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  1. is colin delaney any good in the indys?
  2. Who is the least likely to win the RAW SD Elimination Chamber matches?
  3. Was There Ever a Time Where a (Bad Guy) Wrestler That was Cheered So Much, That He Was Forced to...
  4. My WWE Friday Night SmackDown Episode 87 (Rate and Review) + What is the best match you ever saw?
  5. Is the winner of the Elimination Chamber somewhat obvious +BQ?
  6. Why did Vince McMahon publicly fire Jeff Jarrett?
  7. My Dream WrestleMania 27 matches!! Rate?
  8. Do you guys know where I can find knee pads good enough for wrestling but won't clean me out?
  10. Do you think that husky harris is god?
  11. Who will be the Michaels and the Jennety out of LayCool?
  12. Why is Chavo Guerrero held back so much?
  13. Any1 Know of The Wolverine and Danger Boy Alfredo?
  14. What did you think of this moment on Smackdown?
  15. What is a gimmick in the WWE?
  16. how would you make the divas division better if you had it your way survey(random questions inside)?
  17. If cena vs miz happens at wm who would win?
  18. TNA Tournament; Round 2?
  19. What are your opinions on the following wrestlers?
  20. WWE Tournament; Round 1?
  21. (Fill in the Blanks) If Kevin Nash Booker T Wrestle At WM 27 Then There Opponents Should Be
  22. whats it mean to put sombody over clean in the wrestling business?
  23. What do you think of this video?
  24. Where can I buy Randy Orton REAL Lobotomy shirt?
  25. Is it likely that a Michael Cole vs Jerry Lawler match will occur at Wrestlemania 27?
  26. The best theme song of 2010, eliminate 2.?
  27. WWE Version Of Snog Marry Or Avoid?
  28. How good are my seats for WWE Elimination Chamber At the Oracle Arena?
  29. Whens The New Ford movie coming out?
  30. Who would Win: Chris Jericho or Justin Gabriel?
  31. Wrestlemania 28 will be held in Maimi,Fl your thoughts?
  32. Would you say Randy Orton is somewhat of a complainer?
  33. The best theme song of 2010, eliminate 2.?
  34. Was There Ever a Time Where a (Good Guy) Wrestler Came Out And Was Booed Thus Forcing Him...
  35. What is the name of the dance that the Bella Twins come out to during their entrance?
  36. When Do You Think that the Women's Division in WWE Started To Suck?
  37. Has Chris Jericho ever cut a bad promo in WWE?
  38. If You Were a Wrestler And Had the Choice To Choose Which Company You Would Go To,What Would It Be?
  39. Top 10 Storylines/Feuds of 2010...?
  40. Did you know that the host of WrestleMania is actually going to be me?
  41. When is The WWE Going to Announce The Site of Wrestelemania XXVIII?
  42. Who would have won: Chris Jericho (prime) or AJ Styles?
  43. If You Had the Choice To Fire Two Superstars Two Diva's In WWE, Who Would They Be?
  44. how did kane get in the casket at the 2005 royal rumble?
  45. do you think EVan Bourne can return in a match with Undertaker at mania?
  46. Why doesnt the big show get as much stardom as his father Andre?
  47. In your opinion who has had the most unfitting theme music in wrestling history?
  48. The best theme song of 2010, eliminate 2.?
  49. who is more respected in the lockerroom?
  50. if wwe is pg why isnt randy ortons punt banned? with bq?
  51. Do u think Triple H will return at wrestlemania 27?
  52. Do u think that Undertaker will return at Elimination Chamber?
  53. Does The Miz have a submission hold?
  54. Any UNUSED songs that would be good WWE or TNA Theme Songs?
  55. Chris Jericho vs kurt angle vs chris benoit who would win?
  56. ...........Evan Bourne?
  57. you hype if sting come to wwe and will michael cole vs jerry at wrestlemania 27?
  58. why do you think Undertaker is showing up on Raw on 2-21-11?
  59. Has there ever been any 3 vs 3 tag team matches in the elimination chamber?
  60. What do you think about?
  61. i'm sure you're as tired as i am about these raw GM questions, but, do you think it'll ever be...
  62. What's Natalya's theme?
  63. Despite the suggestions we're seeing on here, don't you fear that we could be massively let...
  64. Why don't people like this storyline?
  65. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  66. A few months ago, it seemed that mark henry was really 'over' ....?
  67. Maybe it's just me, but....?
  68. Why does the person in 2-21-11 have to be taker or sting?
  69. Who will be the next Divas champion after Eve Torres?
  70. Have You Noticed How Much Ric Flair Has Aged Since 2008?
  71. Road to Wrestlemania - King of the Ring 1st round?
  72. Does CM Punk date all the Divas?
  73. Oh well, We can forget about Sting vs Undertaker..?
  74. Would you say that CM Punk is now officially for the older crowd what Cena is to the younger?
  75. Is there a Sheamus vs Drew Mcintyre feud somewhere down the road?
  76. Agree or Disagree, The Ministry of Darkness helped out alot with Edge and Christian's Career?
  77. Do you realize wrestling is fake?
  78. Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio? Again?
  79. Anybody at the Smackdown tapeings who can tell em what Packers are there?
  80. Are you getting Chris Jericho's new book?
  81. Do you think the guest host of Wrestlemania 27 could be.....?
  82. Don't you think it was stupid how they made members of the elimination chamber look weak on Raw?
  83. Is tough enough going to come on before or after Raw?
  84. If HHH does not return at the EC ppv would he have to return on Raw?
  85. Batista or Mason Ryan?
  86. the greatest wrestling groups of all time?
  87. Finally Micheal cole is being a heel commentator.....?
  88. I never read spoilers, if people are such big fans why do they always look up what is going...
  89. When was the time when u said?
  90. which family was the greatest in the wwe/wwf history?
  91. Which of Teddy Long's positions did you like best?
  92. Who else would be mad if Justin Bieber was the guest host for WM?
  93. What were the names of all the Stables CM Punk has been in?
  94. Who would win: Melina or Angelina Love?
  95. Sting removed off TNA's website, Thoughts?
  96. Did the WWE security tazer the trouble making We've Cena Nuff sign holder guy?
  97. If WWE is PG, then why does the divas wear those skimpy outfits?
  98. your favorite finisher names ever?
  99. Do You Think that Triple H WIll Be Making His Return At EC Since R-Truth May Be Injured?
  100. Is Saturday Night Main Event ever going to come back?
  101. Will wwe raw ratings go up in the next 2 weeks?
  102. Whos gonna be win in Wrestlemania?
  103. covering some of the themes...?
  104. What is your opinion of WWE SvR games having more violence in than the ACTUAL TV shows?
  105. If John Cena were to turn heel...?
  106. So Undertaker is returning on 2/21/11?
  107. WWE Monday Night Raw 2/14/11?
  108. Sting expected to go back to TNA?
  109. some tips for surviving last wrestling tournament?
  110. rate tonights raw 1-10?
  111. Cena and CM Punk rap battle!?
  112. Will the WM27 host be at Raw next week? +BQ?
  113. What do you think of Sting being removed from the TNA website?
  114. Who is the next wrestler for the wwe title?
  115. Do you think Vince's announcement was a bit disappointing?
  116. What is the first wrestlemania you ever watched?
  117. HHH return, and i am so happy?
  118. Where is Daniel Bryan?
  119. Who do you think will win the Raw Elimination Chamber Match?
  120. Is this the funniest joke that Jerry Lawler has ever told in his entire career?
  121. How long have you been watching WWE?
  122. Who's the most annoying superstar on WWE right now?
  123. Has the WWE ever been in The Netherlands (Holland) before?
  124. mayson ryan did brock lock on r truth?
  125. Will R-Truth become a heel for life in Milwaukee now?
  127. Would you like to see AJ Styles in the WWE one day?
  128. face cole or heel cole?
  129. What did you think of Raw tonight?
  130. If Kofi Kingston didn't take up wrestling, do you think...?
  131. Isn't it plainly obvious that in those dark, spooky promos that...?
  132. Should we expect one of the greatest performances by Lawler at EC?
  133. More Evidence of 2/21/11 Promo Advertising Undertaker?
  134. How many push-ups can Jack Swagger do?
  135. Was that last 2/21/11 promo enough proff to shut up all the sting believers?
  136. the undertaker vs sting and the rock special host of wrestlemania 27?
  137. Was this video as dumb as it sounded?
  138. What are your favorite 5 WWE themes ?
  139. Do you think Andy Kaufman is the guy in the 2 21 11 promos?
  140. If CM Punk asked you to join the New Nexus would you join?
  141. Do you think it is time for John Morrison to turn heel?
  142. Who's hoping that R.Truth is out of the elimination match?
  143. finely something micheal cole says something i agree with cean bores me?
  144. Who won the tag team match with Jerry Lawler Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz Ted DiBiase?
  145. Is Undertaker coming back on 02/21/2011?
  146. Who are the possibilities for RAW GM?
  147. Who is the anonymous general manager, and who is host of wrestle-mania?
  148. Why is John Cena going to kick an elimination chamber?
  149. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  150. How would you feel if justin bieber joined the nexus?
  151. Whatever happened to Kaval?
  152. Is Mason Ryan already a better in-ring than Bore-tista.?
  153. What is your favorite theme song of all-time in WWE, TNA, or ROH?
  154. wrestling section what did this dream mean +BQ?
  155. Who do you think is the guest host for Wrestlemania is?
  156. Who is the hottest WWE Diva right now?
  157. Who has the better young talent tna or wwe ?
  158. which one of these is most important for someone who is 5'9 and 200 lbs starting wrestling?
  159. Why is The Incredible Zacko better than all of you worms?
  160. if mr mcmahon returns to raw tonight could that mean triple h could posssibly return?
  161. What did you think when Eric Bischoff said Sting ain't coming back to TNA on Impact to...
  162. ***SPOILER/RUMOR*** About another Promo airing soon?
  163. Listen up Wrestling Section without Undertaker vs. Sting, why would you waste fifty dollars on
  164. Which match would u rather c at WM 27: Sting vs Taker or Sting Taker vs Kane The Corre? Why?
  165. If we can't get Sting vs Taker at WM 27, why not do Taker vs Vince?
  166. If you were a WWE Superstar would you rather be face or heel?
  167. Do you think that mysterious 2-21-11 video could be for someone else other than Sting or Undertaker?
  168. Would you rather have AJ Styles go to WWE or Evan Bourne go to TNA?
  169. So is for sure 2-21-11 is Taker now?
  170. which match would you rather see at for the wwe championship?
  171. will triple h return(2/7/11) during the otunga vs sheamus match tonight?
  172. So about the new 2-21-11 promo...?
  173. BREAKING NEWS! Vince McMahon to be at RAW tonight?
  174. Who Do You Think Will Be The Guest Host At Wrestlemania XXVII?
  175. LOL, who just saw the R-K-Overrated sign on Raw?
  176. Brock lesnar wwe question?
  177. Which company treats the female wrestlers better?
  178. I actually agree with Cole on RAW?
  179. do you ever wonder why you watch wwe still?
  180. Does anyone else think that David Ortunga doesn't seem like he likes being in the Nexus?
  181. Who do you think will win the Elimination Chambers?
  182. Does Cole have any room to correct R-Truth?
  183. Why did Aaron Rodgers have a wrestling belt after they won the Super Bowl?
  184. CM Punk knows how to hold a grudge!!!?
  185. Do you think WWE should of swiched these 2 matches at Wrestlemania 22?
  186. What did Vince Mcmahon talk about when he was out?
  187. Wouldn't it be funny if...?
  188. how to watch raw through internet?
  189. Do you think Orton actaully broke Punks nose?
  190. That song spoiled the 2.21.11 promo.?
  191. Why do you think Vince McMahon is returning tonight?
  192. What would the WWE be like if Lex Lugar debuted today?
  193. Do you think Aaron Rodgers knows his title belt as the World Heavyweight title, or the WCW...
  194. What are your favorite WWE jokes/poems?
  195. who is the guest host for wrestlemania 27?
  196. why so happy about vince return?
  197. Where are these 12 wrestlers today?
  198. Who do you think would win these matches?
  199. What do you want to happen on Raw tonight?
  200. How does Evan Bourne work 2 jobs, especially when one involves constant traveling?
  201. We need to form a group together and...?
  202. Wrestling Fans (WWE)?
  203. Who's the youngest wrestler in the WWE right now? the oldest?
  204. Does John Cena wrestle in jorts to connect with his low-class, trailer park fans?
  205. What do you find is most essential for mic work to be regarded as a great mic worker?
  206. Who should be my favorite??
  207. Why doesn't WWE do Booker T vs Undertaker WM 27 two legends goin at it?
  208. I want to become a WWE Diva?
  209. Does Mark Henry need to go to Ring of Honor?
  210. Who is the longest Cruiserweight champion in WWE history (Besides Gregory Helms)?
  211. Best wrestling shoot interviews?
  212. ok im bored so ill ask a random question!?
  213. Do you think Mr. Anderson will brag about the Packers winning the superbowl on TNA?
  214. Vince is returning to RAW tonight, what do we expect?
  215. WWE Survey: Give it a shot?
  216. What would WWE do if anything happened to Chris Jericho?
  217. If you could become a wrestler, what would you do?
  218. When will The Greak Khali reach the wrestling ability of Shawn Michaels?
  219. Who do you think has the best body, Trish Stratus in her prime or Angelina Love or Velvet Sky or...
  220. Could it actually turn out that TNA not re-uniting MEM was a good thing?
  221. why do chris masters and the incredible zacko cheat?
  222. What do you think is going to happen on Raw tonight?
  223. Who will be Eve's first challenger?
  224. Which Diva entrance song is the best you ever heard?
  225. Who thinks WWE is too realistic?
  226. Do you think there is a double standard between WWE and TNA?
  227. John cena needs the belt back who agrees?
  228. Why don't you peasants have a loyal servant that is willing to give you best answer?
  229. So how far is Atlanta from Maryland?
  230. I am tired of the WWE cause the WWE is fake and little kids keep popping up like dandelions?
  231. When will Triple H return?
  232. Why did Triple H choose to join Evolution?
  233. Why did Shawn retire from WWE?
  234. Why John Cena chose to be overrated?
  235. Wrestling section scott Hall or Jake Roberts whos drunken drug fuled binges are more entertaining?
  236. List your 10 favourite wrestling crowd pops of all time?
  237. Who is the Bestest wrestler in dee whole wide world?
  238. can you imagine undertaker coming out to this?
  239. i just wanted to say that you're not enough for me?
  240. True or False Triple H returned only once in his career?
  241. Do you think if WWE has blood again the ratings will go up?
  242. I need help with my love life+BQ?
  243. Is it normal for me to have a slight growth on my pwnis?
  244. Why did WWE make Bobby Lashley win The Money in The Bank at Wrestlemania 15?
  245. Why do you people think that the problem with WWE is that its PG? ?
  246. What movie is Ted Dibiase Jr in?
  247. Why in the attitude era was Rikishi dancing over with the fans when?
  248. would the wwe be a fun buisness to work in?
  249. if teddy long comes back, do you think he will hire Kelly Kelly again?
  250. Do you think Vince McMahon will be inducted in the HOF once he officially retires from his position?
  251. what do you honestly think about the future of the WWE?
  252. Do you think Booker T and Kevin Nash should be on commentary for RAW and replace Cole and Lawler?
  253. What if Bret Hart would have just lost his title in Montreal like he was supposed to?
  254. How awesome would this be?
  255. What if.....(theoretical situations)?
  256. the marine 1 or 2....?
  257. rock or booker..............?
  258. best actor cena or rock?
  259. is otunga the new rock?
  260. willorton be as good without the rko?
  261. rko or scs...............?
  262. Hulk Hogan Bischoff Should Be Fired Any One Agree?
  263. Did anyone know that Michael Cole also works for TNA?
  264. cena or rock..........?
  265. 619 or rko............?
  266. Should Kofi Kingston lose the Intercontinental championship to Jack Swagger?
  267. wade or sheamus......?
  268. y do people get points in nxt?
  269. orton or the rock......?
  270. who is tarver with.....?
  271. rock sock or brock...?
  272. is cena a good actor.?
  273. did u laugh when show called heath wendy?
  274. do u like nxt.............?
  275. do u like the nexus...?
  276. do u like the corre...?
  277. hbk or eddie g...............?
  278. would u like the american bad A55 to return?
  279. orton or wade///////////?
  280. rey or eddie..........?
  281. is ted d a good actor?
  282. justin or wade or otunga?
  283. bret or eddie..........?
  284. will del rio ever be as good as eddie g?
  285. what is the best return in history?
  286. goldberg or cena........?
  287. orton or rock or eddie?
  288. cena or orton.........?
  289. stone cold or rocky...?
  290. is the rock a good actor?
  291. kurt or orton.............?
  292. do u think sub zero is an A55 wipe?
  293. when is a dvd dedicated to randy orton coming out?
  294. how much does a u cant see me necklace cost?
  295. what is the best question in the ws?
  296. Did this ever catch your eye?
  297. Who Would've Won Elijah Burke vs Dolph Ziggler?
  298. Who Would've Won Sycho Sid Vs Brock Lesnar?
  299. when will reed flair debut in tna?
  300. do you see reid or david flair becomeing as big as his father?
  301. Why r u ppl ask about AJ Style faces?
  302. am i the only one that knows chris benoit has another son and a daughter?
  303. What happened to Paul Bearer being Kane's manager in the WWE?
  304. What is the name of TNA's developmental territory?
  305. whats with the erik/hogan/flair storyline in TNA?
  306. who would win tna v.s wwe?
  307. Is it true Shawn Michaels was once on cocaine?
  308. WWE vs TNA??????????????
  309. Serious Question: Is Jeff Hardy really going to prison for drug possession?
  310. Where would wwe be if beniot and guererro hadnt died(plus bq)?
  311. why did daniel bryan get fired for choking that ring announcer if it was scripted?
  312. TNA VS. WWE, Who would win these matches?
  313. Which wwe divas of all time were hotter poll?
  314. Agree or disagree: You respect professional wrestling?
  315. If you could have one WWE Championship title and Diva?
  316. What do you think of this Wrestlemania card, Cole-Miners?
  317. How much would you mark out if you were watching the main event of TNA Impact when...?
  318. Should John Morrison just turn heel... start dating The Bellas, and take the US title from Daniel
  319. Do you prefer Vladamir Kozlov's gimmick when he first started or his current mid card
  320. Do you think there are any children out there that idolize me, and have my poster on their wall?
  321. What would your reaction be if the character advertised for 21/02/11 turned out to be Big Daddy V?
  322. What are your thoughts on Jack Swagger not being in the elimination chamber?
  323. what would make the WWE really good?
  324. Sting in WWE on 2/21/11?
  325. about the wwe's pg era?
  326. question about the WWE's pg era?
  327. Of the wrestlers no longer wrestling, who would you have liked to see win the wwe/wwf title?
  328. Wwe is really f---ing themselves? ?
  329. If Randy Orton hears voices in his head, then why doesn't he see a doctor and get medication...
  330. Does vince mcmahon acually own the wwe or is he just a charecter?
  331. I seriously just saw someone say that chavo and Vickie Guerrero are kept in the wwe because of
  332. what do you think of my custom titantron for curt hawkins?
  333. WWE Will Stay In PG For Ever ?
  334. Should I beg My mother to go To Wrestlemania 27?
  335. If you could choose which group to be in would it be Nexus or the Corre?
  336. What is a mark?(20 characters)?
  337. Why do people keep asking about the 2-21-11 promo?
  338. Can we all agree 100% that Sting that is not coming to the WWE?
  339. How do you guys all the way to Level 7 Im still on Level 2 what do you get when you get that high?
  340. Wrestling Trivia #2 (Difficult)?
  341. What do you think of The Chaperon?
  342. who will have the greatest return this year?
  343. WCW on Thursday nights now?
  344. Why do so many people hate Hulk Hogan?
  345. Is there anyone here that keeps up with wrestling from Mexico, by watching video online or some
  346. how do wwe wreslers go about using other artist's music?
  347. Does anyone here actually watch videos or keep up with Japanese wrestling?
  348. Spoils Edge to win leave EC still WHC?
  349. Is it Alberto Del Rio's destiny to win the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 27?
  350. What do you think about the 2.21.11?
  351. Could this be the greatest match in Wrestling history and BQ?
  352. When did WWE turn PG?
  353. Hello Wrestling Section, I would like to introduce myself?
  354. Is it weird that I masturbate to WWE wrestlers when they are in action pinning each other?
  355. Name 5 wrestlers that got the Mandible Claw?
  356. What is the best website to sell your wwe tickets in the uk?
  357. what would you do ifyou were watching raw one day (daniel bryan still us champ) and....?
  358. Wrestling Trivia #1 (First right gets BA)?
  359. Will Kevin Nash/Diesel Wrestle at Wrestlemania? Against Who?
  360. Everything Matt Hardy does annoys me ! LOL?
  361. Do you think that some of the WWE superstars wear Make-Up!?
  362. Major Sting to WWE rumor killer your thoughts?
  363. Name 5 wrestlers that got the Sweet Chin Music?
  364. what do you think the New Concept is?
  365. how many tag teams does wwe have and what are they?
  366. watch this video you guys i made it myself?
  367. LMFAO : CM Punk sells a move by speech?
  368. Is anyone else getting sick of these repetitive questions?
  369. What is the best match in Wrestlemania History that does not include Undertaker or Shawn Micheals?
  370. The answer to 2.21.11 Is........?
  371. who would compare john morrison too? i would say he's comparable to rick rude or mr. perfect?
  372. On SvR 2011 Who are your Champions?
  373. Who had more charisma: Chris Jericho or the Rock?
  374. Is Undertaker still coming 2.21.11?
  375. Which WWE/WWF superstars had the scariest theme music of all time ?
  376. are you impressed by these clips of curt hawkins?
  377. I Need Help With This Please?
  378. is the suicide soultion in SVR2011?
  379. Is The Undertaker Coming Back?!?
  380. What was the 1st Last Man Standing Match?
  381. Would you all consider this?
  382. any indian wrestlers besides sonjay dutt and the great botch khali?
  383. Which Wrestling Patriot Gimmick works Better: American Patriot, Foreign Patriots or US Army Patriot?
  384. Sting made no contacts wow am I disappointed?
  385. on a scale from 1-10 rate these wrestling legends ?
  386. Which Wrestlemania match do you think was better between The Undertaker vs HBK?
  387. what's that move called when you have the person in suplex position but then drop them
  388. Who's more likely to be Rey Mysterio's Wrestlemania opponent?
  389. is the undertaker coming back?
  390. Should WWE bring back Armageddon for 2012?
  391. anyone else hope sting (if he is signed) and taker stay in the wwe until wrestlemania 29?
  392. Who else is done with SEscoops?
  393. Is this john cena real body?
  394. If you where a manager of any current wrestlers from either the wwe or tna +BQ?
  395. Which superstar do you miss the most?
  396. Is it sting ? is it the undertaker ? or is it THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR ?
  397. What is better, Hulk Hogan or a cat fart?
  398. How funny would it be if someone delivered a chokeslam during an amateur wrestling event at
  399. What is your opinion about John Cena vs JBL's feud back in 2008?
  400. Here is a poll for Yahoo Answers please vote!?
  401. Do you think TNA try to hard to use extreme stunts and bloody violence because they know WWE can'?t?
  402. rate my sting wwe debut 1/10?
  403. how is John Morrison bad on the Mic?
  404. You ever think that the Bella Twins are more then sisters?
  405. Easy WWE Quiz winner with most correct answers gets 10 points!!?
  406. Help! I came home from work early to find my wife in bed with another man. I may have...
  407. How would you rate my ending to SD's Elimination Chamber?
  408. To improve his gimmick, should Jack Swagger become a 2 Time 2 Time All American American United
  409. would let me hear you screamby ozzy osbourne be a good wwe theme for sting?
  410. Do you like Chris Jericho?
  411. Who do you think has better in ring ability, Daniel Bryan or Jesse Neal?
  412. Which WWE PPV do you believe should be removed and which do you want back?
  413. Why does everyone say that it was my fault?
  414. Which WWE PPV do you believe should be removed and which do you want back?
  415. Do you like Chris Jericho?
  416. How would you rate my ending to SD's Elimination Chamber?
  417. What are your honestly thoughts about John Morrison?
  418. why do people hate and tna for stealing so called wwe rejects and making them main eventers?
  419. shouls the wwe championship go to smackdown?
  420. So anyway I was watching TNA the other day?
  421. Can you name all the royal rumble runner ups?
  423. Which Match do you Prefer: Cage Match or Hell in a Cell?
  424. Was it my fault that Kane and Lita's Baby died?
  425. who is better?????????
  426. r u going to watch wm 27?
  427. Is Booker T the new smackdown commentator?
  428. how many wwe dvds do u own?
  429. sting or taker......?
  430. do u hate tna...........?
  431. what would b ur dream elimination chamber card/?
  432. Do you think WWE should make Rosa Alberto Del Rio's Valet?
  433. In your opinion is Chris Jericho the most cheered when he's a heel?
  434. Who thinks that Kass user is a wannabe Diva?
  435. Is sting comin to wwe?
  436. are dolph ziggler and alberto del rio going to be the new john cena and batista?
  437. Are you happy that the WWE is considering inducting Abdullah the Butcher into the HOF?
  438. Will Matt Striker become the Smackdown GM?
  439. Does anyone remember the feud between JBL Eddie Guerrero?
  440. Is Booker T a WWE Legend or WCW Legend or a Legend in both +BQ?
  441. TNA Rating 1.31 1,953,000 viewers Without Booker T And Nash And Sting ?
  442. Unscramble This Wrestler:?
  443. How sad it is to see Edge have more WWE Title reigns than Rock, Hogan, Austin, Hart?
  444. Around what percentage of women watch professional wrestling?
  445. am i the only one who is sick of the questions about 2/21/11 +BQ?
  446. Why did the wwe allow Booker T and Kevin Nash to come back?
  447. Who do you think the 2/21/11 is in wwe?
  448. Who do you think the raw gm is?
  449. Undertaker vs Sting at WM 27 ... I DON'T GET IT oO?
  450. Is chris Jericho coming back to the wwe?
  451. Are House Shows scripted?
  452. What are some memorable Wrestling events that happened on your Birthday?
  453. Kelly Kelly fired from Vickie Guerrero and...?
  454. How many ladder matches have there been in ROH history?
  455. how good did kelly kelly look?
  456. Can you name any WWE wrestler who has been able to entertain WWE fans more than Stone Cold
  457. anyone else wish el mesias (aka judas mesias) would come back to TNA so we can see...?
  458. My grandmother was dashing ahaha?
  459. What's next for Mcintyre?
  460. Agree or Disagree, 2008 was the good year for WWE?
  462. Is Kelly Kelly reall fi....?
  463. whos tired of jerry lawler like i am?
  464. Where is Raw this monday?
  465. What would happen if a championship changed hands at a wwe house show?
  466. Triple h doesn't want another world tittle: interested in pushing younger wrestlers.?
  467. What is better, Hulk Hogan or a cat fart?
  468. WWE Past and Present tournament Round 1: eliminate 2?
  469. Did melina really sue Batista?
  470. thumbs up thumbs down game what is the most annoying quote in wwe history ?
  471. If In Your House returned as a PPV, do you think they should have an Undertaker themed PPV?
  472. In Wrestling Skills, who was More Overrated: Stone Cold or The Rock? And Why?
  473. If Dixie Carter spoiled Sting's WWE Debut, would it be like Mick Foley putting A**es in Seats?
  474. WWE good at making us guess on 2/21/11 promo?
  475. Early Prediction for most disgusting promotional Tactic 2011?
  476. does this generation of fans think they know more then they do because of the internet ?
  477. why do people want the wwe to do away with the brand extension?
  478. who do u think is gonna win the elimination chamber matches?
  479. Why do you consider WWE a sport when it's just a Man's Soap Opera?
  480. IF The Undertaker Returns at 2/21/11 RAW, why do you think Undertaker will be on RAW, not SmackDown?
  481. My WWE Raw Episode 86 (Rate and Review) + Is Ezekial Jackson another version of Ahmed Johnson?
  482. My Friday Night SmackDown episode 85 (Rate and Review) + Which group will disband first, Nexus...
  483. Anybody miss In Your House PPVs?
  484. Do you think now Booker T is on the announcers team that the Jerry the king Lawler will
  485. Who would win this match?
  486. What do you guys think of the WWE pushing another old guy for the WWE title?
  487. Who's more popular among WWE fans right now?
  488. Agree or Disagree, 2009 was the last good year for TNA?
  489. Who'd Win Davey Richards vs Kurt Angle?
  490. There is no difference between WWE and a Soap Opera, Agree?
  491. When will chris masters get his push?
  492. Would you agree this is the biggest pop in Wrestling history +BQ?
  493. Which WWE year do you think was better:WWE in 2006 or in 2009 and why?
  494. Which was the worst WWE PPV that you ever watch?
  495. Who would've Won Taz Vs Rey Mysterio Jr?
  496. Which Raw song do you think was the best and the wrost?
  497. I Know it's Undertaker from 2.21.11?
  498. WWE Fans: Fill in the blanks +BQ?
  499. Who would Win: Justin Gabriel or Evan Bourne?
  500. Who was the longest European champion in WWE history?