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  1. Are you a fan of Sin Cara ?
  2. How can World Wrestling Entertainment fluctuate so that aficionada of the assertiveness...
  3. female users of the wrestling section allow myself to apologize+WQ?
  4. I'm Writing a Wrestling Fanfiction? Help Please?
  5. When John Cena came out on Raw (06/13/11) for his match with CM Punk who was he saying this
  6. Is anyone on the wrestling section a Cole Miner?
  7. A query for the female users of the wrestling section?
  8. Should i go to hell in a cell?
  9. Agree or Disagree: A Cena heel turn would only create bandwagoners towards Cena's fanbase?
  10. Why are WWE Divas so pretty but dont wrestle that long?
  11. Why does everyone hate vince russo?
  12. Who is better Trish Stratus or Melina?
  13. Who is your Favorite Wrestler in WWE?
  14. What is TNAs equivalent to Wrestlemania?
  15. Are you jealous or Respect any WWE divas? If so, Why?
  16. Ok. Does anyone recognize me? And what can I do to help out better? I have been in the ws for...
  17. Did anyone like Rob Conways Just look at me Con man gimmick?
  18. Did you ever Think Jack Swagger Could Be the Next Kurt Angle of The WWE?
  19. who thinks zack ryder should be u.s or interconital champ?
  20. Why is AJ called a TNA original, when he's originally from WCW, not TNA?
  21. What do you think of the WWE Capitol Punishment card?
  22. who superstar themes are these?
  23. Where were DX (Triple H Shawn Michaels) during the Invasion storyline?
  24. If you could induct 5 Y!A Wrestling Section people into the Y!A hall of fame who would they be?
  25. Why is they no stipulation matches at Capitol punishment?
  26. I have to ask...why are cena haters soo STERIOTYPICAL?
  27. Who in your opinion is the Greatest WWE Champion of all time?
  28. Michelle McCool or Tiffany?
  29. Fun trivia guess who's theme song this is?
  30. Why Chris jericho left wcw?
  31. Chris Jericho a legend? Your thoughts?
  32. Who has better in ring skills, Trish Stratus or Velvet Sky from tna?
  33. Dont you hate it when someone rips off your answer, and gets best answer?
  34. my top reasons tna will never be bigger than wwe?
  35. Who would you say has the best finisher in wrestling?
  36. Ok, R truth to win title or not?
  37. What is/was the Greatest WWE rivalry in your opinion?
  38. wrestling section what is your opinion on Evan Bourne's win loss record in WWE?
  39. What are some WWE DVD's from the attitude era?
  40. What do you guys think of this amazing Video of THE ROCK ?
  41. What is more annoying Cena or the Cena Marks ?
  42. So the reason why Zack Ryder wasn't on raw was because wwe knew he would get bigger reaction
  43. What do you think of the original plans for ryder last monday?
  44. Which WWE superstar combines all the abilities of Wrestling ?
  45. Where can I watch AAA Triplemania XIX this Sunday?
  46. 10 Points to whoever gets this CM Punk question first?
  47. I was always saying that R-Truth should be heel. Now I'm saying that Dolph Zigler must be a face.
  48. Do WWE superstars work on the moves they'll perform before a match ?
  49. Why did BIG Show/Kane lose the title so fast ?
  50. When is Skip Sheffield going to return?
  51. do you respect the talented divas such as natalya neidhart and gail kim for swallowing there
  52. Who will have the BEST WWE career from the ORIGINAL Nexus?
  53. Who thinks Wade Barrett will be World Heavyweight Champion soon?
  54. How i can watch wwe pay-per-view shows for free ?
  55. Wow what did Edge and Triple H just see?
  56. The Warrior: Achilles, you wanna challenge me in SVR 2011!?
  57. Will Randy Orton and Christian's Rivalry Come close to being in the Same leagues as...?
  58. How did Carmelo D. Get those letters in his name?
  59. For Michelle McCool fans?
  60. Do you think Randy Orton should change his gimmick?
  61. WWE Poll: What is your favorite/ Who do you like better?
  62. Is your current favorite wrestler being under used or over used?
  63. where does the wrestling section rank on yahoo answrs?
  64. Would anybody else like to see Dolph Ziggler become a face?
  65. Is William Regal an official commentator on NXT?
  66. i like watching wwe but my friends say its gay to watch hot sweaty men roll around but i...
  67. What if WWE hired this new superstar?
  68. Question for the males, of all the wwe superstars (not divas) who would u rather kiss?
  69. How would you turn Sheamus face?
  70. Anyone Else Think NXT is a Failure?
  71. Wwe all time diva hot body contest(This is a poll)?
  72. If Rey Mysterio were to make a heel turn, how would he do it?
  73. How many of the people on here that complain about PPVs even buy them?
  74. Greatest Wreslting Manager of all time?
  75. What WWE Superstar and Diva do you like the most?
  76. Are u satisfied with who the current champs are in the WWE?
  77. Which Randy Orton's gimmick do you like the most?
  78. Ok! Wm 28! who wrestles, and what match type?
  79. When was the last time they showed chair fight on TV?
  80. OK! Awesome question. Read details! Customize the WWE!?
  81. Is R Truth one of the funniest heels since the attitude era?
  82. Guess The Wrestler? First One To Answer Correct Gets 10 Points.?
  83. Some quick WWE Questions?
  84. John Cena's greatest moment?
  85. Wrestling and music question?
  86. What if you were offered a WWE Contract, Would you Accept or Decline it?
  87. Are you a Little Jimmy or Little Jenny fan?
  88. Will Rey Mysterio turn heel?
  89. Anyone think that Stone Cold cursed enough last night?
  90. Do wrestling boots cushion the fall?
  91. Is it me or does Christians physique remind you of Shawn Michaels? LOL........?
  92. What was the best Undertaker Streak Celebration?
  93. PLEASE RATE: Friday Night Smackdown Episode #16?
  94. WWE Roster Cuts: who do you think will be surprisingly released?
  95. wrestling section: Rey Mysterio interview?
  96. If you could choose any year to lived in for Pro Wrestling, what year would it be?
  97. when was the last time a diva match lasted 5mins long?
  98. Did the Undertaker used to scare you when you were younger ?
  99. Agree or Disagree? That diva's match last night could have been a great match? (more inside)?
  100. What really happen to Boogeyman?
  101. Who is this roody poo Live Events..?
  102. Is it just me who give a sh*t about WM 28 if?
  103. IMPACT Wrestling is going to have some major realeases soon, who do you think will go?
  104. Is there anyone else who can't stand the WWE's audience reaction to Cena?
  105. Is Randy Orton gonna be stripping on All Star RAW?
  106. Wrestling Questions (Number 15 is a spoiler)?
  107. Why are companies so scared to put world titles on guys who can just WRESTLE?
  108. Which will be the better match? Christian vs Orton III or Samoa Joe vs Daniels vs AJ Styles III?
  109. Wrestling Section Poll: + BQ?
  110. What would be your storyline to end Kane's career?
  111. What really happen to TNA Knockout Awesome Kong?
  112. So, what's up with the Undertaker now? Does he only wrestle once a year?
  113. Can someone name some of the stables from past in wwe/wcw?..?
  114. Was there some type of Agreement with the WWE for ECW One Night Stand 2006 to happen?
  115. Will The Rock be on Raw again before WrestleMania 28?
  116. Who has a feeling that Tough Enough guy will fued with Cm Punk?
  117. How do you reset Universe in SVR 2011?
  118. Is it crazy to say Sheamus has the best move set in wwe? who is better?
  119. What do you think of my John Cena heel turn?
  120. Did you know: There was a payperview called WWF Capitol Carnage in 1998?
  121. Do you guys think Big Andy (Tough Enough Winner) will join Nexus or be someones body guard?
  122. Do you think John Cena will ever turn heel?
  123. What do you think of Alex Riley?
  124. What did you think of last nights Raw?
  125. wresting moves elimination round 1?
  126. At the moment in WWE who has the best storyline?
  127. Who else likes when Miz says?
  128. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  129. Would Mean Gene Oakerlund ever interview the tag team of Jesus and Muhammed?
  130. What is the most overrated moment in wwe history?
  131. Who would win if Doink the Clown took on Homey the Clown?
  132. Should the WWE buy TNA?
  133. Dudes! I have some Diva Questions!?
  134. Who are your top 6 favorite cruiserweights of all time?
  135. Who would u have currently as WWE and World Heavyweight champion?
  136. Is Kelly Kelly the female John Cena?
  137. Do you want an easy 2 points? :P?
  138. Which all time female wrestler do you prefer(poll)?
  139. Who do u like more: Stone Cold or The Rock?
  140. Who said the following quotes (inside)?
  141. Are you mad that Zack Ryder didn't have a match in his hometown last night?
  142. If the Undertaker never had his WrestleMania streak...?
  143. What is the full card for WWE Capitol Punishment?
  144. In your opinion how far can andy go in wwe?
  145. What's a cement job????
  146. How many wrestlers have competed against Mr mcmahon ?
  147. What if Undertaker chose John Cena for his opponent at WrestleMania 23?
  148. What never before seen rivalry do you want to see?
  149. If you could have one Superstar from WWE face a iMPACT Wrestler, who would they be?
  150. Is TNA getting rid of the X-division?
  151. What CM Punk said on raw yesterday ?
  152. Which wwe diva of all times is sexier poll?
  153. I've heard that CM Punk's contract is up in the summer, surely WWE will try to sign him...
  154. wrestling section what is your opinion on entire the Jack Swagger-Evan Bourne feud/rivavlry?
  155. Do you think WWE will sign up Mick Foley again now that he's left TNA Wrestling?
  156. What do John Cena and The Rock have in common?
  157. Should Batista make a surprise return to attack Cena and Orton this Sunday? Capital Punishment
  158. Who had more potential to be a post attitude era heel WHC or WWE Champion: Muhammad Hassan or
  159. How much do you like or dislike R-Truth?
  160. why does summerslam start at 4:45PM this year?
  161. How high is Sin Cara's vertical leap?
  162. So much for a no divas' match,last night,huh?
  163. What is the most unexpected moment in wwe history?
  164. Who do you want to win the Royal Rumble of 2012 and why?
  165. How many people here actually watched WCW and or (old) ECW before they went down?
  166. What do you think of this weeks iMPACT?**SPOILERS**?
  167. Does anyone else see more Ultimo Dragon in Sin Cara, then they do Rey Mysterio?
  168. During Sheamus vs Santino?
  169. Who was ECW's first World television champion?
  170. Does anybody get annoyed over Alicia Fox?
  171. Why do people like Zach Ryder so much?
  172. Will WWE finally make The Great Khali get rid of those ridiculous Punjabi Playboy pants...
  173. What CM Punk said yesterday on raw? Re-post?
  174. has anyone ever won the WWE or World Heavyweight title in their debut match?
  175. Chyna vs Beth Phoenix in a singles match, who would win?
  176. What do you think of WWE banning Goldust from Twitter?
  177. How would you rate last night's edition of WWE RAW?
  178. Agree or Disagree ; iMPACT Wrestling has better PPV names the the WWE?
  179. Do you agree with WWE's Most Impactful Women's List?
  180. Guess the Wrestler (10 hints :]) ?
  181. Who is the weirdest wwe superstar of all time and currently?
  182. Who's the better pro wrestler between Lex Luger (at the time) or Ezekiel Jackson?
  183. Create a Caption Time! +BQ?
  184. when will RAW start showing on Teen Nick?
  185. Should Chris Jericho return at Summerslam? Why or why not?
  186. How do you pick the matches for next weeks Raw?
  187. What do you think the Roads to Wrestlemania will be in WWE 12. [Most detailed answer gets Best...
  188. On my scale of shows: How childish is Raw?
  189. My SmackDown card for 6/17/2011?
  190. Sin Cara's blue and orange theme?
  191. Who Was the best wrestler in the 90's out of Eddie Guerrero, Juventud Guerrera,Bret Hart, and,
  192. When is Chris Jericho coming back to WWE?
  193. What tna ppv is this?
  194. What did you think of Raw tonight?
  195. What are your thoughts on tonight's RAW/crowd?
  196. List of WWE star with good mic skills?
  197. Why is Vince giving us what we don't want!?
  198. WWE Fill in the blank game?
  199. Christian made a point.?
  200. Finally funny moment with GM?
  201. FWF Breakdown! ep. 1 RATE?
  202. Who would win in a match between the Usos and MNM?
  203. The new WWE Era good or bad?
  204. Am I the only one who has high hopes for Capitol Punishment?
  205. Just found out Shane O'Mac left WWE?
  206. Realy wwe realy santino????
  207. Does Taka Michinoku own his WWF theme?
  208. If This would Have been the Wrestlemania 23 Match Card would it be one of the Best WM ever?
  209. Do you think video is funny?
  210. Who is WWE Vickie Guerrero going to manage since Stone Cold had Dolph Ziggler drop her as his
  211. A question about TNA LockDown matches?
  212. Cena doesn't like sweet 16!?
  213. Agree or Disagree: Zack Ryder should've had a match on RAW this week?
  214. IMPACT WRESTLING *Spoiler*?
  215. So my guest is that R-Truth was smart enough to attack Morrison before the match,huh?
  216. Will Batista ever come back to WWE?
  217. Does zack ryder have a match tonight?
  218. Questions About The IWC?
  219. Who else loves R-Truth now that he's a heel?
  220. That last match was boo?
  221. What days are WWE superstars and NXT shows taped?
  222. What title is more prestigious the Intercontiental Championship or the United States Championship...
  223. WWE wrestler with the worst haircut?
  224. The main event tonight on RAW?
  225. John Cena lost?!! Is this the end of the world?
  226. Superstar with best haircut in WWE?
  227. is it unfair to all of the other wwe wrestlers that hhh and undertaker get so long off after
  228. Do you think John Cena is the Lebron James of the wwe?
  229. has cm punk ever been a face?
  230. What are your thoughts on JBL commenting on LeBron James about losing the NBA finals?
  231. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  232. Are you LIL JIMMY or BIG JIMMY?
  233. is it just me or has trish stratus' looks gone downhill?
  234. The Divas Match! Really? Really? Really?
  235. Which of these WWE superstars do you think will be released within the next year?
  236. When was the last time John Cena lost legitimately?
  237. Wrestling qustions ? agree or disagree #2?
  238. Ok wait a minute...WAIT A MINUTE!?
  240. What did you think of this week's Raw? (+BQ)?
  241. FWF Sign ups season 2?
  242. Are there any wrestling schools or wrestling training ring in memphis?
  243. Who would be better in WWE? Luke Robinson or Andy Leavine? WHY?
  244. has R-Truth OFFICIALLY lost his mine?
  245. who can save iMPACT wrestling and make it a good promotion?
  246. what does ricardo say during Alberto's ring entrance?
  247. If you were a WWE superstar, what would be your gimmick?
  248. Which of these WWE/F superstars shoud be in the hall of fame?
  249. Would you like Booker T to wrestle actively again?
  250. Which of these intros do you like the most?
  251. How FAKE GAY is Monday Night Raw Tonight- 6/6/11?
  252. Do you think WWE humilates people before they give them something, to make them pay their dues?
  253. Why do so many people come on here and do nothing but complain about everything WWE does?
  254. Is it time for john morrison to become a aggressive heel (kinda like EDGE used to be)?
  255. Who would win these TNA vs. WWE matches?
  256. If Cena and Orton were to face each other with both of their titles on the line, who would win?
  257. who would you release from wwe?
  258. If Raw is PG than shouldn't?
  259. When will this end on RAW????????????????
  260. Who's better: Brodus Clay or Husky Harris?
  261. What is the point in having some stupid 3 hour all star episode of RAW?
  262. who would win this match aj styles vs amazing red vs x poc vs daniles in a match for the x...
  263. Rey Mysterio and Cena both are popular with kids,is there a formula for success?
  264. Will you go buy peppers if you have to?
  265. FU became Attitude Adjustment because of the PG era?
  266. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw/Tough Enough?
  267. Agree or Disagree:Sheamus is John Cena's kryptonite?
  268. kurt angel is a lot beter in tna than wwe in wwe he was just the gold medliast now he is...
  269. Who would win these matches?
  270. Wwe technical problems?
  271. If WM28 is the Undertakers last Wrestlemania, will we never see Y2J vs Undertaker?
  272. Why doesn't Booker T wrestle?
  273. Who sings Crimsons theme in TNA?
  274. What wrestling move is the most dangerous when botched?
  275. McMahon cutting off Andy for using guarandamntee. Thoughts?
  276. When is the last PPV without Cena or Orton?
  277. Why do people feel Luke should've won Tough Enough when it was obvious he wasn't there for the
  279. Dawn booker t hasnt lost a step huh?
  280. His that Hall of famer verne gagne in the begining of wwe show?
  281. Why dont people dont cheer for austin no more+bq?
  282. Who is more likely to win the WWE championship within the next 5 years: Michael Cole or...
  283. If Bill Goldberg went to IMPACT Wrestling, what would you love to see him do?
  284. Whos better Sin cara or Rey Mysterio?
  285. who else hinks zach ryder should of won?
  286. Is it time to invent new finishers?
  287. Who am i????????????????????????????????????????????
  288. The wrestling industry's future?
  289. Who won Tough Enough?
  291. Name a song title that best describes WWE at the moment?
  292. Who am i? i am undefeated at Wrestlemania and have beat 28 different opponents?
  293. How is WWE affecting your everyday life?
  294. Santino is a useless clown?
  295. Who are your top 5 favorite WWE Superstars in WWE history?
  296. Rate My Dream Wrestlemania Card *KEY WORD DREAM*?
  297. Who am i? i am undefeated at Wrestlemania and have beat 28 different opponenets?
  298. WWE House Show Results and Thoughts?
  299. Could this match happen at Wrestlemania 28?
  300. Need help with a match-type!?
  301. What's the Next era in WWE?
  302. how many times Edge has been a world champion?
  303. R-Truth vs. Triple H @ Wrestlemania 28?
  304. Who do you want to win Tough Enough and who do you think will win?
  305. Guess the wrestler????
  306. What main event wrestler do you consider to be good....?
  307. Who would win these matches?
  308. What are the three best heel turns in Pro Wrestling history?
  310. Will there ever be another legendary wrestler like Bruno Sammartino?
  311. Does anybody remember former WWE superstar Mark Jindrak?
  312. why the WWE is using Jack Swagger as a jobber?
  313. If Triple H DOESN'T face The Undertaker 1-on-1 next year...?
  314. Predictions for The Biggest Event of the Summer?
  315. True or false: Johnny Curtis sucks?
  316. Watch this if not: Does anyone follow Super Jr Cup in Japan?
  317. Nobody seems to discuss but what do you think CM Punk's near departure?
  318. Is Gorgeous George one of the greatest wrestlers of all time?
  319. Which WWE superstar and diva will never get beaten in terms of crowd reaction?
  320. ???One Word To Describe The Rock????
  321. Anyone want to get Winner By Default Achievement on WWE ALL-STARS?
  322. what was the greatest brock lesnar moment in your opinion in the WWE?
  323. What are your predictions for this years Divas Raw Summertime Spectacular?
  324. Is Chris Jericho a smart man or what?
  325. FWF Pain ep 8 (vote 4 winners)?
  326. will wwe ever end this unomis gm thing?
  327. Is anyone else tired of the childish losers on this site?
  328. RAW and Smackdown seem dry?
  329. What is your opinion on the state of TNA wrestling?
  330. Question about Raw tommorow?
  331. What do they use to simulate blood?
  332. If Foley returned to WWE would Foley vs. Undertaker Hell in the Cell part II be a good idea? Why?
  333. Is ric flair still wrestling?
  334. Anyone wanna take turns getting xbox live achievements on WWE ALL STARS?
  335. Need Help Uploading Wrestling Videos from Movie Maker?
  336. what is the largest demographic the wrestling section-casual fans,smarks or marks?
  337. Which era of the WWE did you like the most?
  338. Should we even count WWE as a wrestling company anymore?
  339. Does Sin Cara only how to do one move?
  340. Does anybody else think the 'grotesque' Cody Rhodes story has gone on long enough?
  341. Which opening do like the most?
  342. Interesting WWE vs TNA Poll?
  343. Top 5 most unpopular superstars?
  344. Do you like Brodus Clay tattoos?
  345. Who is more charismatic HBK or The Rock?
  346. Is zack ryder heel or face?
  347. Who is the best superstar in bed?
  348. Rock Bottong or peoples elbow?
  349. Who is the ugliest wrestler?
  350. When has The Miz botched his lines while on the mic? (+BQ)?
  351. What ever happened to Rassling Fundamentals?
  352. Who would you have win Money In The Bank?
  353. Who is sick of the cena, orton reighns in wwe?
  354. Johnny Curtis will be the biggest star since John Cena?
  355. True or false: user Magic Sparrow is f*cking annoying?
  356. How did John Cena survive when Batista put him through that searchlight?
  357. Who do you hate more.... the miz OR mr.anderson?
  358. whats the worst wrestling gimmick in history???
  359. Is Kharma the new Chyna?
  360. Will Kharma be the 2nd woman to win the IC Title?
  361. Who would win these matches?
  362. My little brother just spoke his 1st words guess what he said?
  363. Did you know that???????
  364. Is the WWE Misusing Teddy Long and Hornswoggle?
  365. If iMPACT Wrestling were to get another brand what would you call it and what day would it be on?
  366. Has tv-ratings for Smackdown gone up or down since Orton moved to SD?
  367. South Park's view on wrestling in PG era?
  368. should Cody win the money in the bank?
  369. so Christian will win the WHC as a heel?
  370. What do you think will happen in AJ styles vs Bully Ray match?
  372. wy the wwe decided to make Christian a heel?
  373. should the WWE give Mason Ryan a push?
  374. what is the name of khali's finisher?
  375. Why didn't the ref DQ him?
  376. Who was RVD'S 1st opponent on TNA?
  377. Worst ever costume used?
  378. do you think eve torres will be a better wrestler than trish stratus?
  379. Is Maryse American Citizen?
  380. why the WWE is not pushing Chris Masters?
  381. should the WWE give R Truth the wwe title?
  382. will cm punk use this new kick as another finisher ?
  383. wrestling section Why do people think Evan Bourne/matt sydal is a spot monkey?
  384. dosent matt look younger than jeff?
  385. Who would win in a fight?
  386. Who's the better Diva, Lita or Trish Stratus (More inside details)?
  387. Which wrestlers that retired are you still a fan of?
  388. IYO, What WWE Diva has the best in-ring skills right now?
  389. What are you gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you?
  390. Your thoughts on Mick Foley return to WWE?
  391. Why they always show wrestlers butt, but not the divas butt?
  392. if you were gail kim, would you go back to tna or stay in the wwe?
  393. WWE Smackdown: Christian heel turn?
  394. Christian is officially a heel?
  395. Do you see Rey Mysterio ever becoming a heel in his WWE career?
  396. Agree or Disagree, Daniel Bryan is the best WRESTLER in WWE?
  397. Do You See This Happening at Capitol Punishment?
  398. Who Would You Like to be Champions Right Now in WWE?
  399. FWF ep. 7 vote 4 winners?
  400. Who's one wrestler that doesn't deserve to be in the main event scene?
  401. Am I the only one that misses Michael Cole annoying the WWE Universe?
  402. What is made of Big Daddy V these days?
  403. What is better? Canadian Backbreaker or Torture Rack?
  404. Which is a more accurate quote?
  405. Who is worse? Paul London or Evan Bourne?
  406. What is funnier? Little Jimmys or John Morrison's injury?
  407. Who can blame Ted DiBiase Jr for being better than you?
  408. Why does everyone always mention Christian like he's some God or something?
  409. Isn't Cody Rhodes handing paperbags one of the best parts of Smackdown right now?
  410. Who is more controversial? Eric Bischoff or Undertaker or Christian?
  411. Is Ted DiBiase Jr the future John Cena or something?
  412. Why do you want Edge in the WWE Hall Of Fame?
  413. What are the similarities and differences between WWE and TNA? (+BQ)?
  414. About the Summerslam?
  415. Who do you like more - Superman Cena or Batman Orton?
  416. About Ric Flair's retirement?
  417. Why does Cena think he's Superman?
  418. Would your current favorite or least favorite wrester win in a match?
  419. Who is your 7th least favorite wrestler?
  420. Do you want to see more of the heel R-Truth or have you had enough?
  421. Who is your 7th favorite wrestler...?
  422. When is Chris Jericho scripted to return to WWE?
  423. Do you actually boo heels at house shows? (+BQ)?
  424. who are your least favorite wrestlers and why?
  425. Which WWE superstar do u find the most annoying?
  426. IYO, What was the greatest entrance in WWF/E history?
  427. Was there a time in your life when you thought about not watching wrestling ever again?
  428. Are WWE Magazine covers too repetitive?
  429. Am I the only one likes the Bella Twins?
  430. Does anybody remember the WWE tag team, La Resistance?
  431. What to make of Johnny Curtis Promo?
  432. Who is your favorite wrestler that most people dislike?
  433. Agree or Disagree- Is Christian alot similar to Chris Jericho's Character?
  434. Who is the most deserving World Heavyweight/WWE champion in history?
  435. Did HHHH drop the ball by signing Sin Cara?
  436. Do you think Vince McMahon is really dead?
  437. Getting to know your favorite wrestler more....?
  438. This is for WWE fan.?
  439. Do you think Paul Heyman would want to go to iMPACT Wrestling and help improve it?
  440. Why is the WWE guy Shamus or w.e so pale?
  441. Does TNA need two major titles?
  442. What show did you enjoy most this week?
  443. Did Christian turn heel when he nailed Orton with the title?
  444. Is anyone else impressed by Jinder Mahal?
  445. Isn't Jinder Mahal the funniest name for a wrestler?
  446. User:Jburgh20???????????
  447. Who is better:r truth heel or khali heel?
  448. Do you think Big Show is charismatic?
  449. When will all you little Jimmy's stop cheering for Super Cena Batman Orton?
  450. Why do people say that Randy Orton is the next John Cena?
  451. Where is vince mcmahon ?
  452. wrestling matches , who would win ?
  453. Agree or Disagree, TNA is heading down the same path WCW did?
  454. Current wwe superstars,that u could see n Attitude Era?
  455. Do you agree that R Truth is a brilliant heel?
  456. Was HBK underated??????
  457. Who would win this matches?
  458. WWE '12 FIRST PICTURES and QA with Cory Ledesma!?
  459. Out of the following styles of Wrestling, what is your favorite?
  460. Who do u think,is almost going to be a legend?
  461. WWE 12' E3 Superstars Info ( Cen, Miz , Del Rio, Orton)?
  462. What is your favorite high-flying finishing maneuver in the history of the WWE?
  463. IYO,Who is the hottest TNA Knockout right now?
  464. RVD or Jeff Hardy???????????????????????/?
  465. Was there any wrestler from Colombia?
  466. Do u like Brodus Clay?
  467. Who is the most pathetic wrestler?
  468. What was ur favourite moment in 2004?
  469. Who thinks Rufus hound look like WWE's Sheamus?
  470. Funaki or Yoshi Tatsu?
  471. What is your favourite Kane match?
  472. when is jericho coming back to wwe?
  473. Will Stone Cold Steve Austin ever wrestle again?
  474. What was your favorite Rock moment?
  475. What's with all the thumbs downs in the wrestling section?
  476. Isn't it stupid WWE....?
  477. wrestling section my capital punishment card, pick winners.?
  478. My Friday night SD! 6/10/11 idea rate and comment BQ inside too?
  479. What is your favourite Rob Van Dam match?
  480. new nexus or corre test?
  481. is michael cole a babyface now?
  482. who had the worst night?
  483. why do you like the wwe?
  484. How well do you know Pro Wrestling (quiz inside)?
  485. super man or robo cop?
  486. who is your favorite wrestler and why?
  487. Can you recall any match where the outcome of it made you legitimately pissed off ?
  488. I am back from my WS hiatus?
  489. Why is the IWC so obsessed with the attitude era?
  490. What is your favourite Undertaker match?
  491. wrestling section based off this video do you think evan bourne has good or bad mic skills?
  492. What is your favourite Chris Jericho match?
  493. what brand of sunglasses do you think Zack Ryder wears?
  494. Who was the First Man to beat Goldberg?
  495. By watching the commercial for WM 27 DVD do-sent it seem like WM 27 should of been Better?
  496. What is your favourite Edge match?
  497. Vince McMahon is planning on retiring and the WWE will be HHH's will he run it better or worse?
  498. What do you guys think about Scott Stanford?
  499. What is your favourite Trish Stratus match?
  500. Who Had The Worst Week?