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  1. Is TNA so broke they could only afford half a mannequin?
  2. 2 questions about Jeff Hardy (Willow)?
  3. Whys Randy Orton get so much hell?
  4. How did the Bromans get the tag titles back?
  5. Is Daniel Bryan Just USING His Fans To Get To The Top In WWE .. !?
  6. So CM Punk is selfish cuz he wasn't on the main event storyline no more so he quit, hypocrit much?
  7. what about these match ups..?
  8. i would love to see bray whyatt sister abbagail Daniel Bryan...?
  9. Do you own WWE 2K14?
  10. Bray whyatt= most entertaining and explosive wrestler?
  11. Should WWE provide it's wrestlers with health insurance?
  12. What do you think about this Statement on Total Nonstop Action Vs World Wrestling Entertainment?
  13. Why aren't they pushing Damien Sandow?
  14. Professional Wrestling: What do you think about this Interview with Seth Rollins?
  15. Professional Wrestling: Why U No Like Daniel Bryan?
  16. Will AJ be divas champ for 5 years?
  17. Why would you guys believe dirt sheets which is purely speculation over actual shoots
  18. Did I just hear somebody say WWE wrestlers are tougher than MMA fighters?
  19. Doesn't It Make You LAUGH When People Say RYBACK Is A Jobber .. !?
  20. Wrestling is fake?
  21. Name one Male and one female independent wrestler you want WWE to sign?
  22. Who was a better pure wrestler Scott or Rick Steiner?
  23. Is Michelle McCool ever going to return to World Wrestling Entertainment?
  24. What are the biggest problems in WWE?
  25. Did Kevin Nash trademark vanilla midget?
  26. Professional Wrestling: Why doesn't ROH/NJPW have a National Televised Contract again?
  27. Professional Wrestling: What is your opinion on Maryland Championship Wrestling?
  28. Professional Wrestling: Please Explain to me how these World Wrestling Entertainment
  29. WWE Question?
  30. Anyone know the second theme in The Undertaker Vs Brock Lesnar Promo that showed on 3/12/2014's...
  31. Professional Wrestling: Which Rivalry from Ring Of Honor had a better story?
  32. Your thoughts on AMC wanting to buy WWE?
  33. Professional Wrestling: What is your opinion on Maryland Championship Wrestling?
  34. What are some good things about WWE right now?
  35. My WrestleMania 30 predictions?
  36. Who was the closes to beating the Undertaker at Wrestlemania?
  37. What are your real ws nominations?
  38. Do you prefer storylines and characters or great wrestling matches?
  39. Why some fans only watch wrestling for the storylines?
  40. Which WWE Star Would You Yell At If You Met Them?
  41. Which WWE Superstar Have You Met?
  42. WRESTLING : Whats something you would like to see happen in the wwe ring?
  43. WRESTLING : Does the WWE WHC belt matter to you anymore?
  44. WRESTLING : SHIELD vs POWER-PUFF GIRLS : Who would win in this match?
  45. Is there any unwritten WWE rules in the ring or backstage like there is in Baseball?
  46. Why is The Rock the only one not to walk out of Wrestlemania as champion?
  47. Was Chyna Overrated?
  48. What wrestler makes you flip the tv channels?
  49. Why would people say Chyna was overrated?
  50. Why do people hate Chris Sabin so much?
  51. how much money is this Wrestlemania worth?
  52. If the shield are bad guys why didn't roman attack Henry during the match when he hit Seth Rollins?
  53. WS: How angry will fans be if Triple H beats Bryan in 18 seconds?
  54. WS: What does the WWE hold against Dolph Ziggler?
  55. Why did tna break up the (motor city machine guns)?
  56. Professional Wrestling: What was your opinion on World Wrestling Entertainment's Main Event?
  57. which WWE wrestlers do you..?
  58. Triple H and Vince McMahon?
  59. For Dave Batista Haters?
  60. an you explain to me how you squash a Twenty-Thirty minute match into Five - Nine Minutes?
  61. People do realize. From Day One Professional Wrestling has always been about Entertainment right?
  62. Other than the Undertaker who is undefeated at wrestlemania?
  63. Do You Think We Will See Great Things From WWE This Year?
  64. Can anybody take Alexander Rusev seriously...?
  65. Professional Wrestling: Since Ring Of Honor is so good should World Wrestling Entertainment
  66. i am getting tired of the "yes thing , how about you?
  67. WHO will john cena face at wrestlemania?
  68. Is this the most powerful Thor war song ever or what?
  69. Im so tired of this Daniel Bryan and Yes chant, arent you?
  70. Does anyone miss CM Punk? When did he leave?
  71. Will Shane, Stephanie, and Triple H share Vince Mcmahon 1.2 billion dollars equally?
  72. Do you think Christopher Daniels is making fun of Shawn Michaels?
  73. I'm not hating on TNA but do anybody else think the American Wolves is just an average tag team?
  74. Is Jim Ross the most overrated announcer of all time?
  75. Do you think TNA would be competition for WWE if they purchased ROH?
  76. Professional Wrestling: How is World Wrestling Entertainment at it's worst point since 1995?
  77. Professional Wrestling: Why do people always rag on the Parental Guidance Era?
  78. 2009 - 2012 How many Five Star Championship Matches did 'Captain Charisma' Christian Have?
  79. Who is Amy Lee and what does she have to do with Aj Lee?
  80. Was Buff Bagwell right to criticize CM Punk?
  81. Why Does Everybody Hate John Cena?
  82. I thought this was a sports section?
  83. WRESTLING : Don't you realized how much of a waste KANE have become?
  84. When is CM Punk coming back?
  85. Is the wrestling section user "did i do dat" gone for good?
  86. Who is better in wrestling edge or triple h?
  87. Now that MVP is in TNA?
  88. is John Cena's WWE stock dropping?
  89. If wwe is not predictable tell me what it is?
  90. Who is really better rey mysterio or ultimo dragon?
  91. If you could ask vince mcmahon 5 question what would it be?
  92. Titles should be something you EARN?
  93. Was last night the beginning of the end for wwe?
  94. Who is the bigger backstage politic triple h or kevin nash?
  95. Wrestling Slammys Votes?
  96. Who Do You THINK Is Going To Win The Battle Royal At WrestleMania .. !?
  97. Why aren't these people in WWE?
  98. Who is your favorite MMA style shoot kicker in pro wrestling?
  99. who is the most respected guy in the WWE backstage right now?
  100. WRESTLING : Who has a better future in the wwe : TITUS O'NEIL or SANDOW?
  101. WRESTLING : ERICK ROWAN or LUKE HARPER : Who do you find as a better wrestler?
  102. Why Can't WWE Fans Just Admit WWE Is Better Without CM Punk .. !?
  103. WS: Is Seth Rollins a future World Champion?
  104. Wrestling: Can you give me a Download Link to Chris Jericho's OLD theme song?
  105. who sings the Wyatt Family theme?
  106. if Undertaker gonna induct Paul Bearer in HoF, will he break kayfabe? WWE?
  107. What's your opinion about Hulk hogan's announcement? Bq: Who'll win that match?
  108. Who got the best legs in WWE? Renee Young or Summer Rae?
  109. what ppv did elmination chamber debut at?
  110. Question about Brock Lesnar?
  111. Wrestling: Would rather wrestle Brock Lesnar or Samoa Joe?
  112. What will Daniel Bryan fans do when HHH beats Bryan in 18 seconds?
  113. Will Brock Lesner be the one?
  114. If Hogan HAD to have 1 more match?
  115. If UnderTaker had 6 opponents left?
  116. Do you think adding Bryan in is admitting?
  117. Where can I read a full year recap for WWE from 2012-2013 and onward?
  118. Will Daniel Bryan will the WWE World Heavyweight title at WrestleMania XXX?
  119. List the spears best to worst?
  120. Isn't it nice how if you actually understand what is going on you must be sucking on
  121. Is Bully Ray a face now or was siding with MVP just a business decision?
  122. Who is more annoying , Paul heyman JBL or Zeb Colter and why?
  123. Would it be cool if WWE fired JBL and brought in Edge as a commentator?
  124. Do you think daniel bryan vs the undertaker in a hell in a cell match would be good?
  125. Is Mark Henry back to being a jobber again?
  126. When is dean ambrose going to defend his title?
  127. Has Vince McMahon put WWE in rear view?
  128. If you could hang out with any WWE wrestler past or present, who and why?
  129. WRESTLING : NOW...lets be honest : Who would win, PRIME TAKER vs PRIME GOLDBERG?
  130. Don't you think it's nice how Professional Wrestlers of a different Race always get excused?
  131. Who's ur favorite wwe superstar or diva and why?
  132. Was throwing your opponent over the top rope ever illegal in wwf?
  133. What happened to CM Punk?
  134. Do You Believe Aj Lee is getting punished because of CM Punk's Departure?
  135. Professional Wrestling: Most Recent Lamest Complaint you've heard about World Wrestling...
  136. Do you agree The yes movement is a prime example of why pg sucks?
  137. What was your favorite match in WWE of all time?
  138. If pg is not to blame how come WWE got boring in 2006?
  139. What is your top 5 dream feuds?
  140. Why is Daniel Bryan so over with the fans?
  141. What is it you like about your favorite superstar specificly?
  142. Would You Rather Have the traditional survivor series back or King Of The Ring back?
  143. Professional Wrestling: Are You Backing 'Long Island Iced Z' Zack Ryder Again?
  144. Professional Wrestling: 'Predictable' Isn't that a common word these days?
  145. Is It Wrong That I Just Had An ORGASM Over Daniel Bryan .. !?
  146. Professional Wrestling: John Cena Can't Wrestle?
  147. who is better john cena or daniel bryan?
  148. Is WWE wrestling real or fake? I personally think its fake?
  149. Is Daniel Bryan More Popular Than The Rock And Stone Cold .. !?
  150. Professional Wrestling: Currently what is wrong with WWE's Writing?
  151. did the members of the Yes Movement get milk and cookies?
  152. Professional Wrestling: What was so damn impressive about Bill Goldberg?
  153. How would you rate Raw tonight?
  154. Was Goldberg's only good match at Halloween Havoc 1998 against DDP?
  155. Who are the Hottest WWE divas and TNA knockouts?
  156. Goldberg is nothing more than John Cena with the fans behind him?
  157. Can they bring in Sami Zayn to Raw to translate for us?
  158. If you ran WWE what Superstar and Diva would you pair together as a couple?
  159. Professional Wrestling: Are You Backing 'Long Island Iced Z' Zack Ryder Again?
  160. Does the wwe network work on roku or apple tv yet?
  161. How many people have signed up for wwe network so far?
  162. Who would win Bobby lashley vs daniel brian in a steel cage match?
  163. Do you agree with me that Wrestlemana 30 will be so predictable?
  164. Roman reigns so unimpressive in the ring?
  165. What Do You Think Of This WWE Joke.. !?
  166. will cm punk come back to wwe?
  167. WS: Which is your favorite submission hold?
  168. Are you surprised WWE signed back Hulk Hogan since he did a s*x tape?
  169. Do you think Hulk Hogan may be the new king of Memphis?
  170. So Batista is gone be champion at Summerslam because he has a movie being released around
  171. WRESTLING : When RYBACK use to say "FEED ME MORE" : What in the world is it he want's us to
  172. Who Has The Most Potential In The WWE?
  173. Do You Agree That Aj Lee Is Sexier Than Stephanie McMahon .. !?
  174. What Does The Winner Of The Battle Royal Get .. !?
  175. Does the Internet really write RAW?
  176. Why Is Triple H Scared Of Daniel Bryan .. !?
  177. Can you name me a Daniel Bryan hater that watch ROH, NJPW or MMA?
  178. Why Do You Still Watch WWE When It's So Boring .. !?
  179. WRESTLING : Why is the wwe so racial against black African american's?
  180. Professional Wrestling: When did it become a 'Thing' to hate What is Popular?
  181. What Is Your Reaction Going To Be When Ryback Wins The Battle Royal .. !?
  182. Do You Remember When It Was Considered Cool To Be A WWE Fan .. !?
  183. If Daniel Bryan Doesn't Win The WWE Title At WrestleMania 30, We Riot .. !?
  184. Should Daniel Bryan Beat Triple H, Win The WWE Title And End The Undertaker's Streak At...
  185. The Ascension
  186. This is the most ridiculous thing that has ever happened agree?
  187. So Daniel Bryan is gonna bury Orton Batista and HHH all in one night ?
  188. what does it mean to go over? (WWE)?
  189. What do you think of my RAW review?
  190. Do you think fans set the bar too high?
  191. Is Batista really 6'6 because Orton is 6'4 and he was towering over Batista?
  192. Did the WWE forgot that Cena was kayfabe injured?
  193. How would you react if a Diva or Hornswoggle ended Undertakers wrestlemania streak?
  194. Why does paul heyman always say " ladies & gentlemen my name is Paul Heyman"? Isnt it very annoying?
  195. What is the real name of Emma's Emma lock submission hold? is it deadly?
  196. Which WWE diva past or present would u like to hangout with? why?
  197. Wrestling: Do you think Owen would have made it a better career than Bret?
  198. Was LockDown crazy or what?
  199. Do people really seriously respect Triple H?
  200. Professional Wrestling: Don't you wish Sheamus was in the Memphis Street Fight with somebody
  201. Professional Wrestling: What was your opinion on World Wrestling Entertainment's Monday Night RAW!?
  202. Just Started Watching Raw And I Heard If Super Bryan Can Beat HHH At WM 30 He Will Be Added
  204. WS How Unrealistic Will It Look When Super Bryan Beats HHH At Wrestlemania 30?
  205. has wwe become boring?
  206. So Aj is getting pushed aside for The Total Divas?
  207. WWE Diva Natayla?
  208. Does the Undertaker watch the WWE Network in peace?
  209. Professional Wrestling: Why do people Underrate Daniel Bryan's Single Leg High Knee?
  210. Just a random question but do u guys find Dixie Carter attractive?
  211. Which wrestlers did you mix up as a kid?
  212. top 5 most hated wrestlers?
  213. Who would win between brood shield?
  214. top 5 fav wrestlers ever an now?
  215. Is The Rock Going To Be At WrestleMania 30 .. !?
  216. wrestlers look funny no hair?
  217. Did Hogan just say nypho hulkamaniacs?
  218. Why does John Cena look so confused in the ring with Hogan?
  219. Do you think TNA will have brand extensions in the future?
  220. What was Hulk Hogan's major announcement?
  221. Tna fans: are u tired of wwe fan boys?
  222. Professional Wrestling: You must be a John Cena or Daniel Bryan fan if you disagree with me,...
  223. Professional Wrestling: Why is everybody getting the 'Work Load' Excuse in Total Nonstop Action now?
  224. How could anyone deny it?
  225. Professional Wrestling: People do realize The Spirit Squad was suppose to be Stupid right?
  226. Count how many Previous World Wrestling Entertainment Wrestlers got handed the TNA Championship?
  227. why doesn't cena do the entrances at wm anymore?
  228. Who else thinks Hulk Hogan will announce himself as special guest referee for Orton Vs....
  229. would you rather see taker vs sting?
  230. Professional Wrestling: Are people actually dumb enough to believe 'Shoots'?
  231. If you could only see 1 of these?
  232. If you could choose 2 wrestlers from any era to start a company with who would you pick.?
  233. Professional Wrestling: IF Jim Cornette returned to World Wrestling Entertainment who should he
  234. who is a better wrestler??
  235. Could TNA sellout the superdome?
  236. Professional Wrestling: Should we be kissing TNA's Feet?
  237. Who is best and worst pro wrestling commentators of all time?
  238. Who is a better in ring wrestler?
  239. What is Hulk Hogan's announcement tonight on Raw?
  240. would u like to see the nexus return?
  241. Do you think Cesaro is better than Dbry?
  242. If your could bring back any of these factions?
  243. who is bigger???????????????????
  244. Would you rather Shane or HHH?
  245. Who is a better wrestler?
  246. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?
  247. WWE Network question?
  248. Is the WWE house shows part of the storyline? BQ: What is dark match(es)?
  249. Wrestling Section: Why don't you answer my questions?
  250. If you had to choose any one of the following with your life stake, what would it be?
  251. Professional Wrestling: Anybody remember the time people actually thought Kenny Dykstra would be...
  252. Tna: is this true or no?
  253. Wrestling: what's with the hate?
  254. Do wwe fans make u feel embarrass to be a wrestling fan?
  255. Does dealing with television networks make you a credible wrestling company?
  256. How come World Wrestling Entertainment doesn't know how to build guys up when they return?
  257. Professional Wrestling: How Did World Wrestling Entertainment No 'Build Up' RVD,...
  258. Professional Wrestling: Did Total Nonstop Action drop the ball?
  259. Professional Wrestling: What Makes 'Captain Charisma' Christian Impressive?
  260. Is every wrestlers goal to get to WWE?
  261. WWSE Broke the Agreement?
  262. Who is this dolphins1925 reddit guy?
  263. You know the difference between Shawn Michaels Vs. Bret "Hit Man" Hart - Wrestlemania XII and...
  264. WWE Network question?
  265. If Ring Of Honor was on a National Televised Pro Wrestling Promotion on a Major Network on
  266. Professional Wrestling: Did Total Nonstop Action drop the ball?
  267. Survivor Series 2001 Brawl For it all?
  268. Who else thinks Jeff Hardy looks dumb as the Willow character?
  269. who would win the following matches?
  270. Do you get depressed talking about World Wrestling Entertainment?
  271. WS: Which of these matches (Present versus Past) is your DREAM match?
  272. Agree/Disagree: Big Show & Kane vs. HHH & Kurt Angle w/ Ric Flair in mid-to-late 2005 would've...
  273. Do you think The Shackles that World Wrestling Entertainment put on their Wrestlers
  274. who will accept EC3 's open challenge tonight at Lockdown?
  275. Is Jeff Hardy going to return as Pillow?
  276. List these wrestlers from best to worst?
  277. How stupid is it that in TNA you can break a hold in a cage match by reaching the ropes?
  278. Professional Wrestling: WHY CAN'T PEOPLE SEEM TO MOVE ON?
  279. Professional Wrestling: Why did nobody complain about the misuse of these Professional Wrestlers?
  280. Professional Wrestling: Why do people think their is no IWC simple because everybody as
  282. Professional Wrestling: Should Total Nonstop Action be the most popular Professional Wrestling
  283. Professional Wrestling: Would Any Of This Make World Wrestling Entertainment 'Better'?
  284. Professional Wrestling: Doesn't this pretty much sum up their whole Section?
  285. Professional Wrestling: Are Steel Cage Matches Really That Impressive to build an entire
  286. Professional Wrestling: Did "Stone Cold" Steve Austin 'Bury' The Big Show when he pinned him?
  287. IF these Professional Wrestlers hadn't Died do you think they'd been good Matches for The Streak?
  288. Professional Wrestling: Why do ROH Fans think Bare Basic Professional Wrestling 'Tells...
  289. Will bully ray turn face?
  290. Professional Wrestling: DID YOU KNOW: 95% of the people here are bold face Hypocrities?
  291. rate the wm30 card so far???
  292. Professional Wrestling: Wait. So. Let me get this straight. Sin Cara has Fans!?!?
  293. WRESTLING : If TAKER was to reform the new MINISTRY : Which 6 superstars would you include?
  294. WWE Network WrestleMania XXVII question?
  295. Roman Reigns arm tattoo, what is it?
  296. Do Ethan Carter III, Gunner, Jessie Godderz, Magnus, Robbie E and Samuel Shaw bring Ratings?
  297. WRESTLING : GUY'S....can you name these wwe superstar's by initials (LIST ENCLOSED)?
  298. Professional Wrestling: What's the best Active Professional Wrestling Promotion in these Countries?
  299. Wrestling: how can people hate on tna for Kurt angles position?
  300. Should I get these wrestling shoes for my boyfriend?!?!?!?
  301. Is Ultimate Warrior wrestling at wm30?
  302. Professional Wrestling: Do you think Ethan Carter III is 'Money' for Total Nonstop Action?
  303. Is this really the WM30 Card for true?
  304. why do wwe call them rookies?
  305. Professional Wrestling: Does Total Nonstop Action Need 'Saving' or is Impact! Wrestling doing...
  306. WRESTLING : TRUE or FALSE : The ULTIMATE WARRIOR was the worst skilled wrestler?
  307. Can you see TNA pulling a double cross tonight?
  308. Dave Hytmen: What do you have against Kofi Kingston and Alicia Fox?
  309. Who is one wrestler that is or was over and you can't figure out why?
  310. Is Mark Henry the best trash talker in WWE today?
  311. Was Kevin Nash Overrated in WCW.?
  312. Is it a shame that the majority of the Lockdown crowd has no idea who the Great Muta is?
  313. do u wish???????????????????
  314. Does Shane Mcmahon like HHH for real?
  315. Why Do People Say That Aj Lee Looks Like A 14 Year Old .. !?
  316. True or False: Owen Hart was just as good a technical wrestler as Bret?
  317. If Daniel Bryan doesn't get a title shot at Wrestlemania or Extreme Rules are you going to...
  318. Should I watch Lockdown or watch paint dry?
  319. Will team MVP lose against Team Dixie on TNA Lockdown?
  320. Professional Wrestling: Does WWE Need 'Saving' or is RAW!, Main Event, NXT, Smackdown! doing...
  321. Can you name 5 wrestlers who are overhyped?
  322. What has been your favorite John Cena match?
  323. Best heel & best face today?
  324. is wwe fake or is it reak?
  325. Im fairly new here but why do users not like Dave Hytmen ?
  326. WRESTLING : Who would you rather see as new WWE WHC : BRYAN or LESNAR?
  327. True or False:You find Ablerto Del Rio boring?
  328. WWE Universe: So what if this scenario happens tomorrow on Raw?
  329. What Do You Contribute To The IWC?
  330. WWE Universe: About the IWC?
  331. The Yes movement....WTF!,,wwe universe has gone really mad?
  332. Why wwe universe is booing batista?
  333. I would love to see the following get a chance in WWE agree? disagree?
  334. Do you think British guys like Magnus and Rob Terry will get to WWE?
  335. This girl won't wrestle with me because something bad almost happened the last time. How do I
  336. How to protect yourself if your getting beat up ?
  337. WRESTLING : If vince McMahan gave you an opportunity to wrestle for 1 year in the wwe,
  338. I am overated and the fans love me because i?
  339. Who Do You Like Better Stone Cold or The Rock?
  340. Bray Wyatt - Best heel in WWE?
  341. Which of these Superstars will are more likely than others to win the WWE/World Heavyweight
  342. WRESTLING : Don't you guys realize how the SHIELD is falling off?
  343. Professional Wrestling: Why are people complaining about the 'Celebrity Wing' of the WWE Hall Of
  344. How long have you been a fan of Daniel Bryan?
  345. WRESTLING : Do you think the wwe would be better off without a diva's division/Matches?
  346. Does anyone else think the Daniel Bryan love fest has gotten out of control?
  347. Are You More Excited for TNA Lockdown or Wrestlemania 30?
  348. Do You Think The WWE Sucks?
  349. What would be your reaction if?
  350. will you be proud if batista wins the wwe world heavyweight championship?
  351. what would you name your planet if you had one?
  352. Does the WWE give you ring names?
  353. Professional Wrestling: What is your opinion of AJ Styles?
  354. Professional Wrestling: Should this be Daniel Bryan's New Theme?
  355. Professional Wrestling: Is Ethan Carter III The Next Brock Lesnar?
  356. Wrestling fans are you excited for the road to Lockdown?
  357. how do i speak to former wwe wrestler muhammad hassan?
  358. Would You Prefer Daniel Bryan or CM Punk?
  359. WRESTLING : Who do you think is the #1 best superstar in pro wrestling with FACE PAINT?
  360. When will the wwe dvd the self destruction of CM Punk come out?
  361. What did Kurt Angel do with that fake Rolex TNA gave him?
  362. WWE Network Question?
  363. Is Brock Lesnar The WWE Version of The Legendary Super Saiyan Broly?
  364. Anyone else kind of fearing Brock Lesnar legitimately hurting taker in a match?
  365. When will Daniel Bryan turn heel?
  366. Are You Excited For The Return Of CM Punk?
  367. Why are people hating in Batista?
  368. Professional Wrestling: Why the hell is The Great Muta wasting his time with Total Nonstop Action?
  369. Professional Wrestling: Why does nobody care about Kofi Kingston?
  370. Professional Wrestling: So. What is The Wolves's Tag-Team Finisher suppose to be?
  371. Professional Wrestling: What is your opinion on The Funkadactyls?
  372. What do you think of Christian saying Alberto Del Rio hit him the hardest out of
  373. Will there ever be another Stone Cold to carry wrestling again from the brink of doom?
  374. What Is Your Favorite Wrestling Promotion?
  375. Professional Wrestling: What is your opinion on Total Nonstop Action's Impact! Wrestling?
  376. Do you think Batista is a better representative of the WWE than The Rock or Hulk Hogan?
  377. Do you agree with Dolph Ziggler? Is Batista a "dinosaur"?
  378. Who do you think was the "hot mamacita" Alberto Del Rio was referring to?
  379. Who do you think are the "real men" in the WWE today?
  380. This Alexander Rusev guy is boring to me, anyone else agree that he is boring?
  381. What do you think of JBL saying he respects Michael Cole?
  382. Did you have any problem with what Batista said tonight on Smackdown?
  383. Do you think Triple H avoided Michael Cole's questions this week on purpose?
  384. Are you surprised Christian has no friends?
  385. Should WWE do one night only ppvs like what TNA does?
  386. Do you agree with JBL, Triple H would be a good commentator?
  387. If you were Jack Swagger, would you be jealous of Antonio Cesaro?
  388. Why do The Wyatt's always avoid fighting The Shield?
  389. Do you agree with Batista, what happened to the "attitude" and all the "real men" in the WWE?
  390. John Cena destroyed professional wrestling?
  391. Do you think Vickie Guerrero's hair looked lovely tonight on Smackdown?
  392. Were you surprised that Bray Wyatt knew how our society is in terms of men and women?
  393. Do you think JBL is one of those guys Batista described with the "attitude" and is a "real man"?
  394. Do you agree with Bray Wyatt? Do you think make-up is the mask that society demands women to wear?
  395. Why is JBL always Critisize Wwe superstars?
  396. Do you think Tna have better wrestlers than Wwe?
  397. when is WrestleMania?
  398. If CM Punk returns on this Raw will WWE put him in the WWE WHC match at Wrestlemania XXX?
  399. Why do people think cm punk will return in raw this week in Chicago?
  400. Most underrated WWE PPV? + TCW Aftermath?
  401. Professional Wrestling: What do you qualify less as Professional Wrestling JCW or CZW?
  402. Professional Wrestling: What is your opinion on World Wrestling Entertainment's Friday Night
  403. Professional Wrestling: What is your opinion on Total Nonstop Action's Impact! Wrestling?
  404. Non-Professional Wrestling: Anybody here planning on getting Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall?
  405. Professional Wrestling: Do people even realize how many Wrestlers John Cena has put over?
  406. WRESTLING : Did you hear what batista said, he stated its a FACT he can destroy anyone put in...
  407. WRESTLING : Don't we all realize how boring BATISTA have become since return?
  408. NON-WRESTLING : Do you have a NICK-NAME that your friends & family call you?
  409. why do people love cm punk so much?
  410. why do people hate batista so much?
  411. Is Batista now heel?
  412. Why Doesn't WWE Give Ryback A Match Anymore On Raw Or Smackdown .. !?
  413. Which One Of These Is Better, Aj Lee's Looks Or Aj Lee's Wrestling Ability .. !?
  414. WWE Jack.............?
  415. Who Needs CM Punk When We Have AJ LEE .. !?
  416. Why Exactly Do People Miss CM Punk .. !?
  417. Wrestling: Would you like a Divas Royal Rumble?
  418. Wrestling Section: What are your top 5 Theme Songs?
  419. Professional Wrestling: Why do people expect us to accept #Bootista?
  420. Do you think Bobby Roode is doing this only for the ten percent Dixie Carter is offering him?
  421. WWE Hall Of Fame: Why are people complaining that ***** ******, Sid Vicious and 'Macho Man'...
  422. Are you surprised Austin Aries joined Bobby Roode's team since if he wins he'll work for him?
  423. I have not heard any news on Joanie Laurer "CHYNA".Anyone else?
  424. How is WWE Network? Is it really good?
  425. what would be a good women's wrestling company can anyone please help me?
  426. Professional Wrestling: Fake, Real, Scripted, Staged. Why do people give a damn?
  427. Is Magnus momma, Dixie Carter, getting her face spray-painted?
  428. When Taz was in Aces and Eights he didn't like Velvet Sky, but now he does like her?
  429. Does anyone disagree with Austin Aries when he said "I always make the right decision"?
  430. Do you think Emma lost to Paige on NXT ArRival because she was trying to impress Santino Marella?
  431. Who Are You Going To Support At WrestleMania 30, John Cena Or Bray Wyatt .. !?
  432. Professional Wrestling: Has the Michael Cole 'Internet Nerds' Gimmick become a thing?
  433. does anyone remember the 11/3/97 edition of WWE raw when goldust verbally abused his wife in a
  434. Are woman like Christy Hemme always available?
  435. Is James Storm silly to think that Gunner should've handed Storm his World Heavyweight
  436. Who would you induct into the wwe 2014 hall of fame?
  437. Professional Wrestling: Can we blame NXT for Emma's Popularity?
  438. Is anyone else disappointed we won't get to hear Kurt Angle's HOF speech?
  439. What did you think when James Storm told Gunner that no one would've cared if he died while he...
  440. Professional Wrestling: What is your opinion on Sid Vicious?
  441. Wrestling Slammy Awards for 2014?
  442. Professional Wrestling: Which is worse WWE or Law & Order/CSI/Criminal Mind?
  443. What would you rather get for entering the Hall Of Fame WWE's ring or TNA's Rolex watch?
  444. Are You Looking Forward To Tonights Smackdown?
  445. After looking at video of Ric Flair from the old days late 70`s early 80`s do you agree he is the...
  446. Do you agree with Ethan Carter 3 is it time for Kurt Angle to retire?
  447. Did anyone else mark out when Jeff Hardy appeared in the Kurt Angle HOF video package?
  448. How does someone go from Velvet Sky to Alpha Female?
  449. Professional Wrestling: Why is Mixed Martial Arts mainly UFC the only Sport to have issues...
  450. I am trying to compare wrestlers. Is this correct?
  451. WRESTLING : What do you think is most celebrated victory in pro wrestling history?
  452. Who Is Your Favorite Wrestler?
  453. Do you see how other men "lust" after Christy Hemme?
  454. there should be a rule in pro wrestling?
  455. who would win these wrestling matches ?
  456. What do you think of Kurt Angle getting a Rolex for his induction into TNA's Hall Of Fame?
  457. Were you glad to see Christy Hemme slap Sam Shaw on Impact Wrestling tonight?
  458. Is Magnus the only good wrestler to come out of England?
  459. Do u see Emma in the near future winning the Divas tirle from AJ Lee? why?
  460. Professional Wrestling: Does anybody here take Total Nonstop Action's Hall Of Fame seriously?
  461. Is anyone else happy that Austin Aries didn't ask out or date Velvet Sky since he
  464. Is WWE gonna bring back the Hardcore or Cruiseweight title?
  465. Do cm punk and AJ make a cute couple? Is AJ upset aabout Punk leaving wwe?
  466. What's your favorite band?
  467. Professional Wrestling: People do realize CM Punk is Officially 'On Leave' Right?
  468. why do wwe fans compain about everything ?
  469. Do you think WWE will get mad at TNA since Kurt Angle is going on their Hall Of Fame First?
  470. Who's better,Austin Aries or Antonio Cesaro?
  471. Ok IF CM Punk were to come back Who would he face?
  472. Will CM Punk return to Chicago this Monday?
  473. so? will brock lesnar end streak of undertaker?
  474. Who are the top 10 contenders for WWE World Heavyweight Title right now?
  475. Professional Wrestling: Why are there so many Casual Professional Wrestling fans?
  476. Professional Wrestling: Here is a Switch: What is your opinion on Pro Wrestling Fans/WWE
  477. Professional Wrestling: So Unless you are a toothpick you are 'Picked' by WWE because of your size?
  478. Professional Wrestling: Isn't it sad how people would rather talk about Zack Ryder then Dolph...
  479. Professional Wrestling: What's your opinion on World Wrestling Entertainment letting the...
  480. Professional Wrestling: Please tell me how John Cena IS THE PROBLEM?
  481. Professional Wrestling: Am I the only person who feels WWE isn't kicking enough people out?
  482. Do you think the wwe network is really gonna be that good?
  483. Professional Wrestling: How do Televised Professional Wrestling matches from 60s - 80s
  484. What do you think of the wwe network so far?
  485. Professional Wrestling: Did tonight's Crowd prove that they are the problem?
  486. Cena, Orton, and Triple H have main evented 216 out 391 ppvs since 2000, is that a problem?
  487. Who was the guy with the big chin that use to accompany HHH to the ring early in his wwe career?
  488. Has the Reaction towards The Undertaker Vs Brock Lesnar proven that there aren't any
  489. Why have the fans been chanting see him drunk all night?
  490. A question regarding Emma and Santino?
  491. EPIC return of the Deadman?
  492. Are the Authority ruining wrestlers?
  493. Did anyone notice Batista's swipe at Cena?
  494. Does a wrestler need to be over to be champion?
  495. WS So All Of A Sudden Michael Cole Likes Daniel Bryan?
  496. Professional Wrestling: Why do people treat WWE Wrestlemania like NFL Superbowl?
  497. Can I get out of my free trial for the Network before I start getting billed for it?
  498. Professional Wrestling: Not A lot has changed since 2011?
  499. WWE: Who should my son in law bury next?