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  1. should RAW be on E! NETWORK?
  2. What do you think of Val Venis bashing Melina calling her a whore was it Val Venis...
  3. Will Kane ever bring back the mask + WQ?
  4. Are Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett really married ?
  5. Guess the Wrestler (with a catch)?
  6. Did you know that WWE John Cena turn heel in Ireland on 04/15/11, and he will officially turn...
  7. Do you know if WWE wrestler John Cena will be in Rochester, NY for the WWE house show on 06/11/11?
  8. Alright, my last 5 interesting facts about Extreme Rules + BQ?
  9. Tough enough question (wrestling)?
  10. wrestlemania 28 match card?
  11. EDGE is retired...where do we go from here?
  12. Old wwe divas or wwe divas of today(poll)?
  13. any good made up names for high flyer and a hardcore wreastler?
  14. Will it be a diva or superstar who wins WWE Tough Enough?
  15. Whatever happened to hiedenrik?
  16. So what would you do if...?
  17. Who is better overall: Shawn Michaels or The Rock?
  18. Pro Wrestling Trivia?
  19. what's the longest someone has locked a submission wrestling hold on you?
  20. Do you think it is easier to make it in the WWE as a diva or superstar?
  21. If you could bring back any WWE Diva, who would you bring back?
  22. Does anyone know if WWE wrestler John Cena is on or have ever used steroids and has ever been
  23. Did mason ryan look much bigger when he returned too anyone else?
  24. Does anyone else burst out laughing when they see CM PUNKS hair.......?
  25. Why in the world would WWE...?
  26. Why is chris masters always critizied for steriod use when....?
  27. Who was the last person to win a title at Judgment Day + BQ?
  28. Do you think the WWE made a mistake not having Cena vs Rock at this year's WM 27?
  29. Did you know that today (04/16/11), is WWE Raw Diva Vickie Guerrero's 43rd birthday?
  30. Did you know these 6 facts about Extreme Rules (not the same facts as before) plus BQ?
  31. What was the song that played during Edge's tribute video on SD!?
  32. How can i beat a wrestler?
  33. Who was the very first Professional wrestler to ever win the WWF/ WWE Championship?
  34. Whats with the disaster that happened at TNA's Victory Road?
  35. Is John Morrison based off Jim Morrison?
  36. Did you know any of these facts about Extreme Rules + BQ?
  37. when you see this what's the first thing you think of?
  38. FWF Pain ep. 4 part 3/4?
  39. who would win these real fights WWE/CELEBRITIES)?
  40. Is it more of does Edge seem to get injured when...?
  41. what will Awesome Kong's name in WWE? will it be Markisha Henry, Mark Henry's sister?
  42. When Edge and Matt hardy had their feud, do you think it was awkward for them to wrestle?
  43. Who do you think is going to be the next president of WWE?
  44. Who top women wrestlers in the world?
  45. In which television channel appears the show TNA IMPACT wrestling?
  46. Was Big Show eliminated during the commercial break? or was I just not paying attention?
  47. Anyone else remember how Teddy Long used to announce the Undertaker?
  48. In which television channels are transmitted these wrestling programs?
  49. Anybody know the name of the song that was just used for Edge's career highlight package just now?
  50. What date did The Rock return on?
  51. How do you push superstars on SVR 2011? 10 Points for the best answer!?
  52. what would your reaticon be if benoit did not die and it was a storyline?
  53. wwe fans- one line for edge?
  54. who will be the next WWE champion at Extreme rules....?
  55. What is your favorite Wrestlemania theme song?
  56. Was Apple a one time thing, or will they stay together as an actual stable for a while?
  57. Who would win these matches?
  58. Whos better on the mic, Cena or Miz? Why?
  59. Let say this one last time, Thank You Edge?
  60. tony chimel still can't get his name right?
  61. Agree or Disagree:The Undertaker kick started Edge's career?
  62. Why is this superstars match better than most the matches on raw and smackdown recently?
  63. What do you think of this show?
  64. What is a good wrestling website?
  65. How long before Awesome Kong...?
  66. I have a passion for professional wrestling and want to pursue in it. How do I prepare for...
  67. Wouldn't Cody Rhodes''injury' seem more real if...?
  68. Is awesome kong coming back?
  69. Anyone else think we should boycott the wwe until they bring back the attitude era or the...
  70. Why don't WWEFanNation?.....?
  71. Wrestling fans who saw WWE Smackdown who receive Edge's World Championship belt and who did
  72. What does Cody Rhodes have against knee pads?
  73. should daniel bryan turn heel and shamus turn face?
  74. My Extreme Rules Card?
  75. why do the corre keep getting new themes?
  76. Does Michael Cole ever appear at house shows?
  78. Who will win at WWE Extreme Rules, Christian or Alberto Del Rio?
  79. Wrestling fans,Why are people like me and Chris Jericho not existed today?
  80. So what is the WWE doing?!?
  81. Top 10 WWE wrestlers you have seen perform live?
  82. Has Jackson ever faced Big Show one-on-one?
  83. What match would be bigger? Cena vs Rock or Cena vs SCSA?
  84. Did you know that Jericho made his 2nd coming against Orton only to be put down by Orton?
  85. Who would you like to see come back for one more run?
  86. Did Ezeikel Jackson just turn on corre?
  87. Awesome Kong in WWE now?
  88. Team Layla or Team McCool?
  89. What happened to the wwe?
  90. Who else was suprised chris masters lasted that long in the battle royal?
  91. i have a John Cena/ Randy Orton rookie autograph photos how much do you think it would be worth?
  92. Is it true that Amazing Kong was born with both male and female genitalia?
  93. which wwe diva would make the best dominatrix?
  94. Why did wwe sellout and become a kids show?
  95. Ffs, another Christian and Alberto Del Rio match?
  96. Once HHH, Jericho, Kane, and Taker retire will you stop watching WWE?
  97. If you're dropping a tear during this Edge promo star this question.?
  98. Why are they bringing a cow to the WWE?
  99. Wow chris masters lasted a long time in that?
  100. Who else had a feeling Christian was going to win the 20 man royal rumble?
  101. Cena dislikes WWE booking team ... ?
  102. Why wont they give Yoshi Tatsu a push?
  103. Do you think House Shows are good?
  104. Who do you want to be the new wwe champion?
  105. Smart Wrestling Parody
  106. Who should be the next World Champ?
  108. The Undertaker(1998) or Aj Styles(2009)?
  109. why won't dixie carter fire hulk hogan and eric biscoff ?
  110. Is it me or is WWE Mason Ryan nexus to cocky,Cock eyed , Too gay and Too strong?
  111. Out of the next 51 weeks, how many times will the Rock appear via satellite?
  112. Will Trent Bareta do anything in WWE?
  113. Who agrees chris masters needs a push?
  114. What was your favorite Wrestlemania match of all time?
  115. Which WWE Diva do you think improved from when they first started?
  116. Did Triple H defeat The Undertaker at Wrestlemania XXVII?
  117. What if sheamas and Heath Slater formed a tag team?
  118. Do you think that WWE John Cena The Rock WM28 wrestling match will be a classic and who do you...
  119. What are some changes TNA Wrestling can make to improve the wrestling promotion let me know some
  120. IF there would be now Cena in WWE, would Randy Orton have the same fighting style as he has...
  121. Why is Vince too much of a pussy to turn Cena heel?
  122. Kelly Kelly or Stacy Kiebler?
  123. Which would hurt more: A Power Bomb off the Cell or Chokeslam off the stage ramp
  124. If You Had the Oppurtunity To Release 3 Superstars 3 Divas From WWE, Who Would They Be?
  125. WWE smackdown ticketing question.?
  126. would you like it if scott stanford maneged zack ryder+bq?
  127. Chris Benoit The Most Controversial WWE superstar of all time ?
  128. If The Rock never managed to get into the film business, do you think he would've left the WWE?
  129. Do you think Mr. Anderson made a mistake faking out Hulk Hogan?
  130. Will 'Macho Man' Randy Savage ever be inducted into the Hall of Fame?
  131. Sup WS?! The Rock OR John Cena?? +BQ?
  132. So, would you mind if Triple H and Orton feud one last time in 2011?
  133. Rate these tag teams+BQ?
  134. Could John Cena be the next Hulk Hogan?
  135. What would you do if?
  136. Are Rock's promos getting stale?
  137. WWE TRIVIA: Who was known as the man of 1001 holds?
  138. So what show do you guys think Sin Cara will be on?
  140. Question for your current wrestling knowledge?
  141. What was your favorite wrestling moment?
  142. How would you feel if Chris Jericho never returned to Pro Wrestling?
  143. King of WS User Tournament Sign-Ups?
  144. Who else thinks Wrestlemania 28 will be great?
  145. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown?
  146. Who are some wrestling legends from Michigan?
  147. Do you think Christian is about to become a heel?
  148. What happend on SmackDown last night?
  149. Which WWE DVD set should I get?
  150. Where is Batista why he is not coming to wwe any one knows ?
  151. History Lesson: which guy did Randy Orton lose to last before he got all crazy and
  152. WRESTLEMANIA: Was Albert Del Rio's destroyed Rolls Royce fake?
  153. Chris benoit tradegy?
  154. What is the ratio of wwe fans to hollywood fans of The Rock?
  155. In your own opinion, who was the best WCW champion?
  156. What's a bigger more important PPV, Summerslam, or Survivor Series?
  157. I have a nice wrestling youtube channel Check it out??
  158. Should the WWE do this?
  159. WWE Trivia: Did you know that John Cena has more moves than The Rock?
  160. Are we gonna see Randy Orton or HHH as wwe champion anytime soon?
  161. do you think that they will ever fire john cena?
  162. Who do you think Randy Orton should feud with next?
  163. have you heard the rumor of WWE unifying all the titles and having raw and smackdown guys fight
  164. Sitting by the computer eating fruity pebbles?
  165. Don't you think the Internet ruin Pro Wrestling in a way?
  166. who would win these wwe tna wrestling matches ?
  167. Could WWE make it more obvious that...?
  168. why does everybody look at smarks like bad people? how come smark is now used as an insult towards..
  169. can you name 10 moves that john cena does now a days ?
  170. Melina or Trish Stratus?
  171. Would fans like the following wrestlers if they were to turn face?
  172. What should i wear to a TNA wrestling event?
  173. I challenge The Austin Starr?
  174. What finishers would hurt the most in real life?
  175. When is chris masters getting a push?
  176. Do you think Chris Masters?
  177. Do you think Michelle McCool would be a good announcer?
  178. Would this be a good commentary crew?
  179. Best pyro in WWE right now?
  180. Who was your favorite Von Erich?
  181. Why won't people just ignore, block and report trolls.?
  182. Dumbest superstar in wrestling?
  183. what would you feel like if these people became wwe divas?
  184. what is the best heel vs heel match you ever seen?
  185. what was the downfall and the saddest moment in wwe history?
  186. How come no wrestlers bust out the iron claw amymore?
  187. what is the best ...?
  188. WWF Trivia Question 4/8/11?
  189. what days is wrestling on?
  190. If umaga was still alive, would be a world champion?
  191. This is for WWE fan. Thanks.?
  192. Do you think Barrett should be in the WHC picture instead of IC?
  193. Who is the greatest (or coolest) tag team of all time? how about the worst(or most ridiculous)?
  194. if you can fire 3 people in the wwe who will you fire?
  195. Is it me or is WWE Brodus Clay a size of an Oval?
  196. Should the Corre be on Raw and the New Nexus on Smackdown?
  197. is dave batista ever going to return?
  198. Wrestling Section Question?
  199. Which WWE dvd set should I get?
  200. Stone Cold Steve Austin, WHO?
  201. Is Tough enough really unscripted program as WWE says ?
  202. Who loves WWE the most in their heart, Cena or The Rock?
  203. I think the old Nexus is incredible until CM Punk made it Sucky and Gay do u Agree?
  204. How would you push these superstars?
  205. Extreme Rules question.?
  206. Who would win in a wrestling match: The Waterpillar or The Dragon?
  207. do you think that wade barrett was a better leader then cm punk for th nexus?
  208. It all makes sense now!?
  209. what wrestlers do WWE need to sign in your opinion?
  210. I'm leaving Y!A + BQ?
  211. Do you think Angelina Love will ever join the WWE?
  212. do you think jeff hardy drunk at victory road was setup?
  213. What was your favorite heel stable?
  214. Why is undertaker better than brett hart?
  215. The best TNA Tag team is.....?
  216. First one to answers gets BA. But um I was watching a Zack Ryder video and he was like Oh and im...
  217. what did u think of tna impact lastnight?
  218. Christopher Daniels lol....?
  219. did the Immortal storyline just get better?
  220. how would you feel if wwe released these wwe employees?
  222. Who do you like more, John Cena or The Rock?
  223. I just realized there's a bunch of chicks on Yahoo Answers?
  224. Is this a reason for WWE . . .?
  225. Did HHH and Undertaker actually not like each other in real life a while back and possibly...
  226. Do you think the PG has killed WWE why or why not?
  227. Question About WWE In 2007?
  228. What is your favorite finishing move of all time?..... and the worst?
  229. Is Smackdown arguebly the better show than Raw than most fans think?
  230. Wheres the girl whose name is just (.) that asks questions in yahoo wrestling?
  231. In Smackdown vs Raw 2011 DLC and 2012 they should add Slammy awards and WWE draft also...
  232. Who else thinks that Waterpiller and this El Diablo guy should have a loser leaves WS at the...
  233. Did D'von really hold back Bully Ray? Again?
  234. What do you think of the Miz?
  235. Why is cm punk bald?
  236. Why won't WWE push Yoshi Tatsu like they are already pushing Sin Cara?
  237. Which 1 do you prefer, TV14 or PG when watching WWE?
  238. If I get a new SvR11 Disk will all my data still be on it?
  239. What were the real reasons for Kurt Angle?
  240. Question about tonight's impact?
  241. What's the point of having pre-wrestlemania events.?
  242. what is your top 5 matches of all time?
  243. So what do WWE fans think of this?
  244. Wcw ppv blooper/botch?
  245. How can you watch wrestlemania 27 for free?
  246. What WWE DVD should i get?
  247. Whats your prediction for tonight on Smackdown?
  248. Do you think Finlay asked someone on RAW to look after his son Hornswoggle after he left Smackdown?
  249. Who Had The Worst Night-Superstars?
  250. FWF Rumble part two/two?
  251. is john cena thinking that he can beat the rock?
  252. Did Goldberg and Kurt Angle ever have a match against each other?
  253. Now that they have Sheamus as U.S champ and Barrett as IC champ do you think?
  254. Which feud do you like better: Lawler/Hart or Lawler/Cole?
  255. What did you think of the Cody Rhodes/Rey Mysterio match at WM27?
  256. Do you think The Undertaker should have joined UFC?
  257. Starting with WM 1, what was your favorite match?
  258. Why does Shawn Micheals think?
  259. WWE's not a wrestling company, so why won't wikipedia profile of WWE Superstars edited?
  260. Tna should make a attitude era?
  261. Who else thinks cena is copying The Rock?
  262. Which is your favorite WWE Undertaker gimmick?
  263. wwe facts did you know that...?
  264. Agree or Disagree:Kevin Thorn is the closest we will ever get to a next Undertaker?
  265. Does anyone else find the acting in TNA?
  266. Who here watch WWE tough enough?
  267. who do you think can make a great fued and great matches ?
  268. Which WWE diva do you think is marrying a famous chef?
  269. TNA LockDown Will Be The Biggest PPV In TNA History?
  270. Whos more good looking, Mickie James or Layla (Tna vs Wwe)?
  271. John Cena rulez and will end undertakers streek?
  272. Will The Rock and Stone Cold ever have another World Heavwyeight Title reign?
  273. If Lois Griffin went to TNA and had a match with Velvet Sky who would win?
  274. Anyone else lost Respect for JoMO for direspecting WWE Diva legend Trish Stratus?
  275. Do you know any of WWE wrestlers?
  276. Trish Stratus or Velvet Sky?
  277. what is your top 10 fav superstar or divas? (i forgot some people the last time :P)?
  278. which wrestlers in your lifetime do you prefer in wwe and tna(poll)?
  279. Least Charismatic Wrestler Of All Time?
  280. Did you lose respect for John Morrison and Melina after reading this?
  281. Who is your favorite heel and your favorite face.?
  282. How come the wwe hall of fame is on Monday instead of tomorrow?
  283. another question about TNA wrestling?
  284. Evan Bourne says he's in WWE For the long run!?
  285. Does UFC gives black athletes a chance, more than WWE do to there Black Wrestlers?
  286. Which is the Lamest Move?
  287. So it looks like the Miz is going to retain his title?
  288. WWE Trivia: Who won TWO consecutive MiTB matches?
  289. It's Official WWE will no longer be called World Wrestling Entertainment?
  290. Breaking News: The Rock said he's out of wrestlemania?
  291. Will Christian screw Edge at Wrestlemania?
  292. would u watch these matches? and how much would u rate them?(1-10)?
  293. Who do you think will win there first world title this year?
  294. Why did wwe sign kevin nash?
  295. Who's your fave WWE Diva?
  296. Why dont they push chris masters?
  297. What do you think will happen - Taker vs. HHH?
  298. Do you think CM Punk will eat a Stone Cold Stunner at 'Mania?
  299. What is the first thing you think when you hear these words?
  300. Is WWE All stars worth the 60$?
  301. Bryan or Morrison? BQ.?
  302. What was better Ruthless Agression or Attitude Era?
  303. Who is/was your favorite member from The Nexus?
  304. who would win in a ladder match the hardyz in 1999 vs the hardyz of today.?
  305. Why people want to see Triple H ends up Undertaker's Wrestlemania streak?
  306. WWE Wrestling fans did you know that today (04/01/11) is Randy Orton's 31st birthday?
  307. who finds this years wrestlemania one of the worst cards ever ?
  308. What part about the word Fake do Wrestling Fans do not get?
  309. Who was your favorite tag team in wwe history?
  310. How does Jillian Hall survive on the $52,000/year that WWE pays her?
  311. Do you want to be a wrestler in the future?
  312. The old WCW colorful Sting (not the dark Sting) vs Brett hart: Who wins?
  313. Superfly Jimmy Snuka vs Rey Mysterio: Who wins?
  314. Jake the Snake vs Sheamus: Who wins?
  315. Razor Ramon vs Randy Orton: Who wins?
  316. Will Alex Riley ruin the main event at WM?
  317. Is there no SmackDown this week?
  318. are the wwe pay per views better than the smackdown and raw tv shows they have?
  319. Who else thinks this could happen at Wrestlemania 27?
  320. Where To Watch Wrestlemania 27 Live in HD Online No Lag?
  321. Anyone watch Superstars?
  322. Ultimate Warrior vs Cena: Who wins?
  323. Who's your fave WWE TNA wrestlers?
  324. what is a good way to watch WWE and TNA wrestling on the internet live with good quality ?
  325. Which wwe diva of all time was hotter?
  326. Who would Win: Chris Jericho (Prime) or Christopher Daniels?
  327. What are your opinions on the Bella Twins being heels opposed to them being faces?
  328. Which Bella Twin is hotter: Brie or Nikki?
  329. Should WWE bring back the Women's championship?
  330. What's your opinion on Twin Magic?
  331. Why do people like the Attitude Era, yet bash TNA?
  332. What is your favorite Wrestlemania match of all-time?
  333. Deos WWE Webcast stream in the UK?
  334. Who do you think will win in WrestleMaina 27?
  335. Do you think WWE should have stores around the U.S.?
  336. Thumbs Up-Thumbs Down Game: What is your favorite WrestleMania moment of all-time?
  337. Jeff Hardy face or heel ?
  338. why do people want john cena heel so bad?
  339. Why doesn't WWE have war of brands anymore?
  340. For those that have been to Axxess this year..
  341. how come in 2005, Ray Gonzalez won the NWA title but neither TNA or NWA recognize him as...
  342. why does NWA not recognize so many title changes that have occurred?
  343. If you could show one wrestling match to someone who had never seen a match in their
  344. Now that Daniels is back in TNA, do you think a reunion with AJ Styles is possible?
  345. What's going on between Angelina Love and Winter?
  346. Watching TNA, and it looks like WWE from 1990s?
  347. If Shawn Michaels is the Special Referee For the Taker/HHH Match (More Inside)?
  348. If You Were a Wrestler, Would You Want To be the Face of the Wrestling Company Your In?
  349. If Shawn Michaels Costs HHH his Match With Taker @ WM 27, Would He Become a Heel?
  350. Whats was up with Angelina Love last night?
  351. If You Were a Wrestler, Would You Want To Be a Face, Heel, Or Tweener?
  352. What are your thoughts on Christopher Daniels returning to TNA to join Fortune?
  353. If You Were a Wrestler, Would You Rather Start Your Wrestling Career As a Singles or Tag Team
  354. has FOX 8 cancelled TNA IMPACT?
  355. what do you think of these old ps1 wrestling games?
  356. Can you believe this is Ric Flair? That picture looks nothing like him?
  357. Who's your favorite diva and knockout? + BQ?
  358. WWE RAW: attitude, federation or new school?
  359. Could Manchester United end The Undertaker's undefeated streak at Wrestlemania?
  360. Is the wwe going to fix the....?
  361. Is chris masters still getting a push after mania?
  362. Who has the best chance of returning to wwe?
  363. Would it be Disrespectful to End the Streak via DQ?
  364. What match will start which will end WrestleMania (this Q is by user KENTA k.h)?
  365. Why is every question in the sports wrestling section about fake wrestling?
  366. Witch WWF and/or WCW wrestler am I?
  367. Queen of The Ring Final Round?
  368. WWF Attitude era vs WWE Ruthless Agression era?
  369. Do you guys know why the WS is so dead?
  370. My last 5 questions have been reported, does that make me the best in the world at what I do?
  371. Why does Midget Man keep getting booked in main event matches?
  372. Tomko give me a beat........?
  373. Anybody else think that Kaz looks like Billy Ray Cyrus?
  374. Would this be a good a good match? ?
  375. What is the date for WWE Wrestlemania 28 in Miami, Florida in 2012, and what arena will it be
  376. Will that p*ssy Arn Anderson ever take on Daniel Tosh's challenge?
  377. do you think wrestling fans value entertainment more then the actual wrestling?
  378. Is WWE Superstar Chris Jericho married?
  379. What was the real World Title back in the day?
  380. Can anybody really take Immortal seriously?
  381. Is Abyss just a knockoff Mankind?
  382. Will WWE Hall of Fame 2011 be free on TV?
  383. What was the first wrestling company?
  384. If the Corre has a match against Kane, Kozlov,Show and Santino at Wrestlemania, does it mean..?
  385. what would be the most stupid thing that WWE ...?
  386. Who was the longest Cruiserweight champion in WCW history?
  387. What is the point of?
  388. Mickie James,a very important question...?
  389. What was the name of raw's old theme?
  390. 19-0 or 18-1, which is likey to happen at Wrestlemania?
  391. Who is your favorite WWE Diva right now?
  392. why would WWE ever hire Hornswoggle?
  393. PLEASE RATE: Monday Night Raw Episode #3?
  394. would these dream tag teams have been good?
  395. Why was Cm Punks ECW heel turn a fail?
  396. Do you think there will be any BIG wrestlemania surprises?
  397. Why are Hogan and Bischoff still at TNA?
  398. Out of these 3 wrestlers, which would you want to see back the most?
  399. Who is ur current favorite heel?
  400. can any one tell me what happened in the w.s. wrestlemania?
  401. WWE Wrestlemania Axxess?
  402. where can i watch wrestlemania 27 on the internet live stream?
  403. Crusierweight Trivia?
  404. if you could make one attitude era wm how would u put it?
  405. Wrestling -- Do you think that EDGE has googly eyes........?
  406. Assuming the Coward Jerry Lawler shows up, How long do u expect the beating Cole will
  407. (Bill P's question) Where oh where is the backup section of regular WS users? +WQ?
  408. best finisher move between currently and former wwe superstars?
  409. Which wrestler do you like better? Stone Cold Steve Austin or The Rock?
  410. What do you think of my Summerslam 2011 card?
  411. What are your WWE Draft 2011 predictions?
  412. Which 2010 WWE PPV was the best?
  413. What is the move The Rock does called?
  414. When you play old wrestling video games do feel bad?
  415. Why is the WWE planning the Extreme Rules PPV...?
  416. Who else thinks chris masters should just go to tna?
  417. Whats your favorite wrestling quote of all time?
  418. Purchase info needed?
  419. Whatever happened to Tyson Tonco?
  420. Is this any good? Please, video help?
  421. What day will WWE Wrestlemania 29 will be held on in San Francisco, CA in 2012?
  422. Just Ordered Wrestlemania 27, Need more Info?
  423. WHo are the 5 Biggest Wrestlemania Snubs?
  424. Did Vader used to be any good?
  425. What's your favorite Shawn Michaels match or moment?
  426. Would you say Mr Kennedy's best feud was with Undertaker while in WWE?
  427. I'm not a huge fan of John Cena, but a lot of people in WWE Nation are going to far?
  428. When the Miz beats John Cena in 3 min do you think the rock will come out?
  429. Who makes a better heel? Coach or Cole?
  430. Who is your favorite jobber in WWE?
  431. Is the Miz...........?
  432. What are you guys trying to accomplish out of moaning about John Cena again and again and again? BQ?
  433. If Rock attacks Cena from behind at WM and costs him the belt (more inside)?
  434. Who AM I?First right answer gets the BA?
  435. What are your top 5 Undertaker Wrestlemania matches?
  436. Why is Darren Young on NXT season 5?????
  437. where can i watch the wwe press confrence?
  438. ppv wwe live an 100 % free?
  439. what are the matchs at wrestlemania 27?
  440. How and when should jericho return?
  441. When will skip sheffield return?
  442. At WrestleMania XV did Austin forget his Waistcoat in his entrance?
  443. Who do you believe will win at WrestleMania XXVII (27)?
  444. Who would win these past vs present matches?
  445. Can i watch the WWE Hall of Fame on cable?
  446. What is your top 3 favorite WM matches? ?
  447. Why didn't Charles Doyle Haas II ever win a singles championship in the WWE?
  448. Who was HBK's trainer?
  449. Does Paul Bearer bring an urn to autograph signings ?
  450. Money in the bank latter match?
  451. Would you rather have Christian turn heel at Wrestlemania or stay face?
  452. WWE has a new WCW themed website that has Chavo Guerrero as the last active WCW competitor in WWE?
  453. What is a No holds barred match, how is it different from a normal match?
  454. Should chris masters just go to tna?
  455. If you could turn 5 superstars heel/face who would it be?
  456. Who is the biggest draw in wrestling history?
  457. If WWE unified the WWE and WHC would it be good or bad for the business?
  458. Curt Hawkins or Zack Ryder?
  459. Who do u like more..?
  460. How did Cena became so popular in WWE, how did he became the face of WWE?
  461. who excited for wrestlemania ?!!?
  462. What grade do you think Wrestlemania will be?
  463. Who is your favorite and worst superstar appearing at Wrestlemania?
  464. Don't you realize that wrestling wouldn't be as big as it is today if it wasn't for Hulk Hogan?
  465. Whos better, John Cena or Dave Batista?
  466. Does Giant Gonzales really count towards the streak?
  467. Why do someone people hate Matt Hardy?
  468. Who do you like more AJ Styles or John Morrison?
  469. Anyone see the WM27 press conference?
  470. how are Cena fans proud there fans of him, when Cena has to sneak The Rock to get the upper hand?
  471. Which wrestlers would you like to see on Dancing With The Stars?
  472. how is cena being a hypocrite for taking out rock from behind?
  473. Who do you think will be the one that John Cena passes the torch to?
  474. If you were to return one wrestler from WWE ( which now has a contract with another...
  475. What do you hate about John Cena the most?
  476. Favorite wrestling quote?
  477. Who was better?
  478. Witch one was better?
  479. Why did they give Big Show and Kane the title shots?
  480. Is WWE starting to rebuilt there tag division?
  481. what match are you looking most foreword to at WM27?
  482. If you were Vince what would you do?
  483. Wade Barret is the IC champion your thoughts?
  484. When and how will Sin Cara debut?
  485. Why does WWE release good talent?
  486. whos your fav wrestler?
  487. Why did NXT go into the tank?
  488. You know who ELSE can perform the 1080 splash off the top ropes?
  489. Watch WWE Wrestling Fighting live stream?
  490. What is your favorite stable wrestling stable of all-time?
  491. Do you want the WHC and the WWE Championship unify?
  492. Who were some people who WWE had in their ECW would have been good in the real ECW?
  493. Do you think Mick Foley could have made it in the WWE if he debuted today?
  494. Would you prefer Rey and Eddie or Rey Mysterio and Sin Mascara as tag team champs?
  495. I got an idea from SVR 2010?
  496. Wrestling section semi finals tournament?
  497. Does the WWE heavy weight championship mean anything anymore?
  498. Why doesnt Chavo Guerrero get a push?
  499. Does the WWE IC title mean anything anymore?
  500. do you wish Muhammad Hassan didnt get fired from WWE?