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  1. Is it just me or does Matt Hardy resemble Spencer from Icarly?
  2. Over the Past 10 Years What was WWE's Biggest Mistake other than going to PG?
  3. What is your favourite Shawn Michaels match?
  4. Tips for becoming a tna knockout?
  5. Which one of these people do you see having the biggest chance of being a future world champion?
  6. What is your favourite Triple H match?
  7. strange question for wwe/tna/ wrestling fans....?
  8. What was the difference between WCW and WWF?
  9. First person to solve this WWE riddle gets BA?
  10. Is Macho man in hall of fame?
  11. Do you think Ultimo Dragon could've been a future World Champion in the WWE..?
  12. WWE riddle, first correct answer gets BA?
  13. Who is your favorite active wrestler that is over 200 lbs?
  14. How will Kane be remembered when his career in WWE ends?
  15. If you have any wrestlers to run a country or be leaders, what would the roles be?
  16. So i kinda lost interest in the WWE after Edge left?
  17. If you could, who would you push: Zack Ryder or Daniel Bryan?
  18. How come Brock Lesnar won't be remembered as Legend like The Rock and Stone Cold+BQ?
  19. How come Micheal Cole attitude all of sudden acting nice again?
  20. To all Hindu and Punjabi speaking WWE fans; what has Jinder Mahal been telling the Great Khali?
  21. agree or disagree, when WCW was around, they pushed the older talents over the younger talents?
  22. What makes Stone Cold and The Rock gets praised a lot by Fans, but not Cena and Batista?
  23. Don't Hogan stooges know that Hogan laughs at them behind their backs?
  24. What happen on WWE Smackdown on Friday (06/03/11) from 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm?
  25. Why Hasn't John Cena Faced Undertaker Yet?
  26. Who Had The Worst Night-SmackDown?
  27. If Triple H is the King of Kings, does that make Stephanie the Queen of Queens?
  28. Do you guys find the lights during Sin Cara's matches annoying?
  29. Before Goldberg lost his first match in WCW, what was his record?
  30. Guess wrestler names.?
  31. When did WWF/E purchase WCW?
  32. Isnt this awesome!!!?
  33. Some where in the future can Alex Riley be the face of WWE?
  34. Am I the only one who likes WWE Christian's accent?
  35. Who was the real leader of D-X?
  36. Please tell me ur not a Little Jimmy aka Cena fan!?
  37. What are the basic ways of playing in e-fed?
  38. Do you think WWE is trying 2 hard to make a new LayCool?
  39. Would Sheamus or Kelly Kelly do this?
  40. WWE Raw 30th of may tech problems?
  41. So whats going on between Hogan and Warrior?
  42. what wrestler/faction signature GESTURE is the best?
  43. How could someone like Kharma get pregnant?
  44. How do I become a pro wrestler?
  45. Are you guys upset that the MCMG's are out of action until 2012?
  46. Do you think that the Bella Twins will feud with Kharma when Kharma returns?
  47. Would this be a good theme for Drew McIntyre?
  48. Who agrees with me when I say this is the best year in the WWE since 2008?
  49. will wwe money in the bank be on sky sports or sky box office?
  50. What did you think of Brian Kendrick's match on Impact last night ?
  51. who's a better wrestler Paul London or Evan Bourne{matt sydal}?
  52. Lets say WWE makes a new faction using all current high flyers (questions inside)?
  53. Wha are your overall opinions about Miss Tessmacher from (TNA) Impact-Wrestling?
  54. What is the best wrestling game ever?
  55. What are the top 30 greatest catchphrases of all time?
  56. plz no haters. who else is loving impact wrestling and it sold scholl appeal?
  57. What are the top 10 greatest gimmicks of all time?
  58. What WWE pay-per-view was this video from?
  59. hemme is the perfect anouncer agree?
  60. Who would you say are the ten greatest masked wrestlers of all time?
  61. Wrestling Trivia (Including BQ)?
  62. in terms of wrestling skills who are top 5 female wrestlers in both wwe and tna?
  63. why won't hulk hogan and eric biscoff leave tna ?
  64. What if the boss of the Network?
  65. Is Standards and Practices going to make Impact Wrestling?
  66. What is tom prichard finisher?
  67. You got to be kidding me?
  68. rey mysterio caught unmasked by referee?
  69. Will Undertaker face Wade Barrett at WrestleMania 28?
  70. What would be your reaction if Gangrel came back and heel Christian him and someone else formed
  71. Who Had The Worst Night-Superstars?
  72. Does anyone know of any wrestling websites that you can actually ask wrestling related questions?
  73. Who do you consider to be a better wrestler - Alberto del Rio or Tito Santana?
  74. Why did WWE turn Tamina and Rosa Mendes heel for no reason?
  75. What is your favorite stable in WWF/E History?
  76. wrestling matches , who would win ?
  77. Is TNA a retirement home for washed up wrestlers?
  78. Which Diva do you think should have been never released from the WWE?
  79. If Christian does turn heel do you expect him to win a World Heavyweight Championship?
  80. Who should take on The Undertaker at next year's Wrestlemania?
  81. Is TNA trying to get rid of the X Division?
  82. Girls and girls only,what do you think of this web?
  83. wwe superstars has 117 episodes it would be so cool if they stopped making more so that it can....?
  84. Who's bigger, Diesel or Sid?
  85. Do you think WWE should have like a talk/interview show?
  86. Do you imagine Beth Phoenix as a Divas Champion? Or is she more like a Women's Champion?
  87. Why did Mick Foley get fired from TNA?
  88. I know this is a bit late 2 mention but......?
  89. guess who am I??????
  90. what has been your favourite john cena fued and why?
  91. John Cena will win at WM28?
  92. does any one else think that triple h is the best the there is, the best there was, and the best?
  93. Which Diva do you think should beat Brie Bella and become the new WWE Divas Champion?
  94. Who is the greatest wrestler of all time ?
  95. TNA question .. for wwe fans?
  96. Most annoying Michael Cole phrase?
  97. WWE Changed PPV Vengeance Name For Chris Benoit?
  98. Did Christian turn heel (bad guy) last Friday Night on Smackdown?
  99. Hardcore/ Ultraviolent Wrestling in Norcal?
  100. Do you remember the time Goldust showed hist tattoo of a heart that said Razor Ramon?
  101. ill go to the papers if i have to?
  102. Who is the most underrated face wrestler of all time?
  103. What do you think of John Cena now on RAW? Is he a Face or is he a Heel?
  104. Who is your favorite face wrestlers that you don't want them to turn into heel?
  105. what is the concept of WWE Capitol Punishment?
  107. Should I go to Las Vegas (all hotels in Vegas has bed bugs) or WWE Capitol Punishment
  108. What do you think R-Truth? Face or Heel?
  109. Who would win in a wrestling match, a varsity baseball player or a varsity girl wrester?
  110. How was this a botch?
  111. What former WWF wrestler am I?
  112. What Game Modes do you want in the video game WWE'12?
  113. Why are so many wrestlers much better as a heel than they are as a face?
  114. How would you describe Undertakers career?
  115. Why are people into wrestling?
  116. How should the Corre break up on Smackdown?
  117. Will the anonymous RAW GM ever be revealed?
  118. wwe raw question +BQ?
  119. Tough WWE Trivia.10 points for winner?
  120. wwe wrestling trivia +BQ?
  121. Ok, i know this is a really weird question. Is Kharma going to get FML pay?
  122. How long will the Miz and Alex Riley rivalry go on?
  123. wwe wrestling trivia +bq?
  124. What wrestler has the biggest arsenal of moves?Smallest?
  125. Do you like that WWE is sighing more and more lucha libre's?
  126. In your opinion, Which WWE PPV in 2011 was the best?
  127. When did Michael Cole turn heel?
  128. Which wrestlers of today in wwe/tna are more talented(poll)?
  129. Who were the top ten best Cruiserweight Champions in WCW history?
  130. Who are the top 10 greatest Harcore legends of all time?
  131. Dusty Rhodes Theme Song?
  132. What moment solidified your fandom for your favorite wrestler?
  133. wrestling trivia ( hard)?
  134. Dragonball Z villians wrestling matches?
  135. How Many Others Have Turned to TNA?
  136. Who is the best wwe wrestler diva?
  137. What wrestler has said the word I Quit most times?
  138. How well do you think HHH has been doing under talent development?
  139. wrestling section kaval DID NOT ask for his release, check this out?
  140. That night when Cena announced the death of osama bin laden to the fans at Over the Limit.........?
  141. Do you think Cody Rhodes was actually hurt in this video, or he was just overselling?
  142. In wrestling, what were WCW's women called?
  143. Did you know of Killswitch Engage before ...?
  144. Was that cool for WWE to release me (Easy BA)?
  145. Question about chris jericho...........?
  146. Does Shawn Michaels possess one of the greatest pro Wrestling careers of all time?
  147. Rate my Dream Card for WM 28?
  148. Who are your five favorite babyfaces of all time?
  149. How long can Christian be a main event wrestler for.(BQ)?
  150. Could you explain The Rock's impact on Pro Wrestling in details for me?
  151. Ted DiBiase JR new theme?
  152. Is anything from FCW televised, streamed, etc?
  153. Why is the wrestling section so dead these days?
  154. why did sting refused to face undertaker at wm 28 ?
  155. will the WWE ever push Zack Ryder?
  156. Am I really that unique of a fan?
  157. What WWE divas will be inducted into the Hall of Fame?
  158. Is the Rock the GOAT?
  159. Will Layla go the route of Trish Stratus?
  160. Alex Riley is on Raw Now?
  161. Should Jack Swagger and Alex Riley form a (babyface) tag team?
  162. so Zack Ryder and Curt are a tag team again?
  163. What is John Cena's gimmick supposed to be?
  164. Do you think that the Bret Hart-Shawn Michaels WM12 Iron Man match is boring?
  165. Which heel does Smackdown need to make the show good again?
  166. Guess the wrestler?(4 hints)?
  167. Do You think Big Shows Injury is A WWE Plan?
  168. Does John Cena Suck?????????
  169. What makes most fans think John Morrison is the next Shawn Michaels?
  170. What's your favorite wrestling style?
  171. Money in the Bank Poster,Your Thought? Plus BQ?
  172. Can you answer this WWE trivia question? (First right answer gets BA)?
  173. What match stole the show at your favorite Wrestlemania?
  174. What was the most memorable thing to happen in WWE this year so far?
  175. wrestling section I have a riddle/joke for you?
  176. Which matches would you rather watch?
  178. Let's pretend that you were hired by WWE?
  179. Because I'm The Miz... And I'm.......?
  180. guess who im thinking of?
  181. Guess my favorite wrestler?
  182. *Smackdown! Spoiler Question*?
  183. will Kane win another title?
  184. why is it when there is a ..?
  185. Who is the longest World Heavyweight Champion in WWE history?
  186. What would you think of a CM Punk/Bret Hart feud?
  187. are Olsen twins good wrestlers?
  188. what wwe stuff can i broadcast that not copyrigh tinfringement?
  189. How many wrestler do u know That have died ?
  190. WrestleMania 28 please rate matches?
  191. WWE: Brothers of Strange?
  192. Edge and Christian have the best and coolest theme songs in history of pro wrestling! Agree or
  193. Which title currently has more prestige: United States or Intercontinental championship?
  194. Whos the Kliq in WWE?
  195. Does THE ROCK promo are scripted by some one and given to him or he think about it on spot?
  196. From which wrestler theme is this line?
  197. the WWE will unify the world titles?
  198. Did you know British wrestlers are the most technically sound on earth?
  199. Do Hogan stooges know that being a Hogan stooge is wrong?
  200. so who do you think will win the smackdown money in the bank?
  201. Why doesn't TNA and WWE form together to make a dominate wrestling buisness?
  202. Do you think Xplosion will be better now it has a purpose towards Impact Wrestling?
  203. Why did Macho Man Randy Savage go into hiding in the last few years of his life?
  204. What do you think of this Friday's edition of SmackDown? (SPOILERS INSIDE)?
  205. What is the point of WWE Pay Per View Capital Punishment?
  206. What was the worst stable in WWE history?
  207. Why is it so important for wrestling to have a Heel vs Face?
  208. Christian and Edge have the best and coolest theme songs in WWE! Agree or Disagree?
  209. I heard Vince was upset that he did not want to do a tribute for Macho Man Randy Savage, is it true?
  210. Is it time for a new creative team in the WWE?
  211. Don't u think Goldberg deserves to be in hall of fame?
  212. Which wrestler in the orginal ecw had the best theme?
  213. Do you think if attitude era were to start now it will be embraced by audience as it was
  214. how many wwe champinships has david otunga won?
  215. Dare I say the unthinkable?
  216. Which one of these Wrestlemania openings did you think was the best?
  217. Do you think shemus will win the world champion belt?
  218. do you think karma is nothing compared to chyna?
  219. What is your favorite high-flying finisher in WWE history?
  220. Best wrestler in the WwE/WwF?
  221. Kharma Written Off TV for 9 Months?
  222. Who Has More Fanbase....CENA OR THE ROCK..?
  223. who is ur favourite Diva in the WWE?
  224. What would your reaction be if TNA buys WWE?
  225. Agree or Disagree, Hulk Hogan looks funny with sunglasses on?
  226. who is the most hated person in wrestling ?
  227. Who is more talented, Kofi Kingston or Kazarian?
  228. Who's your favorite WWE wrestler?
  229. Are you a R-Truth hater?
  230. Are wrestling strikes real?
  231. Any advice for a rookie?
  232. What matches would you add onto the Over the Limit Card?
  233. Even when People Boo THE ROCK, He is still electrifying people in either way?
  234. Can Someone Give Me **Non Spoiler** Match Listing For This Week's Smackdown?
  235. Is It time for Sheamus to be a Main Eventer again?
  236. What are your opinions on Paul Orndorff as a wrestler?
  237. What do you think of my PPV matches?
  238. Over The Limit Match Card + Detailed Predictions + BQ?
  239. Who'd Win Ricky Steamboat vs The Undertaker?
  240. Who else believes Tyler Reks should get a push for a champion title?
  241. Do THE ROCK really have passion in WWE?
  242. Should I bring a Miz sign to a WWE PPV say Miz is awesome if John Cena is my current...
  243. What are your Over the Limit 2011 predictions?
  244. After Over the Limit, should CM Punk feud with Kofi Kingston over the United States Championship?
  245. Do You Think A Orton And Rhodes Feud Could Be Good?
  246. If you take the strength of John Cena and the Charisma of Zack Ryder, who do you get?
  247. What wrestlers have youtube channels and what is the name of their channel?
  248. What if TNA invaded WWE Raw, would it change the business completely?
  249. Favorite former mixed tag team.?
  250. Hulk hogan is the most overrated wrestler ever?
  251. What PPV event has had the least matches in WWE history?
  252. why do some people bow to hulk hogan ?
  253. Do you think Dolph Ziggler has a good future in WWE?
  254. How well do you know Wrestling (WWE/WWF Quiz)?
  255. I have A problem.......can you solve it?
  256. Is Alberto Del Rio Sin Cara?
  257. Can You Help Me TNA or WWE?
  258. Is Tyler Reks really released from WWE?
  259. What is the WWE waiting on when it comes to Kharma?
  260. Should the Undertaker just retire by now or does he have more years left in him?
  261. Which of these divas do you miss seeing on WWE?
  262. guess the wrestler #5?
  263. What do you think of the following Miz quote on his twiter?
  264. Whom do you like Dwayne Johnson or THE ROCK?
  265. Who would win in a match between Triple H and Sid Justice?
  266. Who is better Miz or Jeff Hardy Why?
  267. Whats ur opinion of john cena?
  268. Who has the bigger fanbase, The Undertaker or Shawn Michaels?
  269. Should Superstars be a third brand?
  270. Do you think TNA is more entertaining, and takes more risk than WWE at the moment?
  271. Who Do You Want To Win This Years Money In The Bank?
  272. Why did people hate John Cena?? He is not that much bad.... ?
  273. Out of five of these WWE superstars,who would you rather face in the ring?
  274. Who Are YOUR Top 5 Favorite WWE Superstars?
  275. Who was the worst wrestler of all time?
  276. When I say Jeff Hardy, what comes to your mind?
  277. Y2J Return?
  278. Who would win, Kharma or Chyna?
  279. Breaking News(Little SD Spoiler): Dont open it if you dont want to know, it's a quick one?
  280. If God joins WWE will Vince mcmahon make Cena win over God ?
  281. are theses 3 superstars the only ppl to ever hold the wwe title and whc on the same night?
  282. Do you think wrestlers get pissed off with.....?
  283. What are the rules of the wwe trading card game?
  284. Who is the worst worker in wrestling?
  285. Who do you guys see as the new faces of WWE in the next 5 years or so?
  286. Who was your favorite member of the four horseman?
  287. IYO, do you think Kofi Kingston is main event material?
  288. Who was your VERY FIRST favourite wrestler and what year did you start watching wrestling?
  289. What's the difference between the IWC and the new so called 'YWC'?
  290. What will be the best next feud for CM Punk?
  291. In response to silent bobs answer to one of my questions..?
  292. Is karen jarret in a commerical?
  293. How do u call interference in smackdown vs raw 2007 Ps2 ?
  294. Can you beleve it's one month since Edge retired?
  295. Which WWE Commentator famously says i would not be in the ring with someone 7ft and 330 pounds?
  296. Where is or what happened to Beth Phoenix?
  297. How did you feel about the New Age Outlaws when they were still apart of the WWF?
  298. Do other members of the 4 horsemen...?
  299. How can I meet WWE Superstar Randy Orton at shows?
  300. Is Zack Rdyer ready to be on RAW again?
  301. Has anyone ever been to a wrestling event?
  302. If you could change anything about WWE or TNA, what would it be?
  303. ????? ????? ? ?????????? ????????? ???;?
  304. What is the best WWE Women's Championship Match of all time?
  305. Would the First Wrestlemania been successful if it weren't for the celebrities?
  306. where will vince mcmahon be on may 21st?
  307. What is a south paul?
  308. Who'd Win Trent Barreta vs Richie Steamboat?
  309. My ideas of best WWE rivalries in future?
  310. Which moment comes to your mind when i say wrestlemania 20?
  311. I know this is the wrestling section but gotta ask....?
  312. Do you guys believe that soon R-Truth will be released due to his actions lately?
  313. what is the one thing you hate about your fav wrestler?
  314. What wrestler am I thinking of (5 Stars)?
  315. could someone plz explain this to me?
  316. What did you think of this?
  317. Has a wrestler ever contacted you on Twitter if so who?
  318. Did you enjoy this segment between Eve Torres, The Miz, Alex Riley and R Truth?
  319. Oh radio tell me everything you know! Do you like to sing the radio?
  320. Wwe raw this week was kind of boring?
  321. who is going to be WWE champion in the near future?
  322. How long have you been watching wrestling for?
  323. Who was your VERY FIRST favourite wrestler and what year did you start watching wrestling?
  324. Is R Truth a good enough heel?
  325. what's the best weapon you can hit someone with in a hardcore wrestling match?
  326. How long have you been watching professional wrestling?
  327. Why did Mr.Kennedy leave WWE?
  328. Rate the following wwe superstars theme songs? 1-10?
  329. Who is better: Shawn Michaels or John Cena?
  330. What is the best wrestling match you have ever seen?
  331. Do you think Ted DiBiase Jr will .....?
  332. Who was WWE/WWF Champion when you started watching WWE?
  333. Who would win these DREAM matches?
  334. Which user has the most awesome profile picture in the Wrestling Section?
  335. Have you ever thought that WWE are making the fans angry because?
  336. Bih Show vs Randy Orton? who will win?
  337. Which WWE wrestler would most likely survive an onslaught by a Jason Vorhees like killer?
  338. Do you agree that WWE PPVs are going rapidly down hill?
  339. Who's the most mature user in the Wrestling Section?
  340. Did anyone think R-Truth's promo could've been more edgy?
  341. IYO, Do you think it's necessary to have 2 World Titles on each brand?
  342. Well, it wasn't Vince hating Christian, it was going to happen to Del Rio also *Spoilers*?
  343. Are you watching TNA iMPACT tonight?
  344. Which wrestler's last name rhymes with Fema?
  345. We should get used to the facts guys....we're not going to see Christian hold the title again?
  346. If you were in Christians position, would you rather end Undertakers streak or try to
  347. Why is it when wwe does something good or for the fans they go and screw it up?
  348. Who was happy when they found out about Randy Orton's win?
  349. Who is stronger physically between these superstars? create a chart?
  350. Should Christian do what Matt Hardy did?
  351. Why wont WWE book these talents?
  352. If given the right push, do you think CM Punk will achieve the same level as The Rock and...
  353. Randy Orton Is Turning Into Cena?
  354. Question about SVR 2011 attire?
  355. Beth Phoenix vs. Kharma, who will win?
  356. Who do you want John Cena to feud with on RAW?
  357. Why don't Internet fans like Randy Orton?
  358. Will Randy Orton be bashed by fans because of this?
  359. Do you have any wrestling posters?
  360. What would be more respectful for Michelle McCool?
  361. When The Undertaker retires should the Hell In A Cell be as well?
  362. Who here is gonna start hate Orton (spoiler)?
  363. Why WWE wouldn't have..... ( Not a Christian nor Orton question)?
  364. R-Truth Needs A Promotion?
  365. WWE future superstars top stars heels?face?
  366. What is Vince's obsession with screwing Canadians?
  367. So wwe wants to own the rights to Cm Punk's name please give me your thoughts?
  368. Would you consider Undertake a Pervert?
  369. Do you think Tough Enough could use a 4th trainer?
  370. Whats with all the Randy Orton hate?
  371. Live Events sleeps with his sister?
  372. The top 10 greatest wrestlers to set foot in a WWE ring?
  373. any good miz/riley story line?
  374. Rate my WWE Over The Limit 2011 Predictions on a scale of 1-10?
  375. Where was Dwayne The Rock Johnson born?
  376. If you were in the wrestling business at this point in time..?
  377. Make #iwantchristian a Trending Topic on Twitter!?
  378. ***********SPOILER ALERT***********?
  379. Was this cody rhodes best promo?
  380. Michael Cole Andy Kaufman?
  381. Can you make a good arguement against these statements about wrestlers?
  382. Michael Cole set to take the WWE Championship from John Cena at Summerslam?
  383. Why is Chris Masters not getting a push?
  384. Based on crowd reaction and not your biased opinion,did Vinny Mac make a mistake by...
  385. Who's World Championship reign will end first, Orton's or Cena's?
  387. Who'd Win Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton?
  388. agree or disagree chris masters is one of the most underused superstars in wwe?
  389. Who'd Win Chris Benoit vs Drew McIntyre?
  390. Do you think Rey Mysterio is a paedophile?
  391. HUGE SmackDown Spoiler!?! +BQ's?
  392. How can Randy Orton fans defend him now?
  393. Would you rather spend a day with Kaitlyn or Vickie Guerrero?
  394. Would you rather get a Piledriver on tacks nails or Chokeslammed through the top of the Cell?
  395. How will the IWC boycott WWE?
  396. Who was the better wrestler in their primes in the following categories (more info inside)?
  397. How can WWE say they are planning a New Superstar Initiative?
  398. Will the Undead Nightmare DLC for Red Dead Redemption be free?
  399. Would you rather have John Cena vs The Rock, or John Cena vs The Rock vs The Miz?
  400. Who would've Won: Chyna (Prime) or Beth Phoenix?
  401. Why do WWE say the wrestlers are from places that they're not?
  402. Does it really matter who the champion is?
  403. What do you think of Mick Foley being The Network and the name change to Impact Wrestling?
  404. How come all my guys on SVR11 are turning heel?
  405. So why a belt? Why not a trophy? Or at least a medal like in olympic wrestling?
  406. Which gimmick for Christian did you like better?
  407. What are your Over the Limit Predictions?
  408. Why do we need handwashing in the fight against infection?
  409. Does the WS and all other internet need to take a chill pill?
  410. (Spoiler for SD!) Randy Orton and Christian?
  411. Why are people going apeshit about Christian losing the title?
  412. Agree/Disagree: If Christian wasn't the one Randy Beat, you would be OK with him winning the WHC?
  413. One of my nipples doesn't look like the other 2. Is this normal?
  414. Hey guys now we get to see SuperCena and SuperOrton on WWE every Monday and Friday Nights?
  415. Who do you think has been the best heel in the last 3 years?
  416. When is the next wwe ppv?
  417. Why is wwe on at random times in the uk?
  418. who did edges theme music in WWE?
  419. How angry are you at Vince McMahon his babyish attitude ( Major spoiler )?
  420. **SPOILERS** Are you kidding me?
  421. Will Joey Styles get fired?
  422. (**SPOILERS**) Do you think this is fair (Smackdown)?
  423. Should Chavo Guerrero win the World Heavyweight Title?
  424. What would you do as booker of WWE?
  425. Is are the recent events on smackdown true?
  426. Spoiler: Major TNA Change Announced at the iMPACT Tapings?
  427. Did randy orton really defeat christian to become the new whc?
  428. Do you think ROH deserves a TV deal?
  429. better wrestling name ?
  430. Because of last night's Smackdown do you think this will happen?
  431. Since Cena's facing Rock next year at WM 28, we'll see Super Cena vs Super Orton at WM 29, right?
  432. How would I find clips of Stone Colds return when he kept leaving beer cans all over the place?
  433. Christians 2 day reign you opinions?
  434. Do you think this is why Vince gave the WHC to Orton?
  435. *SPOILER* Christian loses World Heavyweight Championship to Randy Orton. What the f*ck?!?!?
  436. Did WWE bring Lilian Garcia back to sing the anthem for one night just because they caught OBL?
  438. *SPOILER*What do u guys think?*SPOILER*?
  439. If I saw Randy Orton in person I would _________ him?
  440. Mason Ryan's spear wow, how long do you think it will be before a superstar uses that as their...
  441. When was the last time Randy Orton lost a match?
  442. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  443. Is this the worst week ever in wrestling?
  444. How furious are you regarding to what happened on Smackdown *SPOILERS*?
  445. Why should I watch the WWE anymore?
  446. What would your reaction be if in August?
  447. How highly do you rate Wade Barrett?
  448. Why do some people say Vince will go to hell when he dies?
  449. So what are you going to do about Orton winning the title?
  450. Have you ever thought about going to a pro wrestling school?
  451. Do You Think This Match Is Very Underrated ?
  452. Will you be happy when Vince McMahon dies?
  453. If you were a wrestler what championship would you love to win?
  454. Who are your top 5 heels on WWE?
  455. John Cena faces The Rock at Wrestlemania 28. Do you think he should face the Undertaker
  456. Is WWE diva Kharma a heel turn or a face turn?
  457. * SPOILER QUESTION* do you think this is done because...?
  458. who's stronger Mayson Ryan or Ezeckiel Jackson? and why?
  459. Does it upset you that someone like CM Punk...?
  461. When/why did Edge and Christian?
  462. Is there a specific DVD which features the best of the Attitude era of WWF/E?
  463. Do you think randy orton can beat the undertaker?
  464. Who are some Wrestlers who got a Pity World Title Reign?
  465. Did Ryder crash Rock's birthday party?
  466. Who thinks Christian should turn heel?
  468. Battle of the divas(poll)?
  469. isegment in wrestling that got the most heat?
  470. What happen in last night wwe raw.wiche match are play and who is the winner?
  471. Does the WWE have the greatest actors of all time?
  472. Vince has done it agian (contains SmackDown Spoilers) You will be angry?
  473. when will christian win a main championship in the wwe?
  475. Wrestling fans:Why does Chris Jericho get no credit? He is the best in the world at what he does?
  476. During which time of the day are the better users in this section online. WQ inside?
  477. where can i download Shawn Michaels vs undertaker wrestlemania 26 full match for free?
  478. who do you think kharma is gonna attack next?
  479. Agree or disagree, if you have....?
  480. what do u think of this summerslam card?
  481. How did Chris Jericho defeat both Austin and Rock in one night to become Undisputed Champion?
  482. does the rock new hand motion mean anything?
  483. for the last time morrison aint in the doghouse?
  484. Why do we need handwashing in the fight against infection?
  485. What did you think about seeing Mr Mcmahon on Raw?
  486. Not much of a birthday party!your thoughts?
  487. Of these former WWE wrestlers that have now gone on to TNA, who do you miss more?
  488. Which prefer Raw or Smackdown!?
  489. Do you think the sayingwhen it comes to wrestling never say neveris true?
  490. How will the following retired/near retired wrestlers be remembered?
  491. Which current WWE superstars do you think would have been a good fit in the four horsemen?
  492. Why do you STILL watch WRESTLING?
  493. I keep making a foul out of myself due to all the cena hate :'( HELP?
  494. does anyone else hate that cena is wwe champ and how the miz almost got the championship back?
  495. Randy orton is soooo hot?
  496. Did you prefer WWF, WCW, ECW, or UFC in the late 90s?
  497. Who do you think will be victim #3 for Kharma?
  498. Why do people call us rednecks?
  499. What Superstars are in SVR 2011?
  500. ZACH RYDER SPOTTING!!!!!!!!?