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  1. How come one segment with John Cena and IWC saying Rock does not have goon in-ring sbility?
  2. Guess The Wrestler. (Hard if you're a new fan, easy if you were around at the time)?
  3. How can I beat my stepmom in wrestling?
  4. which is your favorite type of heel? (5 categories, +4BQ's)?
  5. do guys want the old john cena?
  6. (I know I'm going to get hate for this...)I HOPE JOHN CENA WINS AT MITB!?
  7. What p*sses you off the most about the PG Era?
  8. Do you think Shawn Michaels faked losing his smile back in the WWF?
  9. Does anyone know the name of the song in this Orton vs Christian video?
  10. who else is excited TNA Bound of Glory series?
  11. *Smackdown Spoiler Question*?
  12. Would u like get stunned?
  13. What diva/knockout could you see yourself?
  14. Why do people like Evan Bourne so much? All he does is kick people?
  15. the best experience you can ever have with a superstar?
  16. Greatest WWF/E Moment?
  17. What would you rather see John Cena vs. The Rock,John Cena vs. Steve Austin or John Cena vs. Hulk...
  18. Do u think,this was impressive?
  19. Is jazz hot????????????????
  20. Do you think CM Punk is actually gonna leave or has he got something else planned?
  21. What do you think about the mistake which was made with Evan Bournes match?
  22. What is missing from Randy Orton's run as the guy?
  23. Why people like 6 sided ring?
  24. Who can beat John Cena for the title?
  25. What is your favourite wrestler's debut?
  26. Is santino marella underated?
  27. which of these statistics would be better for a wrestler?
  28. What is ur favourite match from 1998?
  29. What will be a better ppv Money in the Bank or Destination X?
  30. Carlito or mvp????????
  31. Do you think there will still be wrestling promotions in 100 years like WWE and TNA?
  32. Kane or the big show?
  33. Who has the best tattoo in wwe?
  34. Can you tell me whos theme song this is from?
  35. Who eats more?Mark Henry or the Big Show?
  36. What wrestlers in WWE look like they can be football players?
  37. What u think of Jinder Mahal?
  38. whats going on in wrestling now a days?
  39. So let me get this straight!?
  40. Has anyone read the interview with Shawn Michaels?
  41. If u people hate wrestling than why do you come to wrestling section ?
  42. Rumors of ultimate warrior death...a hoax again? ?
  43. Has Gunner from TNA wowed any of you?
  44. Do you think John Cena is Athletic enough like The Rock to do a Kip-up ?
  45. Which wrestler you were surprised because how talented he is?
  46. When will Drew McIntyre get a push for gods sake...?
  47. Who are you top 5 wrestlers from wwe and who are your 5 least favorite?
  48. Do you think Undertaker should become WWE Champ?
  49. If you were a wrestler(more details inside)?
  50. What do you think, it mean now for Sin Cara, after he wasn't chosen to wrestle against Evan...
  51. Which of these all time divas would win if they faced there own gimmicks(more inside)?
  52. I am the acctual wrestler Randy Orton ?
  53. What does Cena have to do to not be hated by people?
  54. Wrestling section ... I am going to Raw Roulette next Monday in Las Vegas, Nevada! Should I be...
  55. What my girlfriend is going to think about my black crotch on my white body?
  56. How does sex work with Layla from start to finish?
  57. How do you tell a girl that her vagina smells?
  58. Why does steam come out of my wife's vagina?
  59. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT(Viewers Choice Week)?
  60. WIll WWE MITB be the best ppv of the year this year?
  61. When did they announce Daniels vs. Styles vs. Joe for Destination X?
  62. Do you know that this saturday will be the 5th anniversary of the Chris Benoit's death?
  63. Do any WWE Wrestlers support any European Football/Soccer Teams?
  64. Should Lita Return to the WWE for Another Run If She is Healthy Enough to Do It?
  65. Answer this question please...?
  66. Does this mean that WWE is failing to deliver E?
  67. Vickie Guererro's ramp dance ?
  68. Are you hating someone because it's what's others do?
  69. Whos's cuter Orton or Cena?
  70. Who thinks Melina is beautiful?
  71. Who would win in a match between John Morrison and Kazarian?
  72. Wwe divas division is pathetic ?
  73. team daniel bryan vs team cm punk in a 12 man elimination tag match. which team would win?
  74. Mods for wrestling encore?
  75. Don't you just love R truth at the moment ?
  76. why so many kelly kelly haters ?
  77. Where can i download mods for wrestling encore?
  78. Why did the WWE let Kaval win NXT?
  79. Whose Hollywood movies are better ? The Rock or John Cena ?
  80. Is The Undertaker a rapist?
  81. What happened to Brock Lesnar?
  82. Do you think ??????? ?. ?????g?? ??g? ??????? will become TC someday?
  83. Is cm punk leaving wwe?
  84. who would win between the missing link VS george the animal steele?
  85. who was the best of the gay wrestlers? i know its a weird question?
  86. who said it? Wrestling is ballet with violence?
  87. does anyone know the story of the grand wizard of wrestling and his ghost flying in the...
  88. wrestler quotes? who said it?
  89. Why do people think KK is the hottest diva?
  90. who in your opinion is the greatest wrestling family? from any time period and federation?
  91. Wrestling storyline for a Vixen?
  92. Who do you think will win the Sin Cara vs. Evan Bourne match next week?
  93. What happend to the good stables in wrestling?
  94. Wrestlers to come back and get Raw ratings back?
  95. In WWE who do you want to go against and who do you don't want to go against?
  96. Zack Ryder win Money in the Bank?
  97. WWE not pushing other races?
  99. why does cm punks contract have to end?
  100. anyone think the thing with christian the miz and R truth before the match reallyreillyjimmy...
  101. Stone Cold Steve Austin quote about The Rock????????????????????
  102. If you could make a wwe video game what would it be like?
  103. Would you still be a John Cena fan If he turned Heel(Cena fans only)?
  104. How close to the ring are this seats in real life to a WWE live event?
  105. Is it obvious that Mark Henry is the new #1 contender to face Randy Orton at Money in the bank?
  106. How do you feel about WWE admitting error in voting last night?
  107. Lets see how many Lets Go Cena and Cena Sucks chants we can get! +BQ?
  108. If you could make a WWE video game what would it be like?
  109. How to become a wrestler?
  110. How much do you think an autographed Honky Tonk Man toy guitar is worth?
  111. What wrestling school is most likely to get me in the wwe!?
  112. When will Melina get a push for the Diva's Champioship belt?
  113. What would your least favorite wrestler have to do to become your favorite wrestler?
  114. Why did R-truth call the audience jimmys?
  115. Who do you think will win Money in the Bank?
  116. Is anyone else SURPRISED by how much the fans cheer for ALEX RILEY?
  117. Do not see that the CM Punk leaving thing is a storyline?
  118. What happened to Tyler Reks?
  119. Who are your favorite wrestlers? WWE?
  120. What ever happened to JTG?
  121. WWE: Evan Bourne end CM Punk's career?
  122. Does anybody know if the MITB PPV will be free on sky sports?
  123. Picture of The Miz, R-Truth, and Christian during their Really? bit on RAW 6/20/11?
  124. How long do we have to put up w michael cole?
  125. Raw to boost it's ratings?
  126. What are your thoughts on WWE messed up and it was supposed to be Bourne vs Sin Cara last night?
  127. Agree or Disagree: This RAW was far better than last week's RAW?
  128. Is Tna and Wwe merging?
  129. Who else laughed at the R-truth, Miz, and Christian segment?
  130. How do you think is the Anonymous GM?
  131. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw(Viewers Choice week)?
  132. im trying to find an old wcw tournament on youtube but i cant remember what ppv it was?
  133. So apparently technical errors occurred in power to the people?
  134. Who Had The Worst Night last night-Kane or Christian?
  135. Batista is NO LONGER RIPPED?!?
  136. What intro song is better Raws or Smackdowns?
  137. Hahaha go to
  138. What is your Favorite WWE Match ever?
  139. Ahhg! So i guess CM Punk is 100% definitely leaving the WWE??? :( ?
  140. Does anybody else think this CM Punk leaving thing is a work?
  141. You do realize that Cena is a good man in reality?
  142. R truth had me kidnap lil Jimmy and tie him up ?
  143. If Ziggler got disqualified then surely that means Kofi wins?
  144. What would you rank the top 5 wreslters of the 90's wrestlers from the WWF?
  145. What are you more excited for next week HBK or Raw Roulette+BQ?
  146. Is Randy Orton turning into John Cena?
  147. Who do you think will win at Money in the Bank John Cena or CM Punk?
  148. Ziggler vs Kingston = best match tonight?
  149. Why the heck does Orton drag the WHC?
  150. Anyone else think Miz loves saying Really when he does it ahahhaa?
  151. Is WWE responsible for Cm Punk leaving AFTER MITB ?
  152. What did you think of Raw tonight?
  153. Is King getting annoying?
  154. On the scale 1-10 how will you rate first hour of RAW?
  155. Where do i Go to vote for the fan pick raw tonight?
  156. Should John Cena Face Daniel Bryan tonight?
  157. Come Wrestlemania 28: Are you are on Team Bring It or Team Cenation?
  158. Am i the only person who misses Lay-Cool?
  159. On the current wwe roster:Who do you like better(poll)?
  160. who else just herd the someone from the crowed say the n word?
  161. Who else agrees that Drew McIntyre needs a push?
  162. Is the grenal manger going 2 be revled tonight on raw?
  163. 1-10 rate raw tonight?
  164. Where do you see WWE in about 5 - 10 years?
  165. so far has jackie and chyna been misused on tna or are they too old to be there?
  166. Beth Phoenix needs a push?
  167. when will rvd , sting, ecw guys , and bischoff support the young talent and stop hogging tna?
  168. Why is tna showing on tuesday on spike tv?
  169. Can The Rock stop Super Saiyan Cena at Wrestlemania 28?
  170. any chance sable can return to wwe again? BQ what wwf diva would you want to return?
  171. When did WWE turn into Super Heroes?
  172. can someone please tell the guy from nxostreams to unblock me!?
  173. Are Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase Best Friends in real life?
  174. Wait during the Kingston/Ziggler match, I thought they each had 1 fall after Ziggler DQ'd?
  175. Was Dolph Ziggler tired or was he just selling Kofi's offense?
  176. What do you think cm punk's surprise will be tonight remember last time he joined the nexus
  177. why can;t stone cold stay on raw longer? BQ will hbk wrestle?
  178. If Christian can't pin Super Saiyan Cena, Who can?
  179. Who else hears the people chanting BATISTA for Mason Ryan?
  180. For those who voted, how do you feel now that you've been scammed?
  181. Will i get in trouble?
  182. Is this gonna happen to the WWE?
  183. WWE Power to the people totally isn't Rigged!?
  184. who is best werastler of wwe ?
  185. Who would win in an I Quit Match John Cena vs Undertaker?
  186. This isn't really Power To The People!?
  187. John Cena in which main event in a row?
  188. Batista chants?! Did you hear that!?
  189. RAW Roulette next week? Are you serious?
  190. How would you compare John Morrison to a prime Shawn Micheals?
  191. Is the Baltimore crowd awesome or what?
  192. WWE Power To The People has been Awesome so far right Universe?
  193. Does Vicky look hot or what?
  194. What do you think of the fight with John Cena and ..........?
  195. Why is it that people are mad that Evan Bourne is getting a push over Swagger?
  196. Come Wrestlemania 28: Are you are on Team Bring It or Team Cenation?
  197. What do you think of.......(WWE)?
  198. Even though they say its power to the people it really isn't ?
  199. Card PWG Eigh Guesses ?
  200. What City/State will Raw be in tonight?
  201. What happened to Big Show at Capital Punishment ?
  202. Who did undertaker defeat at wrestlemania?
  203. Do you think Vince is aware of all the negativity he's getting, but is just ignoring it?
  204. Who do you expect Dolph Ziggler to feud with now that he is the United States champion ?
  205. POLL: Who are some Top Wrestling Contributors that don't deserve it?
  206. Did u know that in the indies, Danielson was tag champ with low ki?
  207. where do i vote for the power to the people event on raw?
  208. Who would have or would make great IV Horsemen?
  209. What did CM Punk say after he won the match last night at capitol punishment?
  210. who thinks capitol punishment sucked?
  211. What?s the new deal with Ring of Honor?
  212. WWE Money In The Bank Card - My Predicted Matches/Card. Please Rate?
  213. Who created the Diamond Cutter?
  214. Who is more popular Cena or The Undertaker?
  215. Punk to give his surprise tonight? BQ what is the surprise?
  216. Is it just me or does alberto del rio...................?
  217. Why Does The WWE decrease the moveset of its wrestlers? (+BQs)?
  218. If The TNA Knockouts WWE Divas Had Their Own Show What Feuds Would You Want To See?
  219. !Wrestlers Showdown!?
  220. If wrestling is fake then.....?
  221. Who all is mad that WWE screwed Christian over, again if I may add?
  222. where do i vote for the power to the people thing on raw?
  223. Was Batista at the WWE hall of fame 2011?
  224. How can I get on the show Though Enough... Just A Question?!?
  225. So Does everybody agree with this?
  226. Why is Wrestling in the Sport category when it is fake?
  227. Who else thinks this should have happened last night?
  228. Who deserves next WrestleMANIA match against the UNDERTAKER..?
  229. Am i the only person who likes watching wrestling for the storylines not the wrestling?
  230. Who are your top 3 favorite current TNA Knockouts? Why?
  231. Does Kofi Kingston have enough potential to become a world champion someday?
  232. Who Had The Worst Week?
  233. Thoughts on the Jack Swagger -- Evan Bourne match ?
  234. What do you think of this Capitol Punishment stage?
  235. What did you think of Capitol Punishment last night?
  236. Did anybody else see Shane McMahon at the US Open ?
  237. What does Obama have to do with wrestling?
  238. Do you think CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio is an MOTY candidate?
  239. What WWE moves are related to sexual positions?
  240. Agree or Disagree ... Booker T is a worse commentator than Michael Cole ?
  241. how do you feel about r-truth getting screwed by little jimmy?
  242. Why WWE! WHY did you do that?
  243. Who is happy for Dolph Ziggler?
  244. Is TNA trying to attract WWE Viewers by this?
  245. Who Had The Worst Night-Capital Punishment?
  246. Is there anyway the fans can tell mr.mcmhaon and the creative team that was bull shit?
  247. Why do wrestling fans always act like complete jerks?
  248. Why is everyone suprised superman won?
  249. Is anyone surprised with Cena and Orton winning?
  250. Have you ever tried wrestling at home even though...?
  251. Do you think John Cena is overHated?
  252. My Money in the Bank Card [Plus what are yours]?
  253. Why do people keep spending money when they know...?
  254. did anyone read jerichos new book undisputed?
  255. looking forward to seeing cena win (sarcasm)?
  256. Dont you think The Rock an Cena are exact opposite of each other in every category ?
  257. Was that the real obama at capital punishment?
  258. Do you find The Rockbottom and Chokeslam very similar ?
  259. The Uso's are the next good tag team?
  260. What did you like better when the announce tables were by the ramp or where they are now(BQ)?
  261. Report everyone of these trolls (BQ)?
  262. How Rigged is the WWE HOF?
  263. Why does WWE make Christian look like a sore loser?
  264. (WWE) Is Jim Ross going to return to raw? or the wwe at that?
  265. Very Impotent Quastion?
  266. TNA Wrestling or WWE?
  267. has TNA or IMPACT WRESTLING as they are known now, stepped up their game?
  268. Who in your opinion was a better Manager for the WWF? Miss Elizabeth or Sunny?
  269. I heard that WWE's Melina Perez could suck a motor off a speed boat. Is it true?
  270. Create your own wrestling show?
  271. How Do I Participate In Power To The People On WWE.Com?
  272. Why does everybody hate cena so much!?
  273. Matches I would like to see choose who wins Part IV? Rate Them?
  274. Agree or Disagree: Cena will retain the WWE title and Christian will win the WHC?
  275. How far do you see Jinder Mahal going in the WWE?
  276. 10 Points for Capitol Punishment Predictions?
  277. Why do you think the WWE Diva/Tag Team division sucks?
  278. Who is your current favorite WWE Superstar and Diva?
  279. Is there no divas match tonight?
  280. In your opinion who is The Miz better with,John Morrison or Alex Riley?
  281. WWE- Has anyone ever noticed?
  282. Who's your favorite retired superstar?
  283. What hotel does WWE stay in when they come to Hidalgo, TX?
  284. Does John Cena only kno 5 moves?
  285. Favorite WWE Entrance Theme?
  286. What time does Capital Punishment start?
  287. How do you vote for wwe power to the people?
  288. During the Invasion storyline who from team WWF do you think should have joined The Alliance?
  289. What would you like the results of WWE Capitol Punishment to be?
  290. WWE/WWF Quiz inside test your knowledge?
  291. Can you Finish this Quote?
  292. If you got a chance to have a talk with Vince McMahon what would you tell him?
  293. Do you miss Duke Bunleone?
  294. What happened to Donovan T?
  295. Do you miss Johnny Bravo, one of the WS All Time Greats?
  296. Who smokes crack the most? Meth Hardy or RVD?
  297. Did you know that Bret Hart was accused by Hulk Hogan for being homo?
  298. Create your own Dream PPV?
  299. Isn't Ted DiBiase Jr the greatest heel of all time?
  300. Is drinking beer with Stone Cold a bad idea?
  301. can someone tell me how jeff jarrett is already a champion in AAA?
  302. Did you know....Chris Benoit was actually a 2-time world champion?
  303. Did anybody notice The Rock's tittanron shows him slamming the TNA stars ?
  304. Is it just me who doesn't give a sh*t about Cena vs Rock at WM 28?
  305. The funniest joke about Randy Orton?
  306. Do you think that gimmicks became boring?
  307. The Ultimate Warrior thing isint part of any TNA story line right?
  308. First one to make me believe he adores John Cena gets 10 points?
  309. How many of you would want R Truth throwing soda in your face?
  310. Who is the angriest wrestler ever?
  311. What punishment will wwe supastar get @ capitol punishment?
  312. Who Agrees that This Sunday Cena is Gonna Get Got by R-Truth?
  313. How exactly does someone cheat to get on the leaderboard?
  314. If Rock can beat Hogan then why isn't Cena allowed to beat Rock?
  315. Why doesn't the WWE push The Usos once and for all?
  316. Have you noticed how pale that Pale Falcon Ricardo Rodriguez is?
  317. When will Ricky The Dragon Steamboat's son move up to Smackdown?
  318. Who's worse? Paul London or The Brian Kendrick?
  319. What was that with Ted DiBiase getting pinned on Smackdown?
  320. Do you think Mordecai should return and end Undertaker's Streak once and for all?
  321. Why the WWE doesn't make Dusty Rhodes a Monday Night Raw commentator?
  322. World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton reportedly rapes HHH's husband in their house?
  323. Why do you want that Jershey Shore wannabe Zack Ryder become a main eventer?
  324. Just wondering. How will the Cena haters react when John Cena is inducted in the WWE Hall Of Fame?
  325. Who would win in these matches?
  326. Why does everyone always mention Zack Ryder like he's some God or something?
  327. Do you agree or disagree with these ?
  328. Who are the most overrated WWE Superstars currently in WWE?
  329. Fill in the blank:Since Michelle McCool retired and Layla got injured diva matches have___________?
  330. favorite wwe superstar of all time?
  331. Do you think REAL wrestling is way less respected by people than scripted wrestling...?
  332. what is your favorite move?
  333. Do you agree that Randy Orton got Mr Kennedy fired because he felt threatened by him?
  334. is John Morrison getting a Main Event push when he returns from injury? Hmm.?
  335. UNW Tryouts, you want to be in?
  336. what are some good randy orton matches to watch?
  337. Who has the best gimmick in the WWE presently?
  338. Things to do in a fight?
  339. can anyone give me the video to ultimate warrior dissing hulk hogan?
  340. Who is the most underrated and overrated female wrestler of the wwe and tna currently? Why?
  341. Is it Alberto Del Rio's destiny to be the biggest, brightest, star the WWE Universe has ever seen?
  342. Who would win if thease 3 fought?
  343. Wud it be easier to get over with the crowd if?
  344. When the Pandas inevitably die out, could WWE go back to WWF?
  345. I need a wrestling name and gimmick?
  346. Does anyone think Alex Riley will win the WWE title before?
  347. Who is the worst wrestler in WWE ever and present ?
  348. Is any one else sick of WWE_Creative's tweets?
  349. When is 'The Randy Orton Experience' coming out?
  350. He is in your opinion better Ted DiBiase Jr. or Ted DiBiase Sr.?
  351. Based on talent: who do you choose, Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler or Dashing Cody Rhodes?
  352. nWo or DX? Which was the better faction?
  353. Why does TNA suck so much?
  354. Do you think this could happen?
  355. Does that mean Sheamus will be out for a few months now Orton Punted him in the head?
  356. Do you think the WWE is contradicting...?
  357. favorite wwe superstar of all time?
  358. Does WWE rig most viewer choice shows?
  359. Don't u think Zach ryder makes purpose videos?
  360. What is TNA's Wrestlemania?
  361. R Truth the next black Champ?
  362. Are you excited for WWE '12?
  363. Fill In the Blank: If John Cena would win against The Rock at Wrestlemania, You would ________?
  364. Give me 5 reasons why you hate the worst wrestler in the WWE?
  365. Can a WWE wrestler........................................?
  366. Who Else Loves Smackdowns Mid-Card?
  367. Over and Under (6)??
  368. Ted Dibiase needs the WWE title, right?
  369. So at Last Year's Viewer's Choice.......................?
  370. The Return of Robert Colossus
  371. Who would u hav for a Dream Stable?
  372. Woah! Woah! What The Hell? WWE Fans PLz Help me!!?
  373. Remember when the rock said he was NEVER leaving again?
  374. Would you like these Tag Teams?+BQ?
  375. Is it just me who doesn't think Cena doesn't need to be in the main event too much?
  376. What happen tonight on WWE Smackdown (06/17/11) tonight from 9:00 pm -10:00 pm EST and
  377. Who are your top five Smackdown wrestlers?
  378. Do you think these superstars have the look of a world champion?
  379. WWE '12 Question On Entrances?
  380. Are The Uso's going to win the Tag Titles Soon?
  381. Question wwe superstars?
  382. Do you think Obama knows about WWE Capitol Punishment ?
  383. Is WWE Contradicting itself?
  384. why do children like john cena?
  385. TNA's wrestler Gunner?
  386. What Mid-Card Match Are You Most Excited To See Tommorow?
  387. Is The Miz Good Looking?
  388. what do you think of jeff jarrett going to mexico?
  389. is Alex Riley a future Main Event Player in the WWE in years to come? Your thoughts?
  390. Who was your favorite first time World Champion in 1992?
  391. Why was it never mentioned that Christina (from Tough Enough) is Alica Fox younger sister?
  392. so far do you agree that r truth is heel of the year?
  393. do you see/think Cody Rhodes as a WHC someday or is he just a midcard talent at best?
  394. so yeah....kane vs kid tyson...?
  395. cena!cena!john cena!!1thats all i ever hear!!argh?
  396. what do you think of this match?
  397. wwe s vs raw 2011 how do you delete shad and sheamus atires?
  398. Who Had The Worst Night-SmackDown?
  399. Britani Knight signed as a WWE Diva?
  400. anyone else tired of waiting for andy to make his in ring debut?
  401. What do you want to see this Monday on RAW?
  402. If Honky Tonk Man released an album consisting of covers of hit songs, would you buy it?
  403. do you think an r-truth vs usos fued will be good?
  404. Which product would Honky Tonk Man be a great commercial pitchman for?
  405. I've watched Smackdown on Syfy some hours ago, Teddy Long is just itching to be the Bad Guy...?
  406. have you ever met a WWE wrestler?
  407. do i beat the crap out of him ?
  408. Alicia Fox has to be the most underrated diva today?
  409. Do you feel sorry for Cody Rhodes? He used to be dashing, now he's hideous grotesque?
  410. Is it just me who hates John Cena+BQ?
  411. Who would win these matches? And Rate them?
  412. Matches I would like to see choose who wins Pt. II? And Rate Them?
  413. Do you think that.....?
  414. Who is this Roody Poo Chelsea-Simply Electrifying(MS7)?
  415. Who'd Win Claudio Castagnoli vs Alberto Delrio?
  416. Question to Chelsea-Simply Electrifying(MS7)?
  417. Have you memorized the opening theme to any WWE show ? You know the: Yes sir we promised you a...
  418. Night of Champions Question?
  419. What do you think about this video? +BQ?
  420. do many of you think of Mr Anderson as World Championship or Main Event material?
  421. Who has more in-ring Athlesism ? The Rock or Triple H ?
  422. Are you a fan of the HEY! ... BOO! ... HEY! ... BOO! chants when the wrestlers keep...
  423. Is it just me who hates The Rock?
  424. If you could pick a WWE wrestler to be your body guard, who would it be?
  425. What wrestler has the best tattoos?
  426. If you were to give your top 10 favorite wrestlers of all time awards,who would you
  427. Uso's - first decent tag team in a while?
  428. Is Kofi Kingston the most athletic superstar in the wwe today?
  429. PLEASE RATE: Friday Night Smackdown Episode #17?
  430. Is anyone checking posters/signs at the entrance?
  431. wwe: agree or disagree?
  432. Who else is pissed off that Randy Orton looks like the hero?
  433. Will Christian always be the Partner of Edge?
  434. What did you think about that tag team match!?
  435. Has anyone ever pinned big Zeke in a one on one match?
  436. How can WWE be a kid show?
  437. who is you fave submission wrestler Daniel Byran or benoit?
  438. Who's the worse wrestler: Alicia Fox or Daniel Bryan?
  439. Who of the current action actors could be a wrestler?
  440. Do any of you miss seeing this every Tuesday night? +BQ?
  441. What sort of boat does little Jimmy own?
  442. So whats the card for capitol punishment?
  443. What did you think of Primo vs Zack Ryder on SS?
  444. Is Jarret going to Mexico now?
  445. Raw Power to the People? Are you kidding me?
  446. who has the most beautiful physique in wwe?
  447. who would win these wrestling matches?
  448. Why does ?hcha?pi??ap?xpr?dat?? have an attitude when she answers questions?
  449. who else is sick of teddy long?
  450. do you think randy orton is even more retarded than before.........?
  451. Who besides me is watching Stone Cold's movie Damaged on Spike TV right now (06/16/11)
  452. If pushed right how far could these superstars go in wwe?
  453. Ezekiel jackson will win the ic title?
  454. Which feud was better: Cena/Orton OR Cena/Edge? +BQ?
  455. What is the most boring wrestling match you have ever seen in your entire life?
  456. When will Chris Jericho return already!?!?!?
  457. What do you think of the history between Kane and the Undertaker?
  458. Who Had The Worst Night-Superstars?
  459. Which cruiserweight or x division of all time are you more a fan of(poll)?
  460. Do you agree that WWE has to choose their locations of WrestleMania better?
  461. Did anyone else notice this on RAW?
  462. Is it just me or is Ted Dibiase long overdue for a WWE/WHC Title Shot?
  463. What is this section called...?
  464. Why do people complain about John Cena always hogging the title?
  465. If pushed right how far could he go in wwe?
  466. What was the best Elimination Chamber match you ever saw? + BQ?
  467. Has Orton vs Christian turned into one of the better feuds in WWE in quite a while?
  468. i need help 5easy points (wwe)?
  469. WWE fans, What do you say about RKO in the mid air..!!!!?
  470. If you were to create a new move what would you call it?
  471. It's a shameful thing, lobster head?
  472. Do you think these entrances of Doink the Clown are scary?
  473. Do you think WWE should pay Paul Heyman to come run the Creative Team?
  474. If you think CM PUNK is in the top 15 WWE/F wrestlers of all time, have you seen these promos/vigs?
  475. Who should be the next wrestlers to hold the following WWE titles?
  476. Did Ryder just turn face?
  477. Who do you think is the bigger clown?
  478. WWE recently, Which wrestler didn't deserve the push he got? And What wreslter deserved a...
  479. Which theme song in the WWE today is your favorite?
  480. DO you like my WM 28 card?
  481. What Are The Lyrics To The Smackdown Hotel That The Rock Sings?
  482. what did u impact wrestling tonight ?
  483. Who are the tna tag team champipons right now?
  484. John Morrison still got the best entrance in the WWE?
  485. Do you think TNA is getting to be more like what WCW was in the 90's?
  486. what happened to triple h?
  487. -------------------- If you were a Wrestler...... ------------------?
  488. how come wwe doesnt really pay attention to wwe diva legends like marlena and luna vachon?
  489. now that tough enough has finished, does wwe have any plans for trish?
  490. Who would win in a fight, Vince McMahon or David Stern?
  491. Why does the world still watch scripted wwe?
  492. Cruiserweight and x division of all time (poll)?
  493. WWEPPV Prediction Series?
  494. Where is my man Crush?
  495. Why did the wwe not use victoria right?
  496. Remember the WM where the bands sung the theme song for the super star? Was killswitch engage...
  497. OK. WS I need your help. PLEASE ASSAP read this question in details!?
  498. Do you think that Shane McMahon could have been a decent Intercontinental Champion during the
  499. Why do people think you have to like superstars such as Daniel Bryan, Sin Cara, Zack Ryder,etc?
  500. Is Triple H going to compete in the Royal Rumble tonight?