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  1. Does the WWE championship mean anything anymore now that the miz has it?
  2. Do you think after WM27 McIntyre will get a push?
  3. will Big Show become world champion in WWE?
  4. Who do you think will win this little feud with The Rock and John Cena?
  5. Will Christan ever become a world champion in WWE.?
  6. Why is John Cena in every title match at every WM?
  7. Who has the best theme in The WWE?
  8. who do you want to get a push and why?
  9. Don't forget people, the Miz is coming up on Conan on TBS (WQ)?
  10. Why do people bash other Wrestling companys?
  11. Hey guys i am just going to cheat dont mind me?
  12. did nick gage from czw rob a bank?
  13. Why do people still like WWE No Mercy for the N64 ?
  14. Do you think Cena has too much pride to allow Taker to beat him at upcoming Wrestlemanias?
  15. How awesome was the Miz on Conan's talk show tonight?
  16. What will be the main event of WM27?
  17. What you will do/say if....?
  18. Who do you think is the greatest wrestler of all time?
  19. What is the worst descion wwe ever made? (there is going to be a list inside)?
  20. If You Were a Wrestler, Would You Rather Have Good Mic Skills Or Good Wrestling Skills?
  21. If You Were a Wrestler In WWE, How Would You Want To Retire?
  22. How many of you miss JOhn Cena's rapper gimmick + BQ?
  23. IYO, Would you consider that JBL was an underrated WWE Champion?
  24. What channel does WWE NXT come on?
  25. Are you buying Wrestlemania 27?
  26. Wrestling Section Question?
  27. If You Had the Oppurtunity To Spend a Day With 1 Wrestler (Past Or Present), Who Would It Be?
  28. IYO, Do you think that ROH Wrestling will ever be as popular as WWE?
  29. WSN E- Fed Sign ups, WQ: Will John Cena ever turn heel?
  30. is there a money in the bank ladder match at wm 27?
  31. do u miss the old tna wrestling ?
  32. Apart from the Rock hosting it, isn't this year's WM gonna suck?
  33. Which free channel can I watch wwe wrestlemania xxvii live?
  34. What do u think of me as a user?BQ?
  35. Why the hell is Darren Young on NXT?!?
  36. Okay this has gone on for long enough!!!! +BQs?
  37. What do you think of this?
  38. Why does ppl always believe that taker will lose at WM?
  39. Which wrestler's theme song makes you sing?
  40. do u think HHH vs taker should be the main event at mania 27 ?
  41. John Morrison Should Have Won Chamber?
  42. who would win this king of the mountain?
  43. What is your opinion on the following things?
  44. Do you find me a good WS user? +BQs?
  45. Wanna watch WWE WrestleMania 27 live on the internet, what site is best?
  46. Do you agree with this statement of Triple H?
  47. Where to watch WWE wrestling live online?
  48. Pick Four Wrestlers who shouldnt have been WWE Champion?
  49. Who is your favorite jobber + BQ?
  50. Who do u think is the biggest jobber active in the WWE right now?
  51. Excuse me can I have your attention please?
  52. doyou think it will be rock vs cena vs miz for wwe championship at wrestlemania?
  53. Why WWE Didn't Mention Wrestlemania 20 In the True Story Of Wrestlemania DVD?
  54. Which wrestler in ROH has the most potential? +BQ?
  55. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  56. Did anybody else know that Luna Vachon died?
  57. Is aj styles alright?
  58. If you are a wrestling fanatic, at what point will you stop watching it entirely?
  59. what are the nick names for the following wretslers?
  60. who do you think will win at mania.... king or cole and why?
  61. True of False......Everybody can be replaced?
  62. What is TNA's best PPV ever?
  63. Can U Belive it's been a decade Since WWF bought WCW?
  64. Do you think a little guy can have a scary gimmick? BQ?
  65. Did WWE release Joey Styles?
  66. What do you think of me as a user?
  67. How would you book the ending to The Miz vs. John Cena (with Rock involved) at WrestleMania 27?
  68. Did You Know This about John Morrison?
  69. For those who don't understand the point of W.S. Wrestlemania + BQ?
  70. i accidentally read a spoiler for this Fridays smackdown, wanna hear it?
  71. New Nexus already is breaking down?
  72. What makes some people think that Randy Orton's better than AJ styles?
  73. What year did wwe have the best year?
  74. WWE Universe....who's laughing now?
  75. remember when it used to mean something to be fired in WWE?
  76. when is jeff hardy coming back to WWE? plus BQ?
  77. What match in WM 27 will surprise the world by actually being a great match that will...
  78. Who do you think will be released from the WWE after Wrestlemania.?
  79. Was Christian added to the WHC match at Wrestlemania at this week's Smackdown tapings?
  80. who were the best champion's of 2010 in wwe?
  81. In your opinion who would win this women's match?
  82. Can someone please explain to me why Trent Barretta isn't consistantly on a major show by now?
  83. Wrestling Section Question?
  85. WCW or TNA what do you like better?
  86. Would you rather get a Chokeslam off the stage ramp or get a Tombstone Piledriver through the...
  87. What WM match can you think of that stole the show?
  88. What are your Wrestlemania Predictions +BQ?
  89. Who has the best nickname in the wwe?
  90. What is your favorite stable of all time +BQ?
  91. Guess The Catchphrase/Finisher Part 3?
  92. Why weren't Vinnie Vegas or Diamond Studd?
  93. John Morrison and The miz question (all info inside) answer?
  94. Is WWE Superstars the same thing as heat and velocity?
  95. Was wwe heat and velocity the same thing as Raw and smackdown?
  96. Who do you dislike more Michael Cole or Justin Bieber or Vickie Guerrero?
  97. WSN Episode 2, WQ Inside?
  98. Has Tiffany (Taryn Terrel) deleted her Twitter?
  99. how many people here will admit it that they didn't watch heat and velocity?
  100. If these things happened, how would it affect Wrestlemania 27?
  101. Question for Wrestling + TExasRKO Owned?
  102. Why are these superstars jobbing spoiler alert ?
  103. wwe v.s tna ppv ?????
  104. Did you enjoy the Lawler Family Album segment?
  105. How come Mark Henry doesn't have a Wrestlemania opponent?
  106. Why aren't they talking about HHH past loss to Taker in WMX7?
  107. Is jeff hardy fired from tna?
  108. Who else thinks its gonna be Darren Young and Titus O'Neil competing to win NXT?
  109. What can we expect from Raw in Chicago?
  110. Agree or Disagree? Owen was better on the mic then Bret?
  111. What would you rather see at WM?
  112. Who's the better villain, Randy Orton or Edge?
  113. What do you think of Wade Barret winning the Intercontinental Belt?
  114. Did the WWE release half the superstars on FCW?
  115. Is the Rock finally coming back Live?
  116. My WWE Monday Night Raw Episode 106 (Rate Show) + Who was best WWE Champion in the
  117. Which Rock shirt fits him best?
  118. Okay, who was that chick that was breathin all hard and foggin up the windows like she had...
  119. wwe: whats your 3 favorite wrestlemania matches?
  120. Who do you like better Randy Orton or Chris Jericho?
  121. "Strangler" Diego Corleone signs with WWE!!!
  122. Agree/ Dissagree: Sin Cara should debut at Wrestlemania to face Kofi Kingston for the IC title?
  123. Just wondering what does 619 means to Rey Mysterio , anybody knows?
  124. How many waterpillars are there?
  125. how would things be different if JoMo had actually got hit in the face by the ladder and Mercury
  126. At a WWE house show..........?
  127. The Rock Promises to Electrify RAW next week?
  128. Who will Kofi Kingston drop the IC Title to? TexasRKOwned look in here?
  129. Who here thinks that John Morrison, the wrestler, looks like Jim Morrison?
  130. What do you guys think about my suggestions on how to improve TNA?
  131. Isn't Rey Mysterio the only one who can defeat any type of wrestler ?
  132. Did Kurt Angle help John Cena in some ways when he was in the WWE?
  133. Why isn't there a money in the bank match this year?
  134. How would you feel if WWE made Michael Cole vs Undertaker at Wrestlemania 28?
  135. Who will win Rey Mysterio or Cody Rhodes at WM?
  136. Why is RAted R SUperstar such a loser?
  137. When is The Miz on Conan O'Brian and what time?
  138. Who's that white haired guy from the 80's who refereed wrestling?
  139. When is the last time that Ted Dibiase won a match?
  140. What time does Wrestlemania 27 start?
  141. King/Queen of the Ring Tournament Part 2?
  142. What's the best WWE fan sign you've ever seen?
  143. Lol, why do all trolls copy Watterpillars questions?
  144. Why i think Cena sucks?
  145. Who has more charisma: Ted DiBiase or The Waterpillar?
  146. Do you know who...? Please read!?
  147. Wrestling Section Question?
  148. Usos, Kane and Big Show, Corre, Santino and wwe slowly building the tag team division?
  149. If you were given a chance to join any Wrestling company, which would you choose?
  150. who is the toughest wrestler in WWE history?
  151. Can somebody send me a link where I can watch WWE Raw live online?
  152. Who would win in a wrestling match: The Clown Prince of Crime or The Waterpillar?
  153. I have a question Wrestling Section?
  154. Is anyone impressed on how good WWE pushed the Miz? BQ: When does NXT do their recording?
  155. Dont you think this would be the most dominant group in history ?
  156. Lets say Miz will have a match against Undertaker next year......?
  157. Who had a better Monday? (Between my two favs!)?
  158. Do you want Miz to lose at WM?
  159. What is your favorite WWE Theme + WQ?
  160. Did you know this for SD next week?
  161. Guess The Catchphrase/Finisher?
  162. What do you think will happen between The Rock and John Cena next week?
  163. who deserves a push and why?
  164. Did Micheal Cole cause Eve to lose the Diva's Championship?
  165. Guess The Catchphrase/Finisher Part 2?
  166. is michael cole a real loser and a coward? can he really fight?
  167. why do you people overrate AJ Styles?
  168. What did you think of Raw last night?
  169. So why isn't The Rock wrestling at Wrestlemania again?
  170. Was tonights RAW good or bad?
  171. Can somebody send me a link where I can watch Chris Jericho on DWTS?
  172. Those heel Edge from 2004-2009 are missing you?
  173. When You First Saw John Morrison and The Miz come into WWE?
  174. The Rock, Triple H, and, Trish Stratus (etc.) Return? Snooki?
  175. Should Doink the Clown be in the wwe hall of fame?
  176. Chris Jericho Or Chris Benoit?
  177. Out of all the current wrestlers in the WWE, who do you think takes the most punishment to their
  178. WS, fill in the blank?
  179. More Impressive Career?
  180. Who's the most underrated WWE star of all time?
  181. Question for Cena haters?
  182. Is it just me or does it seem like their isn't gonna a MITB match @ Wrestlemania?
  183. What are your favourite and least favourite gimmick changes, and why?
  184. Who is your favorite WWE Star?
  185. What does the term spot fest mean?
  186. Like him or hate him, wouldn't you say that Cena is just totally owning The Rock right now?
  187. Wanna watch WWE WrestleMania live online,which site is best?
  188. what pay per view by WWE would you Order?
  189. Does Trish have smaller boobs then before?
  190. Trish Stratus with blonde or brown hair?
  191. Do you think beth phoenix is a better wrestler than trish stratus?
  192. Am i the only one starting to feel really bad for Cena?
  193. Rey says he didnt ask for his release what do you think?
  194. Which stable was better: The Nation of Domination or The Truth Commission?
  195. who is the best wwe diva of all time in your humble opinion. and why?
  196. Who in your opinion is better than Trish Stratus?
  197. Who is hotter: Rosa Mendes or Nikki Bella?
  198. What is your favorite submission move of all-time?
  199. is the wwe a circus or is it real wrestling?
  200. Why are fans of the wrestler who faces Undertaker at Wrestlemania so damn sensitive?
  201. What do you think off mr mcmahon saying wwe is not wrestling?
  202. Can someone plz agree and say this may be the WORST WM in histort?
  203. What are your overall opinions on Divas Champ Eve Torres?
  204. what would you say is you Favorit story line you have seen in the WWE?
  205. is everything in the WWE scripted?
  206. why dont big names get drafted?
  207. Why did they screw up NXT?
  208. Will Wade Barret ever be a world champion?
  209. Whats the phone number to vote for Chris Jericho on Dancing with the stars?
  210. what will rock do at wm 27?
  211. Will Christan ever become a world champion in WWE.?
  212. Will Christan ever become a world champion in WWE.?
  213. Whats the phone number to vote for Chris Jericho on Dancing with the stars?
  214. the wrestlers who are going to return to wwe?
  215. What would your reaction be if The Rock decided to wrestle again?
  216. why wwe release kaval?
  217. Is Eve going to be in Jerry Lawlers corner at Wrestlemania?
  218. Has the WWE gone toooo far on this one?
  219. Wrestlemania 27:19-0 or 18-1?
  220. What would your reaction be if The Rock decided to wrestle again?
  221. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  222. who has best haircut in wwe?
  223. Will Undertaker destroy the corre?
  224. why isnt Drew Mintyr getting a push?
  225. why wont HHH wrestle on tv?
  226. 2003-2005 best year of WWE agree/disagree?
  227. Will Paul Bearer ever return to SmackDown?!?
  228. The Lord of Darkness? BQ?
  229. Undertakers new theme do you like it?
  230. doesnt it hurt when undertaker rolls his eyes to the back of his head?
  231. Will Sin Cara ever become a world champion in WWE.?
  232. who do u think the raw gm is?
  233. are you happy that the wwe championship will finally change?!?
  234. Do you like the team of Heat Slater and Justin Gabriel?
  235. What would you like to ask The Rock if you met him in real life?
  236. SmackDown is better then RAW agree/disagree?
  237. Will Alberto Del Rio become world champion?
  238. whats the point of changing the wwe championship?
  239. What happen guys?!?!?! The Destruction of A-RI?
  240. what do u think will happen when undertaker comes to raw?
  241. Cena will win and change the wwe title design agree/disagree?
  242. are you happy that Big Show and Kane are teaming up again?
  243. Will Stone Cold beat up Jack Swagger?
  244. Cole is taking it too far?
  245. How funny would it have been if that table had hit Cena?
  246. Was that cool what Miz did with that microphone and that belt, lol!?
  247. Wrestlemania 27 beyond epic, becomes beyond ruined?
  248. Why are headshot banned in the wwe?
  249. Say it with me. John Morrison sucks and his career is over.?
  250. Did Triple H say that if he loses to Undertaker he will retire?
  251. Do You Ever Notice That Every Once In A While..... ?
  252. Wht if this happened to the Miz-tory segment?
  253. Undertakers new theme?
  254. Did The Rock start a trend for WWE stars to Bring It... Via Satellite?
  255. Do you think Booker T will ever wrestle?
  256. During cena's satilite promo........?
  257. Will this be the worst wrestlemania ever?
  258. who didnt see the flip of the W to a M?
  259. Why does Michael Cole have security outside of The Tool Box (aka The Cole Mine)?
  260. Is Raw starting a pattern?
  261. When you hear Smackdown diva's who is the first 1 to pop in your head?
  262. Really? John Cena on Raw tonight via satelite?
  263. Did you know there's no raw gm?
  264. Do you miss this wrestlers?
  265. is Joey Mercury cleared to compete? BQ: when will Michael Tarver and Skip Sheffield return?
  266. Agree or Disagree, Christian Cage should be back in TNA?
  267. Does anyone remember the chamber of horror's match in wcw?
  268. do yuo respect Joey Mercury more than jeff hardy?
  269. TNA Knockout's vs WWE Diva's?
  270. Are sumo wrestlers healthy?
  271. How do you rate me as a user...? Plus WQ's...?
  272. Which WWE OR TNA star do you give the most credit to, even though he may not deserve it?
  273. What was the best wwe match ever?
  274. are you ordering wrestlemania?what do you think about the matches?
  275. Why do dirt sheets hate Hollywood Hogan so much?
  276. King/Queen of the Ring Tournament sign up (Part 4)?
  277. How excited are you for the Drew Carey WWE Hall of Fame induction?
  278. Does anybody have an accurate figure on what John Cena takes in on a year?
  279. What are your predictions for Raw tonight?
  280. I've always wondered, who or what throws Stone Cold, beers, whenever he's in the ring?
  281. Why do you guys bad mouth Cena all the time!?
  282. why do you people write books when answering questions?
  283. Who do you think is the best entertainer in WWE today?
  284. Your Favorite WS User is?
  285. Which former WWE TNA wrestler shared his name with...?
  286. I'm going to raw tonight this is my first time going is it fun going live?
  287. Did Test officially go under the name fake Kevin Nash in TNA?
  288. Is TNA the only wrestling company that can break kayfabe?
  289. WWE has two heel organization New Nexus and The corre?
  290. do you think the wwe should go after daffney?
  291. why didn't Cena turn the tag team title belts into spinners? or the WHC? he did with the wwe and
  292. What do you think of me as a user?
  293. what state is taking place at raw tonight?
  294. does the one-legged wrestler (who won ncaa chmpionship) have an advantage over his opponent?
  295. What's One Wrestling moment that disgusted you as a fan?
  296. Did you like Michael Cole as a commentator?
  297. Wrestlers at national show from the begining?
  298. FWF Pain episode 2 part 1?
  299. so i never liked the miz but now?
  300. Did Booker T kick Alberto?
  301. Where would you rank this on your list as Monday night Raw's funniest segments?
  302. does anyone know when batista's first MMA fight will be?
  303. Does anyone have any word on Skip Sheffield and his recovery?
  304. miz will showcase a new WWE belt design the night after WM27 agree/disagree?
  305. Wanna watch WWE WrestleMania live online,what site is best?
  306. who was the first man to win the royal rumble by entering number 30?
  307. Why does the WWE call their fans the WWE Universe?
  308. wrestling section what is your opinion on Evan Bourne's twitter tweet?
  309. What would the fans do if?
  310. what time is wwe raw?
  311. Does any wrestling company accept wrestler who is disability to talk?
  312. Wrestling trivia (20 characters)?
  313. Why do wrestling companies keep hiring Jeff?
  314. What would happen if your favorite wrestler went to Lucha Libre (AAA or CMLL)?
  315. was JBL a good champion?
  316. Why do people hate Michelle McCool so much?
  317. Why I have never seen a question about Bob Backlund? + BQ?
  318. What now for Alex Riley?
  319. Will Christan ever become a world champion in WWE.?
  320. What would happen if you were a superstar or diva?
  321. why isnt HHH wrestling on tv?
  322. Why isn't The IC Championship on the line at Wrestlemania +BQ?
  323. Wresling trivia (20 characters)?
  324. wrestling question??????????
  325. Now what for Mason Ryan?
  326. who will beat the miz for the wwe title?
  327. What's keeping the 'Macho Man' Randy Savage from being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?
  328. who should Kofi Kingston lose the IC title to?
  329. who is the biggest icon in wrestling history ?
  330. Why isn't Kofi Kingston appearing on TV?
  331. Worst diva match ever?
  332. What did Eddie see in Vickie?
  333. Do you miss the cruiserweight division?
  334. I have an NWA world title belt that I would love to get Ric Flair to autograph, anyone...
  335. Is it true that wrestlers have to?
  336. Did you hear that Rey Mysterio is facing Randy Orton tonight on raw?
  337. Do you find this kind of funny?
  338. what if TNA will become better than WWE and all your favorite wrestlers would go to TNA?
  339. Who will win Edge or Del Rio?
  340. Why do yall hate John Cena so much?
  341. Two weeks away from WrestleMania, which match are you most anticipating which match has...
  342. I know this sounds stupid but...?
  343. Does this news shock you?
  344. I thought BigShow was under contract with WWE?
  345. Choose a wrestler from this list ......?
  346. Who would win this match: The Conquistadors vs. The Headshrinkers?
  347. What do you think of my WM27 card?
  348. Candice Michelle's Gimmick?
  349. R.I.P to another member of the wrestling family?
  350. Hottest wrestlers, for male female? (credit to ??RKOBiichh??)?
  351. If wrestlers are not scheduled to wrestle on that certain night what do they do?
  352. Does TNA have a minimum age of 60?
  353. Name that WWE superstar?
  354. Guys i have a confession to make here + BQ?
  355. If you were to chose one wrestler who would teach how to wrestle, who would that be? Why?
  356. My new Y!A WS Fantasy Wrestling Federation?
  357. Whoever gets the most thumbs down wins!!!?
  358. What do u guys think of the WM card so far?
  359. isn't it just annoying and boring...? More inside +BQ?
  360. Can anyone tell me why JoMo is teaming up with a fat short and a retired diva?
  361. Who is singing america the beautiful at WrestleMania 27?
  362. If you're a wrestler,would you rather have a short match at RAW or SD or have a long
  364. WS: how gullible are we?
  365. Will we ever see a crowd like the one in ECW One Night Stand 2006 + BQ?
  366. Who will take HBK's place as Mr.Wrestlemania and BQ?
  367. Will there be another Cena/Orton fued ever again!?
  368. What do you thinks will be the 2 or 3 matches left for this year Wrestlemania?
  369. what if WWE will go bankrupt?
  370. Randy Orton DVD Listing please tell me what you think?
  371. Which theme songs do you prefer?
  372. Im Boredd Sooo Whose Hot And Whose Not ?
  373. Do you think that WWE Raw is getting a little out of hand?
  374. What is everyones nationality?
  375. What Jordans was john cena wearing on Monday night raw on 3/14/11?
  376. who is singing america the beautiful at WrestleMania 27?
  377. some questions about smack down raw 2011?
  378. Extreme Rules 2011 Card... Rate, plus WQ...?
  379. Do you want The Rock to be the special guest referee for The Miz and John Cena's match at...
  380. what if this will actually happen with cena........?
  381. What are the best WWE PPVs to you?
  382. If Undertaker was at ECW One Night Stand 2006, would the fans have booed him like they did...
  383. what do you think about The Rock not having showed up yet since 2/14?
  384. What does it mean when?
  385. Is it true that Umaga finished his career undefeated?
  386. Agree or disagree: People why cry about TV-PG are idiots?
  387. What would make you stop watching wrestling?
  388. What would you think if The Nexus?
  389. Why don't wrestlers like to cut their hair?
  390. Hhh wont be taking over anytime soon?
  391. When did all of the Cena hate actually start?
  392. Raw is just tommorrow, will Rock show up or dissapoint?
  393. Could Smackdown ever be live like Raw?
  394. What if? David Otunga?
  395. What would you do if?
  396. What happened to Mr. LA?
  397. Agree/Disagree: What Makes The Perfect WrestleMania PPV? +BQ?
  398. john cena vs we hate cena guy'?
  399. What do you think will be the Divas Match @ WrestleMania?
  400. Random poll.Sting or The Macho Man Randy Savage?
  401. Why do parents complain about wrestling being to violent?
  402. Was PG the reason batista left WWE?
  403. Do you agree with my friend or me?
  404. If YOU were offered the MAIN EVENT of WrestleMania, Even though the match would be terrible, would..
  405. What failed gimmick do you think would fit today in the WWE?
  406. Has there ever been a wrestler that you LOVED but now...?
  407. So since wwe is pg that means there cant be anymore extreme ladder matches or hell in the cell
  408. What would you do if?
  409. Name top 10-20 tag teams that WWE now can form?
  410. Which match do you think will steal the show at Wrestlemania?
  411. Why does everyone hate Batista?
  412. Thumbs war! What was your favorite Wrestling feud ever? (Username update)?
  413. When and how will Y2J return?
  414. Do you like Undertakers new Outlaw Gimmick?
  415. A Wrestling Did you know?
  416. What differences are there from Undertaker 2004-2010 to Undertaker 2011?
  417. what happened between vince mcmahon and brock lesnar ?
  418. WWA Week 1 results (Rate Show) + BQs?
  419. Can You Name All The Chants During Goldberg vs Lesnar At WM20?
  420. Do you think Maryse should leave Ted?
  421. Other than the Hype, is WrestleMania just Another PPV in terms of Quality + What avatar should I...
  422. Is it fair to say Drew McIntyre or Wade Barrett deserve a shot at Undertaker at next years...
  423. Why is it that most kids of wrestling legends want to become pro wrestlers just like their father?
  424. Do you like Cody Rhodes new Gimmick?
  425. Vickie Guerrero should of been SmackDown! GM agree/disagree?
  426. What is the difference between Batista as a face and heel?
  427. Who is the better user for you? +BQ?
  428. Whoever Reported me thanks alot! and WQ?
  429. Which of these would you recommend watching? +BQs?
  430. What would be your dream Elimination Chamber match + An Important BQ?
  431. Will Danny Bryan ever be a world champion?
  432. do you think wwe has gotten trish stratus to over rated?
  433. If the WWE could surprise fans, who would you like to see come down the ramp at RAW?
  434. Who will win Randy Orton or CM Punk?
  435. What match are you most looking forward to at Wrestlemania ?
  436. Do you think that Kurt Angle, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold, the Rock are the best wrestlers...
  437. Witch show do you like better and why?
  438. what now for Daniel Bryan?
  439. Will Paul Bearer ever return to SmackDown?!?
  440. Bret Hart or HBK : Whos better and why?
  441. When do you think WWE will go out of business?
  442. The Rock or Stone Cold :Whos better and why?
  443. Are you gonna watch WM27?
  444. Which current champion gives his tittle the most prestige?
  445. Is my SvR 2011 WrestleMania better than the one that's about to happen in real life this year?
  446. Undertaker will go 19-0 agree/disagree?
  447. who are your current favorite superstars ... divas ?
  448. omg i can't stand wwe kelly kelly am i the only person here ?
  449. I find it funny when Rock had another promo talkin shit when he doesnt have enough balls to
  450. Add one match that isn't apart of Wrestlemania to the list. +BQ?
  451. 40-man Fictional Character Battle Royal, round 7! Which 1 do you eliminate?
  452. should I just give up my dream of becoming a WWE diva?
  453. Breaking news: John Cena vs The Rock Wrestle Mania 28 in Rocks home town?
  454. Why does everyone like Hulk Hogan?
  455. Miz will beat Cena at WM27?
  456. Which wwe superstar is d greatest of all time ?
  457. Good way to watch TNA Victory Road 2011 live online?
  458. How to watch Victory Road 2011 live online?
  459. Who else hates it when backyard wrestlers try to act like they are wrestling gods?(BQ)?
  460. Do you think Eddie Guerrero deserved to be higher than HHH on the 50 Best Superstars DVD?
  461. is broadus clay the hairiest wrestler ever?
  462. change my name tooo .....?
  463. I'm staring a E-Fed called WSN, who wants to join?
  464. My mom and dad caught me watching porn in my room, so is there a undo button I can buy?
  465. Well, do you think Kofi Kingston could do well as a Heel?
  466. Well, who'll be more successful in the WWE? David Hart Smith or Tyson Kidd? Why?
  467. When will we find out more matches for WM?
  468. Why Is Rey Mysterio Mexican When He Was Born In San Diego/Chula Vista?
  469. Is it just me or do the US IC Titles barely get defended these days?
  470. What do you think will be the first match at Wrestlemania ?
  471. Have you ever met a wwe superstar?
  472. Did Ric Flair AJ Styles have a match on impact! after Flair double crossed him?
  473. would this be a good tag team?
  474. Name a wwe vs tna mtach you would love to see?
  475. How many times do you think Big Show has turned in his career?
  476. Do you think Kaitlyn looks like Ashley?
  477. Anyone else notice that Cena has aged considerably for someone his age?
  478. In WWE is Tombstone Piledriver is a most damging finisher?
  479. Royal Rumble AGAIN!!!!! (Part 10)?
  480. Can I get sponsored for freestyle wrestling?
  481. why are WWE arenas so small now?
  482. RIP Chris Benoit! Really? What about RIP Nancy Benoit and Daniel Benoit?
  483. Will you buy Wrestlemania this year?
  484. Does John Cena take steriods?
  485. I think Beth Phoenix needs to go to TNA?
  486. Does Beth Phoenix deserve to be IC Champion?
  487. Can the WWA4 Home Study School CDs get you in with a loca indy promotion?
  488. What do you think of this?
  489. So are you going to watch this season of NXT or are you going to skip this season?
  490. Who saw what Tommy Dreamer did to Mark Henry last night on ECW?
  491. If The Rock didn't leave WWE 7 years ago there would be no John Cena agree/disagree?
  492. OMG!! Breaking News....More Inside!?
  493. How do you guys feel about snooki guest hosting RAW?
  494. Will the Undertaker lose at WM?
  495. Would you rather get a Pedigree off the top of the Cell or hit with a barbed wire steel
  496. Would you like to see this in WWE again despite it being un-PG?
  497. Who is hotter: Rosa Mendes or Layla?
  498. Would you rather be hosting a Bikini Contest with your favorite Divas or spend a day with Edge ...
  499. Do you think this would have made Del Rio the biggest heel in WWE and give him so much momentum?
  500. Who else agrees we need a new Intercontinental Champion?