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  1. Tna: could tiger uno be the tna Rey mysterio?
  2. Will The Rock and Steve Austin ever do a movie together?
  3. Do you think WWE should return to the attitude era?
  4. WRESTLING : Which superstar do you think gets more LOVE from the fans : BRYAN or PUNK?
  5. Do you see TNA taking over WWE within the next ten years?
  6. Undertakers very last match who would you choose?
  7. Which one of these gimmicks is better?
  8. Does anybody actually like John Cena?
  9. Is Natalya better in the ring than John Cena?
  10. Who is a better wrestler DBry or Y2J?
  11. In your opinion who does the tombstone pile driver better kane or undertaker?
  12. Which abyss mask do yo like more his original mask or his current mask?
  13. Who do you like better Edge or Christian?
  14. Should Daniel Bryan press charges against HHH for assault?
  15. Congrats to all Wrestling Section Slammy Winners!!!!! +BQ?
  16. Would you like this ending for WM30?? Long (don't read if you can't)?
  17. will katlyn and kelly kelly comeback to WWE?
  18. Are there any wrestling clubs for people over 18?
  19. Who else misses Laycool?
  20. who has the worst song in wwe right now?
  21. Professional Wrestling: What don't you people get about the 'Celebrity Wing' Of The WWE Hall
  22. Professional Wrestling: Which One Is It Total Nonstop Action is Willow O'The Wisp a
  23. Professional Wrestling: Do you think World Wrestling Entertainment needs to bring back the...
  24. What is your favorite wrestling movie?
  25. Why do some people think Edge shouldn't be in the hall of fame?
  26. What do you think of Bray Wyatt saying Cenation is all about kids who believe in superheroes?
  27. Do you think Nikki Bella is surprised John Cena admitted to being scared to Bray Wyatt?
  28. Did The New York Knicks want Zeb Colter over Phil Jackson?
  29. What do you think of JBL saying if you win the Andre The Giant Battle Royal it makes your career?
  30. What do you think of JBL saying he wishes Michael Cole would get fired from WWE and enter Slam...
  31. What do you think of Summer Rae not being an animal lover?
  32. Professional Wrestling: When did The Undertaker become Ric Flair?
  33. will wwe make hulk quit china il?
  34. What is your opinion about ECW wrestler New Jack?
  35. So I got the WWE Network free trial, will it charge after the free 7 days? Or will it just stop?
  36. I know alot about wrestling, do you?
  37. TCW+ Wrestling Question inside?
  38. What are the chances of mark henry winning the andre the giant royal rumble?
  39. Professional Wrestling: What is your opinion on World Wrestling Entertainment's Wrestlemania I?
  40. Professional Wrestling: Why do Pro Wrestling Fans act like they where never younger?
  41. Professional Wrestling: Do you think these Professional Wrestlers would go far in World
  42. Why did WWE go pg?
  43. Why is TNA and it's crowd so dead?
  44. WS: Do you think our Wrestling Section is FINALLY returning to its former glory?
  45. Do you remember when Shawn Michaels beat John Cena for the WWE championship before WM 23?
  46. If you were in charge of WWE...?
  47. Should the main event of Raw this Monday be The Shield & Daniel Bryan vs NAO, Kane & HHH?
  48. Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker Hell in a Cell or Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker Wrestlemania 25 or 26?
  49. Who do you want to win the Fatal 4-Way tag match? Shield, Rybaxel, 2MB, or The Real Americans?
  50. pro wrestling 29 going on 30?
  51. WS: Guys, will you enter your name in the WSF? (Big news!) (+BQs)?
  52. WS: What do you think of our Wrestling Section's new Attitude Era?
  53. Kelly brook vs jordan in wwe divas match?
  54. Professional Wrestling: What's your opinion on 'Die Hard' Eddie Edwards and 'The Lone...
  55. WS: What is CM Punk doing with his wrestling career?
  56. What's it mean if someone says you're built like a wrestler?
  57. Should The Uso's Be Worried Now That Ryback Has A Shot At Their Tag Team Titles .. !?
  58. Who is the top three technical wrestlers in WWE today?
  59. WRESTLING : Don't you think TNA would become more popular if CM PUNK was to step in?
  60. WRESTLING : GUY'S....Do you have ATTITUDE here in the WS?
  61. Do you like this episode of Smackdown?
  62. Could this be the reason for tnas attendance and reactions?
  63. Total Divas discussion?
  64. 12 man elimination tag match?
  65. who's better in ring molly trish?
  66. will wwe network have sitcoms?
  67. 5th gimmick for foley?
  68. Is Kevin Nash taller than the big show?
  69. what wrestling match u miss?
  70. Did you like what TNA did tonight?
  71. Will Anybody Win The WWE Title For The First Time This Year?
  72. Professional Wrestling: How is Professional Wrestling any different then any Television Series?
  73. Conspiracy Theorists: Why is selling to a younger audience a 'Bad Thing'?
  74. Professional Wrestling True or False: You don't give a damn about Gunner, His Pa, His Ma, His...
  75. Professional Wrestling: When will you realize no matter what World Wrestling Entertainment
  76. Professional Wrestling: 'Assumes User is a fraud' Can I get all the thumbs up and congratulation
  77. Which song usually played in undertaker footage in raw and smackdown recently?
  78. Who's worser: Fair and Balanced or Dave Hytmen?
  79. Why won't the WWE induct Chyna into the WWE Hall of Fame?
  80. Professional Wrestling: Which World Championship Wrestling Pay-Per View was worse?
  81. What is your fav WWE Scooby Doo match?
  82. do you think TNA should give Magnus a blue cape?
  83. do you think TNA is going to copy all of the Seinfeld Steinbrenner segments?
  84. is this how somebody gets hired to be a writer for a pro wrestling tv show?
  85. did WWE steal its racist jokes from Seinfeld?
  86. Do you think this should have been the card for WM30?
  87. WS: What are your thoughts on Bad News Barrett?
  88. What do you think of Mike Tenay standing up when Angelina Love said there's one piece of
  89. What do you think of the Beautiful Peoiple reforming?
  90. What do you think Taz saying he wishes sometimes he wishes Mike Tenay could give him some space?
  91. Do you think Taz is going to go to the club with the Bro Man's?
  92. Could Taz speak for the TNA fans because he has that much power?
  93. Would you expect Gunner not to bring his dad if he watched WWE?
  94. Do you agree with Bully Ray nobody in Wrestling likes Dixie Carter?
  95. Whose dad got a worse beating Gunner's or John Cena's?
  96. Wrestlemania 30 card feelings?
  97. do you like Lei'D Tapa as an in ring performer?
  98. How would you feel about a six man tag team elimination match for undertakers streak?
  99. In ten years, people will start to complain about Bryan like they do with cena now?
  100. Has Jeff Hardy been sniffing his face paint again?
  101. Was it kinda gay when Magnus said Abyss is all he's ever going to need?
  102. WS: Name the best five wrestlers all over the world today?
  103. wwe network problems?
  104. Did you feel sorry for mvp having to be hand cuffed with abyss?
  105. Fair and balance: Angelina love and velvet sky are hot!!!!?
  106. Professional Wrestling: Why doesn't anyone criticize AJ Styles, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Ethan
  107. Why do men in wrestling wear thongs?
  108. Do you think WWE is done?
  109. Even though TNA sucked tonight how much less did they suck than RAW Is Snore?
  110. Professional Wrestling: What is so 'Horrible' about these John Cena matches?
  111. Professional Wrestling: What is your opinion on Total Nonstop Action's Impact! Wrestling?
  112. As far as pro wrestling goes who is better bill goldberg or brock lesnar?
  113. what do you think of madison rayne turning down angelina love offer?
  114. How would you guys rate bobby lashley performance so far?
  115. Are the American Wolves overrated?
  116. Who else eanna see the bromans loose the tag titles?
  117. hy do monsters NEVER truly succeed and become the face of a company?
  118. How is abyss corporate?
  119. Why is Daniel Bryan always smiling?
  120. High School varsity wrestling (usa)?
  121. Will Kurt Angle ever return to the WWE?
  122. Is there any tag teams undefeated at mania?
  123. anyone else undefeated at mania?
  124. Which streak match would u rather?
  125. who is the lamest out of this list?
  126. hottest diva in wwe??
  127. WRESTLING : So....Whats next for MIZ, it seems as he has nowhere else to go?
  128. What do you guys think of The Authority angle right now?
  129. When is CM Punk going to TNA, and why didn't WWE sui him?
  130. What the best leagues of Backyard Wrestling?
  131. What you think about the PrestonCityWrestling?
  132. Why AJ Styles and Rhino quit of TNA ?
  133. What are the chances HHH leaves wrestlemania as wwe champion?
  134. NON-WRESTLING : GUY'S....What are your thoughts with this new house "DID I DO DAT'S"...
  135. WWE match of the years 2000 to 2014, do you agree?
  136. Did you like Rikishi as a heel?
  137. Wrestling Section: Will you enter your name for the WSF? (+BQ)?
  138. AJ Lee; hot or not? (+3 Bonus Questions)?
  139. who would win in a debate?
  140. WRESTLING : Which side of RANDY ORTON do you like better : HEEL or FACE?
  141. WRESTLING : Mind if I ask you....Is the YES MOVEMENT actually bothering you?
  142. Should the Shield be upset that they gotta face The New Age Outlaws at Wrestlemania?
  143. WRESTLING : Who would you claim more as a legend in the history of pro wrestling : RIC...
  144. Give me one reason why Samuel Shaw and EC3 are not better than Titus O Neil or Kofi Kingston?
  145. Listen, Wrestling Section: Who was the better wrestler; Dean Malenko or Chris Benoit? +BQ?
  146. Professional Wrestling: Do you think it's Asinine there are people who only watch...
  147. Professional Wrestling: What's the worst casual Fan/Previous Professional Wrestling Fan...
  148. Professional Wrestling: What If During The 30 Man Andre The Giant Memorial Over The Top...
  149. WS: How long have you been here, in the Wrestling Section?
  150. How does Titus make that noise?
  151. Why did Triple H go to home depot and buy so many fans?
  152. Is that pirate sexy?
  153. WWE hasn't burried Daniel Bryan?
  154. Was Stephanie McMahon a late bloomer?
  155. Would WWE fans be mad, if Paul Heyman broke the streak?
  156. WWE Smackdown TV viewrs nowadays higher than attitude era?
  157. So Daniel Bryan is getting the "John Cena" treatment now?
  158. Wrestling Fans only?
  159. NON-WRESTLING : GUY'S...I just got a new pet dog yesterday : should I name it "DID I DO DAT"?
  160. Do you think the daniel bryan pg fans was crying last night on raw?
  161. Dean ambrose or gangrel who would win?
  162. Do you think john heidenreich and brock lesnar could make a good tag team.?
  163. Corporate kane vs evil big red machine kane?
  164. Which WWE Superstar Do You Act Like?
  165. What one word comes to mind when you hear the name Stephanie McMahon?
  166. Why is WWE No Way Out 2003 missing from the WWE Network?
  167. Be honest, does anyone care about Bray Wyatt vs. John Cena at Wrestlemania XXX?
  168. Why do people say Randy Orton has everything handed to him?
  169. What was the exact date that Eastern Championship Wrestling Became Extreme Championship Wrestling?
  170. Who is the real Did I Do Dat+BQ?
  171. Now that the Shield is face how do you think the group will fare?
  172. Where will Wrestlemania 30 rank in best to worst Wrestlemanias?
  173. Who is this current WWE Superstar? BQ?
  174. what would you wear as a wwe wrestler?
  175. did WWE fans make Batista a heel?
  176. Should Naomi be next in line for the divas championship?
  177. Why have so many WWE fans turned on Daniel Bryan?
  178. WWE Wrestlemania 30.. HHH?
  179. WS: Don't you miss the Wrestling Section of earlier times?
  180. Why did WWE move Smackdown from Thursday to Friday?
  181. Why does everyone want the Icon in WWE?
  182. Should Brie Bella confront and beat Stephanie down for slapping Daniel? Will Daniel make it to...
  183. Will Ric Flair come back and make it a Fatal-4-Way?
  184. i just heard wreslter Sting had a hair transplant a while back, is that true?
  185. WRESTLING : Do you think SHEAMUS is becoming boring?
  186. Watched RAw last night for the irst time in 12 years.. WTF?
  187. Will Chris Benoit be inducted in HoF?
  188. Will Kurt Angle ever return to the WWE?
  189. Did You Feel Sorry For Daniel Bryan Last Night .. !?
  190. Why doesnt Cesaro wear kneepads when he wrestles?
  191. Daniel Bryan can't draw?
  192. WRESTLING : Has the war ended between the SHIELD and the WYATTS?
  193. WRESTLING : Does the wwe have to be violent just in order to make it entertaining?
  194. WRESTLING : Do you count the REAL AMERICAN'S as 1 of the best tag teams?
  195. WRESTLING : Besides what HHH told batista & Randy orton : What else in the wwe are you sick of
  196. Professional Wrestling: I Take This Too Seriously Part II: Are Fans becoming more and
  197. Do you like Emma's dance?
  198. Do you ever think Chyna will ever be inducted into the WWE hall of fame?
  199. Why does Scooby Doo Wrestlemania look better than the real one?
  200. Can't WWE do anything right?
  201. WWE Network: Are you able to watch Live events?
  202. So what got into HHH last night?
  203. Alright, so at this point, can we pretty much say it is safe to say that, Punk and WWE...
  204. Professional Wrestling: I Take It To Seriously Part I: World Wrestling Entertainment
  205. Professional Wrestling: Can't Total Nonstop Action do anything right?
  206. Who is an overrated independent wrestler that everybody yells about?
  207. Isn't Daniel Bryan so over-rated?
  208. Do you want Triple H to be WWE Heavy Weight Champion?
  209. Why can't Brock Lesnar show up for 4 weeks?
  210. WWE- How great is JBL on commentary?
  211. I'm applying to be a WWE Superstar, can I use you as a reference?
  212. @Julius C: Theres a NEW Q&A with Sting saying he wants a match with Taker at WM?
  213. Is the Shield still breaking up?
  214. Did you see what Triple H did?
  215. What current WWE diva is the most unattractive and what diva is the most unattractive in
  216. WWE smack down.?
  217. Why was HHH's beat down on Daniel Bryan so weak?
  218. will vince mcmahon return to wwe after mania to fire the authority?
  219. why doesnt wwe have smackdown vs raw anymore? i miss when both shows fought?
  220. Remember back in May when Triple H wrestled Curtis Axel and acted really sick and got counted out?
  221. Should Sheamus change his name to Shenmue?
  222. Which year of WWE you like more: 2009, 2010 or 2011?
  223. Why did Triple H get short hair?
  224. Why did Undertaker cut his hair short?
  225. How is Edge doing? The Rated R superstar?
  226. Why didn't WWE ever sign Nigel Mcguinness?
  227. How did Paul Bearer die?
  228. Who was or is the most overrated wrestler in the wwe?
  229. Why did Batista say he never quits anything if he quit MMA?
  230. Did you know Tattoos win JBL over?
  231. What do you think of Michael Cole saying JBL doesn't follow any of the Divas?
  232. What do you think of JBL ignoring Jerry Lawler's question?
  233. What do you think of Summer Rae wanting to Dance with Jerry Lawler, but Jerry saying he
  234. What do you think of Nikki Bella saying she and JBL could have a pillow fight on Total Divas?
  235. Were The Bella Twins flirting with JBL because he has a lot of money?
  236. Did you .ike JBL's excuse as to why he couldn't help out Jerry Lawler? Somebody has to do
  237. Did the WWE seriously just do that?
  238. Is the attention focusing off of Roman Reigns and onto Seth Rollins?
  239. What do you think of Jerry Lawler saying he's a real life zombie because he died and came back?
  240. isn't hard to get noticed by wwe on the uk?
  241. Does Hornswoggle look like a cross between a pint of Guinness and a Gremlin?
  242. Do you think Triple H will go after Arnold Schwarzenegger because he punched him and cost
  243. When Batista left did nobody care when Batista came back nobody cared less?
  244. Anyone hopes that Real Americans get a Tag Team Championship match against The Uso's?
  245. Whose more of a paper champion Randy Orton or Magnus?
  246. Do you agree with Christian does JBL look like David Spade in a fat suit?
  247. What do you think of Jerry Lawler impressing girls by doing pull ups?
  248. What do you think of Bray Wyatt calling John Cena's girlfriend "plastic"?
  249. Was Triple H sick of the Rock when hew said he's sick of Hollywood movie stars coming back and...
  250. Would it be awesome if the Shield attacked and powerbomb Triple H through a table?
  251. Do you agree that daniel bryan fans help daniel bryan get that beat down?
  252. Does Christian have a Hall Of Fame career with a lot of accolades?
  253. Would WWE be better off if Linda and Shane mcmahon returned and took over?
  254. One Word to describe Naomi?
  255. Better on the mic: Bray Wyatt or Paul Heyman?
  256. One Word: When You Think of Tamina?
  257. Do you think HHH will form Evolution back again?
  258. Have these Daniel Bryan trolls made CM Punks absence no big deal?
  259. During the monday night wars did you have a favorite WWF guy and a favorite WCW guy?
  260. If Batista or Orton don't win at Wrestlemania do you want Daniel Bryan or HHH to win?
  261. Was I wrong about Bray Wyatt?
  262. Did you enjoy tonights World Wrestling Entertainment showing?
  263. TNA is still better than WWE right?
  264. is the ultimate warrior really geting inducted in the hall of fame?
  265. Why do people want to see Sting vs. Undertaker at WrestleMania?
  266. Who will win in these matches?
  267. Professional Wrestling: In Retrospect how is John Cena and Hornswaggle 'Cornier' then anything
  268. Professional Wrestling: Apparently John Cena 'Sandbagged' The Miz at Wrestlemania 27?
  269. WWE went over the line today?
  270. Professional Wrestling: If World Wrestling Entertainment used Sony's PlayStation 2 in No DQ
  271. Professional Wrestling: What's Your Opinion On Roman Reigns?
  272. Professional Wrestling: World Wrestling Entertainment was PG in 2002 - 2006 did you know that?
  273. Professional Wrestling: What is your Opinions on World Wrestling Entertainment's Monday Night RAW!?
  274. Professional Wrestling: The End Of World Wrestling Entertainment's Monday Night RAW! Wasn't...
  275. Professional Wrestling: Really. People still complaining about Hornswaggle?
  276. Professional Wrestling: How underrated is John Cena?
  277. Professional Wrestling: What sounds better WWE World Heavyweight Championship or Champion Of
  278. @Julius C: Theres a NEW Q&A with Sting saying he wants a match with Taker at WM?
  279. @Julius C: Theres a NEW Q&A with Sting saying he wants a match with Taker at WM?
  280. Has Renee Young ever been in the ring competing? Would she make a good superstar?
  281. Who is more scarier and crazy , AJ Lee or Bray Wyatt? why?
  282. On a scale of 1-10 , how wpuld u rate these divas , and why?
  283. Will Scooby Doo Mystery Machine solve why CM Punk vanished?
  284. Damn Sheamus is corny?
  285. Will Triple H job be gravedigger in Slam City since he likes burying people?
  286. Triple H might not be talking to The Rock?
  287. Did HHH take shots at Batista and The Rock?
  288. Why did the user dave hytmen block me?
  289. is hulk hogan really part black?
  290. Why did people say Jeff hardy was the next Shawn Michaels?
  291. WM30 triple threat match
  292. How would you feel if Eva Marie told you to go to a hotel to a week so her parents won't...
  293. Was it rude that Nikki Bella walked out on Bryan/Brie's wedding registry on Total Divas?
  294. What do you think about Jon Uso saying Cameron is "as fake as press-on nails"?
  295. What is Summer Rae's natural hair color?
  296. Who would you rather dance with on the dance-floor: a drunk Natalya or Cameron (Ariane)?
  297. Was Nikki Bella checking out Curtis Axel on Total Divas?
  298. Is it weird that John Cena texted Brie to tell Nikki to have a "happy birthday"? Why didn't he
  299. Wrestling VS Basketball?
  300. Is Nikki Bella a mess?
  301. How would you feel if your sister married someone without telling you and your family?
  302. Why was Big Show brushing his hair on Total Divas if he has no hair?
  303. Is this season of Total Divas going to be great of what?
  304. YES!!!! Do you know Total Divas is the #1 trend on Twitter, even beating Walking Dead?
  305. do you remember back in the day when LL was a rapper and not a hollywood star?
  306. Will sheamus ever be a world champion again? If not if they separated the brands then would he?
  307. First word that comes Cena?
  308. first word that comes when I say punk?
  309. What fights and titles are under WWE SMACKDOWN?
  310. first word comes when I say batista?
  311. Top 5 divas IN RING SKILLS IYO?
  312. What fights and titles are under WWE RAW?
  313. Best WWE wrestling Show iyo?
  314. Would Ronda Rousey Make a Good WWE Diva?
  315. What happen to Cody Rhodes push?
  316. If Nikki Bella wants kids why doesn't she drop John Cena and date Zack Ryder?
  317. Has Randy Orton ever done a top rope move?
  318. Your Top 10 RAW Moments?
  319. which is better wwe or tna?
  320. Marcus Prince Of Saying:Matt Morgan, Rob Terry and Mason Ryan form a group to rival the
  321. WRESTLING : Besides EDGE.....who else do you wish never stopped wrestling so early?
  322. is John Cena a jerk backstage?
  323. is sting coming to back to tna?
  324. On WWE 2K14 for xbox is there a way for you to transfer CAWs....?
  325. Would you be nervous if you took a picture with the Bella Twins?
  326. Were you surprised that Johnathan wore a shirt this time when he went to see Eva Marie's family?
  327. What do you think of Nikki Bella imagining getting married and having kids since age 4?
  328. What do you think of Naomi and Jimmy Uso exercising together in their bed?
  329. What do you think of JBL saying he nearly quit the business just from seeing Undertaker's entrance?
  330. Is AJ Lee the only WWE Diva who has ever been allowed to cut a worked shoot promo on live TV?
  331. Do you think Daniel Bryan will ever go to TNA?
  332. What would have happened if Chris Benoit and Adam Lanza had lived to stand trial?
  333. wrestling section: what's your opinion on The Shield?
  334. How will Kane handle the Shield this monday? Is Sandow a face now? or is the Shield face?
  335. Wrestling: Sting is confirmed to make WWE debut after WM30, are you excited?
  336. Styles Clash or Neutralizer?
  337. wrestling section: true or false, wwe sucks now that the ratings lower and lower each time?
  338. who is better paige or aj?? be honest guys?
  339. Professional Wrestling: Why does everybody hate Tennis Balls, yet love Teddy Bears?
  340. will kaitlyn go back to wwe ? and what aj lee reaction?
  341. Professional Wrestling: How much does the PG Television Rating actually Effect as in Product Value?
  342. Abyss vs kane in a three stages of hell match who wins in why?
  343. cross rhodes or sister abigail?
  344. Professional Wrestling: Do people even bloody watch World Wrestling Entertainment's Extreme Rules?
  345. Professional Wrestling: What was the least 'Edgy' TV-14 worthy segment Total Nonstop Action had?
  346. Pro Wrestling: Agree Or Disagree: people are grasping at Straws to find anything possible...
  347. Whose better on the mic, Paul Heyman or Bray Wyatt?
  348. How come Hulk Hogan did better Rent A Center promos than WWE Network?
  349. Should Daniel Bryan wear platform shoes so he can look his opponent straight in the nipple?
  350. Professional Wrestling: Who remembers 'Good Ol'' Oklahoma?
  351. On august 23rd 2010 when sheamus was being forced to defend his title why does he pick zach ryder?
  352. Did CM Punk leave wwe because he knows Kurt Angle is coming back when his TNA contract expires?
  353. Professional Wrestling: How does Total Nonstop Action 'Connect' with their Audience?
  354. Professional Wrestling: 1997 Muted Masked Figure that did little Vs 2003 Unmaksed Monster?
  355. Can someone tell me the point of Willow?
  356. Should I go to a World Wrestling Entertainment RAW event?
  357. If you'd only watched Royal Rumble and Chicago Monday Night RAW! Does that mean you know The
  358. Professional Wrestling: Is CM Punk The Only Thing That Made World Wrestling Entertainment 'Cool'?
  359. Professional Wrestling: Fantasy Booking Wise from the UK side: Is Total Nonstop Action
  360. combine any 2 factions in history?
  361. Professional Wrestling: Did that whole Chris Sabin W/ The Alpha Female Vs Velvet Sky
  362. Do you think World Wrestling Entertainment's Superstars failed because of the Dish
  363. Evolution returns at WM30?
  364. Professional Wrestling: Will you be going to Bodyslam Autism 4 in Maryland?
  365. Who will win the Andre battle royal?
  366. Professional Wrestling: Would you say Diego, El Torito and Fernando are 'Over'?
  367. Combine any 2 wrestlers in history?
  368. Most gory WWE matches?
  369. Professional Wrestling: Would #Workhorse Tyson Kidd &'Long Island Iced Z' Zack Ryder work good
  370. whats your fav game of wrestling?
  371. Why has there been hardly any build up for this year wrestlemaia?
  372. In your opinion...?
  373. Why aren't there any little kids in the audience during the attitude era ppvs and Raws?
  374. WRESTLING : Which style do you find more appealing : POWER-HOUSE or TECHNICAL?
  375. Andre Battle Royal???????
  376. WRESTLING : At this moment....What do you think is BEST 4 BUSINESS in the wwe?
  377. Who was a better wrestler?
  378. Top 5 or more commentators of all time?
  379. King & Paul Heyman in Legends House?
  380. Top 10 factions ever? 2 BQ's: Top 5 worst factions, mine?
  381. Name a faction match from any era?
  382. Do you really think DBry will win at WM30?
  383. Shouldn't The Wyatt's turn 'face' like The Shield did?
  384. Is the wwe about to break into a new era of superstars?
  385. Should i buy C63 AMG or M4?
  386. is cm punk retired?
  387. Do you regard WWE Christian as a great wrestler with a great career?
  388. who the best tag team in wwe?
  389. who is the strongest wrestler in wwe?
  390. Is the Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase really a millionaire?
  391. Re: Anybody know the second song that plays during The Undertaker Vs Brock Lesnar Commercial?
  392. Professional Wrestling: Don't you miss these Professional Wrestlers from the otherside of the
  393. Have you ever seen this hilarious video?
  394. Would Paige and Dean Ambrose be a good pairing when she gets called up?
  395. Daniel Bryan IS annoying?
  396. Professional Wrestling: What makes Charlotte Flair, Natalya Neidhart and Tamina Snuka so impressive?
  397. who is the sexiest diva in wwe?
  398. Was there or has there ever been proof that Carlos Colon was responsible for the murder of
  399. Professional Wrestling: Can somebody explain to me how Wrestlemania xXx comes off as 'Average'?
  400. who is the sexiest diva in wwe?
  401. Lol did Triple H just admitted that he is going to bury Daniel Bryan?
  402. Was Low Ki/Kaval lucky when he got kissed by Layla?
  403. NXT should not be on the WWE Network?
  404. out of all the divas in wwe name the one's you think can actually wrestle including NXT?
  405. WWE question...?
  406. Should Zeb Colter be named the Director of Citizenship and Immigration?
  407. Professional Wrestling: Okay. So what's the heat on Carlos Colon?
  408. Professional Wrestling: Can you prove me wrong?
  409. I gotta agree with Dave Hytmen on one thing: Christian is not a main event guy.Why do you guys
  410. Professional Wrestling: Why is this becoming a trend in World Wrestling Entertainment?
  411. Do you think HHH would still be a really successful superstar if he didn't marry Stephanie?
  412. How do you feel when you're favorite wrestler loses?
  413. Why does Curtis Axel try to copy Bobby Roode?
  414. Do fans in Japan chant Hai Hai Hai?
  415. Professional Wrestling: What is Total Nonstop Action doing Right Correctly?
  416. Professional Wrestling: Whose better Bray Wyatt, Samuel Shaw or Willow O'The Wisp?
  417. Which wrestler has the most annoying fans?
  418. Which wrestler has the most annoying fans?
  419. What vanilla midget will become a world champion at wrestlemania 40?
  420. Who had louder pops? Triple H or Stone Cold Steve Austin?
  421. Do you think Michael Cole was mad that Bray Wyatt interupted his promo for the WWE Network?
  422. Could you had seen Tamina in the APA?
  423. What do you think of JBL forgetting Wrestlemania 25?
  424. What do you like wwe pg or wwe attitude era?
  425. wrestling fans! its trivia time!!?
  426. Who else cried when Triple H yelled at us on SmackDown?
  427. WRESTLING : Whats wrong with a superstar being so OVERRATED, does it bother you?
  428. what should i take to WWE RAW?
  429. WRESTLING : Whats your favorite match of 2014 so far?
  430. What videos can I see Sheamus losing by pinfall in WWE?
  431. where is the Miz, he did time off from several months?
  432. will John Cena join TNA after leaving WWE 3 - 4 years?
  433. Wouldn't ODB from TNA be a good Sister Abigail?
  434. What match were you looking forward to and once it happen you were disappointed?
  435. Do you guys like the Samuel Shaw Gimmick?
  436. Who else thinks Mick Foley will end up managing The Wyatt Family?
  437. Andre The Giant Battle Royal?
  438. wrestling: will WWE go back to TV14 any time soon in the future?
  439. WWE fans" Brock Lesnar Stronger or Weaker?
  440. Professional Wrestling: How much World Wrestling Entertainment Merchandise do you see at TNA Shows?
  441. Professional Wrestling: Do you care that UFC has 8 Men's Weight Classes and 2 Women's Weight...
  442. WS: Can you think of something awesome that was never done in a Wrestling Show before?
  443. Undertaker or Hulk Hogan ?
  444. Who does Bray Wyatt think he is Mick Foley?
  445. Is Cody Rhodes better than Dusty?
  446. Professional Wrestling: Daniel Bryan is 'To Small' to be believable?
  447. Professional Wrestling: People do realize The Cure Is Silence right?
  448. Professional Wrestling: Isn't It Hypocritical to clearly state you don't watch the product, yet
  449. How long till wwe bans hitting your opponent in the head?
  450. Does the winner of the battle royale at wm only get Andre the giant trophy they should get
  451. Do u think Vince sends hogan and bischoff to any competitor and destroy them from within?
  452. Was Carlos Colón involved in the murder of Bruiser Brody?
  453. Is There ANYONE That Can Stop Bray Wyatt .. !?
  454. If You Could Hit One WWE Superstar With A Steel Chair, Who Would It Be .. !?
  455. How Excited Are You To See Aj Lee Tonight .. !?
  456. Would it be interesting if there was a female Wyatt family member in WWE? Like AJ Lee for example.?
  457. What new matches should be in WWE 2k15?
  458. What were the best years in wrestling?
  459. Do you think Brooke Hogan or Tessmacher enjoyed the beatdown Bully Ray got backstage on
  460. What do you think about Taz now saying that he has always liked MVP?
  461. Do you blame Bobby Roode for his team losing at Lockdown?
  462. WOW!! I am stunned that the rookie, Brittany, just beat a veteran in Gail Kim?
  463. Ewww. Did you see Sam Shaw kissing his mannequin of Christy Hemme on Impact Wrestling tonight?
  464. Did anyone notice Jeremy Borash was looking at Angelina Love while she was walking away?
  465. Do u think tna is heading in the right direction?
  466. How did Angelina Love get out of Winter's spell of being a zombie?
  467. What does Velvet Sky have to think about? Why is she so hesitant to reform the "Beautiful People"?
  468. Is it weird to see Bully Ray being liked by the crowd and chanting his name?
  469. I have never seen an aggressive Jeff Hardy like this before. What's gotten into him?
  470. Does Daniel Bryan's running knee have a name?
  471. Could HHH stop the Undertaker's streak at WM?
  472. who is more popular these days between dolph ziggler and antonio cesaro¿?
  473. Is Daniel Bryan the World's Toughest Vegan?
  474. So just Jobbers are going to be in the Andre The Giant Battle Royal at Wrestlemania 30?
  475. Is Willow the worst gimmick ever?
  476. Which WWE wrestler do you want to bring back from the dead?
  477. Bare with me here.... what would be the outcome if Sheamus was booked the same way as John Cena?
  478. is it me or is daniel bryan ?
  479. How come everyone thinks Bad Influence will carry TNA?
  480. Wrestling Fans! who would win these fantasy tag matches?
  481. What makes The Shield better than The Spirit Squad?
  482. 190 thousand dollars is a good amount to open a wrestling company?
  483. What's Daniel Bryan going to do if he wins the wwe whc at wrestlemania?
  484. Why does Willow have an umbrella?
  485. Professional Wrestling: What is your opinion on Jeff Hardy's 'Alter Ego' Willow O'The Wisp?
  486. Professional Wrestling: Do you honestly care that Angelina Love returned to Impact! Wrestling?
  487. Professional Wrestling: What was your opinion on Total Nonstop Action's Impact! Wrestling?
  488. Professional Wrestling: Have you ever bought Merchandise from
  489. Professional Wrestling: Why does the Artwork/Animation look so horrid on Scooby-Doo!...
  490. Professional Wrestling: Anybody looking for Obscure Professional Wrestling VHS Tapes?
  491. Who will win the Andre the giant battle royal?
  492. Wrestling: Who hit the best enzuigiri, Owen Hart, Samoa Joe, Alberto del Rio or who?
  493. What did u think of impact last night?
  494. Name one promo or segment that went too long?
  495. what is your favorite DDT variation?
  496. How does it feel wwe fans, Angelina love is back in tna?
  497. Whose better: Did I Do Dat, or Dave Hytmen. Me, right?
  498. What gimmick didn't work that you actually liked?
  499. Why Goldberg Left wrestling WWE?
  500. who would win these matches?