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  1. What did you think of Last Night's Raw?
  2. Is the lack of house hold names hurting the WWE?
  3. The Rock kissing Mae Young ?
  4. WWE needs MVP back!!!!!!!?
  5. Do you think The Rock is scared of John Cena?
  6. Who is prettier.........?
  7. Why do we need handwashing in the fight against infection?
  8. people who u would like to see in the wwe?
  9. What did you think of raw last night+bq?
  10. Why are the creative teams always relentlessly hated by the wrestling fans?
  11. Does the fact Cena didn't come out...?
  12. What jersey was Michael Cole wearing on RAW last night?
  13. How come Christian seems to have too many fans all of a sudden (no pun intended)?
  14. Is The Rock Back For Full Time?
  15. Who do you think is stronger?
  16. Was Mike Knox a jobber?
  17. who do u want to see back in wwe? kurt angle or jeff hardy? why?
  18. Cena and the WWE Championship?
  19. How do you feel about Jeff Hardy?
  20. Who thinks Cena will retain the WWE Championship tonight?
  21. Wwe plans for kaitlyn's future?
  22. does the online access code in wwe svr 11 expire?
  23. What happened first Owen Harts death or the Droz accident (wrestling)?
  24. Great idea for the savior of tag division?
  25. Is Randy Orton A Bust?
  26. How do I transfer the photos I pasted from Microsoft Word back to My Pictures folder?
  27. Rank those ring announcers from worst to best?
  28. Who would've Won: Eddie Guerrero or Daniel Bryan?
  29. Whats with alex rieleys briefcase?
  30. What exactly was the Golden Era in WWF?
  31. Does Anyone Know Where I Can Watch wwe extreme rules 2011 online?
  32. Did vince give the title to christian by default?
  33. Why do people continually whinge about the PG era, and yet still watch the WWE week in and week out?
  34. What ever happened to nxt ?
  35. Inside the Briefcase is...?
  36. Do you suppose half the kids in the audience?
  37. Who is glad they brought back Maryse's sexy outfit?
  38. What Do You Think Tonight's Divas Match Will Be?
  39. What will happen with KHARMA tonight on RAW?
  40. Who agrees that was an epic National Anthem?
  41. How are you all feeling about seeing the great one, The Rock? Are you smiling?
  42. Who is the wwe anonymous raw general manager?
  43. Where is Triple H hiding?
  44. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw/Tough Enough?
  45. Do you see The Miz being champion during the rest of this year?
  46. Is Rock going to be live on Raw tonight or is he going to talk via satellite like he always does?
  47. Is it true Michelle McCool Quit WWE?
  48. Is It Just Me, Or Didn't Beth Phoenix Look Different Last Night At Extreme Rules?
  49. why do people continue to hate on cena?
  50. Why did Matt Striker retire from being a wrestler?
  51. I do admit....I miss the old John Cena :'''(?
  52. Is Rock by far the most entertaining WWE guy?
  53. what would hap if the big show came to your door asked for a cup of sugar you slammed...
  54. Since John Cena hasn't been champion for nearly 10 months?
  55. Was Vince Mcmahon Crying?
  56. What do you think John Cena's present will be for The Rock today?
  57. in wrestling we know that undertaker has a 19 and 0 wrestlemania record?
  58. Do you think it is safe to say Michelle McCool is gone?
  59. Was Michelle McCool's Retirement Legit? =O?
  60. Agree or Disagree: Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler feud needs to end.?
  61. Who's the most overrated: Undertaker, Mizanin, or Bryan Danielson?
  62. how great does that whc look on christians shoulder?
  63. What did you get the Rock for his birthday?
  64. Hey guys who do you think is prettier? KK or Maryse?
  65. Which WWE wrestler needs a title push?
  66. Which feud would you rather see: Morrison and Miz or Truth and Morrison?
  67. Why did the Michael Cole vs. Jim Ross match take forever to end?
  68. Brian on smackdown. Swagger on raw. what are your thoughts?
  69. Finally Randy Orton gets drafted to Smackdown! but what about John Morrison?
  70. What Are The Final Results Of The WWE Draft?
  71. Why waste the last draft pick on John Cena?
  72. What did you think about last nigths Raw?
  73. What Will Happen To The Tag Team Titles?
  74. Agree or Disagree: Christian will be the New World Heavyweight Champion?
  75. why is wwe turning all the black people heel?
  76. This question is for all SmackDown! fans?
  77. what did u think of the john cena jumping ships thing on raw ?
  78. How do you stop loving someone whos an idol to you only so that it doesn't hurt to see them...
  79. why do people hate john cena?
  80. Who would Win: Chris Jericho (Prime) or Alberto Del Rio?
  81. Whats your prediction about Awesome Kong?
  82. If there was never an Edge would Christian be where Edge is now?
  83. What are your overall opinions on WWE Diva Eve Torres?
  84. WOW! John Cena on Smackdown!?
  85. Was'nt r-truth's name in tna the truth?
  86. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw/Tough Enough?
  87. So, Who will replace Cena's spot on Monday Night Raw?
  88. Agree or Disagree:Even with Cena Raw is in trouble?
  89. Do you think the Draft should have included The Undertaker?
  90. When Cole said he's leaving the announce table did he mean for good(PLEASE!!!)?
  91. Will Mark Henry be a main eventer?
  92. Has anyone besides me notice that all the people getting drafted had neither brand shirt on to
  93. your 5 best ladder matches ever ?
  94. What was the point of drafting both Cena Oron?
  95. Agree/Disagree (More Inside)+BQs?
  96. WWE visit London, Ontario?
  97. Who else think The Undertaker would be far better on Smackdown?
  98. What happened to Shaemus?
  99. Is Michael Cole gay?????
  100. WWE Draft Spoilers? (More inside)?
  101. What in the world is WWE trying to pull with the Cena draft thing?
  102. Will The Miz turn face and become the top face on RAW replacing John Cena?
  103. anyone else disapointed that the last raw pick was cena?
  104. Who got eleminated on tough enough and who got drafted (wrestling)?
  105. What's happening to RAW? It's loosing all its major superstars! Does RAW have a chance to draft...
  106. Can someone explain to me the psychology of WWE that WWE does to us fans?
  107. Do you think that Randy Orton will be drafted back to Raw for the Supplemental Draft leave...
  108. My debut match for hwa e fed wresting i need votes?
  109. So who do you think RAW will get now that Cena Orton are Blue bound?
  110. Should've known that was gonna happen?
  111. What do you think of tonight's WWE Draft ?
  112. Who do you think will be drafted tommorro at noon?
  113. Is it too late to register for WWE Tough Enough?
  114. Why did the WWE draft Randy Orton to Smackdown?
  115. Cena on Smackdown!Your thoughts!?
  116. John Cena moves to SmackDown!!?
  117. Michael Cole has gone too far with interrupting matches what do you think?
  118. WWE's Draft Tonight, You excited?
  119. FINALLY. cena has been drafted to SD. raw will finally be rid of him. THANKYOULORD?
  121. Top 10 favorite WWE/WWF Wrestling games of all time?
  122. Is it a smart idea to have two heel champions at the same time?
  123. I thought egde retired?
  125. Who else hopes that the nexus will disband in the draft?
  126. On Raw, pissed isn't censored, but off is?
  127. Now Rey Mysterio is at RAW?
  128. Who is the best looking Superstar in the WWE?
  129. Why do I suck at arm wrestling?
  130. WWE RAW live stream please hurry(no spam)?
  131. Does Sin Cara use a min-trampoline to jump himself over the top rope, or does he actually can jump..
  132. What do you think of this...?
  133. who is this wrestler (10 pts.)?
  134. Who is your favorite on Tough Enough?
  135. When Was the Official Start of the Original Four Horsemen in the NWA/WCW?
  136. How long has the Undertaker been in the WWE and how many times has he been the WWE champion?
  137. What do you think of WWE changing the Wrestlemania PPVS name?
  138. What 1 Wrestler is a Good Face, But Not a Good Heel And Vice Versa?
  139. Agree/Disagree Christian will never be a World Champion?
  140. Vince hoping to ?reinvent fan interaction since Zack Ryder ruined signs for everybody else.??
  141. Does anyone hate the WWE Draft format?
  142. Would you characterize Jesus Christ as being as strong as a wrestler?
  143. What do you think about WWE changing the name of ''Hell in a Cell'' to ''Disagreements in a Cage''?
  144. If you were to control Tough Enough..?
  145. Why was Shawn Michaels never apart of the Smackdown brand during most of his career?
  147. Who are the top 8 best female wrestlers thats ever stepped foot in a ring,from any promotion?
  148. Is there going to be a WWE Supplemental draft this year?
  149. Why do you think the WWE doesn't give Zack Ryder a push?
  150. Is Jim Ross back as a commentator on RAW?
  151. wrestling round 2?????
  152. does raw start at a different time tonight because of the draft?
  153. What is randy ortons theme song?
  154. What should i watch tonight?
  155. Do you respect the Opinion of Kurt Angle and Sting.... ?
  156. What are some good WWE chants you have heard?
  157. Do you think a Wrestler's career change on a heel turn/face turn? Why or why not?
  158. Why do people think Wade Barrett will get drafted to RAW when he only arrived on Smackdown!...
  159. As a wrestling fan would you watch Ppv?
  160. when will jeff hardy return to tna?
  161. Do You Guys Agree With Me?
  162. Where is Shelton Benjamin?
  163. Wrestling Section, who is the greatest out of these WWE superstars?
  164. Wait is the draft 3 hours?
  165. Hey WS! If you owned a wrestling promotion what would you name it?
  166. Why did Jeff Hardy leave WWE?
  167. Wrestling poll: Who would you like to wrestle?
  168. What would you see edge doing in the WWE without wrestling?
  169. Would you like to see Sheamus go to Smackdown?
  170. Whos stronger chris masters or john cena?
  171. When is the 2011 wwe draft?
  172. Who are your current top 5 favorite WWE wrestlers who are your current least favorite top...
  173. Just for fun (they don't have to be factual answers) but if you were to guess one WWE
  174. wrestling round 1???
  175. May 19. Is coming. He will be here. May 19. May 19. May 19.?
  176. is extreme rules worth watching?
  177. what would u rather have in wrestling ?
  178. wwe quiz (ten points for the first one to get all 10)?
  179. Would WWE and TNA can become victims of cancellation?
  180. Who do you see most likely retiring this year?
  181. Who do you think is the Best WWE wrestler+Important BQ?
  182. Why Batista is not in the wwe right now?
  183. WWE Draft 2011 start time?
  184. Is John Cena the most wanted wrestler in the world right now?
  185. plez help rasstling sectioning?
  186. Which WWE Superstar suits the WWE Championship the most?
  187. @SmAckDOWN : The answer to you question is in the description?
  188. When did Randy Orton use the theme ''This Fire Burns''?
  189. Who's worse on the mic: Hornswoggle or The Great Khali?
  190. Jason Brilz refuses
  191. Why do almost all of the fans?
  192. YWA sign ups and BQ inside?
  193. To all the people who thought the Miz was a terrible idea for WWE Champ +BQ?
  194. how old is cena (john cena)?
  195. ladies do you like a guy completely shaved or waxed? + BQ?
  196. Who is hated more for their bad heelish acts, CM Punk or Chris Jericho?
  197. Why doesn't CM Punk use the anaconda vise anymore?
  198. Where Can i find nude WWE Men?
  199. Whatever happened to Wade Barrett getting his own entrance theme in NXT 1?
  200. IWE PROMO SPACE +three BQs?
  201. Why does WWE have to keep modifying and changing The Corre's entrance theme?
  202. Is zack ryder heel or face?
  203. What's up with Zack Ryder in the WWE?
  204. Would you consider Daniel Bryan as a replacement for Shawn Michaels?
  205. Challenge: Can you mention 3 things you dislike about your favorite wrestler?
  206. Why is John Cena considered a tweener by most fans?
  207. Any other chris masters fans here?
  208. Who will be the new star of smackdown?
  209. why can't people accept that Evan Bourne is happy where is today WWE?
  210. What is you're favorite Chris Jericho match?
  211. Who is your favorite heel and face in WWE?
  212. Wrestling Real Name
  213. is the corre current theme song will be the last and final?
  214. what wrestler does this song fit better, Matt hardy, Chris Jericho or Evan Bourne?
  215. In a championship scramble match...?
  216. Will wwe be releasing superstars today?
  217. Would this be a good idea to revive the Tag Team Division?
  218. Basketball section????
  219. Do you agree with me that the WWE should get rid of the PG era all of their creative...
  220. Since John Cena has not held the WWE Championship in a while, does this mean he will
  221. Anybody else think people should stop complaining about the PG rating,it's been 3 years now!?
  222. if Santino won the WWE title i will...?
  223. Wtf, how sad to make Rock and Cena main event for 28?
  224. Is it good for the face of WWE Cena to have equally so much fans and haters?
  225. Do you think this tweet from Awesome Kong is a hint that she might debut?
  226. What is the Miz's real name?
  227. Out of the following reasons, which is the WORST that could happen... (+BQ)?
  228. How many days until WWE Summerslam 2011?
  230. Do you think this incident in the WWE was scripted?
  232. How many days until WWE Capitol Punishment 2011?
  233. Who is going to be drafted in the wwe draft 2011?
  235. Just wondering is wrestling fake?
  236. What other matches do you think will be announced for Extreme Rules?
  237. If WWE had these tag teams would the tag team division be decent?
  238. Why do people ask about wwe more than collegiate style?
  239. WWE Night of Champions removed?
  240. Undertaker vs Undertaker 20-0?
  241. If you had the opportunity to take control of either WWE or TNA, which company would it be and why?
  242. If you were a Wrestler, what would your moveset be and what type wrestler would you be?
  243. Which WWE Draft year was the most successful in your opinion?
  244. what are your top 3 favorite raw and smackdown theme songs?
  245. should i buy smackdown vs raw 2011 or should i wait until smackdown vs raw 2012 comes out?
  246. why is chris masters still jobbing?
  247. Who is better: Daniel Bryan or Cody Rhodes?
  248. Cm punk or randy orton?
  249. Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio in a tag team, good idea or not?
  250. is this true about the draft?
  251. Official HWA smack talk area +Match card for next week +BQ?
  252. Who thought Del Rio Smackdown party Segment was a big FAIL?
  253. Do you think Capitol Punishment will be held in Washington every year because it's
  254. If CM Punk and Christian would start off their wrestling careers at WWE and stay there...
  255. can you name one man that never..?
  256. What was your favourite Wrestlemania of all time?
  257. Is it possible that this whole Zack Ryder situation is a massive work?
  258. Who do you think should replace Edge as the top face on Smackdown?
  259. Would this Elimination Chamber match have been a dream match for you?
  260. Which is more entertaining. Watching TNA or Watching Paint dry?
  261. best ever wwe tag team?
  262. When would you say Matt Hardy was in his definite prime?
  263. Do you think this is possible for the draft?
  264. what do you think about this storyline?
  265. What happened to R-Truth?
  266. anyone else hate that MIZFITZ4LIFE user here?
  267. Wrestling: Please disregard all the idiots trying to troll in here?
  268. Don't you hate it when people talk like they know what's going to happen?
  269. WWE DRAFT (Cena/Orton)?
  270. So do you think Kofi Kingston is turning heel?
  271. Breaking News: WWE Removes PPV Event+BQ?
  272. What's your favorite match with Edge involved?
  273. Which WWE superstar is most like you and why?
  274. What superstar fandoms are you a part of?
  275. Exactly what are the plans for Extreme Rules?
  276. Who do u think will be drafted to smackdown raw ?
  277. Who would win these matches?
  278. Who should be drafted next week on RAW?
  279. Don't you miss Mr. Kennedy in WWE?
  280. Do you think Cenation is really childish and corny?
  281. does anyone remember who the black scorpion was years ago in wcw when he pulled off his mask?
  282. Who do you love hearing on the mic the most?
  283. Who will carry WWE after Cena?
  284. Do you think Edge could be used as an on-screen 'trainer' or manager of a up and coming superstar?
  285. If John Cena cared as much about the WWE as he says?
  286. Is HHH disliked by.......?
  287. Rate my Pay Per View Match Line-up (Thoughts?)?
  288. What happened with these things in WWE?
  289. What happened to Randay Orton,Miz and CM Punk?
  290. Could The Rock easily own Chris Jericho in mic skills?
  291. Will WWE ever push these guys?
  292. Why do people say wrestler RVD sucks?
  293. Does TNA knockouts have better mic skills than WWE divas?
  294. Who's Going to Smackdown, Orton Or Cena?
  295. WWE fans, who do you want to be drafted to Raw or to Smackdown on 04/25/11? Rate your
  296. Does anyone else hate linda hogan as much as i do?
  297. Trish Stratus or Angelina Love?
  298. As far as wrestling skills go, is/was there anybody better than Shawn Micheals?
  299. Why is wrestling like....?
  300. Who else thinks that John Cena will be drafted to SD next Monday?
  301. Is Cody Rhodes a future World Heavy Weight Champion in your opinion?
  302. Happy Birthday John Cena! To honor John's birthday, what is your favorite John Cena match?
  303. Should there be a new DX stable?
  304. IYO, which member of The Corre do you see having the more successful career?
  305. If Andre The Giant was still alive, do you think he would've join WCW ?
  306. Can you rate WWE wrestler John Cena looks, wrestling ability, his mic skills, and his WM27 match
  307. WWE Wrestling fans did you know that today (04/23/11) is John Cena's 34th birthday? Rate his...
  308. Did the WWE listen to the boos R truth were recieving before they decided to turn him heel?
  309. To all who play Smackdown vs Raw 2011's Universe mode, who are some of your feuds/teams/champs?
  310. How was the masters vs mcintyre match?
  311. Do you think Vince McMahon is to blame for the death of Chris Benoit and other wrestlers?
  312. Whos a bigger star, The Rock or Stone Cold?
  313. Do You Think There Will Be A Raw Viewers Choice Again?
  314. Can you name the wrestler part 4 (wrestling)?
  315. Didn't Edge have a different tattoo before the sun one?
  316. What do you think of this?
  317. As a wrestling fan would you watch this Ppv?
  318. Who else thinks that NXT is the worst show ever made?
  319. what do you think of this storyline rate from 1 to ten?
  320. A new name for Micheal Cole's Miners and the ColeMine?
  321. do you think r truth could turn into another shad gaspard?
  322. FWF Pain ep. 6 part 4/5?
  323. Smackdown last night?
  324. What has been the best 5 RAW matches of 2011 so far?
  325. Who would win in a fight ecw or wwe?
  326. Do you think r-truth will now come out smoking and still do that or?
  327. Evil Bunny what a troll?
  328. sign ups for HWA still up?
  329. Who do you think will get moved in the draft?
  330. is there a chance that smackdown will ever be live?
  331. Was jacqueline the best female wrestler in her time?
  332. How do you think Kong should debut in WWE?
  333. What do you like or dislike about WWE wrestler John Cena and why?
  334. If WWE has Smackdown and Raw, then what does TNA have?
  335. FWF Pain ep. 6 part 3?
  336. micheal cole or good ole JR?
  337. will wwe push zack ryder?
  338. the rock or cenation?
  339. What all happened on Friday Night Smackdown last night?
  340. WWE : Who was that guy who used to bring medicines to the ring ?
  341. If Christian wins the World Heavyweight Championship, what would be the perfect storyline...
  342. Is it true that Ted DiBiase is better than everybody?
  343. Do you see actually TNA getting as big as WWE in the future?
  344. Who Had The Worst Week?
  345. which is better wwe or tna?
  346. Test your Trish Stratus knowledge with this 10 question Quiz?
  347. why did drew mcintyre complain about not being at wrestlemania 27 if he was?
  348. Will Sin Cara mean the end of mysterio's career?
  349. Would you rather see Michael Cole get put in the Walls of Jericho or get hit with the KO Punch by...
  350. What will be the best match up of all time?
  351. If You Were a Wrestler And Had the Oppurtunity To Create Your Own Gimmick, What Would It Be?
  352. Could Ric Flair be the greatest of all time?
  353. IYO, What was/is the most painful submission hold of all-time in WWF/E History?
  354. How strong is the WWE financially?
  355. Which would hurt more: A Pedigree off the Cell landing on barbed wire or Chokeslammed through 10
  356. If You Could Pick 3 WWE Superstars Or 3 Divas To Spend a Day With, Who Would They Be?
  357. Test your Shawn Michaels knowledge with this 10 question Quiz?
  358. What will you want to see happen now with the return of the Rock?
  359. r-truth turns heel. your thoughts?
  360. Who Had The Worst Night-SmackDown?
  361. Cena 3333333333333333333333333333?
  362. IYO, Who do you think is the most hated WWE wrestler right now?
  363. How Would You Describe Your Favorite Wrestler (Past Or Present) In One Word?
  364. What would be a nicer feud.....?
  365. Should the Crowd Attendance at a WrestleMania/PPV have an Effect on the Show?
  366. So..Who else (besides me) is hoping that Big Show and Kane have a nice long title run?
  367. has stone cold had a match with bill godburg? who is the toghest?
  368. What's your least favorite match of all time +BQ?
  369. Anyone else want Hulk Hogan and co. to get the hell away from TNA?
  370. wwe JBL $100 bill - A rough estimate?
  371. When WWE is coming to UK...?
  372. Name 10 Superstars and 5 divas who you'd like to return?
  373. Who is the best crazy person in the WWE, ever (in your opinion)?
  374. Which one of these wrestling stables is the best?
  375. Test your WWE knowledge with my WWE Quiz?
  376. Top 15 WWE TNA ever ?
  377. Ok guys here is the shortlist?
  378. WWE Fans: Look at my website and give me some of your thoughts?
  379. Most underrated wrestler of all time?
  380. Do you think The Rock will ever WWE Championship again?
  381. OK, the Final shortlist?
  382. How many of you still remember Mean Street Posse?
  383. Do any of the PPVs repeat?
  384. Do you think that I should buy WWE stock since Forbes said it is currently only $13 a share?
  385. where do I buy VIP Tickets for WM28 Fan Axxess?
  386. If you could hire 3 people for the wwe and fire 3 people who would it be?
  387. Who is your favorite WWE wrestler and rate your favorite from 1-10 for mic skills and wrestling...
  388. Who's better Bret Hart or Ric Flair?
  389. If your favorite Superstar left the WWE,who would be your favorite Superstar?
  390. Who else got really excited when you heard Lita's music..?
  391. Female celebs vs wwe divas poll(who is/was hotter)?
  392. Should NXT air Live on wednesdays?
  393. In your opinion what is the greatest WWF or WWE wrestlemania of all time?
  394. FWF Pain ep. 6 part.2?
  395. Do you think that if the doctors had not gotten Edge's test results before Extreme Rules?
  396. Was Brock Lesnar a big deal when he was with WWE?
  397. IWE episode 1 (vote 4 winners)?
  398. tyson kidd???????????????????????????
  399. Do you think WWE will sing/try to sign Jay Lethal now that he isn't in TNA?
  400. would u like to see mariusz pudzianowski in the wwe?
  401. Should I go to Wrestlemania 28 or not?
  402. Where were the most random places you have seen a wrestling fan?
  403. Do you know any inspiring Wrestling quotes?
  404. YWWE Clash of the Champions pick winners and rate matches and show?
  405. who is hotter (WWE DIVAS)?
  406. Is it true that professional wrestlers make more money than any other sport in the world?
  407. Do you think people will still bash the Extreme Rules PPV even if its good?
  408. John Cena's Worst Wrestlemania Match?
  409. do u like john cena???????????????????????????????
  410. Should CM Punk go to Smackdown?
  411. Take my Shoe Poll? Guys only! :)?
  412. If you were a wrestler, which title would you go after? WWE OR WHC?
  413. most overrated wrestler of all time?
  414. Judging by WrestleMania 25, 26 and 27, will WrestleMania 28 be Awful?
  415. If Cena would not have so much fans in WWE, would he still be the face of WWE?
  416. What do you think of this draft 1-10?
  417. What Would Your Personality Be As A WWE Superstar or Diva?
  418. sign ups always up for HWA +BQ?
  419. Y2J needs to return as a Face.?
  420. I have a question on Randy Ortons mic skills?
  421. Which WM was better, WM22 or WM 23? Why?
  422. Why do wrestling fans watch wrestling?
  423. Who could this be???
  424. WWE:Fantasy match card #1?
  425. Rate this WrestleMania 28 card?
  426. Who is getting released with cuts coming up on monday?
  427. Can people please STOP saying John Cena will never this and that?
  428. how many champions has edge in wwe/f?
  429. At what stage in Undertakers career did we first hear of the streak?
  430. Extreme Rules 2011 Predictions...?
  431. Do you agree with the following(Bellow)?
  432. do u like the miz more or john cena more?
  433. Don't think the IWC is hypocritical when it comes to Shawn Michaels (more inside)?
  434. Jay Lethal has been released from TNA, should WWE snag him + DH Smith news?
  435. pro wrestlers that have olympic medals?
  436. May 19, 2011. He is returning.?
  437. Is it a good idea for to sell a Money In The Bank briefcase?
  438. who is the most under utilized wrestler in WWE history?
  440. If Sin Cara is not a high flier, wouldn't you have thought that it's Y2J wearing a mask?
  441. What was the best match at your least favorite Wrestlemania?
  442. Is Chris Jericho coming back to WWE?
  443. why did that bald woman leave cm punk on wwe smackdown?
  444. Triple H Favourite Moment?
  445. What are your favorite CM Punk moments?
  446. Who should end The Undertaker's streak?
  447. Who thinks what John Morrison did on last Monday Night Raw was unfair?
  448. Why didnt the fans cheer when?
  449. do u think that it would be awesome if the GM's get drafted?
  450. Was it a mistake for Kurt Angle to leave WWE?
  451. Why isn't Wrestlemania the same anymore?
  452. isnt that mexican flag blocking everyones view from the upper rows?
  453. is here champion ships in WWE ALL STARS ?
  454. do these wrestlers remind you of these animals?
  455. who is the most under and over rated wrestler in WWE?
  456. who do u think kurt angles mistress is hes talking bout?
  457. Kurt Angle bringing back Rhaka Khan tonight?
  458. Is Randy Orton bad on the mic that even vickie has better mic skills?
  459. what are some superstars twitters?
  460. My WRESTLEMANIA 28 dreamcard rate and pick winners+WQ?
  461. WWE:King Of The Ring Tourney #1?
  462. Will you recommend a live wrestling stream? My Justin TV isn't working, and I'm missing TNA?
  463. Rate This Match : Christopher Daniels vs Goldberg?
  464. How old is Mick Foley?
  465. Help needed for custom finisher names in smackdown vs raw 2011?
  466. Sting is the world champion... is TNA the biggest joke in wrestling?
  468. What does it take for a superstar to be at the very top?
  469. Brandon SAD :'( Details Inside!?
  470. Can You Pass Anna's EASY WWE Quiz?
  471. Can you name some facts that you know but others might not?
  472. Why do so many people like John Cena?
  473. So when is the spring cleaning? +BQ?
  474. Can you name the wrestlers part 3 (wrestling)?
  475. How can one pick The Rock over Sting?
  476. Does Dean Malenko really know 1000 holds?
  477. If Vince Russo worked for WWE again would it be better or worse?
  478. What Is The Meaning Of Mic Skills In Wrestling ?
  479. User JIMMY is set to return. Are you excited?
  480. What did you think of the match Shawn Michaels ''God'' vs. The McMahons at Backlash 2006?
  481. Has Sting ever held the United States title?
  482. Are wrestlers just like rockstars?
  483. Do you think people will still cheer for Awesome Kong even if she's a heel?
  484. Who's the hottest alumi diva finals?
  485. Which do you think was better Lethal lockdown (tna) or wrestlemania 27(wwe)?
  486. Who's the hottest alumi diva round 2?
  487. Who thinks John Cena vs The Rock is going to be like The Rock vs Hulk Hogan?
  488. Who would win a match between Alberto Del Rio and Kurt Angle?
  489. Don't you think it's time WWE brings in someone like the Boogeyman and Umaga?
  490. agree or disagree wrestling?
  491. To this day, how many episodes have there been of Monday Night Raw?
  492. How many matches total did The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin have?
  493. Why do people cheer for The Rock when hes never there in the ring except wrestlemania time?
  494. wrestling , agree or disagree?
  495. What are your thoughs about Jay Lethal leaving TNA?
  496. The WWE Draft.................?
  497. Is Awesome Kong set to debut on RAW this Monday?
  498. Have you ever gotten a reply of a wrestler on Twitter and who?
  499. WWE Draft - Pick one big-name star from each brand who should be Drafted?
  500. is the undertaker 10 years old?