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  1. What was your favorite Mick Foley?
  2. What Do Wrestlers Dream About More?
  3. Could the Hardy Boyz be reunited if Jeff wasn't in trial?
  4. Does TNA FINALLY get it?
  5. What just happened to the wrestling section?
  6. How much heat will Muhammad Hassan get if he become US champion?
  7. Randy Orton vs kane tonight? and spoilers?
  8. Who is your favorite referee of all-time?
  9. Who is wwe's greatest rival of all time!!!!!?
  10. Should I go to TNA Hardcore Justice on 08/07/11 to see Kurt Angle wrestle for the title or
  11. Should Randy Orton Change His Theme Song?
  12. wrestling agree or disagree ?
  13. What is R-truth's fav song!!!!!?
  14. do you think Chessman will make it in the wwe?
  15. What is john cena's fav Disney character!!!!!!?
  16. Is this the new Summer Slam poster? link included.?
  17. cm punk owns me on twitter!?
  18. Can superman john cena lift titanic!!!!!?
  19. where do wrestlers hide the ketchup packs they squirt on eachother when they bleed?
  20. who is the face of impact wrestling?
  21. What is one match in WWE history you wished never happened and why?
  22. Is this the best spinebuster you ever saw?
  23. If pushed right how far could these guys go in wwe?
  24. why do people misuse the term bad wrestler?
  25. Do you think Michelle McCool and Chris Jericho walked out on us(The fans)?
  26. What movie could you see these wwe wrestlers being in ?
  27. How come ''SOME'' people in the wrestling section ask questions but don't pick best answer.?
  28. Hopes for Zach Ryder?
  29. Yay or nay on Sting's Joker gimmick?
  30. Does anyone knows a song similar to any of the kane's theme in wwe?
  31. Did anyone laugh when CM Punk said this on the last RAW?
  32. Do you like these tag teams?
  33. Do u think Randy Orton should go back to his heel?
  34. Why did R truth did this when he was in Tna?(lol)?
  35. why kind of relationship do stone cold and jim ross have?
  36. What if John Cena turned heel and confronted the people who are haters now, but will kiss his
  37. Who would win in a real fight, CM Punk or John Cena?
  38. why is impact advertising next weeks matches when they could have been on tonight had they
  39. every new guy wins or gets the title on tna? why do they do that?
  40. can u see these 2 matches for bound for glory ?
  41. Do you think MVP will ever return to WWE?
  42. Which did you like better nWo or DX?
  43. What if Homicide returned and joined Mexican America in TNA?
  44. What happend to Goldberg coming back to WWE?
  45. Which wrestler in WWE do you feel that is currently underrated?
  46. is Rey mysterio and the guerreros family?
  47. Who is your favorite wrestlers from the following promotions?
  48. Do you think AJ Styles is the best wrestler in TNA?
  49. NBA or Wrestling business?
  50. anyone else y hoping tna will go back to the way it used to be like in 2009 every thursday?
  51. Were you saddened to hear Old Beard passed away last night?
  52. how many times is sting Tna Champion?
  53. True or False:ROH won't last long on TV?
  54. Which wrestler do you least like the most?
  55. So it's Alex Shelley vs Kendrick for championship? Who'll win?
  56. Were you a fan of the Hardcore Championship?
  57. What ever happened to SHELTON BENJAMIN? 10 points for best answer?
  58. Mr. Anderson drops the TNA Title to Sting. What are your thoughts?
  59. Who wins this Sunday between Punk and Cena and how?
  60. Big Show Vs. Mark Henry Who Will Win?
  61. Who would you say is the best Wrestler in WWE?
  62. Do you think Cena will respond to Rock's recent video?
  63. Who's wrestling career will last longer?
  64. If The Rock was a restaurant chef, what would he be cooking?
  65. What is the schedule for TNA Impact?
  66. Where is TNA Hardcore Justice is going to be held at on August 07, 2011?
  67. alex shelly vs austin aries at bound for glory for the x division title?
  68. Anyone Else thinks Mickie James Looks like a Older Miley Cyrus?
  69. who has a better butt, maria or layla?
  70. Who are the guys with the clown masks on TNA?
  71. Finish the story: John Cena created an account on yahoo and started answering all...
  72. What the hell happened to Sting?
  73. So when will the whole AAA roster jump the border and get their championship?
  74. who will win at money in the bank cm punk or john cena (wwe)?
  75. Who is better, Mickie James or Lita?
  76. Rate and choose winners my ROH vs TNA match card+BQ?
  77. pro wrestling poll #1?
  78. Should WWE have a Shotgun Saturday type show again?
  79. I'm just curious.....?
  80. What is your favorite Sean Waltman moment?
  81. what is up with u kelly kelly and john cena haters ?
  82. Which of these moves is the best looking?With video links!?
  83. Who's better all around in the ring AJ Styles or Austin Aries?
  84. Who is the funniest?Santino vs Delirious vs Hornswoggle vs Joker Sting?
  85. What was one of the first wrestling action figures you got?
  86. Who is your favorite TNA World Heavyweight Champion?
  87. Pro wrestling workouts?
  89. would u buy more wwe ppv if they were 20 bucks a show?
  90. When was The Undertaker at his best in the ring?
  91. Do you like the new R-Truth?
  92. When Punk leaves, will ratings go down or stay consistent?
  93. who would win a wrestling match between a baluga whale and a horse?
  94. Give me a example on how a wrestling ring feels like ?
  95. Am I the only one pissed that Drew McIntyre isn't in the MITB?
  96. Is Drew McIntyre related to Velvet McIntyre?
  97. How to beat a fat guy in wrestling(2)?
  98. Why does Kofi Kingston continue to be stuck in the midcard division wrestling for the United
  99. Would WWE be more interesting or exciting if it wasn't fake?
  100. Would Kelly Kelly and John Cena make a good couple?
  101. What do you think of my finished KENTA wrestling shirt I made?
  102. Who agrees this has been the best year for WWE in a long time?
  103. Which current wrestler in WWE or TNA do you think would make a good manager?
  104. wrestling fans, this fan (not me) is stupid am i right?
  105. In Wwe did John Cena ever get fired for use of steroids ?
  106. Does anyone remember John Cena kissing Booker T's feet?
  107. How does my plan sound?
  108. How did The Rock get so many Twitter fans?
  109. how many favorite wrestlers do you have?
  110. Ok Join One of these wrestling Stable?
  111. What do you think of The Rock's response to John Cena?
  112. who is hotter miss tessmacher or layla or maryse?
  113. Is CM Punk a face or a heel?
  114. Who will be wwe's next Mr Wrestlemania!!!!!!?
  115. Do You Think Monday Night Raw Will Ever Have Another General Manager?
  116. Was the tag team of Hulk Hogan and Edge underappreciated?
  117. John cena aka superman cena!!!!! why is he not wearing underwear over his pants!!!!!?
  118. Does John Cena need a Heel turn?
  119. If You Could Have Any WWE Superstar/Diva Leave WWE Who Would It Be?
  120. John Cena responds back to the rock?(more inside)?
  121. Does the Wwe superstar undertaker belive in GOD?
  122. If u Were in Charge of Raw or SmackDown for 1 Night Only, How Would You Run the Show?
  123. Will WWE put on the Hell In A Cell ppv without Undertaker?
  124. Will this be the last Year for Wwe superstar Undertaker?
  125. who are the current Powerhouses in wwe?
  126. If You Were Making a Batman Movie, What Wrestlers would You Use to Fill in these Batman...
  127. The Miz is going to win the MITB...?
  128. How do you give CAWs entrance attire on WWE Day of Reckoning?
  129. Did I do the right thing giving away my perfect seat at WWE MITB to go to Summerslam since
  130. Pacman Jones or R-Truth?
  131. For those of you have seen The Rock's recent video, he will fight Cena before WM28?
  132. If Zuffa bought TNA or ROH could they be a threat to the WWE?
  133. What do you think about Wrestling?
  134. Which sexy diva or knockout should get the award for best butt out of the following(Short...
  135. Which Undertaker Match At Wrestlemania Is Your Favorite?
  136. Ricardo Rodriguez or Tony Chimmel?
  137. how does the wwe commentaries work?
  138. When will the WWE championship design change?
  139. Justin Roberts or Lillian Garica?
  140. wwe how to get my mom to buy me it?
  141. is Edge really coming back?
  142. easy way to get stuff?
  143. Who think about undertaker streak end?
  144. What do you really want wrestling or extreme matches?
  145. This is for, WWE fan.?
  146. do you think mr.macmahon is making wwe go downhill?
  147. Will we see Triple X vs. John Semen vs. Randy Whoreton in a Threesome match at the WWE
  148. Question about The Rock and John Cena + Cena replys to The Rock?
  149. What was Vince Mcmahon trying to tell Punk at 1:29?
  150. If you could choose anyone, absolutely ANYONE in the world to be the Raw GM, who would it be + why?
  151. which celeb would make the most interesting wwe superstar?
  152. The Rock makes one short video and all the attention focuses on him?
  154. Who thinks CM Punk will stay after WWE Money In the bank?
  155. What are your thoughts on The Rock saying he might return at Survivor Series?
  156. What was your favorite match.?
  157. What is one thing your favorite wrestler would have to do to become your least favorite?
  158. predictions for Money in the Bank 2011?
  159. is cena really better than the rock ? :\?
  160. if u owned tna wrestling ?
  161. Didn't you guys missed me ?
  162. What do you like better for TNA, the 6 sided ring or the 4 sided ring?
  163. Would you like for the wwe to bring back the ice cream bars?
  164. Wow rock just explained why hes not there and people still dont get it including john cena?
  165. Why is Shawn Michaels.. Mr. Wrestlemania.?
  166. How do you think the Cena and Punk match will end on Sunday?
  167. Does anybody else think John Morrison is overrated and crap ?
  168. If you were a wrestler, what would be your name?
  169. so for all of those........?
  170. What is the most interesting storyline in WWE of all time?
  171. What is your pick. Thanks.?
  172. Have You Had It With John Cena Being WWE Champion?
  173. Guys, who is hotter Eve Torres, Rosa Mendes or Layla and girls, John Morrison, Justin...
  174. WS Playoffs 48 Person Tournament Ultimate Finals?
  175. Did you know that some wrestlers in wwe today made appearances in wwe before they debuted in wwe?
  176. Guys: What female wrestler do you actually have a lot of respect for?
  177. How long do you think it would take to watch a year of WWE shows ppvs?
  178. Why did Dawn Marie and Torrie Wilson kiss?
  180. What is the best OH MY GOD!/Holy S**t wrestling moment of all time+BQ?
  181. I got a TNA question FAST?
  182. Who is better, Zack Ryder or John Morrison?
  183. What is your favorite gimmick for the listed Superstars?
  184. do you think all the men in the x division showcase match should get a contract?
  185. is anyone else excited for destination x?
  186. why hasnt wwe turned christian into a full fledged heel yet?
  187. who has the most unfitting theme song in wrestling right now?
  188. If you were a wrestler what would your theme song be?
  189. Who is better Zack Ryder or tuna roll?
  190. Whats your opinion on MVP?
  191. Which wrestler can sprint faster than others?
  192. Who sings Alex riley theme song?
  193. how old is jerry lynn?
  194. What do you think of this?
  195. Which all time diva do/did you find sexier poll?
  196. Finish the sentence: Jeff Hardy pinned his opponent and ...?
  197. Who is your favorite tag team of all time?
  198. What wrestler got u into wrestling?
  199. Which would hurt more: Being Power Bombed off the Ladder landing on 50 tacks or RKO'd on glass?
  200. Where would professional wrestling be without the art of storytelling?
  201. Would you rather get speared off the top of the cell or Super-Plexed on a glass table with 50...
  202. What was the most embarrassing moment for !!!! the rock!!!!!?
  203. In your opinion, who do you think are the 5 biggest stars of the PG Era?
  204. How do you think the CM Punk storyline will end?
  205. (Fill in the Blanks) If _____ Ever Won the WWE Championship, Then You Would ____?
  206. Is rey mysterio really hurt after the ankle lock by jack swagger?
  207. In your opinion, what is the biggest flaw about your favorite wrestler?
  208. Who's better? Hulk Hogan or Playmaker?
  209. WWE SummerSlam Axxess?
  210. Do you want to sign up for Nonstop Wrestling Action (e-fed)? + wrestling question inside?
  211. Wrestlemania 16 (WM 2000) watch online link?
  212. what is shane mcmahon doing now?(work)?
  213. wwe and tna wrestling tournament round 2?
  214. Predictions for my WWE PPV: No Mercy?
  215. Why are WWE superstars and some fans still critizing The Rock for doing movies?
  216. Triple H or Bret Hart?
  217. Is this true: SmackDown= Wrestling Matters?
  218. Was anybody else mislead by the title of the latest post on +BQ?
  219. Would Taker vs ultimate warrior be a good Wrestlemania match?
  220. What is the best main event at WrestleMania of all time+BQ?
  221. If You Were a Wrestler Had to Make a Promo About Your Pro Wrestling Career, What Would...
  222. - Which is Better for a Wrestler: Having a 25 Year Title Reign Or Undefeated For 25 Years Without...
  223. If You Were a Wrestler, How Would You Break Kayfabe (More Inside)?
  224. - Has Stables in the Wrestling World Became Less Or More Dominant?
  225. how do jim johnston make all those themes ?
  226. (Fill in the Blank) If It Wasn't For Hulk Hogan, the WWE Would ________?
  227. Is JBL the best commentator of all time? Why or Why not?
  228. Bret Hart ......................?
  229. Rey Mysterio leaving wwe?
  230. Have you noticed how Ted DiBiase Jr is better than you?
  231. Who would win World's Greatest Tag Team or DX?
  232. In wwe, did jacqueline ever cleanly pin or defeat any of the following divas?
  233. Does the world wrestling entertainment have to comply with labor laws of USA?
  234. Zack Ryder future plans (more inside)?
  235. What are your thoughts on this quote by Mick Foley?
  236. Who is the most talented wwe present wrestler?
  237. What was your favorite WWE feud of last summer for SD and Raw?
  238. Can someone please give me a brief history of New World Order, or n.W.o ?
  239. Is there a script for move sequences?
  240. King of the Ring 2011 (Pick Winners) Round 3!?
  241. What is the funniest wrestling moment of all time?
  242. Mic Check or flying forearm smash?
  243. The Heart punch or the cobra?
  244. The codebreaker or the GTS?
  245. Ric Flair or Hulk Hogan?
  246. Who was the very first WWE United States champion?
  247. Ending for Punk vs Cena?
  248. Can someone give me a direct youtube link to watch the latest Raw please...?
  249. Is Alberto Del Rio...Sin Cara?
  250. Who Had The Worst Night-Superstars?
  251. RKO or Twist of Fate?
  252. Will Alex Riley be a World Champion one day in the WWE?
  253. Agree or Disagree Question?
  254. Why is everyone so high on Drew McIntyre?
  255. Who invented the Lightbulb?
  256. Breaking Point or TLC?
  257. WCW or ECW????????????????????
  258. Backlash or Extreme Rules?
  259. Who else thinks that John Cena vs The Rock won't be that great of a match?
  260. Wrestlemania or the Royal rumble?
  261. What is the worst wrestling botch of all time?
  262. Best Technical wrestler in WWE history?
  263. Who Would win in this Match Team Attitude Era vs PG Era?
  264. do you think a match between Evan Bourne and Trent Baretta should happen soon on Superstars?
  265. Is it obvious Cena will once again win at PPV?
  266. What is a championship you wish a wrestler would've won (Answer BQ to get best answer too)?
  267. Why people think wrestling is fake?
  268. Brock Lesnar or Mr. McMahon?
  269. buy or sell: at this moment all around from in ring ability to workin the mic CM Punk is the
  270. If you could make a new Four Horsemen stable who would be in it (Answer BQ too for Best Answer)?
  271. King of the Ring 2011 (Pick Winners) Round 2!?
  272. Who is the least best built powerhouse in pro wrestling?
  273. Can you name all the partners Edge has held the tag team championships with?
  274. Wrestling king of the ring 3?
  275. Can you name every Royal Rumble runner up?
  276. Agree or Disagree: NXT should be taken off?
  277. John Cena or Randy Orton, who do you have more respect for?
  278. How can I beat a fat guy in wrestling?
  279. Would you rather see.....?
  280. Are you with Vince or Cena?
  281. Without Kane, the Attitude Era would have been _______?
  282. What is the best match in Undertakers career that is not at WrestleMania?
  283. Unique Wrestling Show Names?
  284. Wrestling king of the ring 2?
  285. is heat slater and justin gabriel face ?
  286. A couple of easy questions about impact wrestling(for someone who doesnt watch it)?
  287. Can you please help me?
  288. Who in your opinion is the future of WWE?
  289. Wrestling Section: Pick a Wrestler..?
  290. Does anyone remember when K Fed was on Raw?
  291. Mr.Kennedy or Mr.Anderson?
  292. John Cena or The Rock?
  293. Drew Mcintyre or Triple H?
  294. how long is stacy keibler leg former wwe diva?
  295. What promotion was better with WWE, WCW or ECW?
  296. Chris Jericho or Daniel Bryan?
  297. Who looks better Natalya or Beth Phoenix ?
  298. Which is the best wwe enterence theme?
  299. do you think edge is hof material?
  300. Who is gona face The Undertake?
  301. Do u think Natalya is hot?
  302. How are my seats (Allstate Arena, WWE Money In The Bank)?
  303. What happened to smackdown last night? WWE 10 points?
  304. Wrestling king of the ring?
  305. How did the Wrestler Crash Holly die?
  306. would this song fit the current orton?
  307. In WWE ____ Are The... (Poll)?
  308. Is Sincara better than Rey Mysterio.?
  309. I really hate the cenation?
  310. who is better the miz or cm punk?
  311. I need a good wrestling show name, (read further)?
  312. when did vince mcmahon became the chairman?
  313. The Chicago Screwjob?
  314. If WWE could buy one wrestling company to be with WWE what would it be and why?
  315. who is the name and face of Tna?
  316. How do u stylize your name?
  317. Is the Undertaker dead?
  318. Have you gained respect for John Cena after the promo on RAW?
  319. who is the oldest wrestler in wwe now ?
  320. do you think christian is gonna win the whc at mitb if not do u think he will have another chance?
  321. wrestling poll ?????????
  322. If you could take one TNA superstar and bring him to WWE who would it be and why?
  323. Who Can Stop Super Cena ?
  324. Which show has better wrestling tna or wwe?
  325. Kurt Angle posted today to his Facebook page regarding his wrestling future: A lot of you
  326. Do you think that in WM28 undertaker should face HHH in an I quit match?
  327. is the paper bag on sale in
  328. Are you FOR or AGAINST wrestlers winning the Money in the Bank contract more than once ?
  329. What are your thoughts on someone from ESPN making fun of WWE?
  330. Wrestling section! Check out my CM Punk tribute? worked hard! thanks! Tell me what you think!...
  331. Who thinks this might happen at Money in the bank?
  332. what is the svr 2011 code ?
  333. Buy or sell? and more in discription!! :)?
  334. What was the first WWF/WWE match you saw?
  335. Who would win this match?
  336. TNA Destination X or WWE Money In The Bank?
  337. What do you guys think of the Long Island Iced Z?
  338. Is Batista coming back to the wwe?
  340. When people say SCSA, do they mean Stone Cold?
  341. the rock's best entrance?
  342. If u were to mix two themes, which themes would u mix and what would be its name?
  343. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  344. Who do you think is the most overated Mid/Low Carder?
  345. Why did Alex Riley quit wrestling with the Miz?
  346. What Do U Think of A-Ry's Theme?
  347. Why did people hate Batista?
  348. Do U Think Kelly Kelly improved????
  349. When Did Umaga die????????????
  350. Why Do People Hate Cena?
  351. Who was the best WWF superstar in the 90's?
  352. who is better the rock R truth or john cena or the miz?
  353. Did anyone notice the twist in the CM Punk VS Cena stipulation?
  354. when wwe jeff hardy come to sd or raw?
  355. (Random) Tag Team Tournament Round 2?
  356. What do u thin about my new user name? +WQ?
  357. Guess the Wrestler! (5 HINTS!)?
  358. Hey there!!! sorry man i was bit busy so i wrote the wrong spelling of wrestlemania!!!! forgive me..
  359. Who is the most gory superstar in WWE history?
  360. Who was the more under rated World Champion? +BQ?
  361. WS Playoffs 64 Person Sign Ups Part 6 +WQ?
  362. What do think about john cena's u can't see me?
  363. If you could create your own wwe family...?
  364. Wwe !!! how many of you think john cena sucks!!!?
  366. Where would u rate The Rock vs Big Show rivalry?
  367. Question about the WWE sign guy?
  368. Which one of Undertakers gimmicks was the best for him and why?
  369. What was the Best Royal Rumble Match of All Time?
  370. What do you think of my plans on how I think the wwe title will change hands thru the next year?
  371. Why isn't Dolph Ziggler in the MITB match?
  372. In What Era Was DX Popular?
  373. Is the name Guerrero a common name?
  374. Wrestlemania buyrate history
  375. what do you expect wwe 12 to be like?
  376. where is kofi kingston really from ?
  377. Who do you think will be undertakers final opponent at wm28?
  378. Who put on better ppvs so far this year WWE or TNA?
  379. Who else thinks that Zack Ryder could be the future leader of nexus?
  380. (Random) Tag Team Tournament Round 1?
  381. So Cena Just Had His Stone Cold Moment with Vince McMahon huh?
  382. Did The Rock ever win the WWE championship?
  383. What's up with the WWE-Zack Ryder situation?
  384. What's gonna happen to Kane after Money in the Bank?
  385. WWE superstars in FCW?
  386. What has happened in WWE?
  387. What are your thoughts on former wwe star Scott Hall in jail?
  388. Who is more underrated?
  389. if you could pick who would you?
  390. The Wrestling Interactive Yahoo Answers Tournament; Round 6 Finals!?
  391. would you consider cm punk to be a wrestling legend?
  392. what do you think of the miz after the lost on raw on 7/4/11 to alex riley?
  393. Who else hopes CM Punk takes Michel Cole with him ?
  394. Does the Anonymous G.M have a Yahoo Answers account?
  395. Agree or Disagree: Money in the Bank has the chance to be ppv of the year?
  396. do you think vickie geurrero is attractive now that she lost weight?
  397. wrestling section what do you think of Evan Bourne's new entrance with pyro?
  398. If you could create your own wrestling PPV using matches that have took place at other
  399. The Wrestling Interactive Yahoo Answers Tournament; Round 5?
  400. Wrestling section I found a plothole in Raw from last night, your thoughts?
  401. Why do yall hate John Cena so much?
  402. How did you like Raw tonight?
  403. What do you think of Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli signing with the WWE?
  404. When CM Punk Leaves, do you think he could tag team with Colt Cabana again?
  405. I watched only a little bit of Raw; even though I barely watch now; because of the whole
  406. Who do you watch WWE programming with?
  407. Who were the 3 stars who fought on tna for the last spot in the x division tournament ?
  408. The Wrestling Interactive Yahoo Answers Tournament; Round 4?
  409. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  410. Do vince mcmahon watch tna ?
  411. who is the current tna chairman?
  412. if Cena get fired will Raw be the same again?
  413. The Wrestling Interactive Yahoo Answers Tournament; Round 3?
  414. why did WWF sue WWF to change to WWE?
  415. Buy or Sell - (read details)?
  416. So how long till Tna put a real scare to the wwe ?
  417. C.M Punk!!!! leaving wwe as wwe champion!!!is it so!!!?
  418. Question for people who watch WWE Monday Night Raw?
  419. do you think David Otunga will someday improve his in ring abilities?
  420. who has more future in the WWE David Otunga or mcgillicutty?
  421. so Zack Ryder will finally get a push?
  422. Alberto Del Rio won the Triple Threat but Cm Punk is going to come back, so whats gonna happen now?
  423. do you see Mason Ryan holding a title next year?
  424. what is the name of CM Punk finish move?
  425. WWE Summerslam: Which is a better seat Section 318 row 7 or Section PR11 Row 11 at the Staples
  426. Question why does the wwe mention all these wrestling organizations but never ever mentions tna ?
  427. ZACK RYDER ON TV!!!!?
  428. what mean Dark matches ?
  429. John will lose at mitb and get fired do you agree?
  430. are you a fan of Randy Orton?
  431. who do you think Mr Mcmahon is gonna screw this time John Cena or Cm Punk?
  432. Agree or Disagree- The Miz is better than Alex Riley?
  433. are you fan of Sin Cara?
  434. Royal Rumble 04 and 05 megavideo/megaupload links?
  435. Which ROH superstar do you think should be signed with the WWE?
  436. As the WS Anon GM I have a big announcement to share?
  437. Who put up the better matches vs Undertaker at WrestleMania Triple H or Shawn Michaels?
  438. The Wrestling Interactive Yahoo Answers Tournament; Round 2?
  439. What was your first WWE Live match?
  440. What do you thin of what Randy Orton said about some of the Superstars?
  441. Anybody thinks Jerry Lawler comes off a creep?
  442. Do you think TNA will ever create a legends of Xtreme game?
  443. Did you hear about John Cena slamming The Rock?
  444. What's your opinon on...?
  445. Which wrestler would make a great commercial spokesperson?
  446. What did you think of last nights Raw?
  447. Am I the only one that thinks this?
  448. What Was The Point In Alberto Del Rio Winning On Raw?
  449. The Wrestling Interactive Yahoo Answers Tournament; Round 1?
  450. Do you think ROH could beat WWE in time?
  451. Who looks better R-Truth or Sheamus?
  452. Who are your top 3 wrestlers of all time?
  453. M-WWE Friday night Smackdown.71st Smackdown.Is it good?
  454. What would you do if you found out John Cena was Gay?
  455. SvR 2011 X-Box Live Screw Up?
  456. What do you apply directly to the forehead?
  457. Should WWE/World Title reigns be long or short and why?
  458. Who do YOU miss more in the WWE and why?
  459. can you put a sign of my name on raw?(more inside)?
  460. Who else thinks that triple threat match on Raw was pointless?
  461. Does Rey Mysterio like kids a little too much?
  462. What did you think of Raw+BQs?
  463. What is your favorite match, superstar, and moment from these companies?
  464. If Vince McMahon's private jet blew up would the WWE be better off?
  465. who do you think is the best diva in wwe right now?
  466. Kofi Kingston is an offender!?
  467. What is your favorite shoot interview?
  468. So,i just started watching WWE again?
  469. In honor of 4th of July, which wrestlers do you think could join the military+BQ?
  470. Excuse me! Vickie looks good!?
  471. What was the very first Wrestling match you saw on television?
  472. Has a storyline in WWE ever made you emotional?
  473. Senior Jimmy is it haha?
  474. How long do you think a feud should last in the WWE?
  475. Would this be a great match?
  476. Should I take the Amtrak for only $73.95 round trip or fly for $302.00 round trip to go to WWE MITB?
  477. Who else is sick of Cole saying vintage all the time?
  478. Do U Think Chris Jerico Will Come Back?
  479. During the Monday Night Wars, which show did you prefer: WCW Nitro or WWF Raw is War?
  480. How many times can WWE have triple threat matches?
  481. What Wrestler Do You Think Has The Best Musical Talent?
  482. R-Truth related question: When did Flo jump ship to Geico?
  483. Was there ever a match where ....?
  484. i actually saw killer karl kox hit a drunk fan at a match have you ever seen a fan get hit...
  485. Possible WWE House Show?
  486. If your opinion, does the absence of the Undertaker hurt the quality of Smackdown?
  487. when Edge will be on the hall of fame?
  488. What would you do if they took your favorite wrestlers job?
  489. What would be your dream tag team?
  490. Wwe stone cold tv 14 days?
  491. Rate these wrestlers! WWE and TNA?
  492. are you going to be a future wrestler ?
  493. What was your reaction when you saw this? Did you boo the Undertaker or cheered him on?
  494. big show vs Shohei Baba (giant baba) who would have won match between them?
  495. What are some witty, originial Anti-Cena signs I can make?
  496. How long do you think this years money in the bank winner will have the briefcase before...
  497. what is wwe sin cara's real name ?
  498. Who should be the next leader of nexus?
  499. Which non-main event wrestlers have recieved the biggest ovation/cheers when their entrance
  500. what do you think about colt cabana's comments on c.m. punks raw shoot?