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  1. Would you rather get a Tombstone Piledriver off the top of the Cell or get an RKO off the top of
  2. We are protecting the wrestling section much better?
  3. What Is Your Opinion About Women Wrestling in WWE Today Compared To It Years Ago?
  4. Did WWE have critics when they were TV14 in 2006 and 2007 before they went PG?
  5. Who is better overall: Chris Jericho or Steve Austin?
  6. Name some wwe wrestlers that you hate but respect at the same time?
  7. If You Were a Wrestler and Had the Choice To Manage Any Wrestler At WM 27, Who Would It Be And Why?
  8. Don't you think when the WWE listen to the IWC? + BQ?
  9. When are these WWE events?
  10. Best WWE Divas/TNA Knockout Booty Tournament Round FIve (Eliminate 2)?
  11. Is is true that Stone cold is back in WWE?
  14. Anyone own an e-fed I could join? + Who do you see as the face of WWE in 2014?
  15. Why do fans hate Cena but want him to turn heel?
  16. Does arm wrestling prove who is the strongest?
  17. If You Had the Oppurtunity to Form a Mixed Tag Team With Your Favorite WWE Wrestler, Who...
  18. Prince of Phenomenal Is Better That All You Crap Users?
  19. Can I Have your attention please Wrestling Section, I received an e-mail from Prince of Phenomenal?
  20. Which heel turn would be the most shocking in WWE history, John Cena or Rey Mysterio's heel
  21. Undertaker and Kane, are they really brothers in real life?
  22. Why are some wrestling fans called WWE marks when they only watch WWE but not other wrestling shows?
  23. did anyone else think HHH was ripping on HBK on smackdown?
  24. So what do you think?
  25. Can you wear wrestling shoes as casual wear?
  26. Isn't TNA looking more like WWE?
  27. Are you sure that trolls is the only problem in this section?
  28. When will Daniel Bryan drop the U.S. Title + My rap about the user Cocoa Puffs Rule?
  29. Should WWE pay tribute to the late great Eddie Guerrero?
  30. What happened on Smack Down?
  31. If you were a Pro Wrestler...?
  32. Cena or Orton, Who do you think does it better in the WWE as far as charisma, mic skills, and...
  33. Which Wrestlemania match bulid up do you think is the most interesting so far?
  34. The post montreal screw job was not the 1st time Vince McMahon was heel?
  35. The best IC Champ of all time, ROUND 2?
  36. How would you rate WWE perfomance in 2011 as of right now? + BQ?
  37. Why is the WWF symbol mosaiced out in past WWF DVDs?
  38. What was better this week Raw, TNA, or Smackdown?
  39. MAY CONTAIN SPOILER!Did you hear about this rumor and if so what do you think about it?
  40. Any one else have a problem with the Lawler/Cole Match at Wresltemania?
  41. WWE taking not as good as it used to be?
  42. Did anyone else see that creepy commercial?
  43. Don't you wish Michael Cole would just drop dead?
  44. Why are the fans amazed at The Big Show's strength?
  45. Whats better Raw or Smackdown and why?
  46. If Chris Jericho returns to WWE (Which I hope), would he feud with Randy Orton?
  47. Best WWE Divas/TNA Knockouts Booty Tournament Round Four (Eliminate 4)?
  48. If you want to join? Not an E-Fed!! (BQs)?
  49. My WCW Monday Night Nitro Episode # 95 (Rate Show) + The Undertaker or Triple H?
  50. I'm starting a tournment to decide the best IC champ of all time. Pick who the winners are?
  51. My WWE vs. TNA presents The Great American Bash (Rate Show) + Will Big Show and Kane reunite?
  52. If you could set up a match between rock and cena how would it go?
  53. Would you rather get Speared off the top of the cell or Power Bombed through the stage landing
  54. Did you know that WWE only has 3 tag teams?
  55. Just spreading the word (+BQ)?
  56. Royal Rumble (Round 1) Eliminate 5?
  57. So how obvious is it that the WWE is trying to build on Brodus Clay to be the next
  58. My WCW Thunder Episode # 36 (Rate Show) + Who has better Wrestling Skills: John Morrison or...
  59. Edge and Christian reunited after 10 years!!?
  60. My WrestleMania 27 prediction?
  61. Weird Dancing Man in WWE Crowd?
  62. What made the Nasty Boys Nasty?
  63. Would Evan Bourne and John Morrison make a good Tag Team?
  64. 3 simple steps to get wwe back to greatness !!?
  65. When Chris Jericho Returns In 2011, do you think he'll return in one of those shiny silk shirts?
  66. What did you think of the TNA World X Cup?
  67. do you think tna wrestling has gotten better lately ?
  68. Is there a possible chance that Show and Kane might reunite as tag champs?
  69. Are you a fan of the following wrestlers and BQ's?
  70. im a fat kid with downs. should i wrestle?
  71. Should the WWE make a Superstars Championship?
  72. Should Dolph Ziggler have this theme song instead?
  73. How to watch TNA Victory Road 2011 live online?
  74. Where the heck is everyone?
  75. Who else thinks that Brodus Clay looks like a blowfish ?
  76. i heard justin beiber beat the undertaker in WWE tonight!?!?!?
  77. what is the wrestlemania 27 theme song called ?
  78. Hulk Hogan was the greatest at nothing, right?
  79. do you think that there is a big resemblance between AKSHAY KUMAR and SHAWN MICHAELS?
  80. Are there any thins we can do to stop trolling +WQ?
  81. Why isn't Cena having a face to face confrontation with the Rock? +BQ?
  82. Is anyone interested...?
  83. Spike Dudley vs The entire Raw Roster?
  84. wrestiling questions?
  85. What did you think about Cena on smackdown?
  86. Are the Rock + John Cena still going against each other at Wrestle Mania?
  87. What is it that makes WWE Untouchable by Other Companies? + WQ?
  88. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown?
  89. Why wasn't the Intercontinental Champion on Smackdown this week?
  90. Any WWE items that i can buy like Stone cold or The Rock merchandise? Thanks?!?
  91. Has anyone noticed this?
  92. What do you like better wwe or tna ?
  93. Who Had The Worst Week?
  94. Was there ever a Gay WWE superstar?!?
  95. So,the maggots gonna start hating on taker now?
  96. Your thoughts on the Undertaker/HHH Wrestlemania rematch?
  97. Are we watching SmackDown or Raw?
  98. Which diva has the crappiest theme entrance in WWE?
  99. John Cena and Triple H are going to be on Smackdown tonight?
  100. Can someone give me a link to this Smackdown! theme song?
  101. If you could bring back 1 retired championship which would it be?
  102. My WWE vs. TNA Friday Night SmackDown Episode 104 (Rate Show) + Has Sting always been a baby-face?
  103. who would win this diva vs knockout suvivor series match?
  104. Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson, Sable, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky(battle of the blondes)?
  105. When Jericho returns he likes to change his character?
  106. For those who have Facebook and QA about Triple H?
  107. Should TNA split into two brands?
  108. Has Wresltemania These Days Really Lost It's Glow?
  109. Do you agree with my list of wrestlers who should be in the Hall of Fame?
  110. Is Ric Flair just too old for this?
  111. TNA VS WWE, who will win?
  112. Rate My Wrestlemania 28 Card?
  113. If you could sit back and listen to a WWE wrestler's life and ask them questions, who would it be?
  114. How would you Re-ignite the WWE Tag Team Division?
  115. Was that the first time Edge did a high-flying move in nearly 5 years ?
  116. Tyler reks and chris masters match?
  117. Why do people think that UFC is real when it's Fake?
  118. Why do you watch the Fake Show's known as WWE, TNA, and UFC?
  119. List ten wrestlers in Lucha Libre?
  120. Why does the undertaker have to put a loss on his wrestlemania streak in order to retire?
  121. who would win this elimination chamber wrestling match ?
  122. Who else think Daffney of TNA is crazy but sexy?
  123. For those who have Facebook + BQ?
  124. Chris Benoit And Kurt Angle Or Daniel Bryan And Jack Swagger?
  125. Did you know that MMA is Fake also?
  126. Does Cambridge have a wrestling team?
  127. Is wrestling mainly just technique?
  128. Would wrestling or karate better help my daughter defend herself?
  129. before and after wrestling pics?
  130. Should I let my daughter wrestle?
  131. Who is better, Chicago Knight or me about wrestling? Again!?
  132. Are UFC wrestlers better than WWE wrestlers?
  133. For those who have Facebook in this section?
  134. Why can't you people watch REAL Wrestling such as Celebrity Deathmatch instead of WWE?
  135. How many of you doesn't know what is Lucha Libre?
  136. Is wrestling bad for your health?
  137. dont you think Eddie Guerrero is underrated on the mic?
  138. Whats your opinion on the John Cena and Miz match at Wrestlemania? Who do you think is
  139. Who are some of your favorite heels of all time?
  140. Do you bring it via satellite?
  141. Alright let play a game + BQ?
  142. What if The Undertaker die for real in during or after match?
  143. Which is Faker, WWE or UFC?
  144. What is your favorite wrestling move?
  145. Are there any things we can do to stop trolling +WQ?
  146. OMG, can someone tell me who is heel and who is face in tna?
  147. Who Had The Worst Night-Superstars?
  148. Who do you think is or was sexiest Diva ever?
  149. What happend if The Undertaker went to Lucha Libre?(can be CMLL or AAA)?
  150. Who am I.........................?
  151. what would you rate these wrestlers as of right now [10 points]?
  152. Shelton Benjamin is BACK IN THE WWE?
  153. Do You Love Eddie Guerrero?
  154. Which of these wrestlers were in The Longest Yard?
  155. Do you think that WWE should keep on going or not?
  156. TNA Looks Better Out Of iMPACT! Zone?
  157. how long has these video game nerds been so call invading?
  158. My WWE vs. TNA Monday Night Raw Episode 105 (Rate Show) + When will the Corre disband?
  159. what did you think of tna impact ?
  160. Jeff hardy Thought He Will Maybe Face The Undertaker Or HBK Not Sting Watching Wathcing This Video?
  161. WWE: Why is Christian...?
  162. Would you have Raw and Smackdown on the same days as now or you would actually put them on...
  163. WWE Tag Title Match at Mania + BQ?
  164. Who would win in a match LeBron James or The Miz?
  165. Do you think it's dumb that TNA titles each episode?
  166. Who do you think will REALLY win at Wrestlemania between Batista and Undertaker?
  167. Would Shane Mcmahon Be A Successful GM On Raw?
  168. Spanky on the price is right?
  169. When Daniel Bryan was released?
  170. what happened in raw this week?
  171. Agree or Disagree - AJ Styles is the best wrestling to ever step foot a TNA Ring?
  172. Will Undertaker retire in 2012?
  173. When will everyone wake up and realize that The Miz isn't good?
  174. When Vince passes away what will happen to the company?
  175. WWE/PG_Era/Save_Us.Y2J +3bqs.?
  176. Was moving to a bigger Arena a good idea for TNA?
  177. If you were a WWE Superstar how many World Heavyweight/WWE Championship reigns would you want?
  178. TNA Looks Good Tonight?
  179. who is better all around, molly holly, or mickie james?
  180. If you were a Wrestler what would be your career accomplishments?
  181. Who has the best finishing move in wrestling today?
  182. I made CDMAX pregnant?
  183. Who Else But me thinks TNA Sucks really really bad? + BQ?
  184. If you could go back to a year in WWE, what would it be and why?
  185. Did you know that Hulk Hogan took anabolic steroids for 10+ years?
  186. Do you think John Morrison and Christian are overrated?
  187. WWE Will Be Good Or Bad IF TNA Go out Of Business?
  188. Did Mr. Kennedy turn heel again?
  189. New game concept... (20 Characters)?
  190. Why do people watch wrestling when it takes no talent or skill?
  191. People don't give the trolls satisfaction by leaving?
  192. I don't get it why would they have spoilers for Smack down but not for Raw? Can somebody explain?
  193. What's the funniest wrestling moment that you remember, that no one else does?
  194. which wwe superstar do you think should go in the wwe hall of fame?
  195. Who's better?The Miz or John Morrison?
  196. Who else thinks user Savior known as Y2J CDMAX fails?
  197. Whos hotter, Kelly kelly or maryse?
  198. Wrestling Section fading, time to rebuild + BQ's?
  199. If Cena loses at Wrestlemania.....?
  200. A new wwe diva????:)?
  201. how bad was tna impact lastnight ?
  202. USA tna fans should we should move to the uk?
  203. Do you think Orton's going to far with Nexus and is about to recieve a beatin?
  204. Is Tyler Reks jealous of Chris Masters or something?
  205. Wrestling these days?
  206. Have you ever seen a love as pure as the love between Jeff Jarrett and Karen Angle?
  207. Which WWE dvd should i buy? Please?
  208. who is your favorite T.N.A wrestler/s?
  209. WWE: Why Isn't People Thrilled About The Rock And Stone Cold Return?
  210. Does Hogan's return tonight mean he'll be back for regular tapings, or is this only a one-off
  211. What do people see in Matt Hardy?
  212. Who Had The Worst Night-Superstars?
  213. Who held the first World Championship reign lasted 11 minutes and 23 seconds?
  214. Who is the greatest technical wrestler and why?
  215. What was the last wrestling match you watched?
  216. Who do you think will be The Undertaker's opponent at Wrestlemania 27 next year?
  217. Who is the greatest woman wrestler of all time?
  218. User vs User 64 Man Tournament Sign Ups?
  219. Your thoughts on Sting returning to TNA?
  220. Is there a link to Undertakers new Theme Music / Titantron?
  221. Would u like this to happend at WM27 MITB?
  222. Watch WWE Friday Night Smackdown Live Online?
  223. AGW Wrestling Episode 3 Part 1?
  224. My WWE vs. TNA Monday Night Raw Episode 101 (Rate Show) + How great was TNA tonight?
  225. wrestlemania wrestlers?
  226. Who do you think was the better Von Erich wrestler in the family?
  227. WWE firing superstars after wrestlemania +BQ ?
  228. John Cena Promises Final KO on raw Thoughts? BQ inside?
  229. Is this the coolest entrance ever?
  230. Jay Lethal or Mr Anderson?
  231. How Likely is it for John Cena to Win at WrestleMania?
  232. Should TNA make a change and have Shows in other locations in the country?
  233. question about losing water weight?
  234. Whats your favorite wrestling wedding?
  235. so if you hate the PG era, how about this?
  236. Isn't it amazing how Karen, Kurt and Jeff Jarrett still manage to work with each other
  237. Can you rate how TNA talent Kurt Angle ruin Jeff Jarrett Karen's wedding on 03/03/11, wedding is...
  238. Is anyone else happy to see the WWE pushing international stars?
  239. Agree or Disagree: X Division + Knockouts + Originals = Ratings for TNA?
  240. pfft stuff sting.. how about vampiro vs taker?
  241. Can you rate the TNA in Fayetteville, NC tonight 03/03/11, rate Jeff Jarrett Karen's...
  242. i am 13 i like watching wwe even though its fake i would like to know where to start?
  243. What is your favorite Velvet Sky moment?
  244. What's your favorite WWE/F raw theme song?
  245. Who Am I the most wrestler of the WWE?
  246. Who Am I the charistmatical wrestler of the WWE?
  247. Who Am I the good wrestler of the WWE?
  248. Would John Cena be a better babyface or heel today?
  249. Agree or Disagree:Indy fans think they are better then all other wrestling fans?
  250. do you think daniel bryan will become wwe/world champion some day?
  251. What will TNA steal from wwe tonight?
  252. Round 2 sign ups for a Wrestling Section tournament + BQ?
  253. If the McMahons and the Carters came to a 5 superstar trade what would be your reaction if this
  254. Does anyone like the wwe champion miz other than me ?!?
  255. Who cares if the Rock sold out?
  256. What is the definition of a troll on yahoo.answers?
  257. What do you think of Randy Orton's entrance?
  258. Favourite Jim Ross quotes?
  259. I would like to start a Tournament with my Special Stipulations + Sign Ups + WQ?
  260. Did Beth Phoenix impress you in?
  261. So has Hulk Hogan lost his marbles or something?
  262. Rock in Miz's corner! Austin in Cena's!?
  263. How did John Cena even get The Miz's Phone?
  264. Thoughts on Eric Bischoff?
  265. what's your opinion on Dolph Ziggler?
  266. Does anyone see any appeal in Matt Morgan?
  267. Which stable was better: The Corporate Ministry or The McMahon-Helmsley Regime?
  268. Who would win? plus bq?
  269. smackdown spoiler drew m fans read?
  270. ok when is awsome kong going to make her wwe debut?
  271. did you guys like Tazz as a wrestler?
  272. Is wrestling really fake?
  273. Since Undertaker is thelast outlawwho were the other outlaws of wrestling?
  274. honestly cena haters take wwe too seriously........?
  275. John Cena or The Rock which one do YOU like better?
  276. Ash Ketchum for World Heavy Weight Champion?
  277. What team will you be joining to beat The Nexus?
  278. agree or disagree evan bourne is a better wrestler than john morrison?
  279. Do you think Randy Orton Is Over Doing It With The Punts To The Skull Now?
  280. Another silly question. Being that we're a part of the millions, and millions, the millions, and
  281. Was Ali Baba's flying crotch hold a legal move to use when he beat Dick Shikat for the World...
  282. isn't this kind of ironic about evan bourne and sheamus wrestling section?
  283. Did Farmer Jones' pig ever get involved in any of his matches?
  284. What pay-per-view were the WWE Superstars fought against ECW superstars?
  285. Just a silly ?: since John Cena *is* a giant bowl of Fruity Pebbles, which flavor
  286. In the year 2010, what was the best WWE PPV?
  287. can u still steal taunts in wwe svr 2011 ? if so how ?
  288. My WWE vs. TNA Friday Night SmackDown Episode 99 (Rate Show) + Who was the WWE's first...
  289. has any1 ever seen mystico wrestle, if so tell us what you think?
  290. will impact be live (3 3 11)?
  291. has anyone notice how Rassling Fundamentals has been taking questions more serious?
  292. Bret Hart Vs Vince Mcmahon Question. BQ inside?
  293. Airbourne Nexus 5 if you want to join WS SES then Put SES at the end of your name. BQ:
  294. When is Booker T going to wrestle and is he still with Charmane?
  295. what was the angle involved with former employee in the wwe who shot him self?
  296. How come They said Tazz couldn't wrestle because he was too short when Rey Mysterio is shorter?
  297. name some male wrestlers trained by women?
  298. if you ask a wrestler from hundreds of years ago or a wrestler from just a hundred years ago...
  299. What If John Cena Would Have Turned Heel Back In 2006, Would He Be Less Hated Today?
  300. any wrestlers who use to wear red white and blue attire?
  301. Who would like to join WS Rock St@RR?
  302. Do you think WWE screwed up when?
  303. How can WWE make Wrestlemania have more buyers then WM3?
  304. Does Vince actually care about the WWE?
  305. what do you think would happen if you were to randy orton punt a anaconda snake in the head ?
  306. Since Undertaker and Edge are set to retire in 2012 so does that mean Edge won't be getting a...
  307. Has anyone kicked out of the skull crushing finale?
  308. Which Wrestling Company Is Better, ROH or WWE? And Why? Best Answer Gets 10 Points?
  309. Has The Rock ever had the Peoples Elbow Reversed Twice so that he has no elbow pads to take off?
  310. Don't call Randy Orton fragile?
  311. Who's mic skills did you enjoy more?
  312. What is wrong with TNA fans?
  313. is there any aussies in the pro wrestling circuit these days?
  314. For those who think 19-0?
  315. who do you think the anonymous general manager is?
  316. Has Kurt Angle got the thickest neck in all of pro wrestling?
  317. Currently, who is your favorite Mid-Carder and why?
  318. What would of hurt more?
  319. Have you ever quit watching wrestling? For how long? How many times?
  320. Why didn't the WWE take Austin Aries for Tough Enough?
  321. Is Michael Cole the first heel commentator?
  322. where is mvp and does he plan to return?
  323. Will The Miz's Championship Reign Be Over At Wrestlemania? Or Will It Last Longer Than We Think?
  324. Do anyone want Priceless reunite?
  325. WWE's Best of the Best Tournament Semi Finals?
  326. Will the Diva's Championship lose the little prestige that it has?
  327. Has John Morrison got the greatest body in all of pro wrestling?
  328. Any other Kozlov fans in here?
  329. if they ever did a TNA invades WWE.. who would be the 5 on each team?
  330. who is your favorite ring announcer and referee in the wwe?
  331. Can you tell The Bella Twin's apart?
  332. What do more fans want:19-0 or 18-1?
  333. OCW: A New Era of Wrestling
  334. Hi frnds.this is the 4thround of Wwe royalrumble2012(your most favourite). ?
  335. Might be old but kind of shocking news?
  336. For Canadian WWE Fans Only?
  337. where are the wwe superstars currently?
  340. My WWE Monday Night Raw Episode 98 (Rate Show) + Isn't it about F'n time they reveal the Raw
  341. My WWE Monday Night Raw Episode 99 (Rate Show) + Who beat Goldberg in his one and only loss in WCW?
  342. Who would win: Mew or Mewtwo?
  343. Is the undertaker going back to his Wild Western Mortician gimmick?
  344. so will Rock retaliate to Cena on Raw and BQ?
  345. Round 3, Sign-Up for the groups, last call for the day?
  346. Mysterious limo lady at raw and HHH?
  347. WWE needs to go back to this.?
  348. Is Undertaker the man?
  349. Who was a better wrestling manager: Jimmy Hart or Bobby Heenan?
  350. Why has everyone always wanted to see Rock Vs. Cena but not Austin Vs. Cena?
  351. Wrestlers With Youtube Channels?
  352. Wrestling: why are all of your fans glorified star wars geeks?
  353. If your favorite superstar left the WWE today, who would you be a fan of? +BQs?
  354. Wrestling: If Justin Bieber joined the iCarly crew?
  355. why do some TNA fans claim that WWE steals stuff from WCW?
  356. Round 2, Sign-Ups for the group + please no troll?
  357. Will Lita ever come back to the WWE?
  358. What SVR game has the best Road To Wrestlemania in your opinions?
  359. What do these four wrestlers have in common?
  360. Is all the wwe returnings a sign that 2011 will be better?
  362. Rey Mysterio in his prime or HBK in his prime?
  363. Why is WWE better than TNA?
  364. Who was hotter back in the day Torrie Wilson or Sable or Trish Stratus?
  365. Wrestling Section, would you like to join my group?
  366. What is one thing you miss in WWE?
  367. Does anyone else think Angry Miz Girl is smoking hot?
  368. Where can i buy a Picture of John Cena Naked?
  369. If Justin Bieber Joined the WWE?
  370. OCW: A New Era of Wrestling
  371. In WWE or TNA, do you prefer Wrestling or Storylines?
  372. if lebron goes to the wwe what would be his signature move?
  373. Do you think Triple H still has it in him to pull off a 5/5 star match?
  374. Since The Undertaker returned from the Dead so much, is there No Believable way to Retire Him?
  375. Who want to invade the basketball section with me?
  376. Do you think Mistico will replace Rey Mysterio?
  377. Is Jerry Lawler vs Michael Cole @ WrestleMania XXVII a Mistake?
  378. The Rock vs John Cena at Summerslam?
  379. what is the most boring section in sports?
  380. Would anybody mind if WWE hired another black female?
  381. Why do you think Wrestling Constitutes as a Sport?
  382. Which heel is good enough to turn face?
  383. My WWE Friday Night SmackDown Episode 95 (Rate Show) + Should Ring of Honor get a TV deal?
  384. WWE 2010 Quiz!!!!!?!?!?
  385. write to me the sopken words at this video (only 2 minutes)?
  386. My WWE Monday Night Raw Episode 96 (Rate Show) + Are there any other promotions worth watching?
  387. Would you agree Yokozuna's Banzai Drop is a underrated move in pro wrestling today?
  388. ***SPOILER*** So, Sting is the TNA World Heavyweight Champion he is the suprise on 3.3.11?
  389. Do you think Mistico will keep his entrance song?
  390. What was the date of edges first wwe championship win?
  391. I am officially leaving Y!Answers until sanity is restored here?
  392. Rate the divas and Knockouts 1-10?
  394. Who else thinks angelina love looks hideous?
  395. JTG, Zack Ryder, Ted DiBiase and Tyler Reks?
  397. Does anyone miss the wrestling God JBL?
  398. and rihanna will be at wrestlemania 27 sing WTF?
  399. Where did my Wrestling peeps go?
  400. star if you like my john cena fact?
  401. Why do you people watch this Soap Opera known as WWE?
  402. How many of you had an orgasm when The Rock returned to the WWE?
  403. I wanna go on a date with a (female) wrestling fan?
  404. Do you think he will return as a heel or face?
  405. Who's the hottest WWE Diva tournament Round 1?
  406. Are you excited about the person who will return to the wrestling section on 3 13 11?
  407. Would Undertaker's 2.21.11 return entrance make a good permanent entrance?
  408. WS: This person is the MAIN reason why all these BS users are trolling the WS?
  409. so do we want six sides or not?
  410. Hey Ric Flair isn't calling yourself god a sin?
  411. Is TNA iMPACT live tonight?
  412. Who do u think is the hottest WWE superstar/diva and why?
  413. On 3 13 11 he will return to the Wrestling Section?
  414. wrestling poll?????????????
  415. If you were in the WWE, what would your theme song be?
  416. is world wrestling entertainment still PG?
  417. Will WWE ever go back to how it was?
  418. Why does WWE give John Morrison a chance, but not a push?
  419. Do you think that Maryse can pull off a good Heel Diva?
  420. Wrestling Section User Tournament; Signups - Part 2?
  421. What year do you think WWE had their best roster overall?
  422. What do you think TNA will reveal as the most shocking surprise of the year at the end of Impact?
  423. What would you say if WWE did this?
  424. We maybe seeing Diesel live soon!?
  425. Would You Consider Justin Gabriel Heath Slater To Be a Legit Tag Team?
  426. Whats the suprise on iMPACT tonight?
  427. Who would Win: Chris Jericho (Prime) or Tyler Black?
  428. Who has Maryse dated?
  429. What do you think of JR returning back to comentary?
  430. Who else wants Christian to win a world title in wwe?
  431. Doesn't everyone know that wrestling fans are fake?
  432. mistico signed in to wwe. isn't that awesome?
  433. Which WWE Wrestler am i?
  434. Who'd Win Austin Aries Or AJ Styles?
  435. Are you guys happy now?
  436. Which Low-Card wrestler deserves something better?
  437. Is this proof there is no real life backstage heat between Taker and Triple H?
  438. Where would a wwe interview take place?
  439. What Layla gear do you like better?
  440. which should I watch WWE or TNA?
  441. Undertaker and Michelle Mcool....?
  442. How funny is this video?
  443. Which past WWE Diva was hotter: Kristal Marshall or Ashley Marasso?
  444. Where can I Watch Live WWE Online?
  445. At the very 1st Wrestlemania, who was the World Championship being defended against?
  446. Can you tell me the difference between theese 2 lists?
  447. What did Undertakers smirk mean towards HHH?
  448. So now that Sting is back with TNA, are all the WWE fans going to say what a terrible wrestler...
  449. Attention all Wrestling Section users, I have received an e-mail from Prince of Phenomenal?
  450. My WWE Monday Night Raw Episode 95 (Rate Show) + Does WWE Stll do guest hosts on Raw?
  451. (Fill in the Blanks) If Undertaker Vs. Triple H is Booked For WM 27, Then You Would _______?
  452. My WWE Friday Night SmackDown Episode 94 (Rate Show) + How many Championships did Jim Duggan
  453. do wwe go by the jim crow laws?
  454. What does TNA stand for outside wrestling?
  455. Why Is The Tag Team Division Such A Joke, Will It Be Improved?
  456. If You Were a Wrestler and Had the Opportunity To Confront Your Least Favorite Wrestler, What...
  457. Whats your Top 10 list of Greatest Wrestlers of all time?
  458. Do you think that WWE is the most boring, stupid, pile of crud to ever hit television?
  459. whats been going on with randy orton?
  460. What wrestler was most ahead of his time?
  461. wrestling section why don't people understand tough enough?
  462. Thoughts on this limited edition Chris Jericho card?
  463. Why does no one here find EDGE hot?
  464. Can Taker vs HHH surpass Taker vs HBK?
  465. if the rock isn't the general manager of raw then who is?
  466. JOHN CENA'S Rap? Can someone explain LOL?
  467. Don't you just love Wrestlemania 27 theme song?
  468. Please help with last math question, If X=2, then what is X?
  469. Do you like my RVD rap(inside)?
  470. former wwe legend madusa hinting a return?
  471. WWE Poll ?????? + BQ's?
  473. Don't you think Miz needs a face turn?
  474. What is edge's record at wwe extreme rules?
  475. Since smackdown is taped....?
  476. Would you be surprised if WWE came out with their own cereal by now?
  477. WWE trivia! Difficult! 10 points for first person to have full correct answers. (Topic: 2006)?
  478. What are your top 5 mark out moments of all time?
  479. why do people think hulk hogan is so great ?
  480. Maybe it's still too early to call, but do you think Cena will win the title at WM? Why or why not?
  481. Would Rey Mysterio be good for a tag team partner with..?
  482. what is your favorite wwe wrestler?
  483. was rick martel's model gimmick successful?
  484. i haven't watched wwe since like october can someone tell what has happened since then? PLEASE. (:?
  485. Is the rock wwe back ?
  486. Do you agree with me NOW that BATISTA is better than Bret Hart?
  487. What the HELL Happened to the WWE?
  488. Ok, so TNA is promising the most shocking surprise of the year?
  489. Does anyone know what is said in the beginning of John Cena's Theme Song?
  490. Do you think Chris Masters needs a push?
  491. Which diva/knockout of all time was sexier poll(one for girls too)?
  492. Do you think Chris Jericho will ever return?
  493. Now that Triple H and Undertaker are feuding does that mean?
  494. Mr Ted Dibiase won the WWF World Championship?
  495. How/ What to eat after wrestling season?
  496. where is skip sheffield from the wwe ?
  497. The Rock or John Cena?
  498. Is wrestling for guys who?
  499. What do you think of Undertaker'snew gimmick?
  500. how many of you sting fans actually thought he was going to show up on wwe?