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  1. Do you think Vince Russo will go to ROH?
  2. What will it take for me to stop crying over all the hate my favorite superstar John Cena gets?
  3. WWE announced this morning that Mark Henry injured Kane on last night?s episode of Friday Night
  4. Do you follow the face/heel scheme?
  5. Who would win a WWE double-elimination, steal cage tag team match?
  6. Do you think Sin Cara is going to be fired from the WWE?
  7. Agree or Disagree: The SD Main Event @ WM28 will be...?
  8. Do you expect tonight's RAW to be decent+YWC Show Number 1 Results?
  9. what's the last match for each the rock and stone cold ?
  10. 70'S Was the worst days for the WWWF?
  11. Will Eve turn Heel Tonight?
  12. What era are we entering?
  13. Best of the best 32 men tournament Quarter-Finals who should win?
  14. Ultimate Random Tag Team Tournament Pick Winners Semi Finals?
  15. Best of the best 32 men tournament round 2 who should win?
  16. Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?
  17. When is WWE survivor Series 2011?
  18. Who has the best ring wear in WWE?
  19. last who was question: Who was the biker guy?
  20. Who has the best attitude in the ring?
  21. Who was the most underated in 2007 in your opinion?
  22. What are your top 5 WWE match types?
  23. Who was the Native American wrestler?
  24. Who was your favorite tag-team in 2007?
  25. What was the best feud in 2009-2010?
  26. Best of the best 32 men tournament round one who should win?
  27. is layla (wwe) ticklish?
  28. I gotta signed John Cena photo with authentication, how much?
  29. What do you think Rocky is going to do at Survivor Series?
  30. Do you miss Booker T in the ring on Smackdown?
  31. Who will be next in line to stand up to Mark Henry, he has injured Big Show and Kane?
  32. Who killed WCW ?????????
  33. Who has the coolest theme/entance?
  34. What will be Cody Rhodes next feud?
  35. Is John Cena more entertaining in the ring or movies?
  36. Why does Cena do the little salute when he enters the ring?
  37. Unscramble The Wrestlers (Past And Present)?
  38. so what will happen to the Nexus?
  39. Which finisher is used by largest no. Of wrestlers?
  40. 450 splash or Frog splash?
  41. the hottest/prettiest wwe diva?
  42. Are you expecting a Chris Jericho return?
  43. Whats going to happen on Monday Night Raw today?
  44. Who agree on Melina having a big ass?
  45. wrestling question???????
  46. Can you guess John Cena's favorite color?
  47. Complete the sentence....?
  48. Good matches for wwe wm 28?
  49. What are some good matches for wm 28 ?
  50. Who is going to be the next Triple H, John Cena, Chris Jericho etc..?
  51. Will sin cara be back in wwe?
  52. Who makes better matches Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michaels or Edge vs Undertaker?
  53. Potential Wrestlemania 28 card. What do you think?
  54. Rey mysterio or sin cara ?
  55. In a real fight who will win stone cold (early years) vs kurt angle (early years)?
  56. Do you see Alberto Del Rio winning the wwe title tonight?
  57. Who is better on the mic John Cena or The Miz?
  58. Heath Slater has future in the WWE?
  59. 2011, the most inconsistent year for the WWE ever?
  60. What really Happen To Kizarny?
  61. CM Punk will return to raw tonight?
  62. What is so special about Zack Ryder?
  63. Cody Rhodes will look exactly the same when he takes that mask off?
  64. Wwe or tna witch one is better ?
  65. which of these wrestleris more a fan favorite Randy Orton or Rey Mysterio?
  66. Finally, R-Truth has some new music!!?
  67. Did R-Truth beat John Cena?
  68. Who was a better team?
  69. Anyone miss Fit Finlay on Smackdown?
  70. Who's more prestigious? Ric Flair or HBK?
  71. Your opinion on Jim Cornette?
  72. Is Triple H really in charge now?
  73. Do you miss Velocity and HeAT?
  74. Does The Coach have a great commentary voice or what?
  75. Best of the best 32 men tournament eliminate 9?
  76. Which was a better show HeAT or Velocity?
  77. Was JBL better at the commentary desk, or in the squared circle?
  78. Why are there so many trolls here?
  79. Did you like the stable La Familia?
  80. Who is your favorite on Smackdown?
  81. Could WWE survive TV-PG for much longer?
  82. Can some explain the Rock Vs John Cena rivalry going on to me?
  83. WWE Trivia when was the first cage match?
  84. is wwe raw better than wwe smackdown?
  85. Do you think the Miz and John Morrison will ever have a feud?
  86. Who's your favorite WHC holder ever?
  87. Question does the wwe want to keep Justin Gabriel just because he can do a 450 splash ?
  88. Anybody know any wrestlers that refused to job in a match ?
  89. Evolution vs The Relentless Rogues Wrestling match?
  90. Kane vs The Undertaker or Kane and The Undertaker, which do you like better, Tag Team or...
  91. The streak:What was the worst match out of all 19 matches?
  92. What would your theme song be if you were a wrestler?
  93. When will Cody's Undashing gimmick come to an end ?
  94. When will MITB be released?
  95. Any body thinks booker will return to the ring like jbl?
  96. What are your overall thoughts on Ring of Honor Wrestling?
  97. simple wwe questions/quiz...?
  98. are the Paper Baggers racist ?
  99. Why is 2nd coming of tsn and lexi broski of the week bad answerers?
  100. What SHOULD be the Main Event for WM 28?
  101. Should the WWE just go ahead and do away with the Tag Team Championship?
  102. Repo rters is the truth MACEY IS A MAN i know you are mad but is the truth?
  103. What would you rate the theme of my custom wrestling pay-per-view?
  104. there should be a vacancy after Wrestlemania,do u agree?
  105. Who do you think will win the WWE title on Monday? Miz or Rey?
  106. Who is better, Stone Cold or The Rock and why?
  107. Where do you consider these wrestlers on the all time greats?
  108. Do you think wwe should sign Samona Joe when his tna contract expires?
  109. Who is better, Kofi Kingston or Justin Gabriel?
  110. WWE or TNA + IYW episode 1 vote and promo?
  111. Will HHH appears on Raw tomorrow night ?
  112. Who else thinks that Booker T sounds like Randy Savage on commentary?
  113. Do you think Sin Cara will come back?
  114. What is your favorite Era and why? + Sunday Night Carnage Sign Ups 6?
  115. Does anyone think that the Monday Night Wars are what made WWE so great in the late 90s?
  116. Do you think if Hulk Hogan turns face and he does something like CM Punk did....?
  117. Why do people hate backyard wrestling?
  118. Why is age only a big deal in TNA?
  119. do you guys agree with this guy ?(he's talking about cm punk)?
  120. which diva is the perfect example of why you shouldn't mold a diva into trish?
  121. Rate on my list..........................................?
  122. Looking at Christian now, would you ever believe...?
  123. What is your WWE Dream Match? + Sunday Night Carnage Sign Ups 5?
  124. Why does wwe prefer the miz to John Morrison?
  125. Do you think The Miz should become WWE Champion again+YWCs first show?
  126. WWE Poll anyone? 9 questions?
  127. Where would you rank Road Dogg as far as mic skills?
  128. What are your early WWE Summerslam 2011 Predictions?
  129. If WWE brings back the attitude era..............?
  130. Is CM Punk actually secretly helping promote WWE by appearing at random wrestling shows?
  131. Greatest Intercontinental Champ never to win a title?
  132. WWE Championship Tourney Winner vs. WHC Tourney Winner (CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan) BA
  133. Are WWE were all acted and lies? Prove it.?
  134. What would your reaction be if CM Punk did the Pepsi Plunge to HHH?
  135. Do you think something big might go down in the WWE Championship finals tomorrow?
  136. im am old beards son + wrestling question?
  137. Why do people hate my dad?
  138. Worst on the mic ever in your opinion?
  139. Would you prefer to be a wrestler, a non-wrestling TV role or be part of a Wrestling
  140. WS.WS user One Man Nexus is close to reaching the hispanic WS top 10?
  141. Who would win these matches?
  142. WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Finals, BA for fastest proper answer?
  143. when did wwf changed to wwe ?
  144. Would you prefer Mysterio/Del Rio or Cena/Del Rio for the WWE Championship at Summerslam?
  145. WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Semi-Finals, BA for fastest proper answer?
  146. Will we ever see The Great Muta VS The Undertaker?
  147. Rey Mysterio's contract ending in 2012?
  148. My SmackDown card for 7/29/2011?
  149. Do you think that WWE will ever host a Wrestlemania from Mexico? BQ?
  150. Which moment in WWE was better? Punk's shoot promo or the debut of the Nexus?
  151. Who is the Sexiest diva ever?
  152. Do you feel Rey Mysterio needs to win the WWE Championship tomorrow?
  153. What would you say if this happened next with Triple H taking over?
  154. When Kane will return from his injury?
  155. Who is the best MMA fighter ever to step into a wrestling ring?
  156. Seeing As WWE Gave The WWE Universe What They Want?
  157. What will be HHH first act as the WWE Boss?
  158. CM Punk appears at a Chicago indy show?
  159. Witch wwe world championship should John Morrison win and against who and how?
  160. Anyone Notice???? CM PUNK MITB?
  161. who do you think would win KANE VS UNDERTAKER?
  162. Why would the wwe reconsider shawn stasiak that guy is a big jerk ?
  163. Should Harvey Wippleman manage Kharma?
  164. Will The Rock Get Cheered More In His Home Town Of Miami, Florida?
  165. Triple H or John Cena + come join IYW?
  166. WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Quarter-Finals, BA for fastest proper answer?
  167. How can Hornswoggle even be considered a pro?
  168. why the WWE is giving Mark Henry a push?
  169. So I read that mr McMahon thinks skip Sheffield can be the next big star of the wwe not John...
  170. Do you think CM Punk is good as a tweener?
  171. Sheamus vs Christian? for title after SS?
  172. So I read that Vince McMahon thinks skip Sheffield can be the next John cena ?
  173. What are your top 5 superstars of all time?
  174. Now that you know that Macey is actually a man, does your opinion on him change?
  175. Are you a fan of Cody Rhodes?
  176. Where can I watch full episodes of WWE Raw?
  177. Straight Edge Crow loves Macey, EVEN WHEN HE FOUND OUT SHE WAS A GUY?
  178. If a wrestler was as good as their entrance theme is, who would be the best wrestler in WWE?
  179. Can you answer this question about a former World Wrestling Entertainment Diva (please read...
  180. What is better, Hulk Hogan or a pinata full of semen?
  181. Isn't funny that all the guys in the section drool over Macey, but today we find out SHE IS A MAN?
  182. Before Christian's victory, when was the last time a title changed hands via DQ?
  183. The Best of the best tournament entries part 2?
  184. MosesX can you answer 3 questions for me?
  185. Are Latinos taking over the WWE?
  186. Agree or Disagree Lord of Darkness is one of the best users?
  187. how many eras does wwe have?
  188. Did you know that John Cena can get TNA more Viewers/Fans if he wanted to?
  189. Whats Ring of Honor is it associated to WWE?
  190. Your top 3 biggest shokers in wwe/wwf history?
  191. Why does everyone call Sheamus Lobster Head? Is it because he eats too many limes?
  192. Who are your top 5 wwe superstars of all time?
  193. The Rock Vs Booker T Summerslam 2001 Or John Cena vs Booker SummerSlam 2004?
  194. out of this wrestlers which do you see in the wwe the longest?
  195. Why do you think the rock really stop coming to wwe events?
  196. Why has SmackDown gotten so boring since it moved to SyFy?
  197. Message to Professional EdgeHead?
  198. For those Just joining us Macey is a MAN?
  199. I would like to apologize to Macey?
  200. Did you like The Legacy in WWE?
  201. When you refer to WWE talent, do you say wrestler or superstar?
  202. Who do you think WWE is so high on Alberto Del Rio?
  203. Would you be happy if WWE gave Santino a main event push?
  204. Did you know that Macey is actually a man?
  205. What is more important? Mic skills or in ring skills?
  206. What is your opinion on Macey now that he reveld himself as a guy?
  207. What are the top 5 things you want to happen in wwe?
  208. Complete the sentence...?
  209. Are you excited about Hulk Hogan turning face on TNA?
  210. Did anyone else notice this on SmackDown?
  211. Can you sign up for YWC+ WQ?
  212. Why can't The Wrestling section Stop starring and answering questions not about WWE?
  213. Is Macey the overrated MALE user in the Wrestling Section now?
  214. What was the greatest era in wrestling and why?
  215. Is Sheamus becoming good?
  216. May i have everyone attention please WS user One Man Nexus is close too?
  217. Who is better? Drew McIntyre or Sheamus?
  218. Is CM punk the best wrestler of pg era of wwe!!!?
  219. Anyone else think that Wiggy guy looks like Wade Barrett?+WQ?
  220. Anyone agree the Money in the Bank was the best wwe ppv in YEARS?
  221. Tell me results of wwe money in the bank?
  222. Is Randy orton!!! going for the heel character or he will be a baby face!!!!?
  223. is ADR still gonna face John Cena Summerslam?
  224. Will CM Punk go to TNA?
  225. Goodbye WWE CHAMPIONSHIP!?
  226. Referring to last question. Did you see my sign?
  227. What would you rate MiTB+BQs?
  228. Holy Goosebumbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  229. How long till MITB ends?
  230. What would you do if Del Rio was cashing in on CM Punk, the bell rang, and Punk low blowed Del Rio?
  231. who is glad daniel bryan didnt cash in?
  232. Could this be possible to happen tonight?
  233. Did you see my Poster sign on the PPV ?
  234. Which WWE Money in the Bank match did you enjoy more?
  235. You've got to be kidding me! Daniel Bryan!? REALLY!?
  236. Can you believe it? Two heels going over in title matches on the same night?
  237. Lol at the Miz hopping back on one foot, did anyone notice that Rey is getting booed?
  238. Will people stop complaining now that WWE has done an unpredictable PPV?
  239. Do you agree with me that Punk-Cena was much better than HHH-Taker?
  240. Is WWE John Cena taking time off until WWE Summerslam Fan Axxess and Summerslam ppv?
  241. Calm down people, Bryan will cash it in and will be the first superstar to lose?
  242. I thought WM 27 was bad before, but now after this, it just is cr@p, right?
  243. Destination X or Money in the Bank, which was better?
  244. You can't blame Vince McMahon for CM Punk leaving?
  245. How else knew that Daniel Bryant was going to win the MITB match?
  246. What would you rate MiTB+BQs?
  247. Alberto Del Rio will win the RAW MITB match?
  248. what is with WWE and small ladders?
  249. Im not sure by my video quality on the computer but was Miz really injured?
  250. Im just sick of those stupid jeff hardy haters bitchin' about him!?
  252. why did randy orton accuse kelly kelly of sleeping with male wrestlers in an interview?
  253. Pro Christian crowd tonight...?
  254. How Predictable was the RAW MITB Match?
  255. Do you think if John Cena wins, people will throw trash in the ring?
  256. Are you surprised that Daniel Bryan won MITB?
  257. its former wwe diva Chyna a Tranny?
  258. daniel bryan just proved you can make it big out of the indies?
  259. where can i watch MITB!?
  261. Who would ever though Daniel Bryan would win MITB?
  262. Rey Mysterio gets boo'd and loses his mask?
  263. what happen to sin cara in MITB?
  264. is sin cara a rey mysterio copy?
  265. Do you think that the Sin Cara accident is real?
  266. Do you think WWE dropped the ball on Jack Swagger?
  267. Great I missed Daniel Bryan winning MITB!!!?
  268. I told u all Daniel Bryan was going to win?
  269. What should I do about this?!?
  270. WWE Money in the bank! Who will win?
  271. who are your dark horse picks for the mitb ladder matches tonight?
  272. Why do people say that Matt Hardy lives in shame that Jeff is his brother?
  273. Alberto Del Rio is the new superman?
  274. Barry Horowitz had more talent than john cena don't you agree?
  275. Who will leave Money in the Bank as the WWE Champion?
  276. WWE Money in the Bank predictions?
  277. What are your thoughts on my theory for the CM Punk vs John Cena WWE title match toinght
  278. Who will win this WWE/WWF battle royal elimination match?
  279. Hmm..considering the size of many times has he been defeated?
  280. which wrestler does this song fit better Chris Jericho or Evan Bourne?
  281. what time does MITB 2011 start?
  282. WWE Champion John Cena addressed the mixed reactions he receives from live WWE audiences on Twitter?
  283. What mean 3:16? (austin)?
  284. What do you think Punk will do after he wins the WWE title tonight?
  285. who do you miss the most out of this 3 wwe superstars?
  286. How should the new WWE Championship title look?
  287. Should I order WWE Money in the Bank?
  288. Can you have signs at WWE RAW on the floor?
  289. When will Andy or anyone from Tough Enough be on RAW?
  290. Cena Vs. Punk, who's going to win?
  291. Why are there still a lot of WWE tickets for MITB at the Allstate Arena today (07/17/11)?
  292. Can anybody tell me what these wrestling figures are called?
  293. Who else believes both briefcases will be cashed in tonight ?
  294. Does Alberto Del Rio likes ice cream?
  295. What if Ric Flair died in that 1975 Plane Crash?
  296. How many people think Alex Riley will be the future Cena?
  297. Where is the hell is goldust?
  298. Who do you want to win the RAW MITB?
  299. Agree or Disagree:The diva's title will be best known as being held by Michelle McCool?
  300. why do pg era wrestlers complain like little girls? (John Cena, Randy Ortan, Miz, Cm punk)?
  301. True or False:devotees who say the attitude era is the best era....?
  302. Nuxsux turn on punk tonight?
  303. do you report questions for no reason that are about wrestling?
  304. Does WWE have any relationship with ROH?
  305. is there a wrestler that is emo? would you be a fan of an emo wrestler?
  306. Who's hotter Torrie wilson or velvet sky?
  307. I read tna wrestlers have bad morale most are thinking of jumping shift to the wwe so what...
  308. So do you think Vince mcmhaon wants aj styles in the wwe ?
  309. Do you think sting will ever be inducted into the wwe hall of fame ?
  310. Why does AJ Styles turn down offers from WWE? and Why does WWE want him so bad?
  311. How good are these wrestlers?
  312. WWE Money In The Bank Times?
  313. can this be WWE's next big stars?
  314. Chicago And The Spinner Belt?
  315. what is your favorite ultimate warrior match?
  316. What is your favorite WWE pay per view?
  317. How Would You React If?
  318. In your opinion, What was the most Monumental moment in WWE History?
  319. When HHH is returning to the WWE?
  320. So do you think Vince mcmhaon still wants sting in the wwe knowing taker is retiring next year ?
  321. Tna info more inside ?
  322. Will sting ever come to the wwe fans have called him a asshole for not coming to the wwe and...
  323. are there any WWE wrestlers that havent....?
  324. Why does Vince McMahon really want sting in the wwe even thoe he is very old ?
  325. Do you agree with what Chavo Guerrero said about John Cena?
  326. What are some recent non-wrestlemania matches that should have got 5* by Dave Meltzer? BA to
  327. Should the WWE have brought the hardcore championship back as a second title on WWECW?
  328. WWE Who's hottest past diva out of the list im about to name?
  329. Who was first on Goldberg's list?
  330. who would win this wrestling match ?
  331. What do you think of TNA Knockout Velvet Sky trying to get on DWTS?
  332. Was Ric Flair better in NWA or WCW?
  333. Do you see any of the current divas leaving WWE before 2011 comes to an end?
  334. What do you think will happen with NEXUS after MITB?
  335. What are some things you would do to the divas divison to make it better?
  336. Name 5 wrestlers you found underappreciated in the Attitude Era?
  337. If you were Vince McMahon +BQ ..?
  338. who was the dead man of wrestling?
  339. Why do WWE devotees anathematize Jonathan Cena?
  340. Who do you think was the most overrated wrestler from each Decade?
  341. According to u!! what is most electrifying catchphrase in wwe world!!!!that can create
  342. Is it true that just about every wrestler inluding, tna wrestlers would go to the wwe if...
  343. Who are the most boring wrestlers in WWE Today?
  344. how many bones are broken in japan every year?
  345. Undertaker makes WrestleMania so (More Inside)?
  346. Does the WWE need to give a huge push to the tag team division?
  347. Which do you hate more Cena or Cena fans?
  348. Would you buy Wrestlemania 28 if this was the card? Give opinions and say if you'd change anything?
  349. Do you think Wrestlemania 28 is it for Undertaker?
  350. Who are the wrestlers you would have liked to see Undertaker face at Wrestlemania who he has
  351. Who would u like to return to WWE from TNA the most?
  352. Is this a good way for Undertaker to retire (with storyline)?
  353. who find it hard to believe that the Undertaker is married with Michelle McCool?
  354. Who will face The Undertaker at WM 28?
  355. Who do you think will win the 2012 Royal Rumble?
  356. What is the possibility of Rey Mysterio winning WWE 2011 Raw money in the bank match?
  357. Why do people give wrestling a bad wrap for being violent when other shows are also violent?
  358. i am gonna be a wrestler named mr. floppy, what do you think i should wear?
  359. Favorite WWE wrestler of current day?
  360. who here thinks Chris Benoit deserves to be in the WWE hall of fame?
  361. What is your favorite ROH match of all time?
  362. Why is ROH wrestling so underrated?
  363. Agree or Disagree, ROH is better than WWE?
  364. Who is your favorite ROH Wrestler?
  365. i am gonna be a wrestler what are good wrestling pants to wear?
  366. what did Cena mean on his twitter?
  367. Does anyone else miss Big Show punching Heath Slater in the face?
  368. Is it true that ECW is the original creator of Attitude Era + BQ?
  369. Agree/Disagree, CM Punk should go back to ROH?
  370. who is big show's dad,Really andre the giant?
  371. TNA fake audience cheers?
  372. what do you think of this early match of edge vs kevin sullivan with andre the giants son(big show)?
  373. i am gonna be a wrestler called two ton tooter could i be in new nexus with cm punk?
  374. would this be a perfect heel john cena theme?
  375. Christian to win World Heavy Weight Championship Title at MITB finally...?
  376. Does this mean I'm gay? Please help?
  377. Do you think vince mcmahon ever cheated on linda with one of his workers?
  378. will john cena's entrance at MITB be a repeat of this?
  379. What are your predictions for WWE Money In The Bank PPV this Sunday ?
  380. Should I rewatch Monday Night Raw?
  381. During what WWE Era wrestling was taken seriously in your opinion...?
  382. So what do ya think of Kurt angle trying to go for another gold medal can he do it ?
  383. So when exactly did Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater break up?
  384. If you could have sex with one diva or knockout then who would it be?
  385. will Sin Cara be in wwe12 (svr12) ?
  386. Who has better commentary Raw or SmackDown?
  387. Are you usually the heel or face in a fight with a friend?
  388. Tna Shots (Click The Links)Who is hotter Velvet Sky Or Christy Hemme, You Choose?
  389. does john cena remind you of the stinger when he first started out?
  390. Tna and wwe has to interchange finisher?
  391. Who has a bigger booty, Layla(WWE) or Velvet Sky(TNA)?
  392. what happened to wwe diva cherry?
  393. Who is your fav underrated Diva/Superstar of all time?and why ?
  394. Did WWE ever explain why Undertaker went from being the Deadman to the Biker in 2000?
  395. isnt funny how the members of the original nexus went there own way?
  396. What is Dolph Ziggler's natural hair color?
  397. who hates jhon cena ?
  398. Planning on entering wwe name will probably be matt ryder and i will be kell kelly boyfriend?
  399. Who had wwe champion?
  400. My Official Top Ten Superstars of All Time : Thoughts?
  401. is the undertaker returning as the american bad @ss?
  402. Who wins at MITB? Punk or Cena?
  403. I have a FEW Questions about TNA Shows! EASY POINTS?
  404. What's the 4th best wrestling promotion in america?
  405. Can someone fill me in on why the wwe is the place to be for just about every wrestler?
  406. Who are your top 10 favorite WWE wrestlers currently?
  407. Why cant booker t and michael cole stay on the match?
  408. What does the Big Show shirt say?
  409. John Morrison: Time for some new theme music?
  410. What do you think of John Cena being screwed on this Sunday by Mr Mcmahon?
  411. Who was that WWE 1950's tag team?
  412. What was your favorite Triple H match?
  413. Which WWE superstar in WWE today do you have the upmost Respect for?
  414. What do you think about the New Jack-Terri Runnels situation?
  415. Was TNA Knockout Velvet Sky bullied?
  416. Does anyone else think WWF No Mercy for N64 was the best wrestling game of all time?
  417. Shawn Michaels touches Edge's d**k in a Street Fight?Link inside?
  418. What would of happened if these events in WWE/F never happened?
  419. Do you want Kelly Kelly to be released soon?
  420. Today, I got accpeted to Frontier Wrestling Alliance, London..?
  421. Who Had The Worst Night-SmackDown?
  422. Where can I watch WWE P-P-V Money In The Bank for FREE this Sunday?
  423. Who Do You Think Will Win The 2012 Royal Rumble?
  424. i am gonna be a wrestler named skippy the giant midget will i make it in the wwe?
  425. i am gonna be a wrestler named rootie toot tootie would you buy my t shirts?
  426. Rate these wrestlers from 0-10 on wrestling skill in your opinion?
  427. What is the worst match your favorite wrestler ever put on?
  428. Who would win this match in their prime? Chris Jericho vs Rob Van Dam?
  429. What was Batistas best match?
  430. Shouldn't Randy Orton and CM Punk both be fired?
  431. does randy orton have ice blue colored eyes or aqua blue eyes?
  432. Is there any wrestler that can put on a show better than Edge in a TLC match ?
  433. Anyone else think TNA should get rid of ABYSS?
  434. Why did Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels hate each other(even in real life)?
  435. how can i make a wrestling ring im only 15?
  436. Who will win WWE Money In The Bank 2011?
  437. Any ideas for a poster sign for CM PUNK?
  438. Out of all the wrestlers thats ever stepped foot in a WRESTLING ring, who would you like to see
  439. Who is better, Aj Styles or Eddie Guerrero in his prime?
  440. Rate this wwe storyline of rock vs cena at wm 28?
  441. what kind of gimmick would you be if....?
  442. What would you think if this superstar won the 2012 Royal Rumble?
  443. why is john cena scared of mr pogo?
  444. what are your thoughts on Mayumi Ozaki?
  445. how do you think cena would do in the WWF Days?
  446. Is it just me or does it look like Cody Rhode is wrestling in his underwear?
  447. Would you rather a MITB PPV or just 1 match at WM?
  448. What's your favorite TLC Match of All time?
  449. Why did Kane take off his mask, he isn't as good without?
  450. Who is WWE's next breakout star?
  451. How many guys are actually in Booker T's fab five?
  452. Who was your favorite member of the Original Nexus?
  453. goldberg vs John cena?
  454. Does Smackdown need subtitles for Booker T?
  455. what did you think of sheamus vs sin cara tonight?
  456. Who is your favorite wwe superstar or diva?
  457. Who N D Bluehell Is Velvet Sky?
  458. Do you think Christian will win the World Title back this sunday only to?
  459. WWE who was the hottest red head in wwe Lita or Christy Hemme?
  460. Now that CM Punk is leaving which show do you think he preformed better on in WWE?
  461. WWE Who Would Be Undertaker best opponent at wreslemania 28, out of these people im about to name?
  462. Where is Summerslam 2011 going to be?
  463. RAW Tickets: Floor seats?
  464. Who is better, Jeff Hardy in his prime or Kofi Kingston?
  465. Who is this new wrestler S p i c Cara?
  466. Who has better mic skills, CM Punk or John Cena?
  467. What would you think if Kofi Kingston won the Raw Money In The Bank?
  468. How would you like it if your favorite wrestler did this?
  469. Who's Hotter a younger Trish Stratus or Velvet Sky?
  470. Why is wwe not signing tna superstars!!!!!?
  471. Who is/was the indiana jones of wwe!!!!!?
  472. Ultimate Random Tag Team Tournament Quater Finals Pick Winners?
  473. royal rumble 2012 ?????????????
  474. Cm punk!!! the voice of voiceless!!!yes or no!!!!?
  475. Money in the Bank predictions?
  476. What do you think of WWE's new game WWE Brawl Them starting a Show on Cartoon Network?
  477. Would you rather be in TNA or WWE if you were a wrestler?
  478. Feff Hardy!!!!!!!! is Swanton bomb!better than last ride !!!!!!of the Undertaker!!!!?
  479. So that's why CM Punk wore that Stone Cold Shirt during his promo weeks ago?
  480. So how long till Dixie fires hogan bischoff and Russo ?
  481. What is CM Punk's funniest moment?
  482. Would you be surprise if Cm punk doesn't leave the wwe?
  483. If you were to become a wrestler who would you want to be trained by ?
  484. did the attitude era prove wrestling was fake?
  485. Which wrestler do you dislike the most?
  486. How did ecw wcw go out of business will tna be next ?
  487. Dolph Ziggler Alberto Is very talented, Who agree's?
  488. Does Chicago dislike John Cena?
  489. Which character Is the best of those following characters?
  490. What does the 'CM' stand for in CM Punk?
  491. Why was the TNA crowd booing referee Dave Hebner?
  492. Who wouldn't you want to lose to in a Kiss My Foot Match...?
  493. Who is the sexiest African-American diva or knockout in wrestling history?
  494. WWE John Cena Fans (all jokes aside)?
  495. Now that sting won his championship back will this be the end of Joker?
  496. Do you notice referee in the ring when he's not counting pinfall?
  497. What would of happened if Vince never bought WCW or ECW?
  498. Were you surprised to see Fortune act as Sting's clown gang?
  499. Which gimmick is/was your fravorite from any professional wrestling company?
  500. What would you think of the Wrestling section was one big school/college?