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  1. since Benoit is dead that means we are not allowed to ask what if questions about him?
  2. What's your favorite finishing move from any wrestler in any company?
  3. Do you want to see The Rock vs Cena at WM27?
  5. What wrestler would u love to see come back in their prime?
  6. who wants the undertaker to lose his wrestlemania streak ?
  7. What would your reaction be if Michael Cole and Vickie Guerrero left WWE?
  8. Who would win these diva matches?
  9. WWE Fans please answer?
  10. Royal Rumble(Round 9 Final Round !) Eliminate 1 (Final 2) Stone Cold vs. The Rock?
  11. What do you think Dolph Ziggler is going to do now?
  12. The Rock will see you at WM?
  13. WWE fannnnn. Thanks.?
  14. New Title Match Added To WWE Elimination Chamber PPV. Predictions?
  15. Ziggler returns at the EC as either a participant or gets a rematch for the title and wins?
  16. Royal Rumble(Round 8) Eliminate 1 (Final 3)!?
  17. What superstar would you turn?
  18. What it do wrestling section?
  19. WWE fannnnn. Thanks.?
  20. What other good wrestling trivia sites are there?
  21. What's your list of the top 11 SuperStars to watch in 2011?
  22. Royal Rumble(Round 6) Eliminate 3?
  23. Do you think The Rock will be on Raw every week till Wrestlemania?
  24. Who would win in a real fight?
  25. Yall think dem WWE divas cute?
  26. Are people serious when they say Christian is a better wrestler than Dolph Ziggler?
  27. How funny was that promo on TNA with Jeff/Karen and Kurt?
  28. Should WWE do a Divas storyline where (more inside)?
  29. Did Michael Cole cry when The Rock told him to Know Your Damn Role adn Shut your Damn Mouth?
  30. WWE Pay-Per-View Dark Matches?
  31. A Double Austin Aries and Mercedes Martinez among two indy talents rejected from Wwe's season
  32. did wwe really buy tna?
  33. now that dolph was fired from smackdown do you think he is tna bound ?
  34. Is Jerry Lawler going to retire after WrestleMania XXVII?
  35. Would you like to see JBL comeback to the WWE as an announcer again?
  36. There is only one more man who can shut up Michael Cole for once (The Rock is the other) but...
  37. Who would win in a real fight?
  38. Who is 1 WRESTLER that everyone seems to like besides you + YWWA Breakdown Results?
  39. Why is John Cena so popular among children?
  40. Of all the wrestlers in the past that never won the WWE champion, which deserved it the most?
  41. Do wrestlers shave their pubic hair?
  42. Why does Micheal Cole get a b0n3r when he sees The Miz?
  43. Which Tag Team would win: Gail Kim Rosa Mendes or Kelly Kelly Melina?
  44. Royal Rumble(Round 5) Eliminate 3?
  45. Now Dolph Ziggler Former World Champion Same As Benoit HBK Kurt Angle Etc ?
  46. Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin or John Cena who is the most important wrestler in history?
  47. Greetings Wrestling Section,I would like to introduce myself?
  48. How many of you think we will see Christian at EC sunday?
  49. Who is replacing Ziggler at the Elimination Chamber?
  50. Do you think it's disrespectful?
  51. 2 21 11 jericho???????
  52. Who will replace Dolph Ziggler in the Elimination Chamber?
  53. Who will replace Dolph Ziggler in the SmackDown Elimination Chamber?
  54. Should the storyline with Vickie being GM gone longer?
  55. Who was the last WWE Diva to pose for Playboy?
  56. Who is going to win.....?
  57. Is Dolph Ziggler considered a former world champ in wwe?
  58. How will Y2J return?
  59. Could you give me advice into how I can get into Maryse's knickers?
  60. Is bear wrestling even possible?
  61. Smackdown vs Raw - Watch Elimination Chamber 2011 online
  62. What usually makes a stable end easily?
  63. Is high school wrestling a co-ed sport?
  64. Question about WWE Twitter accounts...?
  65. who else thinks that Ziggler will go to RAW??? (+BQs)?
  66. Royal Rumle(Round 4) Eliminate 5?
  67. Do you think that Gregory Helms was a great Cruiserweight champion in WWE?
  68. Wrestling Theme Song?
  69. Did Michelle McCool being injured open a wide(no fat joke intended)for Awesome Kong?
  70. What do you think about that boy who defaulted to a girl in the Iowa wrestling tournament?
  71. Royal Rumble(Round 3) Eliminate 5?
  72. where are they now? and when/if they will return?
  73. What is your favorite stable in WWE history?
  74. Who has the better body John Morrison or Dolph Ziggler?
  75. Is this the most realistic wrestlemania card without sting in the wwe and the rock is not...
  76. Who is going to replace ziggler Sunday at EC?
  77. Is Diesel ever going to be in the wwe ?
  78. Is Dolph Ziggler really fired?
  79. Agree or Disagree: Dolph Ziggler had the worst night on Smackdown?
  80. why is Kathy THE EVAN BOURNE MARK so obsessed with Evan Bourne?
  81. Do you watch WWE Wrestling just to see the men in action?
  82. Can you match the lyrics to the wrestler's entrance song?
  83. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown?
  84. Did you like the 600th episode of smackdown?
  85. Guess these letters for these wrestlers? HARD?
  86. Is Dolph going to be in the chamber sunday?
  87. What do you think Cody Rhodes is going to say next week on SD?
  88. Where is smackdown next week?
  89. Is undertaker going to return Sunday to replace Dolph or Monday?
  90. 30 man Royal Rumbe for World Champ Champion(Round 1) eliminate 5?
  91. How did Rob Van Dam voice his character in SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 when he was signed to...
  92. why do people think TNA Will go out of Buisness?
  93. Kelly Kelly is the next WWE Divas champion after Eve?
  94. What does it say in the beginning of John Cena's song?
  95. How much longer until TNA Wrestling is out of business?
  96. Do you think this could happen at Wrestlemania 27?
  97. Is there a link on net to the history of each championship reign in FCW?
  98. So whos going to replace Dolph Ziggler in the EC sunday?
  99. It didnt look like the undertaker?
  100. Worst Gimmik Ever...?
  101. How about this Wrestlemania card?
  102. When is Awesome Kong going to debut?
  103. Who misses when JR would freak out and start yelling KANE ITS KANE?
  104. so dolph ziggler is a former whc now?
  105. My WWE Monday Night Raw Episode 92 (Rate the show) + Who was your favourite wrestler in WCW?
  106. Is anyone else looking forward to the new 2-21-11 promo on Raw more than anything else?
  107. who thinks that ziggler will have the whc sunday?
  108. If You Were a Wrestler and Had the Oppurtunity To Face One Current WWE Superstar Or Diva,
  109. (Fill in the Blanks) When The Nexus First Debuted They Were _______, And Now There _________?
  110. If You Had the Form a Tag Team Between Two Current Main Eventers in WWE, Who Would They Be?
  111. Is anyone else watching Attack of the Show to see Triple H's return?
  112. Do you think WWE will swerve us and?
  113. Why is everyone saying Triple H vs Taker at Mania when?
  114. Why does a wrestler almost have to kill himself?
  115. Be honest:If a rumor site said Undertaker vs Darren Young at Wrestlemania 27 how many of you would..
  116. When the Undertaker retires?
  117. Agree or disagree. The Rock is the only one that doesn't care if the WWE is PG or not?
  118. Kelly Kelly heel turn good or bad?
  119. Agree or disagree Cena is a Rock wannabe...?
  120. How many matches did TNA have tonight?
  121. who do you think is the best wrestler today ?? , and back than ?
  122. From which wrestler's finisher move will do the most damage if it's done on a concrete floor?
  123. Do anyone know when the March 2011 issue of WWE Mag comes out? or is out?
  124. Tyler Reks Would Mop Up The Ring With Randy Orton - Right?
  125. hall of fame wwe who will it be?
  126. The best theme song of 2010. Eliminate 2.?
  127. What do you think of my EC 2/21/11 predictions? (SD spolier inside)?
  128. Does this link work? ?
  129. The best theme song of 2010.Eliminate 2.?
  130. What do you think of my tag team division?
  131. I think I know who The Raw GM is?
  132. Isn't it sad WWE treats the team of LayCool better then there male tag teams?
  134. Did AJ Styles change his gear during the match with Hardy?
  135. Why does Meth Hardy's title look exactly like Eve Torres'?
  136. Do you guys want to see Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero?
  137. Trying to work out why i like heel wrestlers more than face wrestlers?
  138. what were those two TNA Knockouts saying to each other last night?
  139. who is more dominant in the wwe ... john cena or randy orton?
  140. Wrestling fans, what do you think of Leonardo da Vinci?
  141. Is Edge actually fired?
  142. Are there any WWE superstars who play any musical instruments?
  143. Dolph is fired who is gonna be in the chamber?
  144. IYO Who is the most deserving to be called The Renaissance man of Professional Wrestling?
  145. TNA: What Happened To The Camera Man That Touched Velvet Skys Bum(10 Points)?
  146. Do TNA's Match Commentators Read Of A Piece Off Paper (10 Points)?
  147. Why am no one remember Andre get slammed many times?
  148. Who would win this Diva vs. Knockout match and Why?
  149. Why Was TNA Referee Mark Slick Johnson Fired (10 Points)?
  150. do you think the Iowa moron who refused to wrestle a girl?
  151. Spoiler, Booker T return to WWE?
  152. When WWE turn heel at Chamber of Elimination?
  153. who's your favorite wrestler/diva and why?
  154. Could GM Anonimuss be Kayne?
  155. What was The Big Show's Royal Rumble number in 2011 (use any website you want)?
  156. Wasn't it amazing when THE ROCKS song came up and the crowd went LOUD?
  157. How much is wrestlemania ppv?
  158. What was Edge's Royal Rumble number before he won the Royal Rumble?
  159. What connects CM Punk with Christian?
  160. IF, and hopefully WHEN, John Cena loses the RAW EC on Sunday...?
  161. What WWE Superstar Wants To Do An Angle With Matt Hardy (10 Points)?
  162. Does anyone know the very 1st stable in pro wrestling history?
  163. Does anyone in the WS feel that John Cena...?
  164. Problem solved to the Question Hijacking in the Wrestling Section (Read Description)?
  165. Do you think The Rock is a living proof of the fact that mic skills charisma wrestling skills
  166. John Cena's Chain Gang?
  167. People Are So Dillusional. Why Would WWE Build Up Stings Debut And Not The Return Of The
  168. Is anyone else looking forward to seeing Micheal Tarver in the ring again?
  169. I'm bored so here's a wrestling trivia if you want to participate?
  170. Whos side are you on?
  171. Does anybody think soon Laycool will be feuding with each other?
  172. Who Had The Worst Night-Superstars?
  173. Who attacked Teddy Long?
  174. Who is the worst wrestler you have ever seen?
  175. do you think triple h new movie looks good?
  176. If Bieber is performing at WM, do you think he could actually pull the biggest heat that night?
  177. Custom TNA PPV Match Card. Rate?
  178. will WWe turn Tv 14 and why?
  179. i missed RAW..................................plz help?
  180. Anonymous RAW GM is............(spoiler)!!!!!!!!!!!?
  181. now that the rock is back........?
  182. When Undertaker returns next week and he gets interrupted by.... (read description)?
  183. Do you think Shawn Michaels was like John Cena?
  184. Which 2 wrestlers do you think would put the best I Quit Match?
  185. Where is Mick Foley at these days?
  186. Who do you think Ric Flair has a higher respect for?
  187. Rate My Match card for the 2011 Summerslam + It is werid but WWE shows have lasted more...
  188. Is the N.W.O. logo in smackdown vs. raw or do you have to create it?
  189. Is Angelina Love a post op transexual?
  190. Who do you think the best Wrestler ever?
  191. Is it just me or is the DIVA's division getting beter for wwe?
  192. what do you think is better WWE or TNA? And why does WWE always say 14+ when its just PG?
  193. How long would a 100-man over-the-top-rope battle royal take?
  194. CORRE vs NEXUS (all round, not just in a match)?
  195. On TNA is Mr. Anderson the same as Mr. Kennedy?
  196. Who do you think is the best looking WWE superstar?
  197. Is it safe to wrestle an anaconda?
  198. On TNA, was that mr anderson's heel turn?
  199. Do you think Randy Orton?
  200. Omg i just had a dream last night about the sting and undertaker promo?
  201. whos hotter maryse or mae young?
  202. Thoughts on this news?
  203. would you let randy orton RKO you and punt on monday night raw?
  204. POLL: who pulls in more crowd and cheers to THIS date..the rock or Cena?+ BQ?
  205. If WWE would have gotten Taylor Swift instead of Justin Bieber for WM27, does the event
  206. what are your top 3 favorite and least favorite wwe themes of right now?
  207. Who are the worst big man wrestlers?
  208. Which Diva should get pushed to the Diva's title: Rosa Mendes or Kelly Kelly?
  209. Do you guys think The Bella Twins sucks?
  210. My predictions for 2-21-11...?
  211. what do you think? + BQ?
  212. Do you think that The Rock returned to WWE because...?
  213. is it just me or was that the funniest segements on wwe ever since it went pg ... when the
  214. will kane play a role in undertakers retirement match?
  215. Would the following matches make WM 27 the best WM ever?
  216. Could Chris Benoit have been the greatest heel ever?
  217. Can a Rock/Cena feud work with both as faces?
  218. What Non Wrestler Would Yu Want To Be A Wrestlemania 27?
  219. Do people that give out spoilers irks really annoy you?
  220. How long will Rock stay - and will he wrestle?
  221. What was the best Royal Rumble match and the worst?
  222. What The Rock meant by I`m never going away ?
  223. Will Michelle McCool take time off or Manage Layla and/or Kong?
  224. Do you bealive Wrestling Observer newsletter?
  225. Why would WWE do a Triple H vs Undertaker feud when?
  226. Problem solved to the Question Hijacking in the Wrestling Section (Read Description)?
  227. Do you hink A.J. Styles is TNA's first legend?
  228. Why wouldn't WWE help there ppv buyrate by having Undertaker return on 2/20/11?
  229. Can't Wait.... can you? 5 More Days?
  230. If you were a professional wrestler...what would your entrance music be?
  231. Kane Taps Out First Time Ever Officially To Chris Benoit ?
  232. What's your favorite Triple H vs Chris Benoit match ?
  233. Does Michael Cole's stupidity make you miss Tony Schivone?
  234. Who was the better wrestler?
  235. Fill the blanks,10 points for first correct answer?
  236. What happened to KIZARNY?
  237. What Was The Rock And Goldberg Last Match In WWE ?
  238. Dream Tag Match between these wrestlers?
  239. What does everybody still think Sting is gonna be on Raw this monday?
  240. Who Hate Spoilers............?
  241. Stones Sink, Rocks Fall, CeNation Shall Always Stand Tall?
  242. The best theme song of 2010. Eliminate 2.?
  243. Edge vs. Dolph Ziggler WrestleMania?
  244. Which WWE Wrestler you hate the most?
  245. do u thiink jerry wiill wiin the wwe champiionshiip at eliimiination chamber.??!?!?!?
  246. Why do people like John Cena?
  247. Do you think Wrestlemania 27 will look something like this?
  248. Do you think all that about The Rock hosting WM was just so that he can come back and wrestle Cena?
  249. When is HHH coming back?
  250. The best theme song of 2010. Eliminate 2.?
  251. which tag team is the best?
  252. What is your all time favorite wrestling catchphrase from any wrestling promotion?
  253. What do you think of this roster for the upcoming video game WWE All Stars?
  254. Who would HBK make the count for?
  255. wrestling section which match is better(low ki/kaval vs amazing red)?
  256. put these factions in order from best to worst?
  257. Which Rock/Michael Cole video is funnier?
  258. Does anybody know where I can buy a can of whoop @ss?
  259. If a woman hits a man can he hit her back?
  260. Best wrestler of the attitude era to have never won the WWE championship?
  261. who was that bald guy who thought he was so cool talking bad about cena on monday night raw?
  262. What is diesel going to do in wwe?
  263. put these tag teams in order from best to worst?
  264. Who would Win: Beth Phoenix or Awesome Kong?
  265. Wrestling Card 16/02/11?
  266. If You Were A Wrestler....?
  267. Why do people have to actually post spoilers in the TOPIC of their question?
  268. Which Randy Orton do you prefer? The Legend Killer or the Viper?
  269. Which idea do you think was better?
  270. Do you think that WWE in 2011 start's a new era?
  271. What is your top 10 favorite WWE Supstar/diva theme entrance?
  272. Alberto Del Rio would whoop on the Rock like...?
  273. Will Kurt Angle ever come back to the WWE?
  274. New Picture released for ''2.21.11?
  275. How bad will Alberto Del Rio beat the Rock?
  276. Stone Cold The Rock or Shawn Michaels?
  277. Who is Returning on 21/2/11 WWE Raw?
  278. when did michael cole join the commentating team +BQ?
  279. Ami i the only one who miss jim ross +BQ?
  280. 2/21/11 question............................?
  281. Why can't R-Truth use his his real name in WWE?
  282. whos side are you on, RVD or Jeff Hardy?
  283. But what about Sting?
  284. Stumbled across this what are your thoughts?
  285. Is it safe to wrestle an anaconda?
  286. Is Kane back to Jobbing?
  287. did the rock cena faced in match befor?
  288. so its clear that 21.2.11 is taker, but any chance of sting coming?
  289. Do you think The Rock sorta buried John Cena's popularity?
  290. Which wrestler in wwe/tna is the most intense in the ring?
  291. I'm out of Prison now, how was WWF/WWE in the last 8 years?
  292. Can you really be mad at the little kids for booing The Rock?
  293. Why are you guys so firm that Rock vs John Cena won't happen at Wrestlemania 27?
  294. If the WWE does Triple H vs Undertaker at Mania will the Corre feud take place after Mania?
  295. How many Elimation Chamber matches have there been?
  296. What do you think the e-mail said on RAW when...?
  297. Was The Rock signalling he wants to be WWE champion when he came out on Raw?
  298. Even-though The Rock is my favorite wrestler,he should stop cursing,what do you think?
  299. What wrestling spoiler site do you look at?
  300. What is your favorite wrestling DVD?
  301. How does the wwe changed their signs?
  302. How would you have Chris Jericho return before Wrestlemania and what would be his Mania Match?
  303. WHo would win these matches?
  304. If Sting vs Taker happens this year at WM 27 then who in the hell will the Undertaker face at WM 28?
  305. Will the WWE give Undertaker the title ofThe man who retired DX?
  306. Has anyone seen a TNA question since Monday?
  307. *Spoiler Alert* What do you think about Edge becoming 11 time World Heavyweight Champion?
  308. Miz vs cena at Wm27 for the wwe title with the Rock as....?
  309. Barney Cena, i know this isn't a question but...?
  310. What does Michelle McCool's injury mean for the Women's division?
  311. kane mr royal rumble?
  312. who else wants to see Kurt Angle back in the wwe WITH A BROKEN FREAKIN NECK?
  313. is the rock going to be at the elimination chamber?
  314. If WWE Does A Rock Vs Cena At Wrestlemaina 27 And Cena Wins , Would You Stop Watching WWE?
  315. Did you know that JORDAN23 is my favorite user in the wrestling section?
  316. My WM 27 card, what would you change, who would win?
  317. WWE Elimination Chamber predictions and BQ?
  318. who is ready for this pg thing to end?!??!!?
  319. Why do wrestlers wrestle shirtless?
  320. Is The Wrestling Section Divided again?
  321. The best theme song of 2010. Eliminate 2.?
  322. question about the WWE?
  323. What are these WWE superstar's finishers?
  324. What do you think The Rock is gonna do to John Cena?
  325. Why do people dislike Randy Orton +BQ?
  326. So 2-21-11 Undertaker is returning at Elimination Chamber right?
  327. Does The Miz's Momentum Mean...? *Smackdown Spoiler!!!*?
  328. How would you rank the wrestling and mic skills of the following wrestlers?
  329. Wasnt Cena right in speaking about The Rock?
  330. Who will take over Dolph Ziggler in the Elimination Chamber?
  331. what is the best thing to happen in the last couple weeks in wrestling ?
  332. Wrestlemania 27 - World Heavyweight championship - Undertaker vs The Rock - Would this be...
  333. omg the rock is back the era of candyass's are back what do you think about the rocks retrurn?
  334. The Rock's return, status of the UK boys....?
  335. John cena hasnt always been 5 moves of dooms?
  336. what did you guys think of raw last night?
  337. What do you fans think of the Funeral of TNA Wrestling this past Monday Night?
  338. I swear if The Rock shakes John Cena hand at Wrestlemania infront of the whole crowd, Id be mad?
  339. Is Booker-T back or something?! /: \ I've missed SD for the last severals weeks cause my stupid DVR?
  340. why isnt tonights wwe smackdown taping in san diego not sold out?
  341. Has anyone seen these former wrestlers lately and are they in any shape to compete?
  343. who would win this 6 way match?
  344. Several questions about The Rock's return last Monday on RAW?! Please answer them!?
  345. who would win this match?
  346. The Krock belongs in TNA because he's an old washed up has been?
  347. Is Daniel Bryan gay and if so how could I get a date?Or I've always wanted a boyfriend...
  348. Who would Win: Rosa Mendes or Kelly Kelly?
  349. Why do so many people give a damn about wrestling?!?
  350. Does Val Venis=Douche Bag?
  351. Diva's mud wrestling match?
  352. Who do you want to see vs. Taker at WrestleMania 27?
  353. who was before cenanation and the rocknation?
  354. 2/21/11: it HAS TO BE STING BECAUSE HE WAS BORN ON 2/21!?
  355. how long will the rock be in the wwe?
  356. when will we see triple h vs shamous?
  357. who was the women who got out of the limo last nite on raw?
  358. BREAKING NEWS:WWE DIVA INJURED(Contains spoilers)?
  359. who wants to see stone cold steve austin as wwe raw gm?
  360. Proof that the 2.21.11 guy is Undertaker?
  361. who really wants to see the rock face john cena?
  362. If Triple H does face Undertaker this year at Wrestlemania?
  363. Why has the Rock come back NOW after a 7 year hiatus?
  364. What would be your top 5 The Rock's greatest match?
  365. What would be your top 5 The Rock's greatest feud?
  366. Will IWC have a meltdown if The Rock doesn't go against Cena at Wrestlemania?
  367. Does anyone here think Triple H vs Undertaker in Streak vs Career is epic fail in the making?
  369. Help! Does anyone remember that korean or japanese guy with his wife?
  370. Why are people so dumb? When Rock said he's never leaving WWE he means.....?
  371. Who performs the entrance music for Madison Rayne for Winter?
  372. When The Rock interacts with wrestlers at Wrestlemania 27 who do you want him to talk to?
  373. Who is Sting, I need to know?
  374. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  375. Can you please tell me the name of the song being played in Shawn Michael's HOF video please answer?
  376. Is heel cena finally coming?
  377. Who do you want to win the elimination chamber?
  378. Would it be a bad idea for cena to retaliate to what The Rock said about him?
  379. when do you think the rock will be stop talked about?
  380. The Anonymous GM might finally be revealed?
  381. I give you my word, I will never go away again. Do you believe The Rock?
  382. Do you think Next Week's RAW is going to be epic?
  383. Agree or Disagree: Last nights Raw and next weeks Raw are/were more anticipated than
  384. How good do you think wrestling would be today if it went down like this?
  385. Smackdown Spoilers!!! New WHC Crowned!?
  386. Why is the Rock suddenly a god here in the wrestling section ?
  387. Would this be a good Match/Idea?
  388. Is any one watching Tosh.0 right now?
  389. Agree or Disagree:Undertaker and The Rock are the hottest topics in wrestling right now?
  390. The Black Background Rock has returned, to Yahoo Answers!?
  391. Why WWE Fans Compared WWE With TNA ?
  392. removed The Rock's profile picture from the Alumni section?
  393. Why does everyone think 2.21.11 is 2 men?
  394. Will undertaker return on the beginning or end of raw next week?
  395. Is triple h going to come back on 2-21-11 also?
  396. What do you think the Raw Gm would of said last night if cole would of read it?
  397. Wrestling is not for kids, Agree?
  398. What ever happened to the chinese cowboy wrestler?
  399. When is awesome kong going to debut?
  400. How did Cena insult the Rock?
  401. FINALLY........Questions about The Rock are ending?
  402. Who else became a fan of the Rock?
  403. Who will be the next WWE Champion?
  404. Who will win the Raw elimination chamber?
  405. The Undertaker Is On SmackDown Why Is He Returning To Raw On 2-21-11?
  406. Who are your top 5 favorite WWE Superstars?
  407. Possible Rock WrestleMania spoiler...?
  408. what is your favorite wrestler's best matches?
  409. What website has the smackdown taping results first?
  410. Is The Rock Dwayne Johnson back full time with WWE or is he only hosting WM27 on April 02, 2011?
  411. Did the rock get fined?
  412. Who are your top favorite users in this section?
  413. Whats the difference between WWE Universe and Story designer in SVR?
  414. If Triple H does indeed wrestle his last match at WM 27 Who else wants to see him go out as a heel?
  415. Lol what do you think about Val Venis taking a shot at Rock's Wrestling ability?
  416. Some kid from the crowd booing The Rock?
  417. When i looked at the Rock promo again...?
  418. Do you think John Cena is heel now?
  419. How would you feel if The Rock Cena had a match The Rock lost to Cena?
  420. Does anyone know when we could buy The Rock I Bring It Authentic T-Shirt on wwe euro shop?
  421. How long is The Rock back for?
  422. What do you think of The Rock returning back to WWE?
  423. What if this happened to The Rock at Wrestlemania...?
  424. Is Wrestlemania 27 gonna actually be electric?
  425. So The Rock basically made WWE his b!tch?
  426. Who Was The Mystery Woman On Raw Last Night?
  427. Did anyone else notice that Cena supporters on this site are only posting now that
  428. Is the WWE teasing a heel turn for Cena?
  429. Does this put a spin on Michael Cole/The Miz story?
  430. is justin bieber 16 or 51?
  431. do you think cryme tyme from wwe was racist?
  432. Do you think they will have cena respond to the rock as a heel or a face or not even respond at all?
  433. Did the WWE prove last night how Barney the Dinosaur's Anus doesn't have what it takes?
  434. Did the rock undo 7 years of Cena's build-up last night in 10 minutes?
  435. Raw GM seems more heel than face?
  436. Anyone Know Online Where I Can See The Rock's Return To Raw In It's Entirety?
  437. I still can't get over the rock returning to wwe?
  438. Who was the woman who got out of the limo on RAW ?
  439. Look at this please it's about The Rock!?
  440. Who has a better WWE Carrer: The Undertaker or Rock?
  441. Question for young Cena fans: After seeing the Rock's promo last night, do you still think
  442. Is the Rock going to work for the WWE again ?
  443. If Sting and or Awesome Kong has signed?
  444. WWE: THE ROCK destroys John Cena Michael Cole?
  445. Does anyone else think that Ric Flair?
  446. Does The Rock like returning to Anaheim?
  447. finally the ROCK RETURNED!!!!?
  448. Did THE ROCK's return snap you out of the coma induced Randy Orton's match,too ?
  449. Was The Rock's return the biggest pop since the Attitude Era?
  450. Do you think The Rock's promo last night was not scripted?
  451. WrestleMania 27 Predictions?
  452. Is this the best time to turn cena heel?
  453. Does anyone like The Rocks new theme song?
  454. Was the name Razor Ramon supposed to be a cocaine reference?
  455. What was the General Manager going to say?
  456. Who's the bigger star .... Stone Cold or Sting ?
  457. Rate these wrestlers one to ten in order of how good you think they are?
  458. What do you think The Rock is doing right now?
  459. The rock made raw seem good enough to watch raw for the last minutes?
  460. Reason why rock is going to wrestlemaniaI?
  461. who was Kerwin White?
  462. Anyone else noticed....?
  463. The second biggest moment in sports history?
  464. how many fans who has hated the rock. Suddenly changes their minds?
  465. Did Anyone Else Get Goosebumps When The Rock Returned?
  466. Do You Think Its WWE's Chance To Get Rid Of The PG Era (10 Points)?
  467. The rock owned micheal cole and john cena haha?
  468. Cena fans do you hate The Rock now?
  469. The rock just told off the wwe kids in there face what do you think?
  470. the wwe has to do a rock and stone cold confrontation the monday after wrestlemania?
  472. Who else is going to be inducted into the WWE's Hall of Fame?
  473. Who's happy that Sting will never work for McMahon?
  474. Why are people dissing the Undertaker coming back over Sting?
  475. Would you be disappointed if the ROCK came back to raw and apologized for cussing and?
  476. if you smell what the rock is cooking?
  477. How epic would this be...?
  478. Can the world wrestling entertainment be sued for being unethical?
  479. FINALLY..... cena is not the face of the wwe anymore?
  480. Who Wanted To Cry When They Saw The Rock On WWE Raw (10 Points)?
  482. Who Else Thought The Rock.....?
  483. Will you guys ever forget that promo?
  484. Will Rock be a trainer on tough enough after Mania?
  485. What if this person is the Host of wrestlemania?
  486. Is it me or has WWE been bringing back 90 stars lately?
  487. Is The Rock back for good or only a few months?
  488. Why Was The WWF Attitude Ring Bigger Then WWE's Ring Today (10 points)?
  489. The Rock Tell the Truth About John Cena?
  490. Do you think The Rock will actually wrestle now that he is back?
  491. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  492. So Sting fans how does it feel to be right?
  493. Don't you wish you had a time machine to see next weeks episode of Raw?
  494. what was your reaction to the rock coming back on raw?
  495. I just witnessed TV HISTORY, did you?
  496. who else is marking out the rock is hosting wm?
  497. now that the rock is back will wwe get rid of the pg era?
  498. How did Jeff Hardy win last night at against all odds?
  499. The question that seems to be on many peoples minds, Is The Rock here to stay?
  500. True or false: The Rock brung the attitude era out of the fans?