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  1. Do you think Ted DiBiase Jr will get drafted?
  2. official HWA smack talk area +Match card for next week +BQ?
  3. Who thinks John Morrison will do something crazy at Extreme Rules?
  4. What was your favorite era of SmackDown?
  5. do u think that Dolph Zigglers counter was better than randy's +BQ?
  6. What do you think of this?
  7. How much of a legacy did Adam Copeland aka Edge leave in WWE?
  8. Who's the hottest alumi diva?
  9. More likely to happen (choices inside)?
  10. WWE Divas Poll/Questions Inside?
  11. Will EXTREME RULES be a good PPV event?
  12. how could sin cara able to breathe wearing that mask with out any holes in it?
  13. Which wrestlers have replied to you on Twitter?
  14. Which is better TNA or WWE?
  15. wrestlers name (difficult)?
  16. BROKEN DREAMS : The Undertaker gimmick is 21 years old it was created in 1990 hahaha?
  17. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. James Storm in a Beer Drinking contest, who would win?
  18. i know why PSN is down!?
  19. who do you think will be drafted to raw smackdown?
  20. Do you think ShoMiz and JeriShow were good teams?
  21. did you know that cm punk is older than randy orton?
  22. Do You Think This Will Be The Future Of Each WWE Diva?
  23. Wwe Vs. Tna an your winner ?
  24. What do u think of my SVR 2011 Tag Team name?
  25. The undertaker should have one(minimum) more title reign before retirement? What do you people...
  26. Which one is the best performance of Jericho so far in WWE/F or WCW?
  27. Who has the better Mic skills: Kane or The Undertaker?
  28. What do you think of me as a user?
  29. Did anybody think, Drew McIntyre might suits for the vampire roles in movies ?
  30. Agree/Disagree: JTG is one of the most underrated superstars currently in WWE?
  31. new and improved dolph ziggler, your thoughts?
  32. Why start on my fiance Liam Catterson in the W.S?
  33. If parents don't want their children copying wrestling?
  34. Can you name the wrestler part 2 (wrestling)?
  35. I havent watched it but is tough enough tough enough?
  36. What do you think about EDGE retiring the WWE (RAW)?
  37. sign ups for HWA always up?
  38. is wwe All Stars going to be good on psp?
  39. (WWE) Say you got hired to be the new gm/vice president and now this is your show what would
  40. Favorite international star?
  41. Wrestling Section Savior I liked Shaun Cold better anyways + WS BQ?
  42. Wrestling Agree or Disagree #7?
  43. Is YWSE still going on?
  44. Do you know why Owen Hart can't watch WWE Raw?
  45. how can one say Shelton Benjamin never got a push in wwe?
  46. Can you agree with what R Truth did to John Morrison?
  47. Can you name these wrestlers (i am using there real names) (wrestling)?
  48. What up with WWE confiscating those Zack Ryder signs +Bq?
  49. Have you ever gotten a reply from a wrestler on Twitter and if so which one?
  50. What is MVP's real name?
  51. Is There Going To Be A Tna Impact 2 Game On The Xbox 360 Or Ps3?
  52. Who would be the best General Manager? Part II + BQ?
  53. Do you need a new deck or to mow your lawn....?
  54. Why are so many WWE wrestlers going over to TNA?
  55. Who of these 4 the best wrestler left from the attitude Era?
  56. Why do some fans say Randy Orton isn't that great on the mic?
  57. I'm bored, what are some great TECHNICAL wrestling matches that I can watch?
  58. According To Wikipedia, Kharma or Awesome Kong is set to debut April 24th do you think its true?
  59. Who is the worst commentator?
  60. Who's your favorite WWE Superstar and Diva and why?
  61. Which Divas Do You See/Hope Get Drafted In The Draft?
  62. Did awesome kong make her debut on sd yesterday?
  63. What happened to the World Tag Team championships and WWE Tag Team championships?
  64. In your opinion, who were the top 5 most overrated wrestlers?
  65. Do you think Elimination Chamber 2006 was the best in WWE?
  66. when 2 fans argue about 2 wrestlers and who is better why doe sit seem they can't ignore the
  67. Is Nacho the best Mexican wrestler of all time?
  68. Would You Like To See Ring Of Honor Get A Tv Deal?
  69. so what do you think of the poster Over the Limit 2011 ?
  71. Have you ever thought a wwe superstar is really on yahoo answers or is it someone acting...
  72. Least favourite ppv of 2010?
  73. Do You Think This Could Happen on monday night raw very soon?
  74. Do You Think R-Truth Smokes Menthols?
  75. Does anyone know? how long has the miz been wwe champion?
  76. What would you do to improve the New Nexus?
  77. Does Anyone think that Dolph Ziggler should go back to blonde hair? doesn't he look horrible now?
  78. Was John Cena better as a Heel or a better as a Face NOW?
  79. How do you feel about Michael McGuillicutty?
  80. Wrestling Section, I need your help + BQ?
  81. What were the most entertaining parts of Raw this week?
  82. What are your thoughts on Dolph's improved look?
  83. Favorite wrestling feud of all time?
  84. which version of randy orton is your favorite?
  85. Who's Your Pick For Money In The bank Winner in July?
  86. What do you think if the worst Hell in a Cell and the worst Elimination Chamber?
  87. james daniel +BQ.......?
  88. With R-truth being a heel now, do you think he will have a new ring entrance music?
  89. What do you think John Cena and Randy Orton would have been like in the Attitude Era?
  90. Am I the only one who misses Heat and Velocity?
  91. Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin or John Cena who is the most important wrestler in history?
  92. Do you think Austin vs Orton could happen at WrestleMania 28?
  93. Do you think Christian will get drafted to RAW?
  94. Guys, if the Corre splits up I'm leaving yahoo?
  95. Why do WWE leave it so late to announce PPV matches?
  96. What IF it was John Cena vs Stone Cold Steve Austin at Wrestlemania 28?
  97. Were The Boogeyman's worms actually worms?
  98. what 2010 ring of honor dvd's would you rec-commend?
  99. Should the WWE hire Alissa Flash to be with Awesome Kong?
  100. What is the point of Randy Orton?
  101. What are 2 good wrestling brand names ?
  102. top 5 wrestling theme songs and BQ?
  103. Rate the following wwe wrestlers's current theme song?
  104. do you want michael cole to get drafted to smackdown and team with swagger?
  105. why is the wwe trying to break up the corre?
  106. Is Maryse a good kisser?
  107. Is wrestling only for rednecks?
  108. Who thinks the miz is overated?
  109. Wrestling Agree or Disagree #6?
  110. if randy orton gets drafted to smackdown what will u ecxpect?
  111. Is Kong going to feud with Kelly Kelly first?
  112. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  113. Who agrees the Rock Returned JUST to promote his new Movie?
  114. What do you think of the extreme rules card so far?
  115. Spoiler What Do You Think Of TNA Sacrafice Main Event?
  116. What do you think about these pictures?
  117. How much longer will John Cena and Randy Orton be around?
  118. Are edge and christian really best friends?
  119. WWE Tough Enough First Season in 2001?
  120. Hi I'm JJ Price and I'm half of the tag team champions in the SNC?
  121. which wrestlers in tna and wwe do you think will become world champions this year?
  122. What does this mean for TNA? I don't get it?
  123. who will be drafted to smackdown on next mondy night raw?
  124. I challenge anyone at Sunday Night Carnage to face me for my debut match?
  125. Agree or Disagree:Randy Orton should be drafted to Smackdown?
  126. Do you prefer CM Punk as a heel or face?
  127. Favorite tag team in wrestling? ?
  128. Who debuted in wwe first- Cena or Orton?
  129. What is undertaker's record in these matches?
  130. What is the craziest wrestling match you've ever seen?
  131. Why does Triple H still wrestle?
  132. How bad did UK boo cena?
  133. How would I find out When WWE are holding try-outs in the uk and how would I be able to...
  134. is kelly kelly the perfect girl?
  135. Why doesn't anyone get it...?
  136. Why Do People Think Wrestlemania 27 Was So Bad?
  137. should randal turn heel?
  138. Is it true that since you have joined the WS your Wrestling knowledge has expanded?
  139. will mark henry ever win the wwe title?
  140. Who is the best seller in WWE history?
  141. Was Hulk Hogan overrated in the WWF?
  142. Would this be a good idea?
  143. wwe is fake? then y tey get hurt?
  144. What would you do if The Miz?
  145. HWA 1st ppv decided +bq?
  146. People of Sunday Night Carnage. PLEASE READ!!!?
  147. atention HWA superstars Main Event set for next week + BQ?
  148. What Were They Saying?
  149. official smack talk area for HWA?
  150. Who is the top heel on raw?
  151. What is your favorite pay-per-view in WWF/E history?
  152. Basic story of TNA wrestling ?
  153. Wrestling Agree or Disagree #5?
  154. What's the point of having the draft is superstars will be jumping from show to show anyways?
  155. Do you think R-Truth will do better as a heel?Who should be next to become a heel after R-Truth?
  156. Is Trish Stratus is overated, she was in the WWE for only 7 years. She was mainly the manager for...
  157. Who else besides Stone Cold could've been the host of WWE Tough Enough?
  158. Who would win these matches?
  159. Who will break miz' title reign?
  160. who flicked the head off the doll and who is arriving to the wwe?
  161. Who is ur favorite TNA wrestler?
  162. Which show is better, Raw or Smackdown and why?
  163. Breaking News! Kane and Big Show win the Tag Titles?
  164. What do you think of John Cena vs The Rock at Wrestlemania 28?
  165. Why won't everyone leave Vince Mcmahon?
  166. Is the user Liam Catterson really leaving the wrestling section?!?
  167. WWE Universe, what is your favorite non-WrestleMania WWE PPV of all time?
  168. What catchphrase represent how you live, or signify it?
  169. Would you rather see The Rock perform for 1 year or John Cena for 10 years?
  170. What is wrong with these Canadians on this wrestling Yahoo page?
  171. I might leave this section + who do you think will be drafted next week?
  172. What type of questions should I answer?
  173. Explain to me how John Cena is overated and give details┐?
  174. HWA episode 1 results?
  175. What is CM Punk doing at this House Show?
  176. Is anyone else tired of chris masters jobbing?
  177. Who is better on the mic, John Cena or Chris Jericho?
  178. Why Chris Benoit Killed His Family And HimSelf ?
  179. Why is everyone ganging up on my fiance Liam Catterson in the W.S?
  180. True or False:Besides Maryse all tv diva draft picks were face?
  181. Do you think Triple H will be drafted next week?
  182. Question about wwe draft 2011 and prediction?
  183. here is my prediction on this year wwe draft 2011?
  184. Which WWE Diva do you think will be drafted?
  185. What Was So Wrong With Morrison/R Truth's Promo?
  186. The Rock celebrating his birthday live on Raw in Miami?
  187. now that r-truth is heel, are you upset he is no longer competing for the wwe title?
  188. Did anybody else find it funny when Jack Swagger said ''hear he,hear ye''?
  189. R-truth-truth or no truth?
  190. What would be your reaction if Undertaker gets drafted?
  191. Were the Cyber Sunday PPV votes rigged?
  192. Is Miz's Awesome era actually Awesome?
  193. What are the best websites to buy tickets from for sporting events and concerts?
  194. Are you'r expectations for Extreme Rules any bigger now because of these 4 confirmed matches?
  195. What do you guys think of the heel R-Truth,now?Do you think Morrison was wrong for what he...
  196. Did you find yourself liking Miz?
  197. Do you think, that the Montreal Screwjob was something that had to happen?
  198. Should Chris Jericho face the Undertaker at Wrestlemania XXVIII?
  199. What was the morrison and r truth promo all about? I didn't get it?
  200. FWF Pain ep. 5 part 3/4?
  201. what do you think will happen and what do you want to happen?
  202. - What Are Your Thoughts On Truth Last Night?
  203. Okay, I want to see what everybody thinks about my pick for face and heel turns after the WWE...
  204. OMG! Do you Agree on this?
  205. What were your reactions when you saw Stacy Keibler on Tough Enough?
  206. Has R Truth turned in to a heel after what happened on raw with him and john morrison?
  207. What do you expect to be the WWE Championship match at?
  208. If JR can kiss a** why cant he kiss feet lol?
  209. What did you think of the Miz on Bue Peter?
  210. How many times are.....?
  211. Why does the WWE only do programming aimed at little kids?
  212. Do you think the WWE is having a hard time building new stars?
  213. R-Truth vs John Morison Tables Match at Extrema Rules?
  214. Is there anything that irritates you about your favorite wrestler?
  215. What if CM Punk dyed his hair blond?
  216. When will the Undertaker return to smackdown?
  217. what are your draft picks for next monday?
  218. Who saw R truth's heel turn coming?!?
  219. What happened to CM Punk's hair?
  220. Why are u hateing on sin cara he is a new wrestler and need to practice with the wwe superstars ?
  221. Do you think R-Truth could get drafted to Smackdown and compete for the World Heavyweight...
  222. TNA vs WWE Night Of Champions?
  223. Question about tough enough?
  224. Do wrestlers forget their lines like some actors do?
  225. Did morrison and r truth cut the worst promo of all time yesterday?
  226. Will John Cena Be Drafted To Smackdown?
  227. Kharma? REALLY WWE?! REALLY!?
  228. What did you think about R-Truth smoking on TV?
  229. Was that fungus on Cole's foot real or make up?
  230. Did anybody else hear British accents when they where chanting Randy Orton?
  231. is wwe tough enough scripted? maybe jus a little bit? +2 BQs!?
  232. Will WWE get fined for letting R-Truth smoke in a public building?
  233. What is your WWE 2011 FANTASY DRAFT how do you like mine?
  234. Why does WWE give so many African American superstars the leaping reverse STO finishing move?
  235. Do you think R-Truth will get back into the WWE Championship match?
  236. What do you guys think of the Attitude Era feel tonight on Raw?
  237. Doesn't Dolph Ziggler look so hot with his new hair?
  238. Agree or Disagree: Forget SuperCena, now it is SuperOrton!!?
  239. Anyone heard awesome kong speak?
  240. Is R-Truth Heel (Bad) Now?
  241. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw/Tough Enough?
  242. Any else tired of all these spammers ┐?
  243. TNA is rebranding...?
  244. Who enjoyed raw live last night in the o2 arena from london?
  245. Do you think the new Raw general manager will put an end to the PG era of the WWE?
  246. Dolph looking kinda orton?
  247. Are the Dallas Mavericks gonna win the NBA championship┐?
  248. WWE went a little overboard with that?
  249. Are you going to miss Edge in the WWE?
  250. Did anyone just lose their sanctity just watching Cole kiss the fake queen right now?
  251. What is that mark on steve austin's head?
  252. Who has the best Gimmick of all time?
  253. So what's the story with the WWE Supplemental Draft?
  254. Can I have your attention, please?
  255. do you have any opinions about the current state at which pro wrestling is in?
  256. WS Hall of Fame: Round 1?
  257. Is this proof wwe is racist?
  258. What would you like to ask?
  259. Wrestling Agree or Disagree episode 4?
  260. Who else thinks Randy Orton is Overated?
  261. Who sings or what is the name of Jack Swagger's theme music?
  262. Who is the fittest wrestler in wwe?
  263. Agree/Disagree Tonights raw was one of the worst raws of all time?
  264. So, Did Anyone watch Monday Night Raw? I know that I did and I was completely taken by R-Truth...
  265. The Ultimate Warrior vs Dave Batista?
  266. Sir Michael Cole SUCKS How funny were those chants!?
  267. Undertaker as American Badass or Goldberg? Who is your favourite?
  268. The draft isn't 2nite is it?
  269. Should Friday night Smack down's theme song be Friday by Rebecca Black?
  270. Buy or sell ... Cm Punk and Randy Orton had a much better match tonight than they did at WM?
  271. Whens the next time we'll see a heel Randy Orton?
  272. Is anybody else getting tired of people accusing the WWE of being racist?
  273. Did you know that the WWE Draft will be on 04/25/11, because they are in England now it's
  274. Are any wwe or tna wrestlers gay or bisexual in real life?
  275. Question about Raw (spoilers inside)?
  276. R truth and morrison promo epic fail?
  277. is rey mysterio losing all his fans quickly to sin cara?
  278. The Mystery GM thing has gone on way too long. Agree?
  279. Well that was a heel change if i ever saw one?
  280. How is R-Truth smoking a heel tactic?
  281. Which would hurt more: A Tombstone Piledriver on 50 tacks or a Pedigree on cement?
  282. Whatever happened to The One Man Gang and Ko Ko B. Ware?
  283. WWE:really pg mom!think of the children?
  284. What do you think of Dolph Ziggler's new look?
  285. Who do you think will get drafted?
  286. What was really the point of the ciggeratte?
  287. Is R-Truth officially a black version of Sandman?
  288. Would you rather spend a day with Michael Cole or Vickie Guerrero?
  289. What are Your Thoughts About TNA Lockdown 2011 ?
  290. Who is the most talented member of The Corre?
  291. Is this Santino's funniest ever segment?
  292. who are your top 10 favourite wwe superstars?
  293. Who was the loudest pop that you have heard live for?
  294. What kind of success do you think Justin Gabriel will achieve when the corre is over?
  295. is there any way to find out what wwe matches are coming to Syracuse, NY?
  296. What happened to the Women's Championship?
  297. WWE draft next week!!!!!!!?
  298. Guess this superstar #4?
  299. Tonight's RAW (Spoilers involved)?
  300. who is the best jobber?
  301. who do you think has the best entrance in wwe?
  302. What Makes a Classic Wrestling Match?
  303. What is A Proper Definition For the Wrestling Term Tweener?
  304. Who was or is the BEST tweener in WWE history?
  305. is kurt cobain brian kendrick in disguise?
  306. when is undertaker coming back to wwe?
  307. If You Were a Wrestler And Had the Oppurtunity To Form a Tag Team With Any Current
  308. am i the only one who feels we will see awesome kong vs 15 divas handicap match?
  309. What do you think about this?
  310. attention all HWA superstars?
  311. Why is WWE edge retire for his World Heavyweight Championship title at Friday night Smackdown?
  312. Who would do it more for you?(Just for fun)?
  313. why isn't RAW live tonight?
  314. TNA Lockdown 2011 Attendance 17,000 Your Thoguhts?
  315. WWE Draft announced for next week! Who's moving where?
  316. What is your favourite finisher of all time? Why?
  317. What did you think of the year 2005 for WWE?
  318. How crazy is it to think of chris benoit?
  319. Don't you hate it when people ask guess the wrestler questions that are too vague?
  320. Why do WWE not say where wrestlers are really from during their ring introduction?
  321. Signs to hold up for Kane?
  322. Has the Cena hate grew every since the rock came back?
  323. If you could vote on the internet that was announced by Vince and Linda Mcmahon...?
  324. Who would win, John Cena or Sting?
  325. The JokeBat please unblock me+wrestling question inside?
  326. Do wrestlers have to come up with an wrestling name?
  327. Why is the TV taping of RAW Smackdown always in London?
  328. Skip Sheffield returned to house shows just to get injured AGAIN?
  329. Why is John Cena always in the main event?
  330. Is Rey Mysterio Sin cara?
  331. Who looks prettier, Eve Torres or Gail Kim?
  332. Who are the longest ROH Tag Team champions of all-time?
  333. What wrestler holds the record of being in the Royal Rumble for the shortest amount of time?
  334. FWF Pain ep. 5 part 2/4?
  335. Who is John Cena giving an Attitude Adjustment to on his new Persevere Red T-Shirt?
  336. Do you think Sheamus could play a face?
  337. What is your favorite stable in WCW history?
  338. What is MMA?WHAT DOES IT MEAN?
  339. Whar are some good original wrestling ppv names you can think of?
  340. Who is currently the most experienced Wrestler in the WWE? +BQ's?
  341. Which one of these matches would be more of a dream match for wwe fans?
  342. WWE Universe, please tell me what this is?
  343. What's better to watch, Tough Enough or NXT?
  344. Don't you think wrestling superstars are more fun to watch when they're old?
  345. what did u think of eric biscoff's speech at tna lockdown?
  346. Do you think the WWE should have an off season?
  347. NON WRESTLING QUESTION: Is Tupac Shakur still ALIVE!!!?
  348. So, When do you acutally think the WWE will reveal the Anonymous GM?
  349. This Paul O'Leary guy keeps stealing my question so dont answer if he asks it again?
  350. Do you think Orton and Angle are acting like little children?
  351. WWE Universe, tell me one thing that you would change in the WWE?
  352. Do you think Randy Orton was better with the legend killer gimmick?
  353. Does Kurt Angle's mock of Orton's RKO prove that his twitter account wasn't hacked?
  354. FWF Pain ep. 5 part 1/4?
  355. Is RVD bigger than TNA?
  356. Sunday Night Carnage (episode 1): you vote for winners.?
  357. WOO AJ'S BACK! Did you enjoy Lockdown?
  358. Hard guess the wrestle question- First Person Right gets BA?
  359. Would TNA moved to a premium channel?
  360. Those of you who are watching the TNA PPV right now.........?
  361. My TNA Lockdown 2011 Review Part 1?
  362. will y2j return to wwe soon?
  363. Those who hated TNA Lockdown 2011?
  364. Who won at tna lockdown?
  365. Secrets Hidden behind the WWE..?
  366. When did WWE officially call their wrestler's superstars?
  367. Did anyone just see that botch?
  368. WOW! What a main event! What do you think?
  369. Can someone give me a link for TNA Lockdown?
  370. Hulk Hogan or Randy Savage. Who was more skilled in their prime?
  371. who has the best theme?
  372. Tna or WWE?................?
  373. Where did the idea that Sid messed his pants at WM 13 come from?
  374. I got really mad today and had to beat him up?
  375. Battle: Austin vs Orton?
  376. Which top names from Raw and Smackdown will likely get switched, WWE draft?
  377. AJ Styles Returns Your Thoguhts?
  378. Has there been any criticism in the WWE locker room lately?
  379. Did Tna wrestler Kurt Angle wrestle yet and did he win his steel cage match against Jeff Jarrett?
  380. Kurt Angle RKO On Jeff Jarrett Your Thoughts?
  381. Do you really think that Swagger has forgiven Cole after what he has done on SD?
  382. Who wrestle so far at TNA Lockdown in Cincinnati, Ohio, and who won their matches please keep me...
  383. Most dream match for the WWE fans is....?
  384. FWF Pain ep.4 part 4/4?
  385. Why can't you admit that the miz doesn't deserve the WWE Title?
  386. What would happen if.........?
  387. What jobber is the best at.....?
  388. Is it possible for a Wrestler in WWE to have both mic and wrestling skills at the same time?
  389. Who is your favorite Jobber in WWE or TNA?
  390. sign ups (5) for my y!a e fed?
  391. sign ups (6) for my y!a e fed+new title+BQ?
  392. Have you ever heard a crowd go this wild?
  393. Is TNA marked with PG too?
  394. sign ups (3) for my y!a e fed +BQ?
  395. Will the rock be on Raw tommorow live in London?
  396. What is this wrestling move called?
  397. Are Kane and Undertaker Brothers?
  398. Who was the loudest pop for you have heard live?
  399. Most dream match for the WWE fans is...?
  400. Is it health to do handstands/handstand push-ups every day?
  401. Who do you hope the Raw GM is?
  402. Who is your favourite WWE referee?
  403. Which rank would you give these five WWE superstars?
  404. If Stone Cold Steve Austin offer you a beer?
  405. Will Brock Lesnar face undertaker at Wrestlemania XXVIII?
  406. What's the next pay per view after Extreme Rules?
  407. Wednesday Night Mayhem is now Sunday Night Carnage! Rules/Sign-Ups/First episode tonight at 6pm PST?
  408. List all three letter aliases in the WWE, past or present?
  409. wwe extreme rules 2011 posible matches?
  410. Wouldn't this be a cool idea for Sin Cara?
  411. Would the fans cheer Stone Cold?
  412. Would it have been entertaining for Stone Cold to be apart of CM Punk's Straight Edge gimmick...
  413. People in the WNM (e-fed) READ. Official Rules/ Sign-ups. +BQ?
  414. What's the longest winning streak in wrestling history (not WM)?
  415. Anybody else think RVD's TNA theme is REALLY cheesy?
  416. What is the most extreme move you have seen live?
  417. Would John Cena ever tap to Undertaker's choke hold in WWE?
  418. Are R-Truth and Christian ready for world championship material?
  419. wwe is about to become a soap opera?
  420. Favorite Kane Vs Undertaker Match?
  421. Would you push or release these superstars and why?
  422. Final Sign-Ups til' Wednesday!!! WNM (e-fed) Official Rules/Sign-ups. +BQ?
  423. What is some creative PPV's name that you can think of?
  424. What is the point of Alberto Del Rio's character?
  425. Am i the only one who doesn't....?
  426. Should Jeff Hardy return tonight? +BQ?
  427. Who would win these matches?
  428. Have you ever been to a WWE Show?
  429. What do you think of this show?
  430. Who do you think will win Tough Enough? and 3 BQ's?
  431. Right now, who would you like to see turn heel? who would you like to see turn face?
  432. Have you gave up trying to guess who the Raw GM is?
  433. what would you do, if you are in the place of john cena ?
  434. When will the WWE draft be?
  435. I just started watching TNA.. help?
  436. What do you think will happen on Raw tomorrow night?
  437. Does anyone think Edge might become an announcer?
  438. How would you push these superstars?
  439. Why was John Morrison teaming with Cena vs. The Miz and Alex Riley?
  440. Who is older out of these?
  441. when is jeff hardy comming back?
  442. If you were in the bottom 3?
  443. who else thinks that wwe ppv's nowadays are a joke?
  444. What has to be done to improve TNA?
  445. Edge retirement : KAYFABE ?
  446. Who's better? 15 Q's.?
  447. Sign Ups (5) for WNM (e-fed) Official Rules. +BQ?
  448. For Those Who Went To The LG Arena Birmingham Last Night: When Will The WWE Come Next Time To...
  449. Who should be the next Booker T: R-Truth or Kofi Kingstion?
  450. Why does almost every entrance in the WWE have default lights?
  451. The dudebusters were the best tag team ever, right!?
  452. Which is a very controversial topic, or a thing that make you think when it comes to Pro Wrestling?
  453. Is Jumpin' Jeff Farmer vs. The Undertaker the ULTIMTATE Dream Match?
  454. why do people think pro wrestling is dying when sports entertainment is dying?
  455. Old School wrestling fans: Is there any wrestler who has the charisma that Hollywood Hulk Hogan did?
  456. Who agrees with this statement by Mick Foley?
  457. Should WWE really refer to itself as Soap Opera?
  458. Watch TNA Lockdown tonight live in HD?
  459. What is your Top 5 Wrestling Companies that no longer exist, is the best in your opinion?
  460. Since the 2002 draft, how many matches had Kane been in?
  461. is this the push turn for r-truth?
  462. 17/04/2011 TNA Lockdown live in HD?
  463. The 1995 HOF inductees, George ''The Animal'' Steele had a specific color tongue. What...
  464. What do you think guys such as Billy Gunn and Rikishi have never been World Champ in WWE, while...
  465. Who is bigger Legend : Stone Cold or Perry Saturn and Shawn Michaels or Billy Gunn?
  466. Which of these teams seems stronger and why?
  467. What do you think of the new stable The Apple?
  468. Who do you think will face Taker in his 20-0 match next year?
  469. how long is the wwe season?
  470. Why did WWE get rid of the Wrestling term?
  471. whats better over or Under?
  472. Non-Wrestling question: Is anyone watching Real madrid vs Barcelona?
  473. has kurt angle ever won world heavyweigh champion?
  474. How long do WWE wrestlers train before making the WWE?
  475. If you could go to WWE and wrestle, What would your gimmick name be?? :)?
  476. How long will Alberto Del Rio get this push?
  477. Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania 27?
  478. did u miss Gene Snitsky?
  479. what is ur favourite year of wrestling?
  480. Has Kofi Kingston ever won a world title?
  481. Where can I watch ROH?
  482. Sign ups (4) for WNM (e-fed) and official rules! +PPVs Named. +BQ?
  483. Why RAW In 2004 Was Amazing And Awesome?
  484. sign ups for my new y!a e fed?
  485. Was Wade barret the world champion before?
  486. Where can I watch WWE events?
  487. do you think john cena is becoming a good wrestler?
  488. What happened with Jeff Hardy at Victory Road 2011 (I know it's a bit delayed sorry)?
  489. Which wrestlers is wwe dropping the ball with?
  490. Official rules for the WNM and Sign-Ups 3. +BQ?
  491. what is chris jericho's last name?
  492. What would be Cons and Pros to counting Title victories from Overseas Tours?
  493. What is your favorite Edge promo?
  494. Do you know any Wrestling school in the United Kindom?
  495. Why did Vince McMahon change WWE name?
  496. Sign ups for my Wrestling Section e-fed. +BQs?
  497. What was Edge's best feud + An Announcement?
  498. Who'd win: Big Show and Andre The Giant vs. Great Khali and Giant Gonzalez?
  499. Can you name 8 tag-teams in the WWF from the 90's?
  500. Why does everyone in the WS worry so much about the users?