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  1. what sho do you guys think has been the best this week?
  2. Are these two better as a tag team or as opponents?
  3. Who in your opinion is the hottest Diva ever in the history wrestling?
  4. What's Curt hawkins new Move Called?
  5. Agree or disagree: Sheamus would be better off in TNA?
  6. When will wwe push chris masters?
  7. Guy's only: Is this really Maryese in this picture?
  8. What did you think of Booker T Announcing?
  9. beth Phoenix v awesome kong dream diva match or or epic fail your thoughts ?
  10. What do poeople now think of Sheamus?
  11. Who thinks Vickie Guerrero needs a spear after watching today's Smackdown?
  12. Who else is a Cole Miner?
  13. Why is Cody Rhodes getting a push on SmackDown while Ted DiBiase is getting buried on RAW?
  14. why isnt curt hawkins getting a push?
  15. What do you think of Booker T been on the Smackdown announce team?
  16. When id Diesel and booker t coming back?
  17. Who Had The Worst Night-Superstars?
  18. What do you think is the future for tag team wrestling in the WWE?
  19. What does the extra R in CORRE stand for?
  20. Was this one of the funniest moments in WWE in 2010?
  21. Who was the longest World Tag Team champions in WWE history?
  22. who else likes jeff hardy as a heel?
  23. Mud Wrestling in my backyard, could we get sued?
  24. do you think de rio is good enough to compete in the main event of wrestlemania?
  25. What is a mark? + 2bq's?
  26. If WWE dosn't book Undertaker vs. Sting for WrestleMania 27 (more inside)?
  27. Should WWE sign Sting to a One Year/Legends Contract?
  28. Wrestling Section what would be bigger: The Superbowl hype coming up or Sting signing with the
  29. What are the top 5 John Cena matches/moments?
  30. I JUST FOUND THE BIGGEST CLUE IN THE Promo which aired on 2.21.11?
  31. Are Diesel and Kevin Nash brother and brother?
  32. In your opinion who was a wrestler that was overhyped +WQ?
  33. Who is the greatest Professional Wrestler in History?
  34. IF Undertaker vs' Sting at WrestleMania, would it Matter if Sting Lost if was Better
  35. If both Promotions were around Today, would you watch WrestleMania XXVII or Starrcade 2011?
  36. Will Alberto Del Rio make history and defeat Edge at Wrestlemania ?
  37. how the fuck are you supposed to see if the wwe doesn't have a titatron at live shows?
  38. The New Nexus or The Corre ? Who is better?
  39. Did alberto del rio deserved to be the winner of royal rumble?
  40. Where would i got to buy a box/bulk order of WWE Mattel Action Figures?
  41. Who misses WCW Monday Nitro?
  42. I like WWE way more than TNA but TNA has one thing over WWE?
  43. From a business standpoint to sell; tickets, ratings buy rates do you think?
  44. Could Sting coming to WWE be like how Flair came to TNA?
  45. What wrestler has won the most Wrestlemania matches?
  46. What would your reaction be if Randy Orton showed up on TNA and RKO'd Hulk Hogan while
  47. Are there WWE merchandise when you go to live events?
  48. What are interesting random wrestling facts?
  49. Why were so many wrestling fans upset that Del Rio won the rumble? were they hoping for
  50. When do you think WWE will reveal the identity/conclude the anonymous Raw GM storyline?
  51. Why WWE never made a Brock Lesnar vs Triple h storyline?
  52. who is Justin knight?
  53. I will perform at Wrestlemania?
  54. What do you think about TNA's new up and coming superstars, Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan?
  55. Who would you like to see again in TNA?
  56. Poll: What will Raw's rating be on 2/22/11?
  57. on a scale 1 to 10, how much do you honestly like these wwe/tna wrestlers?
  58. Everybody is saying Sting vs Undertaker but what if?
  59. When will HHH return?
  60. My cousin needs a cool wrestling name. (Best answer gets 10 points!)?
  61. which female wrestler's from the attitude era to now do you prefer(poll)?
  62. What is the bigger WWE dream match?
  64. Who do you think got a bigger pop at the Royal Rumble?
  65. is just me or is kofi kingston seem like he's gonna turn heel soon?
  66. How come Vampiro never came to WWE?
  67. Who will have a bigger legacy after retirement: HBK or Undertaker?
  68. Did anyone else LOL during the Rumble when Punk (more inside)...?
  69. Will Kevin Nash be returning to WWE anytime soon?
  70. Which past WWE Diva was hotter: Stacy Keibler or Torrie Wilson?
  71. Do You Think That There Will Be a MITB Ladder Match At WM 27 Despite the fact That There Is a...
  72. ok so all of you want sting to come to the wwe to face taker at wrestlemania to see the...
  73. If You Were a Wrestler, How Would You Make a Return After an Injury/Break?
  74. would this be a good storyline?
  75. How many times has Rey Mysterio faced Big Show in a 1-on-1 match in the past?
  76. What was your favorite Chris Jericho feud of all-time?
  77. ok if sting is indeed on the way to the wwe (it is obvious he will face taker if so) who do you
  78. (Fill in the Blanks) If Sting Is The Mystery Man From the 2-21-11 Promo Then You Would ________?
  79. Do you believe The Dawning of a New Year brings new Hopes and Dreams to the Superstars of WWE
  80. In Your Opinion, what Event was Better: WrestleMania or Starrcade?
  81. Would it be a Stupid Idea to change The Undertaker into an Angel of Death?
  82. Does anyone remember seeing an old video of cena cussing and going crazy?
  83. Would you be happy just to see The Undertaker vs Sting, be it WrestleMania or RAW?
  84. Lol do you remember this?
  85. who's faster Dragon Kid or masato yoshino?
  86. Booker T Vs King Sheamus?
  87. What if 2-21-11 is just an advertisement for a new Burger King cheeseburger or something?
  88. Sting coming to wwe or just rumors?
  89. Do you think there is any possible way the wwe will ever replace the undertaker when he retires?
  90. Would the 2/21/11 return be Disappointing if it was Anybody Less than Sting or The Undertaker?
  91. when will royal rumble 2011 start?
  92. would we really wanna see cena vs miz at wresltemania 27?
  93. My Sting/Taker scenario - Rate out of 5?
  94. Did anyone else see the Scorpion on the 2/21/11 promo? Look carefully please before you bash me?
  95. Agree/Disagree - The Undertaker would be too obvious of a choice for the man in the 2.21.11 video?
  97. Do you agree with Rikishi in this statement regarding his sons'?
  98. what would you think of John Cena vs UnderTaker at WrestleMania 27?
  99. Another update on The Undertaker's return?
  100. what was your reaction when santino almost won the Royal Rumble?
  101. What do you think of this wrestlemania (sting and undertaker) pic..?
  102. John Cena is the Superman again?
  103. what if 2-21-11 is the wwe debut of el mesias (aka judas mesias)?
  104. why dosent wwe sign el mesias (if they havent already)?
  105. would this be a good storyline?
  106. Who are three MMA fighters U wanna see in WWE not named Brock Lesnar?
  107. ok i no everyone is expecting the debut of sting or return of taker on 2-21-11 but what if it is...?
  108. WWE is Booker T back for good?
  109. How Hurt will Undertaker fans be when it turns out 2/21/11 is sting and vice versa?
  110. Do AAA and CMLL put on good lucha libre matches?
  111. It's not STING!!!!!! ....Probably, so stop?
  112. If Sting was to come on 2-21-11 do you think he will get a massive pop? or will be kids
  113. Will any WWE Wrestler ever break Triple H's record of having 13 World Title reigns in WWE?
  114. most likely to come back to the WWE?
  115. Does anyone else agree the quantity of Sting questions here went from 1% to 95% +BQ?
  116. Which is the best possible WWE makeshift Tag Teams out of these four?
  117. If Sting does debut with WWE on 2/21/11, what scenario do you prefer he returns in?
  118. R-TRUTH AND BOOKER T ARE RELATED!!!!!!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!! ?!!!!!!?
  119. Who is the more conditioned wrestler, Aj Styles or John Morrison?
  120. With this *Spoiler!*, Do you still believe it's Sting?
  121. Do you think Matt Striker will ever return to the ring?
  122. Who Is Your Favorite TNA Wrestler?
  123. Who is the wrestler of the image?
  124. Who'd Win Jeff Jarrett vs Mistico?
  125. Why is everyone getting hyped about a possible Undertaker/Sting match?
  126. Am i right about that Mysterious promo?
  127. Update on status on Sting?
  128. Was It Mistico Or Sting In The Hidden Video Message?
  129. opinions about the wwe?
  130. Why do people stiill think Sting is the 2.21.11 guy when?
  131. Who'd Win Booker T Vs Dolph Ziggler?
  132. Does anybody know the youtube link to The Rock's No Way Out 2003 entrance custom video?
  133. Where can I find Professional wrestling that is for adults?
  134. How Do I Become A WWE Diva Or TNA Knockout?
  135. I guess we all know Taker is going to be on Raw on 2/21/11, BUT (More Inside +BQS)?
  136. BQs: questions about the WWE?
  137. I have an Idea for Next weeks 2.21.11 Promo (Not the same one, More Inside)?
  138. All TNA fans who are wondering who THEY are here is a spoiler?
  139. who are the top 5 worse WWE superstars on the mic ever?
  140. Who is this Sting that evryone is going on about?
  141. why do you kids think sting is vsing taker at mania?
  142. Who was your FIRST favorite wrestler?
  143. Why Didnt Triple H Return At The Royal Rumble?
  144. Any old school wrestling fans still out there?
  145. why do people in the IWC refer to the miz as a midcard jobber when he NEVER jobbed?
  146. 2.21.11, my take on what it could mean, agree?
  147. STING IS IN WWE !!!!!!!!!!!?
  148. Daniel Bryan Or Alberto Del Rio?
  149. Why are some people so stupid?
  150. i have a question about wwe diva kelly kelly ***spoiler alert***?
  151. What does this mean PLEASE?
  152. 2-21-11. Is Undertaker or Sting coming +BQ?
  153. I'm back with your daily FILL IN THE BLANKS!?
  154. Will there ever be anything like the 2 21 11 vignette again?
  155. If sting signs with WWE, would 2010-2011 be the best years of WWE signings?
  156. What's happening with Jeff Hardy's legal endeavours?
  157. Is there enough time to build Undertaker vs Sting?
  158. WWE puts out their own spoilers to keep us guessing?
  159. What do you think about WWE Raw 31.01.2011?
  160. My interpretation on the 2 21 11 vignette, thoughts?
  161. Would Sting Vs Taker be more anticipating than Taker vs HBK? I think so?
  162. grow eyelashes
  163. Isn't it obvious only The TNA fanboys(Not real TNA fans) are saying the promo isn't for sting?
  164. Favorite hbk match and why?
  165. Even if the promo is for Sting he wont be facing The Undertaker at Wrestlemania this year?
  166. Does the 2/21/11 font look similar to Sting website font?
  167. What happened to Michael Tarver?
  168. Who uses Steroids in the WWE?
  169. are booker and nash going to make a big impact?
  170. matt or jeff...........?
  171. wihch wwe speurastr is the msot graetufl to vcine?
  172. what would the wwe be without/?
  173. Cole will get the Miz DQ'd. Which would set up a Cole/King match at WrestleMania right?
  174. What were your first thoughts when you first saw the 2.21.11 vignette?
  175. Who would you have Kevin Nash face at WrestleMania 27 if he were booked for the PPV + BQ's?
  176. my name is alberto del rio but u already knew that?
  177. Do you think Undertaker vs Sting is the last WCW vs WWF match able to be made?
  178. is john cena married?
  179. Will the WWE be good or bad if.?
  180. So what happened to this so called WWE Youth Movement?
  181. Jim Ross ends Sting rumors?
  182. Do you wish all WWE talent could shoot on one another?
  183. How much ticklish are Maryse Ouellet feet ?
  184. why doesnt mickie james wrestle anymore?
  185. Do you still see the WWE being PG?
  186. Do you think the WWE Brand Extention is getting old?
  187. I think i got proof it's undertaker?
  188. John Cena And Randy Orton The New Rock And Austin?
  189. who wins these tna vs wwe matches?
  190. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  191. How long do you give Kurt Angle to return back to the WWE and get a piece of the pies...
  192. Why is WWE hiring guys that are over 30?
  193. John Cena is now soo booooring. He and his PG jokes for kids needs to go?
  194. What do you think? Which...?
  195. Agree or Disagree : The Invasion angle was the biggest dissapointment ever?
  196. Do you think michael cole is the raw gm ?
  197. Whats maxine twitter acount?
  198. The Icon vs The Icon: Shawn Michaels vs Sting and How/Why?
  199. What do you think of my only real beef with Alberto Del Rio?
  200. What do you think of Jim Ross's thoughts of why DDP wants to host the best of nitro dvd?
  201. 2-21-11, The WWE's Version of 10-10-10?
  202. Can you defend titles on SvR 2011 in normal gameplay mode?
  203. Would this be a realistic Wrestlemania Card for this Year?
  204. Will triple h and shane mcmahon?
  205. Is the Examiner a reliable source +BQ?
  206. What should the WWE be doing with William Regal?
  207. Do you really think someone like Alberto Del Rio should be headlining WM?
  208. rate my sting wwe debut 1/10?
  209. Edge and Kelly Kelly?
  210. How can people says Sting will return to WWE?
  211. Who's gonna return to the WWE in 2k11?
  212. Why did the wwe change the Elimination Chamber poster?
  213. What do you think about Booker T and WWE?
  214. Did WWE ever have Trish Stratus John Cena vs Lita Edge back in 2005-2006?
  215. WM 27 song????????????
  216. Would this be a good way to book Christian vs Edge at WM27?
  217. Does anybody remember Kofi Kingston from his WWECW days?
  218. Why does Michael Cole always say THIS IS A TRAVESTY?
  219. Is wwe nxt still showing?
  220. who do u think is gonna win the raw elimination chamber?
  221. GUYS, what if the 2/21/11 Promo is for BOTH Sting AND The Undertaker?
  222. Who is your favorite highflyer?
  223. What is Jerry the King Lawler king of?
  224. What if this happens on 2/21/11?
  225. exactly how many finishers does John Morrison have?
  226. Who is your favorite diva?
  227. 2.21.11 WTF IS GOING TO HAPPEN?
  228. I have proof that the undertaker is the guy who is returning on 2-21?
  229. how come when tna signs old veterans it is a bad thing but when the wwe does it it is a good
  230. When will Cody Rhodes return to Smackdown on TV?
  231. wait, is The Miz going to defend his championship in the elimination chamber match?
  232. I am going to RAW @ Fresno this month so what kind of banner should I bring+message?
  233. STING IS NOW IN WWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  234. I think I have craked the 2/21/11 Promo - I think I know who it is?
  235. What was your first reaction when you saw the 2 21 11 vignette?
  236. Why do people like to say that the WWE is racist when that is so not true?
  237. Why does Alex Riley carry a briefcase?
  238. Who is your favorite African American wrestler?
  239. Edge vs McIntyre?
  240. Is Awesome Kong a member of LayCool or will she help Natalya or?
  241. WatcH, WWE Royal Rumble 2011 Live stream online on January 30, 2011 where?
  242. how did vince russo get started in the wrestling business?
  243. Is Awesome Kong going to destroy The Glamazon?
  244. What is the name of the submission move that the Undertaker used to use (looks like a triangle...
  245. on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the hardest. how hard were my questions?
  246. Where to watch Royal Rumble 2011 WWE wrestling live online?
  247. Where to watch WWE Royal Rumble 2011 live stream?
  248. Christian in Boston, a Royal Rumble Return? +BQ?
  249. Do you think the undertaker will return at the royal rumble tonight?
  250. Will HBK and Kong play a part in the Rumble tonight?
  251. Do you think this is bad carma for TNA?
  252. If Undertaker is involved in the Royal Rumble how do you think he will be?
  253. What is wrong with wrestlers taking anabolic steroid cycles?
  254. Who do you think will be the Final 4 in the Royal Rumble?
  255. who iis hotter john cena or randy orton?
  256. is booker t back in wwe?
  257. So do you think there will be any botches in tonight's Royal Rumble?
  258. WWE Smackdown vs Raw universe mode question?
  259. So Steroids are good for people who are sick, but bad for somebody that is healthy?
  260. Quick 10 points to the 1st unedited correct answer to this wrestling question?
  261. OK i'm a WWE mark but why is it that?
  262. Does anyone really want Triple H to come back?
  263. Do you think Wade Barrett has a good chance of winning the Royal Rumble tonight?
  264. 2011 royal rumble prediictiionsz .?
  265. Who's gonna order the Royal Rumble tonight?
  266. RR question 10-in what year was one of the 1st 2 entrants eliminated before the countdown for #3
  267. Do you think that this is the worst Royal Rumble card? (+BQS)?
  268. Christian maybe to return tonight in the royal rumble match?!?
  269. RR question 3-who spent the shortest time in the rumble and win! and what was his time?
  270. RR question 11-who was the 1st wrestler kane eliminated in 2001, d year he made the record for...
  271. RR question 14-ever since wwe announced the winner of the rumble would get a world title match...?
  272. RR question 5-in what year was the 1st rumble that had 30 men and who won it?
  273. RR question 4-what was the longest rumble ever, what was it's time, and who won it?
  274. RR question 7-what wrestler won the 1st rumble held on PPV?
  275. RR question 15 (last one)-since 2005, what has the runner up ended up doing?
  276. RR question 6-what entry number has won the 2nd most times?
  277. What will Elimination Chamber be like this year?
  278. RR question 8-who was the only then world champion to compete in a rumble and what year?
  279. RR question 9-who has the 3rd most overall eliminations in the rumble?
  280. Is it possible that TNA will invade the Royal Rumble match?
  281. RR question 12-which rumble went into over time, and who ended up winning it?
  282. RR question 1-in 1994 2 men became co-winners. who were they?
  283. What if this happened at the Royal Rumble than Wrestlemania?
  284. Who is your pick to win the royal rumble?
  285. A Kofi Kingston Booker T feud?
  286. How To Watch live WWE Royal Rumble And Where ?
  287. RR question 2-which wrestler was the 1st to win 2 rumbles in a row?
  288. What do you think is going through the minds of the Royal Rumble participants right now?
  289. RR question 13-who were the 4 winners of the rumble which were also the the 1st 2 entrants?
  290. Wha Time Is The Royal Rumble 2011 In The UK?
  291. why do people critize wrestlers wrestling skills/ability?
  292. wrestling section poll:?
  293. i have some questions about old time wwe/wwf?
  294. Will Sharmell return with Booker T?
  295. Where to watch Royal Rumble 2011 WWE wrestling live online?
  296. WWE Yahoo Federation Raw Ep.7 AWESOME!!!!! 2 weeks until Elimination Chamber?
  297. WWF WWE = Screw-up???
  298. Remember that stunt that vince mcmahon did 3 years ago with him faking his own death?
  300. Do You Like Long Title Reigns or Short Title Reigns?
  301. (Fill in the Blanks) If John Cena Costed The Undertaker His Match At Wrestlemania, You Would
  302. Do you think triple h is going to return at the royal rumble?
  303. (Fill in the Blanks) If Chris Benoit Never Passed Away, Then ___________?
  304. IF John Cena left the WWE?....?
  305. Looking for good way to watch Royal Rumble 2011 WWE wrestling live online?
  306. A funny conversation about Smackdown vs. Raw?
  307. do you think anyone in the crowd would know who booker t and kevin nash are?
  308. Who was the better martial arts expert?
  309. Agree Or Disagree..............?
  310. Is it true that Booker T and Kevin Nash are returning at the rumble tonight?
  311. Wanna watch Royal Rumble 2011 WWE wrestling live online?
  312. Do you think John Morrison will ever get the push he deserves?
  313. How old were you when you found out or were told that wwe,tna,wwf,wcw,etc was scripted?
  314. Who Is Your Favorite Wrestler That Starts With The Letter J?
  315. Who is the prettiest WWE Diva?
  316. Who'd Win Wade Barret vs Edge?
  317. Do you like the theme music for The Royal Rumble?
  318. Surprise Entrants Royal Rumble?
  319. Can someone shed some light on what's going on in the WWE I haven't watched anything since a bit
  321. Would this be a kool rumble idea?
  322. What where the themes of ALL PPV`S in 2010? ( WWE ) + BQ ( TNA )?
  323. Who would be the WWE Champion and World Heavyweight Champion after the Elimination Chamber?
  324. wrestling section how would you react if these 10 things happened?
  325. Is Triple H going to return at the rumble?
  326. He returns next month, how do you feel about it?
  327. what are 5 unused pro wrestling names?
  328. what time does the royal rumble start?
  329. who will win the mucha lucha championship?
  330. Is anyone in the WS DTF?
  331. How do you think Chris Jericho should retire?
  332. who else is excited for this years rumble and BQ?
  333. Personally, what do u hope from Booker T's and Kevin Nash's return to WWE?
  334. How many entrants have been annonced for the Royal Rumble?
  335. SPOILER : 2 Possible RR entrants?
  336. Guess the wrestler(20 characters)?
  337. Do You Think The Undertaker Will Retire With A Perfect Record At Wrestlemania?
  338. Do you think these will be the final 6 spots?
  339. Agree or Disagree: RVD is like the TNA version of John Cena?
  340. A wwf/wcw/wwe/tna wrestlers poll(who is better)?
  341. What should I put on the sign?
  342. who a WWF chempians riight nowe?
  343. Is Hacksaw Jim Duggan going to be in the Royal Rumble match?
  344. Who would win these matches?
  345. Dont you think wwe is getting better and better?
  346. Is it true that Kevin Nash and Booker T is going to be in the Royal Rumble match?
  347. Who is your favorite wrestler that just had recently debut?
  348. Kevin Nash died his hair black, Is he going back to Diesel?
  349. If You Were a Wrestler Had the Oppurtunity to Form Your Own Stable, What Would Be the Name?
  351. Do you think we will see a sign of Undertaker's return at the Royal Rumble?
  352. When do you see Kofi Kingston main eventing?
  353. should wwe ruin the royal rumble even more?
  354. Why do people complain about WWE Rejects in TNA?
  355. Breaking News--It's been confirmed The Royal Rumble will now have 60 entrants instead of 40?
  356. CM Punk or Wade Barrett?
  357. Which wwe/tna wrestlers would you rather sleep with poll?
  358. Now that ROH TV deal ends with HD NET on 4 April?
  359. Who are your top 20 wrestlers of all time?
  360. Wrestling Trivia?? Something Fun :)?
  361. Did anyone else see HHH on ESPN talking about Aaron Rodgers?
  362. Who do you think who will win the wwe royal rumble and what number?
  363. I have proof Sheamus will win the Royal Rumble(NOT a spoiler)?
  364. John Cena VS. Randy Orton VS. Wade Barret VS. Edge?
  365. what would you do if zach gowen returned and won the wwe royal rumble?
  366. Agree or disagree: WrestleMania XXX should be held in Madison Square Garden?
  367. Is there any difference between WWE TNA?
  368. How much does the Royal Rumble cost on DirecTV?
  369. Why does the ICW prefer wrestlers like Daniel Bryan, Kaval, and CM Punk over the legends?
  370. Does anyone else think RAW should be on twice a week?
  371. What's next for John Cena?
  372. who will win the mucha lucha championship?
  373. who is a better wrestler, jackie moore in her prime, or mickie james?
  374. How much do you agree with this Top 16 list of superstars that can win the Royal Rumble?
  375. (WWE) From the year 2000 to 2010, which year had the best superstars and why?
  376. Who is the better wrestler, Kurt Angle or Shawn Michaels?
  377. If Miz is still Champion by Wrestlemania and so is Edge, who do you want to face them?
  378. Who do you want to win the Royal Rumble?
  379. Who's the current most popular superstar in WWE?
  380. Best Manager Ever (WWE) Round 12?
  381. Who was better in mic skills: Chris Jericho or Kurt Angle?
  382. Fill in the blank: ______ Is the best in the world at what he does?
  383. Who is better in the ring, Paul London, or John Morrison?
  384. 80's Wrestling Trivia?
  385. Which two wrestlers do you think will go into Wrestlemania as WWE Champion and as World...
  386. Royal Rumble Trivia #3 Getting harder!?
  387. What wrestlers would WWE pick up if TNA shut down?
  388. Agree or Disagree, Edge needs to turn heel again?
  389. **** The Four Horsemen were not the first wrestling stable; who was?
  390. Best Manager Ever (WWE) Round 11?
  391. Edge no spear at rumble spoiler?
  392. So when will The Miz stop running away from Randy Orton?
  393. Do you prefer the Nexus 7 (Original 7) or The new Nexus?
  394. WWE Yahoo Federation Smackdown Ep.6 Closer To Hell 3 weeks until Elimination Chamber?
  395. who will win the mucha lucha championship?
  396. So what WS Users would you take with you to the Royal Rumble PPV?
  397. Chris Masters in for a big push, thoughts?
  398. epic pro wrestling poll?
  399. What are your favorite types of wrestlers?
  400. Who has Ric Flair not wrestled?
  401. WWE Yahoo Federation Raw Ep.6 Here Comes The Game 3 weeks until Elimination Chamber?
  402. Who do you think Trish Stratus passed the Torch 2?
  403. Who do you think is better John Morrison or The Miz Why?
  404. Do you think that Undertaker will return during Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania?
  405. debate who is a better wrestler Evan Bourne or John Morrison and why?
  406. Best Manager Ever (WWE) Round 10?
  407. Can you rate this Wrestlemania XXVII match card?
  408. MosesX and CDMAX who was the bigger Heel+BQ?
  409. Which of these WWE superstars do you think will return at the Royal Rumble?
  410. CM Punk: Long or Short Hair? Which do you like better?
  411. Who won tha match between wade barrett vs cm punk last nyte?
  412. who would u put in wwe all stars?
  413. which wwe superstar do u think has the highest and lowest i.q?
  414. wwe draft...............?
  415. which wwe superstar is the kindest and meanest in real life?
  416. do u like the wwe drafts?
  417. dx or evolution.....?
  418. Did you guys ever notice that chris masters copys christopher daniels alot?
  419. if u could meet any wwe superstar who would it be?(past-present)(living/non living)?
  420. is orton in ur top ten wrestlers?
  421. When Miz loses the WWE title and Cole starts yelling at him do you think miz will attack michael?
  422. wwe good or bad..............?
  423. who is your fav member of?
  424. I will have a partial perspective change in the wrestling world?
  425. Which Wrestler Am I? See the deatails below.?
  426. does anyone know y carlito(carly colon) doesn't show up in wwe anymore?..i hear some
  427. describe your least favorite wwe and tna wrestler in three words?
  428. On Raw, The Bellas attacked Gail Kim, Heel turn?
  429. Chris Benoit vs Daniel Bryan?
  430. who does the better crossface? Chris Benoit. Shawn Michaels. Or Brian Danielson?
  431. New Japan Pro Wrestling-- 1st Three Matches
  432. who do you think is the worse wrestler in the wwe?
  433. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  434. why they wouldn't make a real wrestling?
  435. smackdown vs raw 2011 Bret hart wwe shop?
  436. Do like or love My Undertaker tribute? + BQ?
  437. was Jesse Ventura a great wrestler?
  438. Should this category not be under entertainment since the WWE is just that and not a real sport?
  439. What would you rather watch paint drying or a CM Punk promo?
  440. Do you love, like, or hate this video?
  441. If Cena were Drafted to RAW, should he turn Heel or remain Face? Why?
  442. What (non-WWE song) fits Sheamus the most?
  443. Jay Lehal or John Morrison and why?
  444. How do you like this match card for Wrestlemania XXVII?
  445. Who do you think wil be the next 5th member of the corre?
  446. Who'd Win Alberto Del Rio vs Shelton Benjamin?
  447. Do you think that Ultimo Dragon was really underrated during his WWE run?
  448. I have a wrestling match to day and i haven't been to practice in 2 1/2 weeks!?
  449. Who Should Win Kofi Kingston vs Trent Barreta?
  450. Who's going to win the Royal Rumble?
  451. How would Cody Rhodes have fit in the Attitude era?
  452. This is mvsViper's cousin, is he a good user in this section?
  453. Would you dial 911 or 619 + BQ?
  454. which is more violent? WWE or iCarly?
  455. Do you think now that Rated RKO is returning?
  456. Trivia: Who said........?
  457. When was the last time a WWE Superstar fell threw the top of the Hell in a Cell?
  458. Which tag team did you prefer more: The Hart Foundation (Bret Hart Jim Neidhart) or Road Warriors?
  459. what PPV is more exciting the royal rumble or wrestlemania +BQS?
  460. What is Last Time Chris Benoit Taps Out ?
  461. Tough Enough Questions?
  462. who will win the mucha lucha championship?
  463. Are Submission Finishers slowly becoming Obsolete?
  464. what would you rather have mystery gm or random guess hots?
  465. So when will Curt Hawkins get a push in SmackDown?
  466. Best Manager Ever (WWE) Round 8?
  467. Are Rated RKO teaming up again?
  468. IYO, Who was the most charismatic superstar in WWE history?
  469. Who Is Better Aj Styles Or John Cena As A Wrestler ?
  470. Who was the longest United States champion in WWE history?
  471. Where is Raw next week?
  472. What did you think of Raw last night?
  473. What should i order Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania?
  474. What do you think of this Wrestlemania XXVII match card?
  475. How would you feel if the wwe showed us big show and awesome kong +BQ?
  476. How many times do you reckon Alex Riley received a RKO for the last 4 months + BQ?
  477. (Fill in the Blanks) If The TLC Match Was Never Invented Then ___________?
  478. Who do you think will win at the Royal Rumble?
  479. Best Manager Ever (WWE) Round 8?
  480. Is there a difference between the crossface that Chris Benoit did and the crossface that
  481. Currently, who has the best gimmick in the WWE and why?
  483. Who else is afraid of what WWE will do with Kong?
  484. Was this funny or what? (link inside) + a few BQ?
  485. Does anyone know who will all be in the Royal Rumble?
  486. Question on Tonight's Raw on Usa...I rooted for the bad guys to get the royal rumble and then
  487. question about the WWE?
  488. 40 man royal rumble..?
  489. What if this happens after CM Punk and Wade Barrett's match...?
  490. Chris masters push spoiler?
  491. Royal Rumble Qualifying (1)?
  492. Who was your first wwe/wwf wrestler crush?
  493. Where are you gonna watch the Royal Rumble?
  494. Do they check what you write on the signs you bring to a WWE Wrestling match?
  495. Name somebody, either a wrestler or manager, who you would have liked to see in the NWO but was
  496. Use 5 sentences to describe the NWO?
  497. Who would've Won Matt Morgan vs Brock Lesnar?
  498. I wonder what happened when Raw went off the air?
  499. Is Vince McMahon really a genius?
  500. Should Natayla turn heel?