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  1. who would win this match Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff vs sheamus?
  2. Who are the owners of the following companies?
  3. Agree/Disagee, Beth Phoenix is being under used right now?
  4. who was known as Blade Runner Rock?
  5. How many wrestlers can YOU name who wear/wore face paint during their matches ?
  6. who was the opponent the night MulkeyMania started?
  7. What Wrestlers Have Held the Classic WCW World Championship?
  8. How good is Kyle O Reily?
  9. wrestling matches tna vs wwe??????
  10. If you were a wwe diva?
  11. if wwe braodcast a show every nite would you watch?
  12. What is your opinion on Wrestlers Shoot interviews?
  13. What is your opinion on Lita?
  14. what do you think of this after match?
  15. What was the first title ever won by Randy Orton?
  16. Whats rey mysterio move 619 real name?
  17. what was the longest royal rumble match in wwe history?
  18. Best Attitude Era Match?
  19. Who is the guy who does the shooting star press?
  20. Are you watching RAW tommorow? (BQ!)?
  21. Are you a fan of John Cena?
  22. If u were starting a wrestling promotion and could sign 5 guys who would they be?
  23. What happened to my high school buddy Mike Knox?
  24. What happened to my friend Vance Archer?
  25. Do you know about any new feeatures for wwe 12?
  26. I'm a little WWE Obsessed so..?
  27. How would i contact gcw for a try-out match?
  28. Has The Miz been released yet?
  29. who was Winless Jack Hart Managed by Percy Pringle first win against?
  30. How should i train for a tryout match for an indy promotion,?
  31. why are federation like czw and bjw not more popular?
  32. Miss Elizabeth......?
  33. What are your money in the bank predictions?
  34. Have you noticed how many times John Cena has botched his moves?
  35. how many wrestlers are undefeated in something?
  36. why did wwe edge retirement 2011?
  37. What is NXT????????????
  38. Who's stronger: a chimpanzee or Mark Henry?
  39. is Donald Trump Richer than Mr Mcmahon ?
  40. who has the best ring attire?
  41. What is your opinion on CM Punk?
  42. What was the first attitude era match?
  43. skateboarding goofy vs regular?
  44. Is it going to be a triple threat now for the world heavyweight title at money in the bank?
  45. What is your opinion on John Cena?
  46. WWE Divas............?
  47. Who has the best pryo entrance?
  48. who has the best gimmick?
  49. How come WWE does not treat a lot of black wrestlers right?
  50. who was first woman to win a mans wrestling championship belt?
  51. who do you think is going to win the smackdown money in the bank?
  52. who are your top ten least favorite wrestlers?
  53. Does anyone realize Raw had so many holiday shows this year?
  54. Who is stronger between Big Show and Great Khali?
  55. Who is the king of botching?
  56. Who is faster between Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara?
  57. what is Justin Gabriel finish move called?
  58. Have you ever perform a wrestling move?
  59. who was the winner of the 2006 royal rumble?
  60. Has Undertaker tapped out?
  61. what is the name of Kane finisher?
  62. Does anybody like TNA better than WWE?
  63. what happen to chris jericho?
  64. Were you saddened to learn of the passing of Jeff Hardy?
  65. is vince mcmahon the 1 who create the storylines ?
  66. who are your favorite wwe wrestlers?
  67. how many times Rey Mysterio has been world champion?
  68. Which WWE superstar do you think has the brightest future?
  69. does Zack Ryder deserve a push?
  70. Who is the best heel of all time?
  71. Is Jillian hall hot????????????????
  72. Cm Punk Promo Work Or Shoot?
  73. Ted DiBiase Jr's in ring debut was at Night Of Champions (2008), correct?
  74. so whats the deal with kane now?
  75. What does U.F.O stand for?
  76. Is Jillian hall hot????????????????
  77. Do you still main event at WrestleMania if you win Royal Rumble?
  78. Anyone else notice CM Punk's Official WWE Universe Facebook page is missing?
  79. How come cm punk didn't mention tna?
  80. Sinces were talking about good promos, name your top 5 promos in the WWF/E history?
  81. Whats happened so far on Raw?
  82. What do you think they wouldve done if CM Punk mentioned TNA?
  83. Is the WWE coming to an end?
  84. What arenas boo/cheer Cena?
  85. Do you think Punk Should of done that and that it was a little immature or do you 100% back him up?
  86. So does it take one shoot promo for you to hop on a wrestler's nuts now?
  87. Why did CM Punk just get suspended?
  88. Do you miss the hardcore tiitle and the 24/7 rule?
  89. Is it just me or is everyone on Cm Sucks nuts now?
  90. Did Anyone see that??
  91. What match do you think Cena will have against R-Truth?
  92. Have they fired or suspended CM Punk!?
  93. Please rate my Wrestlemania 28 card?
  94. If you could make any match, what would it be?
  95. who deserves a push more sheamus or jack swagger?
  96. CM Punk is Speaking the Motherfacking Truth?
  97. Can somebody give me the WWE update please?
  98. Who do you find more crazy?R-Truth or Mark Henry?
  99. Is the raw roulette for real?
  100. Do you think this will happen at MitB?
  101. would tot mom make a good WWE diva?
  102. Who would win, Nigel McGuinness/Desmond Wolfe or Chris Benoit in his Prime?
  103. Agree or Disagree ; WWE fans ruin promos and when Wrestlers talk because all they say is WHAT!?
  104. Who'd Win Daniel Bryan vs Eddie Guerrero?
  105. Fantasy RAW 1(Come rate my card!)?
  106. With Shawn Michaels returning, would you like to see Triple H tonight?
  107. Who was more talented in the 90's: Bret Hart or Eddie Guerrero?
  108. If CM Punk wins John Cena at MITB and other questions?
  109. WWE Divas: Hot or Not Quiz?
  110. Best and worse WWE heel and face turns?
  111. To what wrestlers u have 0 respect?
  112. Would u like see these as the new nexus?
  113. Did like the boogeyman?
  114. WWE AND TNA MIXED? what would the rosters be like?
  115. Who has the most pathetic mic skills?
  116. Undertaker likes to bleed, it's turns him on, WHY LOL?
  117. wwe ppv schedule be original thought?
  118. Agree or Disagree?Orlando Jordan deserve a push?
  119. Matt Morgan and Scott Steiner?
  120. Agree or Disagree?????
  121. cm punks title screw job?
  122. So what do you think about jinder mahal?
  123. Is there a way that I can meet WWE Diva Eve Torres?
  124. If an illegal immigrant has wrestling talent, would you recommend he go back to Mexico...
  125. whos your fav diva and knockout ?
  126. i heard a rumor about tna superstar jeff hardy kurt angle wwe superstar cm punk?
  127. Why is the nexus still around?
  128. Better match: Kurt Angle vs. HBK @ Wrestlemania 21 or HBK vs. Undertaker @ Wrestlemania 25?
  129. Who in Wwe (Real Life) Are Best Friends and Family ?
  130. Do you think the Punk Cena fued was rushed and cena could have fought Punk at Wrestlemania?
  131. do you think TNA has gotten better with the Bound For Glory Series?
  132. Batista talked about why he left WWE, and what his future plans are with it?
  133. wrestling section why do people say John Cena and Hulk Hogan are alike when Cena's a...
  134. What would you of done if you were Vince back in 1997 concerning the Montreal Screw Job?
  135. rate my mitb ppv out of ten?
  136. do you see Ted Dibiase turning face soon?
  137. what do you think of my smackdown money in the bank match?
  138. why the wwe doesn't give Zack Ryder a push?
  139. what do you think of this storyline?
  140. why the WWE is giving Evan Bourne a push now?
  141. do you see Mason Ryan as the new leader of the new nexus?
  142. Why doesn't most of the people on here know that wrestling started out as a PG product?
  143. What do you think of El Generico becoming the new RoH World TV Champion?
  144. would you like it if mark henry won the sd money in the bank match?
  145. do you see the undertaker wrestling a few more matches before WM 28?
  146. who do you think will be the next wwe tag team champions?
  147. What is your favorite match in WWE history?
  148. What do you think of my 2011 Summerslam card?
  149. What do you think of this WM28 card?
  150. Do you think a referee can make or break a good match ?
  151. Do you think that Evan Bourne will win his first title before the end of 2011?
  152. Do you think Kurt Angle will win the 2012 gold in the Olimpics?
  153. 4/4 suvivor serious who would win?
  154. What would be a good theme for a wrestling show?
  155. What was it which was the biggest letdown to you about the WWF version of the NWO in 2002?
  156. Which HOF Induction was more special to you?
  157. Why did Mick Foley leave TNA imediatly as soon as he was releaved to be the Network. It ruined...
  158. since christan is heel will edge return in a non wrestling role as a face as his enmy?
  159. how do u think roh wrestling will do ?
  160. My WrestleMania 28 Card, Your Thoughts ?
  161. Best WWF/WWE match of all time?
  162. Is it true that TNA is watched by a lot of Archeologists because it's a good way for them to...
  163. Who happens to know where this is from ?
  164. WWE Superstars? (Please answer) BQ Inside!!? ?
  165. John Cena or Wade Barrett?
  166. did u watch the fullshoot of warrior talking about hogan on youtube?
  167. Where can I get Randy Savage shirts?
  168. does william regal still wrestle?
  169. Is it good for a girl to be into wrestling?
  170. How long do you see Randy and Cena with the belts?
  171. Where can i watch a replay of ROH PPV's?
  172. Do you agree that Daniel Bryan's Promo on Smackdown v Cody Rhodes was pretty impressive?
  173. When did raw roulette fist debut?
  174. Do you want R Truth to become wwe champion or not and why?
  175. who do you like more and why, Christian or Sheamus?
  176. What business or profession he intended to devote Kurt Angle in the first place?
  177. Will my WWE Miz sign be taken away at MITB if it says Miz I'm getting a divorce soon will you...
  178. Wrestlemania 26 or 27?
  179. Would you rather marry any all time wrestler you wanted or win 200,000 dollars?
  180. Why do you think Batista never went to tna?
  181. Who has a better butt, Layla,Maria,Maryse, or Trish Stratus in her prime?
  182. Cena fans did you know?
  183. So whos happy Chavo got released?
  184. Do you have to be good-looking to be WWE champion?
  185. what part of ct is the wwe shop?
  186. did u like it or not?
  187. Can you follow me on twitter?
  188. wrestling section the grass isn't so much greener in real life is it?
  189. Was Karen Jarret a real wife of Angle ?
  190. Who is more afraid of their hubby?
  191. What do you think of my Money in the Bank card?
  192. Was Vickie Guererro ever in real relationship?
  194. Fun TNA/iMPACT Wrestling questions?
  195. can shawn michaels speak spanish ?
  196. What really Happen To Luke Gallows?
  197. Am I the only one who thinks that Randy Orton and Christian have great chemistry in the ring?
  198. if cm punk does win at mitb...?
  199. JR's greatest commentary moment?
  200. What type of wrestlers do you just flat out enjoy watching the most in the ring(more
  201. How would you rate every TLC match?
  202. what is future of The Nexus?
  203. are vicky guerrero and eddie guerrero related from wwe?
  204. Orlando Jordan gay or is it he acts and dresses in the ring?
  205. are you a fan of matt hardy? why/why not?
  206. how long would it take for something from the wwe shop to get to MA?
  207. Do you think there's still a chance that Cena might turn heel after Wrestlemania 28?
  208. how come tna fans are supportive of their knockouts but a lot of wwe fans aren't supportive of...
  209. can someone please tell me how i can get a moving avatar of the undertaker on twitter?
  210. what do you think of this sudden push of the Usos?
  211. Was jeff hardy released from Tna?
  212. anyone out there that loves wwe?
  213. If There Was A WWE Divas Trade, Who Would You Switch And Why?
  215. What do you think of Sting's storyline the same as R-truths?
  216. What Would You Like To Be The Diva Feud Of Summer 2011?
  217. What do you miss most about the attitude era?
  218. Easy WWE Questions! (With BQ!)?
  219. What are your top 5 favorite WWE storylines?
  220. Which WWE/World title reign was your favorite?
  221. Is this scripted or real?
  222. Why does Randy Orton like shaving his legs?
  223. Do you agree that Wade Barrett has been made to look weak in his last two matches against Zeke?
  224. Why does TNA have such horrible ratings (bq)?
  225. What if John Cena wins all the Pay per view's of 2011 ? ur thoughts ?
  226. Of all the current WWE superstars who have never held the WWE or WHC, who would you most like...
  227. who would win this 4 way hell in a cell match?
  228. Is Jillian hall hot????????????????
  229. Is Jillian hall hot????????????????
  230. If you could re design the survivor series teams from the WWF vs Alliance match....?
  231. What has happened to Ranjin Singh?
  232. How does RAW Roulette work?
  233. XMWrestling Sign Ups + Who's one wrestler you'd like to see signed to WWE?
  234. What would your reaction be if you found out the anonymous Raw General Manager was Mike Adamle?
  235. Will Christian win the World Heavyweight Championship this time or will Batman Orton go
  236. when will they free shad?
  237. why do we keep putting money in Vince Mcmahons pocket if he doesn't give us what we want?
  238. Rate my Summerslam card. *I USE CURRENT ROSTER*?
  239. Do you think this fued with Randy Orton and Christian will go on until wrestlemania?
  240. Why do people compare John Cena to Stone Cold/The Rock ?(more inside)?
  241. roh wrestling tv deal ?
  242. who is your fave wwe wrestler?
  243. Would u like get stunned?
  244. if i want to join wwe where should i go first?
  245. Randy Orton im coming for your WHC?
  246. Am i the only one who preferred the Rudderless Aggression Era then the overrated Attitude Era?
  247. What are 3 things that you like about your favorite Diva or Knockout?
  248. what if you fave wrestling promotion that's not wwe?
  249. who is your favorite diva?
  250. Why is it that if you dislike one thing about the Attitude Era, you are not a wrestling fan?
  251. who is your favorite stable?
  252. From a scale from 1-10, how much do you care about...?
  253. Is Mick Foley coming to wwe?
  254. who do u think will win money in the bank?
  255. so, who is your pick to win this year's Raw SD MITB?
  256. Are The Usos the best tag team in WWE at the moment?
  257. Are you getting tired of this?
  258. How to get people to follow me on twitter? ?
  259. What are your opinions on Chavo Guerrero's release?
  260. Who is your favorite superstar?
  261. WWE Would You Rather!?
  262. what do you think of my MITB match's?
  263. Do you like Brodus Clay tattoos?
  264. Who here owns every SD vs Raw game? w/ WQ?
  265. Don't u think we should celebrate this?
  266. Do u like mvp's rap?????????????????????/?
  267. Is it true that Cm Punk left wwe?
  268. Does ovw still exist?
  269. The Big Show or Melina?
  270. Pro wrestling ???????????????????????????????/?
  271. was this impresive???????????
  272. Who is the most aggressive wrestler?
  273. How surprised are you about Chavo Guerrero's release?
  274. Whats more humiliating, getting pinned or tapping out to a superstar on tv?
  275. What was the WWE Match of the week?
  276. John Cena vs Randy Orton?
  277. Who Had The Worst Week?
  278. Who was ur favourite wrestler in 1978?
  279. Are u afraid of mason ryan?
  280. If you could bring back one Championship to the WWE, which one would it be?
  281. Do u like Jinder Mahal?
  282. who is the greatest wrestler of all time?
  283. Wade Barrett or The Big Show?
  284. Do You Think Melina's Time With WWE Is Over?
  285. Why doesn Mark Henry get a push in th WWE?
  286. Chavo Guerrero has been released?!?
  287. do you agree with the push that the WWE will give to Ted?
  288. for how long ezekiel will hold the ic title?
  289. does Sin Cara has a chance of becoming ic this year?
  290. does Cody has a chance of winning the money in the bank?
  291. Do you think wwe should start admitting their mistakes more often?
  292. who is going to win at wrestlemania28. cena or rock?
  293. Do you think Christian will win the WHC at money in the bank?
  294. Old Nexus or New Nexus?
  295. Why do people love john cena?
  296. Who's better? Hulk Hogan or King Kong Bummy?
  297. Who's better? Hulk Hogan or Bobby Lash?
  298. how did this superstars got discovered?
  299. Why does Vince McMahon loves The Rock/Stone Cold so much ?
  300. Do You Know Tonight Is The fourth anniversary of the worst day in the history of wwe?
  301. if u owned tna and wwe ?
  302. Is Angelina Love still under Winter's spell?
  303. What's the problem with melina and trish stratus?
  304. How many chances is wwe going to give Christian?
  305. Who Had The Worst Night-SmackDown(Viewers Choice Week)?
  306. Why is it that so many people complain that John Cena and Randy Orton headline all the PPVs?
  307. Is it me or is most of the wwe wrestlers getting buff out of nowhere ?
  308. Which move is better for these wrestlers ?
  309. what do you think of this new wwe 12 game?
  310. Do you think that Ezekeil Jackdown could put the Big Show in a Torcher Rack?
  311. What did you think of Smackdown last night?
  312. What do you think the Roads to Wrestlemania will be in WWE 12 [BA to the most detailed]?
  313. who is your fave all time pro wrestling tag team?
  314. What do you think of first when you hear the name....?
  315. When will the John Cena era end?
  316. what are your top 5 B.S. matches in the wwe in recent years?
  317. Who would you say is the best at telling a story between Shawn Micheals, The Undertaker,HHH, and...
  318. If You Could Make a Stable with Male/Female who would You Have?
  319. Why is wwe not as good as it once was?
  320. What happened to the Intercontinental title and who has the Unified Tag Team titles?
  321. Should WWE offer Kurt Angle a new contract so he can finally leave TNA since they are
  322. Who botched Hurricanrana ?
  323. Evan Bourne vs Sin Cara - are you excited?
  324. If you watch commercials between wrestling matches,,,?
  325. What wrestler reminds you of an animal?
  326. Michael Cole is funny again?
  327. Who took your job?+ Will Christian win against Kane?
  328. Did you know that Kane is a movie star?
  329. John Cena I choose you!?
  330. Did Cody Rhodes actually look better when he was dashing?
  331. Who is tired of seeing John Cena with a championship belt?
  332. Who will get the next big push?
  333. Could Daniel Bryan be built up to be the next CM Punk?
  334. anyone else cannot stand! that dumb gay green day song?
  335. Pick your all time favorite cruiserweights/x division(poll)?
  336. How would a Wrestler Maintain their Legacy after Retiring?
  337. Can someone please explain how this is supposed to work for Christian and Orton?
  338. Agree or Disagree: Mostly, WWE Screw-Up a Monster Heel?
  339. Did wrestling ever make you cry?
  340. What happened to chris masters push after wrestlemania?
  341. Were you ever surprised by the lack of realism in wrestling?
  342. What is your opinion on these wrestlers?
  343. What's more embarrassing....Ric Flair's Saggy man-boobs or Hulk Hogan's Flap Extensions?
  344. Whats the fingerpoke of doom?
  345. What do you think the Roads to Wrestlemania will be in WWE 12 [BA to the most detailed]?
  346. Why did you start watching wrestling?
  347. why does wwe say Kofi Kingston's style is unorthodox?
  348. Do you think WWE will ever change their logo?
  349. At Survivor Series this year, should they have Superman Cena Batman Orton vs the rest of the WWE...
  350. Brett hart will be apart of a new wwe storyline which one of my ideas do you like best?
  351. who is the greatest wrestler of all time?
  352. Your opinion on the bound for glory series?
  353. Hulk Hogan loses his match after photographer flashes him.?
  354. Will Joe vs Daniels vs AJ Styles at Destination X actually happen?
  355. Pick your all time favorite cruiserweights/x division(poll)?
  356. How come you guys are gonna see Shawn Michaels LIVE....? That's not fair! :(....?
  357. When will people stop complaining about the wwe and john cena and just stop watching it?
  358. 1999 was simply the best year for WWE Fans, for Mr. McMahon, and For The WWE! Here's Why!!?
  359. Who's put on better matches: HBK vs Undertaker or CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio?
  360. Do you like Ted Dibiase Jr?
  361. Does Christian deserve to get a longer WHC reign?
  362. What do you think of CM Punk?
  363. Why does Triple H bury people?
  364. wrestling section, why you people think there is ONE best professional wrestler if . . .?
  365. Who will Win Randy Ortan Or Edge?
  366. who were ECW's original commentators?
  367. Who got around more: Kelly Kelly or Melina?
  368. Will we see a 'Sweet chin music' next week on Raw?
  369. What if The Undertaker had jumped to wcw and joined the nwo?
  370. What is one thing you disliked from the Attitude Era?
  371. Is Cena overrated or underrated?
  372. Hulk Hogan or Ultimate warrior?
  373. Edge or Christian? Who's better?
  374. Mr.Kennedy or Randy Orton? who's better?
  375. Does anyone have a TNA save for SvR 2011? Xbox 360?
  376. Why do some people continue to bash tna when over the past few weeks it seems...?
  378. Sabu or Sandman? Who was the better ECW original?
  379. What's better Wrestling or NASCAR?
  380. Kofi Kingston or Dolph Ziggler?
  381. Which finisher is better? STF or Sweet chin music?
  382. Should the WWE championship go vacant after Money in the Bank?
  383. Who Do You Think Will Face Kelly Kelly Next For The Divas Title? Who Do You Want To Face Her?
  384. Mike Mizanin or CM Punk?
  385. What is the name of the song in the wwe commercial?
  386. Who Had The Worst Night-Superstars(Viewers Choice Week)?
  387. Would you like this to happen in WWE?
  388. Edge retired because Cena took his job?
  389. Do you like me as a WS user?
  390. **Welcome to the WWE Decade Awards**?
  391. Who's more awesome Cena or The Miz?
  392. If TNA made a Hall of Fame right now, who would you put in it?
  393. What does Technical and Charisma have to do anything with the WWE?
  394. Should they do something else with Vickie Guerrero?
  395. Most Talented WWE Diva Round 3.? (More Inside)?
  396. who do u think is gonna win the tna bound for glory series?
  397. How do you feel about wrestler impersonators in this section?
  398. I'm really getting sick of some WWE Fans blaming the pg era on John Cena..?
  399. Who was the better in-ring Technician?
  400. Who is the most underrated wrestler?
  401. DID YOU KNOW???????????
  402. What do you think of Orton?
  404. Miz or Cena whios better?!?!?
  405. Is Wwe allstars fun or boring?
  406. I was wondering, When did this happen?
  407. smackdown has been on a roll for the pass 4 weeks?
  408. Which wrestler would you like to see have a collection of matches on dvd?
  409. Do you agree with with Vince McMahon ? The Rock vs Shawn Michaels dream match?
  410. What is up with Sting?
  411. Is Jillian hall hot????????????????
  412. Who has more fans ? TNA or Cenation(crapnation) ?
  413. Is Jillian hall hot????????????????
  414. why arent wwe returning to belfast NI?
  415. If Cena turns heel will it be the Biggest Heel Turn in History since Hogan turned to Hollywood...
  416. Should Bully Ray change his name to Bully Crap?
  417. Quick Question: What sign should I take to Money in the Bank?
  418. If The Rock defeats John Cena will he be the first man to beat 3 icons at wrestlemania ?
  419. Wrestling trivia: What raw had the highest rating ever?
  420. What if you ran the WWE?
  421. Is gunner the new crimson?
  422. do you guys like my wwe surveys/quizzes?
  423. Are fourth row floor seats at a WWE Event good?
  424. anyone agree Jackson James is the worst ref of all time?
  425. does impact wrestling ?
  426. What main event would you rather see for Summerslam+BQ?
  427. Which wwe Diva has the best feet?
  428. How many wrestlers that they will win the Money In The Bank Ladder Match?
  429. Anyone else loving stings new character?
  430. what are your thoughts on the NEW Randy Orton?
  431. I know i can beat you Randy?
  432. What sign should I take to Raw?
  433. How does this sound, for a little surprise for wwe? :D?
  434. Does WWE seem boring since the draft?
  435. Does anyone else think this might happen?
  436. What is the main reason for continuous decline in TV ratings of WWE?
  437. Does vince mcmchon???????
  438. Does Rey Misterio, Jr. still wrestle?
  439. Agree Or Disagree? WWE would'nt Be Nothing If.........?
  440. who do you think is the best world heavyweight champion ever?
  441. Will CM Punk winning at MITB be a huge shocker?
  442. Yahoo iwc or the new nexus?
  443. Wrestling storyline????
  444. Can someone give me the lyrics of the new r truth's theme song?
  445. Guess what this stands for?
  446. If you compare wrestlers to other sports figures how would it be?
  447. Guess this superstar?
  448. Big Show vs Mcdonalds?????
  449. When will andy have his match?
  450. Did u miss John Morrison?
  451. What was your favorite moment from this weeks WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW?
  452. Guess this theme song?
  453. Important Wrestling question??????????????????
  454. Why is it like a sin to like people like Orton or Cena in the IWC?
  455. Most Talented WWE Diva Round 2.? (More Inside)?
  456. Who was your favourite wrestler in 1926?
  457. If Professional Wrestling never existed...?
  458. are u gonna watch impact wrestling tonight?
  459. Wrestling Poll -- Is your favorite WWE superstar on Raw or SmackDown ?
  460. Have you ever said I'm going to stop watching wrestling but you heard of or saw a moment that...
  461. Hollywood cast for a wrestling movie?
  462. is this match a spotfest?
  463. Cm punk wwe leaving wwe true or not?
  464. Will R-Truth be remembered for his Psychotic Lil Jimmy Phase or his What's Up? Phase?
  465. What are your thoughts on Sting saying he was close with signing with WWE?
  466. Who Wins in this Match Up Team Attiude Era vs Team PG Era?
  467. Why do people complain about Cena and Orton being superheroes?
  468. What are your expectations for the next Season of NXT?
  469. Do you think CM Punk will finally win the WWE Championship at WWE Money In The Bank?
  470. Does anyone know the name of the song in this Orton vs Christian video?
  471. Multiple choice poll - What are the reasons NXT sucks now?
  472. Is beth phoenix hot????????????????
  473. Wrestelmania Triple H vs Undertaker was Fixed?
  474. Ladies and gentlemen, next week on RAW Roulette, Evan Bourne will face Sin Cara! Thoughts?
  475. With the recent CM Punk rumors, this got me thinking about a bigger picture?
  476. What do you think is the money making match for each Wrestlemania?
  477. What differences does your current favorite wrestler and your all time favorite wrestler have?
  478. who do you guys see winning the Raw SD ! MITB respectively this year at the MITB PPV? Hmm.?
  479. Since Undertaker never faced Stone Cold or The Rock at WrestleMania...?
  480. Who will win Rey Mysterio or Sin Cara?
  481. Who are the top 5 wwe superstars who changed WWE forever ?
  482. Do you people know how selfish and arrogant HBK and HHH are in real life ?
  483. Who was that wwe commentator everyone hated?
  484. Why do people prefer WWE over TNA?
  485. Who Would Win in this Team Raw vs Team Smackdown 7 on 7 at Bragging Rights?
  486. Someone Explain to me How The WWF/WWE got From Attiude Era to WWE Today Aka Little Kids Era?
  487. Is Jillian hall hot????????????????
  488. Who Wins In A Big Brawl Attiude Era Superstars(also let's include
  489. Aj Styles Pele Kick vs john Cena DropKick?
  490. Does John Cena wear his seat belt when he's in a vehicle?
  491. About the WWE legends' appearances in TNA?
  492. Would John Cena still be the face of the company if Brock Lesnar had never left for the UFC?
  493. Who deserves to be the WWE Champion?
  494. Do you want to get a bronco buster from Torrie Wilson?
  495. since trish stratus and lita left the wwe what was your top 5 favorite diva's matches?
  496. What can you buy at a WWE Live event?
  497. How many people have a hunch that (More inside)...?
  498. After Jinder Mahal goes on a 5 week winning streak would you like to see him go against Sin Cara?
  499. Why do people hate randy orton now?
  500. He wants to name our son after the WWE Wrestler Chris Jericho?