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  1. I thought Cena's comeback rap on Rock was pretty good. Can the rock still cook?
  2. Will hogan and flair ever return to wwe and patch things up with vince?
  3. did the rock fall back on his wwe fans he turned his back on because his disney career was bombing?
  4. WS: ok is this gay or what?
  5. Agree or Disagree:The only time Kane is credible is when his storyline involves The Undertaker?
  6. who else thinks that is a brilliant story line..HHH returns to get revenge for hbk's burrial?
  7. What is your current favorite finisher in WWE right now?
  8. whats wrong with tna matt hardy i think he could of did better on choosing a girlfriend. she
  9. What did you think of wwe elimination chamber 2011?
  10. how old do you have to be to attend a wwe event without being accompanied by an adultt?
  11. can someone explain the story behind the former love triangle with john morrison melina and batista?
  12. what do you like better WWF or WWE?
  13. Rewatched Summerslam 2005 and does anybody else think HBK should of beat Hogan +BQ?
  14. Why do people watch wrestling?
  15. Has Trish Stratus re-signed with WWE?
  16. Can WWE get any faker, I mean when Cena does the 5 knuckle shuffle he just slaps the mat,
  17. Who was the last European born WWE or WHW champion?
  18. Please help me with my homework, If A= 5+3 then what is A.?
  19. What are some of the storylines you have created in SVR2010?
  20. What is your favorite Professional Wrestling stable in history?
  21. Is the undertaker's undefeated streak going to end?
  22. Why is Wrestlemania 9 considered to be the worst?
  23. Is Triple H Over Rated and a Crap Wrestler?
  24. If 2X+Y=3 and 2X-Y= 5, then what are the values of X and Y?
  25. Why do you boo Alberto Del Rio, is it because he is more handsome than Tony Romo?
  26. Why do you cheer fools like Santino Marella, I mean the Cobra has to be the worst finisher ever?
  27. My WWE Monday Night Raw (Vote the Winners and Rate Show) + Is Sheamus a Jobber now? he lost to...
  28. SmackDown 2 25 11 Results !!HERE!!?
  29. Why does TNA keep teasing Kurt Angle's retirement?
  30. Which is your favorite: NEXUS from RAW or the CORE from Smackdown?
  31. Which WWE title (Championship) should be brought back?
  32. wrestling poll???????????????
  33. Why do you boo Sheamus when you already know he is a future WWE hall Of Famer?
  34. Wrestling section do you think Hacksaw Jim Duggan deserves to be in the hall of hame?
  35. Should WWE be PG DLSV or PG14?
  36. If you were a wrestler, would you be a heel or face and why?
  37. What do you think TNA's Most shocking suprise of the year will be this thursday on Impact?
  38. who do u think will win nxt season 4?
  39. Was the tag team title change the fastest tag team title change in WWE's history?
  40. Why doesnt TNA Impact go on live on thursday?
  41. Wouldn't bringing back the Hardcore belt in this PG era be great?
  42. Who is the better wrestler, Great Muta or Keiji Mutoh?
  43. You like this video or not?
  44. Trick Question: Why did Randy Orton see a psychiatrist?
  45. Who would you like to see win MITB at WrestleMania this year ?
  46. Where to watch live WWE on my computer free?
  47. How come did Christy Hemme kiss Lilian Garcia?
  48. If you atttend WWE events is it time for the Word Life signs to come back out would
  49. Who was proclaimed as the real father of Rey Mysterio's son Dominick?
  50. In your opinion, what is the main reason why WWE won't book Cena vs Undertaker at Mania?
  51. Do you think undertaker will make it to 19-0 or 18-1 other questions inside?
  52. Who here has met a WWE wrestler in the past?
  53. greatest match in the history of wrestling?
  54. Since the wwe is hyping john cena vs the miz at this years wrestlemania?
  55. is the money what superstars and divas make comes from the sales?
  56. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  57. Should R-Truth just heel at this point?
  58. Is Steve Borden going to Wrestle Mark Calloway at Wrestlemania 27?
  59. What do you think was the biggest embarrassment in pro wrestling history?
  60. Would it have been better if Triple H came out and said?
  61. I've just had a thought about HHH losing at wrestlemania and the aftermath thoughts?
  62. Who is the best worst superstar at selling moves?
  63. Was John Cena heel when he first debuted in WWE? And how did he turn face?
  64. Anyone out there who doesnt like the rock?
  65. Is this good or bad? Wrestling. Help!!?
  66. Do you think Melina looks weird?
  67. How would you improve Randy Ortons character?
  68. Smackdown *Spoilers* 2/25/2011...?
  69. Why Chris Benoit World Title Celebration Was Different ?
  70. Will Santino Marella become WWE champion one day?
  71. Smackdown Spoiler Alert: Vickie Gourero been Fired after losing to Kelly Kelly and Edge ?
  72. This has to be best question ever asked in the Wrestling Section?
  73. How would you rate me as a user?
  74. My WWE Backlash (Rate the Pay Per View) + Is Mick Foley still contracted with TNA?
  75. How did The MIZ won his match over Jerry Lawler?
  76. what could the wwe booking team have done to make the miz worthy enough to main event wrestlemania?
  77. what the hell kinda wrestlemania match is john cena v.s the miz ?
  78. Did cena actually think he was good enough to be tag champs with the GREAT ONE.....?
  79. If it were 10 years ago, Which wrestler would be the Daniel Bryan of the IWC?
  80. what do you think tna big announcement is *spoiler*?
  81. How does John Cena know that Dwayne has no Johnson, does he,as always, spy on The Rock,when
  82. who is the most popular jobber in wwe right now?
  83. Besides me who has a better respect for John Cena after last night?
  84. How about this, should this be a match??
  85. Does anyone have front row floor tickets to wrestlemania 27?
  86. I was thinking michael cole is the miz's dad or brother?
  87. Has there ever been a hell in a cell match @ Wrestlemania?
  88. Who would win in a real fight?
  89. WHEN Triple H and Undertaker puts on a memorable match, what will The Clown Prince of Crime...
  90. After Wrestlemania 27 who will be Raw's active legend?
  91. I really thought WWE made a mistake when they had Lesnar win at Mania 19?
  92. What are your thoughts on the fans yesterday picking Triple H OVER the Undertaker?
  93. Agree or Disagree:The Streak is way to big and close to 20 to break it now?
  94. When's Edge coming back?
  95. Who else is extremely happy for the potential Michael Cole vs. Jerry Lawler matchup at...
  96. do the women in wwe wear nike socks tell me?
  97. Who is better, Shawn Micheals or The Rock?
  98. If this is Streak vs Carrer:Whats your thoughts on?
  99. Will you be excited when they announce the epic Sheamus vs Mark Henry part III for Wrestlemania?
  100. Describe a day in the life of a WWE Superstar?
  101. Why did Triple H get a MUCH louder pop than the Undertaker?
  102. Should NY Yankees center fielder Curtis Granderson be announced as MISTERRR GRANDERSON!......
  103. WWE fannnnnn. Thanks.?
  104. Is HHH going to be on Raw next week?
  105. the rock vs john cena at wrestlemania?
  106. should the corre defend the wwe tag team titles under freebird rule?
  107. Which top-tier WrestleMania match are you most interested in the TV build-up?
  108. Pres. Yugi Muto is injured. What will the Extreme Showdown Champion Ash Ketchum do to keep the
  109. predicted wrestlemania matches?
  110. What do you think of Triple h vs Undertaker at Wrestlemania will the streak continue?
  111. What did you think of this weeks Raw?
  112. Most attractive male + female wrestlers + BQ? ?
  113. What time do the SD tapings start tonight?
  114. Who thought that the confrontation between HHH and Undertaker was disappointing?
  115. When was the Attitude Era in wrestling?
  116. Matt hardy should join Beer money to form a stable called Beer belly?
  117. Undertaker and HHH return!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???
  118. Will The Undertaker face Wade Barrett after Wrestlemania 27?
  119. Can Triple H vs The Undertaker have the potential to beat HBK/Taker?
  120. John Morrison needs the push of a lifetime?
  121. Who else still has to return in the wwe?
  122. Who is more athletic, John Morrison or Kofi Kingston or...?
  123. So is Undertaker gonna be heel at Wrestlemania?
  124. What Are So Many Wrestlers Retiring At Wrestlemania?+Question About Me!?
  125. Why wasnt there much build up between Undertaker and Triple H?
  126. do you feel John Cena went too far last night?
  127. What does your favorite Wrestler do or have that makes him/her stand out?
  128. can you give me link to see jomo jump from the top of the ec?
  129. How come did Lilian Garcia kiss a diva in Raw?
  130. Wrestlemania 27: Dont you think if?
  131. how got blazed the most cena or rock?
  132. did you think drew finally arrived at ec?
  133. thoughts on monday night raw?
  134. will this wm be any good?
  135. what is your top 5 finishers from supersstars past and present?
  136. Can anyone explain to me that Randy Orton is a Twenner?
  137. Do you see JR calling Wrestlemania?
  138. Is this WrestleMania turning out to be *the* most epic ever?
  139. do you own any wwe dvds if yes how many?
  140. what is the worst tag team ever in wwe?
  141. is the rock in a match at wm?
  142. why is your fav wrestler your fav what did he/she do to earn that spot?
  143. are you going to buy wwe all stars?
  144. is cole a turd for saying those things about jerrys mom?
  145. are you with team c m punk or team orton ?
  146. are you a mizfit.....?
  147. who has a bigger fan base cena or rock?
  148. who got the biggest roar from the crowd on raw?
  149. what is the best catch phrase from any wwe superstar past and present?
  150. did you agree on what cena said about the rock?
  151. are you with team cena or team miz or team rock?
  152. does an rko really hurt?
  153. what was john cenas best rap ever?
  154. did you like cenas rap?
  155. drew or dolph.................?
  156. best tag team ever in wwe?
  157. taker or hhh and why.?
  158. the rocks candy a55 got owned?
  159. is randy orton in a movie?
  160. what finisher hurts the most really?
  161. Should the Undertaker's Streak go up if he beats the same guys?
  162. With The Rock, Trish Stratus, Christian, Booker T and Diesel returning to WWE, do you thnk any
  163. Triple H got the biggest pop in tonight's RAW + BQ?
  164. WWE getting more predictable?
  165. What is the best theme song in the WWE ever?
  166. So WS that's all it took?!?
  167. Was there any point to having Diesel at the Royal Rumble?
  168. Do you think Taker vs Triple H will have fans?
  169. What Song Was In 2 21 11 Advertisment ? (Like ...Can't Hold My Body Down..)?
  170. WWE Draft 2011- Where wud u lyk the Main Stars in WWE today, to end up ?
  171. What was the point of that staredown with HHH and Undertaker?
  172. Speaking of Triple H and Sheamus?
  173. Agree or Disagree: Triple H/Undertaker segment should have ended Raw?
  174. Is the PG Era over now?
  175. Are you team Phenom ot team Game?
  176. Are we watching Triple H's final feud?
  177. Do you think Taker's WM match this year is missing?
  178. Did they do the interview with Cole King yet? what happened?
  179. February Favorite: WWE Elimination Chamber or TNA Against All Odds?
  180. please rate my wrestlemania 27 card?
  181. 2 21 11 revealing was a let down? BQ cena's promo?
  182. ..........Who's the GM?
  183. Is The Undertaker still a Smackdown superstar?
  184. Does anybody else think that the Triple H - Taker segment was confusing and disappointing?
  185. Do you like John Cena?
  186. What is with WWE using the word A$$ all of a sudden?
  187. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  188. Triple H and Undertaker returned!?
  189. Josh Matthews Failed!?
  190. (Fill in the blanks) If Undertaker wins at Wrestlemania I will___________, But if Triple H...
  191. Do you think Cena loves The Rocks Bottom?
  192. The Rock is getting a lot of verbal abuse towards him tonight?
  193. how do you feel about the results of 2/21/11?
  194. John cena has made some of the worst movies in the world so y did he said toothfairy ?
  195. RAW 21/2/11 - Your Thoughts?
  196. Do you think Triple H's pop was louder than the pop he got when he returned in 2002?
  197. Do you think Wrestlemania will turn heel and attack Cena?
  199. The Miz is probably one of the best heels in the WWE?
  200. Do you argee that WWE screwed these?
  201. Why Are There A lot of People That Want Undertakers Streak To End?
  202. Who is heel: Undertaker or Triple H?
  203. So who do you think is in the 2 21 11 video in wwe?
  204. Did jerry lawler's mom do cocaine like me?+bq?
  205. is this crowed a let down?
  206. Hey on smackdown, did u see they liped sink cause it was taped,?
  207. If you go could go to School with one Wrestler, when they were younger, who would it be with and
  208. Are you disappointed with the WWE nowadays?
  209. Does anybody else think The Undertaker has work done like plastic surgery?
  210. How do I activate the hardcore title in the wwe universe?
  211. Will There Be A Money In The Bank Mtach At WM27?
  212. Was Rob Van Dam ever a heel?
  213. Sting has REALLY changed his look. He looks so different now?
  214. Did John Cena Just Own The Rock?
  215. was brock lesnar supposed to come back for wwe wrestlemania?
  216. Who will be uploading RAW on YouTube right after it aired on TV tonight?
  217. does this tag title change remind anyone of Cena HBK?
  218. How badly do you want to see Cole shut up?
  219. Why is HHH having another shot at The Streak, what about someone new?
  220. What's more sad, Nexus holding the tag titles for 24 hours or Ziggler holding the world title for...
  221. Why did HHH choose to come back the exact same time as Taker? +BQ?
  223. What is the point of adding Triple H to the streak again?
  224. @navynuke777 why would WWE have Sting in public they'd want him to be a suprise?!?
  225. Is the hope for Sting gone now or are people still thinking he's going to WWE?
  226. Was tonight the weirdest Raw of all time?
  227. Who else saw that coming?
  228. Undertaker heel turn?
  229. Thoughts on WWE Tough Enough 2011, do you think it will be actually worth watching?
  230. Youtube link to john cenas rap?
  231. What would you do if you were starting a REAL wrestling promotion?
  232. Is triple h coming back tonight?
  233. We had HBK vs Undertaker 2 years in a row why are people pissed its HHH vs UT 2nd time?
  234. Did anyone else get more pumped for the Cole vs Lawler match than the HHH vs Taker one?
  236. Wow so WWE hyped up 2/21/11 just for a Triple H And Undertaker Staredown!?
  237. Who wants 10 points?
  238. Thoughts on tonight Raw?
  239. is undertaker on Raw now ?
  240. Triple H Vs The Undertaker At Wrestlemania Who Will Win?
  241. I hate Cena, but that was what he needed?
  242. Do you think WWE would have a countdown if it were just the Undertaker?
  243. i hate cena but that was a great response?
  244. Have you ever noticed...?
  245. Did anyone notice the Taker logo?
  246. do you agree with them on the chris benoit situation?
  247. Is John Cena going back to his rapper gimmick tonight?
  248. ITS OFFICIAL!!!!!!!! - HHH will return before Wrestlemania!?
  249. Farewell, Coleminers?
  250. Both Sting and the Undertaker might return/debut tonight!?
  251. Which of their gimmicks (or company) do you prefer?
  252. was r truth's elimination the quickest in elimination chamber match history?
  253. Why are the Smackdown Elimination Chambers Always better than the Raw Elimination Chambers? +BQS?
  254. Why would it be a mistake for John Cena to open his mouth again tonight on Raw against The Rock?
  255. does it make you laugh when people get hyped about rumours?
  256. What do you think about doing this with the titles?
  257. in your honest opinion, who do you think was better jackie moore, or molly holly, or jazz?
  258. Since Undertaker is returning tonight...?
  259. Raw is setting up to be one of the best RAWs ever tonight.?
  260. Are you just totally stunned that Superman Cena won the elmination chamber match?
  261. has rey mysterio changed his style?
  262. Does anyone remember this Vladimir Kozlov +BQ?
  263. Why Was WWF Chyna Allowed To Fight Men?
  264. rate my wrestlemania 27 predictions from 1-10?
  265. Raw 2 21 11 Promo Final predictions?
  266. Why was John Cena eating a bowl of Fruity Pebbles before the show? +2 bqs?
  267. Is....................? + BQ:?
  268. True or False:Elimination Chamber was a very good, yet extremely predictable PPV?
  269. Have you guys noticed at last nights Elimination Chamber?
  270. do you think john cena is going to turn into a tweener?
  271. i asked a question about benoit and now i log in to see it's been removed for ranting?
  272. What Divas match will WWE have at Wrestlemania 27?
  273. Where to watch WWE Monday Night Raw live online through the internet?
  274. What WWE Superstar has more talent and why +BQ's?
  275. Is it just me, or do you think...?
  276. Which marvel super villain is more powerful in your opinion?
  277. Elimination Chamber last night? +BQ?
  278. does anyone else think randy orton is a douchebag?
  279. Who's the one wrestler you can't stand but every one like's?
  280. Which one of these superstars do you think will be the next future endeavoured?
  281. Did you think Trish Stratus's catchphrase promo was horrible?
  282. Who watched elimination chamber last night?
  283. Should there be a wrestler with a psychiatrist gimmick?
  284. What would you think if...?
  285. predictions for raw tonight?
  286. drew mcintyre really showed up well at elimination chamber, time for his big push?
  287. do u guys think that christian had a chance to be the world champion?
  288. Cena Back Tonight on Raw?
  289. Who thinks that tonight raw is gonna be awesome?
  290. What do you think Undertaker will talk about tonight?
  293. Whos return is better? christian or JIWRHGJJHTEWR?
  294. haha im going to give the most electrifying man in the wrestling section a BA AND U CANT DO...
  295. wwe do u think vicki wear nike socks cause i remerber she his it on it might be smell bad?
  296. If you are using twitter for the first on your PC, how do you reply to you fellow superstars?
  297. Who thinks the Elimination Chamber was an Upset?
  298. Will you guys stop whining and complaining?
  299. Who is sick of everyone complaining about Cena's win?
  301. Awaiting tonight's Raw. (Undertaker comes back) but is that it?
  302. Whos Your Fav. Announce Team In WWF/E History?
  303. What Is 2 Plus 2????????????
  305. How come no one else thinks itll be obvious the rock with be the guest referee in the miz/cena...
  306. I just thought about something to do with the Main Event at Wrestlmania!!!!?
  307. 2 21 11. Disappointment or History?
  308. Nexus vs Corre at WM or Punk vs Orton?
  309. Do you think it will be really difficult to make Cole a face since so many people hate him?
  310. Were you overall glad with the Elimination Chamber since Christian returned?
  311. Did anyone honestly not see Cena winning that?
  312. So will this be the Wrestlemania 27 Card?
  313. Why are the WWE writers sometimes called the 'creative team'?
  314. As much as I hate saying this..?
  315. Who is the better wrestler... Stone Cold or The Rock?
  316. Are You Happy Cena Won EC 2011?
  317. Do you think the crowd at EC last night sucked?
  318. What do you have to lose if you STAR this question...?
  319. Why are people mad about John Cena winning?
  320. Which is a bigger trainwreck: WWE booking Superman to take the title (again), or TNA's title
  321. Is it fair that Shawn Michaels only had 4 title runs, and Cena is heading towards his 10th?
  322. Do you think 2/21/11 is gonna be nothing but a giant let down?
  323. Who Had The Worst Week?
  324. If Sting shows up on RAW tonight...?
  325. Who is the longest United States champion in WCW history?
  326. john Morrison Is Spiderman?? WTF at the elimination chamber?
  327. What happened to Big Shows moveset?
  328. Good PPV; Thoughts on a possible WM Card?
  329. Is Cancer or AIDS contagious? If so, do you hope John Cena continues his work with Make-A-Wish?
  330. Toughts on Elimination Chamber?
  331. Who Had The Worst Night-Elimation Chamber?
  332. elimination chamber question?
  333. what happened yesterday in the ec?
  334. Do you think these will be 2 great returns?
  335. randy orton got robbed lol?
  336. Was the EC Match good?
  337. Who thinks Morrison should have won?
  338. WTF Morrison After all that ddnt win the elimination chamber??? what up with wwe?
  339. when is the miz going to lose the wwe title that he does not deserve to hold.?
  340. Would you consider the possible Trish Stratus vs Michelle McCool WM match aDream match?
  341. Will The Rock play a part in Cena vs Miz?
  342. how is it del rio is getting a push , but not kofi kingston or evan bourne ?
  343. was it just me or did Christian look youngish at EC something was different?
  344. Can I watch full Tna episodes on youtube?
  345. Can you connect a keyboard to your xbox 360 to make typing on svr2010 quicker?
  346. What is the song that plays on Jeff Hardys CURRENT TNA entrance?
  347. Would it surprise you if wwe made 21-2-11 Triple H to start the rivalry?
  348. So what does this mean for Randy Orton?
  349. Do you guys see this happening at Wrestlemania?
  350. Really? Do you fans really want to see Triple H vs. Undertaker again?
  351. Who won the raw elimination chamber?
  352. Which Elimination Chamber did you like better?
  353. SAME OLD SAME OLD...?
  354. Trish stratus is backkk!!!?
  355. Who was your favorite referee in WWE/WWF/TNA history?
  356. why doesnt the new have the WWE ELIMINATION CHAMBER PPV?
  357. What would your reaction be if this theme is heard tomorrow night on Raw?
  358. How do we keep John Cena away from Wrestlemania?
  359. Do any of you see The Rock interfering in a match tonight?
  360. Is this is Homecoming Month for WWE?
  361. in the Wrestlemania main event is...John Cena...for the 12th time in a row. *yawn*?
  362. Whose excited about Christian returning?
  363. Please rate the following match: Bruno Sammartino vs. John Cena?
  364. Do you think fans will start to hate Edge if...?
  365. 10 minutes before elimination chamber?
  366. So that EC was pretty much pointless.?
  367. JoMo is out so how do most of you feel since you wanted him to win?
  368. 10 Points Predictions for Elimination Chamber 2011?
  370. have you ever noticed Cena never loses cleanly or non-controversially?
  371. How would you react if the person who takes Ziggler's place?
  372. Is this a hint that Undertaker is returning TONIGHT?
  373. Did Michael Cole mess his pants?
  374. Will Triple H pull a HBK tonight?
  375. If you are trying to watch a WWE ppv on, what do you have to do to watch it for free.?
  376. why is Drew Mcyntire is flipping out?
  377. wwe v.s tna matches ?
  379. How epic is the Elimination Chamber so far?
  380. Do you think there is 1 more major return tonight?
  381. Isn't it awesome that tonight is the first PPV in three years without Orton or Cena in a title...
  382. Should me and Spongebob form a tag team?
  383. I'm back with your daily FILL IN THE BLANKS!?
  384. What do you think of this?
  385. Which stable was better: The Corporation or Ministry of Darkness?
  386. let's still have faith in triple threat at mania?
  387. Who else hopes Cena turns heel? WORD LIFE!?
  389. THE ROCK HAS GREAT WRESTLING SKILLS,CHARISMA,FAN BASE,mic uthinkeverywrestker wantstobe
  390. Should the Cenation be renamed the Tweenation, since all of his fans are kids?
  391. What Was the Very First Wrestling Show You Watched in Your Life?
  392. I wanted Shawn Michaels to end Undertaker's streak...?
  393. 30 Battle Royal for Undisputed Champion (Round 4)?
  394. The Dragon Vs Chicago Knight at Wrestlemania!!!!! Who will win and how?
  395. What do you think of Booker T's commentary?
  396. knee brace while wrestling?
  397. Who are some WWE SuperStars you love but everyone else hates +BQ's?
  398. Royal Rumble(Round 2) Eliminate 5?
  399. Which match are you looking forward to the most tonight?
  400. Who would win: Squidward or Randy Orton?
  401. Do you think the Undertaker's streak should ever end?
  402. Where is my girlfriend BOB?
  403. Do you think Sting signed with WWE?(Details Inside)?
  404. the elimination chamber will it be a good ppv to order?
  405. where can I Watch the WWE Elimination Chamber Live Stream?
  406. I am simulating the Raw and Smackdown Elimination Chamber Matches on Svr2011. Will it be the same
  407. Who's body is better, Mason Ryan or Batista?
  408. Royal Rumle(Round 3) Eliminate 5?
  409. I just played SVR 2011 and let Sheamus kick Cena 5 times in the head and then I kicked The Rock?
  410. I just used John Cena to beat up The Rock on SVR 2011?
  411. who else thinks the UNDERTAKER is awsome?
  412. Positives in today's current WWE?
  413. Watch WWE Elimination Chamber 2011 Online Stream?
  414. Would you like to see a Edge vs Del Rio vs Christian at Wrestlemania for the WHC?
  415. How many wrestlers do you think do drugs and get away with it?
  416. What is harder to follow? TNA or the book on Scientology?
  417. What Do Think of This?
  418. what is the name of the wrestling stance where one opponent is on all fours before the
  419. Where can i watch Wwe Elimination Chamber Tonight?
  420. Predictions for Elimination Chamber Tonight? + BQ?
  421. Winners of the Elimination Chamber Matches? Your picks and Opinions.?
  422. Does the wwe keep up on drug tests?
  423. If no one was to complain about wrestling, would wrestling suck?
  424. Be honest...have you ever masturbated during a Diva's match before on either WWE or TNA? Who was...
  425. O_O Dolph ziggler is a triple crown champion?????
  426. Royal Rumble(Round 1) Eliminate 5?
  427. Who will be the superstar to take Dolph Ziggler's spot in the Elimination Chamber?
  428. Am I The Only One Who Knows That The Smackdown Elim Chamber is 5-way?
  429. who would win this match the rock vs stone cold steve austin?
  430. Do you think Christian or Chris Jericho returns tonight at EC?
  431. who will return to WWE for wrestlemania?
  432. Am I the only one that doesn't want christian to fill the Elimination Chamber spot?
  433. omg omg omg omg omg omg?
  434. Is it true that WWE will show WM 27 in theaters?
  435. Who will win each of the Elimination Chamber matches later today?
  436. Do you think John Morrison new aggressive push?
  437. Is that really Krispin Wah in those 2-21 videos?
  438. Who is your favorite and least favorite wrestler in the WWE?
  439. what if a wrestler has to sneeze in a middle of a match?
  440. How many wrestling events did you attend?
  442. Austin Aries Rejected From Tough Enough!! WTF VINCE?
  443. I Pledge Allegance, To The SES, One Nation, Under Punk, Indivisible, With Integrity, And...
  444. who played doinc the clown?
  446. How to watch WWE Elimination Chamber 2011 live online?
  447. How long will the WWE elimination chamber be? (How long will it last)?
  448. How can I watch WWE Elimination Chamber 2011 live online?
  449. Name Your top 3 Biggest Flukes of a wrestler Ever in the wwe?
  450. Joe vs. Punk II Or Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels II?
  451. Whats your favorite version of The Rock?
  452. Since Undertaker will feud with Wade Barrett?
  453. Which Finisher hurts more: Codebreaker (done by Jericho) or Tombstone Piledriver (done by
  454. would you go to wrestlemania or spend a week with torrie wilson?
  455. Trivia - 1st To Answer gets 10 points (very easy)?
  456. Who Else Just Can't Wait For EC Tonight?
  457. I no everyone here reads dirt sheets, which one do you use?
  458. Where Would Eddie Be Right Now In The WWE If He Were Still Alive?
  459. How many of you had an orgasm when The Rock returned to WWE?
  460. Melina or batista????? which one would you go bowling with?
  463. Best way to watch WWE Elimination Chamber 2011 live online?
  465. Does anybody want to know how I got great abs in just two days?
  466. Should WWE fire Dean Malinko?
  467. Should Christian the man who will replace Ziggler + BQ?
  468. WrestleMania 27 card?
  469. if you had to chose either jeff hardy or batista to come back to wwe who would it be?
  470. Do you think Dean Malenko should've gotten a bigger push in the WWF?
  471. Do you think us fans can make a wrestler turn heel/face?
  472. What ever happened to Coach?
  473. Do you think Daniel Bryan has the potential to become a regular main-eventer?
  474. When you think of it these Wrestler's could have been worthy to be on Undertaker's list of
  475. Do you think that we are getting too hypocritical as wrestling fans?
  476. Which wrestler gets the best Popcorn from the Crowd?
  477. Who agrees that Dolph Ziggler has great abs, OMG!!!!!?
  478. He broke my heart, How can I move on, please help?
  479. Who has the best entrance and entrance music in WWE?
  480. My WWE Monday Night Raw: Draft Show Ep: 93 (Rate the show) + Who do you think will win the Raw...
  481. Who remembers the AWA?
  482. Can anyone see Cena turning heel again?
  483. So what happened to Diesel (Kevin Nash)?? i dont get it?
  484. Everyone! We need to...? Plus BQ...?
  485. Does anyone think that Jerry Lawler has a chance at beating The Miz?
  486. Please join my efed
  487. Why is it Dwayne Johnson pretended like he never worked for WWE after he left - now he sucks up
  488. Agree or Disagree: California's audience are one of the best audience in WWE?
  489. Wwe svr 2007 video with good link?
  490. Why is it when Brock Lesnar Goldberg smashed The Rock - he left WWE?
  491. At Wrestlemania 27( QUESTIONS INSIDE )?
  492. What Do You Have To Do To Get An ORANGE Badge Under Your Name?
  493. if Matt Hardy is ur favorite then answer this?
  495. arn anderson vs daniel tosh at wrestlemania?
  496. Which is better: WWE or TNA or ROH?
  497. what would you do if the 2/21/11 promo showed and then Benoit's music played and he came down the...
  498. Hello everyone! Im new here, joining the wrestling section :) introduce me to yourself if you like!?
  499. Why WWE keep Cena for the World championships...?
  500. Who do you think will debut/return tommorow night at the Elimination Chamber?