction that Hogan/Rock did at WM in Toronto? BQ inside.?
  356. WWE: What is your favourite....? More inside?
  357. Do you think that Santino is a future hall of famer?
  358. Why doesnt wwe push chris masters?
  359. Why do people give thumbs down for questions like who is your favorite wrestler?
  360. Who is the best wrestler in WWE in your opinion?
  361. How would you guys respond if yahoo took away the thumbs up thumbs down option+BQ?
  362. Is there enough time to build Triple H vs Undertaker at Wrestlemania?
  363. Do you think that The Miz is a talented wrestler?
  364. Do you think Smackdown vs Raw 2012 will be better than 2011?
  365. Do you think WWE will turn PG 14 in 2012?
  366. What is your opinion of JTG?
  367. Who do you think will win Royal Rumble 2012?
  368. how long would these guys last 1 on 1 with undertaker at wrestlemania?
  369. Is WWE and TNA working together?
  370. Who is your favorite wrestler?
  371. ???Challenge #3 Who holds the record for the shortest time in the Royal Rumble+BC????
  372. ???Challenge #2 What was Edge's Royal Rumble Entry in 2010????
  373. Which Undertaker Wrestlemania match is most possible?
  374. ???What age did you start watching wrestling+ guess this wrestler????
  375. Which do you think was Undertaker's best Wrestlemania match?
  376. i hear that THE SHOCKMASTER is one of the mystery entrants in this year's Royal Rumble?
  377. do you think the reason for the wwe to changed the royal rumble was +BQ?
  378. What is your Favorite TNA match of all time?
  379. How come WWE fan boys have bigger breasts than Batista?
  380. Men watching other men wrestle in panties? What has the world come to?
  381. Wait.... WWE released Shelton Benjamin and MVP?
  382. Do you think Randy Orton could strangle someone with his thick thighs?
  383. How come WWE fan boys are so mean online, yet....?
  384. Could Randy Orton squash a watermelon between his thick thighs while RKOing Mike Knox?
  385. How come John Cena has more butt than the divas?
  386. Why is William Regal such a better wrestler than Randy Orton?
  387. Who's a better bootyclapper - Awesome Kong or Alicia Fox?
  388. How many beats per minutes can the Undertaker bootyclap?
  389. If you could rehire 5 former WWE Wrestlers who would they be?
  390. Why did the WWE not truly deliver the '50 Greatsest Superstars list?
  391. Why would it be a good idea to turn Jack Swagger face?
  392. Do You Think The WWE Hall Of Fame Should Become Available On Pay Per View?
  393. Who is better in the ring, Paul London or John Morrison?
  394. What would your reaction be if the final 4 in this year's rumble match were...?
  395. Why does WWE promote jobbers today instead of promoting matches that could go either way?
  396. When was the last time there was a DQ or a count out at Wrestlemania?
  397. Is Aksana the Million Dollar champion?
  398. whos the best young african american wrestlers of today top 5?
  399. WWE Raw Tournament Round 3, Eliminate 4 Superstars?
  400. Which would you like to see in the RR?
  401. What was the reasoning behind the video played at the start of WWE Raw this week?
  402. Who'd Win Kofi Kingston vs John Cena?
  403. Do you think I'm asking too many questions?
  404. who has done more and accomplished more in the wwe the undertaker or HBK?
  405. Which Undertaker rumor do you think is more likely true?
  406. O.K now its a 40 man rumble match, are WWE saying Undertaker making history was just a big waste?
  407. Does anyone remember Steve Blackmen?
  408. why does pro wrestling get a bad rep?
  409. WWE Yahoo Federation Royal Rumble?
  410. Noob question: What does I'm from Winnipeg you idiot mean?
  411. Since WWE is bringing in doppelgangers of former Superstars?
  412. WWE Yahoo Federation Smackdown Ep.4 Ready To Rumble 2 days until Royal Rumble?
  413. What is your return scenario for Triple H?
  414. What happened to the Boogeyman..? xD?
  415. When will Michael Cole stop Reading How to be in a love triangle with two men for Dummies?
  416. What would your reaction be if Zack Ryder wins the Royal Rumble?
  417. What would you do if Mark Henry Farts and eliminates a Nexus member at the Royal Rumble?
  418. WWE Yahoo Federation Smackdown Ep.3 Ziggler Getting Ziggly 2 weeks until Royal Rumble?
  419. I swear if Alberto Del Rio wins the Royal Rumble im gonna get real pissed and gonna kick everything?
  420. What Ever Happened To Maven?
  421. WWE Yahoo Federation Raw Ep.4 Ready To Rumble 6 days until Royal Rumble?
  422. Who would you consider the biggest Bust in WWE?
  423. What would you do if DashingCody Rhodes wins the Royal Rumble?
  424. Some Wrestling Trivia +2 WQ's?
  425. Is there Any Believable Way of Ending the Streak?
  426. Has TNA Gotten better or worse in the last 2 years +BQ?
  427. When Will Undertaker come back?
  428. Why does eveyone still Hate on Cena?
  429. What Type of Match do you think will Open WrestleMania XXVII this year?
  430. Who hates WWE Micheal Cole?
  431. Which Wrestling Section Users are fans of these Wrestlers?
  434. Anyone have the May 2, 2011 Raw Miami Presale Code?
  436. WWE Yahoo Federation Raw Ep.3 Nexus Wants Revenge 2 weeks until Royal Rumble?
  437. What is your thoughts on this?
  438. Is Ezekiel Jackson gonna be in Royal Rumble?
  439. Do they have pyro or a titantron at WWE supershows?
  440. Attention WS section - I am taking a long hiatus+WQ?
  441. hhh question of the week?
  442. has orton got a dvd out and if not when?
  443. what would u do think about wwe?
  444. Which Finisher is better: Pedigree or Tombstone Piledriver?
  445. who would be the best main eventer that is just a mid card?
  446. NWA Wrestling (Rate and Give Opinions)?
  447. cheapest priced wrestling mats?
  448. Royal Rumble Question?
  449. how long until matt hardy wins the TNA world Title? + I have an announcement?
  450. cm punk or kurt angle or randy orton?
  451. Worst Match you've ever seen ?
  452. Do you like Lay-Cool or not?
  453. wrestling sectshin how did you cum up with yur yaho usarname?
  454. what are your opinions on........?
  455. kurt angle or orton...?
  456. dx or rated rko or brothers o d?
  457. batista vs mason ryan?
  458. smackdown vs raw online?
  459. If you were to choose what Wrestling Company would you want to Wrestle for +BQ?
  460. edge and miz faced eachother why don't people remember?
  461. is there anyone who should break the streak?
  462. If You Were In WWE What Would You Do?
  463. What is a better sport? judo or Wrestling?
  464. What was the best MitB match?
  465. Do you think Cena vs Mysterio is Wrestlemania worthy?
  466. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  467. How long can the WWE justify not giving Kane a Royal Rumble win?
  468. What happened at raw last night?
  469. Botchamania question?
  470. do you need a parent for a physical?
  471. Do you notice when the girls wrestle in TNA and WWE?
  472. Could WWE expand their Viewers by making a WWE Backstage show?
  473. is it just me or has the past two episodes of wwe raw been.....?
  474. i didnt see wwe raw last night. My friend told me batista returned and joined nexus?
  475. Question regarding short title reigns in WWE? + BQs?
  476. Beautiful People or Lay-Cool?
  477. Who here watches Shawn Michaels Videos? If so, what is your opinion on them?
  478. Was it a Mistake to Never Draft Shawn Michaels to SmackDown? Why? + BQ's?
  479. When does the road the WrestleMania begin?
  480. Do you think another Reason for the 40 Man Rumble was to be able to Include the Nexus Members...
  481. If we Stopped checking Rumors/Spoilers on Wrestling Sites, would WWE or TNA seem more
  482. Do you think a match like Undertaker vs AJ Styles would be any good?
  483. would sweet dreams by marylin manson be a good theme song for drew mcintyre?
  484. should mason ryan use this as his theme?
  485. Who is the unknown superstar at the end of raw?
  486. john morrison new heel gimmick what do you think?
  487. Agree or Disagree: John Cena will turn heel cause of the fans?
  488. does anyone have a list of the wrestlers in wwe ledgends of wrestlemania?
  489. In your opinion, what would you say was Triple H's worst loss?
  490. who else thinks micheal cole is way better than taz? bqz inside?
  491. Should they call TNA Knockouts, Knockups?
  492. Do You Think WWE Story Writers Do A Good Job?
  493. WWE Yahoo Federation Smackdown Ep.2 The Undertaker Returns 3 weeks until Royal Rumble?
  494. Which Finisher is better: Stunner or Codebreaker?
  495. What is going on right now on Monday Night Raw?
  496. Would it make more sense to call TNA Knockouts, Knockups?
  497. who thinks wade barrett is a much better leader than cm punk?
  498. Who Do You Think Will Induct Shaun Michaels Into The WWE Hall Of Fame?
  499. Which users name is the most creative and hardest to spell?
  500. Did Kane deserve to win the 2001 Royal Rumble, instead of Stone Cold?