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  1. What is the appeal of pro wrestling?
  2. What are your thoughts on the Rocks insults to Cena?
  3. Could this be the Wrestlemania Guest Host?
  4. If the Wrestlemania Guest Host is this person, how angry would you be?
  5. So what was the GMs message BQ inside?
  6. So The Rock is rumored to host Wrestlemania and Justin Bieber has signed to perform at WM Thoughts?
  7. It's Official 2 2111?
  8. Now my Christian theory can actually can work?
  9. FINALLY! the WWE has done something right!?
  10. Are people still going to say The Miz can't wrestle?
  11. Damn I haven't seen the Wrestling Section this active?
  12. Can somebody please tell me?
  13. need help first time going to wwe .?
  14. Do people still care at all about Ric Flair?
  15. Could the guest host of Wrestlemania be the Macho Man?
  16. For those who don't know: This is why I watch WWE wrestling!?
  17. true or false????????
  18. Wrestling: What happened to Carlito?
  19. Any1 freak out when they seen The Rock?
  20. So what was Vickie blabbing about?
  21. LOL i just watched the first two 2.21.11 promo's then the third one is on tv!?
  22. how do i change my yahoo answers name?
  23. You think it's possible that R-Truth could turn heel tonight?
  24. Wow that crowd is really into Bryan vs Miz match?
  25. Was that possibly the most dramatic entrance ever?
  26. Those kids dont even know who The Rock is they are just going with the crowd LOL?
  27. Will The Rock get fired for saying @ss about 20 times in the past 15 minutes?
  28. Potential Spoiler Alert: The WrestleMania 27 Guest Host. Not The Rock?
  29. Will The Rock fit in with WWE PG?
  30. Would you watch TNA if your favorite wrestler went there?
  31. would you agree that.........?
  32. Thank you Dwayne Johnson for throwing pg out the window?
  33. Will WWE Tough Enough be a success?
  34. Bieber Signs WWE Deal, The Rock To Host WMania?
  35. just a fun wrestling survey?
  36. The only way for Taker vs. HHH to happen at WM 27 is......?
  37. Is Drew McIntyre the best midcarder ever? (+BQ)?
  38. Will Vince announce Bob Barker as the guest host for Wrestlemania?
  39. Am i the only one that knows that there building up taker vs sting for wresltmania ?
  40. Why does WWE still have Rosa Mendez? What are they doing with her?
  41. Why were all the Smackdown stars on RAW tonight?
  42. The undertaker and sting having fun in the house?
  43. I have 6 questions for the wrestling section?
  44. Does WWE have the storylines planned for a while, or make them week by week?
  45. When will HHH be back?
  46. Team TNA Vs. Team WWE?
  47. Why does cena salute?
  48. Are you a fan of Cena ?i?? ? h??????l ?
  49. When do you guys think WWE is going to debut Mistico? And do you think he is replacing Rey?
  50. can you name all the members of immortal?
  51. If Edge never started the You Suck chants would kurt angle have gone over with the fans like he has?
  52. It this the night that he return.....and for people who have Facebook?
  53. What are you thoughts on The Rock?
  54. Do you think WWE should make this there tag division after the draft(if there is on)?
  55. Did you hear the 3 matches announced for tonight?
  56. wrestling dream card round 2?
  57. How would you react if tonight?
  58. any 1 know of a website to watch ROH wrestling?
  59. JB, is he messed, cuz i think so?
  60. Does this look like this will be Wrestlemania 27 as of now?
  61. Why do people say The Miz has no talent?
  62. Why Chris Benoit Lost WHC To Randy Orton SummerSlam 2004 ?
  63. What are you more excited for?
  64. Would a CZW invasion storyline help out with the WWE ratings problems?
  65. Do you think Jerry Lawler will be on RAW tonight?
  66. Why would TNA put their title on a drug addict?
  67. if cena and ortan were going against eack other who do u think would win?and why?and how?
  68. Did we see the very last time of Kurt Angle in a TNA ring?
  69. who do you think would form a good tag team?
  70. Would you NOT buy Wrestlemania if they announce Beiber as the guest host tonight?
  71. Are you getting the upcoming game WWE Allstars?
  72. Why did WWE take Matt Striker off of announcing Smackdown? Do you think he will ever return?
  73. Is it wrong that legends like Mr. Perfect, Jerry lawler, Owen hart, Ted dibiase..?
  74. What makes a wrestler overrated?
  75. Who are the most overrated and underrated wrestler in the WWE?
  76. when somebody says this wrestler sucks. another fan will rebuttle attacking him calling him a
  77. Would you agree Blue Blazer gimmick would be perfect for WWE's PG Era?
  78. tna is stupid, jeff hardy is world champ again?
  79. Do you think Jerry Lawler will commentate tonight?
  80. Who is the comic relief in the WWE today?
  81. epic wrestling poll!?
  82. Elimination Chamber Predictions...?
  83. Agree or Disagree:Undertaker vs Triple H feuding this soon until Mania makes no sense?
  84. Why did WWE have such a grudge with ultamite warior?
  85. How did the release of MVP affect your life?
  86. What if WCW put WWE out of business, what do you think would happen?
  87. Give me one word to describe WWE?
  88. Why did you choose your nickname on yahoo answers?
  89. Which of the following is most likely to happen on Raw tonight:?
  90. How long will CHRIS MASTERS / King Zacko continue having conversations with himself?
  91. (Fill The Blanks)The worst wrestler in WWE is___________?
  92. Do you think Triple H should return with the theme behold the king or time to play the game?
  93. Who is your favorite wrestler, (I will give Best Answer to King Zacko)?
  94. TNA AND WWE ....................?
  95. What do you think of alberto del rio???+BQ?
  96. Do YOU smell what The Rock is cookin'? i do, and it smells like $h1t?
  97. Who here actually witnessed the debut of The Undertaker?
  98. why do so many people think john cena is overrated?
  99. How would you react if tomorrow on Raw?
  100. Could you please check out and sub to my wrestling YouTube channel + WQ?
  101. How was the TNA ppv tonight?
  102. What was the shortest stable in WWF/E history?
  103. Omg What A Match Between Jeff Hardy vs Mr Anderson And Hardy New TNA Champion Your Thoguhts ?
  104. SmackDown vs Raw 2007 The Last Good Roster Of SVR?
  105. wrestling dream card 1 , who would win ?
  106. Where Aj Styles And Mcmg From TNA Against All Odds ?
  107. Did the people who made this overrated wrestler list of all time have a brain fart overall?
  108. When the American BadAss debuted did anybody notice that it looks like the same trench coat
  109. Since TNA loves Dinosaurs so much, why don't the hire Macho Man Randy Savage the Honkey Tonk Man?
  110. So we find out the guest host tommorow on raw, If its Bieber what will be your reaction?
  111. Should I sue the WWE or John Cena?
  112. Would you agree Wrestlemania 2000 is the least talked about Mania?
  113. Do you miss Mike Adamle?
  114. Can you name at least 2 things that were worse than the Anonymous RAW GM?
  115. Sting didnt return at againist all odd, does that mean the chances have increased that he might...
  116. who won tonight at tnas ppv. all matches?
  117. Did Chris Jericho inadverdantly launch the popular 2/3/5 moves of doom slogan?
  118. Why is Generation me tring to be the Hardy's?
  119. did owen hart die when he hit his chest on the top rope?
  120. What would you rate TNA's PPV from tonight?
  121. Why do people keep pretending like Sting vs Undertaker is a long lived dream match?
  122. Would people here be angry when Alberto Del Rio wins the world title at Wrestlemania 27?
  123. Agree or Disagree wrestling fans are homos that get turned on watching grown men groping each other?
  124. What's the point in watching the WWE when YOU KNOW the fighting is FAKE?
  125. What does Ted Turner have anything to do with the WWE?
  126. Is there are a chance that it's HHH returning on 02.21.11?
  127. Would Bikini Contests work in this era in WWE despite it being PG?
  128. How many of you would hate it if John Cena never stopped using his rapper gimmick?
  129. at Wrestlemania 19 after Austin Vs Rock was The Rock holding back tears?
  130. how come no one in the ws talks about tna any more?
  131. Why does Rey Mysterio continue to wear a mask even after being unmasked in WCW?
  132. What were your opinions on former WWE Diva Maria?
  133. Who do you think is better: Ezekial Jackson or Mason Ryan? Which will be more successful?
  134. Whatever happened to Joel Gertner from ECW?
  135. how is it possible that someone weaker than me can beat me at hand wrestling?
  136. What if the Raw GM were Joey Styles? Would you be happy?
  137. What you think about alberto del rio?
  138. Who sets off the fire works?
  139. Question about WWE:Tough Enough 2011?
  140. If triple h and j.r overhall the developmental system?
  141. What are some good WWE books?
  142. Do you miss this John Cena?
  143. Would this be a good Fatal Four Way Match?
  144. Why is a majority of the Internet Wrestling Community believing the rumor of Sting
  145. Stand up for WWE campaign?
  146. will the wrestlemania host be announced at the beginning of the show or towards the end?
  147. Are you Ready for tomorrow?
  148. What is ur fav wm???????????
  149. What R Your Opinions About Tag Team Wrestling Today Compared To the 90s (More Details Inside)?
  150. Will there be any other matches at Elimination Chamber next sunday?
  151. What is wwe a.m. raw?
  152. Agree Or Disagree: The Current Women's Division For WWE Went From Great To Horrible?
  153. Are you ready for undertaker to return next week?
  154. What Was the Most Disappointing Match in Wrestlemania History?
  155. What would you do if Michael Jordan was the guest host for WM?
  157. If You Were to Book One Match For WM 27, What Would It Be and Why?
  158. Why does everyone think that Undertaker will face Sting at Wrestlemania?
  159. What will WWE do when their top stars are gone?
  160. Do you think Rey Mysterio will ever take of his mask in his Wwe career + Survey?
  161. Which city should host WM 29+Cheater Exposed in the Wrestling Section?
  162. What is your favourite and worst tlc match and what would you rate them both?
  163. tna against all odds?????????????????????????????????????????????? ???
  164. will tna still be around in 4 years?
  165. Is this a good way for Undertaker and Sting to return at 2.21.11?
  166. CM Punk tattoo question?
  167. Agree/disagree-- Hulk Hogan's heel turn in 1996 is the greatest heel turn of all time? + survey?
  168. Rate this storyline (Would it be great to see if this does happen eventually)?
  169. IF John Cena DOESN'T win the RAW Elimination Chamber match...?
  170. what is the best hell in a cell match and what would you it?
  171. Is it Sting or The Undertaker in the Raw 21/02/2011 promo?
  172. How dumb did The smackdown writers make Kofi Kingston look?
  173. Sting or The Undertaker..?
  174. Why didn't this feud ever last?
  175. What do you think of my wwe dvd collection?
  176. Where Is Daffney From TNA Wrestling (10 Points)?
  177. Why Did ODB Get Released / Quit TNA Wrestling (10 Points)?
  178. what should the wwe work on more signing younger talent or more international stars +BQ?
  179. will this match ever work your thoughts please rate +BQ?
  180. out of all the wwe titles, can you tell me who had most reigns and who had longest reigns?
  181. Is the PG rating good for the Divas Division?
  182. Why do a lot of people hate my John Cena? He's a good human being afterall,and a
  183. What would you like The Undertaker's last match ever be against?
  184. Will there ever be another?
  185. would the wwe back stage main stream be better with out certain people with power +BQ?
  186. What do u think of that????
  187. If Triple H wrestles his last match at Wrestlemania will anyone else be bummed an maybe shed a tear?
  188. Which question is the most annoying?
  189. Will mistico be another international star buried by the wwe +BQ?
  190. Is this true or not about wwe?
  191. Which is worse: Jeff Hardy's meth addiction, Matt Hardy's pizza addiction, or John Cena's...
  192. High school wrestling or football?
  193. How Come TNA Will Not Fire Hogan Bischoff (10 Points)?
  194. Does Anyone Attend TNA iMPACT Event Every Week (10 Points)?
  195. If Dixie Carter Is The President Of TNA Wrestling, Why TNA Only Start To Mention Her in 2009 (10
  196. who would win jack swagger vs evan bourne vs jack evans vs mistico?
  197. Who do you think the Guest Host for WM is? More inside!?
  198. WWE 2011 Draft predictions (including Supplemental Draft)?
  199. WWE NXT Season 5 Contestants?
  200. What Do you think of my WWE Raw Review?
  201. When does Kurt Angle's current TNA contract end?
  202. Are sick of seeing Nexus and Corre beatdowns every single episode of Raw SD?
  203. who were the 8 wrestlers in EXPOSED! Pro Wrestling's Greatest Secrets?
  204. Do you guys Santino Marella will ever change his gimmick?
  205. whos better wwf/wwe stars?
  206. did D generation x wrecked billy guns career +BQ?
  207. How does Trish Stratus differ from any other female wrestler **10 POINTS BEST ANSWER**?
  208. lets just say if TNA did crumble whats starst do you think would go to WWE?
  209. Rate my Sting Undertaker confrontation?
  210. Wrestling Fans? Your Favorite Company As Of Right Now? WWE Or TNA?
  211. What Is Worst: Matches Without Any Storyline Or Storylines Without Any Matches?
  212. Idea for Sting at WM?
  213. how does Trish Stratus differ from any other female wrestler **10 POINTS BEST ANSWER**?
  214. If You Were a Wrestler And Had the Choice To Form Your Own Tag Team, What Would Be the Name?
  215. GOOD NEWS: Wrestlemania Guest Host has been CONFIRMED?
  216. Is Vickie Guerrero's finishing move called The Hog Splash?
  217. Alberto Del Rio (champion) VS Razor Ramon (prime). Who wins?
  218. what is tna xplosion?
  219. has Ted and maryse even kissed yet on tv?
  220. how can you reverse orton's punt?
  221. What match would you rather see at WrestleMania for a Streak vs Career with Undertaker?
  222. who is more likely to take over the wwe triple H or shane, when vince leaves?
  223. Who would win in a real fight?
  224. who would you rather have, beat undertaker's streak?
  225. brother of distruction vs the nexus?
  226. do your guys agree with the hardys being heel?
  227. Which wrestler do you Think will Die Next?
  228. Can Someone List The Weights Of Each Differnt WWE Title Belt That The Superstar Carries?
  229. When did Edge and Alanah get a divorce?
  230. ???? Bio-Hazard. why would you block a fellow Mattlete?
  231. If there is an NFL lockout this year do you think Clay Mathews may wrestle?
  232. WWE 2-21-11 promo???????
  233. Which company had the Better Announcers: WWE, WCW, ECW or TNA?
  234. My WWE Friday Night SmackDown Episode 89 (Rate and Review) + Why has the WWE
  235. Do you think this should be Randy Orton theme?
  236. When will the 2 biggest WWE young stars in the WWE get a World title push ??? BQ 1?
  237. Do you think Dolph Ziggler uses Vickey Guerrero to get World Heavy Weight Championship Title?
  238. Reason behind Sheamus' push?
  239. Can you name every member of Nexus and DX?
  240. Why doesnt the WWE have Undertaker and KANE at wrestlemania?
  241. wrestling poll ?? today v.s yesterday?
  242. In 1990 Undertaker was Described as Awesome, in 2011 what Word Describes The Undertaker?
  243. Who are your top 5 favorite WWE wrestlers?
  244. Who would win and why?
  245. If you could have any wrestler(Male or female) train you, Who would it be?
  246. What wwe diva will win their first wwe divas title this year Gail Kim, Kaitlyn, Rosa,
  247. wwe v.s tna 1 ??????????
  248. Who Is Former WWE Person Joey Styles?
  249. why do people complain JoMo botches split leg corkscrew moonsault?
  250. in 2012 we will have 1000 episodes of raw?
  251. Celebrating 2 years here on the Wrestling Section!!! Plus Wrestling question inside?
  252. Did you notice on tonight's Smackdown?
  253. If Justin Bieber host Wrestlemania?
  254. i wonder, did anybody buy that top 50 stars list?
  255. what was going through the mind of the crowd when they saw this?
  256. What do you think will happen this monday night on RAW?
  257. If Kelly Kelly Does Turn Heel, Would That Help Or Hurt Her Career (Source Inside)?
  258. JBL, Matt Striker, Joey Styles, Michael Cole, Josh Matthews, Jim Ross, CM Punk, Chris Jericho...?
  259. Hottest WWE Diva/TNA Knockout tournament round 2?
  260. Who knows anything about Chris jericho 2011?
  261. Unscramble This Wrestler?
  262. Petition to get CM Sucks fired from the wwe? your thoughts?
  263. Do you like my 2nd Undertaker tribute I made?
  264. Do you think Alberto Del Rio will become the new World Heavyweight Champion at Wrestlemania 27?
  265. Is their anyone else That hate Dolph Ziggler?
  266. Codi Rhodes' broken nose: real or part of the script?
  267. What match in your opinion was the biggest letdown ever?
  268. agree/disagree: wwe divas are more for looks, while tna knockouts are more for wrestling?
  269. What did you think of smackdown tonight?
  270. rate these wm 27 matchs?
  271. Question about kurt angle?
  272. who is better mil mascaras or chris benoit?
  273. would you agree that the u.s title has become far more prestigious then the i.c title?
  274. Who Had The Worst Week?
  275. Pop Quiz! How many world orders have their been in wrestling?
  276. question about madison rayne?
  277. How did you like Smack down tonight?
  278. What wrestlers should I make in SVR 2011?
  279. Would you say that Mickie James was better in WWE or TNA?
  280. Why do some people think The US Government didn't cause 9/11?
  281. Is Vickie going to try and pull a fast one next week before the PPV?
  282. why do people want yoshi tatsu released from wwe?
  283. Who's the top 2 longest reigning wrestlers on Smackdown?
  284. With the possible LayCool split what does that mean for the diva division?
  285. Did we just get our Wrestlemania diva's match?
  286. Is Triple H and Undertaker suppose to forget about Wade Barrett and Sheamus?
  287. which match is a better technical wrestling match out of these?
  288. So Kofi carried Alberto Del Rio through the whole match lost ?
  289. i'm trying to be a great wrestler like bret the hit-man hart where to start?
  290. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown?
  291. TNA fans,Answer this simple Question with honesty please?
  292. Agree or Disagree:The only man on Smackdown who can stop Ezekiel Jackson is The Undertaker?
  293. What SVR game had the best gm mode in your opinion?
  294. Stone Cold or The Rock who was your favourite?
  295. Road to Wrestlemania - King of the Ring 2nd round?
  296. WWE Diva With the hardest slap?
  297. Why won't Undertaker vs Triple H II be as Much of a Big Deal as Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels II ?
  298. Undertaker vs Triple H: Streak vs Career!! What do you think?
  299. Undertaker vs Triple H WrestleMania XXVII: 19-0 or 18-1?
  300. Alright guys, Corre or Nexus?
  301. Would these tag teams save the WWE Tag Team Divison (Includes Diva Tag Teams)?
  302. Who uses more make in wrestling: Female talent or Jeff Hardy?
  303. TNA copying another WWE storyline?
  304. Is the match against the Undertaker a cheesy way just for HHH to call it quits?
  305. Besides Evolution, what was the most dominant stable in WWE history?
  306. Triple H's last Wrestlemania?
  307. wrestling matches??????
  308. Is this Mondays Raw going to be taped?
  309. Is this Monday's raw going to have spoilers before it airs?
  310. Is this going to be the stage concept of WrestleMania XXVII?
  311. I think this monday on the final 2-21-11 promo there will be scorpions to confuse us?
  312. Did you hear the main event for SD next week?
  313. ***OFFICIAL WRESTLEMANIA XXVII Poster*** Revealed?
  314. Give me one reason why this year's WrestleMania will be the worst?
  315. Is Raw live each week?
  316. Undertaker's opponent at Wrestlemania is HHH?
  317. Who would win these matches?
  318. When Undertaker retires, Will Wrestlemania be the same?
  319. What do you think about Mickie James vs Madison Rayne in a last Knockout standing match?
  320. do you think Kevin Nash and Booker T going to WWE was a blessing in disguise for TNA?
  321. What was TNA thinking releasing CM Punk?
  322. What does Chris Jericho meant when he said this about TNA?
  323. Wouldn't it be awesome if there was a wrestling video games that involves both WWE, TNA and ROH...
  324. Chris Jericho (now) or AJ Styles?
  325. Who's better Bryan Danielson or Lionheart Chris Jericho?
  326. Do you still think The Miz is a joke?
  327. what wreslting moves did chris benoit use on his autistc child?
  328. Is it just me or is Mickie James TNA attire hot?
  329. Shouldn't The Miz had become 2010 WWE Superstar of the year?
  330. for the 2010 slammy's, don't you think wwe should have had a cash in of the year award?
  331. has a tough enough winner ever won the wwe championship?
  332. My WWE Raw Episode 90 (Rate and Review)?
  333. why don't people in the wrestling section realize tv14 was used only to rid competition?
  334. is it possible to be the total package.?
  335. If WCW were still around... (more inside)?
  336. if you ran a wrestling promotion which talent would you push?
  337. Agree or Disagree: TNA fans are more likely?
  338. Y2J vs Chris Jericho, who'd win?
  339. What would you do if the New Nexus and the Corre went to tna for one time and beat up everyone?
  340. Is there going to be a new final part of the 2-21-11 promo this monday on Raw?
  341. Who would win these matches?
  342. Kong vs Chyna who would win?
  343. WWE Tournament Round 3: pick winners (bracket)?
  344. Would this be a great match?
  345. Who is better Sting Or the Warrior?
  346. WWE question 4 Stacy Carter.Why R U such a Kelly Kelly hater?
  347. Who would the WWE suffer more without?
  348. Which of these opponents that Brock Lesnar never faced one on one would pose more of a threat to...
  349. TNA: WE WANT 6 SIDES !!!!!!! AGREE?
  350. Kurt Angle or Chris Jericho?
  351. Matt Hardy has turn a real joke Yes Or No?
  352. What would be more devastating?
  353. Would label TNA as an Indie Promotion?
  354. When will chris masters get his push?
  355. what is the real name of tna's Rosita?
  356. Anyone else enjoying booker t's commentary on smackdown?
  357. What if this happens at 02/21/11?
  358. what show do you guys think was the best this week?
  359. Would you be mad if this super star end The Undertaker Streak at Wrestlemania and retires him?
  360. What do you think of this video?
  361. who do you guys think will be the guest host of wrestlemania?
  362. Jerry Lawler (prime) vs. Tazz (prime). Who would have won?
  363. is the undertaker going to return on the 21st of feb?
  364. Rise of the UK in the industry?
  365. WWE Top 10 Random Lists...?
  366. I recall a former WWE wrestler but cannot remember his name...anyone?
  367. Why don't you try this theme music guessing game?
  368. Chris Jericho (2007-2010). In or out of his prime?
  369. Is it true that Hulko Gun lifted a bus in WCW Thunder 1997?
  370. Who is the apex predator in WWE and why?
  371. Hulko Gun or my John Cena: Who is better?
  372. Why does Vince allow traitors like Christian,Hardys,Nash to return to WWE again?
  373. Why doesn't WWE have 2 or more refrees to prevent cheating?
  374. Chris Benwaugh good or bad for killing his family and him?
  375. what the best wwe dvd so far?
  376. First person to correctly say each of these moves useing the actual term of the move gets 10 points?
  377. Why wrestlers leave Wwe and go to tna when mcmohan pays more salary?
  378. Who's hotter: Melina or Mickie James?
  379. Who Had The Worst Night-Superstars(Do over)?
  380. the biggest crowd reaction in history of the wwe video inside?
  381. EXCLUSIVE: Top WWE Diva Rumored To Be Turning Heel?
  382. Is AJ Styles afraid he's going to get Alzheimers / amnesia?
  383. Natayla or The Uso's?
  384. have you noticed that themes usually sound like the superstar is singing them?
  385. Name 10 superstars who debut in 2000 for the wwe?
  386. Help with smackdown vs raw 2009 for the ps3 DLC?
  387. what was the undertakers theme song in this video (link inside)?
  388. When did they turn face?
  389. Who thinks either Drew McIntyre, Dolph Ziggler, or Kofi Kingston will win the MITB ladder match?
  390. Hottest WWE Diva/TNA Knockout tournament Round 1?
  391. Do you think this statement is True or False, MMA is killing Pro Wrestling?
  392. Would you like to see this happen in 2/21/11?
  393. My WWE Friday Night SmackDown Episode 88 (Rate and Review) + Stone Cold should host WrestleMania...
  394. Why does TNA not properly develop storylines and pay per view match cards?
  395. Who would win Sting vs. Chris Jericho?
  396. If Sting was apart of the Invasion, do you think it would've been more epic?
  397. So when is Chris Masters going to get his push?
  398. Is it time for WWE vs. TNA Invasion 2.0?
  399. The whole story on ECW WCW? Confused.?
  400. Do you think NXT failed after Season 2?
  401. Chances of 2.21.11 mystery opponent being... (more inside)?
  402. What happened on Raw this week? I didn't watch it and I kinda blame my girlfriend for that?
  403. Who's better WWe The Corre or TNA Fourtune?
  404. What are your favorite type of Questions to answer in the Wrestling Section?
  405. Who's hotter Mickie James or Velvet Sky?
  406. Who else think Clay Matthews would make a good wrestler? (Spoiler Alert)?
  407. How Awesome is this SHORT video?
  408. Its been almost a decade since WCW went out of business, do you miss it?
  409. If Sting comes to WWE, will they ruin his career like the other WCW superstars?
  410. Isn't it sad that the people that get the most answers are trolls?
  411. Will Sting return to TNA?
  412. Wrestlemania Packages Question......?
  413. What do you think of this prediction for EC?
  414. If you have a RAW ringside ticket, which one would you prefer?
  415. On NXT through the Saxton vs Bateman match do you think the ref looks like Nunzio?
  416. TNA Wrestling? What happened?
  417. if booker t has one final match who do you think is the right choice +BQ?
  418. Why are people saying that Vince Mcmahon is hinting at somebody coming to end the streak?
  419. The Undertaker vs. John Cena is still possible. If only...?
  420. Did you know Micheal Cole is my cousin?
  421. Is The world heavy weight championship match at Wrestlemania going to be triple threat?
  422. will you be buying Chris Jericho's new book?
  423. Who will be the heel and face when LayCool breaks up?
  424. What do you think of this video?
  425. What would be your reaction if The Undertaker?
  426. WWE Tournament Round 1: (Bracket like Version) pick the winners?
  427. What are some good wwe DVDs?
  428. What's the show that Steve Austin is hosting, Tough Enough?
  429. Who would win these Elimination Chambers?
  430. Is Tough Enough like NXT or different?
  431. How exactly did Owen Hart die?
  432. If you could have any 3 people from TNA come to WWE, who would it be?
  433. Thoughts on this rap battle from this week's raw?
  434. Can you recognize those two people in those two photos?
  435. Who is the next hall of fame inductee going to be?
  436. wrestlemaina 27 poster?
  437. Who would win this match?
  438. How to be able to fight for champion ships on wwe svr11?
  439. Do wrestlers wear makeup in the ring?
  440. Is Randy Orton 'sexy'?
  441. Is this the best Rock theme song out of all the ones he had?
  442. which theme of Evan Bourne/Matt Sydal is the best?
  443. WWE Fantasy Tournament Round 2?
  444. Who will feud with Undertaker?
  445. Is Maryse Ouellet 'sexy'?
  446. When is the next hall of fame inductee going to be announced?
  447. My WWE Raw Episode 89 (Rate and Review) + Which WrestleMania was better, XXV or XXVI?
  448. What do you think of Del Rio winning the Royal Rumble?
  449. Question about a wrestling stable?
  450. Who Hope Undertaker returns as Lord Of Darkness?
  451. wrestler Ricky Steamboat's son to debut soon!?
  452. TNA Fantasy Tournament Round 1?
  453. Was brock lesnar suppose to break the ring on smack down?
  454. Is TNA like WWE, or do they swear and have blood?
  455. What if on 2.21.11... (more inside)?
  456. Doesn't it seem like Mr.McMahon announcement sound like he talking about the ending streak
  457. I need a good finisher name?
  458. On 2-21-11 you know that Undertaker might return because he is getting inducted into the
  459. What championships have Goldust won in WWF/E?
  460. Major news about 2.21.11?
  461. Who would Win: Jillian Hall or Serena?
  462. how would you feel if edge retired?
  463. Since when did Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews start working as a WWE referee?
  464. Who Would've Won Edge vs Scott Hall?
  465. who is going to be the maina host?
  466. DId you think that Ashley Kristal were hot?
  467. Since The Undertaker vs Barret feud is RUMORED to of been dropped.Who's left to face The Deadman?
  468. A TNA WWE Question (10 Points)?
  469. Who Would Like The 6 Sided Ring Back In TNA?
  470. What do you think of replica belts?
  471. What role is Nash going to play?
  472. In wwe how come kfi kingston usse christian's move?
  473. Why Does WWE Fans Hate TNA (10 Points)?
  474. If Alberto Del Rio wins the world title at WM27 will he be faster to the WHC than Sheamus was to
  475. Can you recognize the person in this photo?
  476. If your a WWE or TNA Wrestler how do you decide what in ring moves you do?
  477. Whats all happening in WWE?
  478. kane WHC again or WWE champ?
  479. What do you think of this video?
  480. who do you think will end the undertakers career?
  481. Is the WWE too predictable these days?
  482. do you think jeff hardy will return to WWE?
  483. Chris jericho's latest interview possible return information thoughts?
  484. What is the job of the Senior Adviser?
  485. The viper or legend killer which gimmick do you like?
  486. Where can I find the link to Kane defending the tag belts?
  487. WWE Fantasy Tournament Round 1.?
  488. Entrance themes covers...?
  489. Is MVP coming back to WWE after his released Will this be the worst WM ever ?
  490. Name the top 10 wrestlers who fans cheer loudly for but you don't understand why?
  491. info regarding 2.21.11... its undertaker?
  492. Do TNA fanboys want Sting to sign a deal with WWE like Kevin Nash and Booker T did?
  493. Are you sick of NXT.?
  494. Are the rateings for TNA better now with Bischoff Hogan in TNA?
  495. Who was the longest World heavyweight champion in NWA/WCW history?
  496. tna crowds... they suck as bad as the company?
  497. If You Were a Wrestler, Would You Want to Have a Manager Or Valet at Ringside?
  498. Which Do You Prefer: Large Stables Or Small Stables?
  499. Was There Ever a Time Where Your Favorite Wrestler Made You Cry?
  500. Would it be more hard to get into wwe or tna if you lived in australia?